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The First Happy Death Day 2U Poster Calls Back To Happy Death Day

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Happy Death Day!

We talk a lot about the massive horror hits in recent years like IT, Get Out and A Quiet Place, but there are other horror movie successes that flew under the radar. Among them was 2017’s Happy Death Day, a darkly comedic Groundhog Day-like tale which did well enough to warrant a sequel, the aptly titled Happy Death Day 2U. The first poster for the sequel has arrived and it calls back to the original film and a specific plot point. Take a look.

The poster for Happy Death Day featured a birthday cake with a kitchen knife stabbed into it, teasing the premise of the horror flick, while also cluing audiences in to a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This poster for Happy Death Day 2U is in much the same vein, maintaining the birthday theme with the ‘2’ candle, fitting perfectly with the obvious, but still appropriate title of the film.

The candle on the poster rests on a red velvet cupcake, and if you’ve seen the first film, you know that the cupcake has major significance. In Happy Death Day, Jessica Rothe’s Tree Gelbman is going about her birthday generally being a terrible person when she is killed on her way to a party. Over the course of the film, she dies and dies again, each time gathering information to try and discover the identity of her killer, stop him, survive and break the loop.

Eventually Tree discovers that the killer is in fact her roommate, Lori, played by Ruby Modine, who tries to kill her with a poisoned cupcake. At the end of the film, Tree stuffs the poisoned cupcake in her roommate’s mouth and kicks her out a window, delivering sweet justice, saving her life and breaking the loop.

The cupcake on this poster for Happy Death Day 2U is the perfect way to remind audiences of the danger lurking in the most unexpected of places in this film. We don’t know too much about the plot for Happy Death Day 2U, but it will again follow Jessica Rothe’s Tree Gelbman as she discovers that her countless deaths in the first film were easy compared to what she now faces.

The first Happy Death Day was a sneaky success at the box office, earning $122.6 million on a $4.8 million budget. The film also did fairly well critically, earning decent reviews for Jessica Rothe’s performance and the film’s dark humor despite its seemingly overdone premise. Happy Death Day 2U once again stars Jessica Rothe, and director Christopher Landon returns to write and direct the sequel.

Stats Show Jack Ryan Is The Huge Hit That Amazon Has Been Hoping For

Jack Ryan made its debut well over a month ago, and we already have a picture of its success. As turns out, numbers show the action drama is a huge hit for Amazon. It could be the success story the streaming platform has been waiting for.

The stats come to us by way of 7Park Data. The company has also tracked viewership metrics for both Hulu and Netflix. According to their data, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan garnered interest from nearly 40% of Prime Video users, per The Wrap.

To drill down a bit, 7Park reported that 37% of Amazon Video’s viewers watched the series in September. What makes those numbers all the more remarkable is that it puts Jack Ryan well-ahead of its peers. The average audience share is 9%. These numbers come as part of Jack Ryan‘s first month on the streamer. It debuted at the tail end of August.

In a masterful move, Amazon released it over Labor Day Weekend in a strategic decision that gave viewers an extra day out of their work week to binge the series. Netflix employed the same strategy with the second season premiere of its crime drama, Ozark. That start clearly worked its desired magic for Netflix’s rival service, with Amazon subscribers choosing to spend time with the television adaptation of Tom Clancy’s popular book character throughout September.

In a sign that Amazon was expecting this kind of result, the streamer got out in front of the show. Before Season 1 could even premiere, Amazon ordered a second season of the thriller. The series’ ratings success comes as good news for Amazon, which has struggled to find a trademark series.

While it boasts a lot of high-quality content, none have notably risen to pop culture prominence. Jack Ryan may be the show to change that. Led by The Office‘s John Krasinski, the series received a lot of favorable critical notice.

As for the Jack Ryan franchise, news of the series’ hit status is an overall positive sign for it. Before the television series, the last movie released featuring the character was 2014’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The movie starred Star Trek‘s Chris Pine and Keira Knightley, as well as Yellowstone‘s Kevin Costner.

Despite the installment’s star power, it failed to dazzle enough to warrant a sequel. Fast forward four years and the character is back, this time with a considerable credit of success to the franchise’s name. Can this renewed interest in a character that has been adapted time and time again last?

Jack Ryan Season 1 is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. A release date for the show’s second season has not been announced yet. Thankfully, there is a lot of new fall television to keep TV fans busy in the meantime.

Days Gone Has Been Delayed

Asad Quizilbash, VP of Marketing for Sony Interactive Entertainment America, dropped by the PlayStation Blog heading into the weekend to give a quick update on some launch dates for upcoming PlayStation 4 games. These are the types of announcements usually saved for the December PlayStation Experience but, since Sony has decided to can the event this year, it looks like blog posts will be serving as a substitute. And before you ask, games like Dreams, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part II were not included in the update. Quizilbash explains this is because they are not yet ready to talk about launch windows for those games at this time, which only strengthens my suspicion that all of those will be very late in 2019 at the absolute earliest.

Where to Find the Most Remarkable Margaritas in San Antonio

Hotel Emma's La Babia Margarita and Three Emma's cocktail.
Hotel Emma’s La Babia Margarita and Three Emma’s cocktail. Photo: Max Burkhalter for The Wall Street Journal

A mere 150 miles from Mexico, San Antonio has put its own stamp on the margarita. In its simplest form, the cocktail combines tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur, but the city’s bars and restaurants have introduced all sorts of iconoclastic margarita variations. Some add unexpected ingredients—avocado, for one. Others make daring substitutions, subbing in vodka for tequila, for instance. After scouring the city for some memorable margaritas, we settled on four cocktail joints that outmixed the rest:

The Hotel Margarita: Hotel Emma

A complimentary margarita welcomes every guest who checks into Hotel Emma, a boutique lodging that’s part of the rebirth of San Antonio’s decade-old Pearl Brewery complex. And guests can continue the party in any of the property’s 146 rooms, since the minibars (or “iceboxes,” as they’re known) are stocked with the necessary margarita ingredients. But you needn’t stay overnight to partake. Comers and goers can find the same margarita–a straightforward, sweet-meets-tart version, dubbed La Babia after the hotel owner’s ranch–in Hotel Emma’s Sternewirth bar. Seeking a more unusual take on the classic? Try the Three Emmas (made with a rose cordial, sherry and gin, among other ingredients) or the mezcal-based Bulls on Parade. Or toast the Pearl Brewery complex’s original raison d’etre with a local craft beer. At the Sternewirth, you can even grab a cozy spot inside what was once a beer tank. 136 E. Grayson St., (210) 448-8300,

Where to Find the Most Remarkable Margaritas in San Antonio
The Crafty Margarita: The Esquire Tavern

A historic saloon situated along the city’s famed River Walk, the Esquire Tavern might be the last place you’d expect to find serious mixology. The space itself has been around in one form or another since 1933, and many of its details, such as the tin ceiling and 108-foot-long wooden bar, date back decades. But the drinks are very much in a contemporary vein. For a Mexican-inspired drink that might be considered a margarita alternative, go for the Texecutioner. Espadín mezcal stands in for tequila, backed up by bittersweet Cocchi Americano, grapefruit juice and the honey-anise liqueur xtabentún. The bar also turns out a fairly traditional margarita–the Nuestra Margarita (meaning “our margarita”) whose extra bit of tartness comes from substituting Key lime juice for the standard kind. The food is notable too, with all sorts of twisted versions of Mexican and homey American favorites. Go for the Pimento Grilled Cheese, a Southern spin on the classic sandwich. 155 E. Commerce St.,

The Best Under-the-Radar Food Destination in the U.S.

The Neighborhood Margarita: Tycoon Flats

In San Antonio’s up-and-coming Tobin Hill neighborhood, about 3 miles from downtown, Tycoon Flats comprises an indoor restaurant, an outdoor beer garden, even a children’s play yard. You’ll usually find more locals than tourists hanging about, many of them ordering up a Dos-A-Rita, a frozen margarita paired with a bottle of Dos Equis, the Mexican pilsner-style beer. The bottle is served upside-down within the cocktail, the two drinks becoming one. The margarita itself may not blow your mind–it’s from frozen lime concentrate boosted with a bit of orange juice. But the beer takes the drink to another level, imparting a subtle bitterness and pleasant fizz. If you prefer your cocktail sans beer, order one of the many other margaritas on offer, including a “skinny” version with agave nectar. For food, Tycoon Flats is known best for its burgers—meaty affairs topped with cheese, jalapeños or just about anything else. A special-of-the-day burger, for example, came with a fried egg, cheddar cheese and “chicken fried” bacon. 2926 N. St. Mary’s St., (210) 320-0819,

The Infused Margarita: The Frutería

One of a clutch of restaurants opened by native son Johnny Hernandez, the Frutería in the close-to-downtown Southtown neighborhood draws inspiration from Mexico’s colorful fruit stands. But the emphasis at this urban-chic Frutería is squarely on the drinks—specifically, the “house infusions” that are Mr. Hernandez’s signature. Many of the concoctions feature tequila (or, in some cases, mezcal or even vodka) infused with everything from cantaloupe to spicy peppers. The infusions serve as a basis for a range of cocktails, such as the El Distrito (a version of a Manhattan) or, yes, a margarita (which combines any infusion with fresh lime, pineapple and orange juices plus Cointreau). And to pair with all those cocktails? The Frutería offers both day and nighttime menus, with an emphasis on small plates. Try one of the unusual takes on classics like chiles rellenos and gorditas. Or go for the spicy peanuts (cacahuates) with garlic and chile. 1401 S. Flores St.,

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What Sets Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot Apart From Other Superhero Movies

It’s no secret that Marvel (whether it’s from Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox or Sony) and DC have the superhero movie market cornered, but every now and then we’re treated to an offering in this genre that’s not from the Big Two. For 2020, that honor will belong to Bloodshot, with Vin Diesel playing the eponymous Valiant Comics character. It’s become more difficult for these superhero movies to stand out from one another, but producer Dinesh Shamdasani believes Bloodshot won’t have any difficulties in this area because Diesel emits an everyman quality with the character. Shamdasani explained:

Sometimes it’s difficult to make a character who’s been given/obtained special powers, technology or enhanced skills relatable, but evidently that’s not an issue with Bloodshot. Rather than start out exceptional and become even more so once he’s became a superhero, Bloodshot, real name Ray Garrison, was a normal guy before he was injected with nanites that gave him abilities like super strength, regeneration and shapeshifting. Throw in Vin Diesel being able to keep this character down to Earth even with all the craziness going on, and Dinesh Shamdasani thinks that audiences will have an easier time connecting with Bloodshot.

Ahead of Dinesh Shamdasani comments, Vin Diesel told that among the reasons he signed on for Bloodshot was because the comic book of the same name was a New York Times bestseller and he was attracted to how the character “doesn’t abandon his humanity.” Diesel already has some superhero movie experience under his belt by voicing Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Bloodshot affords him the opportunity to finally contribute to the genre in front of the camera.

No official Bloodshot story details have been revealed yet, but along with Vin Diesel, the cast includes Toby Kebbell, Lamorne Morris, Guy Pearce, Eiza Gonzalez, Sam Heughan, Talulah Riley, Alex Hernandez and Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson. Bloodshot is intended to be the first installment of a Valiant cinematic universe, with Harbinger, Shadowman, Faith and Archer and Armstrong movies also in development.

Directed by Dave Wilson and written by Eric Heisserer, Bloodshot will be released in theaters on February 21, 2020. For movies arriving a little sooner, check out our 2018 and 2019 release schedules.

Don’t Expect Castle-Style Humor From Nathan Fillion In The Rookie

There are many things fans of Castle can fondly recall about the series. One of them was the sharp-witted humor of one Richard Castle. Nathan Fillion’s new role in the cop drama The Rookie is arguably more serious than his one as Castle. What challenges has he faced with a more dramatic series? Here is what Fillion had to say:

Fans worried they will not get to see Nathan Fillion show off his funny side should rest a little easier now. The actor’s answer to THR clears that up considerably. While the premise of The Rookie seems like it would not leave room for humor, Fillion guarantees its existence. Albeit, in a different capacity than the cult caper. The Rookie follows Fillion’s John Nolan, a divorced construction worker with a son in college.

After he ends up acting bravely during a bank robbery, he is inspired to move to Los Angeles. His goal? It is to become a police officer with the LAPD. Hence, his being “the rookie.” While room for humor seems a bit difficult to find given the scenario, Nathan Fillion is an expert in tapping that vein.

So much of what drove Castle‘s humor was Nathan Fillion’s upbeat character. With John Nolan arguably being a more emotionally-solemn protagonist, that side is missing. While it does not seem so at first glance, there are some parallels between The Rookie and Castle. Besides Nathan Fillion starring in both series, there are some plot connections. For one, both characters are drawn outside of their regular work.

In Castle, Nathan Fillion’s character shadows the police for his work as an author. While he writes about solving mysteries, he must adjust to solving them up-close. His interactions with Becket and others while making that happen infused a lot of the show’s humor.

On The Rookie, Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan finding his footing as a rookie police officer also involves a learning curve. That seems primed for comic moments. Both characters are also underestimated. Conversely, Castle solved a mystery during a single episode. The Rookie is more like a medical drama as it involves multiple moving parts.

While Castle‘s humor was easier to define, The Rookie‘s is “reality-based,” according to Nathan Fillion. So, expect something different yet still funny. What Fillion pointed out about the difference in making people laugh is an adept observation. He is a pro, and he knows what he is doing.

For Castle fans, there is a lot to anticipate. While John Nolan is different than Richard Castle, the two shows share something else in common: Alexi Hawley. He was a producer on Castle and is an executive producer on The Rookie. With Nathan Fillion and the executive producer having collaborated before doing this show, the new ABC drama should put off some Castle vibes. Just not in the humor department.

New episodes of The Rookie air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Nathan Fillion’s new series is a part of the fresh slate of fall premieres hitting the airwaves.

Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise Has Been Delayed

Head to the Fastpass line, because the wait time for Disney’s Jungle Cruise is going to taking longer than we thought. The Amazon-set adventure movie based on the classic Disneyland ride starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt has just been pushed back nine months from its original release date on October 10, 2019 to a prime summer date on July 24, 2020.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans are going to have to visit quite a few other Disney attractions before Jungle Cruise comes to theaters almost two years from now, but it’s uncertain as to why the release skipped down the release calendar. The cast and crew celebrated wrapping production on the project in September, so delays on its development don’t seem to be why, unless some reshoots have been decided on. Its previous October release was packed with other titles on and around its date, such as the Charlie’s Angels reboot, Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, Zombieland 2 and best-selling novel adaptation The Goldfinch.

Jungle Cruise does seem to be a perfect summer release, and the film will likely benefit from this date push. It’s only rivaled by two untitled projects from the Warner Bros. DCEU and Sony Animation. The coming attraction has The Shallows director Jaume Collet-Serra leading the project and stars two actors no stranger to a blockbuster. After his successful stint in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in 2017, Dwayne Johnson will play a boat captain in the 1930s. His passengers are sister and brother Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall on a journey to find a tree believed to have healing powers.

Jungle Cruise will follow Emily Blunt’s other role with Disney as Mary Poppins in a long-awaited sequel coming this December. Her character is a scientist who isn’t the only seeker of the wondrous tree, as the movie also promises the adventurers will be running into wild animals and a competing German expedition. Her brother in the film will reportedly be Disney’s first openly gay character at a time when LGBT rights were basically non-existent. The studio’s decision to cast a straight actor for the role has been met with some backlash from the community.

Jungle Cruise follows a string of Disney films based on their classic ride attractions over the years, Pirates of the Caribbean being the most successful that became a highly-successful franchise for the studio. Other entries include 2002’s The Country Bears, 2003’s The Haunted Mansion and 2015’s Tomorrowland, which haven’t been able to replicate the success of Pirates and are titles Disney fans try to forget about for the most part.

While Jungle Cruise is a classic ride that has been a part of the parks’ history since Disneyland’s opening day in 1955, the ride isn’t currently a massive favorite in the parks. Jungle Cruise could either make way for the ride to see a new life or could prove that Pirates was a one-hit wonder for ride attraction movies. Considering those involved, Jungle Cruise could have a big opening when it’s released on July 24, 2020.

Why American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga Was Torn Over Violet’s Return In Apocalypse

Spoilers below for the latest episode of American Horror Story, so be sure to watch the crossover madness before reading on.

American Horror Story has gotten exponentially weirder since the first season, called Murder House, and the cast of that first season was called upon to reprise their roles for Apocalypse. In the latest episode, Violet came to the realization that Tate had been used as a vessel for evil inside of the house and therefore wasn’t really guilty of the awful things he’d done, and the two former lovebirds got an unlikely happily-ever-after. Actress Taissa Farmiga was torn over the events of the episode, saying this:

As fans will remember, Murder House ended with Violet and the rest of her family dead and existing as ghosts in the house. They seemed surprisingly happy for a dead family, but Violet was still troubled by the fact that Tate was a mass shooter, murderer, and rapist. His terrible acts understandably threw a wrench in their relationship, and they seemed likely to spend eternity at odds unless she somehow forgave him.

Well, Apocalypse found a way to give Violet and Tate a happily-ever-after together. Madison blew a dust of clarity — which is apparently a thing in the American Horror Story universe — onto Violet, leading Violet to the conclusion that he wasn’t responsible for his many crimes and was in fact no longer malicious after Michael Langdon (whose actor maintains isn’t evil) fled the house.

For this story, Taissa Farmiga had to step back into the shoes of a character who was technically supposed to still look 15-years-old and get back into the headspace of a character she’d occupied seven years previously. Her comments to TV Guide indicate that she was able to slip back into her character once she started filming. While she was glad that Violent got a happy ending and resolved her issues with Tate, she preferred the more ambiguous and open-ended conclusion to Murder House.

Fans may have mixed reactions to the twist as well. Although Tate is a popular character and his twisted relationship with Violet from Season 1 was also a hit with many viewers, the reveal that it was the evil house that made him do his terrible acts may strike other viewers as an all-too-easy way to absolve him and give him a happy ending. Of course, nothing is ever entirely straightforward on American Horror Story, and Apocalypse‘s wild crossovers with actors playing multiple rules is even less straightforward than usual.

For more AHS weirdness, tune in to FX on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET for new episodes. There are plenty of shows in the fall TV lineup this year, so you have options even if you’re not into all the creepiness that American Horror Story has to offer on a weekly basis.

How Much Halloween Made On Opening Night

The wait for what may be this year’s most anticipated horror movie is finally over. It’s been 40 years since the original and nearly a decade since the last film, but Halloween is back. David Gordon Green’s reboot-quel opened in theaters last night and absence has clearly made the heart grow fonder, as Halloween made $7.7 million in preview screenings.

Thursday night previews began at 7 p.m. at 3,200 locations, netting the Miramax/Blumhouse and Universal Pictures film a cool $7.7 million to get a head start on what should be a massive weekend for the horror flick. This amount falls short of the estimates that had it pegged at $10 million, but is still a great number that bests The Nun‘s $5.4 million preview opening.

This performance also lands Halloween as arguably the third-best horror preview showing ever, after IT‘s $13.5 million and Paranormal Activity 3‘s $8 million. Tracking before the opening had Halloween headed for a record $70 million opening weekend, which would be the second best for a horror film of all-time, and that is still possible given the Thursday night numbers.

As noted by Deadline in its box office report, horror movies are typically front-loaded with audiences falling off as the weekend progresses, so it’s somewhat difficult to judge exactly what Thursday night’s performance means for the overall weekend. Halloween could perform more like a blockbuster and bring in audiences throughout the entire weekend, thus delivering a bigger return.

If Halloween‘s box office performance from day-to-day over opening weekend is in line with movies like IT or The Nun, it could be looking at around a $75 million debut. It’ll be an easy win for Michael Myers this weekend, it’s just a question of how many wallets he will be slashing open.

We know that Halloween is the top horror pre-seller this year, and Deadline also reported that the advance ticket sales are huge. This is even after the preview screenings, with pre-sales at some multiplexes surpassing those of IT, which should raise some eyebrows as that film is currently the horror GOAT at the box office.

Halloween is bolstered by the brand name, positive reviews, the Halloween season, the horror boom and nostalgia for the franchise. Though one thing working against Halloween box office-wise is that unlike IT or The Nun, Halloween is not playing on IMAX screens, which are currently displaying First Man. So Halloween is not benefitting from those premium ticket prices.

Halloween is now playing. Make sure you remember the original before seeing it and check out what we thought. After you’ve experienced the new film, come back and let us know what you thought and read our breakdown of the ending. For all the biggest movies still to come this year, head on over to the 2018 release schedule.

Meghan Markle Touched Prince Harry’s Knee During Their Outing Today. That’s All.

On Friday (October 19), Meghan Markle and Prince Harry met with members of OneWave, a surfing group that doubles as a supportive space to discuss mental health and well-being. The lighthearted but meaningful gathering took place on Sydney, Australia’s Bondi Beach, and it included yoga sessions, a big group hug, and some time spent chatting with the group in an “anti–bad vibes circle.” Clearly, there were nothing but good vibes between Markle and Prince Harry, too, since the royals seemed to find countless little ways to stay connected to each other during their time on the scenic beach.

While standing in the sand and speaking to members of OneWave and other Australian well-wishers, Markle and Prince Harry alternated between holding hands with their fingers intertwined and standing with their hands resting on each other’s lower backs. Of course, they’ve exchanged sweet gestures like these many times before, but on Friday, they stepped up their PDA game even further: At one point, while sitting in the “anti–bad vibes circle,” Markle held onto the hand that Prince Harry had placed on her leg, and at another, she rested her own hand on her husband’s knee. Shocking, I know.

meghan harry PDA 3

PHOTO: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

meghan harry PDA 4

PHOTO: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

meghan harry PDA 1

PHOTO: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

meghan harry PDA 2

PHOTO: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

It was during this time on the beach that Markle reportedly spoke for the first time about how pregnancy has been treating her so far. “Meghan told me that pregnancy was like having jet lag,” Charlotte Connell, a member of OneWave, told reporters. “She said she was up at 4:30 a.m. this morning doing yoga in her room, as she couldn’t sleep.” Connell, who’s also expecting a baby herself, said that Markle also told her that yoga is “so good for healing her mind.”

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