Jason Blum Has Apologized For Comments About Not Hiring Female Directors

Jason Blum recently made some comments regarding the lack of female directors who have produced movies for Blumhouse Productions. (The number is, in fact, zero.) It looks like he read over his initial comments and wasn’t too happy about them, because now he’s apologized for how he has addressed the lack of ladies making movies for the studio. He thanked people for bringing the comments to his attention, noting,

Speaking out about Blumhouse Productions’ track record, Jason Blum is quick to point out that plenty of movies the studio makes feature women and are led by female actors. In addition, there are plenty of women who work for Blumhouse, including executives.

In fact, Blumhouse has an interesting track record in terms of trying for diverse points of view with directing, even hiring people we wouldn’t have expected for horror films like Jordan Peele, a director who went on to have great success with Get Out. Yet, Blumhouse has not hired any female directors and when Blum was asked about it, talked around the question a little bit.

He said he had asked female directors Jennifer Kent (famous for The Babadook) and Leigh Janiak (who made Honeymoon), but that neither female director had worked out. He also told Polygon,

Now, he’s speaking out about how he came off previously, and seems to be looking forward to a future when Blumhouse Productions will have some female directors in its roster. If you’d like to see the female-led Halloween revival, you can do so starting this weekend. In addition, Blumhouse has quite a few other movies in the works or coming up including Glass, Happy Death Day 2U, Us and The Hunt, all due in 2019. To find out what else is coming next year, take a look at the full movies schedule.

Designated Survivor Season 3 Cast An ER Alum And One More For Major Roles

2018 has been a wild year for Designated Survivor. The political drama was cancelled by ABC despite a cliffhanger ending that made a third season feel absolutely necessary, but it was eventually picked up for that third season on Netflix. The third season will enter production in the not-too-distant future, and two newcomers will be part of the cast: ER alum Anthony Edwards and Transformers franchise veteran Julie White.

In Designated Survivor Season 3, Anthony Edwards will play a man by the name of Mars Harper, who has become President Kirkman’s Chief of Staff following the end of Season 2. He’s not somebody who attempts to rule his underlings with an iron fist or bark orders. Instead, he uses his own likability to make things happen the way he wants.

Harper could be a valuable asset to Kirkman as he begins the process of campaigning for re-election, as campaigning is not something Kirkman had to do to ascend to the highest office in the land the first time around. Anthony Edwards’ character has served multiple administrations in a multitude of ways over the years, and his experience combined with professionalism and intelligence make him respected even by those who don’t agree with his party or politics.

That said, Harper won’t get along with Kirkman’s existing staff despite his likability. According to Deadline, his desire to bring focus and discipline to an administration that he believes fails to prioritize the President’s needs will lead to clashes with the staff members who have been with Kirkman all along. He’ll also clash with a fellow newcomer, played by Julie White.

Julie White is on board as Kirkman’s campaign manager, Lorraine Zimmer, and her agenda may not align with those of everybody around her. She too brings years of experience to the campaign, and her past successes undoubtedly made her a natural choice for Kirkman as he embarked on his path to re-election. Kirkman won’t be the natural choice for Zimmer, however, as she’s uncertain about working to elect a man who has never actually run for office.

Knowing that she’ll secure a place in history if she helps him win and fond of challenges, Zimmer signs on with the campaign. A bitter divorce and subsequent alimony will certainly complicate things for her, and her reputation for “disrupting established businesses” could make members of Kirkman’s established administration wary of her, although that’s only speculation at this point. She holds her views strong, takes no prisoners, and is willing to fight dirty if that’s what it takes to win.

Both Anthony Edwards and Julie White are on board in a recurring capacity, so we should see a fair amount of them in Season 3. Edwards’ casting on Designated Survivor marks a TV reunion with current (and fifth, due to frequent shakeups behind the scenes that contributed to its cancellation by ABC) showrunner Neal Baer, who was also showrunner on ER back in the day.

Production on Designated Survivor Season 3 is slated to begin at some point before the end of the year, with an intended debut in 2019. If you’re in the mood to relive the first two seasons of the series, you can find both among the many streaming options on Netflix now.

New Banksy Video Shows Girl With Balloon Was Meant To Be Fully Shredded

Banksy is known for unpredictable behavior. The reclusive artist makes a splash when people least expect it, opting to provide either biting social commentary or satirical works of criticism (or, typically, both) about the commercialization and commerce of art and works of personal expression. It was during Banksy’s recent viral stunt — which saw the artist tearing Girl with Balloon to shreds after it sold for a high price — that the artist was the one left surprised. As a new video proves, the expensive painting was meant to be shredded entirely, but it only went halfway through due to a glitch.

As Banksy admits in the new video, the much-publicized art gallery stunt didn’t exactly go according to plan. When the painting didn’t make its way through the shredder completely, there were viewers left wondering whether or not that was intentional. You can never know with Banksy, after all…

But with this newest update on the viral stunt, Banksy makes it very clear that the shredding process was intended to make the whole painting turn into bits of confetti, as the mysterious artist notes, “in rehearsals it worked every time…” Alas, due to one problem or another, the auction antics didn’t go as excepted for Banksy. Granted, it was still a complete surprise for everyone in attendance at the event, as is made evident by all the stunned faces in the clip.

It’s rare for Banksy to be the one who doesn’t see things turn out as expected. Alas, it doesn’t sound like the artist is completely disappointed with how the stunt turned out. The intended effect was garnered, it’s safe to say. The notoriously guarded artist wanted to show fans what was actually supposed to happen during the now-infamous auction shakedown, providing answers as to what was supposed to go down during this public event.

Created and released in 2002, Girl with Balloon, which is also known as Balloon Girl and Girl and Balloon, is one of Banksy’s most recognizable works. It depicts a young girl reaching outwards toward a red balloon in the shape of a giant heart. It is a logo that has been seen throughout London for years. Over the years, Banksy has used this design for a multitude of different reasons. Most notably, the artist used the design to promote social causes, including the West Bank barrier in 2005, the Syrian refugee crisis in 2014 and 2017’s election in the United Kingdom. It is widely considered one of the most famous artworks in London history, let alone by the reclusive artist. By destroying the popular work, Banksy drew quite a lot of media attention.

With the publicity stunt didn’t really go according to plan, there’s no denying that Banksy is the center of attention again by publicly destroying Girl with Balloon — if even slightly. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to keep you posted on all the latest news updates and more right here at CinemaBlend.

Scrubs’ Creator To Reunite With Sarah Chalke For New TV Show

Sarah Chalke found tremendous success on the medical comedy Scrubs. So, it only makes sense for her to reteam with the series’ creative power. Chalke has boarded a brand new dramedy in the works from Scrubs‘ creator Bill Lawrence. Here is what you need to know.

Sarah Chalke has signed on to star and co-executive produce the upcoming dramedy, per Deadline. The show, which is in development at ABC, boasts an intriguing angle. In a fascinating turn, the show is inspired by Chalke’s life. Described as a “family dramedy,” the show will chronicle the lives of two polar-opposite sisters. Naturally, something brings them together. Or at least, forces them to interact.

That incentive comes by way of the adoption agency run by their parents. One of whom is a lawyer and the other a social worker. The duo has run the agency out of their house for the past 30 years. Sarah Chalke’s character and her sister are tasked with taking it over. Why the parents are stepping away is not specified. The other sister has yet to be cast.

Sarah Chalke is actually the middle child of three sisters. So, it is unclear if the autobiographical angle of the dramedy is based on her two sisters. The show will be written by Emily Fox, the executive producer of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. Scrubs‘ Bill Lawrence will produce the as-yet-to-be-titled ABC dramedy. It is worth noting that Lawrence and Sarah Chalke both have strong ties to the Alphabet Network.

Scrubs originally ran on NBC before being cancelled, and subsequently revived on ABC. Bill Lawrence’s next comedy, Cougar Town started its run on the network. Sarah Chalke had a recent stint on ABC, starring in the Roseanne revival. She starred on the original series as Becky, off and on.

If the show is picked up, it would mean a return to ABC for Sarah Chalke. The premise of the new show sounds intriguing and rife with story opportunities. It seems like it would be a single-camera comedy, and those have been popular with ABC lately. So, it comes across as a highly likely option for a pickup. The show would make a strong choice for either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Both nights currently feature a heavy comic slate.

The reunion between Sarah Chalke and Bill Lawrence is not unexpected. Following the end of Scrubs, Chalke recurred on his comedy, Cougar Town. It will be fun for her to have her own starring vehicle though. Long an impressive supporting actress, Chalke has proven herself as a more than capable lead. For instance, she was fantastic in the 2009 miniseries Maneater.

Given how early Sarah Chalke’s show is in development, no premiere date is currently set for the series. So, stay tuned for TV’s new fall slate in the meantime.

The Russo Brothers Are Still Having Fun With Mark Ruffalo After He Spoiled Avengers 4

Sorry Mark Ruffalo, when you work for Marvel spoiler slip-ups are the highest offense there is. After the actor appeared on Jimmy Fallon last week jokingly spilling a series of spoilers in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War follow-up, the Russo Brothers took to Twitter to play along with the shtick, announcing that he was “fired.” Ruffalo attempted to fire back, accusing them of slipping up as well with a recent super cryptic photo related to the movie. Despite the actor’s best efforts, it looks like he’s joining the likes of Eric Bana and Edward Norton. Take a look:

Of course, considering the unknown fate of Bruce Banner and the rest of the Avengers in the upcoming sequel, who knows? Mark Ruffalo likely didn’t actually spoil anything on Jimmy Fallon, but he just can’t seem to live down that hilarious Thor: Ragnarok spoiler fail following him into Avengers 4 a little over a year later. Famously, during the world premiere of the film, Ruffalo accidentally live-streamed the first 15 minutes or so while his phone was in his pocket. The actor later opened up about his fear of getting fired due to his honest mistake, making the Russo Brothers’ tweets funny little jabs at him.

Mark Ruffalo figured he would join in on the fun by accusing the Russo Brothers of spoiling the upcoming Avengers movie with their recent tweet. To announce wrapping on Avengers 4 reshoots, the directors released a strange image that is difficult to make out the meaning of. The blue glowing image could be anything from the previously destroyed Tesseract or some form of a glow-y chamber to something else. Ruffalo accusing the directors of slipping up themselves with this image continues a fun saga between those involved with the movie, even if the image tells us absolutely nothing for sure about Avengers 4.

Mark Ruffalo isn’t the only Avengers actor who has tested the studio’s trust to keep their movies heavily underwraps. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has also been infamous for his problems with keeping secrets, previously revealing that he wasn’t allowed to read the script for Infinity War due to his penchant for revealing big information.

The Russo Brothers and the Avengers 4 cast have been playing with fans’ sanity a bit more than usual leading up the highly-anticipated Marvel film. Little to nothing is known about the film other than the loads of speculation and theories surrounding what happened in Avengers: Infinity War. We are about six months away from the release of the installment, yet unlike other Marvel releases, an official title, image or trailer have not been divulged to fans. The Russo Brothers did recently release another cryptic image, drivings some fans wild as they tried to decipher it.

With all the actors involved with the MCU at this point, it’s really a wonder more of Marvel’s best kept secrets don’t make their way out before the releases of their films. Let’s see if the studio can keep the trend rolling. Avengers 4 comes to theaters on May 3, 2019. You can take a look at the full movies schedule for next year while you wait.

Looks Like Avengers 4 Might Be Giving Iron Man A Cool, New Weapon

Even before he donned his numerous Iron Man suits, Tony Stark was a master at creating weapons, though that was solely for turning a profit at Stark Industries. Nowadays any weapon Tony comes up with is for benevolent purposes, although as we saw with Ultron, sometimes these plans can go horribly wrong. Regardless, Tony is still tinkering around, and a new Avengers 4 set photo has revealed he might be breaking out a new weapon that has a ridiculous amount of firepower.

You can head to the geekpowerbackup Instagram page to look at this Avengers 4 set photo, but this device basically looks like a giant cannon that resembles the Proton Cannon that Iron Man would break out in the Marvel vs. Capcom video game. Granted, this particular contraption isn’t nearly as massive as the Proton Cannon and can’t be brought out nearly as easily, but it definitely looks like it could a powerful punch.

For those of you wondering if this weapon is legit, we’ve actually already seen it. During Avengers: Infinity War, when James Rhodes is chatting with Thunderbolt Ross in Tony Stark’s workshop at the Avengers’ headquarters, the weapon is in the background, as you’ll see below on the far left side.

Naturally given everything that was happening in that scene, most viewers probably didn’t pay any to this device. After all, as mentioned earlier, Tony Stark likes building things, so what does it matter of there’s a particularly big contraption sitting in the corner? However, the weapon popped up again last month in that cryptic “Look hard” photo directors Joe and Anthony Russo posted last month.

Now keep in mind that even though this device exists, we don’t know for a fact that it’s a weapon. It’s possible it could be some kind of engine or reactor that powers something else that Tony Stark will bring out during Avengers 4. Either way, with something this large, one would imagine it will have some importance to the plot rather than constructed to be a Easter egg. Then again, maybe the Russos are big fans of Marvel vs. Capcom and decided to pay tribute to the video game.

Since Marvel Studios still hasn’t released any story details about Avengers 4, we have no idea what’s in store for Iron Man and the other surviving heroes. Still, with Thanos out there and half of the universe snapped out of existence, one couldn’t blame Tony Stark for enhancing this device to use against the Mad Titan. Let’s also not forget that Avengers 4 might be introducing an “even greater threat” than Thanos, so perhaps this device is intended for that individual/mysterious force. Fortunately, we’re only seven months way from having all of our Avengers 4 questions answered, so hang in there, fans!

Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more updates and look through our Marvel movies guide to learn what else the MCU has in development.

J.K. Rowling Says Other Fantastic Beasts Movies Will Be Set Outside Europe, North America

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them showed us what magic was like in 1920s New York City, and this fall’s Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will take us to Paris for the first time. That is exciting, but with three more movies to go in the series, the Fantastic Beasts films will continue expanding the map, eventually going outside of Europe and North America, as J.K. Rowling explained:

Part of the promise of the Fantastic Beasts films has been to see different settings within the Wizarding World, both in terms of time and place, so knowing that this world will continue to expand as the series moves forward is exciting. It will also help each film feel fresh with its own unique flavor. Sure, Harry Potter was confined to Great Britain, but Fantastic Beasts is giving us something different and new.

As J.K. Rowling told Entertainment Weekly, the next film, Fantastic Beasts 3, will go to at least one new city and possibly two and it sounds like those cities will be on heretofore-unexplored continents. We know that the author has the arc of this whole series mapped out, so she presumably has a pretty good idea of which cities she’d like her characters to visit.

Naturally this sets the wheels a turning to try and guess where the series might go next. North America was explored in the first film, the Harry Potter films gave us a good idea of what Britain is like and The Crimes of Grindelwald will show us mainland Europe. So, if we rule out Antarctica, that leaves 4 continents (South America, Africa, Asia and Australia) and countless cities full of magic yet to discover.

If we think about the major cities of the world, as have been explored in the first two Fantastic Beasts films, perhaps we’ll see somewhere like Beijing, Tokyo, Delhi, Egypt or Rio de Janeiro. Maybe there will be some clues at the end of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald about where this magical journey will take us next.

The idea of a Harry Potter spinoff featuring another wizarding school has always been exciting in part because it would introduce us to magic in a different culture. What we know about the wizarding schools in other countries indicates that like the real world, the magical cultures are very different.

Also like the real world, North America and Europe share many similarities. So venturing outside of North America and Europe in the next Fantastic Beasts film should give us something even more different than what we’ve seen before and let us experience the wonder of visiting the Wizarding World for the first time once again.

The next stop on this magical journey is Paris in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which take a portkey to theaters on November 16. For all the biggest movies still to come this year, check out our release schedule.

What continent do you want Fantastic Beasts 3 to head to? (let us know any cities you want to see in the comments)

Ariana Grande Has Opened Up About Her Split From SNL’s Pete Davidson

Almost as quickly as they got together Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s relationship broke apart. It’s been hard to figure out how the love died for the celebrity couple. Their relationship was heavily reported upon and it was a love that burned very bright. But it wasn’t meant to be. Now, Grande has finally responded to the fallout between her and Pete Davidson on her social media account, noting:

On her Instagram story, Ariana Grande alluded to the break-up drama surrounding her rapidly deflated relationship with Pete Davidson. In her send-off to social media — at least, for now — the singer didn’t mention the Saturday Night Live actor/comedian by name, but Grande said the news was “hard” for her to deal with at the moment. That suggests Ariana Grande is still having a tough time coming to terms with their quickly broken engagement.

Broken engagements are difficult for anyone, particularly people as famous as Ariana Grande. It’s understandable that she doesn’t want to deal with the noise at the moment, and even more so if rumors related to why the celebrity couple broke up are true. According to unnamed sources reportedly close to the singer-songwriter, Grande is still reeling from the tragic loss of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died a month earlier. Since his mournful death, Grande has been reconsidering a number of things in her life, including the swift escalation of her relationship to Pete Davidson. The actor and the musician got engaged only a couple weeks into their relationship. It was a rapid rollercoaster for the young lovers, especially during the past summer.

Furthermore, Ariana Grande is taking great strides to hide the tattoos dedicated to her ex-lover. As TMZ reported, Grande recently performed a rendition of “The Wizard and I” in New York City. During the musical performance, the musician covered the “pete” tattoo located on her ring finger with a conveniently-placed band-aid, suggesting that Ariana Grande doesn’t want the once-romantic tattoo to be seen by the public.

The musical number was recorded for the upcoming NBC special based on Wicked, which is expected to air on October 29th. The musician will have been separated from Pete Davidson for roughly two weeks by the time the musical number makes it way onto television. Her performance for the telecast was the first public appearance from Grande since the split happened. It’s unclear if Pete Davidson will respond to the break-up when he returns to work on Saturday Night Live on November 3rd. The episode will feature host Jonah Hill and musical guest Maggie Rogers. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, no matter what happens with Grande and Davidson.

Nathan Fillion’s The Rookie Got Mediocre Ratings, But ABC Is Still Pumped

ABC is getting behind its new cop drama, The Rookie. The Nathan Fillion-led series made its debut this past Tuesday. The good news? While the numbers weren’t spectacular overall, the premiere delivered ratings the Alphabet Network is proud to point out. That is because the series powered ABC to record heights in the time slot.

The Rookie is now ABC’s most-watched drama debut in the 10 p.m. Tuesday slot in a long time. Seven and a half years, to be exact. The series catapulted to those levels with a total viewership of 5.4 million. ABC also reported that it tied as its top-rated show in the highly-coveted 18-49 demo in over 4 and a half years with a 1.0 rating. The impressive stats from The Rookie‘s premiere did not end there.

The police procedural landed ABC’s best overall numbers in Tuesday’s 10 p.m. ET time slot in years, with the highest viewership since September 2014 and the highest demographic ratings since September 2016. That means The Rookie‘s debut was a big hit for ABC not just by series premiere standards. To say The Rookie got off to a running start for the network may be an understatement. There is a caveat to the ratings news though.

The Rookie‘s hopeful beginning is being heralded due to the performance of its time slot predecessors. We have to put this news into perspective. For whatever reason, Tuesday’s 10 p.m. slot has traditionally been a disaster zone for ABC. For the past five years, no show that has premiered in the time slot has received a season renewal. That does not bode well for the freshman drama. If The Rookie breaks that half-decade curse, its current success would be all the more impressive.

Considering the history of the troubled time slot, it would be a massive accomplishment for Nathan Fillion’s starring vehicle to pull off. If there is a show that may have a shot it, it is his. Fillion’s show did get off to a record start, and he is an actor with an avid following. Castle did exceptionally well for ABC, and the fan base he developed on that show should potentially follow him to this one.

If The Rookie can develop a strong enough following in its Tuesday slot, it could potentially be moved. Making room on a set television time slot can be tricky. If it continues doing well, the potential for a time slot switch is there. That way ABC could enhance its visibility.

Despite being a cop drama, The Rookie is currently at the end of a non-stop comedy block from ABC. Its lead-in is the returning series Splitting Up Together, starring The Office‘s Jenna Fischer. New episodes of The Rookie air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Nathan Fillion’s new series is a part of the ongoing slate of fall premieres.

13 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween Season

It’s Halloween, which only means one thing: Candy! Well, and costumes, of course. And mischief. Oh, and awkward office parties. Okay, Halloween means a lot of things, but chief among them — and most relevant to us — is scary movies. Nothing says October like a good scary movie, and there are hundreds of horror films for all kinds to watch. Thanks to the emergence of streaming, it’s never been easier to find your favorite scary movie in time for the holiday, and as far as Netflix is concerned, there are a lot of good ones on there.

Netflix has a large library to comb through, so it’s impossible to include every single horror movie on one list. This list features what we think is a solid mix of timeless classics, new favorites, and maybe even some stuff you haven’t checked out yet. The point is to watch good movies that give the chills before Halloween, so sit back and check out these 13 spooky flicks that are all available on Netflix.

The Shining

Let’s start off with the double whammy of a Kubrick classic AND a Stephen King adaptation. The Shining is an iconic horror movie with some of the most memorable moments in cinema. Who can forget Red Rum, the freaky twins in the hallway, the river of blood, or Jack Nicholson poking his head from the door and shouting “Here’s Johnny!”? It’s a must-watch for any horror fan, and Nicholson gives an unhinged and excellent performance. Fun fact: Stephen King hates this movie. He did not agree with the direction Stanley Kubrick took the story. Whose side do you take?

The Witch

One of the more recent horror movies on this list, The Witch (or The VVitch, if ya nasty) was released in 2015 to rave reviews. The indie flick told the story of a 17th-century New England family that becomes plagued by witchcraft. The movie slowly builds up the terror and tension as each minute grows more unsettling. The Witch is thoughtful and takes care in everything from lighting to set design, and it doesn’t rely on jump scares to get the job done. You get hooked on the fact that something terrible is happening and director Robert Eggers creates a film that excels in every category.