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29 Makeup Gift Sets Perfect for Everyone on Your List

While giving beauty products as a gift can be a bit of a gamble, makeup gift sets win every time. They’re a great way to try tons of products, there’s no guesswork in picking the perfect shade, and you’re guaranteed to get a better deal on a set than you would if you were buying everything separately. Plus, they often come in beautiful boxes that don’t require gift wrap, so it’s one less thing for you to check off your list.

This year especially, a set of gorgeously curated mascaras, tinted moisturizer, or eye makeup seems like a nice way to lift someone’s spirits, introduce them to new products, and add a little sparkle back into their life. (Plus, the mini sizes are more likely to get used up in a year when we’re just easing back into makeup).

Whether the lucky recipient is a mascara-only kind of girl or loves a full glam, there’s a set out there to match their style. We rounded up the 29 best makeup gift sets of the year, from limited-edition, multi-piece sets to single-product showcases. We won’t judge if you end up picking up a few of these beauty gift ideas for yourself, too.

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