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Albums Of The Year: The 1975 Made Their Most Online And Most Lovable Project Yet

Consider, for a moment, the electric guitar. Consider a tone so processed and mechanized you’d mistake it for a power tool. Think about what you could convey with that kind of timbre — anger, probably, or youthful frustration, or maybe even wild love — and now think about how The 1975 weaponize it.

Consider how that fuzzy onslaught propels “Give Yourself a Try,” the euphoric first song we heard from the band’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, into a caffeine rush of positivity. As band leader Matty Healy calmly intones about addiction, sex, and being “a Millennial that Baby Boomers like,” that guitar noise is not hawking punkish anger, but self-love. He’s not mad. He’s just seen some shit.

Consider one more thing: what happens eight tracks down the line, when that same sound slows to a humid crawl on the Britpop weeper “Inside Your Mind.” Here, Healy and his band build a carousel of lovelorn melodrama around that buzzing fulcrum — the same one that they, years before, used to usher in an emo barrage on a song called “Sex.” Endless moods. One squalling guitar tone.

This effervescent guitar clamor is only one of the devices The 1975 utilize on the hopscotching Brief Inquiry, their third venture into Millennials’ collective heart of darkness. Except this time, Healy isn’t so young anymore. He’ll be 30 soon, so he’s taken to “getting spiritually enlightened at 29” and dropping way too much cash on coffee and records — but hey, it beats the harder stuff. He knows that side of it, too.

Healy offers up “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” as a musing on his own opiate addiction, for which he sought treatment last year. As there’s no shortage of rock and roll songs about heroin, “It’s Not Living” instead glows like a liquid pop Lite-Brite, glittering with keyboards instead of stadium guitars. Healy treats his own experience carefully, including in interviews, unequivocally calling drug abuse “bullshit” and lowering his sunglasses for emphasis when talking to MTV News last month.

While much of the album’s lead-up focused on his struggle with substances, when it arrived, Brief Inquiry revealed itself to be even weirder. There’s a song called “The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme” and a funk-saturated examination of irony. Key moments during “Surrounded By Heads and Bodies” and “I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)” scream by-the-books British rock (namely Radiohead). And then Healy will hop on a vocoder-drenched mic or rhyme over the late Roy Hargrove’s horns and you’ll remember you’re dealing with a polyglot.

Brief Inquiry, while not being especially brief (at 58 minutes), is certainly very online. An actual computer speaks the robot love song’s lyrics. Endlessly debated single “Love It If We Made It” flicks through world-burning headlines like a thumb on a phone screen. Healy’s earnestness makes a line like “you text that boy sometimes” impossibly endearing. But even as the album maintains its ambitions, quieter acoustic moments punctuate its tech-addled brain. It’s a real document of being alive in 2018. We’re scared of breaking our phones. We’d also love to be so unburdened.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Attended Their Friend’s Wedding—and Of Course They Looked Spectacular

Two weeks ago, Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in a gorgeous, multi-day celebration in India, forever preserved on the cover of People. But the newlyweds are already back on the social circuit, RSVP’ing yes to the nuptials of heiress Isha Ambani, a longtime friend of Chopra’s—and one of her bridesmaids. (This is the same event where Beyoncé performed at a pre-wedding party, so you know it’s big.)

According to Vogue, Chopra and Jonas touched down in Mumbai earlier this week. And for her first wedding since her own, the actress chose a stunning, couture-grade coral look.

Check out Mr. and Mrs. Jonas’ wedding-guest outfits.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attend the lavish wedding of Isha Ambani in Mumbai


Chopra’s lehenga were created by bridal brand JADE, designed by Monica Shah and Karishma Swali. The separates were beautifully embellished to match her Anmol jewelry. For her own wedding, Chopra turned to local Indian labels, like Khosla Jani by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, for the various ceremonies celebrated over the weekend. (She walked down the aisle wearing custom Ralph Lauren.)



Stylist Ami Patel shared a glimpse of Chopra twirling around in her outfit for Ambani’s nuptials on Instagram.

Then, Chopra herself posted a photo of her and her date.

That “marital bliss” glow.

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Ellen DeGeneres Might End Her Talk Show Sooner Than You Think

We don’t want to alarm you, but Ellen DeGeneres has considered ending her longtime, beloved daytime talk show. This idea isn’t just something that popped into her head once when she was having a bad day, either; it’s a decision she still thinks about often.

In a recent New York Times profile, the comedian shared that she had the option of extending her contract not too long ago. Before signing it, she wavered for a bit and “had been close to declining.” Instead, she decided to keep the show going until summer of 2020—but after that, who knows?

According the piece, “On the question of leaving, she changes her mind all the time. Her brother has been an advocate for staying on, making the case that in the age of Trump, the country needs her positive, unifying voice on television every day.” Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi, however, has a different take. “I just think she’s such a brilliant actress and standup that it doesn’t have to be this talk show for her creativity,” de Rossi says in the piece. “There are other things she could tackle.”

As much as I’d love to keep The Ellen DeGeneres Show on the air, De Rossi has a point. Ellen announced earlier this month that Netflix will release her stand-up special Relatable on December 18, her first special in 15 years.

But taking on new projects doesn’t mean the show has to end. It’s been running for 15 years, amassing 50 Daytime Emmy nominations and 39 wins. What would the world be like without Ellen’s pranks and dances? Who else would brighten our day by giving their audience members $1 million just because? Let’s hope we don’t have to think about that anytime soon and revisit this conversation after 2020.

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Angela Bassett Feels Like Black Panther Already Has An Oscar

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Black Panther will nab some Oscar nominations and subsequent wins, including in the Best Picture category, which has upped the number of nominated movies in recent years. The Oscar nominations won’t be announced until Tuesday, January 22, but that hasn’t stopped people from assuming the Marvel flick will get noms.

In fact, if you ask Black Panther actress Angela Bassett, the movie is going to nab the Best Picture Oscar. In her head, it’s won already. She said:

Angela Bassett was lucky enough to be a part of the little Marvel movie that could. Black Panther was released way back in February of this year. The flick was about a Marvel character that had previously been introduced but was still a lesser known Marvel character, somewhat like Iron Man or the Guardians of the Galaxy originally had been.

The movie went on to dominate the box office for some time, grossing over $1.3 billion worldwide. Obviously, how much money a project has made doesn’t necessarily say anything about quality.

Still, what Angela Bassett is saying to TooFab sort of is indicative of the feeling surrounding Black Panther. It wasn’t just a movie, it was a piece of cultural connective tissue that really resonated around a lot of people and proved that a black ensemble cast could make over a billion worldwide, endearing itself to audiences from many different backgrounds and cultures.

To Bassett, that basically seems to be winning Best Picture. To Disney, that’s enough of a reason to push Black Panther in numerous categories, including the splashy Best Picture. You can take a look at the full list Disney is pushing for, as well.

There is some precedent for Black Panther to at least earn a Best Picture nomination. The Golden Globes nominations are already out, and Black Panther isup for several categories, including Best Motion Picture, Drama. It is also up for Best Original Song and Best Score. That’s a huge boost in the movie’s profile ahead of Oscars voting, which kicks off in January.

So far, the flick has won some MTV Movie & TV Awards, but most of the major movie awards ceremonies — stuff like The Golden Globes, The SAG awards, The BAFTAS, The Critics Choice awards and The Oscars — have yet to happen. Some have announced nominations and some we are still waiting on, as well.

As for the Oscars, nominations are at the end of January and the official ceremony will air on Sunday, February 24, 2019. At the time of this writing, a host has yet to be announced to replace Kevin Hart. We’ll have to wait and see how awards season pans out this year, but there are certainly a lot of interesting prospects. Check out what has yet to hit theaters with our full schedule.

John Cena Apologizes For Beef With The Rock Now That He’s Working On Movies

Nobody has had more success in making the transition from the WWE ring to the big screen than Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson. He hasn’t simply built a successful career but he’s one of the highest paid actors in the world and one of the most in-demand names in the industry. A few years ago, The Rock made a brief return to the WWE where he went head-to-head with the company’s current big star John Cena, who was quite critical of the man who had left WWE for greener pastures. Now that Cena is making more movies himself, he now admits he was out of line being critical of Johnson, as he now understands just what goes into making a movie. Because it isn’t all about the actor. According to Cena…

From a genuine standpoint, if you’re taking it from more than entertainment, if you’re taking it for ‘okay, what you said was absolutely personal,’ I’m sorry, I was wrong, and I spoke out of ignorance. When you do a movie you are not allowed to do anything else. Because if I go do Monday Night Raw and Seth Rollins puts my nose over here, that messes up the movie. And not just like ‘well, you’ve messed up the movie.’ People don’t understand, there are 150 people on a movie set who are financially dependent on that movie getting done on time, that movie moving costs everybody money and sets the movie up to fail, which means we don’t get to do another movie, which means these people don’t get to make money. This is their livelihood.

As far back as 2008, John Cena had made public comments where he called out Dwayne Johnson for the way in which he had distanced himself from the WWE as his Hollywood career began to take off. In 2011, when The Rock made his return to WWE and began a two-year long program with John Cena, those words returned as well and became the backbone of the feud between the two. John Cena was set up as the current star who was the WWE mainstay, who claimed he would never leave, representing those that loved WWE. The Rock was the Hollywood star who had done it all, coming back to prove he still had it.

While this was, to be clear, a WWE storyline more than anything, it’s also clear that the storyline was based on a real conflict between the two superstars. Both sides have said before that they’ve put it all behind them, but for a while there, things were a bit heated. For what it’s worth, it made for compelling WWE TV since both superstars truly felt passionate about what they were saying.

However, John Cena now realizes that making movies is a very different situation than performing in the WWE. He makes reference to the time he got his nose broken by Seth Rollins in a match not that long ago. The injury caused issues with Cena’s wrestling and was certainly inconvenient for him, but the show simply changed up the storyline and continued forward. The WWE didn’t have to postpone its entire schedule because of the injury.

If Cena had been making a movie at the time, it would have been a much bigger issue. Schedules would have needed to change, which would have impacted budgets. In a worst-case scenario, the film could have been entirely rescheduled or canceled, which would have been a financial hit to everybody involved in the movie.

Ironically, exactly this nearly happened during the Cena-Rock feud. During the second Wrestlemania main event between the two, Dwayne Johnson tore two tendons in his pelvis, an injury which very nearly impacted the filming of Hercules. While The Rock has made the occasional appearance in the WWE since then, he has not competed in a significant match since, likely because of the potential for injury and how that could cause problems not only for his own career, but as John Cena points out, the careers of many others as well.

Now that John Cena is spending more time making movies than he is wrestling, he has a better understanding of what the Rock was going through back then. He says he’s apologized to the Rock for his comments, as he understands that he has now become the thing he attacked the Rock for becoming, an actor who occasionally wrestles.

He’s always been genuine, he’s always shot straight — and that’s on TV and off TV. We have a very good rapport with each other and I can… I’ve told this to him that I’m sorry, and I can tell it to you, and I can tell it to you: I spoke out of ignorance, I was wrong, and I’m sorry. So for any WWE person right now saying ‘you’re a part timer, you’re going to Hollywood,’ you’re absolutely right. And if they can’t see why I’m making those moves, I don’t expect them to. I don’t expect to change their mind.

At the end of the day, wrestling takes a physical toll on a person and you just can’t do it forever. However, since performers are still fairly young when wrestling comes to an end, there’s a lot more they can do. Since making movies is really just a different sort of performance and storytelling, it makes sense that it would be a place for sports entertainers to go.

John Cena credits Dwayne Johnson when speaking to Chris Van Vliet, saying that Johnson paved the way both inside the WWE and in Hollywood, allowing Cena to have the success that he had in both places. While Cena hasn’t become the massive action star that Johnson is yet, he’s done well with high-profile supporting roles in comedies and leading roles in smaller action films. Cena’s biggest role to date is on the way, with his performance in the new Transformers movie Bumblebee, which arrives in theaters December 21.

Dwayne Johnson will next be seen in the wrestling comedy Fighting with my Family in February.

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Mortal Engines Has A Hidden Machine That Makes Food Out Of Poo

Production design can sometimes be an underappreciated artform. It’s an incredibly detailed part of the filmmaking process, and yet a lot of those bits of minutiae are either relegated to the distant background or never even appear on the big screen at all. As it turns out, the upcoming Mortal Engines is a prime example of this, as actress Hera Hilmar recently revealed that there is one sequence that subtly hides a machine that makes food out of excrement:

Scuttlebutt is one of the mechanized, roaming cities featured in Mortal Engines — one that heroes Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) and Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar) find themselves inhabiting toward the middle of the movie. It’s ultimately revealed as a site of some danger and drama for the protagonists, with certain individuals proving to not be super trustworthy, but apparently there is a bit of weirdness going on behind the action as well, as the denizens have evidently figured out a way to recycle their food in the post-apocalyptic world.

It was during the Los Angeles press day for Mortal Engines last week that I found out about this very odd machine, specifically while sitting down with stars Hera Hilmar and Jihae — who plays the helpful fugitive Anna Fang in the feature. Having personally visited the set of the film last year when it was still in production, and seen a lot of the wonderful behind-the-scenes details, I asked the duo if they had a favorite element that audiences may not actually see in the finished movie. Hilmar was quick to point out the food-to-poo device, and made it clear that she is still puzzled by the mind that brought it into existence.

On a practical level, however, one can understand why a machine like this makes at least some sense in the world of Mortal Engines. It’s a society where resources are scarce, and folks have to do what they can in order to survive — even if that means trying to recover any kind of nutritional value they can from waste. It’s absolutely disgusting, sure, but there is a long, long history of people doing anything they can to survive in horrible conditions.

That’s all pretty gross, but Jihae’s contribution to the conversation at the very least introduced some beauty into the mix. Her favorite hidden details can be found in the movie both on her weaponry and her ship, the Jenny Haniver, as they each contain personal elements that she found further tied her to the character:

You can watch Hera Hilmar and Jihae discuss the poop machines and intricate details of Mortal Engines by clicking play on the video below:

Mortal Engines, directed by Christian Rivers and produced by Peter Jackson, also stars Hugo Weaving, Stephen Lang, Colin Salmon, and Leila George, is set to arrive in theaters this Friday, December 14th. Be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more from my interviews with the cast and filmmakers.

Movies Starring Women Do Better At The Box Office Than Movies Starring Men

For a long time, there has been something of a groupthink mentality that female-led films don’t deliver at the box office. Similar to the ‘boys won’t buy action figures of female characters’ assertion, this view could seemingly be used to financially justify not putting women front and center in movies. Anecdotally, this narrative has been crumbling for years, but now there is hard data that shows that movies starring women actually do better at the box office than movies starring men.

The new study shows that casting women as leads in films provides a boost at the box office over those films lead by males, according to Deadline. Most interestingly is that this wasn’t a case of female-led indie films or blockbusters that outperformed their male-led counterparts throwing off the averages. Female-led movies on average outperformed the guys across the spectrum budget-wise.

The study, from agency CAA and tech firm Shift7, analyzed 350 films released between January 2014 and December 2017 in five budget categories (below $10 million, $10 million to $30 million, $30 million to $50 million, $50 million to $100 million and $100+ million) and found that 105 of them were led by women, based on who was listed first in billing blocks, press notes or final credits.

The difference between female-led movies and male-led movies was the most pronounced among the bigger budgeted films. For movies in the study that cost between $50 million and $100 million, the women-led films averaged $318 million at the worldwide box office, versus $243 million for those led by men. In the $100+ million bracket, the ladies averaged $586 million worldwide, whereas the dudes couldn’t quite match with $514 million.

The research from CAA and Shift7 also looked at how women were depicted in films and if that had any impact on the title’s box office performance. Specifically, it looked at the performance of movies that pass the Bechdel Test. For a film to pass the Bechdel Test, it has to have multiple women who speak to each other about something other than men.

It was found that films that passed the Bechdel Test outperformed those films that did not. Which makes sense, because female-led films should naturally give the female characters more opportunities to talk about something other than men. It is also likely that audiences, particularly women, want to see movies that have fully fleshed out female characters, and they reward those films at the box office. To drive this point home, all of the films that have crossed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office since 2012 have passed the test.

Anecdotally, it has seemed like the walls have been crumbling around the assumption that female-led films were less successful than male-led ones for a few years now, the same time period of this study, with films like Wonder Woman and already we are seeing that with what projects are being greenlit.

These numbers just back that up, showing that the bottom line is no longer a valid excuse not to put women front and center in movies and give them the same opportunities as the guys have head for decades.

There are plenty of female-led movies hoping to further prove what this study has shown hitting theaters next year. Check them out in our 2019 release schedule.

What Your Holiday Table Has Been Missing

I HAVE JAMES BEARD’S mincemeat,” Jeanne Voltz, a food stylist, confided to me recently. Since producing a documentary about Mr. Beard, I’ve been approached with many tales about the gregarious authority on American cuisine. Some people like to chat about his recipes, and that’s what I thought Ms. Voltz was getting at. I glibly responded, “Aren’t his recipes great?”

“I don’t think you understand,” she pressed. “I have his mincemeat.” She explained that the batch she possessed had been made by Mr. Beard’s own gigantic hands:…

Mary Poppins Returns Reviews Are Up, Here’s What Critics Are Saying

Over the past few years, the trend of nostalgia has truly dominated the filmmaking industry. Moviegoers long to return to a simpler time, resulting in plenty of reboots and long awaited sequels. Disney has been cashing in on this trend through live-action remakes of its animated classics, although it’s going the traditional sequel route with Mary Poppins Returns.

Chicago director Rob Marshall is helming a musical blockbuster, which will serve as a direct follow up to the 1964 original. All eyes are on what Emily Blunt will do with the practically perfect title character, and now the first reviews for Mary Poppins Returns have hit the web. They’re generally positive, likely hinting at a strong box office performance for the Holiday season.

CinemaBlend’s own Sarah El-Mahmoud gave the movie one of those positive reviews, as she ultimately scored Mary Poppins Returns with an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5. She particularly praised how the sequel approached a dark subject matter, and made it accessible for all generations of moviegoers, saying:

Mary Poppins Returns tackles some strong themes of loss and what it means to grow up, but not too intensely or maturely. As the original did so gracefully, it’s one of those films that somehow can offer a different message to a range of audiences– it’s not just a ‘kids movie’ or a fix of nostalgia, it’s a radiant timeless tale audiences will long to fly with again and again.

CinemaBlend isn’t the only outlet that appreciated how Mary Poppins Returns broached the serious subject of loss and death in the film. Mary returns when The Banks family is mourning the loss of their wife/mother, and IGN‘s Laura Prudom praised the sequel’s way of telling this story, with:

What stands out most about Mary Poppins Returns is its heart; even more than the original, it opts for sentimentality over subtlety, but much like this year’s equally charming Paddington 2, its earnest intentions never tip it too far into eye-roll territory. Its life lessons may be a bit too on-the-nose for some adults, but it’s clear that now, just as in 1964, Mary Poppins still has plenty to teach us.

Not all reviews for Mary Poppins Returns are quite as glowing, as its getting some criticism for following the outline of the original movie too closely. Slashfilm‘s Josh Spiegel recounted the ways Returns tries to emulate the 1964 classic, with the new material feeling out of place. He said,

The issue is less the cast, which is largely quite good, and more the slavish devotion Marshall and the co-writers have to the original film’s structure without improving upon it. Even Blunt, who’s pretty solid, isn’t playing Mary Poppins as much as she’s playing Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. Miranda, typically so winning (never more so than in his Broadway phenom Hamilton), feels mildly trapped by playing a newer version of the Cockney-accented chimney-sweep from the original. The arguable standout is Whishaw, who sells Michael Banks’ heartbreak at the loss of his wife as well as his desperate terror at losing his old family house. He sells it, in fact, so well that you get cognitive whiplash as the story shifts from Mary Poppins’ goofy nonsense to Michael struggling to be a single father.

There’s a ton of pressure for Mary Poppins Returns to deliver, especially when it comes to its new musical numbers. After all, the soundtrack from the original movie have become iconic in their decades in pop culture. IndieWire‘s David Ehrlich wasn’t a fan of the new songs by Marc Shaiman, saying:

The original Mary Poppins, for all its appeal, isn’t a work of musical genius. Earworms like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” might have trickled down from one generation to the next, but even the most cursed afflictions can be hereditary. Still, Mary Poppins Returns manages to shimmy under the low bar set by its predecessor. While composer Marc Shaiman (who co-wrote the lyrics with Scott Wittman) does a note-perfect job of recapturing the general Poppins vibe, there isn’t a memorable tune in the bunch; for better or worse, you won’t be haunted by these songs.

While there’s some criticism being thrown around about Mary Poppins Returns, for those most part star Emily Blunt has been getting tons of positive attention. THR‘s David Rooney praised Blunt’s Golden Globe nominated performance, as he reported:

That entrance establishes Emily Blunt right off the bat as a worthy successor to Julie Andrews. With her crisp diction, ramrod-straight posture and no-nonsense air, she swiftly dismisses the gawping stares and bewildered questions of her former charges, the now-grownup Banks siblings Michael (Ben Whishaw) and Jane (Emily Mortimer). There’s preening vanity beneath Blunt’s bossiness, but also unmistakable warmth as she marshals recently widowed Michael’s three children — precocious twins John and Annabel (Nathanael Saleh, Pixie Davies) and their more impressionable younger brother Georgie (Joel Dawson) — with brisk commands like “Pish-posh,” “Spit-spot” or “Jiggety-jog.”

Mary Poppins Returns seems to be performing well critically, but it also isn’t exactly practically perfect. But considering the franchise’s iconography, the sequel’s cast, and the timing of the release, smart money says Disney has another massive win on their hands.

Mary Poppins Returns will arrive in theaters on December 19th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In January 2019

A new year is coming up pretty quickly, and before the holiday merrriment caps off 2018’s fantastic run of Netflix content, it feels like a good time to see what’s ahead. With that in mind, we’re proud to present the rundown of titles of both TV and movies headed to Netflix’s streaming library in January 2019.

So while you’re recovering from the joys of New Year’s Eve and Day celebrations, or just looking for something to occupy your weekends in the slower movie season, you’re pretty covered considering what’s on the horizon. If you want to see last month’s lineup, head over to December’s incoming rundown. Otherwise, get out your noisemakers and prepare to practice, as we’re headed to 2019!

Week of January 1

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/1/19
Across the Universe – 1/1/19
Babel – 1/1/19
Black Hawk Down – 1/1/19
City of God – 1/1/19
COMEDIANS of the world – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/1/19
Definitely, Maybe – 1/1/19
Godzilla – 1/1/19
Happy Feet – 1/1/19
Hell or High Water – 1/1/19
I Know What You Did Last Summer – 1/1/19
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 1/1/19
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – 1/1/19
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – 1/1/19
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – 1/1/19
It Takes Two – 1/1/19
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – 1/1/19
Jersey Boys – 1/1/19
Mona Lisa Smile – 1/1/19
Mr. Bean’s Holiday – 1/1/19
Pan’s Labyrinth – 1/1/19
Pinky Malinky – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/1/19
Pulp Fiction – 1/1/19
Swingers – 1/1/19
Tears of the Sun – 1/1/19
The Addams Family – 1/1/19
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas – 1/1/19
The Dark Knight – 1/1/19
The Departed – 1/1/19
The Mummy – 1/1/19
The Mummy Returns – 1/1/19
The Strangers – 1/1/19
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/1/19
Watchmen – 1/1/19
xXx – 1/1/19
XXX: State of the Union – 1/1/19
Monty Python and the Holy Grail – 1/2/19
And Breathe Normally – NETFLIX FILM – 1/4/19
Call My Agent!: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/4/19
El Potro: Unstoppable – NETFLIX FILM – 1/4/19
Lionheart – NETFLIX FILM – 1/4/19

Week of January 6

GODZILLA The Planet Eater – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/9/19
Solo: A Star Wars Story – 1/9/19
When Heroes Fly – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/10/19
Friends from College: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/11/19
ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/11/19
Sex Education – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/11/19
Solo – NETFLIX FILM – 1/11/19
The Last Laugh – NETFLIX FILM – 1/11/19

Week of January 13

Revenger – NETFLIX FILM – 1/15/19
Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/15/19
American Gangster – 1/16/19
American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace – 1/17/19
Carmen Sandiego – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/18/19
Close – NETFLIX FILM – 1/18/19
FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/18/19
Grace and Frankie: Season 5 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/18/19
IO – NETFLIX FILM – 1/18/19
Soni – NETFLIX FILM – 1/18/19
The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: Season 2 Part B – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/18/19
Trigger Warning with Killer Mike – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/18/19
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 5 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/18/19

Week of January 20

Justice – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/21/19
Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/24/19
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation – 1/24/19
Animas – NETFLIX FILM – 1/25/19
Black Earth Rising – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/25/19
Club de Cuervos: Season 4– NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/25/19
Kingdom – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/25/19
Medici: The Magnificent – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/25/19
Polar – NETFLIX FILM – 1/25/19
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4 Part 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/25/19

Week of January 27

Z Nation: Season 5 – 1/27/19
Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: One Show Fits All – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 1/29/19
Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp – 1/29/19
Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles 2 – 1/30/19

January TBD

Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Holidays are the perfect time for marathons of your favorite movies. With the Indiana Jones quartet heading to Netflix’s library on New Year’s Day, you can get your fix without any commercials. Though if you’re looking for a quick double feature, both The Mummy and xXx have the first two entries in their respective canons ready to go.

Much like that ex who tries to remind you of how good you had it before the break-up, Disney is hammering that content button with three separate films from 2018 landing throughout the month. If you missed Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters, or purposely waited until this moment to see if it was worth the time, you’ll be well served to log into your Netflix account in January.

Also, if you’re running a Marvel Cinematic Universe refresher marathon, Ant-Man and The Wasp is also coming online, further detailing Scott Lang’s criminal super-hero antics. Finally, if Incredibles 2 is a movie you’ve been hoping to catch up with, or have been meaning to watch yet again, it’s going to be a happy day when your queue shows that film as available for streaming at the end of the month.

Don’t head out the door just yet TV fans, as you’ll be glad to have kept that subscription in January. The Baudelaire children are about to face The End, as A Series of Unfortunate Events debuts its third and final season at the top of the month. Though if you’re looking for something more uplifting, but still allowing for cutting wit to be present, Grace and Frankie return for season 5 of their misadventures.

Even more exciting is the fact that, at some point soon, it looks like Marvel’s The Punisher will be returning to your television screens. There’s no exact date at the moment, but it’s on the to-do list for Netflix’s January release schedule, so it looks as if the program will be coming some time next month. Last, but not least, if you’re a sucker for goodbyes, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is set to close out its four season run with the second half of that finale unfolding.

Netflix is ready to start 2019 in fighting form, and the schedule above is your guide to keep up with it all! Keep in mind, these dates are subject to change, so you’ll want to keep coming back here to see what the latest updates have in store. Have a great holiday season with the joy of Netflix, and may your 2019 start off on the right foot!