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Meek Mill Looks Back On His Legal Journey In New Docuseries Trailer

Meek Mill has released the first teaser trailer for Free Meek, his upcoming docuseries set to air via Amazon. At a recent sold-out show during Philadelphia’s city hall-designated “Meek Mill Weekend,” the rapper shared the teaser with fans first before making it available on YouTube for all. Based on what’s been shown so far, it looks like the series will take a look at the rapper’s legal history to talk about the criminal justice system and his fight for freedom following his November 2017 arrest.

The minute-long trailer is made up of interviews and concert and studio footage. One of the phrases shown in the trailer is “investigates the truth” and it shows pictures of the mugshot from the rapper’s 2007 arrest, suggesting that it will examine the circumstances and discrepancies in the official report and Meek’s story and evidence. It also shows footage of the #FreeMeek protests that occurred in 2017 following probation violations. The trailer does a great job of building the anticipation for the full body of work by showcasing quick clips of his legal timeline and involving people speaking on the cases, including the rapper himself, who is pictured sitting down explaining his side of the story.

Free Meek is executive-produced by Jay-Z, Eli Holzman, Paul and Isaac Solotaroff, and Aaron Seidman. It will consist of six episodes and air sometime later this year.

Take a look at the teaser trailer above.

Next Transformers Movie Aims To Fuse Bumblebee And Michael Bay Movies

The last Transformers movie, Bumblebee, was unlike anything we’d seen in the franchise before. The story let most of the explosions and destruction go in order to focus on a smaller character story. While the new direction worked for a lot of people, others were left wanting as they’d come to enjoy the massive destruction of the giant robot franchise. It seems that the next movie in the Transformers franchise will look to combine the best of both worlds, giving the story the heart of Bumblebee without sacrificing the epic action sequences of the main franchise. According to director Lorenzo di Bonaventura

The Transformers movies made by Michael Bay tended to be lambasted by critics, all while making billions at the box office.It’s easy to be critical, but there was clearly a large crowd that loved the over-the-top explosive action that Michael Bay created in his Transformers movies.

However, for those that were looking for something a bit more grounded and relatable, Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight brought us Bumblebee, a prequel/soft reboot of the Transformers franchise that gave us a bit less action but a lot more character. It did fine at the box office, but didn’t quite hit Michael Bay levels of business.

Exactly what the future holds for this franchise is far from clear, but based on Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s comments to Collider, regardless of what the plot is or which characters will be highlighted, the plan is to take the character story of Bumblebee and the action of a Michael Bay movie and fuse them together. Give everybody something that they want in a Transformers movie.

There’s certainly the possibility for a really successful film if this idea works. If you make the giant robots a bit more relatable so that those looking for a stronger story are engaged, while still putting the massive action set pieces out there, then everybody buys a ticket and the new movie becomes huge. As one of those people who preferred Bumblebee to the standard Transformers films, I have no problem with massive, city destroying, action scenes, as long as they involve characters I’m actually engaged with.

Of course, exactly what’s next from the Transformers franchise is anybody’s guess. Plans for creating an entire Transformers cinematic universe appear to be on hold and the there is no next movie officially on the release schedule.Although, we can be sure that, one way or another, there absolutely will be another Transformers movie, and it might just be the one everybody has been waiting for.

Ralph Fiennes Almost Turned Down Playing Voldemort In Harry Potter

There are certain film villains who are on the upper echelon in terms of being iconic and beloved by moviegoers. Darth Vader is the big bad of space, while Lord Voldemort is a wizard in the Harry Potter franchise who characters fear to even speak of. So when it came to adapting the Dark Lord for the silver screen, Warner Bros. had the difficult task of finding an actor to play the snake-like scourge on the Wizarding World.

Ultimately the great Ralph Fiennes played Lord Voldemort, playing the character for a whopping five Harry Potter movies. Fiennes’ performance was layered and super creepy, but it turns out that the Schindler’s List actor originally didn’t want to take the role of he who must not be named. He recently explained this, and how his family helped him change his mind. As he tells it,

It looks like we all owe Ralph Fiennes nieces and nephews a big thank you. While he was originally hesitant to join the massive Harry Potter franchise, the younger members of his family were able to convince him otherwise. Because if you can play the villain of the beloved novels and movies, why would you turn it down?

Ralph Fiennes’ comments from The Jonathan Ross Show (via Digital Spy) are sure to baffle Harry Potter fans, who have grown to love his performance as Voldemort. Fiennes was completely transformed into the dark wizard, with prosthesis forming his snakelike appearance, while the actor adjusted his voice and posture to fully inhabit Voldemort. As such, it’s impossible to think of anyone else playing the adult form of Tom Riddle.

Ralph Fiennes had previously spoke to his trepidation about playing Voldemort. The actor reportedly wasn’t a fan of the first two Harry Potter movies, which were directed by Chris Columbus. The franchise took a more adult turn when Fiennes eventually popped up in The Goblet of Fire, which may have been what the actor was hoping for– especially when playing the most evil Wizard ever.

It should be interesting to see if Voldemort becomes part of the Fantastic Beasts franchise. There are still three more movies on the way, as the timeline gets closer to the one explored in the Harry Potter franchise. Voldemort visited Grindelwald in prison in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1, so they’ve clearly got some type of a relationship. Could Ralph Fiennes end up popping up again as you know who? Fingers crossed.

Blackpink Are Eyeing A Comeback For Late March, So Prepare For New Music

Blackpink are about to unleash new music with an upcoming mini album.

The South Korean girl group, one of the hottest acts in K-pop right now, announced they will be dropping new tracks at the end of March. They’ve yet to reveal a title or concept for the album, but that’s all the more reason for Blinks around the world to get excited.

A Blackpink representative reported to Naver, “While we can’t yet reveal the exact comeback date, it’s true that we are filming the music video for the new song this week.” Honestly, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a Blink, and given the girls’ aesthetic-laden videos for hits like “As If It’s Your Last” and “Whistle,” we can’t wait to see what Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa have planned for us.

Though the group has been hitting the American talk show circuit with their first-ever performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, this will be their first new music release in nine months. Previously, they dropped their full-length Japanese album BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA back in 2018, which spawned bangers like “Boombayah” and “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.”

They also continued their hotly anticipated U.S. takeover with their morning show debut on Good Morning America back in February.

With the new songs on the way, Blackpink is going to be hitting the global market hard. The girls have a jam-packed schedule over the next few months, as they’ll be descending upon Coachella this April and then heading out on their first North American tour on April 17. They’ll begin in Los Angeles, and then travel to Chicago, Newark, and Atlanta — and Blinks have their hammers ready.

If you’re still new to Blackpink, make sure you brush up on everything there is to know about the group before it’s time to memorize another set of fan chants.

We suggest starting with “Whistle” to get those Blink juices flowing again.

Someone Edited Deadpool Into The Avengers: Endgame Trailer, And You Can’t Unsee It

While we may not know the fate of everybody in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following the events of Avengers: Infinity War, it does appear that Deadpool survived, as a fan who has been making a habit of inserting Deadpool into Avengers trailers has now given the same treatment to the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer, and the result is actually pretty entertaining. Check it out.

The Deadpool-filled trailer gives us all of the video that we got with the new Avengers: Endgame trailer, but replaces all of the audio with commentary by Deadpool, or at least a reasonable facsimile provided by the Mightyraccoon! YouTube channel. If you’ve seen any of the previous trailers the channel did that added Deadpool, you’ll know what you’re seeing here. We get a combination of Deadpool making sardonic comments to the Avengers as well as becoming several of them at various points in the trailer.

There are a couple of rock solid highlights, which come when Deadpool actually becomes part of the trailer, in the flashback shot from Captain America: The First Avenger, Deadpool actually lifts the pre-super soldier Steve Rogers so that he can better see himself as a soldier, which is great, and a nice bit of video manipulation. Then, at the end, Deadpool gets clocked in the back of the head by Stormbreaker. It’s a simple gag, but an effective one.

It’s actually sort of nice to get this shot of humor in the Avengers: Endgame trailer. The Marvel movies usually have a good sense of humor to them, but the dour and desperate circumstances surrounding the new movie means that everybody is very serious and nobody is cracking a smile. There’s probably some humor in the film, but showing it off in the trailers would almost certainly shift the tone quite radically.

Of course, with the expectation that the Disney/Fox merger will be officially complete as of later this week, one can’t help but wonder if something like what we see here is actually in our future. The Deadpool movies are one of the few parts of the Fox/Marvel universe that are hits and likely to survive the merger without being rebooted. Does that mean we could see Deadpool along side the Avengers in a future movie? It seems like a long shot, but at this point pretty much anything is possible.

With this likely being the last trailer we will see before Avengers: Endgame hits theaters, it could be our last Deadpool-infused trailer. We have no idea at this point if there will ever even be another Avengers movie, or what characters it will include if we do see it. We’re not sure what MCU movies we’ll get after Spider-Man: Far From Home. While we now know that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will happen, it’s going to come much later than originally planned.

Logic And 21 Collaborators Turn A Gas Station Into A Stage In ‘Do What You Love’ Video

Last year, Logic and Joseph Gordon-Levitt made a bold, one-of-a-kind announcement: through Gordon-Levitt’s online creative collaboration platform HITRECORD, the pair were looking for writers, musicians, and vocalists to contribute to “Do What You Love,” a record with Logic’s vocals that they wanted to turn into a worldwide, collaborative effort. On Friday, they released an official video at South by Southwest for the tune featuring a myriad of collaborators, frolicking and having a good time.

“This is what happens when you bring over 20 people from across the globe having never met in person to collaborate on a song” is the text that prefaces what’s going on at the beginning of the video. Logic and Gordon-Levitt pull up to a gas station in the middle of nowhere in a spooky purple van, dubbed the Mystery Machine like the Scooby Doo gang’s infamous transport vehicle. After a brief debate about who’s going to get the gas because neither feels like doing it, Logic gets out and opens the back of the van, freeing the enormous group of talented musicians. As they hold their instruments and airplay, these collaborators connected through HITRECORD trade smiles as Logic raps about the importance of doing what you love. A second rapper and singer get their turn to shine with some powerhouse performances that rock the gas station. In the end, Logic does end up getting someone else to pump the gas for him. But if we’re talking about sheer common sense, it probably would have expended less energy getting the gas himself instead of putting on an entire show. We like this version better.

The process behind this complex collaboration is captured in Band Together with Logica YouTube Originals film executive-produced by Gordon-Levitt that follows Logic’s journey to create this song as well as what his creative process is. In addition to creating songs with online collaborators, the rapper is preparing to release his first book, Supermarket, on March 26.

Check out the happy video up above.

The Natori Feathers Bra Has a Cult Following—and For Good Reason

Plenty of lingerie companies claim to sell the “world’s best bra.” But no one bra will be the “best” for everyone—people with small boobs shop differently than people with big boobs; women who are nursing have different needs than those who’ve had mastectomies. The “best bra” is what’s right for you, at that given moment in your life. In the age of online reviews, though, it doesn’t hurt to start your search with the most highly-rated options on the market. And if you’ve looked at all the usual suspects—the Nordstroms, the Amazons, the Bare Necessities—you’ve probably already heard about the wonders of the Natori Feathers bra.

Natori’s Feathers collection isn’t new (and the brand has been around since 1977). And at first glance, its signature plunge bra doesn’t seem all that different from other lace-trimmed styles in any department store. But the magic of the Natori Feathers bra isn’t in being the sexiest bra—it’s that it’s so damn comfortable. (There are other factors that work in its favor too: It’s available in a bunch of different colors and in sizes 30A through 36G.)

I was getting a bra fitting at Town Shop, the famed lingerie store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, several years ago when I first tried the Natori Feathers plunge. I walked out with one in a blue-purple shade (a color I normally wouldn’t have picked out), in a 34D (a size I had never worn before). It didn’t take long for it to dethrone all the beige T-shirt bras I had been hoarding since college as my Absolute Favorite Bra. Why? The mesh outer cover contoured my breasts and molded around my torso—I could wear it for long hours and forget I had a bra on. And somehow, the colorful fabric was pretty much undetectable under everything, including white tees.

It’s not the flashiest undergarment in my intimates drawer, but it’s definitely my favorite. And while you might not see it on your social feed like the latest Savage x Fenty launch, the Natori Feathers has a devoted fan base.

When Lady Gaga wore a black Natori Feathers bra to the Grammys after parties, senior culture editor Mattie Kahn chatted me the link. “I just wanna say I own this bra and it is great,” she wrote.

Turns out, Kahn was also introduced to the Natori Feathers at Town Shop. (“I grew up on the Upper West Side, which means that like many, many women, I got my first bras there.”) Two or three years ago, she says, she went to replenish her bra supply, and one of the store’s clerks suggested she try the Natori. But she was skeptical: “For context: I’m 5’2 and wear a 32D. I have only ever wanted my boobs to shrink, not to look bigger. I don’t do plunges. I don’t do push-ups. I do black T-shirt bras that sometimes feature subtle lace. But you don’t cross the women at the Town Shop. You strip. They make suggestions. So I decided to go for it.”

She left the store with four Natori Feathers.

“It fits like a dream,” Kahn says. “It’s comfortable, but also kinda sexy. And it’s seamless under shirts of all kinds and fits. I have recommended it to 90 percent of the women I know, from cup size AA to DD. It’s a cult and a gift. I intend to wear it forever.”

Cora Harrington, the founder of The Lingerie Addict and author of In Intimate Detail, has written about the Natori Feathers bra many times over the years. And though she remembers not being overwhelmed by it the first time she saw it, a representative for the brand reached out and sent her one to try —and she hasn’t looked back since. “It’s a bra I purchase again, and again, and again,” she says.

This Rotten Week: Predicting Us Reviews

As we’ve seen previously in the genre, what we have here is another family outing/get together gone horribly wrong – this time the story playing out in a beach town where the Tyler family is stalked by… well, the Tyler family (just a creepier version). Where Get Out had plenty of frights with a slightly tongue-in-cheek tone, Us looks like a full-out horror fest. Even from the trailer one can tell the visuals will keep you up at night. Critics thus far are all over this movie. Following its debut at the SXSW Film Festival, it’s currently sitting at 100% through more than 50 reviews. I doubt it slips much, if at all. It’s tough to ever predict a movie hitting the 100% mark, and I don’t think this one will end up at the top of the mountain – but it’ll be damn close. We’ll have one or two negatives come in over the course of the week, but the sentiment will remain the same.

The Best Celebrity No-Makeup Selfies Ever

One of the biggest celebrity makeup trends right now: not wearing any. It’s nothing against makeup; there’s a real power that comes with nailing a smoky eye or finding your perfect red lipstick. Even a well-penciled brow job can make you feel great. But the same can be said about loving yourself the way you are—natural, pared down, with every unique feature that makes you you shining through. To celebrate that, we’re saluting the famous faces we’ve gotten glimpses of on Instagram, all doing their thing without any makeup on. Come along as we recap some of the most memorable celebrity no-makeup selfies of all time.