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Someone Edited The Captain Marvel Trailer Into Chronological Order, And It’s Awesome

Marvel Studios didn’t give us a massive look at next year’s Captain Marvel. But when you have a fanbase as dedicated as the one devoted to the MCU, two minutes is more than enough for creative editors to play with. So we have this new YouTube video, made by a fan who wanted to see what the Captain Marvel trailer footage would look like in chronological order. Here’s their best guess.

Interesting choices. There are clips included near the end of this edit that I definitely assumed would be near the beginning of the movie. Particularly any time Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) finds herself in the green and grey suit. I’m think this outfit is for her Starforce days, and that the red-blue-gold Captain Marvel suit will be for the second half of the movie, where she is striking out on her own as the combination warrior that has accepted her halves as Kree and human.

There’s also the explosion that will careen Carol Danvers into a Blockbuster Video. And from what I know, this will be closer to the beginning of the movie. Marvel President Kevin Feige has said that unlike normal origin stories, Captain Marvel will begin when the main character already HAS her powers. Her story will be filled in via flashbacks, likely as she recovers from memory loss and reconnects important dots that tell her she had a life here on Earth, before she was blasted by Kree radiation and given the ability to fight in the cosmos.

There are connections that make sense here, though. We see young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) finding Carol Danvers, probably after she tracks down the masquerading Skrull — who looks like a grandmother — and fights them on the train. Then, Nick likely brings Carol to a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility in the desert so they can investigate the alien. Perhaps this is when we meet young Coulson (Clark Gregg), as well?

Captain Marvel is an intriguing movie because of where it falls on the timeline. Most of the audience is in limbo after the tumultuous cliffhanger at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. And while Ant-Man and the Wasp was a prequel, it had a credits tag that tied to Infinity War. And now we will want to know how Captain Marvel connects to the war against Thanos… if it does at all.

Here’s the trailer, in its normal format.

Captain Marvel will be in theaters on March 8, 2019, when you can see the movie in the order that co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck want you to see it.

How To See A Star Is Born Before Its Release

With the summer movie season now in the rear view mirror, fans can expect plenty of new and exciting projects to hit theaters in the near future. And as Oscar season slowly approaches, certain projects will go for broke in an attempt to rake up some nominations. Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut A Star Is Born seems like perfect Oscar-bait, as it features he and pop singer Lady Gaga in the third remake of the iconic story. Anticipation for the project is very high, with cinephiles eager to see Gaga and Cooper’s chemistry on stage, as they also sing through their characters’ careers. And now there’s a chance for all the moviegoers and little monsters out there to see the flick a few days early.

AMC theaters is actually releasing A Star Is Born a few days before its October 5th release. But there’s a catch: only theaters with the proper equipment will be able to screen Bradley Cooper’s highly anticipated movie early. Two days before its release, on October 2nd, 115 AMC theaters will screen the movie– those with high-end Dolby Cinema equipment. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait a few more days to see Gaga make her debut as a silver screen leading lady.

This news, which comes to us from THR, is sure to excite the many moviegoers who can’t wait to see A Star Is Born. While the public hasn’t been privy to the upcoming movie, it’s screened in some of the more high brow film festivals. It first debuted in Venice, and the early reception and reviews for the project have been sky high. First reviews have praised Gaga and Cooper’s performances, as well as A Star Is Born‘s cinematography– especially during concert scenes filmed in real-life venues like Coachella and SNL.

A Star Is Born will follow Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine, an aging singer/songwriter who has become jaded with the music business. His life changes when he happens to meet Ally (Lady Gaga), an unknown singer with clear talent. He eventually mentors her, and they collaborate musically and romantically. At least, for a while.

Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born is the third remake, and fourth total movie with that title. And Lady Gaga was preceded by some of the biggest divas in film history. Judy Garland famously played the lead role the first musical remake, which was released in 1954. Then, Barbara Streisand lead a movie in 1976 in another iconic adaptation. Gaga has big shoes to fill, so the pressure is on.

It should be fascinating to see if Lady Gaga ends up with an Oscar nom for A Star Is Born. If she wins, she’ll beat out the likes of both Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand in this honor for their respective remakes.

A Star Is Born will screen in select AMC theaters on October 2nd, and will have its wide release on October 5th. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Why Star Wars Fans Think Snoke Might Be Coming Back

One of the most shocking things about Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the fate of Supreme Leader Snoke, but, while he may be dead that doesn’t mean he’s gone for good. Fans are now wondering is Snoke might be making some sort of return for Star Wars: Episode IX, as Andy Serkis, the man behind the motion capture, recently had to cancel an appearance at a local comic-con. It’s possible the reason for the cancelation was that he was needed on set for Star Wars.

The recent Keystone Comic-Con in Pennsylvania just happened, and among its litany of guests was supposed to be Andy Serkis. However, at the last minute, Serkis backed out. It’s not uncommon for a few guests at one of these sorts of events to be forced to cancel, but there’s usually a specific reason for it, and quite often it’s production responsibilities.

There’s precedent for a comic-con cancelation being due to Star Wars, even recently. Billy Dee Williams had to do the same thing not that long ago, leading many to speculate that Lando Calrissian would be making a return in Star Wars: Episode IX. That speculation turned out to be accurate so it could be here as well.

Of course, there are numerous ways we could see Snoke again. The most obvious would be as part of a flashback. While many were disappointed that Snoke died in Star Wars: The Last Jedi without revealing to the audience his origins or motives, the fact is that Snoke doesn’t need to be alive to for the next movie to give us this information. Kylo Ren could easily talk about his own history and reveal a lot about where Snoke came from. If this happens we could see a younger Snoke build the First Order as part of events that took place prior to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

There’s also the possibility that we could see Snoke appear as a Force Ghost. We’ve never seen a Dark Side Force user do that, but maybe it’s possible.

Finally, there’s a third option, which is that Andy Serkis could actually be playing an entirely different character in Star Wars: Episode IX. The actor was almost certainly put under contract for all three parts of the trilogy, but since Snoke’s death doesn’t appear to have been specifically planned before Rian Johnson wrote it, this makes Serkis available to do something else in the new movie. If there’s a character in the film that requires motion capture, and you have the best in the game available, why not use him?

Of course, all this assumes that it was even Star Wars that pulled Andy Serkis away. Perhaps he needed to do some last minute work on Mowgli, his directorial effort on a live-action Jungle Book. It really could be anything, but it could very well be Star Wars.

That Mad About You Revival Could Actually Happen Now

Who could blame Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt and other Mad About You cast and crew members for being hesitant to bring the show back after being off the air since 1999? After all, it was only in recent years that TV studios figured out better ways to bring shows back to life, with Netflix leading that charge through projects like Arrested Development‘s latest seasons, the Fuller House spinoff, and the One Day at a Time reboot, among others. So the prospect of returning to Paul and Jamie’s lives for new episodes might not come across as quite the mismanaged cash-grab that it might have a decade ago, which is presumably a big draw for the two leads. Well, three leads, assuming daughter Mabel would also be around for the fun.

Internet Star’s Novel Explores Online Fame—and Alien Robots

Existential questions about online stardom feature in Hank Green’s ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing,’ the 38-year-old writer’s debut novel out Sept. 25.
Existential questions about online stardom feature in Hank Green’s ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing,’ the 38-year-old writer’s debut novel out Sept. 25. Photo: Ashe Walker

At one point during his rise to internet fame, Hank Green tallied up every minute that every viewer had spent watching all the videos he’d ever made with his brother, and came up with a sum roughly equal to the average human lifespan. Now, he said, that collective viewing total amounts to at least 50 lifetimes.

“It makes you think, ‘Am I doing a human lifetime’s worth of good here?’” he said.

Existential questions born of online stardom figure prominently in Mr. Green’s debut novel, “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.” The sci-fi thriller due out Tuesday tells the story of a 23-year-old woman who becomes instantly famous after being the first to video-blog her contact with a giant alien robot.

In Debut Novel, Internet Star Ponders Online Fame—and Alien Robots

With the book, Mr. Green enters a territory already familiar to his older brother and longtime video collaborator John Green, the author of blockbuster young-adult novels led by “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Expectations are high for Hank’s novel, which publisher Dutton acquired at auction in a two-book deal. “The reception by booksellers and reviewers has been rapturous,” said editor Maya Ziv.

The book targets a wide audience. It is being promoted as an adult novel but could double as young-adult fiction, with its absence of sex scenes and a trigger warning before its one violent passage.

“An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” opens with graphic designer April May discovering what first appears to be a large, armor-clad statue on a Manhattan sidewalk. She names it Carl. Soon, April learns that many Carls have popped up without explanation around the world, with the public divided over whether the enigmatic figures pose a threat. Internet sleuths, working together to solve the mystery, realize that clues to interpreting the Carls are hidden in a dream people share when they sleep. April, who uses the Carls to build her own social-media brand, becomes an instant celebrity whose powers to influence escalate with each post.

The perils of online stardom are personal for the Greens. For online content creators, Hank said, “growing an audience for the sake of growing an audience is almost inherently destructive for you.”

Hank is known independently as a host for the science channel SciShow and its spinoffs, along with the educational channel Crash Course. Yet even with Hank in the spotlight, it is hard to mention one Green without the other. In a video Hank posted earlier this year touting the book, he cheerfully thanks John for the agents and publishers who read it “because I’m John Green’s brother.”

“I could say the same thing about ‘The Fault in Our Stars’—it wouldn’t have reached nearly as many readers without Hank,” said John, who will appear with Hank at half the venues on a 12-city U.S. book tour to promote “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.” “It’s hard for us to disentangle our work from each other. It’s one of the great joys of my life.”

John, at left, and Hank Green built an online empire beginning with Vlogbrothers, a YouTube channel they started in 2007.
John, at left, and Hank Green built an online empire beginning with Vlogbrothers, a YouTube channel they started in 2007. Photo: Maarten de Boer

Hank, who is 38 years old and lives with his wife, 2-year-old son and their ancient cat Cameo in Missoula, Mont., said it was “really scary” sharing the completed manuscript with John one night not long ago. His brother was also scared, though he stopped worrying after the first 10 pages. John, a 41-year-old Indianapolis author whose fiction, like Hank’s, is published by an imprint of Penguin Random House, soon lost himself in the book. Between the two of them, John said, Hank was better at writing plot.

With the book, Dutton capitalizes on the built-in audiences between the two brothers, much as the publisher did in releasing John’s best-selling “The Fault in Our Stars” in 2012, the film adaptation of which went on to rake in more than $307 million world-wide, according to Box Office Mojo. John has championed Hank’s debut novel to his 5.1 million followers on Twitter, an audience more than five times the size of Hank’s on that platform.

The online empire the Greens have built began with Vlogbrothers, a YouTube channel they started in 2007 for exchanging rapid-fire updates with one another about life in general and their lives in particular. Since then, videos the brothers have produced and posted on their many internet channels have been viewed some 2 billion times. And of those videos, the ones featuring appearances by the Greens themselves have notched more than 1 billion views.

Over the four years Hank spent working on “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing,” he didn’t display the angst that marks the writing process of many other novelists. He worked on the book on planes, during free half-hours at night and on occasional mornings wherever he happened to be sitting.

“Hank is one of the least tortured people I know,” said John. “He is exceptionally sane.”

Still, John said he and his brother talk about how becoming public figures on the internet has the potential for “distorting ourselves or distorting our values, and how we can try to tack against that wind.”

In the novel, Hank compares fame to looking like a leathery old cowboy to one person and an 11-year-old girl to another: “You have no idea what each person sees when they look at you.”

Now the Greens run multiple ventures, including the educational video-production company Complexly, and they are co-founders of the VidCon conferences for the online video community. John said they haven’t gotten into a single fight since they started working together more than a decade ago. They came close once, over “some stupid work thing,” he said, before mutually backing down. “I think we were both tired.”

John said he doesn’t recall having many disagreements as children, either, because they didn’t know each other that well. For John, who left for boarding school when Hank was 11, working with Hank was a way to become closer as adults.

Hank said he doesn’t feel competitive with John about their careers. Their contests are more about one-upping each other while they try to “win the conversation” by making the funniest joke, he said.

In a recent video, John described buying ads for Hank’s book on multiple billboards in Orlando, Fla., where the brothers grew up. He bought sponsorships for small robotics, debate and sports teams. Hank’s novel, for instance, is the left-sleeve sponsor of the Dutch national Quidditch team.

Write to Ellen Gamerman at

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The Sleeper Hit That Makes the Most of Screen Time

Why has “Searching” become one of the breakout hits of the season, with a $45 million world-wide gross since its release over three weeks ago by Sony? Probably for the same reason director Aneesh Chaganty nearly turned it down: The on-screen action takes place entirely on screens.

“Searching” tells the story of a father, played by John Cho, who conducts a hunt for his missing teenage daughter across the many devices and platforms that play host to our digital lives: laptops, FaceTime, Facebook, Venmo and so on.

Busy Philipps Knows You Think She’s Extra

I’ve always been extra, but people haven’t always been kind about my extra-ness. A former male friend once said to me, “You know, people would consider you beautiful if you didn’t talk so much.” And an ex-boyfriend told me, “You laugh too loudly in restaurants, and you always need people to look at you.” I sort of understood what they were saying. I’m a lot. But ever since I was a kid, I’ve thought, Some people will like it, and some people will hate it. Either way, awesome.

Yet, growing up and working in Hollywood, I started to question whether I should try to be something else. Especially at 19, when I was told by producers, studios, and directors that I wasn’t OK the way I was. Like the time I landed a TV role and the makeup artist was instructed to cover up the moles on my face, neck, and body. I was like, Wait a minute, my moles are my skin. How is my skin not good enough for you?

Being told these things hurt, but I said to myself, You’re really talented and you’re really funny. So when social media hit, I loved it, because I felt like I finally had the ability to present my personality to people.

It never even occurred to me to manufacture myself. I was just me.

Once my Instagram Stories started getting really popular, The New Yorker called and wanted to do a piece on me. I was skeptical at first, like, “Are you trolling me?” But the writer said, “Every social platform has an early adopter, and you’re it for Instagram Stories.” I was like, How cool! The attention also came at a time when I was trying to figure out what to do careerwise. A pilot I’d done for NBC didn’t get picked up, and I was devastated—so much so that when Tina Fey’s company reached out about a project, I was like, “Guys. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I don’t know if I can put myself through this again,” and passed.

PHOTO: Scan By The Icon

A New Take on Talk“What audiences are responding to on late-night is a personal take on the news,” says Busy Tonight host Busy Philipps. “I can bring that.”Preen By Thornton Bregazzi blouse, skirt. Wolford bodysuit, $150

Then, a week after that New Yorker story came out, I was in the desert for my manager’s fiftieth birthday. I was kind of stoned, and I turned to my husband, Marc, and said, “I know what I have to do. I have to have a late-night talk show.” So I called back Tina Fey’s producing partner, Eric Gurian, and in a crazy twist of events, they came back two weeks later, saying, “E! is looking for a late-night talk show.” When we made that deal, I thought: I willed it to be so.

What audiences are responding to on late-night is a personal take on the news. Working on Busy Tonight is exciting and scary, but I think it’s OK to be scared every once in a while. People want more authenticity; I can bring that. And I still love Instagram. I use it to develop ideas for the show, ask questions, and see what people are responding to.Getting here has been a journey. Sometimes I get asked, “How do you and Michelle Williams maintain such a close friendship when you’re both actors?” It’s because I’m not Michelle. She and I have two wholly different paths. Everybody’s career, and everybody’s success, is different. I stayed self-assured in who I was, and now this is my path. And yeah, it’s pretty fucking cool.

Read on for more outtakes from Glamour assistant editor Samantha Leach’s interview with Philipps:

GLAMOUR: You have such a rabid fan base on Instagram. Has there even a DM, or even a comment you’ve received, that’s made you think, wow, I’ve really touched someone’s life?

BUSY PHILIPPS: Once, a couple years ago, I was complaining about one of my daughters, and this woman responded very angrily at me like, ‘Go fuck yourself, like, at least you can have a child.’ I was like OK, do I respond? But before I could, someone else who follows me responded to her and said, ‘It sounds like you’re having a really hard time in your life. I am sending you love, and I hope everything works out for you.’ And then the [original] woman responded saying, ‘I just found out yesterday my 7th round of IVF failed. This is just a dark moment and I felt like lashing out.’ And the [other] woman responded saying, ‘I totally get it. That must be so hard. Just know that there are people who want to support you online. Sending you a virtual hug.’ It was such a sweet exchange. Sometimes trolls are just trolls. But in that specific instance, it was just so clear this woman was in pain.

PHOTO: Scan By The Icon

Naked AmbitionPhilipps’ tattoo reads, “Aced out in her nudes,” a nod to a childhood act of defiance she details in her memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little, out this month. “I was a unique little kid,” she says.

GLAMOUR: You’re known for being so “unfiltered.” How will that translate into late night?

BP: What I’m hoping to build is [a show] for what we see as an underserved audience. People who care about [the news], but also like face masks, and want to know which celebrities were roommates when they first moved to L.A. Like, people don’t know that I only know Jessica Chastain because she and Michelle [Williams] have known each other forever. They did the Williamstown Theater Festival together. Or that Seth Meyers was Ike Barinholtz’s roommate. I think that kind of stuff is interesting. I just have a lot of information like that, because I’ve been working in Hollywood for 20 years. I know a lot of people’s dirt in a fun way. Fun dirt.

GLAMOUR: Since you’ve bared so much of your life online, do you ever get worried people won’t take you seriously on TV?

BP: No! I think people like vulnerability and personal takes. I’m not worried about it. I’m the fucking best. Why wouldn’t they take me seriously?

Busy Tonight premieres on October 28 on E!

The Classic Movies That Inspired The House With A Clock In Its Walls

Eli Roth’s The House With A Clock In Its Walls very much feels like a throwback. On beyond being a period story based on a classic novel from the early 1970s, kid-friendly horror is a tradition that we simply don’t see celebrated as often as we used to on the big screen. Really it’s a high-stakes live-action adventure in the vein of some of the greatest hits of the 1980s, and as I recently learned from screenwriter Eric Kripke, many of those key titles were in the back of mind during the making of the film:

There certainly has been an uptick in recent years when it comes to sensitivity in regards to parents, their kids, and the movies they watch — and according to Eric Kripke The House With A Clock In Its Walls is a chance for moms and dads everywhere to perhaps ease up a touch. While that may seem like a big proposition, during an interview earlier this week he pointed to a number of modern classics that were both kid-oriented but not without an important level of maturity. Amblin titles like Gremlins and Goonies didn’t pull its punches and weren’t afraid to challenge or scare younger audiences a bit, and that’s a vibe the new film is hoping to capture.

While the highlighted 1980s titles were vital in crafting the tone for The House With A Clock In Its Walls, in a separate interview with Eli Roth the filmmaker also told me about two other films that were influential in his approach: Spider-Man and The Lord Of The Rings. Specifically, those were two family-friendly blockbuster titles helmed by directors who had their roots in indie horror, and he kept those journeys in mind as he was making a similar venture:

The House With A Clock In Its Walls is certainly a long, long way away from the horrors of titles like Cabin Fever and Hostel, but it’s also a film that ultimately still shows the same kind of appreciation and passion for genre. It’s a very different color for Eli Roth, but you can still recognize texture and shading.

Those curious to see the finished work will have their chance to do so very soon, as The House With A Clock In Its Walls — starring Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, and Kyle McLaughlin — arrives in theaters this Friday. Tickets are on sale now, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled on CinemaBlend for more from my interviews with Eli Roth and Eric Kripke.

The Key Advice Steven Spielberg Gave To The House With A Clock In Its Walls Filmmakers

Steven Spielberg is not only one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, but also just so happens to be one of the best family filmmakers of all time. He’s made plenty of movies solely for adults, but his resume as both a director and a producer also includes a particularly wonderful collection of titles geared towards younger audiences. As a result, when he is offering advice on an upcoming project others tend to pay attention — and when it came specifically to the making of the new movie The House With A Clock In Its Walls he had one key tip: don’t be afraid to let it be legitimately scary. Screenwriter Eric Kripke recently told me,

Steven Spielberg has more than a few films for young audiences on his resume sporting some legitimate scares, including Poltergeist, The Goonies, and Raiders of The Lost Ark, and it was likely with those titles in mind that he helped director Eli Roth find the proper tone to strike with The House With A Clock In Its Walls. Spielberg isn’t a producer on the new movie, but his company, Amblin Entertainment, is behind it, and it allowed for Spielberg to offer some consultancy on the project — specifically that it shouldn’t shy away from the horror genre.

To the credit of Eli Roth and Eric Kripke, they definitely followed Steven Spielberg’s advice, as there are more than a few real scares in the new film including creepy automatons, possessed jack o lanterns, and even living topiary griffin. It’s not stuff that will necessarily cause weeks of nightmares, but The House With A Clock In Its Walls definitely aims to make you jump in certain moments, and that can certainly be thrilling and memorable for a younger crowd that can feel more adult while watching it — almost like a test of maturity. Many adults can point to experiences watching similar movies growing up, and now the tradition is continuing.

Based on the book by John Bellairs, The House With A Clock In Its Walls centers on a young boy named Lewis Barnavelt (Owen Vaccaro), an introverted bookworm who moves in with his oddball Uncle Jonathan (Jack Black) following the death of his parents. He quickly discovers that things are not quite normal in his new residence, and it’s because his mother’s brother is actually a warlock who has an on-going confrontation with evil forces. With the help of their strange and witty neighbor Mrs. Zimmerman (Cate Blanchett), they aim to solve a mystery that has been haunting the home with a loud and persistent tick-tocking, and it’s an adventure that proves to be more and more dangerous as it continues.

The Top 3 America’s Got Talent Acts Most Likely To Win

Season 13 of America’s Got Talent has been a wild ride from start to finish. Viewers have seen everything from the ridiculous (like Caterpillar Man and the Human Fountains, who made it surprisingly far in the competition) to the absolutely mind-blowing. The show finally narrowed the crop of talent down to 10 finalists, and the latest episode allowed them all to turn in one last performance to win viewers over and score enough votes to take home the $1 million prize and perform in a Las Vegas show. Although it’s still very much anybody’s game, here are the top 3 acts (plus one wild card) most likely to win Season 13!

3. Duo Transcend

Who They Are: The married trapeze pair Duo Transcend has been defying belief, expectation, and gravity from their very first appearance on America’s Got Talent, when they revealed that Tyce Nielsen suffers from an eye condition serious enough that doctors advised him and wife Mary not to continue their dangerous acts. Their acts have escalated in danger over the weeks of AGT, and Tyce actually dropped Mary during the Judge Cuts round. She was uninjured, and they continued to advance. Their final act was their most dramatic yet, with Tyce blindfolded the entire time, Mary going for some truly daring drops, and concluding with Mary holding Tyce up rather than the other way around.

Why They Might Win: Duo Transcend is comprised of two people who were born to perform, and their status as a married couple with a baby and one of them suffering from an eye condition means that theirs is a fantastic human interest story. You want Duo Transcend to succeed as you watch, and not just because they’re risking their lives. Their act is also practically meant for a Vegas stage.

Why They Might Not: Death-defying acts aren’t everybody’s favorite, and the competition in Season 13 is so fierce that the judges declared more than once that this finale was the best they’d ever seen. Duo Transcend is eye-catching and breathtaking, but they might not stand out enough to beat two other acts in particular.