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The Best Lipstick Tips Ever

If you’re anything like me, you probably have between three to 10 [lipsticks] ( in your purse right now (I generally have about 12 on me at all times). There’s a reason we hoard the stuff, for one, lipstick is so small it’s hard not to want to collect them all. But they’re also easy to use, there are tons of color options, and they possess that elusive quality that makes you look pulled together instantly.

While application is generally pretty simple—just swipe on—there are a few ways you can step up your lipstick game for the most color payoff, most dimension, and maximum staying power. We polled top makeup artists for the best tricks they’ve picked up over the years. Here are the 10 best lipstick tips ever. Period.

1. Prep Is Key

To get the smoothest application and longest wear, take a few extra seconds to properly prep your lips. Celebrity makeup artist Matin recommends starting with a lip scrub for gentle exfoliation, followed by a lip oil or lip treatment (he loves the Embryolisse lip balm) while you’re doing your hair and the rest of your makeup. Celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh notes that it’s essential to blot off any treatment before applying your color to prevent smearing.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Powder

Just like you set your face with powder, setting your lipstick will keep in locked on. “If you’re using a cream, I like to apply the color, then blot it with a tissue lightly,” says Matin. “Then, use a half ply of the tissue like a veil on your lips and use a brush to tap powder on it.”

3. Concealer Is the Best Liner

In addition to using a lip liner, trace a light coating of a dry concealer (Matin recommends the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage) around the outside of your lips to keep your lip line crisp.

4. Yes, Primer Really Does Make a Difference

It may seem excessive, but primer really lays the foundation for a great lip day. “I line around the lips to build an invisible wall that will keep lip color from feathering, then apply it all over the lip as well to prime it,” says makeup artist Steve Kassajikian, who loves the Urban Decay Ultimate O-Zone Multi-Purpose Priming Pencil.

5. Ditto Lip Liner

Liner really is the secret to adding dimension and making sure lipstick actually stays on your lips. Quynh recommends “starting with lip liner first and filling in the entire lip, like a base for your lipstick,” for the longest lasting pout. And if you’re looking for a good universal shade Charlotte Tilbury recommends her famous Pillow Talk liner. (One of our other favorite lipstick tips is wearing wearing lip liner with a clear balm, which gives a “your lips but better” illusion.)

6. Sometimes Less Is More

While you may think multiple coats of lipstick is the key to a bold lip, too many layers throughout the day can lead to smearing and can look heavy. Instead, Matin recommends touching up with a matte tinted lip balm like the Chapstick Total Hydration Balms to add color but not texture.

7. Customize, Customize, Customize

To save a shade that looked better in the tube than on your lips, Matin recommends mixing it with other products in your makeup bag. “Use a lip liner on your entire lip and then use the lipstick to get a different shade, or mix a little bit of it with another lipstick and experiment until you get a desired unique shade.” If a color is a bit too bold for you but you don’t want to start from square one, Kassajikian recommends applying a neutral gloss on top to tone it down.

8. Formula Is Key

If you want your lips to stay moisturized, keep an eye on the ingredients label. Kassajikian says to look for aloe vera or jojoba oil for the most comfortable wear. It’s also important to keep your desired results in mind, as different finishes work for different needs. “If you have really dry lips some people like to do something more creamy or glossy, but if you want that bold punch of color, I always recommend a matte or semi-matte formula,” says Quynh. “Mattes are super long-wearing and more pigmented.” She loves the Jill Stuart Beauty lipsticks across all formulas.

9. Layer Up

For the most plump look, Kassajikian says to layer two shades of lipstick for dimension. Start with the darker shade on the outside and a pop of the lighter shade in the center of your lips.

10. Highlighter Isn’t Only for Your Cheeks

Our senior beauty editor Lindsay Schallon’s favorite tip she’s picked up over the years is to use highlighter on your cupid’s bow to make lips look plumper and more defined. She may or may not have learned this from Pat McGrath herself.

Willa Ford: From ‘I Wanna Be Bad’ to Scott Disick’s Interior Designer

It sounds like the plot of a knock-off A Star Is Born, but Willa Ford‘s 2001 hit single “I Wanna Be Bad” literally stemmed from her being, well, bad. The then-unknown singer tells me she was working with a record label at the time that asked her to make more “wholesome” music. She had other ideas.

“Everything I was writing was funky and, you know, like me,” Ford says. “I remember one day I was like, ‘I’m going to do the opposite of what they’re telling me.’ If somebody gives me an authority figure, I’m like, ‘Let me go the other way.'”

That’s when her “aha!” moment came. “I said [to my writing partners], ‘I want to write something where I just wanna be bad,'” Ford recalls. “And they were dying. They were like, ‘This is hilarious. The record label’s gonna kill us, but let’s do it.'”

“I Wanna Be Bad,” a stomping anthem with lyrics like, “I’m losing all my cool / I’m about to break the rules” was born. Ford says the record label liked the song but wanted a softer (read: cheesy) pre-chorus. But then, a record executive from another label, Jason Flom, heard Ford’s original version and saw her potential. The rest is pop history: Flom signed Ford, and “I Wanna Be Bad” became a smash, reaching number four on Billboard‘s dance charts and eleven on the top 40. She was 20 years old.

“Doing the opposite of what I was constantly being told to do and being defiant is how that song came about,” Ford says.

Willa Ford on the set of the “I Wanna Be Bad” music video, 2001.

Getty Images

Defiance is in Ford’s DNA. It’s what ignited her pop-music career—and what gave her the courage to walk away when things went awry. Her journey to career fulfillment isn’t so well-known, but anyone contemplating a professional reinvention should hear it.

Born Amanda Lee Williford in Ruskin, Florida, her music talents appeared at an early age. She even scored a spot studying opera in a competitive program. “I was getting free opera training from about 12 to 17. I loved it,” she says. Her chops were strong (listen here), but Ford found herself rejecting opera’s rigid practices. “I was a 16-year-old girl, and my teacher was telling me, ‘You can’t talk on the phone because you’re straining your vocals’ and, ‘You can’t drink that’ and, ‘You can’t eat this.'”

Ford just wanted to let loose, so she pivoted. “I knew in my soul that I wasn’t meant to wear a black dress in front of an orchestra and sing,” she says. “In that moment I decided, ‘I want to dance and have fun and write fun music.'”

The industry was ready for her. Bombastic, bubblegum pop dominated radio in the early aughts, and most of the women making it looked like Ford: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson. Ford crossed paths with most of them as she made her transition to pop. “Britney was always the loveliest human—just a really cool, sweet, normal girl back in the day,” she says. “Jessica was always a doll. The only person I didn’t know was Christina, believe it or not. For whatever reason, we never came into each other’s circle.”

James Gunn Says That Last Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg Is ‘Partially’ Discovered

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a massive franchise, with myriad franchise hitting theaters and raking in the bucks. But there are certain properties that stand out among the rest as fan favorites. One of those is James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, starring motley crew of quirky characters. The original Guardians movie made a ton of money when it arrived in 2014, helping make Gunn and the cast household names. But there’s one part of the blockbuster that has continued to elude the droves of fans: where is that last easter egg?

James Gunn put a fair amount of easter eggs in Guardians of the Galaxy, including bringing Howard the Duck into the MCU. But there’s been one more easter egg that the director/writer has long teased, but has never actually been discovered. That is… until now. Gunn recently took to social media to reveal that final bonus has been partly identified. As he put it:

Well, isn’t that delightfully cryptic. While not revealing where the easter egg is or who nearly cracked the code, James Gunn has explained that that final Guardians of the Galaxy easter egg may be revealed shortly. If whoever “partially” found it keeps working.

James Gunn’s comments come from his personal Twitter account. Gunn regularly uses social media to directly communicate with the fandom, and has always been generous with his time on the social media service. While his communication dropped off in the months between his firing by Disney and eventual reinstatement as director of Guardians 3, things have picked up since the drama settled down.

Just what the final easter egg could be is a mystery, but it’s something that Marvel fans have been trying to figure out since Guardians of the Galaxy first arrived in theaters. While all the other nods were figured out by the rabid fanbase, there is one that continues to puzzle the community. That’s the exact easter egg that might be finally coming to the light soon.

It should be interesting to see exactly what that final Guardians easter egg is, particularly if it lives up to all the hype. This has been a subject of conversation between James Gunn and the fans for years, so moviegoers are expecting its reveal to be especially satisfying. But easter eggs are usually quick moments, so odds are that it won’t drastically change the Guardians franchise.

James Gunn will have one more opportunity to mystify Marvel audiences when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 arrives in theaters. Now that he’s been reinstated, the director will be able to finish the trilogy he began with that first movie. And after the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, he’s got plenty of narrative threads to pull from.

Perhaps the most notable is the fate of Gamora. The Gamora we knew and loved perished at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War, but the character was unexpectedly revived in Endgame. The old Gamora didn’t come back to life, but 2014 Gamora entered the narrative through time travel. She ultimately took arms against her father, but departed the battlefield alone. The Guardians set out to find her, possibly with Thor in tow.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 doesn’t currently have a release date, but CinemaBlend will keep you updated as details become public. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

The Inspiration for Ariana Grande’s New Song Is So Relatable

Ariana Grande has done it again, people. The Thank U, Next singer has unleashed yet another bop into the world. This one’s called “Boyfriend,” and it was co-written by the duo Social House, whom she frequently collaborates with. Sonically, it’s right on par with the songs she released on both the Sweetener and Thank U, Next albums: soulful and R&B-tinged with an incredibly catchy pop chorus. I’ve already listened to it 15 times, and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

Fans shouldn’t read too much into the lyrics on this one. There doesn’t appear to be any hidden references to Grande’s ex-boyfriends like there were on the Thank U, Next album. Rather, this breezy track is all about the push-and-pull of being casual with someone but wanting more. “You ain’t my boyfriend (Boyfriend)/And I ain’t your girlfriend (Girlfriend)/But you don’t want me to see nobody else,” Grande sings on the chorus.

Grande took to Twitter Thursday night, August 1, and revealed the inspiration behind the song. “Well, I feel like this song captures a common theme in the lives of so many people I know,” Grande wrote. “People want to feel love but don’t want to define their relationship and have trouble fully committing or trusting or allowing themselves to fully love someone even though they want to.”

She continued, “We wanted to make something uplifting that captures that feeling of being afraid to take the leap and trust, being afraid of being hurt or feeling like you won’t be enough for that person…but also how it feels to have a crippling crush on someone.”

And as if the song wasn’t enough, Grande also dropped the video for “Boyfriend.” In it, Grande and Michael “Mikey” Foster from Social House play jealous friends with benefits who get inexplicably angry when they see the other flirting with someone else. At one point, Grande pulls out a literal bow-and-arrow and…well, just watch it for yourself, below. The 2020 VMAs is already shaking.

Naturally, fans are living for both this song and video:

Thank you, Ariana Grande, for blessing my weekend with yet another banger.

How The Hobbs And Shaw Post-Credits Scenes Sets Up A New Team

Warning: If you still haven’t seen Hobbs & Shaw**, we’ll be discussing the post-credits scenes in detail. So, if you don’t love spoilers, you’ll probably want to head out until you’ve seen the film for yourself.**

A lot of new and exciting threads and threats were sewn into the fabric of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’s thematic throughline. Perhaps the most exciting stuff, besides the explosive action shown during various points of the film, came in the post-credits scenes, which pointed to some very specific directions for the future of this burgeoning spinoff franchise. Yes, I said franchise.

If you’re interested in the full picture of the film’s ending, then head over to our explanation of the last acts of Hobbs & Shaw. But if you’re ready to go beyond that point, then let’s take a quick look at what happened in those scenes, and what they say!

Agent Locke Is Seen In Action In The Post-Credits

Introduced as “the exposition guy” earlier in the film, Ryan Reynolds’ Agent Locke is seen after dispatching of a whole room’s worth of bad guys. Now that alone has us wanting to see what Locke looks like in action, especially because he proved something he theorized earlier in the film was absolutely doable.

As it turns out, you can stab someone with a brick, and we see the guy that Locke took out in such a fashion lying on the floor. Someone who can handle themselves like that is definitely on the future Hobbs & Shaw team, should one start to materialize. Which is good, because the mission they’re going to embark on is going to be a tough one.

A New Virus Is In Play For Future Sequels

The fact that there’s another mission involving a killer virus is pretty much indicative that the Hobbs & Shaw universe is going to need a brand new team to squash this new threat that’s come up. As aptly described by Agent Locke in his panicked post-credits phone call, this unnamed virus is similar to the Snowflake virus from this film, except it melts your skin off of your bones.

It’s a chilling reminder that the ruthless organization/corporation Eteon is still in business, waiting to unleash a new threat on to the world in order to push their brand of human evolution. Though it might be a little harder this time out, because if Idris Elba’s Brixton were to come back from his supposed death, he may have turned a corner on this little experiment they’re trying to concoct.

Hobbs & Shaw Are Still Antagonistic Friends

If you thought that Hobbs & Shaw wasn’t going to end with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham being best buddies, you’re dead wrong. In between post-credits sequences with Agent Locke bugging Luke Hobbs about the fate of the world on his cell phone, there’s one moment that sees Deckard Shaw ready to relax with a pint. And then he gets a phone call from Luke Hobbs that spoils his day.

The two banter, and eventually it’s revealed that Shaw is about to be brought into the custody of London’s police force. Just as Deckard Shaw had done to Luke Hobbs during their incognito trip to the airport, it comes with an embarrassing pseudonym that you really don’t want to hear out loud. Shaw promises to get out of his predicament, although we don’t see the aftermath.

While they aren’t the most dramatic, or the most revealing, the seeds for Hobbs & Shaw’s potential sequel are now in the soil, collecting all the canned whup-ass needed to water them into a full grown entity. Though there are apparently some developments from the film proper that will also be followed up, as the film does contain a couple more top secret cameos that haven’t been widely discussed, and are not featured in the post credits scenes.

While you won’t hear a peep out of me just yet regarding those cameos, you can see Dwayne Johnson seemingly confirming two of the three surprise guests that made it into the film during a recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. All of these individuals could seemingly lead to a more major team-up film should Hobbs & Shaw do well in theaters, leading to Hobbs & Shaw 2 getting greenlighted. This is made much clearer in the post-credits scenes, but the threads of a larger potential team are sprinkled through the film as well.

In fact, there’s one cameo that you more than likely missed while watching Hobbs & Shaw, as one of those potential team members looked a little different than when you last saw them. So you may want to go back to theaters and see it again. You know, just to be sure. It couldn’t hurt, could it?

Tove Lo’s ‘Bad As The Boys’ Is A Summer Heartbreak Anthem For Anyone

Earlier this year, Tove Lo returned with the altruistic bop “Glad He’s Gone,” a slice of partially cloudy sunshine that found her comforting a friend in the wake of a breakup. It was our first taste of her upcoming new album, Sunshine Kitty. Based on its floating guitar line and lyrical content, it seemed likely that the album would find Tove in a slightly sunnier place.

On Friday (August 2), she confirmed that with sleepy new single “Bad As the Boys,” and while it’s another breakup song — this time sung by Tove and guest ALMA in a first-person perspective — it retains a knowing sense that maybe this split isn’t quite the end of the world.

Its title might evoke a badass empowerment gem, but on “Bad As the Boys,” Tove quickly makes clear just how those four words are meant and in what context. “She’s gone now / Took my heart and sunk with it / She was just as bad as the boys,” she sings with ALMA sing on the chorus, revealing the source of her broken heart to be a woman — and one whose emotional cruelty was on par with that of past dudes.

Still, Tove told MTV News recently that Sunshine Kitty is “a bit happier, production wise” than her past work, which has often probed into the darker corners of sex, love, lust, and desire. Naturally, she kept a few club bangers in the mix, but Sunshine Kitty‘s inspiration came from a much more… enlightened place: an episode of Girls where an influencer shares her secrets for retaining a radiant complexion.

“People would ask her, ‘Where do you get the glow on your face?’ And she would sit and tan her vagina, so she would soak up the energy from the sun through her pussy, basically,” Tove said. “I just thought that was amazing.”

Check out the new “Bad As the Boys” lyric video above, then watch Tove’s full interview with MTV News below.

Surprise! Pitbull’s ‘3 To Tango’ Video Stars A Bald, Dancing John Travolta

Just a few months after the release of “No Lo Trates” with Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha, Pitbull is back at it with a simple math equation that might not check out on paper, but that does check out in all of his sexual fantasies. “3 to Tango” has all the trappings of a Pitbull club banger — sexy and suggestive lyrics, a beat that pays homage to his Latinx roots, and of course, a proud proclamation that Mr. Worldwide is officially back on his bullshit.

Inevitably, the music video is just as provocative as the song itself, as it opens with a seasoned tango dancer performing her sultry moves in an empty bar as a bald, suited-up man looks on. “I like her, she likes her, we gon’ have a love fest / One, two, tres, ménage à trois, let’s get down to business,” Pitbull sings, not-so-subtly revealing plans for a threesome later on in the night. The sexual tension in the room builds when two additional scantily clad dancers join in, giving life to the lyrics “it takes three to tango.”

From there, the video takes quite an unexpected turn. After a lineup of women outfitted in lace lingerie do everything from chair dances to high kicks and splits, the video takes us back to the bar where it’s ultimately revealed that the bald man observing the three tango dancers is none other than — wait for it — John Travolta. The actor then shows off his own tango skills, switching between the ladies before putting on sunglasses and hitting us with Pit’s signature “Dale.” End scene.

Hopefully, “3 to Tango” is just the start of what will be a long list of sexy dance hits from Mr. 305 himself. After all, it’s been two whole years since the release of Climate Change, and we think we can all agree that nightclubs around the world could use a resurgence of the sexual energy that only Pitbull can provide. Don’t you?

Watch the spicy video for “3 to Tango” — which also hits mtvU and MTV Live today — up above.

Pink Just Dyed Her Daughter’s Hair to Get Back at Mommy Shamers

Earlier this week, Jessica Simpson faced a slew of mommy shamers after she posted on Instagram a series of photos of her 7-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew at the salon dyeing her hair purple to match Dove Cameron’s Descendants character, Mal. Commenters accused Simpson of “ruining” her daughter’s hair. “Don’t like it at all!!! Much better before the color. The new color makes her look older than her age,” one user wrote.

Many Instagram users jumped to Simpson’s defense, though, asking the critics to mind their own business. “She looks adorable and I’m laughing at all of you clutching your pearls because of hair dye. Your poor kids must have the most boring lives!” one user wrote in the comments.

And one of Simpson’s supporters—a high profile one at that—even took the solidarity to another level: Pink recently shared on Instagram that her daughter has dyed her hair as well.

“I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven-year-old get her hair colored,” Pink wrote in the caption of the post, which includes a shot of her 8-year-old daughter, Willow, with blue hair dye. “So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday.” The hashtags say it all: “#bluehairdontcare #getyourownkids #parentpoliceareactuallyjustlonelysadpeople #illdyeyourhairtoolosers #ohlookmanocomments.”

Take a look:

Pink has certainly had her own struggles with mommy shaming. In April, she got backlash from social media users who took issue with the fact that she posted a photo of her baby’s bare bottom on Instagram. She’s also been called out for sharing a photo of her daughter sitting next to the stove, which many social media users criticized as being too “dangerous.”

Nobody Talks About the ‘Otherhood’ Stage of Life—So I Made a Movie About It

As the years went by and we kept pushing to get this movie made, we entered the “otherhood” age group ourselves. That’s when, finally, Netflix rescued us. The movie business had come of age and realized that the majority of the marketplace is female. Hallelujah. We got a green light, put the film together, and made a movie that stands for something. It’s a movie for anyone who has ever been or wants to be or has had a mother.

Looking back at the process of making this movie, it’s clear to me now that I’m essentially trying to show the world the second stage in a woman’s life can be extraordinary. In my younger years, I felt like I had to “find” things all the time. Find a direction, find a school, find a career, find a mate. Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, life was all about the vision quest. Vision boards, visualize your future, make it happen! I sought validation and felt I had to prove myself. I was trying to answer the question, “What will I get, personally and professionally, from literally everything?” Vision boards have now been replaced by social media influencers, but the impulses haven’t changed for many young women. There’s an even higher expectation to find purpose today. We, the generation of glass ceiling breakers, tell future generations, “Go get what we made possible for you!”

I happen to be on the “otherhood” cusp: My only child leaves for her first year in college in 23 days and 11 hours (but who’s counting?). Everything is a question for her: roommates, leaving home, being a freshman again, choosing a major…. She’s asking herself, “How can I control the outcome of all this?” Yesterday, I had an out-of-body experience as I heard myself tell her, “Honey, no one can control the outcome.” I recognized in that moment that wisdom is the first gift of “otherhood.” What a relief it is to have lived long enough to find peace in the idea that one can lay back and let it all happen, because it’s going to happen anyway and it will happen for a reason.

The second gift of “otherhood” is enjoyment. The first half of my life was all about doing things. These “otherhood” years are about feeling them. Don’t get me wrong: I’m doing stuff all day long. But the hysteria has lifted. I finally feel like, “I’ve got this.” Now I want to feel it. I want to feel what it’s like to make a movie with extraordinary female partners, artists, and actors. I want to laugh and feel joy as I watch the finished product. I know I can’t control how the film will perform, but I can enjoy the process.

Cathy Schulman is a producer on Otherhood, now streaming on Netflix.

Ariana Grande Shoots Lasers Out Of Her Boobs In ‘Boyfriend’ Video With Social House

Ariana Grande‘s latest release — roughly her millionth of the past year — is here, and it’s definitely not what you were expecting. Unless, of course, you expected to see her shoot an arrow at another girl, then shoot heart-shaped lasers out of her boobs, then shoot her shot by fully making out with Social House‘s Mikey Foster.

After a solid week of archery-inspired teasers (Taylor Swift is shook!), Grande’s collab with Social House, “Boyfriend,” arrived at the stroke of midnight on Friday (August 2) alongside a Hannah Lux Davis-directed video. In it, Ari and Mikey declare themselves “train wrecks” while singing about a budding relationship that they don’t actually want to define as a relationship. Their infatuation with one another makes them hilariously jealous and just a tad violent, if only in their imaginations. Ultimately, though, this story has a happy ending — except, perhaps, for Social House’s Scootie, who becomes a third wheel after seeing Ariana and Mikey making out in a bathroom. Hit play below to see for yourself.

In a press release about the new song, Social House said, “We’ve always had so much fun working with Ariana, so we’re really excited for this song to finally be out in the world and for our fans to hear it! We hope everyone loves it as much as we do.”

Grande also talked up the new track in a tweet on Thursday, telling a fan, “i feel like this song captures a common theme in the lives of so many people i know! people want to feel love but don’t want to define their relationship & have trouble fully committing or trusting or allowing themselves to fully love someone. even tho they want to.”

She added, “we wanted to make something uplifting that captures that feeling of being afraid to take the leap & trust, being afraid of being hurt or feeling like you won’t be enough for that person … but also how it feels to have a crippling crush on someone.”

Ultimately, “Boyfriend” sounds like a serious song-of-the-late-summer hit, but that’s really no surprise considering Grande’s track record with Social House. The production duo also worked on a handful of track’s from Ari’s thank u, next, and she returned the favor by lending her vocals to their gorgeous single “Haunt You” and taking them on the road as her openers on the Sweetener World Tour.

This new release, however, has shaped up to be more of a true collab between Grande and the duo, and it’ll be interesting to see whether “Boyfriend” reaches the success of some of their other banner team-ups, like “thank u, next” and “7 rings.” Could this be the track that finally topples “Old Town Road” from the top of the charts? Only time will tell, but it’s nice to see Grande firmly on her grind. “Boyfriend” marks her first release since April’s flex-heavy loosie “Monopoly” with BFF Victoria Monet, and in the meantime, she’s continued touring, is curating the soundtrack for the new Charlie Angel‘s reboot, and has somehow found time to become the new face of Givenchy. Oh, and she’s nominated for a whopping 10 awards at this month’s VMAs — vote now, Arianators!