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Sporty Sandals Are the Footwear Trend You Need to Try This Spring

Move your sneakers to the back of the closet this spring—tourist sandals are about to reign supreme as the comfortable It Shoe in your closet. The trend may be surprising because some people find them the antithesis of chic, but these shoes are about going places. The strappy sport sandals come complete with Velcro fastenings and are basically a warm-weather version of the platform sneaker (translation: comfy). Spotted first on the spring-summer 2019 runways at Anna Sui, Sandy Liang, and Cecile Bahnsen, the trend has already started to creep into wardrobes, with the street style and influencer set sporting the shoe with ankle socks this winter—a surefire sign that they’re likely here to stay throughout the summer. We’ve rounded up our favorite pairs to shop below.

Logic Announces New Album Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind By Drenching Himself In Blood

In a surprise announcement on Twitter today, Logic unveiled that his new album will be coming soon. The release date wasn’t specified. But, it is called Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the words unveiled in crimson ink in an admittedly sinister looking font. How these unveils came was…scary – disturbing at the least. Logic bloodied himself up in a stomach-turning video unveil that’s darkly mystifying in its startling intensity.

The video in question is four minutes long. Logic captioned the video, “I wrote this one in Blood.” He made his Twitter avatar a picture of his face in this human ketchup, smiling like a madman. But enough about this, turn the video on to see the message in action. Logic stands in complete darkness, rapping new material with an enormous gash on his neck. Over time, the intensity in his performance doesn’t change while the amount of blood on his body does. His shirt grows redder, his neck grows slicker, his eyes grow wider. By the end of the performance, he’s been doused in the blood like it’s a marinade for a chicken wing. This is Logic’s mind, dark and violent. And it looks like the stories housed in this chamber of torture are about to be unveiled.

Logic’s last studio album was YSIV that came out in September. Earlier this week, he shared a collaboration with 21 musicians from Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s HITRECORD creative platform, “Do What You Love.”

Check out the creepy trailer up above.

‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ Review: This Spin-off Is Even More Wild Than the Original

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The pilot for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists opens with Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) smiling and wielding a knife at Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). That’s when I knew I was hooked. It’s exactly the type of ridiculous scene I’ve come to expect from the Pretty Little Liars universe, where The Perfectionists takes place. Fans hoping for an original cast reunion will be disappointed, though: This new spin-off includes only Mona and Alison, but trust me when I say the drama is on the level of Spencer’s evil twin.

To be clear, Mona’s not trying to kill Alison—not yet, anyway. She’s simply welcoming her to Beacon Heights University, the hot-people-only college in Oregon where this story takes place. Mona’s a faculty recruiter for the school, and Alison’s their latest hire. Apparently, this gives Mona enough power to break into Alison’s on-campus accommodations and surprise her with pie, which she then cuts with a knife fit for a serial killer.

At no point does Alison ask Mona how she got into her house or why she’s there. Those are pointless questions in the world of Pretty Little Liars, where it’s standard for someone to invade your home with baked goods and/or weapons. Instead, the two catch up like normal; it turns out they’re both at BHU for fresh starts. Alison says she isn’t a mean girl anymore and wants to leave the lies, murder, and hair flips of Rosewood behind her. Mona, presumably, feels the same way.

But what they find at BHU are…lies, murder, and hair flips, specifically from the students in Alison’s class. There’s Ava (Sofia Carson), a fashion-tech junkie who smizes 24/7; Caitlin (Sydney Park), the whip-smart daughter of a queer politician; and Dylan (Eli Walker), a gay student who can play “Poker Face” on the cello, so obviously he’s my favorite. These three all have one thing—or person—in common: Nolan Hotchkiss (Chris Mason), a conniving, chiseled sociopath whose family basically owns BHU. Nolan has serious dirt on Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan. Enough dirt to make them do whatever he wants. The group reaches their breaking point by the end of the episode, and they jokingly conspire to murder Nolan.

The only problem? He actually turns up dead. Someone pushed him off a building and an iron fence broke his fall. See what I’m talking about? Classic PLL drama. Spencer’s twin is so shook about this that she dropped her fake British accent.

These are the only plot points from The Perfectionists I’m going to reveal. You’ll have to tune in to find out why Nolan’s blackmailing his friends and how Alison and Mona play a role. But what I’ll keep reiterating is how true The Perfectionists stays to Pretty Little Liars‘ DNA. Here’s a nonexhaustive list of reasons they’re one and the same:

1. I was confused within the first 15 minutes. Why are the Beacon Heights kids wearing fall clothes in one scene, but then Ava’s lounging by a pool in the next? Is this weird, or just Oregon?

2. Major plot holes are explained away in two seconds. Wanna know why Alison abandoned the twins she had with Emily (Shay Mitchell) to work at BHU? Apparently Emily can’t get “past the past,” and it “comes back to trust.” That’s the only explanation we get, and it’s vague AF. Cool story, Alison! I now totally understand why you took this random job across the country.

3. The youths can’t stop boning. Everyone’s having sex. Everyone. All the time. BHU is billed as this school for overachievers, but the students are too naked to study. The only exception is Dylan, who cares more about his cello than his boyfriend. He’s basically Spencer choosing a science book over shirtless Toby. A true hero.

I Thought My Divorce Was Amicable—Then I Learned My Ex-Husband Was a Dom

By the time I landed, I discovered my ex had officially blocked my texts, calls, and social media accounts, anticipating the onslaught of messages I surely would have sent him. I was exhausted, weak, sick, hungry and heartbroken but worst of all, I felt totally alone. I was cut off from the world and cell service, isolated in a strange place with nothing but time to process. At the time, I thought it was the most miserable scenario imaginable, with no way to make him feel the pain I was feeling.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more disturbing, a friend reached out with an ominous link. Using spotty Wi-Fi at a local cafe, I clicked to find a kinky boudoir photoshoot. There was my then husband and his girlfriend in an elaborate spread on a photographer’s Instagram page. During our marriage, he almost never let me post photos of us on social media, but here he was in bed with another woman on someone else’s public account. In some of the photos, he was wearing the shirt he’d worn on our wedding day.

An email from my ex followed. He said he’d never meant to hurt me. I thought long and hard about these words. I thought about all the moments during our marriage where I thought something felt off. I thought about how I’d stumbled upon explicit photos of him with other women when we first started dating and how he’d villainized me for snooping. I thought about all the moments I’d questioned him and he’d told me I was being crazy.

I dipped out of range of Wi-Fi before I could respond. That, as it turned out, was a good thing. I wanted to scream and rage. If we’d been in the same room I would have slapped him. But I was a world away. Each day I sweat out my pain in the thick heat and humidity, and felt a little bit better. I prayed with Buddhist monks. I cried when I needed to cry. I ate to nourish my body. I started to believe that I could learn to let go.

My trip to Southeast Asia was supposed to be a celebration of a new chapter. In a very different way, it was. My self-imposed isolation taught me I don’t hate my ex-husband—mostly I feel confused about his choices and why I was buried under the shadow of his double-life of kinky sex with another woman. I always viewed his behavior as that of a quiet introvert, but I think he was just using me to cover up the life he wanted to live.

My getaway also gave me the pause I needed to learn survival skills that would save me over the next few weeks when I returned to our former home, a home I now knew his girlfriend had pretended was hers. A few weeks after returning from my trip, I moved across the country with just three boxes filled with cookbooks, a few mementos, and my wedding dress—for some reason, I still can’t part with it. It took every last breath I had to go through our things but it’s one event in my life that has truly made me wiser and more aware of my surroundings and the people I choose to keep in my life.

Aside from a few emails, I haven’t had any contact with my ex. For a long time, I thought I’d never get closure, but being halfway across the world on my own—without Wi-Fi to google for answers, or girlfriends to commiserate with—taught me that I have the strength to move forward and that I could find what I needed on my own.

I got the opportunity to start fresh, to heal mindfully and slowly, to process the damage that had been done, to refrain from attacking him. I believe he thinks that I want revenge but I honestly don’t. I want a life of happiness—out of the shadow of a double life.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Relationship: A Complete Timeline

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are definitely a couple (and possibly about to get engaged), but so much of their relationship is shrouded in secrecy. Think: Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tom Hiddleston, for example. There were tabloid stories, Instagram posts, and overt song lyrics that gave the public so much information to analyze. Swift’s relationship with Alwyn is a different story.

Recently, however, the couple has started stepping out at public events together a bit more. “Keeping it private from the beginning really helped their relationship,” a source recently told People. “They were able to get to know each other in peace.” The source also adds, “Their personalities are very compatible, and they’re respectful of each other’s careers.”

Sounds like a great match, so let’s break down how their relationship formed in the first place.

May 2016: It’s unclear exactly when the pair met, but people think it was at the 2016 Met Gala based on lyrics in Swift’s song “Dress”: “Flashback when you met me Your buzz cut and my hair bleached.” Both were in attendance and did indeed have those hairstyles at the time. Swift broke up with boyfriend Calvin Harris soon after the event and started dating Hiddleston. That relationship ended by September 2016.

October 2016: Eagle-eyed fans figure out Swift and Alwyn attended the same Kings of Leon concert and after-party at the Bowery Hotel in New York City.

May 2017: Stories break that Swift has a new British boyfriend: Joe Alwyn. At the time, he was not well known, especially to Swift’s American fans, with the biggest credit on his IMDB being Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Longtime Walk. But he was a rising star with a number of high-profile movies in the works, including The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots.

“Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship,” The Sun reported at the time. “But after what happened with Tom Hiddleston, they were determined to keep it quiet.” The Sun also reported Swift was renting a house in North London, near Alwyn.

June 2017: Photographic evidence of the relationship emerges as the paparazzi finally catch Swift and Alwyn together—having coffee on a balcony in Nashville. They’re snapped again in New York City the following month.

October 2017: When Swift released the single “Gorgeous”, fans immediately tried to decipher who it was about. A fan who attended one of Swift’s famous album listening sessions took to Tumblr to inform us that it was (allegedly) about Alwyn: “Basically Taylor made us all promise that if anyone made any accusations of who this song is about, we tell them it is 100 percent about her angel boyfriend of one year. This isn’t a secret. She wanted us to tell people.” It all makes sense when you hear the lyrics: “You should take it as a compliment / That I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk,” she sings. “And I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us / He’s in the club doing, I don’t know what.” (Harris and Hiddleston were both older than Swift and Alwyn.)

Later that month, Swift’s pal Ed Sheeran said of Alwyn, “He’s really nice. Really, really friendly; really good dude.”

December 2017: Fans went nuts when attendees at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball in New York City claimed they saw Swift and Alwyn showing some PDA during Ed Sheeran’s set.

February 2018: The couple reportedly moves in together, and we broke down how the lyrics from various songs on the Reputation album told us this was coming.

May 2018: The couple that Instas together, stays together, right? Swift and Alwyn both posted photos of themselves next to the same cactus while apparently on vacation together.

September 2018: Public date night alert! Swift hits up a screening of Alwyn’s film, The Favourite, and joined him for the after party. There were even photos! Alwyn also speaks publicly about Swift for the first time, telling British Vogue, ““I’m aware people want to know about that side of things. I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people … but I really prefer to talk about work.”

Emilia Clarke Admits She Regrets ‘Stupid Action Movies’ She’s Filmed

As the eight-season journey on Game of Thrones soon comes to an end, fans are certainly curious about where we will see our favorite stars next on the big screen. Jason Momoa certainly made waves as Aquaman after portraying Khal Drogo, and Sophie Turner is playing the titular role in the next installment of the X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix. What about fan-favorites Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, a.k.a. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington?

Emilia Clarke recently spoke with Variety about her time as a big screen actress thus far, and part of the discussion was about how her and co-star Kit Harington have bonded over their common career accomplishments… and mistakes. Said the actress,

Their characters are connected in more way than one! The two actors have notably had some bad luck with their  big budget action movie endeavors, and here Emilia Clarke admits to regretting them. Of course, Clarke notably played Sarah Connor in the 2015 failed reboot Terminator: Genisys, which in the past she has said she was “relieved” to see fail at the box office so she wouldn’t have to return for a sequel because “no one had a good time” making it.

Clarke also recently played Qi’ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was deemed the biggest disappointment for the franchise – though obviously nobody is placing any blame on the actress. The movie dealt with some problems during production, such as the replacement of Phil Lord and Chris Miller with Ron Howard in the midst of filming.

On Kit Harington’s end, the actor starred in 2014’s period volcano thriller Pompeii, which only made $117 million worldwide with a $100 million budget, and Seventh Son, which has comparative disappointing numbers with a $114 million worldwide take against a $95 million budget. These are reasons enough for the Game of Thrones stars to be apprehensive about starring in action movies, but luckily they had each other to talk out shared experiences, even though they were on completely different projects.

Looking ahead, Emilia Clarke is starring in a rom-com with Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding called Last Christmas, and in a crime-thriller titled Above Suspicion – neither of which are being made as tent-pole blockbusters. Kit Harington will next be seen on the big screen starring in the drama The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, which premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival and isn’t currently set up with a domestic release date or distributor.

The actors will be the talk of the world when the premiere of Game of Thrones‘ six-episode final season premieres on April 14th, leading to an ending for their characters that Clarke said “fucked [her] up” and got Harington crying at a table read.

Oscar Isaac Has A Great Response To Those Batman Rumors

It’s a very exciting time in Oscar Isaac’s career. The 40 year-old actor became a household name from his role in the Star Wars franchise, playing smart-mouthed Resistance pilot Poe Dameron. Since then, he’s booked a ton of work, appearing in a multitude of movies every year. And with Episode IX ending the current trilogy and Skywalker Saga forever, it should be fascinating to see which projects Isaac signs on for, now that his schedule has opened up a bit.

Fanboy culture obviously has a soft spot for Oscar Isaac, given his role in Star Wars and the ill-fated X-Men: Apocalypse. As such, he’s been put on fan lists to possible replace Ben Affleck as the DCEU’s Batman. He’s not the only name being floated around to play the lead in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and now Isaac has officially responded to the rumors, saying:

While shutting down any possible rumors or reports of talks with Warner Bros., Oscar Isaac did make one thing clear: he’d love to work with Matt Reeves. So perhaps the director could end up giving Isaac the call to play the new Dark Knight after all.

Oscar Isaac’s comments come from his interview with Metro, while the actor was on a press tour for his Netflix movie Triple Frontier. Interestingly enough, he’s starring in the heist film alongside Ben Affleck himself. So if he ever gets approached to play Batman, he’d be taking on the mantle from a recent friend and colleague. Of course, he clarified that that process hasn’t even begun, and there is no truth to rumors about Isaac’s involvement in The Batman.

He may have shut down the rumors of his role, but Oscar Isaac’s final comment in the statement above is going to get DC fans very excited. He doesn’t seem to have ruled out the possibility of playing Batman, expressing his interest in working with Matt Reeves. So the excitement and rumors will likely keep swirling until Reeves finally revealed who is taking the title role in The Batman, now that Ben Affleck is officially out.

Realistically, Oscar Isaac seems like a less likely choice to play Batman, given what we’ve learned about Matt Reeves’ still developing DC project. The Batman will reportedly focus on a younger version of Bruce Wayne, who is more green in his vigilante work. Oscar Isaac is only 6 years younger then 46 year-old Ben Affleck, so that might take him out of the running. Although most Star Wars fans would kill for a chance to see him behind the cowl. After saying goodbye to Poe this coming December, audiences will want another excuse to see him on the big screen.

You can catch Oscar Isaac in Triple Frontier streaming not on Netflix, and he will play Poe Dameron one last time in Episode IX on December 20th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Lizzo and Missy Elliott’s ‘Tempo’ Is Already The Song of the Summer, You’re Welcome

What happens when you take Lizzo, one of hip-hop and R &B’s most energetic vixens in the modern day and age, and mix her energy with that of Missy Elliott, an equally energetic siren of the 1990s and 2000s?” The answer is “Tempo,” a fast and furious, bellowing record stuffed with the kind of swagger that makes those unsure of themselves uncomfortable. The pair dropped the record today and through its hi-hats and dominating lyrics, overtook the internet in a flurry of hip thrusts and flashed tongues.

Lizzo’s already proven that when it comes to vocal chops, she’s top tier. “Juice” enables her shimmering voice to shine and her funkiness has made her a household name because of it. But “Tempo” is completely different, almost as if it’s from a different voice entirely. Lizzo raps here with a snarl and a wink, exclaiming her preference for beats that have some gruff in them. Songs with tempo are meant for those with fuller thighs and blooming personalities. The beat is tailor-made for all kinds of twerking and hip gyration thanks to the rapid clapping and lush electro energy that makes the entire thing feel like one, extremely long, frenzy. Elliott brings a softer electricity to the mix, but don’t mistake it for hesitancy. On the contrary, she embraces the absurdity by being soft, yet delightfully arrogant about her dangerous curves. The two are a match made in hyper-charged heaven because they bounce off each other so organically.

Lizzo’s currently preparing for the release of her new album Cuz I Love You that’s set to drop in April. So far, she’s released captivating, big budget videos for “Juice” and, most recently, the LP’s title track. She’ll be heading out on a tour in support of Cuz I Love You next month as well, so if you want to bear witness to her endless energy live, it’s time to prepare accordingly.

Listen to the raging track up above.

How to Get ‘Glass Skin’ – I Tried the K-Beauty Skin Care Routine

In certain circles, where the difference between ampoules and essences needs no explanation and double cleansing is practically religion, “glass skin” is a term you’ll hear spoken in reverent terms. It’s a phrase that originated on the K-beauty scene and quickly went viral on social media and used to describe a complexion so luminous and poreless, it could be modeled from glass.

I’ve scrolled through plenty of pictures depicting the awe-inspiring results of a glass skin routine—and even once tried to fake it with a single highlighter-serum hybrid. The results of that experiment were successful, but my skin beneath the iridescent liquid was still my regular skin (in pretty good shape, but hardly mirrorlike).

When Peach and Lily founder, Alicia Yoon, recently asked me if I had tried a complete glass skin routine before, I saw my chance to finally attain the reflective cheekbones of my dreams. I’ve known Yoon for a long time, and let me tell you, the woman has no pores and always manages to look the exact right amount of dewy. If I were to have someone guide my foray into this radiant land, she was the ideal candidate.

There was just one caveat: somewhere during the past month, I had gotten complacent where beauty was concerned. My laziness crept up on me subversively, rearing its head only when I opened Yoon’s email and immediately gulped. The screen was crowded with lines and lines of meticulously detailed sentences that outlined the precise steps I should take starting from the moment I woke up.

She encouraged me to think of the process “as a meal plan—giving your skin the 360-degree care it needs to thrive: proper cleansing, exfoliating, balancing, antioxidants, humectants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and protection!” My actual meal plan is about 75 percent croissants, and baguette-shaped blood cells flow through my veins, so we were perhaps on different pages about that one. Nevertheless, slathering my face in assorted creams and serums is literally my job, so I persevered.

While the experiment Yoon had me run through consists of 11 different products, she stresses that it’s not necessary to purchase that many things to duplicate the results. “It’s not so much about the number of steps, but what your skin needs to be at its absolutely healthiest,” she says. “Cleanse properly; either double cleanse or use a cleanser that can both dissolve makeup and remove water-based impurities. Balance your skin’s pH with a toner. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.”

Drenching your skin in moisture is the hallmark of this approach; it’s what gives your face that liquid highlighter (without actually using a drop of highlighter) glow. There are other things you should add too: sunscreen, exfoliants, and face masks. The most important thing, according to Yoon, is to keep everything gentle. “Don’t overdo it with too many acids or harsh actives,” she advises. “In the long run, your skin will get inflamed.” Check your ingredients labels. If you’re using products with vitamin C, be very careful about cocktailing them with high concentrations of AHAs, BHAs, or retinol.

I followed the routine below for a full week (Yoon estimates you need anywhere between one to three weeks to see “profound results”). However, I will prematurely reveal that I was already impressed after only seven days. So when you see the results below, imagine them given additional time. (You may have to sit down for that one.) My arsenal of topicals would have been completely overwhelming if not for the accompanying instructions, so I will now selflessly bequeath them to you.

Details About John Wick 3’s Villain Have Been Revealed

Through the first two chapters of the John Wick franchise, Keanu Reeves’ legendary assassin has yet to come across a foe that can take him down, with only a few even providing a challenge to the lethal Baba Yaga. But in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, John Wick will find himself outgunned like never before, on the run and with the world’s assassins united against him. The main villain in the film is one of those assassins, Mark Dacascos’ Zero.

Mark Dacascos has an extensive list of film and television credits like Cradle 2 the Grave, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Brotherhood of the Wolf, where he has showcased his stylish martial arts skills. He will bring those skills to bear again in John Wick: Chapter 3 as his character Zero tries to collect the $14 million bounty. Zero represents the biggest threat to Keanu Reeves exhausted hero who just wants to retire and play with his dog.

Zero will be John Wick’s greatest adversary, but it sounds like he won’t be a villain in quite the same way that the slimy Santino D’Antonio was in John Wick: Chapter 2 or Alfie Allen’s Iosef Tarasov was in the first film. Mark Dacascos told Empire Magazine that although rivals, Zero has respect for John Wick. He said:

The brief shots we see of Zero in the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum make him look like the Terminator, a stoic killer who never stops, so hearing this adds another interesting level to his character. We know that John Wick commands tremendous respect in the underground crime world and it sounds like Zero not only respects John, but also almost wishes he didn’t have to kill him (or try at least) so they could be friends.

I’m sure the fact that Zero is a fan won’t make John Wick feel any better when he’s trying to kill him, but I guess it is nice to be respected by one’s peers.

In the last film we saw that Common’s Cassian had respect for Baba Yaga, but when he went after John, it was for revenge for killing Gianna– whom he was charged with protecting. When Zero goes after John, it seems that it will be absent emotion, a strictly business situation where Zero wants to collect on the $14 million, even if he actually really likes and respects John.

It’s an interesting dynamic and I’m curious how much we’ll find out about Zero and if he and John Wick have any history. Were they contemporaries who came up in the world of assassins at the same time, each making a name for themselves? Or did Zero come in after, idolizing John Wick and looking to match him?

Mark Dacascos and Keanu Reeves are basically the same age so it may not be a case of the young lion eating the old, but as an assassin who is a John Wick fan, Zero undoubtedly wants to be the one to claim the achievement of taking out Baba Yaga.