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Selena Gomez Looked Like a Sexy Disco Ball in a Cut-Out Dress With an Up-to-There Slit

Gomez’s silver look coordinated quite well with her costars’ red carpet looks for the event, actually. Martin Short and Steve Martin both wore simple gray suits (Martin opted for tie-less), whose dad-like blandness nicely offset Gomez’s stylish sparkles. 

The second season of Only Murders In the Building, which premieres on Hulu on June 28, picks up right where the first season ended—with the three amateur podcaster detectives implicated in the murder of the building’s Board President, Bunny Folger, fresh off of solving their very first homicide. 


Solving murders isn’t the only thing on her plate at the moment. Selena Gomez told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet that she’s actually working on new music right now. “It’s just been a little hectic with this,” she said. “But I am in the studio. I’m excited.” Ah, no rest for the wicked, am I right?

TSA Is No Longer Scanning Boarding Passes at These Airports

Many airline passengers equate summer travel with snaking lines at airport security. But this year, TSA is adding new technology to speed along even the most congested checkpoints. One such piece of equipment, called a credential authentication technology (CAT) scanner, is programmed to automatically match traveler’s ID information to flight manifests. In short: Travelers at dozens of U.S. airports no longer need to show their boarding passes to TSA officers, eliminating one more item that fliers need to scramble for in order to get through security. 

The scanners can digitally process a traveler’s ID and match their biographical information like name and birthdate against the Secure Flight database in real time. “There is no need for a boarding pass at this point since the Secure Flight database contains the names and flight details for people ticketed to travel in the next 24 hours,” Lorie Dankers, a TSA spokesperson, said in an email. 

Instead, travelers will either hand over their ID to the TSA officer at the podium or insert it into the machine themselves, depending on the airport. Many travelers may have already noticed the new ID process, as the agency says it has so far deployed 1,621 CAT scanners to 176 airports. Among those, 90 scanners are “modified and equipped to read and verify digital identification,” says a TSA release. 

Both large international airports and smaller regional facilities alike are utilizing the new scanner equipment, including Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Boston Logan International, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports, both airports in Washington, D.C., and New York’s John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports, plus dozens of others.

The machines can read driver’s licenses, passports and passport cards, Trusted Traveler IDs like Global Entry cards, permanent resident cards, and many more. TSA has a full list of accepted IDs on its website.

The expansion of the CAT machines comes as other private companies, like Apple, are also working on new innovations for airport security. The tech juggernaut recently launched a partnership with TSA in which passengers at select airports can upload their state-issued IDs to the Apple Wallet app and swipe through the checkpoint using their iPhone or Apple Watch. So far, the program is available for TSA PreCheck passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

American Airlines also began a TSA partnership this month that allows its passengers with a frequent flier account and TSA PreCheck to use a mobile device to verify their identity at the airport. To use the program, fliers download the Airside Digital Identity App to an iOS or Android device, take a photo of their face, scan their driver’s license or passport, and enter their AAdvantage frequent flier number. The app generates a QR code that users present to the TSA officer, and then they look into a camera at the podium; TSA’s technology matches the airport photo against the app’s mobile ID information. 

American Airlines says the whole process takes approximately five seconds. Images captured by the TSA are encrypted and deleted after verification. The mobile ID program is available at all PreCheck lines at the Dallas-Forth Worth airport, with plans on expanding to Miami International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Washington Reagan National Airport, and potentially others later this year. 

“By simplifying the identity verification process and other points at the airport, we’re helping our customers exchange stress for convenience and saved time, and propelling the travel industry further along the path to a truly seamless customer experience,” Julie Rath, American’s VP of customer experience, loyalty and marketing, said in a statement. 

This summer, it seems even small changes could make a big difference given the crush of travelers showing up to airports: TSA recently saw its busiest day since the pandemic began over the Juneteenth holiday weekend, with an estimated 2.44 million people passing through security checkpoints at U.S. airports on Friday, June 17. 

This article first appeared in Condé Nast Traveler.

The Mid-Size Movement Is Taking Over Fashion TikTok

A new fashion moment is happening over on TikTok: the mid-size movement. And it’s making many of us feel seen for the first time, ever. 

The trend appears to pay zero attention to the curated, filtered perfection of Instagram, instead focusing on providing an equal playing field for everyone hoping to gain some traction in the social media space; anything and everything is discussed on the platform, including the much-needed exposure of the new body inclusivity term, “mid-size.”

Hands up if you have spent most of your life struggling to find clothes to fit you while hovering between a U.S. 6 and a U.S. 10? My hand is firmly raised.

Society, specifically the fashion industry, had drilled into my head that I just wasn’t physically desirable because I wasn’t “straight-size” (the industry term for sizing that falls between a U.S. 2 and 6). It was also hard for me to find clothes that fit me correctly; tops were too tight and highlighted the “problem areas” I was conditioned to hate, and jeans/trousers felt suffocating.

Due to the confusing lack offerings for my body, I was then forced to go up several sizes, and soon, I was walking around in clothes too baggy and ill-favored for my curves. But those were the clothes that I thought were specifically designed for me, so as a UK 14 (U.S. 10), I considered myself “plus-size.” 

And I would only exclusively shop with “plus-size” retailers, who only catered for a UK 18 (U.S. 14) and above. Friendly reminder, I was only a UK 14 (U.S. 10). 

TikTok content

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The disparity in sizing only hit me in the last few years, when I focused on my health and fitness, and after dropping a few pounds, I suddenly found myself in the ‘straight-size’ category. Shopping just seemed so much easier now. 

Clothes seemed to fit the way they were meant to. Or where they always meant to fit me? No matter what my body type. Where was the middle ground? 

I haven’t just been the only one feeling like this. The average British woman in the UK is a size 16 (U.S. 12)—and disturbingly only 20% of apparel is made for women who fall in between the UK 12-18 (U.S. 8-14)sizing range. 

TikTok content

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But thankfully, these women have rallied together and given way to the new “mid-size” movement that has taken over TikTok; thanks to its raw algorithm of giving people what they want.

Just one click on the #Midsize tag on the platform, and we are inundated with women calling out the fashion industry for setting impossible standards and opening broader conversations about body inclusivity.

You can scroll for hours of videos in which women who share the same body type as me champion their figures, give tips and tricks on how to dress where retailers have failed them, and speak about the vital balance between nutrition, exercise, and indulgence.

I’m sure just like so many other women, I am so grateful to see these body-positive warriors band together and call out the fashion and media world for the ways they have failed us. 

Megan Fox Matched Her New Blonde-Pink Hair to Her Minidress, Stilettos, and Manicure

Megan Fox is brunette no more. 

The actor debuted a new blonde look with subtle pink undertones while attending the premiere of Life in Pink alongside her fiancé, fellow pink-hair haver Machine Gun Kelly

The transition from her signature black hair to something a bit softer makes sense given the occasion, as does her LPD—that’s “little pink dress”—and her strappy pink stilettos, which she wore while shuffling down the pink carpet. 

Jackson Lee

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Life in Pink is Machine Gun Kelly’s new documentary, chronicling his life from 2018 to the present, including the more…for lack of a better word, dramatic moments of his and Fox’s relationship. At one point in the film, MGK details a phone call with Fox during which he threatened to shoot himself. (Is that a red flag? Or is it only…pink?)

For his part, Machine Gun Kelly, a.k.a. Colson Baker, also dressed on theme, wearing a knit, popcorn textured crop top which he styled with white pants and white sneakers. Both Fox and MGK wore pink painted nails in the interest of couple coordination.

We Tried Everything From SKKN by Kim: Here’s What’s Worth Buying

SKKN by Kim’s formula promises 72-hour moisture. Though I didn’t test the serum within that exact time frame, I did wear it overnight and felt my skin was just as hydrated as when I first applied it before bed. There are no added fragrances, but it does have a subtle clinical scent that didn’t bother me—which says a lot because I’m very picky when it comes to scents in skincare. There are no directions on the bottle on how to use the product, which I know would probably ruin Kim’s ~aesthetic~ but some info would be nice! If there’s anything you purchase from SKKN by Kim, make it this. —Ariana Yaptangco, senior beauty editor

Vitamin C8 Serum

Vitamin C8 Serum

Despite its watery texture (I literally thought I accidentally tried the toner), this serum is packed with radiance boosters, leaving my skin ultra-plump and polished. The post-application glow is everything I want in a summer skincare routine. If you’re thinking about which SKKN products to add to cart, I’d say this should make the list.  —M.U.

Face Cream

Face Cream

Ask me how many face creams sitting on my bathroom shelf—I dare you. I’ve accumulated a significant amount over the past few months of working at Glamour, and after being loyal to both drugstore gems and ultra-high end offerings, SKKN by Kim’s face cream lands right in the middle. Don’t get me wrong—it’s a good face cream. My sweaty, summer face sucks up the moisture without leaving my skin feeling trapped under a sticky barrier. Even though I wasn’t able to see a significant difference in my skin after using it for a weekend, it feels like something I’d wear long after my testing period is over. 

For an every day face cream, the price tag does make me stagger a little bit. I’m six months post-grad and still paying off loans, so I’m not willing to shell out a significant amount of money for a product that feels like all the other existing products in my arsenal. Will it make your bathroom mirror selfies look much cooler thanks to its signature Kim K. greige aesthetic packaging? Absolutely. —Ana Escalante, editorial assistant

Eye Cream

For a while I was an eye cream truther—I believed skin-care brands just wanted to come up with a ploy to get you to buy another product. But I’ve recently seen the light and realized that eye creams are great and add extra hydration to the delicate thin skin around your eye area. Since then, I’ve tried pretty much every eye cream on the market and SKKN’s is a solid entry. The formula is very lightweight and perfect for daytime wear, though I definitely prefer something thicker at night. Unlike the other SKKN products, it has no fragrance, which is essential for me since I have sensitive eyes. 

I used this eye cream right before applying foundation and concealer and a little goes a long way. It wears well under makeup and didn’t make it pill or slide off. I didn’t really see a difference in my dark circles, but I haven’t used it enough to see the longterm benefits. However, it does make my under eye area feel super hydrated and plump. It’s definitely comparable to other luxury eye creams at the same price point. My favorite part has to be the sphere packing, which is so fun and surprisingly stays put on my vanity. —A.Y.

Oil Drops

My first reaction to the packaging was “What a great shelfie this would be.” It’s giving the minimalistic, architectural Kim K. aesthetic. The pump does shoot out a lot of product and the constancy is a bit watery, so I would recommend cupping your hand a bit before pushing the pump. I like that the oil blends well into the skin and I did see an immediate glow. But as for helping with my hyperpigmentation, I think I will be sticking to my daily fading cream for now. —Leilani McQuay, commerce producer

Night Oil

For being expensive, I have to say that the packaging felt…not so expensive. I’ll give the interior bottle, which is intended to be replaceable, a pass for feeling flimsy since the intent is to be less wasteful. But the outer shell was lacking the premium quality I was expecting. 

Could You Be Demisexual?

Adds Rowett, “Demisexuality is a very misrepresented and misunderstood sexual orientation, specifically as it relates to how much sexual desire you have rather than the gender of who you are attracted to.” Like someone who is pansexual, demisexuals are not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. But most non-demisexuals can see someone hot on the street (or in a movie, or in a porn video, or it’s Harry Styles) and get turned on by that person. We can have feelings of sexual attraction for people we don’t even know. That’s not to say we necessarily act on those lusty feelings, but we feel some buzzing down under (or even just in our minds). For demisexuals, the gender of a person, how they wear their hair, the sound of their voice, the way they dress, or what they do for a living are not usually the main components of sexual attraction. Instead, what matters is the emotional bond the demisexual person feels. That means if you’re demisexual, you need to get to know someone before you feel any sort of sexual spark. 

According to the Demisexuality Resource Center (DRC), the intensity of the emotional bond needed to enjoy sex varies from demisexual to demisexual: You don’t necessarily have to want to marry and/or make babies with the person you’re sleeping with in order to enjoy the sex. Instead, you’re basically attracted to emotional intimacy—it’s what turns you on the most.

The DRC also casts a wide net for how these emotional bonds can form, warning that not every emotional bond will cause sexual attraction. “However, forming an emotional bond doesn’t guarantee that sexual attraction will happen. It is just a prerequisite for it to occur at all,” it says on its site, adding, “The length of time required to develop an emotional bond may vary. For some demisexuals, it’s after several years of being close friends with someone, and for others, it might be a short but intense experience, such as traveling abroad for a week with them.”

Likewise, Goldstein says, “some of these situations are not necessarily sexual and it might lead demisexuals to be drawn to familiar people in their life, like friends.”

Sexual libido, identities, and the labels that manifest therein can be difficult to navigate or fit into properly. Demisexuals are those individuals who may or may not have a high sex drive but cannot unlock sexual desire without emotional connection.

If you’re thinking this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Take some time to consider what it is you find attractive in someone you’ve felt a connect to. What were the components of that attraction? What was the history of those feelings? Doing a bit of introspection can give you a chance to get to know yourself on a deeper level—and develop the kinds of relationships you want. Rowett suggests starting with some reading books like Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski or Mind the Gap by Dr. Karen Gurney. “There you’ll learn about the dual-control model, your sexual accelerators and brakes, and why context is just so important [to getting turned on],” Rowett says. (Your sexual accelerators are the things that turn you on, while the brakes are the things that turn you off.)

28 Early Prime Day Deals You Can Score Right Now

Although the big day won’t arrive until mid-July, you can already shop some of the best Prime Day Deals 2022 has to offer. That’s right: Amazon is already slashing prices on must-have fashion, beauty, and home items ahead of its shopping extravaganza, and they’re already too good to miss.

Like last year, a lot of the good stuff has yet to go on sale—just wait—but there are plenty of early Prime Day deals and coupons on stuff you’ll actually want to buy. We’re talking Amazon devices like Echo Dots and Fire TV Stick 4Ks, bike shorts for exercising (or lounging), skin-saving NuFace gadgets, and photogenic cookware sets. And all things Apple are also on sale right now, including iPhones and Apple Watches. Of course, it all comes with free two-day shipping, courtesy of your Amazon Prime membership.

Although non-Amazon Prime members can access many of these early deals, you’ll be locked out of the best prices (and a ton of lightning deals) when July 12 and 13 roll around. Now’s the perfect chance to sign up for a Prime account—and you can even score a 30-day free trial here. (You’ll also get plenty of other perks, like Prime Video streaming that rivals Netflix.)

To give your creaking wrists and screen-strained eyes some relief ahead of the sales event, we did the work for you and curated all—yes, all—the best Prime Day deals of 2022. (Looking for even more markdowns? Be on the lookout for rival deals from retailers like Nordstrom, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.) Ahead, all the best early Amazon Prime Day deals to shop right this minute.

Amazon’s fashion markdowns peak during Prime Day, but there are some jaw-dropping deals going on right now in virtually every department. Think of it as Black Friday in July as you scroll through summer dresses, cute sandals, vacay-ready sunglasses, and workout essentials.

While Amazon may be a go-to for tech and clothes, it’s also home to a top-notch selection of Glamour editor-approved beauty staples, like the NuFace Mini and the cult-favorite Revlon One-Step blowdryer brush at fraction of their original price. Shop more of the best Prime Day deals on beauty and skincare below.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush

Best Early Amazon Prime Day Home & Tech Deals 2022

Prime Day 2022 is one of the best times to pick up home and tech steals from a ton of brands, like Sony, Apple, Garmin, and more. Whether you’re looking for Alexa voice-enabled earbuds, a fitness tracker, a brand-new laptop, or a tablet for getting through summer travel—you can already find early deals on iPads and Kindles—you’ve come to the right place.

Best Early Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals 2022

Finally ready to join the cult of the air fryer? July’s shopping event is the perfect time to give your kitchen a little TLC, mostly in the form of the gadgets you’ve been coveting—all at some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. Early deal highlights include a food processor that’s perfect for going vegan and a cheery cookware set that’ll bring more joy into your dinner plans.

Best Early Amazon Prime Day Travel Deals 2022

Road trips, weddings, family reunions—we see travel in your future this summer, so it’s time to pack your bags for your next adventure. And these early Prime Day sales are a great place to snag deals on essentials like carry-on luggage and portable chargers that’ll help your phone survive all the Bluetooth streaming it can handle. (Many of these small gadgets make for perfect gift ideas, too.)

Best Amazon Prime Day Vacuum Deals 2022

Although today’s high-tech vacuums are great, it’s a chore to pay full price. But thanks to these Amazon Prime Day deals, you can finally achieve dust-free floors for a fraction of what you’d pay any other week of the year. After all, there’s nothing like a Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuum to upgrade your smart home even more.

Is Amazon Prime Day 2022 your first time shopping the mega-sale? You don’t have to go it alone; instead, you can get an idea of the best deals by checking out reader favorites from last year’s blowout. The savviest shoppers snapped up staples like basic tees, leggings, and nipple covers, and for a limited time, you can do the same. Peep a few greatest hits below to add to cart, stat.

The Best Body Scrubs for Supersoft Skin

It doesn’t matter how much body butter you slather on for your hot girl summer glow—if you’re not getting in on the best body scrubs, rough, scaly skin is bound to pop up at some point. Blame long days of intense sun exposure that burns through every layer of creams and oils. It’s the biggest culprit of dry skin in the summer, and damage does more than the quick fix a body cream can provide—particularly on our elbows and knees, where we have fewer oil glands and a slower cell turnover rate, causing dead skin buildup. 

That’s where exfoliation is key. Not only will a great scrub or body peel slough away any rough patches, it’ll clear the way for your moisturizers and body oils to penetrate even deeper. Bonus: The best body scrubs now even come with hydrating ingredients in them, making extra-soft, supple skin easier than ever. Add one of these Glamour-editor favorites to cart, and your skin will thank you.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

New Faces Are Coming to Outlander Season 7

On May 5, Starz announced this “key role” had been cast. He is the secret son of Jamie (though Jamie of course knows) and has been raised by his stepfather, Lord John Grey (David Berry), who last made an appearance in season 6. William is the ninth Earl of Ellesmere; per the press release, he “will arrive in Wilmington full of patriotic zeal and enthusiasm to join the British Army and help put an end to the escalating tensions in the American Colonies. As fans may remember from season 3, William is actually the biological son of Jamie Fraser, though he does not know the truth of his parentage. On the surface, William Ransom is a courteous aristocrat, but simmering under the surface is a Highlander’s fire.”

Charles Vandervaart will star as Jamie Fraser’s son, William Ransom, in season 7 of Outlander

Robert Wilson

In a statement to the press, executive producer Maril Davis said, “The character of William Ransom is a wonderful role, and one fans have been eager to see. Finding someone with the talent and physicality to play Jamie’s son was a daunting task, but Charles’s charisma was evident during the audition process and we are excited to see what he will bring to William’s multilayered journey.”

On June 27, 2022, Starz announced that Izzy Meikle had been cast as Rachel Hunter and Joey Phillips had been cast as Dr. Denzell Hunter for season seven. The siblings are Quakers whose quiet country life is changed when Young Ian arrives at their farm with a sick and injured William Ransom (Jamie’s son). Dr. Hunter has been trained in medicine in Boston and London, and as a firm believer in liberty, he is preparing to join the Revolutionary Army as a surgeon. According to Starz, Rachel is modest but shows flashes of a fiery spirit that attracts the admiration of both William and Young Ian. 

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So what else will happen in season 7?

If that season 6 finale is any indication, we’re in for a lot. ( This is Outlander—of course we are.) Claire has to get out of that jail cell first and foremost, and it would be helpful if Malva’s killer could come to light. It does in the books, but we don’t know how the show will address it. What we do know, per showrunner, executive producer, and writer Matthew B. Roberts, is that “Scotland will again be our production home as the Frasers and MacKenzies try to make a home against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War. Season 7 promises more adventure, time travel, and emotional peril than any season before.” 

Vanessa Hudgens Visited the School From High School Musical in a Look Troy Bolton Would Love

Just because Vanessa Hudgens broke free of High School Musical doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in a bit of nostalgia. 

On June 26, Hudgens shared a video from a recent visit to East High—the very real Salt Lake City school where the Disney Channel movie that made her famous was filmed. Not only did Hudgens play “Breaking Free” in the background of her post, but she went with an iconic Gabriella monologue for her caption, writing, “Do you remember in kindergarten how you’d meet a kid and know nothing about them, then 10 seconds later you’re playing like you’re best friends because you didn’t have to be anything but yourself?”

In the video, Hudgens posed outside East High wearing a black crop top, white sneakers, and a pair of purple Moschino athletic shorts that would earn Troy Bolton’s approval. Frankly, there’s something very DCOM about the look, which she topped off with a purple lip and statement necklace. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Instagram content

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Speaking of outfits that you’d see in a Disney Channel original movie or TV show, Vanessa Hudgens was photographed in Sherman Oaks on June 25 wearing a look that was…very much a lot of look. In the photos, which you can view here, Hudgens wore the same necklace, another pair of athletic shorts, and a purple and blu bikini top with an oversized yellow button-up shirt. If that doesn’t sound like enough, she accessorized the ensemble with fuzzy beige slip-on shoes, a cool pair of sunglasses, and a fuzzy purple and pink bucket hat. 

But back to High School Musical! Fans of Hudgens flooded the comments to wax poetic about the film. “Honestly what a time, high school musical still that movie 😭😭,” one user commented, while another wrote, “crying in nostalgia.”