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17 Latinx Women Who Changed the Game for Representation on TV

Latinx women are highly underrepresented in the world of television, both on and off-screen—as are Latinx people in general. Despite being one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States, according to a 2014 study, there are no Latina leads on network TV, and they comprise only 9.5% of all supporting female roles on television. The Latinas who are represented on screen often fall within specific stereotypes of criminals, law enforcement officials, hypersexualized women, or working in low-wage jobs as maids or caretakers. In fact, the same 2014 study found that since 1996, about 69 percent of maid roles in TV and film have been played by Latinas.

While Hollywood has a long way to go in terms of Latinx representation across both film and TV, there are several women in the industry who have broken barriers. Below are just a handful of the history-changing, award-winning Latinx women who ignored all the rules and fought to have themselves represented on screen.

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