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I Don’t Know When The Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Is Coming, But James Mangold Absolutely Knows When It’s Not

Even though it’ll probably be a while before we get a look at Indiana Jones’ final cinematic outing, it should be well worth the wait. James Mangold is a skilled director, and he’s assembled a strong cast (Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Antonio Banderas, to name a few) that should shine alongside Harrison Ford. And while you’re waiting, try not to put too much into predicting when the trailer might actually drop. As Dr. Jones once said, “We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and X never, ever marks the spot.”

Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled to open in theaters on July 29, 2022.

How Much Emily Blunt And Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise Could Make Opening Weekend

Set in 1917, Jungle Cruise sees Dwayne Johnson’s Frank Wolff, a riverboat captain, being hired by Emily Blunt’s Dr. Lily Houghton to transport her and her younger brother MacGregor, played by Jack Whitehall, on a jungle expedition to find the Tree of Life. Along the way, they’ll encounter not only dangerous animals and various natural obstacles, but also have to contend with a rival expedition led by Jesse Plemons’ Prince Joachim and guided by Édgar Ramírez’s Aguirre. Jaume Collet-Serra directed the feature off a script written by Michael Green, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, and the filmmaker recently been re-teaming with Johnson on Black Adam.

The Haunted Mansion Reboot Has Found Its First Stars, And They’re A+ Choices

The tone of the upcoming Haunted Mansion is still a little foggy after this recent casting news. Tiffany Haddish is known as a comedian, so there’s definitely sure to be some laughs in the Disney movie. Plus, Katie Dippold wrote the script following other funny works including The Heat, 2016’s Ghostbusters and Snatched. With LaKeith Stanfield on board, who also starred in Get Out, Uncut Gems, Sorry to Bother You and the FX series Atlanta, there’s also a sense that the project might have something more to say aside from foolish mortals running from ghosts.

The Green Knight’s Joel Edgerton Says YouTube Clips Of Drunk Actors Inspired His Performance

I had the chance to interview Edgerton and Dev Patel earlier this month during the virtual press day for The Green Knight (as featured in the video atop this article), and my question for the actors at the outset was about the character-centric conversations that they had with David Lowery prior to production. Edgerton, who plays the nameless The Lord in the film, surprised me with his response, and his revelation of where he got inspiration for his performance. Said the actor,

Lizzo Can’t Stop Making Jokes About Her Chris Evans DMs After Her Fans Ask For An Update

Remember when Lizzo slid into the DMs of Marvel’s own Captain America, Chris Evans? Well, if you’re just tuning into the saga, the “Juice” singer took to TikTok in April to hilariously share that she had drunkenly messaged the actor on Instagram the night before as a PSA not to “drink and DM.” It all went viral when she revealed that Evans had responded to her message, saying he was a fan of her music. Three months later, fans are still into the pairing, and Lizzo is playing along.

The Best Tom Hiddleston Movie Performances, Ranked

6. High-Rise (Robert Laing)

High-Rise is one of those films that feels very surreal, and it being set in the ’70s makes the whole trippy, stylistic nature feel right. In basic terms, it’s a film about a group of people living in a new luxury high-rise. Some are from lower classes and others more wealthy. Tom Hiddleston’s character, Robert Laing, is in the middle of the high-rise and of medium wealth.

Hiddleston is the star of this film, and he must be the narrator and a character who hasn’t quite lost it yet, like the others, but easily able to go either way. Hiddleston keeps Laing as the moral compass for most of the film. However, he’s a very shaky compass, as his ambition and desires could easily push him over the edge.

Ryan Reynolds Has Perfect Response After New Feud Moment With Hugh Jackman Involved Free Guy’s Director

OK, so Ryan Reynolds didn’t actually get to join Hugh Jackman and Shawn Levy’s get-together, but photoshopping his Free Guy character, Guy, into the photo is the next best thing. Plus, with the tags Reynolds added, the post also serves as a nice way to promote his long-awaited film. So I’d give Reynolds’ counter to Jackman a thumbs up.

Netflix Exec Is Eager To Score Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie Following Warner Bros Fallout

Christopher Nolan’s last movie was the time-bending Tenet, which starred John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh, among others. Tenet was the first Hollywood tentpole picture to get a full theatrical release following the pandemic throwing the entertainment industry into disarray, and along with collecting over $363 million at the worldwide box office, it won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and was nominated in the Best Production Design category. The movie is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

Emily Blunt And Dwayne Johnson Are Ready To Star In The Live-Action Toy Story Movie, But Who Plays Woody?

I’ll be honest, when I first thought of this question I sort of thought it would go the other way. Dwayne Johnson is built like Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit before he even puts on the spacesuit, and he can certainly pull off the super serious way that Buzz can be, especially early in the first movie. However, it seems that Emily Blunt has decided that Buzz is the cooler of the two characters, and therefore, she’s calling dibs on that one.

The Best Luxury Beauty Deals to Score During Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

To say it’s been a tough 18 months would be an understatement, but here’s one bright spot for you: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 is finally here. Besides Black Friday, the department store’s annual blowout is one of the biggest sales we look forward to every year, and we’re delighted to report that this year’s deals are as stellar as ever. While you can grab your favorite leggings and Meghan Markle–approved staples, the real treat-yourself moments are located in the beauty department. 

From a mammoth-sized La Mer to the microcurrent device that everyone’s obsessed with (spoiler alert: It’s NuFace), the beauty section is jam-packed with truly luxe products at as close to affordable as they’ll ever get. In fact, there are so many exceptional deals here that trolling the sale page could practically be a full-time job. That’s where we come in. 

We pulled together all the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 beauty deals on prestige products you won’t want to miss. Start checking out now, as the sale only runs until August 8—and products move fast. Scroll on for the best luxury scores, and don’t forget to check out some of our other favorite affordable Nordstrom beauty deals. This sale has really got it all.

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