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Pam Grier Accidentally Felt Up Samuel L. Jackson During A Jackie Brown Rehearsal

Acting often requires actors to get up close and personal with people they barely know, and because of that, uncomfortable situations can arise. Such was the case on the set of Quentin Tarantino‘s 1997 film Jackie Brown, where star Pam Grier accidentally felt up co-star Samuel L. Jackson. The Foxy Brown actress explained the awkward moment that happened in the scene where Jackie Brown has Ordell Robbie at gunpoint, saying:

For insurance reasons, Pam Grier couldn’t use the gun until actually filming the scene, so that necessitated her just using her hand as if she had a gun in it. In the scene, Ordell Robbie gets the tables turned on him and Jackie Brown, as the former puts it, has “a gun pressed up against my dick.” To rehearse the placement of said gun and its proximity to Samuel L. Jackson’s nether regions, Pam Grier had to put her hand between his legs and, well, she accidentally felt him up.

Pam Grier also explained to PeopleTV’s Couchsurfing what happened when she accidentally felt up her co-star, saying:

As if the situation wasn’t awkward enough to begin with, Pam Grier’s hilarious apology and ‘thank you,’ accompanied by a comment about the location about Samuel L. Jackson’s private area, had to make the situation even more uncomfortable. This seemingly made Pam Grier eager to use the gun and film the actual scene, confident that she wouldn’t miss the mark next time.

The actress also told Couchsurfing that Samuel L. Jackson’s response to his co-star and ’70s sex symbol Pam Grier’s hand being in a place he didn’t expect it to be was ‘oh,’ which seems appropriate. Although I would have liked the story to have included Samuel L. Jackson spouting a Samuel L. Jackson-ism in response to this situation, like “Hold on to your butts” or “This party’s over” or something about the path of the righteous man.

If you’re curious to see the actual scene Pam Grier is talking about, check out the clip from Jackie Brown below.

Watching the scene itself, you can see how Pam Grier’s aim may have been a little off, especially if they were rehearsing the scene in the dark. Even if they weren’t, her character is looking at Samuel L. Jackson’s when she threatens him, so she sort of just had to make an educated guess where to put her hand.

Jackie Brown is arguably the forgotten Quentin Tarantino film, but it is probably worth revisiting, if just for the cast alone. Speaking of incredible casts, Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming ninth film boasts arguably the auteur’s most impressive yet. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opens in theaters on July 26, 2019.

A Legends Of Tomorrow Star Revealed More About Constantine And Gary Green’s Relationship

Legends of Tomorrow ended Season 3 with Gary and Constantine crashing the Legends’ vacation to remind everyone they still had work to do after defeating Mallus. Fans were excited for more crazy adventures, but also by the news that Gary and Constantine had been spending time together off-screen. With many fans shipping “Constagreen” going into Season 4, Gary portrayer Adam Tsekhman spoke to CinemaBlend and assured us that fans will see more of the duo and possibly more.

Adam Tsekhman confirmed Legends of Tomorrow fans will get to enjoy more of the Gary and Constantine dynamic in Season 4. That could mean Constagreen has a real shot at becoming a reality, even if trailer footage thus far hasn’t shown the two characters side-by-side all that much. That said, there was a scene from the first trailer where Constantine appeared to make a very naked Gary an interim Legend, which could mean the two will be around each other often enough for that level of comfort.

Gary is clearly a big “fan” of Constantine, to the point it’s almost creepy, but wouldn’t that just make him an over-eager fanboy? (If Gary’s middle name is Stan, I’ll withhold my shock.) Adam Tsekhman revealed his fandom of Constantine runs a bit deeper than that. So if things were to develop romantically between the two, his character would certainly be down.

Ahead of Season 4’s premiere, Adam Tsekhman couldn’t say for sure if Constantine felt the same way, but the pair’s interactions during Season 3 could clue fans in on which way the occultist hero is leaning. Constantine planted a kiss on Gary after the latter’s Dungeons & Dragons knowledge came in handy, and the two seem to have spent some time together away from the Legends. Thus, optimism is high regarding Gary’s hopes that things move forward, but does the coupling really mean anything to Constantine?

After all, Constantine is pretty easygoing when it comes to hookups. He and Sara Lance “shagged” in Season 3, which didn’t lead to any deep and meaningful relationship. While it’s possible such a one-off fling could happen with Gary, one would imagine these two coming away from their time together with very different expectations going forward. Basically, Constantine might break Gary’s heart if he allows things to progress to such levels, which might be why it hasn’t happened already.

If more obvious sparks do start flying between Constantine and Gary in Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, “The Virgin Gary” is the perfect episode for to happen. So far, we know that episode involves a homicidal unicorn at Woodstock (hawt), and Constantine requesting the Legends help in developing a spell that could defeat it. We’re not entirely sure how Gary and/or his virginity play into that, although we’re guessing he’ll have something big to do. Pun partially intended.

BTS’ RM Just Dropped His Solo Playlist ‘Mono’ And It’s Like Free Therapy

Over the weekend, BTS‘ lead rapper RM announced the impending arrival of a surprise solo mixtape playlist called Mono — his first solo release since 2015’s self-titled mixtape, RM. Well, Mono officially dropped Stateside today (October 22), and it has listeners deep in their feelings.

The seven-track playlist finds the rapper getting vulnerable and laying his deep insecurities bare on songs like “Tokyo” and “Seoul” (produced by electronic duo Honne). It’s equal parts wistful and weary, and the theme of loneliness is constant throughout, particularly resonate on the delicate “Moonchild.” The mood breaks on “Everythingoes,” a powerful collaboration with Korean artists Nell that highlights the resilience of the human spirit. “It will pass, someday, for sure, for certain,” RM sings.

Big Hit Entertainment also dropped the monochromatic animated music video for “Forever Rain,” the release’s moody, emotional closer. “I wish it would rain all day long,” RM raps, slowly. “‘Cause then I wish someone can cry for me, yeah / Wish it would rain all day long / ‘Cause then the people wouldn’t look at me, yeah.”

RM wrote and produced the entire playlist alongside frequent BTS producers Pdogg and Hiss Noise. Fans are the only ones emotionally reeling from Mono — RM’s fellow bandmates are too.

Vocalist Jimin took to social media to praise “Seoul” with a sobbing emoji. (Honestly, same.)

Listen to Mono here.

ReelBlend Podcast #42: Bohemian Rhapsody Talk And A London Meet-Up With Fans

Cheers from London! OK, by the time you are listening to this week’s ReelBlend podcast, the boys will have left the U.K. But if you have followed them on social media at all, you know that they were all together for the Bohemian Rhapsody junket in London, which included a fan meet-and-greet (here’s a photo) and the recording of this extra-special, longer-than-usual episode. We hope you enjoy!

It’s rare that all three ReelBlend hosts — Jake Hamilton, Kevin McCarthy and Sean O’Connell — are in the same city at the same time. That, alone, makes this week’s episode special. But the guys also kick this one off with a heated debate about the ending of the new Halloween movie, so if you contributed to the movie’s record-breaking opening, give that a listen.

From there, the guys discussed First Man‘s underwhelming performance at the box office, and whether that hurt the film’s Oscar chances. The Damien Chazelle drama has a long way to go to gain awards traction. Can it happen?

The bulk of this week’s show was dedicated, though, to our London trip. We were all here for Bohemian Rhapsody, the story of Queen that focuses heavily on Freddie Mercury (played to perfection by Rami Malek). And we were able to react to the movie, with no spoilers. We’ll do full reviews later.

But instead, we spent time talking about the incredible fan meet-up we held at The King’s Head in Mayfair, where we got to hang out with some amazing ReelBlend listeners. It was a true highlight meeting everyone, and we really hope to do more of these in the future.

As the podcast rolled on, the guys remembered their most memorable London press events. (Jake’s will surprise you.) And then they played #UnderratedHorrorBlend, as the Halloween-themed Blend game continued for October.

ReelBlend is a LIVE podcast that we do on CinemaBlend’s Facebook page. As soon as we are done on Facebook, you can download the latest episode (and all of our past episodes) for FREE on our iTunes page! Visit. Subscribe. Like and comment. Review! Apple loves when you have star ratings and reviews, so if you listened, and you liked it (or even if you didn’t), let us know. We also are on Spotify. And Google Play. And basically everywhere that you download podcasts. So download us.

Meanwhile, follow the guys on Social Media! We have an official Twitter feed for the show, so follow @ReelBlend. In addition, follow the guys at @Sean_OConnell, @JakesTakesand @KevinMcCarthyTV. We will be back at it next week, LIVE on CinemaBlend’s Facebook page. See you then!

Game Of Thrones Apparently Brought Back Former Stars For Big Reunion Special

A big reunion is coming! Sean Bean has teased something Game of Thrones fans have been anxious to have happen for a long time — a reunion special. The man who brought Ned Stark to life revealed the huge news, and, apparently, it all came up when Bean was asked if he still communicates with his Stark co-stars. Bean said:

Nobody, nobody at all! (laughs) I’ve only seen them on a couple of occasions. Last time, was about four weeks ago in Belfast. Conan O’Brien did this thing. It was the last episode, so we all got together. It was good! It’s funny with work, you don’t really keep in touch. You do so many types of jobs in that part of the world. It’s just like whenever I see old friends or even old drama school friends, it’s just the same, we pick up where we left off last time.

Exciting! Sean Bean did not reveal any further details regarding who took part in the special to THR, but he did confirm the show’s existence. Fans certainly have a long list of past and present cast members to choose from, though. While the cast for the shorter Season 8 is still huge, the ensemble that could be tallied up through the years is simply massive. So, when Bean says “we all got together,” it makes you wonder who exactly attended. Since Bean participated, stars who did not make it to Season 8 were, apparently, on the invite list.

It appears the Starks were on the list of attendees. Sean Bean did say they all got together. Talk about a reunion! Ned Stark did not make it past Season 1, and after that, it was casualty after casualty for the Stark family. In news that Ned would rejoice about, Sansa, Bran, Arya, and Jon Snow are still among the living. Unfortunately, Ned’s wife, sons Robb, and Rickon, as well as his brother Benjen have passed.

For the survivors, it has been a brutal road to remain alive. As for the reunion, Sean Bean also revealed some other details, saying:

Yes, it was for season eight, the last one. So they decided to get all the characters together for a bit for this big show in Belfast and he kind of hosted the evening.

The special was taped around a month ago, but whether it will air on HBO, or as part of Conan O’Brien’s TBS show is unclear. Regardless, it will be exciting to see the stars back together. So much has happened on Game of Thrones, it will be interesting to hear the cast potentially weigh in. While the books made Ned, Catelyn, and Robb Stark’s fates knowable, other characters’ fates post-Season 5 haven’t been so easy to guess at.

There has been Jon Snow’s return from the dead and the infamous non-zig zag by Rickon Stark. Does the cast think not running in a straight line could have saved Rickon from Ramsay? It would be nice if they at least talk about past plotlines, knowing that them weighing in with details on how the show ends seems unrealistic right now, since none of the final season has aired yet. Plus, cast members who potentially participated and have knowledge of the final season would not have wanted to discuss anything spoiler-related, for fear of it getting leaked.

The reunion special was filmed in Belfast, which is the location that has been Game of Thrones‘ filming headquarters since the beginning. Conan O’Brien has brought cast members on his late-night talk show in the past, so that makes him a decent fit to host a reunion special.

It is safe to say that fans will likely get a nice walk down memory lane during the reunion, but we will know for sure when it airs. Game of Thrones‘ eighth and final season premieres on HBO sometime in 2019. The amount of fall premieres happening in the meantime should help with the wait.

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Normani Drops Two New Songs With Supreme Bop Maestro Calvin Harris

Linking up with ultra major bop architect Calvin Harris is always a good idea; just ask Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Sam Smith — the list goes on. Another name you can add to it now, and another authority on the matter of Harris’s bop supremacy, is Normani.

The two have connected for a new pair of dance floor-ready pop tunes including “Checklist,” also featuring WizKid, and the house-influenced “Slow Down.” The latter seems of a piece with Harris’s previous 2018 house-pop hits, including “One Kiss” with Lipa and “Promises” with Smith. On both, though, Normani brings an urgent and dynamic energy that marks a high point here in the early part of the former Fifth Harmony singer‘s burgeoning solo career.

These two cuts don’t sound much alike, but both are showcases for Normani’s vocals to take center stage. On “Checklist,” she adopts a delivery reminiscent of reggae to match the fluttering rhythms, while she ramps up the speed to increase the heat on the strobe light-primed “Slow Down.”

On Instagram, she shouted out her collaborators for these two tracks. “Throughout the process of working on my album I have gotten the opportunity to get in the room with some of the most talented human beings everrrrr like ever ever!!!!,” Normani wrote, singling out Harris and WizKid, as well as Jessie Reyez and Starrah, who worked on the songs.

In the wake of 5H’s hiatus announcement in March, Normani has appeared on the sultry “Love Lies” with Khalid and the remix of Reyez’s swaggering “Body Count” along with Kehlani. And earlier this month, she popped up with Davido on Quavo’s solo effort, Quavo Huncho. She’s keeping busy, and these two new tracks are nice additions to an already packed year for Normani.

Listen to the two very different tracks above and try to choose a favorite between them, if you can.

Wells Adams Had the Perfect Response to Someone Who Body-Shamed Sarah Hyland

Unfortunately, Sarah Hyland has found herself on the receiving end of Instagram trolling many times. She has no problem shutting down the haters herself, but her boyfriend Wells Adams stepped in for her latest bout of bullying, which happened on Sunday (October 21).

The incident happened on Instagram, of course. Hyland uploaded a photo of herself (that Adams took) in which she’s wearing a seventies-inspired gold chain-mail-esque bikini with a gold body chain, oversized hoop earrings, and trendy round sunglasses. “Blue frames. Blue skies. Even bluer ocean,” she captioned the dreamy pic. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the trolling comments rolled in.

“Me, I’m the type of fan who really concerned. You look really unhealthy. Being that skinny can’t be safe,” on person posted, which was captured by the social account Comments By Celebs.

Adams swiftly came to Hyland’s defense, though. “You, your the type of fan who’s a d**che bag.”

See the post for yourself, below:

This isn’t the first time Adams has come to Hyland’s defense. He told a commenter on Instagram to “eat sh*t” after they suggested to Hyland that she “eat a donut.” And over the summer, he and Hyland teamed up to epically shut down another troll. “I would like to put in a request for anyone who is concerned about my bread consumption to send it to Wells Adams, because he is the sole person who knows about how much bread I consume on a daily basis. Thanks! Love you, mean it. ‘K, bye,” Hyland posted on Instagram Stories back in July. A couple who claps back together stays together.

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What Anthony Mackie Thinks About The Hate U Give’s Controversial Ending

The following contains major spoilers for The Hate U Give. See the movie, then come back here.

The Hate U Give is a powerful film that deals with subjects of race, class, culture, and violence. We see the cycle of violence play out in the form of Russell Hornsby’s Maverick, who leaves the gang life working with Anthony Mackie’s King in order to try and save his children from that life. All of it comes apart, however, when Maverick’s youngest child takes his father’s gun and points it at King, while a pair of police officers arrive on the scene. Our own Hannah Saulic had a chance to ask Anthony Mackie what King was thinking at that moment. The actor responded…

In a movie that has many emotional and heartwrenching moments, this one may be the most terrible. Sekani is only about eight-years-old and here he is holding a gun while a couple of cops are pointing guns at him. Having seen the worst thing possible happen the last time a cop thought somebody had a gun, the audience is trained to expect something terrible to happen once again.

For all intents and purposes, Anthony Mackie‘s King is the “villain” of The Hate U Give. He’s the local drug dealer who threatens Amandla Stenberg‘s Starr because he’s afraid that if she comes forward and tells what she knows about the police shooting she has witnessed, it will cause his business problems. However, Anthony Mackie says that when King sees this little boy holding a gun, he’s not selfishly thinking he might be shot, he’s realizing how his actions have led to this terrible outcome, and how far-reaching the consequences might truly be.

The title of The Hate U Give comes from a line made famous by Tupac Shakur, “The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody” which transforms into the acronym THUG LIFE. That is exactly what we see in this scene, as the next generation is showing that they have adapted to the violence that they have seen around them. The cycle is continuing rather than stopping.

The Hate U Give ultimately ends with a message of hope, rather than despair, but the fact that it’s such a close thing is what the audience really takes away.

Check out the video below for Anthony Mackie’s complete comments on the end of The Hate U Give as well as Russell Hornsby‘s response to how his character, the boy’s father Maverick, is feeling at that same moment.

Sears Has Filed for Bankruptcy, but Its Mortifying ‘Husky’ Jeans Endure

A common scene at department stores nationwide: a poor child gets dragged to the “Husky” section by his mother.
A common scene at department stores nationwide: a poor child gets dragged to the “Husky” section by his mother. Photo: Graham Roumieu

FOR JOHN SPIER, last Monday’s news that Sears was filing for bankruptcy brought back a 7th grade-shopping trip he wished he could forget. His mother steered the young Mr. Spier, in need of jeans, to a section of their suburban Massachusetts Sears he’d never noticed before. The section “was pushed off into the corner, very delineated from the rest of the stuff,” recalled Mr. Spier, 25, who now works in technology and healthcare public relations in Boston. “There was a sign that said ‘Husky.’” Though he hadn’t thought much about his size until that point, he recalled suddenly feeling “crappy” that he had to shop somewhere different from the other boys.

Though Mr. Spier felt like an isolated loser in that moment, he is certainly not the only boy to have frequented the “Husky” section, where jeans and khakis with larger waistlines and fuller pant legs accommodate heavier-set kids. “I think you’re still sort of growing into yourself, and they invent this other category for you to fit in,” said Keith Barry, 28, a law student and musician in New York City who recalled wearing “Huskies” when he was still a baby fat-plagued tween.

Memories of the Husky section, which worked its evil at Sears, Target and J.C. Penney among other stores, are far from fond. More than one man I spoke with said that the mere mention of the word “husky” could trigger painful memories of insecurity and schoolyard teasing. “Having to wear these swingy, MC Hammer jeans—I really hated it,” said Jake Lahut, 23, a political reporter in Keene, N.H., who wore Huskies as a kid.

Husky clothes stretch back to the mid-century, when Sears catalogs showed stockier boys in “Tough Skin Husky” jeans. Dr. Michael Thompson, 71, a child psychologist in Arlington, MA. wore Husky clothes in the 1950s and says that back then the term may have been intended as a compliment. “I think Sears meant it to [describe] a healthy strong boy,” said Dr. Thompson. Yet 18 years ago, a reporter described Dr. Thompson as “husky” in a magazine article, and he didn’t like it at all. In the intervening decades, “husky” had become a word that stings.

As childhood obesity rates in American rose, “husky” no longer connoted ruggedly beefy. The percentage of children under 19 who are obese has tripled since the 1970s. Today, nearly one in five young people are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so it follows that the percentage of children in need of larger clothes has expanded significantly. “Obesity is certainly a serious problem in the U.S. and it is increasing the demand for a plus-size selection,” said Ayako Homma, a senior analyst at Euromonitor International, a market research group. Childrenswear brands like the Children’s Place have subsequently extended their size offerings.

Yet, strangely, a better, less provocative term than “husky” has not been found. Gap, JCPenney, Old Navy, the Children’s Place, Kohl’s, Levi’s, Target, Land’s End—all of these retailers still use the term, a fact that shocked most of the Husky vets that I spoke with. “It’s terrible. It sounds offensive,” said Mr. Spier. Added Mr. Lahut, “It sounds like something from ‘Leave it to Beaver,’” describing the word as a “euphemism for a fat kid.”

That’s exactly what it is, for better or worse, said Dr. Alan Kazdin, 73, a professor emeritus of child psychiatry at Yale University, who likened the use of the term to saying “passed away” instead of “died.” It’s meant to be polite and, as Dr. Thompson explained, at one point it was. Yet, today, when so many view it as a negative, why do brands still use a term that dings the delicate pre-teen psyche and lingers for years? (The aforementioned brands either did not respond to request for comment or declined to comment for the article.)

In adult clothing, companies have updated terms to keep with the times: Plus-sized women’s clothing is often called “curvy,” a term that is generally viewed as less judgmental. Could a similar alternative be found for “Husky”? Each former Husky wearer I spoke with had a different suggestion. Evan Waldenberg, 26, a clothing designer in New York, proposed a color-coded system in which a “green tag meant slim straight and then an orange tag meant wider fit.” Mr. Lahut thought “‘comfortable-cut’ would not offend anybody.” For Mr. Spier, numerical sizing, as used in adult clothes, made the most sense: “Why not just call it size 34 or 36?” In the end, replacing one euphemism for another is challenging. Do you have ideas? Send them to me. Or better yet, send them to Gap.

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Selma Blair Has Revealed A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

On social media over the weekend, Selma Blair made a heartbreaking personal announcement: she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The actress discovered the news in August, as she admits in the post, although Blair believes the symptoms have been around for a few years, at least. While it has been a difficult time for the film and television actress, Blair is thankful for the support she receives from her family, friends, and co-workers on Another Life, Netflix‘s forthcoming sci-fi drama, which is currently filming. Here’s what Blair wrote:

As Selma Blair confesses in the open and honest Instagram post, she is in “the thick of it” when it comes the debilitating disease. Still, the actress offered this personal news to hopefully inspire others who may also be struggling with this difficult journey, either themselves or through a loved one’s illness.

Selma Blair says it can be “overwhelming,” but she is thankful for all the people who help her, both personally and professionally, as she pushes forward every single day. She continued:

Selma Blair recently learned about this MS diagnosis in the late summer, but the actress believes she has potentially had this disease for “15 years at least.” Tragically, multiple sclerosis is incurable, and she has met with many challenges as she persists forward, with more to come.

But Selma Blair is thankful to both have the knowledge and the ability to share it.

There’s no doubt that Selma Blair‘s heartwrenching revelation is a difficult one to learn, but we are thankful to know that the actress is continuing to move forward as best she can. She has a wide wealth of support from a variety of different people keeping her focused on the bright side.