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Kathy Bates And 14 Other Actors Who Have Been In Multiple Stephen King Movies And TV Projects

Other actors with four Stephen King credits: Anthony Ulc, Peter MacNeill

Other actors with three Stephen King credits: Ari Cohen, Bill Croft, Brian Libby, Campbell Lane, Chosen Jacobs, Conor Price, David Hughes, David Morse, Deborah Allen, Eric Woolfe, Frances Sternagen, Frank C. Turner, Janet Porter, Jason Davis, Joan Gregson, Joel Freckelston, Kandyse McClure, Laura Warner, Lee J. Campbell, Leslie Carlson, Michael Daingerfield, Michael O’Neill, Miguel Ferrer, Molly Atkinson, Nicholas Hamilton, Paul Butler, Stephen Bogaert, Terence Kelly, Tom Skerritt, William B. Davis

No Time To Die’s Daniel Craig Already Knows How He’ll Feel When His James Bond Successor Is Named

No Time To Die finally releases on October 8 and will mark Daniel Crag’s final outing as James Bond. From what we’ve seen so far, it should be quite the send-off for the man who has carried the franchise for the last fifteen years. It’s sure to be a bittersweet experience for fans and for Craig himself, as a video even recently showed his last day of filming No Time To Die, during which he gave an emotional speech to the crew. With this, the actor already knows how he’ll feel when his successor is named.

Billie Eilish Reacts To Losing Thousands Of Followers For Being More ‘Provocative’ On Social Media

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Billie Eilish has had a massively transformative year. She released a new album, Happier Than Ever, and has recently started playing massive shows for the first time since her 2020 tour was cut short due to the pandemic. Ahead of releasing her album over summer, the Grammy-winning singer decided to change a few things about her image, and the reaction was viral. Now, she shared some thoughts on losing followers for her more “provocative.”

The Best Tim Curry Movies And How To Watch Them

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

In this classic musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show pays tribute to the science fiction and B movies of the 1930s, telling the story of a newly engaged couple who are seeking shelter from a storm, and come to the home of a cross-dressing mad scientist, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and his new creation.

I feel like if you’ve heard of Tim Curry, this is the first film you ever saw him in – and it was for me too. And there’s a huge reason why Curry ended up blowing up after his appearance. He perfectly captures the wackiness of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, while also providing a very comical movie full of tunes and dance breaks that will make anyone get on their feet, no matter the age.

The movie might be a bit out of date nowadays, but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a fun time.

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Leonardo DiCaprio And Jennifer Lawrence Warn Meryl Streep Of The Apocalypse In Hilarious Don’t Look Up Clip

But in a funny twist, Meryl Streep’s president doesn’t really care about what they have to say. When Dr. Mindy and Kate spell it out, her and Jonah Hill’s Jason Orlean get caught up in the percentage of possibility it may happen. Even though their findings place the event at almost 100% accuracy, the president and her staff decide to say there is a 70% chance, before saying they’ll be getting their own scientists on the subject. Until then, the president asks for everyone to “sit tight and access.”

Cruella Director On Sequel Hopes And Emma Thompson’s Possible Return

SPOILERS are ahead for Cruella, which is streaming on Disney+.

Earlier this year, Disney fans were reintroduced to Cruella de Vil, and it was absolutely fabulous. Emma Stone starred as the villain before the events of 101 Dalmatians, at a time when she was the hero of her own story. And as it turned out, Cruella’s own villain was the Baroness, who was dryly and exquisitely played by Emma Thompson. With a sequel now on the way, we do wonder if the Baroness will return or not.

Watch Dwayne Johnson And Ryan Reynolds Get Hilariously Outsmarted By Gal Gadot In New Clip For Netflix’s Red Notice

If you’ve seen the trailer for Red Notice, then you know the basic premise: FBI Agent John Hartley (Johnson) is on a quest to apprehend an internationally renowned thief Sarah Black (Gadot) with the help of her rival, Nolan Booth (Reynolds). Hartley is especially focused on besting Black, who seems to delight in the cat-and-mouse game they engage in, much to the frustration of Booth, who just seems to want to commit some crimes.

Extraction 2 Trailer Answers Big Question About Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake

In early 2020, when we were strapped for big action movies and in lockdown, Extraction was the movie of the moment. The Russo Brothers film starring Chris Hemsworth introduced audiences to Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary with a mission to remove a boy from being held hostage by a Bangladesh drug lord. By the end of Extraction however, the movie memorably left us wondering, did Hemsworth’s character die? We finally have an answer.

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton Shares Update About His Health After Collapsing During Golf Match

His key message was for people not to worry about him, because he’s “feeling better by the day.” He also showed some love for the Ryder Cup, which is the golf competition he was involved in when he reportedly seized and fell to the ground on Thursday. When the incident happened, Felton was pictured being helped up and carried to a cart, where he was driven away on a stretcher while conscious. Two days later, it’s great news to see Felton well and singing again!