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Is Spider-Man Getting A New Suit In Far From Home?

When one thinks of Spider-Man, the first image that comes to mind is Peter Parker wearing the traditional red and blue, web pattern-adorned, wide-eyed costume that he’s chiefly worn in the comics and other media adaptations since his introduction in 1962. However, while Peter hasn’t worn nearly as many different types of Spider-suits as Tony Stark has Iron Man suits, the Web-Slinger has been through a fair amount of wardrobe changes over the decades. So far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland’s Spidey has donned three different costumes, and now it looks like a fourth one is on the way, as new peeks at Spider-Man: Far From Home show our intrepid hero wearing what looks like an all-black suit.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is smack dab in the middle of principal photography, and some set photos shows Spider-Man attached to the side of a ferris wheel at nighttime while wearing a black costume, with only those wide eyes and the web-shooters making him easily noticeable. You can look look at the pictures for yourself on Instagram, but this outfit resembles the symbiote suit he wore in the mid-to-late ’80s, which he later modeled a few non-living costumes after, as seen below.

However, before some of you get too excited, this black suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home does not mean Peter Parker is getting quality symbiote time. With Venom, like its fellow Spider-Man spinoffs, being separate from the MCU (for now), you can be sure that Far From Home is staying far away from that corner of the Spidey mythology. Besides, Peter will have enough to deal with this in the movie from Mysterio, and as we learned from Spider-Man 3, shoehorning in Venom is not a good idea.

Back in June, Spider-Man: Homecoming costume designer Louise Frogley said that while she isn’t working on Spider-Man: Far From Home, the sequel would show some costume changes to reflect Peter Parker becoming “more like man and not teenager.” So it was to be expected that Spidey would wear a different suit in Far From Home, although I hope we still get to see him in his classic duds. As for what the black suit’s purpose is, that’s unclear, but since it’s not at all flashy and blends into the night well, I’m guessing it’s meant to keep Peter incognito. After all, sometimes being a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man means maintaining a low profile during certain missions.

As mentioned earlier, this black suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the fourth Spider-Man costume to be featured in the MCU. When Peter Parker was first starting out in the superhero game, he just scrounged together a homemade suit and a pair of goggles to help focus his enhanced senses, but upon meeting Tony Stark, he was given the Spider-suit we all know and love, which in this continuity is packed with all sorts of technological goodies. Peter briefly went back to his hoodie and long johns look in Spider-Man: Homecoming when Tony took away his classic suit, but by the end of the movie, he was back to looking like traditional Spider-Man. Then came Avengers: Infinity War, where Tony put Peter in the Iron Spider suit (as seen above) when they made a beeline for outer space trying to stop Ebony Maw. The Iron Spider is even more technologically impressive that the classic Spidey suit, so it will be interesting to see if the black suit comes close to matching Iron Spider’s capabilities or if it was designed to emphasize certain features over others.

When we last saw Spider-Man in the MCU, he had sadly been dusted by the Thanos snap, leading all of us to question why our eyes were suddenly leaking salty discharge. However he and the other heroes who faded away are brought back in Avengers 4, Peter Parker won’t be gone from the big screen for long, as he and his friends are heading to Europe for summer vacation in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Needless to say that plot details for the sequel are still being kept under wraps, but it will involve the Wall-Crawler battling special effects expert Quentin Beck, a.k.a. Mysterio, a master of illusion.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 5, 2019, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for continuing coverage. In the meantime, check out our Marvel movies guide to see what else the MCU has in development, as well as our 2019 release schedule to learn what non-Marvel Studios offerings are coming next year.

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How Lady Gaga’s Fame Affected Her A Star Is Born Performance

Just a decade ago, Lady Gaga was a rising pop star who dazzled people all over the world with her powerhouse vocals and flashy on-stage persona. And as she recently told CinemaBlend, she unquestionably believed in herself from the beginning, banging on doors all over New York City until she could get signed and unleash her remarkable talent to the public eye. In the upcoming A Star is Born, her first time as a film lead, Gaga plays a rising singer, but not anything like she’s know for in real life. She is nearly unrecognizable, as she dons a natural look and plays a timid artist who just needs someone to tell her she meant for something more. Despite their differences, Lady Gaga and her character do face some of the same situations, as she explained:

In the case of A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper‘s Jackson Maine is the 1 in 100 who believes in Lady Gaga’s Ally, propelling her into stardom far surpassing his own. For Gaga, who has had a short acting resume thus far, namely with her highly-praised performance on American Horror Story: Hotel, Cooper offered her the leading role of a lifetime. While Warner Bros. wasn’t originally convinced that Gaga could pull off the role, who Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland played in the past, Cooper entrusted his passion project with Gaga as his partner. As Gaga explained in a video from ET Canada, A Star is Born is clearly a passion project for her as well, as she soon unleashes her acting chops to theaters.

The film will focus on the relationship between Jackson Maine and Ally as he discovers her and believes in her vocals enough to bring her up on a major stage to duet with him. As they go on the road together, the pair fall in love, however Ally discovers Jackson’s struggle with alcoholism as she rises in popularity. Lady Gaga will show off her iconic voice though with a very different story than her own in A Star is Born, in theaters on October 5.

For those of you interested in learning what else is hitting theaters for the rest of the year, look through our 2018 release schedule.

Why Star Trek Alum Michael Dorn Is Happy Not Playing A Klingon On Discovery

Michael Dorn has played the Klingon Worf for several Star Trek films and series, although fans shouldn’t expect to see him reprising the role on Star Trek: Discovery. Beyond the fact that adult Worf appearing in a pre-OG Star Trek series would be problematic to canon, to say the least, Dorn doesn’t appear too willing to sit in the makeup chair for that long. The actor stated he’s fine with not playing a Klingon on the CBS All Access series, especially after watching what actress Mary Chieffo had to go through to become L’Rell in Season 1:

Michael Dorn hinted that the makeup process for Klingons on Star Trek: Discovery seemed far more labor-intensive than his makeup job to become Worf, and that he took pity on Mary Chieffo. Dorn chose his words carefully, undoubtedly well aware that the show’s radical change of Klingon appearance has been a touchy subject for fans and critics. Dorn didn’t tip his hand too far in revealing how he felt about the new look but did remind attendees at the Rose City Comic Con (via Trek Movie) that each series has changed the Klingons in some way.

That statement might lead some to believe that Michael Dorn is in favor of the new Klingons, although the actor followed up later with another comment that makes it appear his stance on the costumes is far more middling. Dorn got into a conversation with fellow co-star, actress Gates McFadden, about how little of a Klingon actor’s real face is actually visible during scenes, and how that could affect their acting ability:

Michael Dorn isn’t exaggerating there, as Star Trek: Discovery videos have shown the eyeballs are about the only visible facial feature on Mary Chieffo once she was fully suited up as L’Rell. In spite of that, there were few complaints about Chieffo’s portrayal of L’Rell in Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery and her facial expressions seemed far less limiting than Dorn’s statement would imply. It is fair to say her face is far more hidden by makeup than Dorn, who had his eyes, cheeks and mouth largely untouched by the Star Trek team when he played Worf. At the end of the day, Dorn doesn’t have to worry about it, especially considering nothing we’ve heard about Season 2 involves him making a cameo.

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery is expected to air on CBS All Access in 2019. Keep track of all major television shows arriving before that by visiting our fall premiere guide.

Justin Theroux Breaks Silence On Painless Break-Up From Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux has kept a notably low profile in recent months since his famous break-up with his wife, Jennifer Aniston. The Leftovers actor dodged a good bit of controversy, keeping himself away from social media (for the most part) and seemingly kept himself focused on his work and his private life. But that changed in a recent interview. Promoting his buzzy Netflix series Maniac, Theroux finally opened up about the divorce, which he considers to be “gentle,” surprisingly– particularly in the scheme of things. Here’s how the TV actor described the heavily-discussed dissolve of his famous marriage.

The conversation came up during Justin Theroux’s recent personal and in-depth profile piece with The New York Times. While the focus is centered around Theroux’s latest role on his newest series, Netflix’s limited series Maniac with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, the topic was bound to come up. Sure enough, the actor was resistant to say too much about such a private matter, but he did admit it was “amicable.” Despite all the controversy that surrounded the surprising divorce news, Theroux claims that it’s “boring” overall and that it was overall a pretty “painless” process in their relationship.

It was back in February when the celebrity couple announced that their relationship was no more. Neither Justin Theroux nor Jennifer Aniston got into specifics about the separation, announcing in a statement that the decision was “mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year,” but didn’t get into any nitty-gritty details about the reasons why they decided to call it quits. Aniston and Theroux were married for a little more than two years, becoming engaged since 2012. They shared an open-hearted relationship together ever since they met on the set of Tropic Thunder, which Theroux co-wrote. Their loving relationship then became stronger when they worked alongside each other on the otherwise-forgotten 2012 comedy Wanderlust.

There are a couple explanations floating around for why Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston split. A number of them center around Los Angeles and New York City, with Theroux preferring NYC while Aniston liked it better in Los Angeles. That’s where each actor currently presides, and they are still making the most of it away from each other, despite the circumstances of their divorce. We hope they stay good friends, especially if they’re amicable.

Maniac is currently streaming on Netflix. Beyond that, Justin Theroux was also recently seen in this summer’s The Spy Who Dumped Me. He also appeared in the Netflix film, Mute. He’ll next be seen in the upcoming biopic On the Basis of Sex, which is expected to hit theaters later this year.

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Of course, it’s not just standing they’re doing on the feet: Ballerinas spend their days twirling, jumping, and balancing in pointe shoes that, despite their dainty appearance, can be incredibly painful. This can lead to broken toenails, blisters, and the expected aches and pains—all of which make having a foot care-routine so important for ballet dancers.

To get an inside glimpse at how they soothe achy soles, we picked the brains of a dozen ballerinas to share the foot creams and oils they swear by. Because while the average person might not be working their feet as hard, it’s safe to say we all deserve some routine TLC. Read on as they share their favorites ranging from drugstore gems to niche splurges.

Netflix Says Stranger Things Game Isn’t Dead Yet

With the news coming out that Telltale Games is soon to be no more, immediately reports began going out how the staff that was supposed to be working on games like The Walking Dead: The Final Season and The Wolf Among Us: Season 2, were all let go. What’s left is just a skeleton crew to keep things going long enough to wind down operations. One of the big projects Telltale was supposed to be working on was Stranger Things, a narrative adventure based on the popular sci-fi show on Netflix. With the news about the closure most assumed that the game based on Stranger Things was dead in the water, but Netflix says that the game isn’t dead yet.

According to Polygon, Netflix is still getting Minecraft: Story Mode, and the company is moving forward with the game based on Stranger Things by evaluating other options. In a statement sent to Polygon, Netflix explained…

In other words, it sounds like Netflix is looking for another development studio to pick up where Telltale may have left off with the project… assuming any work was done on the game at all.

The collaboration between the streaming company and interactive storytellers began back in June, when it was announced that Netflix and Telltale had joined forces. It’s unlikely that anything more than a basic design structure was in place, which might make it easier for Netflix to shop around the project to another studio following Telltale’s closure.

It’s a real shame, though, because Netflix and Telltale Games were an absolute perfect fit for one another. Even though Telltale’s graphics engine had become dated, it’s nothing that couldn’t have been remedied by teaming with another middleware company and making use of some higher-end tech to really help make a project like Stranger Things pop.

However, with Telltale closing up shop this means that a handful of other developers with the narrative chops will likely have to step up to the plate. Off the top of my head I can imagine Netflix looking to Dontnod Entertainment to bring the game to life. Dontnod is famous for the Life is Strange series, and the company recently had another narrative-heavy action-RPG on their hands in the form of Vampyr.

Dontnod also isn’t afraid to experiment with drastically different visual tones and aesthetics. For instance Remember Me looks nothing like the company’s upcoming Twin Peaks-inspired psychological thriller, Twin Mirror.

On the short list of other potential studios that could pick up the mantle is Big Bad Wolf of The Council fame. There are also a number of studios under THQ Nordic or Focus Home Interactive’s labels that would probably be more than willing to take a crack at Stranger Things.

For now, it appears as if gamers can rest easy knowing that the project isn’t dead yet and Netflix still has plans to bring the game to life.

Death Stranding TGS 2018 Trailer Looks Amazing, Still Makes No Sense

The latest Death Stranding trailer popped up over the weekend courtesy of Tokyo Game Show and, while it introduces a new character and a massive beast, it still doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense. And this being a Hideo Kojima game, we certainly wouldn’t have it any other way. A heck of a lot happens in just over a minute of footage and, rather than provide a single answer concerning the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, we’re instead left with about a dozen fresh questions.

This latest Death Stranding video begins with a masked stranger taunting Adam, Norman Reedus’ deliveryman protagonist. We see Adam is transporting a live body at this point in the game, with the mystery man stating he had a special surprise planned for the duo. He removes his masks and states he’s going to “tweak the rules a bit,” using his mask to seemingly draw power from a pool of ghostly oil monsters to summon a hulking beast that looks like it was ripped straight out of Bloodborne.

My general reaction after watching the clip was, “Well, yes, of course, this makes sense,” by which I mean it makes absolutely no sense at all. The good news is that this is typically how Kojima promotes his games. He’s a big fan of teasing out information and making fans work for their answers. While I’m sure the game will be a lot more coherent when it finally launches, I’m kind of digging all of the conspiracy theories that pop up alongside every fresh trailer, leaving the audience to try and piece things together before all is revealed.

Showing off this monster (it sounds like the masked man calls it “Biggie” at one point) is also potentially Kojima’s way of reassuring fans that Death Stranding isn’t going to be a walking simulator. The last major trailer for E3 2018 was meant to show off the game world and graphics, which meant we got to watch Adam walking around a lot. There’s a brief moment where we saw him whip out an actual gun, but no “action” has been shown off so far. With a monster like the one seen above showing up, it seems unlikely Adam is going to be able to simply walk his way out of a confrontation.

And in case that voice from the stranger wearing the golden skull mask sounds familiar, that’s because it’s none other than Troy Baker. Kojima is a loyal dude. When Silent Hills got canceled and he set out to make his own studio, he brought project collaborators Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro along for the ride. In Metal Gear Solid V, the part of Revolver Ocelot was played by Baker, who Kojima is a known fan of. So it makes sense that he would once again tap the actor to play a smooth-talking baddie with a bit of swagger.

It looks like that will have to tide fans over for the time being. Here’s hoping we get to see at least a bit more from Death Stranding before The Game Awards in December, which seems to be the next major event likely to play host to a new trailer.

12-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer Plays Fallout 76 Early Thanks To Bethesda

A lot of gamers wish that they could play certain games well ahead of release. This is despite the fact that unfinished games are riddled with bugs, are extremely glitchy, and before the games go gold (which means that development is finished and the gold master disc is compiled) there are a lot of hang-ups, lock-ups, and general performance issues to deal with. Nevertheless, sometimes playing a game early isn’t so much about experiencing it for its faults, but enjoying it for what it is because it’s a dream come true. That’s exactly what happened for a 12-year-old suffering from terminal cancer, who was granted the opportunity to play Fallout 76 months before its launch, thanks to Bethesda.

In a Facebook post, the parents of 12-year-old Wes — a young child suffering from neuroblastoma — explain that one of the things that Wes has been looking forward to is Fallout 76 from Bethesda. The game isn’t due out until November 14th, later this fall, but Wes got a special surprise when Martino Cartier from Bethesda Software dropped by to let him play the game early.

Originally the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 was pre-ordered for the 12-year-old, but due to Wes’ rapidly declining health, the boy was afraid that he would likely never get to play the game. Throughout September the cancer has gone from bad to worse, spreading through his abdomen , chest, and bone marrow.

Due to Wes’ condition, it seemed unlikely that he would live long enough to play the game, but Bethesda decided to make a special exception and they brought Wes the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 to the 12-year-old, letting him play an early build of the post-apocalyptic game before anyone else.

Now the version that he was allowed to play was unfinished and they only got to put in several hours worth of gaming thanks to Martino Cartier and Matt Grandstaff, the later of whom drove four hours from Maryland to their house to watch Wes play the game.

Even though the post acknowledges that Wes didn’t get to keep the game, his parents noted that having a few hours of enjoyment with one of this fall’s biggest releases was enough to make him happy.

The story has been spreading rapidly, and even made international headlines. A lot of commenters on the post offered their support and sent their well wishes to Wes, hoping that he can fight on for as long as possible.

On the upside, Wes is one of the very first people to ever get his hands on the Power Armor edition of the game, and — as indicated in the pictures available on Facebook — he was able to try the helmet on for himself. It’s a good fit, too.

While these sorts of stories usually don’t have happy endings, in this particular case Wes was able to get in some time with a game he really wanted to play, and in his current condition that speaks volumes to his own inner strength. Unlike Wes, you’ll have to wait until November to play the game on the Xbox One, PS4, or PC… but not on Steam.