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Katie Thurston Says the Bachelorette Finale Can’t Come Soon Enough: ‘The Truth Will Come Out’

Glamour: Who were you were most nervous to see in person at Men Tell All?

Katie Thurston: I think Michael was definitely going to be the hardest, especially watching our break-up. I kind of had to relive those moments and get it out of my system, and getting to see him and get that closure that I needed, it just felt good.

Of all the guys who are not in your final three, who do you think could make a really strong Bachelor next season?

My vote would be Andrew or Michael. They both have so much to offer and both are in a place where they are ready to find that forever love. If either of them were to have that opportunity, I would be rooting for them so hard.

Michael left before the hometown dates to be back with his son, James. “What can you say when a child wants somebody to go home?,” Michael tells Glamour. “It wasn’t indecisiveness on my part. I wasn’t leaving because of doubt in our relationship, but rather out of love for my son. I think any parent understands that sometimes you have to choose. Not all decisions come out winners. But we’ve been attached to the hip since I’ve been home.”

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Hometowns air next week, so in the lead-up to those, did you have a clear frontrunner in your head? And did that change after you met the families?

I kept each relationship very individual, but it wasn’t until hometowns that I realized, “Oh shoot, I really need to start comparing these men now.” And hometowns did make a big difference for me. Hometowns go a little unexpected. I’ll tease that for now. But a lot gets crazy toward the end, and I don’t know how they’re going to cram it all in. As you’ve seen in the preview, it’s not a lie. It’s very real. I reached a breaking point.

So where are you now?

Overall, I am happy, and that’s all I can really share. The truth will all come out August 9, but everything happens for a reason, that’s the biggest thing I’ve been saying…you deal with the cards you’ve been dealt, and you can’t live with regret or questioning what ifs.

Katie and Greg.

Craig Sjodin/ABC

You really were correct when you said you had a great group of guys, but you and Blake have quite a chemistry that’s different from everyone else.

Alright, you’re team Blake! I always ask people who they are rooting for, so we’ll see! [Laughs]. And as for Blake, I say it a lot that we’re alike, so is that a good thing or not? I don’t know!

You just have to go with your gut. 

We’ll check in on August 9! I’m here in L.A. for the next three weeks because of quarantine, so it makes things easier than flying back to Seattle. But it’s OK. I do miss [my cat] Tommy, though.

I thought you couldn’t wait for August 9 to get here so you could be with whoever you choose, but no, it’s so you can eventually get back to see Tommy.

Exactly! [Laughs]

The Bachelorette hometown dates air Monday, August 2, and the finale airs Monday, August 9.

Jessica Radloff is the Glamour West Coast editor. You can follow her on Instagram at @jessicaradloff14.

A Surprising Shazam Character Has Been Confirmed For Fury Of The Gods

But wait, didn’t he die in the first Shazam! movie? Well, yes, but let’s go over this new information first. Djimon Hounsou, who also has comic book movie cred from playing Korath in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Papa Midnite in Constantine and the Fisherman King in Aquaman, was photographed on Shazam! Fury of the Gods set in Atlanta, Georgia by Atlanta Filming. Also known as Shazam, The Wizard has been an integral figure in DC Comics’ Shazam mythos since the very beginning. Hounsou’s version of The Wizard was modeled after the New 52 version of the character, whose original name in that continuity was Mamaragan.

Bruce Campbell Becomes Every Member Of The Addams Family In Wild Deepfake, And I Will Never Unsee It

While I’m kind of disappointed that Gomez isn’t more attractive with Bruce Campbell’s face, Uncle Fester really does look legit. Wednesday is downright horrifying, but honestly, that makes her a little more lovable and just strengthens her character traits. Thing, of course, doesn’t have a face to deepfake, but I really hope the creator took the initiative to deepfake Campbell’s hand and really complete this otherwise perfect family.

6 Star Trek Characters We’d Love To See In The Kelvin Timeline

We’ve yet to see how a new generation would portray actors from The Next Generation, and aside from Picard, Data would be the most fascinating person to be portrayed. As a Synth, Data researched and understood everything about being a human, but in practice, had to work very hard to act like a human with little success. His understanding of the human condition, yet inability to truly replicate it was such an awesome thing to see, and I’d love to see someone attempt to bring that to life that as well as Brent Spiner did.

Someone Give Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena A Western After He Shared Shirtless Pics On A Horse

Whether or not Joseph Baena ever actually lands that cowboy movie, there are likely plenty of other projects that await him in the years to come. Let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to put him in a large, effects-heavy thriller. Yet if there are still those who’d like to see him in a western, his Instagram photo goes a long way in satisfying that fix.

A New Exorcist Trilogy Is Heading To Streaming, Including One Original Star

If you’ve made it this far and aren’t familiar with the Exorcist franchise, The Exorcist (which was based on the 1971 novel by William Peter Blatty, who wrote the film’s screenplay) followed 12-year-old Regan, played Linda Blair, who is possessed by a demon, forcing her mother, Ellen Burstyn’s Chris, to turn to two Catholic priests, Jason Miller’s Father Damien Karras and Max von Sydow’s Father Lankester Merrin, to help rescue her daughter through an exorcism. Two sequels followed in 1977 and 1990, followed by the prequels Exorcist: The Beginning and Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist in 2004 and 2005, respectively, with the former being a retooled version of the latter. There was also an Exorcist TV series that aired on Fox from 2016 to 2017.

Snake Eyes’ Iko Uwais: The Best Movies To Watch If You Want More Of The Actor And Stuntman

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links.

The Snake Eyes cast is full of amazing talent from top to bottom, but one of most prolific names of that group, Iko Uwais, has a pedigree that makes him the most badass of the bunch. And after seeing his portrayal of Clan Arashikage leader Hard Master, there’s a good chance you want to see more of what the Indonesian actor, stuntman, and martial artist has to offer. Well, lucky for you there are quite a few movies that have allowed Uwais to not only show off his impressive fighting skills but also his emotional range and ability to carry great action movies like The Raid and its epic sequel, The Raid 2.

Below is a quick list of the best movies of Iko Uwais’ career as well as how to watch them on various streaming services or through online rentals and purchases. There’s a lot to unpack here, including some surprising choices, so let’s breakdown all the action.

Hidilyn Diaz Just Won the Philippines’ First Olympic Gold Medal in History

It’s finally here: The Olympics 2021 officially kicked off in Tokyo on Friday, July 23, and wow, it was worth the wait. These Summer Olympics have already been historic for a number of pandemic-related reasons: the postponement, crowd-free competition, and athletes who have already withdrawn after testing positive for the coronavirus. But on a brighter note, the Tokyo Games are already historic for women athletes.

Women won more medals in 2016 and 2018 for Team USA than male athletes and are on track to take home the most glory in Tokyo too; this year six major countries—including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Great Britain, China, and Russia (whose athletes will be competing for the Russian Olympic Committee, as the doping ban against the country is still in place)—have more women athletes competing than men.

But it’s not just about numbers. Women athletes are about to have an epic run at the Olympic and Paralympic games this summer—the women of Team USA Basketball will be going for their seventh consecutive gold medal (some dynasty-level stuff right there), Allyson Felix will be competing in her fifth Olympics (while helping to pay for childcare for other Olympian moms), Katie Ledecky will be gunning for the chance to be the first woman to win the most career gold medals (in any sport), Carissa Moore and Bryce Wettstein will have a shot at becoming the first women to ever win Olympic medals in surfing and skateboarding (both new Olympic sports), Scout Bassett will be get another shot at Paralympic gold, and Simone Biles will be being, well, Simone Biles.

You’re going to want to watch it all. Here are the sports and iconic athletes to keep your eye on at the 2021 Olympics.

1. Gymnastics

Simone Biles. Need we say more?

The GOAT will be competing at her second Olympics as the greatest gymnast—of any gender—in history. In addition to debuting moves never completed on the Olympic stage, she’s in the running (along with swimmer Katie Ledecky) to become the woman to win the most career gold medals in any sport.

But it’s not just Biles you’ll want to watch. The 2021 Women’s Gymnastics team is stacked with talent. Also on the squad: Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles, Grace McCallum, Jade Carey, and MyKayla Skinner. Together they could sweep the top spots on the podium in every event, making them the first team to ever take home gold in every event in the competition.

Following the qualification round on July 25, it’s official: the Women’s Gymnastics Team has qualified for the team finals on July 27. Not only that, but Biles qualified for  all four event finals, plus the all-around! As the Team USA Twitter account put it, “Just goat things.”

Ultimately, Biles and Lee qualified for the all-around final on July 29, the bar final on August 1, and the beam final on August 3. Biles and Carey will compete in the vault finals on August 1 and the floor final on August 2.  

Old Ending Explained: M. Night Shyamalan’s Latest Twist Broken Down

Warning: spoilers for Old are in play, as we’re about to discuss the ending in great detail. If you haven’t seen the film yet, and want to remain unspoiled, don’t move past this barrier that separates you from a beach’s worth of spoilers.

As with pretty much any M. Night Shyamalan movie, Old has an intriguing premise that leads the audience down a winding road to the truth. With a beach that rapidly advances the aging process for all that visit it, the big revelation in Old’s ending is as wild as the concept that sets it all up, and it’s a lot to take in. So if you haven’t seen the movie just yet, Old is playing at a theater near you, showing the story that leads to the ending we’re about to dissect. Let’s head to the lab, and see what the secrets of Old really are, and why this beautiful beach is so dangerous.

Ethan Suplee Recalls The Super ‘Weird’ Cocaine-In-Butt Related Favor The Wolf Of Wall Street Team Needed From Him While Filming

Ethan Suplee: It was awesome. It was a lot of fun. The only funny weird story was, we were filming two different things and me and the rest of the guys, the brokers, were kind of off on a break and then I got a call like, ‘You’re needed on that closed set.’ Like, nobody’s allowed on this set. And I was like. ‘I’m needed? What am I needed for?’ And they were like ‘you just have to go in there’ and I went in and somebody was like, ‘We can’t figure out how to do cocaine up an asshole. Can you help us? We heard you could help us with this.’ And I was like ‘I’ll do my best!’

Michael Rosenbaum: I mean, how do you do that? It’s almost like sucking up a fart or sucking up air from your asshole?

ES: You load it into a straw and you apply pressure to one end of the straw and the cocaine comes out the other end of the straw.

MR: So you helped them!

ES: I helped them but I’m just saying, I was the guy called, I was the guy on set like ‘Who can help us? Ethan knows’

MR: That’s when you should have known ‘I gotta get my shit together. ’ That’s rock bottom.

ES: I’d been sober at this point for almost ten years but some of the people had known me prior and were like ‘he knows how to do this, get him.’