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6 James Bond Questions We Have About The Project 007 Video Game

How Long Are We Going To Have To Wait For Project 007 To Arrive?

At this moment, Project 007 is in “active development,” which, much like the world of the movies, means that the groundwork is being done in terms of everything that needs to be assembled. The game’s look, feel and storyline all need to be ironed out before we can even hope to see a glimpse of what awaits. But just how long is the entire process going to take before we have an idea on when to expect Project 007 on shelves? Admittedly, it’s best not to push these sorts of matters too hard, as even with a target date announced, the project could pull a Cyberpunk 2077, or worse, a Duke Nukem Forever, and see the game pushed back from an initial target. That being said, an entire console generation has passed without a major James Bond title released, and the sooner we know more about what to cautiously expect, the better.

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