John Krasinski Originally Wasn’t Going To Do A Quiet Place 2

Given A Quiet Place‘s performance at the box office, a sequel was inevitable. What was in doubt though was whether or not writer-director John Krasinski was going to return. Although we now know that he will be returning to write the sequel, John Krasinski originally wasn’t going to do A Quiet Place 2, preferring to leave the original as a special experience he had with wife Emily Blunt, as he explained:

Beyond just being a critical and commercial success, A Quiet Place was very personal for John Krasinski because he and his wife were in it together, so you can see how he might want to leave it as this singular, special experience. The first film was unlikely to get made in the first place, and even in the wake of its success, John Krasinski didn’t expect to be involved in the sequel.

Yet despite having no intentions to return, the director did have an idea for the sequel swimming around in his head, but as reported by THR, he dismissed it and told the studio to move forward without him. So Paramount did just that and listened to pitches for A Quiet Place 2. But John Krasinski hadn’t shut his mind to the sequel entirely and he told one of the producers his idea:

Ideas do not leave the mind so easily, and John Krasinski‘s sequel idea was percolating around in his head until he told producer Drew Form. Once it was out of his head, he began thinking about it some more and now he’s writing A Quiet Place 2.

He may have started not wanting to be involved in such a hands-on way with the sequel, but a having a good story in your head and the option to tell it is powerfully persuasive. That’s part of what makes John Krasinski’s return as writer for A Quiet Place 2 so exciting.

Although we had heard that John Krasinski would be involved in the sequel, we did not know in what capacity. He could have just taken a producer credit and sent the project on its way. The fact that he came back specifically because he had an idea for the story is encouraging.

We know that John Krasinski’s ideas are a big part of what made A Quiet Place the movie and success it was. The film originally included flashbacks and a different opening, but Jim Halpert adjusted the script to give it a different structure, less dialogue and added other little details that made the film so great.

As far as what John Krasinski has in store for A Quiet Place 2, it is too early to say and I imagine things will be kept quiet (pun intended) for some time. He has spoken in the past about exploring what is going on elsewhere at the same time in the story, perhaps following different characters.

A Quiet Place 2 tiptoes into theaters on May 15, 2020. That’s a long ways off, but there is plenty of big movies coming out to hold you off until then. Check out next year’s lineup in our 2019 release schedule.

How Sarah Paulson Feels About Ocean’s Eight Having Haters

Ocean’s Eight got a lot of grief for being a gender-swapped edition of an existing franchise, but one of the actresses involved has a response to the hate. Sarah Paulson has a response, but what she doesn’t have is much of an opinion, because she doesn’t really care what the haters have to say about the movie she was in. At the end of the day, she apparently had an absolute blast making Ocean’s Eight and nobody really has that much control over whether or not a movie is a financial success. According to Paulson…

A lot of parallels were drawn between Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot and Ocean’s Eight. Both movies were additions to franchises that swapped out entirely male casts for entirely female casts. This resulted in both films receiving backlash. To what degree the backlash impacted the box office is far from clear, but Sarah Paulson isn’t losing any sleep over the question. She had a blast making the movie, nothing else really matters to her.

For the record, Ocean’s Eight did fine at the box office. It made almost $300 million globally on a budget reported to be around $70 million. It only came in about $15 million behind the previous entry in the franchise, Ocean’s Thirteen, so it doesn’t really look like the movie suffered. The Ghostbusters reboot fared somewhat more poorly. The film only made about $230 million and had a much higher budget due to the post-production digital effects.

According to Bustle, the stars of Ocean’s Eight had a text chain going where they all communicated with each other on a regular basis, certainly confirming that the co-stars have remained close since making the movie together. For Sarah Paulson, the personal relationships are clearly going to be a bigger takeaway than the box office receipts. Why in the world would she waste time caring about how full the theater was?

Sarah Paulson is too busy to care about such things. In between filming series like American Horror Story and American Crime Story, the actress has been making movies like the upcoming Bird Box for Netflix and Glass for M. Night Shyamalan. And she’s up for making an Ocean’s Eight sequel, if only so she can hang out with her friends again.

Halloween Reviews: What CinemaBlend Thought Of The New Michael Myers Movie

The Halloween franchise is one that seems to be as immortal as the primary antagonist of the series. However, rather than making just another sequel, the new Halloween takes the novel approach of ignoring every film that’s been made except for the 1978 original. How well does this strategy work? Well, we here at CinemaBlend think it works pretty well. Our official review was written by Eric Eisenberg and he thinks it works very well. Eric gave the movie 4.5 stars and says…

With the exception of the Michael Myers-less Season Of The Witch (which I will staunchly defend), the legacy of the Halloween franchise has not been a strong one. And yet, in one fell swoop David Gordon Green has managed to both clean the slate and redeem the brand. It’s a frightening and fun homage to the original that also breathes on its own – wonderfully subverting expectations and tropes on its path. It further intensifies the on-going horror boom, and is nothing short of a marvel.

Those are some pretty strong words of praise, but Eric’s not the only one that feels that way. The main thing the new Halloween needed to be was something more than “just another sequel” and it seems that it largely succeeded. CinemaBlend Managing Director Sean O’Connell has pretty similar feelings about Halloween, saying that the movie is as likely to make new fans as it is to satisfy the old ones.

What Halloween pulls off isn’t quite impossible, but it’s very difficult. It revives a classic horror series — one that has been beaten and exhausted by its own sequels — and makes it feel fresh, relevant, original and vital. It continues, and satisfyingly closes, Laurie’s journey. But it also serves as a thrilling slasher throwback in its own right. Halloween plays to die-hard fans, but also remembers it needs to create new ones. It is terrifying and funny, tense and shocking. It’s the Halloween sequel loyal fans have been waiting for.

Needless to say, the new Halloween had a lot of responsibility. There were surely many different people who wanted many different things from it. While the film might not acknowledge any of the previous sequels, there are fans of the films that still want this movie to feel distinctly like a Halloween movie. There are also younger fans of horror that may not be as familiar with the original film, but have expectations for what a modern horror movie should be. The good news, at least according to CB’s Braden Roberts is that the film delivers all of it.

Halloween manages to walk the line between nostalgia and fresh scares. There’s something for everyone, from truly disturbing horror to dark comedy. Halloween is a compliment to original and is a great addition to the recent uptick in quality horror films.

While there really isn’t a dissenting voice at CinemaBlend, project manager Cody Beck at least doesn’t speak of Halloween in quite as glowing terms. While he admits it’s the best Halloween sequel to date, that may be somewhat faint praise. While the film eventually finds its groove, Cody felt it took its sweet time getting there…

Halloween opens with a not-quite-convincing-enough scene of terror and continues to roll slowly for the first 30 min- even through some pretty brutal stuff. It definitely isn’t shy about what it is, with numerous callbacks to the original as well as a quick jab at the sequels. A little bit of humor throughout, a few nice twists and some very violent kills, it’s easily the best follow-up to John Carpenter’s original.

It seems quite clear that Halloween will do well appealing to fans of the franchise, but just how well does it do with people who aren’t necessarily all-in for Michael Myers? There are a couple of us who weren’t necessarily looking for a new Halloween movie, but are still glad we found one. CinemaBlend Sr. Movie Contributor Mike Reyes admits that the Halloween franchise doesn’t mean the same thing to him that it does to many moviegoers, but he was absolutely a fan of this movie.

As someone who didn’t grow up idolizing John Carpenter’s original, 2018’s sequel to Halloween made me see just why the series, in its best form, has had such a lasting impact. David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, and Jeff Fradley have created a tense roller coaster of a film that not only stands out as a horror hit, but also qualifies as an exemplary family drama/thriller in the process. Let’s hope the franchise stays on this path and never let’s down its bad ass trio of female leads or its audience.

I’m very much in this same boat. Horror really isn’t my genre if I’m being honest. Jump scares will get me literally every single time and I end up spilling my popcorn and getting annoyed. Also, I find the original Halloween to be a bit too slow in its build and most of the characters to be less than interesting, and thus their deaths less than tragic. Having said all that, I enjoyed the new Halloween more than I expected to. While it clearly pays homage to the original, it’s not married to do doing things the way that movie did, which helps a great deal.

If you’re a serious horror or Michael Myers fan I’m not the guy to tell you if Halloween is worth your time, but I enjoyed it well enough. It’s not as streamlined as the original and it doesn’t take itself 100% seriously, (like 80-85% seriously) but to me, that’s a benefit.

Overall, it seems clear that if you’re looking for a horror movie to watch this Halloween season, you could hardly do better than the new Halloween. It works if you’re a big fan of the original, it works if you’re not. It may or may not go down in history as the best Halloween sequel or a particularly great horror movie, but you could certainly do worse. It’s in theaters now.

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HeroBlend #27: What Will DC Do With Batman And Superman?

Welcome to HeroBlend #27! The DCEU is, reportedly, switching things up and possibly looking to move on from Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman. So, it’s time for Adrienne and special guest co-host, ReelBlend‘s Sean O’Connell, to talk all about what that move could mean for the cinematic universe going forward! First, though, we’ll go through some intriguing news items, including when Doctor Strange 2 might begin filming, the cancellation of a Marvel Netflix show, word on the Flash solo movie being delayed yet again, and a behind the scenes photo from Spider-Man: Far From Home which has led to some big MCU questions.

Then, we’ll get into the depths of why the DCEU might be leaving Affleck and Cavill behind, what it might mean for the universe as it continues, what the immediate, general, plans for the DCEU seem to be and why this whole thing is just a big ol’ mess. Next, Sean and Adrienne will talk about Marvel’s Phase 4 plans and what they could tell us about the outcome of Avengers 4. Six films seem to be definite for Phase 4 (if that’s even what Marvel decides to call it), but there are a few properties that are up in the air right now and could end up making appearances, so we’ll break down everything we know right now.

Last, but (regrettably) not least, we have to talk about Venom. The man-eating symbiote and his human have done quite well for themselves in live action, and now people want to know what the deal is with Venom 2. We’ll go over the somewhat surprising box office numbers and let you know what Sony should be doing to get the sequel off the ground, as well as what’s going on with the larger Spider-Man Cinematic Universe. Sit back and relax, folks, because this is one chat you’re not going to want to miss! Ready to dive in? Great! Listen for yourself above!

3:14 – Doctor Strange 2 Could Start Filming Soon
7:47 – Iron Fist Cancelled at Netflix
11:52 – Flash Movie Delayed Again
14:00 – New Set Photos From Spider-Man: Far From Home
19:53 – Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Likely Done Playing Batman and Superman
34:41 – What Does Marvel’s Phase 4 Tell Us About Avengers 4?
46:35 – Venom Repeats at the Box Office. When Are We Getting Venom 2?

Now, get in on the superhero-filled fun and have a listen to the HeroBlend Podcast #27! And, be sure to subscribe to the HeroBlend Podcast on iTunes, right here and follow us on Twitter, @HeroBlend.

Watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Recreate A Classic Seinfeld Scene

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia naturally got weird again for a bizarre “clip show” episode, and recreated a piece of television sitcom history. The Gang dressed up as Seinfeld‘s central characters and performed a shot-for-shot recreation of a classic scene from “The Contest.” You can watch the scene below alongside the original clip from Seinfeld itself.

We have a Redditor to thank for this comparison-urging video, and it’s really impressive just how well It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was able to mimic the Seinfeld scene. Even with stars Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhinney both playing Jerry, the scene works relatively well and only falls behind the original sketch in pacing a couple of times.

The gang certainly deserves an A for effort and a pat on the back for being the closest thing television has gotten to a primetime Seinfeld reunion since Curb Your Enthusiasm. What’s really great about this scene is the painstaking effort that went into recreating Jerry’s apartment. Viewers who analyze EzloTheMinish‘s video can spot the various differences, but without the Seinfeld scene right there, it could easily be mistaken for the actual set. That’s dedication, especially considering the scene was used for a relatively short bit.

For those who didn’t catch the Sunny episode, the Seinfeld moment happened in the midst of an off-kilter clip show when Sweet Dee accidentally confused the Gang’s own adventures with the masturbation-focused exploits from Jerry’s crew. The episode featured other false memories and flashbacks, but also had its fair share of legitimate past highlights. It was a twist on the classic “clip show” episode many programs have done, although it probably took more work to create this episode than those due to the new scenes.

So, who wins the award for the best Seinfeld character impersonation? Kaitlin Olson deserves a fair share of credit for carrying the scene, although she played the part more like Sweet Dee than Elaine. Charlie Kelly’s Kramer impression was pretty great, albeit somewhat exaggerated when measured up against the actual scene. When one takes into consideration Danny DeVito didn’t have to do much as George Costanza, perhaps the winner here is Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhinney’s performances as Jerry?

Honestly, the entire cast are winners in this scenario, as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia once again skirted the line of surrealist comedy perfectly. Performing a Seinfeld sketch in costume is a bit that could’ve easily ended up being a dud, especially given the show’s rabid fandom even to this day. If the show continues cooking up fresh and inventive ideas, it might just stay on the air long enough to claim the title of longest-running live-action television comedy.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 airs on FXX on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET. It’s one of many shows airing this fall season, so be sure to check out our fall premiere guide to get the scoop on other programs premiering and returning over the next couple of months.

How Peter Dinklage Helped Jamie Dornan Prepare For Fifty Shades Freed

There are a lot of fairly famous names in Fifty Shades franchise movies, but we didn’t know until recently that Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage was actually responsible for helping Jamie Dornan get ready for the third movie Fifty Shades Freed. During a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Peter Dinklage volunteered the information, noting,

Following Peter Dinklage’s amusing reveal about how he helped his My Dinner With Herve co-star Jamie Dornan prep for Fifty Shades Freed, Stephen Colbert chimed in with a great joke of his own, noting after Peter Dinklage said he “nailed it” that he thinks “that was one of the lines.” Classic late night.

All in all, it’s still a really funny image to think about Jamie Dornan and Peter Dinklage sitting in a dressing room together and reading a bunch of “kinky fuckery” sex scenes with Dinklage in the role Dakota Johnson plays in the movie. Scratch that, I’m really hoping they were rehearsing the scene where Anastasia Steele makes Jamie Dornan steak and they talk about having a family. The possibilities for Dinklage and Dornan rehearsing scenes are endless.

Stephen Colbert also attempted to get Dinklage to compare Fifty Shades fans with those fans who are obsessed with HBO’s Game of Thrones. However, Peter Dinklage said there may not be as much crossover as Colbert seemed to be implying, noting that he personally feels they are very different fanbases.

Peter Dinklage was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about his upcoming movie My Dinner with Herve, a TV flick which is airing on HBO this weekend and tells a story about Fantasy Island actor Hervé Villechaize. Peter Dinklage and Stephen Colbert may have just met, but they do have a good rapport, so take a look at the full interview, below.

As for Jamie Dornan, the Fifty Shades Freed actor will also appear in My Dinner with Herve and has a slew of other projects coming up as well thanks to the success of his BDSM movie series. You can also catch him in Robin Hood and A Private War coming up. Although, it’s probably safe to assume Peter Dinklage wasn’t also around to read Jamie Foxx or Rosamund Pike’s parts, unfortunately. I need more collaborations between the two actors right meow.

Zack Snyder’s Original Idea For Cyborg Sounds Great

Most DC fans will realize that the Justice League character who underwent the most revisions in Zack Snyder-turned-Joss Whedon’s blockbuster was Cyborg (Ray Fisher). Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were well established, by Cyborg’s subplots seemed to have shifted, so Fisher is now clarifying Synder’s initial take on the character, and it sounds awesome. Fisher says:

Cyborg, more than any of the other Justice League heroes, appears to have been affected by the concept of the Motherboxes, which Zack Snyder was heavily influenced by, but fans didn’t embrace. The Motherboxes were catalysts to bring Steppenwolf to our planet in Justice League, and it would have opened the door to Darkseid, in time.

But, as Ray Fisher was telling fans at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, Cyborg’s twisted side was sacrificed in the final product. There really should have been a give-and-take angle to Cyborg where the League doesn’t really know if this metal man can be trusted. But the script was changed so that Diana (Gal Gadot) instantly deciphers that he’s on their side, and the Motherbox tech that gave Victor Stone his powers didn’t create any sort of indifference or uncertainty that would have provided an interesting shade to the new hero.

Even Ray Fisher understands that these wrinkles would have been very important to his development of Cyborg in Justice League, telling fans at the convention:

But that doubt was scrubbed from Justice League before it reached movie theaters, and that’s a shame. Perhaps Joss Whedon thought that it would have taken too much time to show Cyborg wrestling with these complicated feelings, rebelling against the alien technology that was supposed to save him, but ultimately turned him into a hero.

Maybe some of that give-and-take was being saved for a Cyborg movie, that might never happen?

In general, Justice League had a lot of origins to serve, giving significant screen time for the first time to Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and with the Motherbox history being truncated, Cyborg got shafted in the process.

This development can be seen in this extended scene:

Hopefully Ray Fisher will get an opportunity to explore more of what makes Cyborg interesting in a future Cyborg movie. Is that something you want to see? Or should we just keep lobbying for the #SnyderCut?

Watch Tom Holland Show Up On Kimmel, Get His Spider-Man Mask Stolen

Spider-Man: Far from Home will hit theaters next summer, but we don’t need to wait that long to see Tom Holland in action. The actor made an appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he showed off his new Spider-Man costume and a bit of acrobatic skill, but only after he got his mask back from somebody who’d run off with it. Check it out.

The clip starts out with Jimmy Kimmel’s frequent comedy source Guillermo coming out on stage to the music of the classic animated Spider-man theme. He’s wearing a Spider-Man mask and making “pew pew” noises because apparently nobody ever taught him that “pew pew” is the noise a Star Wars blaster makes. Web shooters make a “thwip” sound. Doesn’t everybody know that?

Next, we see “somebody” come out in a full Spider-Man costume, save a traffic cone on his head. It’s not long before the Spider-Man in question is revealed to be Tom Holland himself. He’s sporting the Spider-Man costume that we’ve seen in set images, both those official and those leaked. It trades in the more traditional red and blue costume for a red and black outfit. The suit looks amazing. Considering this is likely to be the only real look at the suit in action until the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home hits, it’s a great way to show it off, and since images of the suit had leaked anyway, there’s no reason not to do it.

After Tom Holland officially plugs Spider-Man: Far From Home on Jimmy Kimmel Live the host asks how the new movie will work considering Spider-Man’s fate in Avengers: Infinity War. This leads Holland to beat a hasty retreat to avoid answering the question. Kimmel asks if the movie is a prequel, and as far as we know that’s not the case, but exactly what the deal is, we don’t really know.

It’s not even clear why Spider-Man will have the new costume in the first place. Between the previous Spider-Man: Homecoming outfit and the Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider costume, Peter Parker has plenty of stuff to choose from. Unless whatever brings Spider-Man back from “the snap” brings him back without his clothes. Of course, if that happens there may end up being a lot of naked people at the end of Avengers 4.

The clip ends as Tom Holland flips his way off stage, showing off the natural acrobatic skill that helped him land the role of Spider-man in the first place.

While Tom Holland says he has to get back to the set, all indications are that principal photography on Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially wrapped. There will almost certainly be reshoots at some point, but the heavy lifting is done. Spider-Man: Far From Home is set for release July 5 2019.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Looks Like It’ll Feature A Shocking Moment From The Comics

The Walking Dead kicked off Season 9 with one of the more justifiable deaths from recent years, with Gregory no longer hanging around the communities. And it looks like showrunner Angela Kang is also bringing one of the comic series’ most shocking scenes to live-action whenever the villainous group The Whisperers make their presence known. It involves a bunch of heads impaled on spikes, and it was almost spoiled in the new opening credits.

In one of the weirdest ways The Walking Dead has hinted at future reveals, some very interesting concept art from the opening credits has surfaced. In one frame that did not make it to the final cut, seven heads are stuck atop a group of tall spikes sticking out of the ground. The slightest bit of red blood can be seen on some of the necks, which would have been another subtle use of color in the titles.

Unless some bizarre changes are in store, this shot is almost definitely in reference to the shocking reveal made in The Walking Dead #144. Without getting into mega-spoilers, I’ll just say that some major characters get killed off in one swoop. It’s easily one of the biggest and most destructive blows that the protagonists faced in the source material, and I can’t see it being any less stressful in live-action, either.

As seen on Art of the Title, the heads seen are already walker-fied, and are no longer very human. As such, they offer little room for speculation about which TV characters could get sacrificed to kick off the eventual Whisperer War. It’s obviously possible the same characters could die in both the comics and the show, but I have to assume Angela Kang & Co. will be flipping the script there to keep fans on their toes.

Is it telling at all that Norman Reedus’ credit is the one seen in the unused frame? Let’s hope not. No one is going to get behind The Walking Dead killing off Rick and Daryl (and the long-living extra Bob Miller) in the same season.

Issue #144 is also when The Walking Dead introduced the Whisperers’ leader Alpha, though it’s hard to tell if the TV show will keep those two moments linked up. We pretty much know that Rick will be a goner when Samantha Morton’s Alpha arrives, but will his head be one of the ones we see? And when is Ryan Hurst’s Beta joining the fun?

The Walking Dead Season 9 airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET, so keep your head screwed on tight while waiting for the next episode. Wrap that same head around our fall TV premiere schedule to see all the shows coming to primetime soon.

How James Wan’s Horror Background Plays Into Aquaman

While always invested in the horror genre, director James Wan has been expanding his oeuvre in recent years. It began with Furious 7, and soon we will see his latest contribution to the blockbuster world with Aquaman. That being said, the man certainly isn’t letting go of his horror roots, and you can definitely expect them to play into his DC Extended Universe work in specific ways. Said the director during an on-set interview,

The subject of James Wan’s history in the horror genre was one that came up frequently last year when I joined a small group of journalists visiting the set of Aquaman last summer in Melbourne, Australia. It was discussed in multiple interviews throughout the tour, leading to our conversation with Wan himself after production had wrapped for the day. He explained that his vision of Atlantis is going to be a beautiful and wondrous place, but he’s also not ignoring the instincts that tell him to explore the terrors that lurk miles below the waves.

So what are these “creatures of the deep” to which James Wan refers? As described by producer Peter Safran, they are the inhabitants of the kingdom known as The Trench, and they are just a bit more monstrous than the other individuals found in the other six undersea kingdoms. Discussing the influences of Wan’s horror past on Aquaman, Safran said,

The producer continued, however, and explained a very different way that Aquaman will feel familiar to those who have followed James Wan’s career. More than just being scary, the director’s past films have a way of making you legitimately care about the characters, which in turn makes you care more when they are in danger. According to Peter Safran, who has worked with Wan on all of the Conjuring Universe titles, that approach is very much in play in his debut superhero movie:

James Wan’s finished work on Aquaman will arrive in theaters on December 21st — and between now and then be sure to be on to look out for a lot more of our set visit coverage.