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Pool Parties And Friend Dates Can’t Mend Wale’s Relationship In ‘On Chill’ Video

In July, Wale released “On Chill,” with Jeremih, a song about situationships, arguing, and most of all, understanding: understanding one’s place, understanding when your wrong, and understanding how to move forward. Today (August 15), the pair have released the video for the tune that covers all of it in a glossy filter. What does it take to get over an argument with a romantic partner when you two aren’t really together? Maybe you just need to chill.

The video begins with Wale and his partner not speaking with each other. They wake up, exchange glances, and go about their days: Wale gets ready to go to a pool party with while his partner goes on a date with a stranger. Wale’s shown to be having fun with the party’s guests, but there’s something on his mind dampening the mood: his partner’s anger. We’re then shown his partner hanging out with her friends, not even worrying about what Wale is doing. But they finally convene back at their house later where they make up in a steamy way. There aren’t any grand apologies or gestures of forgiveness – they just chill.

“On Chill” was produced by legendary R&B singer and producer Raphael Saadiq. In September, Wale will be embarking on the Everything Is Fine Tour that kicks off in Ford Lauderdale, Florida on September 20 and wraps up in Seattle, Washington on October 28.

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Thinks Quentin Tarantino Should ‘Shut Up’ About That Controversial Portrayal

The following contains spoilers for Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood.

Quentin Tarantino’s new movie takes some liberties with the historical record. The finale in Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood has been met with a variety of different reactions, some impressed, some not so much. The daughter of Bruce Lee has taken issue with the way that her father was portrayed in the film. While the director has responded to Sharon Lee’s concerns, it seems that his defense hasn’t accomplished much in her eyes. She thinks he needs to shut up.

Sharon Lee was critical of the new film because, in part, it portrayed Bruce Lee as a man with an ego, showboating in front of others, something she says was not something her father would do. Tarantino responded by stating that, based on things he had read, that his portrayal was based in evidence, but Sharon Lee tells Variety that ultimately, Tarantino still didn’t know Bruce Lee, and should not act like he did, saying…

In Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, Bruce Lee is seen holding court on the set of The Green Hornet television show claiming that he could easily defeat Cassius Clay, the professional boxer who would soon be known as Muhammad Ali. Quentin Tarantino says that he specifically read such a claim in a biography written by Linda Lee, Bruce’s wife.

Part of the conflict seems to come from the fact that, while Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood is a movie based on historical events, it is ultimately a work of fiction. Events don’t come to pass in the movie as they did in reality. As such, there’s an argument to be made that the movie is fictional, and thus any character based on a real person should not be seen as entirely accurate.

Of course, with Tarantino defending his portrayal as written as accurate in some respects, it certainly implies that the character is to be taken as something close to reality. That becomes an issue when you consider that the movie includes a scene where Bruce Lee, unquestionably one of the most skilled fighters to ever live, gets thrown into a car by a stuntman.

In the end, Sharon Lee admits that in Quentin Tarantino‘s movie, he can do whatever he wants, but she feels that the writer/director is trying to have things both ways by claiming that some aspects of the Bruce Lee character are accurate, while others are meant to be fictional.

Tarantino’s response to criticism of having Brad Pitt’s character take a fall against Bruce Lee was that the character portrayed by Pitt was fictional, and therefore, the idea that he could win the fight makes as much sense as anything.

In the end, this likely isn’t a debate that is going to be settled. These two people have very different views on the subject. More than likely, at some point, somebody will simply shut up about the topic, and it will go away.

Lil Nas X Wasn’t Planning On Coming Out At All — Here’s What Changed His Mind

When “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X first began going viral on the Internet, no one could’ve anticipated that it would soon become the longest-running No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 at what’s now 19 weeks. And although some music executives assumed that the track’s success would be fleeting, it stunned everyone when it beat out Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men‘s 1995 hit “One Sweet Day,” as well as Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber‘s 2017 single, “Despacito.” Still, no one was more shocked than Lil Nas X himself, who just last year was broke and sleeping on his sister’s floor.

Now, after what can only be described as a whirlwind several months for the country rapper, he revealed to Time that it feels like his success was simply meant to be. “Everything lined up for this moment to take me to this place,” he said. “Not to sound self-centered, but it feels like I’m chosen, in a way, to do this stuff.” And while that may be true, there’s still a lot to be said for his hustle and his knack for getting attention on the Internet, which was a skill he didn’t know what to do with at first. “It was like, I’m able to go viral, but I’m not promoting anything that’s gonna help me,” he said. “Until music came along.”

(Noam Galai/Getty Images for BuzzFeed)

Once “Old Town Road” was complete, he had something to promote that he felt his followers could latch onto — especially because it fit in well with the resurgence of Western themes in pop culture, which the Internet dubbed the “yeehaw agenda.” So in an effort to get his very own yeehaw anthem heard, the rapper began creating memes to promote the song. It worked. “People were like, ‘Where are these memes coming from?'” he said. “If you see something going around the Internet, people want to join in.”

Fast forward through 19 weeks at No. 1, and Lil Nas X not only has a record-breaking hit that’s being played by everyone everywhere, but he’s out there living his best life as an openly gay man — despite originally having no plans to ever come out to the public. Initially, he feared that fans of country and hip-hop would stop supporting him if he did. “I know the people who listen to this the most, and they’re not accepting of homosexuality,” he said. “… I never would have done that if I wasn’t in a way pushed by the universe.” But after feeling all the love radiating from this year’s Pride Month and “seeing couples holding hands,” he felt inspired to share his truth.

With “Old Town Road” still on top and Lil Nas X fully embracing his sexuality — whether it’s by joking with fans on Twitter or clapping back at homophobes — he’s not letting the meteoric success of the single cloud his judgment going forward. Sure, it feels good to see his song at No. 1 for so long, but he doesn’t intend on being a one-hit-wonder as some industry professionals have predicted. “Seeing digital numbers, it’s a good feeling,” he said. “It goes so quickly, though. You have to keep going.”

Every Single Look in the Mantsho x H&M Collaboration

Landing a collaboration with H&M can be a big deal for a designer. They get a lot of buzz. They sell out. And they can bring a lot of new eyeballs onto your work.

That’s what Palesa Mokubung learned when it was announced that her brand, Mantsho, would be collaborating with the Swedish retailer—the first South African label to do so in H&M’s 15 years of designer partnerships. Though there was a four-month gap between the announcement and the launch, “on social media, our following has grown significantly. We’ve made more sales and have more traffic in the store,” she tells Glamour.

Through this collection, Mokubung wanted “to celebrate the beauty of women and the vibrancy and diversity of the African aesthetic, its textures and its colors.” (Mantsho means “black is beautiful” in Sesotho.) That meant rendering sophisticated and modern silhouettes in bold fabrics, “suited for the confident, elegant, carefree, and unique woman who sees herself as a style leader.”

Courtesy of H&M

There are a few key elements that define a Mantsho original, according to Mokubung: “its confident, effortless silhouette; its structure; and its quirkiness.” The brand has a signature, a face/floral motif that’s spotted across its main line—it’s so core to Mantsho, it had to appear in this capsule (and it does, in three new prints, created by Mokubung on the occasion of this partnership). Products, which range from apparel to accessories and footwear, start at $24.99 and cap out at $129.

“As a fashion brand, we value diversity of ideas and people and we draw creativity and inspiration from across our geographical footprint and our customers,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Head of Special Collections and Collaborations. “A South African designer collaboration has been on our radar since we opened there in 2015.”

“I’m happy that, from the onset, H&M gave me full reign to be authentic in my designs, which are influenced by the life of the modern African woman,” Mokubung says. She wanted to represent “the best of Mantsho,” so she recreated some of the most successful pieces from the brand’s past three collections. “This is my love letter to the world from Africa.”

See all the pieces in Mantsho x H&M, ahead.

Fans Already Have a Wild Theory About Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding’s Movie, Last Christmas

Earlier this week, the trailer dropped for the new holiday rom-com Last Christmas, starring Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, and Emma Thompson (who also wrote the screenplay).

In it, we see Clarke and Golding’s meet-cute and learn that her character, Kate, seems to be going through a tough time. Eventually, she reveals to Golding’s character, Tom, that she almost died. “I was really sick and I nearly died. I don’t tell people because they get weird, but I don’t think you’ll get weird,” Kate says. “I’m just scared all the time.”

Even by just watching the three-minute trailer, you get the sense that there’s something more to Tom. He seems to appear (and disappear) quite easily and has a sort of “guardian angel” vibe.

Watch the trailer for yourself, below, and then let’s discuss further.

Fans on social media immediately sensed that there might be something more to this story than originally meets the eye. Some fans think that Tom might be a ghost or apparition of some kind. “OMG, is he a ghost??? I smell an M. Night Shyamalan twist,” one wrote. Another tweeted, “So not that it’s a bad thing but @paulfeig did the trailer seemingly give away the major twist that @henrygolding is a guardian angel, or a ghost, a hallucination, or Jesus?”

Others thought there might be a clue in the George Michael song that shares the movie’s title. In “Last Christmas,” Michael sings, “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…”

Male Birth Control Is Coming—But I Don’t Plan On Giving Up Mine

When hormonal contraception first hit the market in the 1960s, it was a beautiful—if imperfect—revolution. Methods of preventing pregnancy have been around for centuries but it wasn’t until hormonal contraceptives like the pill and LARCs (IUDs and implants) became available that women were put in the driver’s seat. For the first time, women had real control over their sex lives. Over their bodies. Over their futures.

Flash forward nearly 60 years and most women have a complicated relationship with their birth control. I’m one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m forever grateful for the peace of mind and control over my future that birth control provides. But sometimes, I’m also a little resentful—the potential side effects, the cost, the fact that contraceptives really haven’t changed much since our grandmothers were first introduced to them over a half a century ago. Mostly, the fact that as a woman, I’m responsible for 100 percent of the family planning. I’m in an equitable partnership, but unless we’re using condoms, I alone bear the birth control burden. My fiancé may be completely supportive but he isn’t the one altering his body with hormones. He’s not the one dipping into his bank account or navigating potentially complicated insurance issues. He’s not the one responsible for our shared reproductive future. I am.

Where the hell is birth control for men? Female contraceptives may not be perfect but at least women have options. The pill, the patch, the ring, the IUD, the implant, the shot. In oh-shit situations, the morning after pill. The only real option for men, short of a vasectomy is—like I said—condoms. (Which, to be fair, aren’t just for dudes.)

Male birth control is coming. Scientists have been exploring hormonal contraception for men since the ’90s—pills, injections, gels—but the research has hit its fair share of road bumps. A 2016 study was cut short after too many men dropped out of the trial because they couldn’t handle the PMS-like symptoms. A shoulder gel is the closest method to market, says Christina Wang, M.D., a lead researcher in male birth control at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, though it’s likely still years away from approval.

But even when male birth control does finally become available, I still won’t be giving up mine. “Our goal is for shared responsibility,” says Wang. “Sharing of family planning practices and a sharing of the burden of birth control.”

My birth control isn’t perfect—after years of bouncing around between birth control pills and dealing with various side effects of the hormones (lucky for me, the pill paradoxically seemed to make my acne worse) I got an IUD and despite the pain of insertion, have been happy with it—but it’s my right. It’s a vital part of the way I make decisions for my body. It’s power I wouldn’t give to anyone.

Macaela MacKenzie is a senior editor at Glamour. Follow her at @MacaelaMack.

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Tori Kelly’s Live Performance Of ‘Sorry Would Go A Long Way’ Will Wreck You

Tori Kelly made her debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with a performance of her new song, “Sorry Would Go A Long Way” that radiated with softness and sincerity. She had just one guitarist with her, allowing her to perform the slow number gently. The performance was just four minutes long, but it felt like at least an hour of heartfelt melodies and delicate vocals that blossomed into booming runs. It’s a safe bet she’ll be back to perform again on the show in the near future.

“Sorry Would Go A Long Way” is a song about being fed up. When something snaps in a relationship, it can be too late to fix it. For Kelly, it’s the lack of affection and intimacy. She’s just reached a breaking point and is looking for understanding. She relays every emotion, in this order, on the stage of Colbert with her guitarist providing the atmosphere. “You never tell me that you love me / Oh, what a mess of me you’ve made / It won’t make it all better, won’t make it okay / But sorry would go a long way,” she sings somberly. It’s an intimate performance powered by her wooly vocals, and as it ends, host Stephen Colbert walks up to her to tell her just how beautiful that it sounded.

“Sorry Would Go A Long Way” appears on Kelly’s recently-released third studio album, Inspired By True Events. In February, she made headlines for a thrilling and soulful cover of “Shallow” from A Star Is Born that she played with former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke.

Watch Kelly astound the audience with her emotional performance of “Sorry Would Go A Long Way” up above.

UFC Phenom Francis Ngannou Joins Fast And Furious 9 In A Mysterious Role

With Dwayne Johnson apparently happy taking over his quiet corner of the Fast & Furious universe with Jason Statham, and thus apparently not appearing in the upcoming Fast & Furious 9, the movie was going to need some new muscle. We thought maybe the film had found their answer in John Cena, but it’s not done yet as it is now being reported that UFC’s Francis “The Predator” Ngannou is also joining the cast.

Ngannou is currently the number two ranked fighter in the UFC’s heavyweight division. In June he won his most recent fight via a 71-second TKO. The role will be his professional acting debut.

Deadline doesn’t know what the role will be so whether Francis Ngannou will be hero or villain remains to be seen. If past his prologue, he’ll likely be a henchmen working for Charlize Theron or whatever other big bad the movie has. Previously both Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey have made appearances in the Fast & Furious franchise and both have fought against the heroes.

Since Francis Ngannou has never acted before it’s anybody’s guess what we’ll get. He may very well play a heavy who never has a line and is just there to get in a fist fight with Vin Diesel. Still, even if that’s what happens, it probably will be one hell of a fist fight.

If Ngannou’s Fast & Furious experience is a good one we could very well see him make the jump to at least part time acting in the future. Those other former UFC fighters who have been in the franchise are now either permanent or part-time actors and no matter how much time Ngannou wants to keep knocking people unconscious in the octagon, there comes a point where one needs to stop being kicked in the face and make a living doing something else.

We don’t know much about the plan for the new Fast & Furious. Charlize Theron will be returning to reprise her role as Cipher from the last movie. Helen Mirren will also be back. John Cena will be joining the cast. Exactly how all this fits together is anybody’s guess, but it’s not like plot and story are major considerations for these movies. They make a billion dollars at the box office because fans around the world want to see the action and with this addition, that action begins to look that much better.

While there is clearly still some bad blood going on within the Fast & Furious franchise, the franchise itself is doing better than ever. Hobbs & Shaw is ruling the box office and is clearly looking to become a film series of its own. There will be at least one more proper F&F movie after this one and it’s unlikely that will be the end of things. Another spinoff focusing on the women of the series is also in development.

Fast and Furious 9, which is still waiting on an official title, is slated to lit theaters in May of 2020.

RoboCop Returns Just Lost Its Director, So What Happens Now

Movies are sometimes too good to be true, and every so often we’re painfully reminded of that fact when a promising project gets shot down in its prime. Writer/director Neill Blomkamp’s Robocop sequel, Robocop Returns, is the latest example of a good thing ending too soon, as Blomkamp and the project have parted ways.

We’ll still be getting Robocop Returns though, and that’s part of what makes this news painful. In a tweet issued this morning, Neill Blomkamp announced his departure, and the reasons behind it, as follows:

If you’re really excited about another RoboCop movie under any circumstances, then you’re probably pleased to know that RoboCop Returns isn’t cancelled. Rather, the film is still going forward into production, as the studio wishes, and Blomkamp is leaving because he’s got a horror-thriller in the works that he’s excited to get up and running.

However, for those who wanted to see what Neill Blomkamp was about to deliver with Robocop Returns, this is indeed a dark day. It only gets darker when you measure it up against the fact that the District 9 creator is now two for two on failing to bring his bold vision to legendary ‘80s franchises. Let’s not forget, studio politics allegedly robbed the man of making his vision for Alien 5 in the recent past.

The brief history of Robocop Returns and Blomkamp started a little over a year ago, when he was announced as the man who would bring Robocop Returns into the future, providing a direct sequel to the 1987 classic that would ignore both sequels and the 2014 reboot. From there, all sorts of wild prospects seemed to be possible.

Producer/series co-creator Ed Neumeier, one of the instrumental figures that brought the original Robocop to life, had hinted that Neill Blomkamp and co-writer Justin Rhodes may have been working on an updated version of the original sequel that he and co-writer Michael Miner had crafted back in the ‘80s. Though much like the current situation that the director described on Twitter, that original concept was also scrapped by a studio wanting to get a film out to the public as soon as possible.

There was even some brief hope that this sequel would be the one to bring Peter Weller back to the Robocop fold, as Blomkamp put that wish out into the universe in hopes it’d pay off for Robocop Returns. Alas, the closest we’ve gotten to that big ask coming true is a series of KFC commercials Weller had done in character, as the chances of a full Robocop renaissance with the actor don’t look good.

As it stand, Robocop Returns is still a go picture. It just needs a director, and more than likely will start to mutate into something different from the original vision that Neill Blomkamp fiercely held as the future of the franchise. While it could still be one hell of a follow-up, depending on who steps into the director’s chair, that doesn’t wash away the fact that having Blomkamp on board was a huge factor in the excitement behind this film.

We’ll see what happens from this point on, as Robocop Returns hasn’t released an official release date, but is clearly in MGM/Orion’s sights as a going concern for the near future. If it’s anything as clever as the recent Child’s Play reboot, we could be lucky; but at this moment, it’s too hard to tell.

However, it’s much easier for you to find your next night out at the movies, as the 2019 release schedule is available to show you what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead.