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7 Beauty Pros on How They’d Spend $100 at Sephora

Walking into Sephora can feel exhilarating—and, also, completely overwhelming. With rows and rows of beauty products, it’s easy to feel a little lost. How to pick one mascara out of the 17 volumizing versions out there? Should you spring for a texturizer or dry shampoo? Decisions, decisions. It’s even trickier if you don’t necessarily need to restock your foundation or want to test the serum your BFF has been raving about; sometimes you just want to try something new (retail therapy is real). To give you some shopping inspiration, we asked top hair, makeup, and nail pros—you know, the people who live and breathe beauty products day-in and day-out—to share what they’d spend a spare $100 on at Sephora.

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