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Captain Marvel’s Costume Could Have Looked Extremely Different

It’s a very exciting time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While all eyes are on what will happen when Phase Three comes to a close with Avengers: Endgame, moviegoers are also celebrating the long awaited arrival of Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s Marvel blockbuster told a 90s set origin story, expanding the universe while also doing some set up for her role in Endgame.

Captain Marvel‘s onscreen origin was ripped largely from the comics, including the war between the Kree and Skrulls. During filming, it was revealed that the character would be wearing a green incarnation of her costume, something that originally made fans pause. Ultimately her red and blue suit made its way onto the silver screen, although new concept art revealed her costume could have looked very different. Check it out below.

Honestly, who is that? The above image comes to us from Instagram, and shows a version of Carol Danvers who looks almost robotic in appearance. As the Kree warrior known as Vers, this armor is a far departure from the suit that she and the rest of Starforce rocked in Captain Marvel. The rest of the team would have presumably been outfitted the same, although the artist specifically mentioned that Vers was an elite Kree pilot. As such, she might have been given some equipments unique to the rest of Starforce.

The above image also doesn’t contain Captain Marvel/The Kree’s insignia on the chest. Instead, there’s a subtle pin on her right chest plate. This is another unique change to the character, as Carol Danvers has her own logo in the MCU. The entire look gives a robotic feel, although it should be noted that she is at least wearing Captain Marvel’s signature red color.

Another concept image took more liberal changes to the costume, although its close to the Kree suit from Captain Marvel. Check it out below.

This look is definitely close to the look Vers was rocking through the majority of Captain Marvel‘s runtime. We see the suit with her mask on, although a bit of her human skin is shown popping through. While she’s no longer robotic in appearance, the artist did make more risky changes to her look than the one eventually settled on.

For one, Captain Marvel’s mask puts her hair into a ponytail, rather than the badass mohawk that was shown in the movie. It’s a softer and perhaps more logical hairdo, although seeing her hair fall in and out of the mohawk during Captain Marvel was an unexpectedly exciting moment in the final film. The suit also features Vers rocking a much different logo than the one seen on the costumes of Starforce and The Supreme Intelligence in the movie. The insignia looks like an illustration of Saturn, which is inspired by the comics but admittedly more goofy

Ultimately, the costumes in Captain Marvel were fairly accurate to the comics, although less revealing and without Captain Marvel’s signature sash around her waist. She spent most of the film in the signature Kree green, but eventually changes the suit’s color ahead of the final battle in Act 3. Inspired by the Air Force and Monica Rambeau, she takes the red and blue, and then promptly kicks all the ass with her powers unleashed.

It should be interesting to see if/how Captain Marvel’s costumes are changed as her tenure in the MCU continues. Characters like Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel are constantly being given updates on their signature look. And with the decades in between Captain Marvel and her eventual appearance in Avengers: Endgame, the first suit might have some wear a tear. Unfortunately, her brief scene in the final Endgame trailer she was in civilian clothes, so it’s unclear what she’ll look like in The Russo Brothers’ highly anticipated blockbuster.

Captain Marvel is in theaters now, and Avengers: Endgame will follow suit in April 26th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Wonder Park Ticket

Wonder Park June and her friends watching a 3D movie with popcorn

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting nicer, and it’s almost time for that age-old tradition of strapping oneself inside a metal roller coaster and defying gravity for fun! However, you might not have a local theme park open for the season, depending on where you hail from, so a movie like Wonder Park could be the thrill ride fix you need, mixed in with a family drama about the power of imagination. But, of course, there’s something else we have to wonder about with this particular film. Yes, it’s time to ask that beautiful question, “To 3D, or Not To 3D?”

If you’re wondering what we thought about Wonder Park as a movie, head over to our official review for the full scoop. But if you’re wondering whether the film is worth the extra ticket money, or if you’d be better off throwing that money towards a box of popcorn at your local theme park, you’ve come to the right place. Glasses on, as we’re about to ride the 3D attraction that is Wonder Park.

3D Fit Score


Wonder Park, at its heart, is a film about a young girl’s imagination, and the theme park it inspires. So that alone would be a pretty big treat in 3D, especially during the theme park sequences in the film. But Wonder Park isn’t content with just showing off impressive attractions with 3D panache, as it takes both the real and imaginary worlds of its protagonist and does a pretty bang up job of finding something to surprise the eye with in both.

Planning & Effort Score


Looking at the finished product of Wonder Park’s 3D conversion, it’s a clear verdict in how much time and effort was put into the execution of this enhanced version of the film. The overall package is crisp and eye pleasing, with none of the defects that crop up in some lesser 3D presentations. While there’s still some holding back with the film’s visuals, it’s not to the extent that the film suffers from it.

Before the Window Score


There are a couple of key shots in Wonder Park that show the perfect example of a self-imposed limitation when it comes to the 3D presentation. Those shots have objects like ice cream cones and other debris from the various adventures the film engages in hitting an invisible camera lens / glass wall and bouncing back into the picture. While those little touches are kinda fun, and definitely play with the visual fourth wall, they cause the film to stop short of any sort of thrills involving the objects in play flying out towards the audience.

Beyond the Window Score


While objects may not fly out of the screen, and into the audience’s laps, Wonder Park does happen to boast some of the best depth in a 3D animated film. And that’s besides the standard shots flying through roller coaster loops and the far off vistas of Wonderland being shown in fantastic depth and clarity. This film goes the extra mile, and includes impressive panning shots of crowds occupying the park that are so well drawn, you can feel each individual guest standing in front of you. It actually feels like a crowd shot, and not just a background effect, which is the ultimate cherry on top of this visual sundae.

Brightness Score


There are a lot of beautiful colors and night shots at work in Wonder Park, which are both the types of aspects that get lost in a film with sub-par brightness. Now your mileage may vary when it comes to the brightness of your Wonder Park showing, as theaters maintain their projection rigs to varying degrees. That fact alone throws in a variable that can’t always be accounted for. But in this screening of Wonder Park, there was only a slight dimming between putting the 3D glasses on and taking them off at various points in the film. The colors still look beautiful, and the night shots aren’t a pain to look at.

Glasses Off Score


Speaking of taking your glasses off, if you’re tempted to remove your glasses during any point of Wonder Park, you’ll see that classic blur that is a significant part of any good 3D film’s visual language. The level of blur you experience in a movie such as this usually indicates how well the 3D effects are being manipulated in service of the thrills portrayed on screen. In the case of Wonder Park, there is a beautiful spectrum of blurred vision, from the extremely blurred backgrounds to the subtle blur of close up shots with characters and objects they’re interacting with.

Audience Health Score


As with any good theme park, there’s a lot of fast motion, with spirals, dips, and whipping around in the visuals of Wonder Park. But don’t get intimidated by that, as it all flows smoothly, and with great precision. Rather than confuse your eyes, or your stomach, the 3D thrills in this film will not rattle either into a sense of discomfort. So if you decide to take this ride, you won’t have to keep a waste bag or eye drops handy, as you’ll be able to enjoy Wonder Park with no discomfort whatsoever.

3D Fit Score 5
Planning & Effort Score 4
Before the Window Score 4
Beyond the Window Score 5
Brightness Score 4
Glasses Off Score 5
Audience Health Score 5

Wonder Park is a stunning film to look at, with the 3D aspect making things only that much more interesting. If you’re going to see this movie, you’re getting the best return on your hard earned ticket money by seeing it with the added bells and whistles. There’s extra wonder in Wonder Park’s 3D conversion, and you owe it to yourself to experience every bit of it.

How will you see Wonder Park?

Be sure to visit our full To 3D Or Not To 3D Archive.

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What’s Happening With Jason Statham’s The Meg 2?

One of 2018’s most successful movies was the Jason Statham giant shark movie The Meg. The film made over $500 million worldwide, making a sequel a no brainer, but we haven’t heard much about where The Meg 2 stands since then, other than the fact that it’s in the works. Well, at the press junket for Pet Sematary in Austin, CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell asked producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura for some insight about what’s happening with The Meg 2. He responded:

When we first heard that The Meg 2 was actually happening, it was said that the sequel was in the very early stages and while it is still early and we are a ways off from a release date, it sounds like there is work being done. As Lorenzo di Bonaventura told Sean, they are currently working on a script for the film and seemingly taking their time to get that right before moving forward.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura did seem to hedge things a bit with “you never know,” seemingly not wanting to commit to anything firm on The Meg 2 until there is a script. There doesn’t seem to be a major rush and the focus at the moment is on getting that script and having it be good before the sequel moves to the next stage of development. But, it’s encouraging to hear that the script is the primary driver of what happens next.

The other thing that Lorenzo di Bonaventura expressed to Sean was gratitude about the first film’s success and that the audience last summer really embraced The Meg and what it was going for. I think when the film was announced and we began to see trailers for it, the tone wasn’t entirely clear.

Some initially thought that The Meg was going to take a more serious approach than it ultimately did, but audiences, especially those internationally, really embraced it and showed up to have fun with a ridiculous giant shark movie that didn’t take itself seriously. Lorenzo di Bonaventura seems happy that the quintessential summer movie connected in that way.

What’s interesting about this is that although the silly approach worked at the box office, it didn’t work for everyone. Some people would have preferred the bloodier, R-rated cut that director Jon Turteltaub teased. One person who seemed to lament the gorier, adult film The Meg could have been is actually the film’s star Jason Statham.

As far as where a sequel could go, The Meg is based on a series of novels by Steve Alten and that could provide a pathway forward for the franchise. The sequels up the ante even more, introducing more creatures long though extinct that could delight summer audiences. Director Jon Turteltaub just wants to make sure that the franchise doesn’t turn into one with successively worse sequels where everything gets bigger, not better.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest on The Meg 2 as we hear it. In the meantime, check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see all the biggest movies looking to make a splash this year.

J. Cole Tells Fans That His New Album Could Have Some Features Out Of His ‘Comfort Zone’

When you think of J. Cole, the phrase “platinum with no features” often comes to mind. He’s released five albums so far that have gone platinum, three of those without any additional voices featured. When it comes to rapping and singing, Cole is equally talented at both. But his fans have made “platinum with no features” something cringe-worthy for him to hear so for his next album, Cole may be tempted to include some additional names there. In a cover story with GQthe rapper talked about what the four-word phrase meant to him and what it means going forward.

In the cover story, Cole revealed that he initially thought highly of fans’ defense of him using the phrase. He then says that things changed after the first time. “But the second or third time, I was like, ‘All right, it’s almost embarrassing now.” He then makes the tease for the future. “Like, ‘All right, man y’all gonna make me put a feature on the album just so this shit can stop.” It’s a funny quip that could come back to haunt fans who have used the four-word phrase to tease fans of other artists about their favorite’s capabilities. Instead of distancing himself from his peers, Cole has revealed that he’ll definitely work alongside them.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cole also talks about his frustration at why his song “1985 (Intro to the Fall Off)” was misunderstood. “They say, ‘Oh, finger-wagging,’ because they think I’m like, ‘You little rapper,” he says. “But I’ll play that for somebody that’s a deeply invested or deeply rooted hip-hop fan, or somebody that just knows me, or knows the climate of what’s going on, and they hear that and they go, ‘Whoa, I see what you just did there. Bro, do you know what you just did? You just put your arm around this dude and walked him. Instead of attacking him, you put your arm around him on some little-bro shit.”

Last month, J. Cole released a video for “Middle Child” that showcased the commercialization of the black body. He’s currently working with the roster of Dreamville Records to prepare Revenge of the Dreamers III.

Oscar Isaac Hints That C-3PO Will Have A Larger Role In Star Wars Episode IX

The past few years have been a very exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. Once Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the studio started pumping out new and exciting installments to the galaxy far, far away. 2019 will be no exception, although the stakes for the upcoming release of J.J. Abrams’ Episode IX are exceedingly high. Because in addition to ending the current trilogy, the next blockbuster will also wrap up the Skywalker Saga forever.

J.J. Abrams will have to bring nine movies and decades of filmmaking to a satisfying conclusion while also servicing all the beloved characters one last time. Some of the original heroes have been regulated to the background during the current trilogy, including Lando Calrissian, R2-D2, and C-3PO. The latter will be played by Anthony Daniels for his final run as the droid. And Oscar Isaac recently teased that 3PO will have more to do in the new movie, saying:

Well, this is exciting. While C-3PO has been a tertiary presence in the past few Star Wars movies, it looks like Episode IX will bring the chrome dome back to the forefront, and involved in the film’s main narrative. And he’ll be sharing some scenes with Poe Dameron in the upcoming sequel.

Oscar Isaac’s comments come from his recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he was publicizing his new Netflix movie Triple Frontier. When chatting with Jimmy Fallon, Isaac spoke to wrapping Episode IX, and what an emotional experience it was for everyone– especially Anthony Daniels. He’s been with the franchise since A New Hope, so his final bow has been decades in the making.

Star Wars fans will be very happy to hear that C-3PO will have a meatier role in Episode IX, as he’s been mostly absent from the two most recent additions to the franchise. 3PO is usually seen with the Resistance forces and General Leia, as he worries and gives the good guys plenty of bad news and bad odds for their victory.

C-3PO had arguably a bigger role in The Force Awakens, including the debut of his mysterious red arm. But when Rian Johnson took over for The Last Jedi, 3PO was kept in the background. But now that J.J. Abrams has returned to the director’s chair, it looks like he’s making up for lost time and putting the droid back in the spotlight.

All will be revealed when Episode IX arrives in theaters on December 20th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Joe Russo’s Daughter Has A ‘Secret Role’ In Avengers: Endgame

Joe Russo has been known to give himself a little cameo in the various Marvel movies that he and his brother Anthony have directed. Now, it looks like the family business is expanding, as the director has now revealed that his daughter Ava has a cameo of her own somewhere in Avengers: Endgame, though he’s not revealing anything else about the role.

While the main cameo that fans are waiting for in Avengers: Endgame is that of Stan Lee, it’s not surprising that others will be getting in on the action of this film that is bringing a major chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a close.

Joe Russo revealed the cameo while on the red carpet of Captain Marvel (via His daughter walked the red carpet with him and Russo confirmed that the cameo was happening, though he he’s making it sound like the role itself is some sort of spoiler by making it clear no details about the role are going to be revealed, at least not yet.

It’s certainly a little interesting that Joe Russo would announce his daughter’s cameo at all, something he certainly didn’t have to do, and then refer to it as a “secret role.” Russo certainly wants fans to get curious about it, which makes one wonder why.

Of course, as expected, fans have begun to speculate about what the cameo might be. Many have suggested that we may have already seen the cameo, as the newest Avengers: Endgame trailer includes a shot of Hawkeye teaching archery to one of his daughters, and it’s been suggested this is Ava Russo.

The brief image is far from clear, we only ever get the character in profile, comparing the character to pictures of Ava Russo, this certainly could be her, but it’s not definitive one way or the other.

The intentional secrecy with which Russo announces the cameo certainly makes it sound like this might be more than a simple cameo, but that’s just speculation. Joe Russo included himself in a cameo role in Avengers: Infinity War as a paparazzi photographer trying to get shots of Tony Stark in a scene that was ultimately cut from the film, so it’s not like Russo’s own cameos are that important. He could have just as easily given his daughter a similarly minor part. It’s not like the Russo brothers don’t enjoy messing with the fans.

We’ll have to keep our eyes out when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters next month. In addition to Ava Russo’s cameo, there’s a decent chance her dad will show up in the movie as well, they might even be in the same scene.

Looks Like The Flash’s Costume In Cancelled Justice League Mortal Would Have Been Wild

It’s no secret that superhero movies are everywhere. Comic book adaptations have proven to be the most profitable and popular genre in filmmaking, so there are plenty of studios trying to get in on the fun with their own cinematic universe. But there was a time when this wasn’t the case, and back in 2007 DC tried to get together the ill-fated blockbuster Justice League Mortal, directed by Mad Max‘s George Miller.

Details about Justice League Mortal have slowly trickled out throughout the years, including which characters would have factored into the ensemble project. The cast would have featured The O.C.‘s Adam Brody as The Flash, but it also appears that the late Anton Yelchin may have been another name floated around. A concept art just hit the internet, reportedly made for Yelchin’s verison of the speedster. Check it out below.

Talk about a different look. It looks like George Miller’s plans for Justice League Mortal would have been even more void of color than Zack Snyder’s trilogy of DC movies. While Snyder often prefers muted tones, the above art for The Flash’s costume is totally grey. You can barely even call the character the Scarlet Speedster, considering how void of the color red he is.

This new image comes to us from Instagram, and mentions Anton Yelchin as the actor it was made for. This might be surprising for moviegoers who are familiar with the ill-fated development for Justice League Mortal. A full cast was assembled (and photographed!), with Yelchin not part of the group. Instead, The Flash was going to be played by Adam Brody, who was having some success in the world of TV acting.

Anton Yelchin was also younger than Adam Brody, making the reports of his involvement all the more suspect. Yelchin would have only been about 18 years old in 2007, and didn’t have the following he did later in life. As such, it seems more likely that George Miller would have chosen an older and arguably more famous actor to play the Scarlet Speedster.

Regardless of which actor was going to inhabit the role, the possible costume for The Flash in Justice League Mortal would have thrown hardcore comic book fans for a loop. The Flash almost always has a bright red suit, leaving a trail of red behind him when running at superheroic speeds. This look is void of color, possibly teasing a dark incarnation of the character than Ezra Miller eventually played in Justice League. Of course, that might be changing soon.

Ezra Miller’s Flash solo movie has been sitting in development hell from years, suffering multiple set backs and losing quite a few directors along the way. The latest report indicates Miller is trying to help the writing process, and make the film darker in tone. Could he also end up with a grey suit? We’ll just have to wait and see.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on all things DC and Flash, as details become public. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Julianne Moore Has Blunt Thoughts On Movie Sex Scenes

Sex sells, as they say, and that means that sex in movies and on television (where allowed) is as popular now as it has ever been. However, Julianne Moore, who has filmed her share of those scenes over the years, has a problem with movie sex scenes. She doesn’t think they shouldn’t exist, but she says it would be nice if they resembled real life sex a bit more. Moore would apparently have a real problem if an actual sexual encounter played out the way it frequently does on the big screen. According to the actress…

It has to be said, I’d love to see a scene in a movie where two people begin to have sex, only to have the encounter stopped cold when he rips her shirt and she screams “dude, what the hell? That was a perfectly good shirt.” I feel like in real life that would totally kill the mood. More than one actual sexual encounter has probably ended because somebody tried to recreate what they’d seen in the movies only to discover it doesn’t really work like that.

Sex is almost always perfect and passionate in the movies. Of course, while the characters and stories and films are meant to be relatable, they’re also meant to be somewhat larger than life. Everything is always perfect in the movies, including the sex.

Julianne Moore tells People she wanted her new film, Gloria Bell, to portray sex a bit more realistically. In this case, that meant making the sex look a bit more awkward than we’re used to seeing on screen. Her character begins a new relationship in the film, so the sex isn’t full of Hollywood magic, because that’s rarely if ever what sex looks like, especially the first time.

Not every movie needs to have perfectly realistic sex scenes. Those scenes, like all the others, should fit together in a way that makes sense. Gloria Bell is very much a movie about reality. It focuses on Julianne Moore as the title character, an older woman trying to navigate her life. It’s a very grounded movie and making the sex scenes feel anything less than real would have been a disservice to the rest of the film.

Gloria Bell is in theaters now.

The 10 Best Pairs of Jeans for Women in 2019

Trends come and go, but denim is forever. When everything else in your closet lets you down, you can still depend on your favorite pair of jeans to make you feel good. Denim is so versatile, too—it looks great no matter how you style it, from the most basic of trends (looking at you, white sneakers) to the most extreme (hello, micro bags).

But despite being so versatile, choosing the right denim for you is a personal experience. Everyone has a specific fit, wash, and brand they like most. And we all have different needs—whether that’s eliminating an annoying gap in the waistband or finding a pair that isn’t too stiff when sitting at a desk all day. To help you find a pair that works for you—from a great vintage wash, to a truly sustainable pair, to a wear-it-everywhere black skinny—Glamour editors are sharing their denim secrets. Here, the 10 best jeans ever.

Ariana Grande Just Updated a Tattoo She Got With Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande kicks off her Sweetener World Tour tonight (March 18) in Albany, New York, and she marked the occasion in a very Ariana Grande way: with a new tattoo.

After finishing late-night rehearsals, Grande hit up her regular tattoo artist Mira Mariah, a.k.a. @girlknewyork, for the latest addition to her ever-evolving body art. The new leaves on her upper torso surround the “always” tattoo she got during her relationship with Pete Davidson. (He also got a matching one at the time.) Grande insists she’s not trying to cover anything up, though—the “always” tattoo is still totally visible inside one of the new leaves.

“Post run thrus, 3 am with @girlknewyork 🙂 not a cover up just evolvin 🌫 also, our show opens tomorrow,” she wrote on Instagram. “I love u and i’m so grateful. see u soon.” Mariah said of her latest creation, “Middle of the night leaves on the queen. I love you thank you this is all! So! Exciting! Happy tour 🌟💕💎”

Grande has covered up at least some of her Davidson-era ink. A few months ago, she had Myron—the name of Mac Miller’s dog—placed over the tattoo she got of Davidson’s father’s firefighter badge number. She also replaced her “Reborn” tattoo with a feather.

Of course, none of these tattoo stories top when she tried to get “7 Rings” inked on her hand in Japanese kanji, but a mistake made it actually read “tiny barbecue grill.” She promptly had it fixed. “Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix and to @kanenavasard for being a legend. And to my doctor for the lidocaine shots (no joke). RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss you man. I actually really liked u,” she posted at the time.

Grande’s Sweetener World Tour is expected to run from March to October and will cover both North America and Europe.