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League Of Legends Is Getting Its Own Marvel Comics

Cross-branded marketing material is a surefire way of making it known that your brand has reached a new level in its popularity and is ready to bring in an all new audience. This is where Riot Games is with League of Legends, with the series now moving into the realm of comic books.

In a press release, Marvel announced that there will be a comic book line from Marvel Comics based on League of Legends. The series will make its initial debut in May of 2019 as a full-length series based on the popular MOBA game. The monthly outing will then continue to roll out throughout 2019, leading up to the availability of a digital collection that will be available in December.

The first issue will start with the character Ashe, who is a DPS archer within the MOBA. She’s known as a Frost Archer, and will be spotlighted with a backstory on how she has to deal with being the leader of the people of Runeterra while also attempting to live up to the lofty expectations set upon her. It’s the typical coming of age story, just with magic, frosty arrows, and a lot of otherworldly action.

It wasn’t said exactly what will follow up on Ashe’s story, but it sounds like it might be an anthology series that follows the different characters from Riot Games’ MOBA as they each deal with their own personal grievances, plights, and vices spanning the very large scale world.

Riot recently made waves in the pop-media space when the company’s virtual band had a viral hit single based on the game, as reported by The Verge.

The addition of the comic book would further help cement the pollination of the brand outside of the realm of gaming, where it’s become rather saturated since releasing back in 2009.

The eSports scene has also blossomed for League of Legends over the years, with the game garnering massive numbers on streaming services like or YouTube, and the payouts being rather massive.

However, the brand hasn’t made its way to the top without some form of being sullied under controversy. During the past year Riot Games has found itself in the hot seat of media discussion after allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment began to surface regarding the corporate culture at Riot Games.

The company vowed to change its ways after apologizing to the community, and the studio has now been on the path to redemption. At this year’s PAX West Riot attempted to host some workshops to help bring in more game developers and gamers who were interested in game development. The studio also started a new division to help with cultivating a corporate ecosystem built around diversity and inclusion, but that didn’t stop some employees from suing the company. Whether or not we’ll see any of the culture-change taking effect in the actual League of Legends comics remains to be seen, but Riot is trying.

It’s also interesting because DC is also tapping video games for comic books, recently announcing that Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight would be getting the comic book treatment. So DC and Marvel are still butting heads even when it comes to adapting video game properties into the realm of comic books and graphic novels.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season Is Officially Back From The Dead

After Telltale encountered a tumultuous start to the fall season with the studio going through the unceremonious process of shutting down and having many of its games removed from digital distribution storefronts, there’s some good news finally: The Walking Dead games are back from the dead.

IGN is reporting that following the closure of the studio where we saw various Telltale games being removed from the storefronts, some of the games are now returning, specifically Telltale’s Walking Dead series. This is thanks to Skybound Entertainment stepping in to pick up some of the slack that was left after Telltale was left to hang dry following a deal that fell through with Smilegate, the makers of multiplayer online games like TalesRunner and Crossfire, and AMC.

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment recruited some of the staff from Telltale in order to finish off the development for The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which was cut short abruptly due to the closure of the studio, which saw only a small skeletal crew left on board to handle basic operational duties.

Skybound issued a statement about the status of Episode 3 and Episode 4, which will pick up where Episode 2 for the Final Season left off, making it known that gamers who already purchased the season pass will not need to buy the season pass for a second time…

So this is definitely good news for people who purchased the season pass and probably felt like they had been given the short end of the stick when Telltale closed up shop just as the second episode was released.

Surprisingly, gamers weren’t quite as vociferous about the season pass conundrum as one might have expected. Many people understood the plight of the developers and were moreso frustrated that the story wasn’t going to be completed. That is, until Skybound stepped in and saved the day.

During the transition of Telltale’s work being rescued by Skybound, some of the company’s games were removed from digital distribution storefronts, which is typically what happens as rights and properties are transferred over from one company to the next. We saw it happen when Disney purchased Marvel, and various games, such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Deadpool, were pulled from the storefronts during the transitions of rights between publishers.

There’s still no release date on when the third and fourth episodes will release for The Walking Dead: The Final Season, but the team is working on and wrapping up the third episode now, so Skybound will make an announcement once the team gets everything wrapped up nice and neat.

Batman’s Arkham Knight Is Making The Jump To Comics

There’s no doubting that Rocksteady Studios managed to make super hero comic-book games a lucrative business outside of what we usually expect from superhero tie-in games. The Batman: Arkham series is regarded as producing some of the best games ever made, and now DC is looking to rub some of that quality sheen from Rocksteady’s games onto its comic books.

Polygon is reporting that DC Comics will be introducing a comic book line based around the character of the Arkham Knight, which is the namesake of Rocksteady’s last Batman outing. The title refers to the character of the Arkham Knight, which is a retelling of the story of Jason Todd, a former Robin who studied under Batman, but met a very unfortunate end at the hands of the Joker.

In Rocksteady’s universe, Todd was tortured and mentally broken, becoming a vengeful mercenary working with the Scarecrow to put Gotham under martial law. The game centered around Batman attempting to take down the Arkham Knight’s mercenaries and eventually stop the Arkham Knight. The trouble Batman had with him is that Todd still retained his training and skills, but became even more dangerous thanks to the addition of adding some deadly firearms to his arsenal.

The story for Arkham Knight wasn’t bad within the game, but most gamers figured it out a year before the game came out when hardcore comic book fans began peppering Rocksteady with questions that they couldn’t answer. The studio tried to play it off that Arkham Knight was a completely new character (and in some ways that is true) but it was still based on the Jason Todd mythos.

According to Polygon, DC will be giving the Arkham Knight his own story as part of the celebration of Detective Comics #1000. What we don’t know is if the Arkham Knight will still follow the Jason Todd story or if it will be re-envisioned as something else.

There’s speculation on whether or not he will follow the Red Hood story, which saw Todd being revived through the Lazarus Pit in hopes of getting revenge against both Batman and The Joker.

The article notes that the new comic book line featuring the Arkham Knight will be written by Peter J. Tomasi. If you’ve been reading DC Comics for a while, you’ll probably recognize Tomasi from popular brands such as Batman, Aquaman, and Green Lantern labels to name but a few. He’s also written a number of Justice League comic books, too. So he definitely knows his way around DC’s established marquee names, and will likely do the Arkham Knight justice in his portrayal.

DC has so far been beating Marvel quite a bit in the comic book and animated film categories, but Marvel has of course been cleaning up when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and producing a number of high-profile, well-received, critically-acclaimed movies. But DC also gets to boast that the Batman: Arkham games really helped elevate superhero games to the next level… and I guess Marvel gets to boast that Marvel’s Spider-Man raised the bar to the next level. Even still, the effects of the Arkham Knight game will spill over into the world of comics where DC will likely hope to retain its lead over Marvel Comics in sales.

The upcoming Detective Comics #1000 celebration isn’t expected to become available until March, 2019.

New Arrow-verse Crossover Pics Show Off Elseworlds’ Lois Lane, New Villain And More

Information about the Arrow-verse’s upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover has been flying out the gate as of late, and even more teases on what’s to come have arrived in the form of official photos. These new images treat fans to stills from the crossover and include good looks at Lois Lane, The Monitor, and so many other amazing things that will make the remaining wait for the event that much more agonizing for die-hard fans.

Here we see a bunch of faces an Arrow-verse audience should be familiar with, as well as one that will make its debut in “Elseworlds”. As some may already know from the first look we shared, that’s Superman’s better half, a.k.a. Elizabeth Tulloch‘s Lois Lane. It appears as though Lois is part of the gang in this picture, although we’re not sure how in the know she is about everyone’s superpowers beyond possibly Clark and maybe Kara.

One would imagine if Lois and Clark are together, she’s probably in the know on these secrets. After all, Felicity knows who Barry is, and Iris knows who Oliver is, so it would be unfair to keep Lois in the dark on the other hero’s identities. It also wouldn’t be that hard, presumably, considering all it takes to fool most people in Clark’s world is a pair of glasses.

Heres another look at Supes and his cousin Kara, who are seen focused on something other than the beautiful scenery of Kent Farms behind them. That red barn looks to be straight out of Smallville, and the classic red truck is a nice touch that sells Superman’s old-school style and attitude. The two are both wearing different clothing than they were in the previous picture, which may mean “Elseworlds” will visit the farm a few times throughout the special.

We’re not sure why anyone is there to begin with, but the answer may be rooted in Kara being one of the few people aware that Oliver and Barry traded places. Apparently, Dr. John Deegan’s re-writing of reality didn’t impact Earth-38? This may mean one scene happens when Barry and Oliver first seek out Kara, who could be giving her super-cousin a hand on the family farm when they find her.

Now we have a face we’ve seen before, but we still can’t get used to his “Elseworlds” look. Someone needs to tell Oliver that just because The Flash can grow a beard, it doesn’t mean he should. Beyond that Oliver’s “Barry” looks a bit concerned and almost sad in this picture, and whoever he’s talking to appears to be at the root of it. What could the hero be hearing that would have him in such an emotional state?

It could be that Oliver’s frustrated in his speedster form, as getting used to superpowers can be a struggle. That said, Barry managed to pick up Oliver’s fighting instincts with relative ease, so perhaps Oliver will get that same gift? It may be a pretty boring affair for Oliver otherwise, although watching him fumble through super speed would be entertaining to watch.

Jeremy Davies‘ Dr. John Deegan is next, and another new character viewers will get to know better during “Elseworlds”. He’s leaning over what appears to be some sinister-looking medical equipment, which he probably uses quite often in his job at Arkham Asylum. Deegan is to blame for Barry and Oliver’s switched bodies, although this photo does little to tell us how unless it’s somehow tied to his affinity for decorating with dragons and skulls.

In all seriousness, Dr. John Deegan is one of the most interesting mysteries surrounding “Elseworlds” at the moment. How he managed to flip Barry and Oliver’s lives on their heads is amazing, especially considering everyone else is in their world is in on the switch. It has us wondering, are our heroes actually in reality, or locked away in some lab sharing a collective dream?

Here’s yet another look at Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, and that suit’s looking just as awesome as it has the past couple times we’ve seen it. Batwoman’s in the typical Batman perch pose here, which may mean she’s observing or about to spring into action and kick some ass. A “superhero landing” is also an option, although it’s a bit rude of her to dent up the hood of some Gotham City citizen’s car like that.

Jokes aside, Batwoman is a little too low to the ground to be doing surveillance or keep a low profile. More likely than not, she’s about to engage in a fight or ask some character what the hell they’re doing in Gotham City. We don’t know who she’s talking to, but we can confirm it isn’t going to be Batman.

If it wasn’t apparent that LaMonica Garrett was the most spot-on comic-book casting the Arrow-verse has done in a long time, it certainly is now thanks to this photo. Garrett is just a pair of red eyes short of looking just like the more modernized version of his comic book counterparts. Also that costume is on point, and certainly right up there with Batwoman on the best costumes the Arrow-verse crew has created to date.

For all the things we’re learning about other parts of “Elseworlds”, Monitor’s role in it all has been left in the dark. Is he actually a villain even, or is this all a test for some greater foe down the stretch? We can only wait and see.

John Diggle is left standing strong while a bunch of convicts are down on the ground. Is Diggle hanging out in Arkham Asylum? It would make sense if Oliver and Barry need Dr. John Deegan to reverse their lives back to normal, or if the team ends up getting locked up and needs to be rescue. Diggle looks like he has things handled, although he might want to focus on that guy over his shoulder to avoid a knockout blow.

While he was out of the loop in Barry’s “Elseworlds” promo, we’re guessing John will be brought into the know that things shouldn’t be as he believes him to be. Personally, we’re hoping someone forgets him in Star City, and Stephen Amell’s Barry has to use his super speed to rescue him. It’s a cruel thing to wish considering Diggle always throws up after, but we’d love to see Oliver’s reaction to doing it as opposed to Barry.

The CW‘s “Elseworlds” crossover officially kicks off Sunday, December 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET with a special episode of The Flash. For a look at what else is coming to television around that time and beyond, visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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NCIS’ Mark Harmon Is Bringing John Sanford’s Prey Books To CBS

Mark Harmon has been the heart and soul of CBS’ NCIS for sixteen seasons, and while that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, the actor is getting involved in another project that may appear on the network. Harmon is involved in the development of a crime drama project that is based on novels from acclaimed author John Sandford. If the development goes as planned, the world will eventually see a television adaptation of the popular Prey novels.

The Prey project, if given a series order, would bring yet another crime drama to the CBS network. THR reported the plot would follow Minneapolis homicide detective Lucas Davenport, and his nun best friend and psychologist profiler, Elle Kruger. The friends are bonded by a “shared tragedy” and now track down Minnesota’s dangerous criminals. John Sandford’s book series has experienced great success over the years, with the past ten books all topping the New York Times Bestseller List.

NCIS fans needn’t worry about Mark Harmon disappearing from his beloved series for now, as the actor is currently only involved in Prey as an executive producer. The potential program will be created by former Shadowhunters showrunner Ed Decter and hails from CBS TV Studios. Howard Braunstein and Michael Jaffe are also listed as executive producers in the development and had previously worked with Decter on his 2012 Lifetime show The Client List.

The Prey project will have a lot of potential material to pull from, as John Sandford’s book series has 29 novels to date. As mentioned, the last 10 have topped out as bestsellers, so there’s potential for this venture to turn into a big television success. Of course, success in print does not always translate to success on the screen, but one could argue the chances of a project’s success may be better when the source material is commercially successful.

This is not Mark Harmon’s first foray into executive producing, as the actor is currently holding that role on NCIS. Harmon is also an executive producer on NCIS: New Orleans, so his involvement in the Prey project doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Hell, with the success he’s had with NCIS on CBS, it’s a wonder he isn’t trying to get his name on any and all crime dramas that have a chance of appearing there!

CinemaBlend will keep an eye on the progress of this Prey adaptation, and report on its development should it show signs of a future at CBS. For a look at some shows that are guaranteed to be coming to television in the near future and months ahead, be sure to visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

What Legends Of Tomorrow’s Big Nora Twist Means For Season 4

Spoilers ahead for Episode 5 of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, called “Tagumo Attacks!!!”

Legends of Tomorrow delivered a Darhk twist at the end of Season 3 when Damien Darhk died but Nora Darhk escaped the Time Bureau thanks to the gift of the time stone from Ray. In theory, Nora was to stay out of the limelight in Season 4 lest she be apprehended by the Time Bureau and locked up for her crimes when she was under her father’s (and Mallus‘) influence. Ray brought her back into the action in “Tagumo Attacks!!!” when Constantine needed some magical assistance.

Given that Nora had been working as a waitress at a renaissance fair to avoid using her magic and therefore risk falling into darkness like her father, she was reluctant to engage in a kind of magic that usually requires the draining of a life force. Ray found a technological substitute for life force, but it was still dangerous for Nora. Ultimately, she decided to use her magic to save Constantine, then used the time stone to travel to the Time Bureau, where she was immediately arrested.

Ray was shocked at her decision, but Nora was determined to pay for her crimes and perhaps start to redeem herself. The decision could be quite impactful for the rest of the season. Brandon Routh, who plays Ray Palmer, had this to say about the lasting effects of Nora’s twist decision:

She is recruited to help Constantine, to help revive Constantine, and that’s very challenging for her because she’s been keeping away from magic, as that has been a challenging thing for her to control, her ability to control magic and to not be taken over by it. So I’m asking a lot of her to help John in this way. Ultimately she does and comes through it and learns that she’s stronger than she thought, which is what Ray has been kind of hoping and feeling, but seeing it also is great for Ray. It brings them closer and will help her character in the future with the Legends. The fact that she has done this for one of the members of the Legends.

Nora may have made her decision for altruistic reasons, but that doesn’t mean she won’t benefit from it in the long run. Her decision to risk her own recovery by helping Constantine when he certainly would have died means that the Legends will have reason to give her the benefit of the doubt and eventually trust her. Admittedly, Constantine is still a reluctant member of the team who isn’t falling all over himself to make it official. Still, Nora can likely count the Waverider crew as her allies moving forward.

Ray’s faith in Nora almost certainly played a role in her feeling the strength to save Constantine without falling into darkness, and it’s difficult to imagine her turning herself into the Time Bureau if not for how he helped her. Unfortunately for Ray, who has clearly (and endearingly) been smitten with Nora, turning herself into the Time Bureau means no more spur-of-the-moment adventures with the Legends.

Brandon Routh went on during CinemaBlend and other outlets’ visit to the Legends of Tomorrow set to say this about the future of Ray and Nora:

She gives herself over willingly, knowing that she’s going to pay for her crimes and hopefully continue to rehabilitate herself, which is a strong power move of taking responsibility and making amends for what she’s done. Ray is very proud of her and also sad because he didn’t want her to do that. He’s breaking the rules. As he’s a rule follower, he would have rather had her free and away so he could spend time with her and she could be okay, but there is some interaction, some fun interaction that happens in the next couple episodes with her being in Time Bureau prison. Ray finds an interesting way to get to her, to see her, visit her. It does involve shrinking, yes.

The course of true love never did run smooth, but that course can be altered when it comes to the Legends! Ray won’t let a little thing like Nora’s incarceration by the Time Bureau put a stop on their funny little relationship, no matter how it develops. Brandon Routh didn’t drop any details about Ray’s visits to Nora, but we can apparently expect shrinking to play a part. Fortunately, Courtney Ford, who plays Nora and just to happens to be married to Brandon Routh, shared a bit more information.

According to Courtney Ford, Nora and Ray will start writing each other letters. It sounds like their relationship should be a bright spot for both characters, which can only be a good thing for Nora now that she’s no longer free. Ford elaborated on what it means for Nora to have made her decision to turn herself in:

I think it’s really frightening for her, and it is something she struggles with because her magic is tied to her father and even though she had such incredible love for her father, that relationship was also dysfunctional and she received a lot of pain from it as well, and the world received a lot of pain from Damien Darhk, so right now, Nora’s trying to figure out who she is without her father’s influence, and without Mallus’ influence… I mean, it’s absolutely frightening, so she feels like, ‘Okay, I want to see how I can be in the world, going straight, so to speak. Not using magic at all, trying to be a regular person, and it’s frightening and it’s confusing and she doesn’t know who she is, and I think maybe all of us have felt that way at some point in our lives. What defines you? Who are you when you don’t have something that is grounding you? It can feel very unsettling to not know your place in the world.

Using her magic to save somebody who hadn’t been able to save her was a bold and brave move by Nora, and it bodes well for her continued development throughout the season. It’s also a good sign that Nora seems away of how unhealthy her relationship with her father had been. As long as she can distinguish between good and bad dynamics, there are reasons to hope that her recovery will be ongoing.

The question remains is whether she really can continue the recovery process. A lot may depend on the goings-on at the Time Bureau.”Tagumo Attacks!!!” revealed a dark side to the Time Bureau, and we can only cross our fingers that the darkness there doesn’t infect Nora. Courtney Ford shared her thoughts on Nora’s process:

She finally does decide to use her magic, but in her mind she doesn’t know. If I give myself over, am I gone now? If I use any magic at all, is it just what Constantine warns her about? Is it just down that road, or can you still be good? Can you still kind of be a complicated ally and use some magic? How much is okay? How much can she tolerate? It’s also kind of addictive, that kind of power.

Tune in to The CW on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET to find out what’s in store next for Nora, Ray, and the rest of the Legends on Legends of Tomorrow. The Legends won’t be part of this year’s big multi-show crossover, but they’ll have an event of their own to keep the action going. For more viewing options in the not-too-distant future, check out our midseason TV premiere guide.

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Legends Of Tomorrow Just Revealed A Dark Side To The Time Bureau

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow episode “Tagumo Attacks!!!” Read at your own risk.

The Legends of Tomorrow team had their hands full with the sea beast Tagumo in “Tagumo Attacks!!!” but the real shocker of the episode was not the team overcoming the beast. Instead, a twist came out of the side adventure at the Time Bureau and teased the organization may have dark intentions for the creatures in its care.

The Time Bureau adventure started with a surprising invitation by Hank, who invited Ava Sharpe to attend the Heywood family Thanksgiving. Nate tried to prepare Ava as best as he could, but nothing could prepare her for the heavy drinking, starvation, and petty arguing of the Heywood event.

Meanwhile, Legends of Tomorrow showed Gary back at the Time Bureau during the holiday to ensure nothing went wrong. Because Gary is Gary, the exact opposite happened and some of the mythical beasts managed to escape their room. Unable to handle the situation on his own, Gary called Nate and Ava for help.

Nate left his family’s Thanksgiving and left Ava to cover for him so Hank and the rest of the Heywoods wouldn’t suspect he was missing. Ava tried her best, but eventually had to drop the act that everything was fine, and she and Hank head to the Time Bureau to help Nate and Gary. Thankfully, the situation is under control, but only because Nate figured out they were all hungry and Mona had food.

It all seemed to be the end of a fun little adventure until Hank flipped the script with an ominous statement.

Project Hades? That’s something Legends of Tomorrow hasn’t mentioned before, and it certainly doesn’t sound all that nice. It seems as though Hank has a specific plan in mind for these captured creatures, although we’re unsure exactly what that may be. We also don’t know who he’s talking to, as well as their interest is in creatures contained in the Time Bureau.

We don’t even know if Ava is aware of Hank’s plan, although Jes Macallan’s comments about their relationship may show she could look the other way for the sake of her job. Basically, Ava might not be too worried about the big picture in Hank’s plans for the creatures, instead choosing to focus on the task of ensuring the Time Bureau’s future through funding.

Whether or not Ava is aware of Hank’s intentions or Project Hades is unclear, but it sounds like she may be inclined to go along with it provided it ensures the Time Bureau’s future. The question is whether or not she’ll continue to fall in line as Project Hades progresses, or she’ll alert Sara and the others if Hank’s project deems to be something as sinister as it sounds.

Arrow Set The Stage For An Epic Confrontation With Ricardo Diaz

Warning: major spoilers ahead for the sixth episode of Arrow Season 7, called “Due Process.”

In a departure from tradition, Arrow kept the big bad from a previous season around to menace the good guys of Star City in the new season. Ricardo Diaz was still at large when Season 7 kicked off. With the help of the Longbow Hunters, Diaz expanded his reign of terror in Star City despite his reduced circumstances following the Season 6 finale. Now, the events of “Due Process” have set the stage for an epic and long-awaited confrontation between Oliver and Diaz. Here’s how it happened.

Felicity’s tracker on Silencer seemed poised to pay off, but she learned that she underestimated her enemy when she, Rene, and Black Siren unexpectedly met the forces of ARGUS and the SCPD on the scene, which had been rigged to explode with Anatoly on hand. Everybody escaped with their lives, but it was a very close call.

The good news is that Felicity managed to rope Anatoly into helping, although not without threatening to put him on a no-fly list that would definitely keep him from a happily-ever-after in the Maldives after Diaz had his Bratva brothers slaughtered. Her ruthless streak continued when she almost let Anatoly get killed for the sake of data retrieval.

Everything came to a head when the good guys were faced with the need to disarm a bunch of bombs at the exact same time or else let a whole lot of innocent people die. Diaz was on hand and poised to win the day… until an arrow messed things up for him. Yes, the new Green Arrow (who looked decidedly feminine this week, if you ask me) turned up to apprehend Diaz.

Huzzah! Diaz has been arrested! There were a few moments of doubt that he would survive long enough to be sent from holding to prison, as Felicity stopped the security camera and strode in with a gun, intending to kill him.

Diaz taunted her when she didn’t pull the trigger right away, but she might have done it all the same if Black Siren in her District Attorney role hadn’t arrived to stop her, telling her that they needed Diaz alive to get Oliver out of prison. Black Siren had worked out a deal with the feds to hand Diaz over in exchange for Oliver.

Yes, Ricardo Diaz is headed to federal prison, and the promo for the next episode proves that we’re not in for a peaceful and violence-free hour of television. Now that Diaz has been arrested, there’s really only one place Arrow could send him: Slabside. Of course, his capture coincides with news that Oliver is going to be sprung from the clink. If Arrow took place in a perfect world — or even over on The Flash or Supergirl — then Oliver would leave Slabside behind right before Diaz crosses the threshold, never needing to meet him ever again and instead heading off into the sunset to retrieve William with Felicity at his side.

Alas for Oliver, that’s not the kind of thing that happens on Arrow. His time in Slabside is likely to overlap with Diaz’s, if only for a little bit. The men have a lot to work out with each other, and I foresee that working out happening via flying fists, blunt objects, and anything in the prison that can be sharpened into a shiv. Oliver’s final hours in Slabside could be very bloody.

While that’s terrible news for Oliver, it’s kind of awesome for viewers who love the kind of action Arrow has become known for. Would Arrow really place the hero and his current nemesis in an inescapable stronghold at the same time without pitting them against each other? Daredevil already proved that superhero series can produce epic fights set in prison, and that battle was between Matt and a bunch of side characters. Oliver battling his primary villain with sky-high stakes? Sign me up!

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if Arrow embraces the Daredevil-esque prison madness and puts its hero through the wringer to take down bad guys ahead of a final battle with Diaz. It’s entirely possible that they don’t get the chance for another throwdown. Diaz will undoubtedly be pulling plenty of strings, and most of the folks on the inside have no reason to love Oliver. Only time will tell how the show will handle the situation. An unleashed Oliver would be a sight to behold; is he really that character anymore?

Only time will tell. Check out The CW on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes of Arrow, and be sure to join us in counting down the days until the big “Elseworlds” crossover hits the airwaves and puts a seriously wild twist on the Arrow-verse. Be sure to swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule.

How Arrow Just Revealed A New Villain

Spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Arrow Season 7, called “Due Process.” You have been warned.

Arrow has been a grim affair in Season 7 thanks to hero Oliver Queen being stuck behind bars with a bunch of criminals that he helped lock away. His stint in Level 2 where he was drugged and beaten didn’t help matters, and his temporary alliance with Talia al Ghul didn’t end with his freedom. In “Due Process,” Oliver made a startling discovery about Stanley. As it turns out, Oliver’s prison pal isn’t the helpless and altogether innocent man he claimed to be.

Well, it was a startling discovery for Oliver, anyway. From very early on, Stanley struck me as somebody who was concealing a much darker side than he presented to Oliver. He was quick to jump to conclusions that could result in serious harm to others, and it was really only his diminutive stature and unassuming look that gave the air of innocence. As Oliver realized in “Due Process,” Stanley has as much of a murderous side as many others at Slabside.

Stanley proclaimed to Oliver that the only reason he was in Slabside was because he was wrongfully convicted of murder; although we can’t say for sure at this point that Stanley was lying on that count, his most recent actions give reason to suspect that there was truth to his conviction.

His actions in “Due Process” indicate that he is a manipulative and strategic man who is not afraid to cross lines to get what he wants, and those aren’t tendencies that can be born overnight, even in as extreme an environment as Slabside. Of course, his actions also prove that he’s not exactly a genius, as arrogance and confidence in Oliver’s friendship got the better of him and he accidentally showed his true colors.

Newly back on Level 1, Oliver discovered courtesy of Stanley that the unfriendly Officer Dunbar has directed his ire at Brick and his crew. The plot thickened when news began to circulate that Officer Dunbar had been killed. To Oliver’s shock and alarm, the guards hauled Stanley away, claiming that he was the one to kill Dunbar. Oliver found a time to visit Stanley in solitary, where a bloody and beaten Stanley said that the guards had taken turns beating him.

As Oliver was far more inclined to believe the friend who had been beaten to a pulp over the guards who let a lot of ugliness slide, he went off to investigate what had happened. Based off of a tip from Stanley, Oliver went into Green Arrow mode and searched the showers for a clue. He discovered what seemed to be the murder weapon: a knife, and that pointed Oliver towards Bronze Tiger.

Unsurprisingly, Bronze Tiger denied murdering Dunbar when the guards came to haul him away. Despite his very convincing denials, Oliver was still inclined to believe that the formidable fighter with a history of murder had killed Dunbar than good old Stanley. The twist came when Oliver and Stanley were chatting toward the end of the episode. Stanley mentioned that he was exonerated after the guards got their hands on Bronze Tiger’s knife, and that set off an alar in Oliver.

Oliver hadn’t mentioned Bronze Tiger’s knife to Stanley, so Stanley shouldn’t have known to mention it. Stanley brushed Oliver’s objection that he shouldn’t have known the specifics of the knife by stating that he must have heard the details somewhere other than Oliver, but Oliver was clearly unconvinced. It’s safe to say at this point that Stanley is a murderer and villain.

So there we have it! Stanley is a bad guy. Now, his villainous reveal in “Due Process” doesn’t mean that we should expect him to become a new nemesis for Oliver, and not just because Oliver could easily take down Stanley if such a need arose. Oliver is bound to get out of prison eventually, and the fact that he hung on to his Green Arrow side even in prison is a sign that he’s probably not going to spring a murderer from jail.

If Stanley belongs in Slabside, Oliver will likely leave him there, and I don’t see Stanley operating a criminal empire from behind bars. Ricardo Diaz, maybe. Not Stanley. We’ll have to wait and see. Given that the big “Elseworlds” crossover that promises to feature Oliver quite prominently is only weeks away at this point, we can probably expect Oliver out of prison in the not-too-distant future.

Considering Oliver’s refusal to escape with Talia last week because he would be a fugitive for the rest of his life, the odds are that when Oliver walks out of Slabside, it will be because he was legally freed. We’ll have to wait and see. The one thing we can be absolutely sure of at this point is that Felicity (and probably Olicity fans) will be very happy once he’s out of the clink and headed home.

New episodes of Arrow air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, ahead of new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. The “Elseworlds” crossover will be a three-night event, kicking off on Sunday, December 9 at 8 p.m. ET with an episode of The Flash. For more viewing options in the not-too-distant future, swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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