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7 Fall 2018 Color Trends That Aren’t Burgundy

No matter what shade Pantone decrees the color of the year, burgundy somehow manages to be the most-worn color each fall. It has obvious seasonal appeal—nothing else matches quite as closely with changing foliage and seasonal activities—and it’s an easy swap for classic neutrals. But in the throes of all-burgundy-everything, alternative fall hues can go unnoticed… until this year, that is.

Muted pinks, burnt orange, and mustard yellows are among the colors permeating the fashion landscape this September—and whether in the form of a long-sleeve dress or a cozy sweater, they pair just as well with a pumpkin spice latte. Here, we’ve rounded up seven shades that are in the running to replace (or at the very least, offer an alternative to) burgundy as the go-to fall color for fall 2018. You can thank us later.

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