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Busy Philipps Says James Franco Physically Assaulted Her on the Set of Freaks and Geeks

In her new memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little, Busy Philipps alleges she was physically assaulted by James Franco — whom she calls a “f*cking bully” — on the set of Freaks and Geeks.

According to an excerpt first obtained by Radar Online, Philipps claims that she and Franco were shooting a scene in which the actress says she was directed to “lightly hit Franco in the chest” while delivering a line. In response to the action, she says he broke character and lunged at her.

“He grabbed both my arms and screamed in my face, ‘DON’T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!’” she claims in the book, per Radar Online. “And he threw me to the ground. Flat on my back. Wind knocked out of me.”

She writes that he then stormed off and the crew was left to help her up. She says she sobbed to costar Linda Cardellini, who reportedly urged her to call her manager. The next day, she says Franco apologized, after he was reportedly ordered to, but he apparently never received any consequences for his actions, Radar Online reported.

Jamie Lee Curtis And The Guy Playing Michael Myers Didn’t Talk While Shooting Halloween

Halloween fans are excited to see Jamie Lee Curtis go up against Michael Myers once again, but the actor playing that role made sure that only happened in front of the camera. Apparently, while on set, James Jude Courtney, the actor who plays Michael Myers in the upcoming film, found that Jamie Lee Curtis wasn’t exactly giving him a warm welcome, so he made sure to avoid her as much as possible. As Courtney explained during a set visit several months ago…

On the one hand, the two people who likely spend the most time on camera in Halloween not interacting at all outside of filming seems a bit odd, but if Jamie Lee Curtis was in character the entire time, then it makes some sense. For Laurie Strode, Michael Myers is the most terrifying thing in the world. Based on what we’ve seen in the trailers, even decades after the events of the first film, she is scared of him. If you’re trying to keep that fear real by staying in character, then you also can’t hang out between takes with the guys you’re supposed to be in fear of.

On the one hand, from what James Jude Courtney tells Entertainment Weekly, it sounds like he was a little bummed out that he had to keep his distance from Jamie Lee Curtis. He seems to respect her as a person and an actress. Still, while he probably would have loved to have gotten to know her better on the set, he was more than willing to do what he needed to do in order to make the movie work better.

Since these comments came during a visit to the Halloween set earlier this year, one hopes that once shooting wrapped these two were able to actually meet each other. Hopefully, by now they’re old friends who are looking forward to the release of their new movie. We’ll get a chance to see the performances they put together by not knowing each other when Halloween hits theaters October 19.

Fall 2018 Nail Polish Ideas: Shades of Green

The most exciting Fall 2018 nail color is one you’ve probably never thought to grab off the polish wall: Green in all its variations. The shade has been permeating Instagram leading up to autumn, and there are a handful of particular shades that seem to be the most popular, from mossy forest green to Nickelodeon-level slime green.

We could have the runways to thank: Verdant greens gained steam last season thanks to designers including Tom Ford, Valentino, Sonia Rykiel and it continued during this past fashion month at Prada, Miu Miu and Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

But—because not everyone can or wants to rock a neon green Versace suit like Blake Lively—the color trend made its way into beauty. First it was through hair, when celebrities like SZA, Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa went for bright shades, then it trickled down to nails, which is decidedly less noticeable but just as cool, as evidenced by Instagram:

Green nails look good running through your hair. They also look good while holding broccoli. As evidenced by pop star Kim Petras, neon green nail polish is so powerful it can even make a french tip cool again. It’s is also a great way to add color to an outfit without overdoing it. Plus, uploading a picture of your green nail manicure means you have an excuse to caption it with every green emoji possible. Finally, the T. Rex and Kiwi emoji can get the respect they deserve. Shop below for the best green nail polish shades for fall 2018.

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Gotham May Finally Introduce Harley Quinn In Season 5

Gotham has already teased some pretty wild reveals for its final season, so it’s no surprise another one of Batman’s iconic villains could be making an appearance. Yes, finally. Showrunner John Stephens hinted that Gotham may introduce Harley Quinn in Season 5, by way of describing a new character to be found at Jeremiah’s hip.

That certainly sounds like Harley Quinn, but is it really the famed clown girlfriend of Batman’s most iconic villain? Perhaps the Harley-ness will just be in style alone, since it’s largely unknown whether Gotham will even be able to call the character by her given name, or if it’ll be forced to do the same song and dance it’s done with Jeremiah essentially becoming the Joker but not actually being called Joker. (Something that may also be changing this season.) John Stephens didn’t explicitly use her name when talking to crowds at New York Comic Con, which might indicate this Harley won’t go by that particular moniker, but will still be similar to the iconic character.

The news comes after years of speculation regarding Harley Quinn’s potential presence on Gotham, with cast and crew alike teasing the villainess’ arrival for some time now. Star David Mazouz teased a while back that Quinn would appear in the Season 3 finale, though that didn’t happen. Earlier in Season 3, John Stephens said the show wanted to introduce a forerunner to Harley Quinn, which means Jeremiah’s beau could technically be a character Gotham has already shown. That statement led some to speculate that Barbara Kean will become the character before all is said and done, although actress Erin Richards didn’t buy it when we asked her.

Harley Quinn has become a hot commodity as of late, with the character’s popularity skyrocketing even higher following Margot Robbie’s portrayal in Suicide Squad. The character’s potential Gotham arrival is surprising, but also a little expected, given Quinn is also getting an animated series and a couple of appearances in spinoff films. The good news is it sounds like Gotham won’t be the sole Batman related franchise of late that completely excludes the character, even if they may not be able to use her name. Fans should be fine with whatever name variation the program creates out of the name “Harleen Frances Quinzel,” provided the character still resembles the Harlequin clown everyone loves so dearly.

Gotham is set to return for Season 5 on Fox in 2019. It’s one of the many upcoming shows audiences are excited about, although there are a fair few that will be returning long before the final season of the Batman prequel arrives. See what else is coming to television in the meantime with our fall premiere guide.

The Fox News Movie Has Found Its Rupert Murdoch

Jay Roach, the director behind Austin Powers, Meet The Parents, and Trumbo, has never had difficulty assembling fantastic ensembles – and he’s doing a bang-up job with his next project. He’s already gotten John Lithgow, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, and Kate McKinnon to sign on for his upcoming movie about Roger Ailes and Fox News, and now a new report has revealed A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell is coming aboard to play Rupert Murdoch.

High-Octane Cool

Steve McQueen in Peter Yates’s ‘Bullitt’ (1968)
Steve McQueen in Peter Yates’s ‘Bullitt’ (1968) Photo: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Fifty years ago this month, “Bullitt” opened in the U.S. and became one of the most financially successful thrillers of all time, costing a mere $5.5 million and reaping a gross of $42.3 million—more than $300 million today—at the domestic box office. This story of a San Francisco detective on the trail of ruthless hit men marked the apotheosis of Steve McQueen as an action star. In celebration of the anniversary, “Bullitt” is running in selected theaters across the U.S. this Tuesday.

Still relishing his one and only Oscar nomination, for his role in “The Sand Pebbles,” and just four months after appearing in “The Thomas Crown Affair,” McQueen enjoyed a position of immense power. His company, Solar Productions, controlled “Bullitt” from start to finish, despite the film’s being financed by Warner Brothers/Seven Arts. McQueen himself selected British director Peter Yates, given his skill at staging the car chase in “Robbery” the previous year. And it was McQueen who spent interminable preparatory sessions at a track north of San Francisco, racing alongside and against Bill Hickman, a brilliant stunt driver whose Magnum Dodge Charger 440 sought to outrun police lieutenant Frank Bullitt’s Ford Mustang 390 GT in the now legendary pursuit through San Francisco. The 10-minute sequence took three weeks to record, with eight cameras involved (one operated by director Yates, hidden inside McQueen’s Mustang).

What distinguished McQueen from other action stars before and since? His idol was Humphrey Bogart, but such major stars traditionally were forbidden from performing risky stunts. McQueen, however, almost relished putting himself in harm’s way. Warners was appalled by the prospect of a live car chase in heavily populated San Francisco and by the scene when McQueen’s detective throws himself beneath the wheels of a taxiing Boeing 747 at San Francisco International Airport. Only Jackie Chan and, more recently, Tom Cruise have inherited this flair and sangfroid.

Steve McQueen in ‘Bullitt’ (1968)
Steve McQueen in ‘Bullitt’ (1968) Photo: Everett Collection

His contemporary Clint Eastwood (both born in 1930) was as laconic as McQueen, without exuding quite the same charismatic appeal to young and old alike. Then came the generation of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, each trumpeting the sex appeal of a muscular physique. Today actors like Tom Hardy and Dwayne Johnson seek to fill the shoes of a McQueen, who had suffered a brutal death from cancer at just 50 years of age.

You always felt that McQueen was the real deal, a rebel of flesh and blood with the carefree courage of an auto racer and the rumpled tenderness of a loner who had survived reform school and run away to join the merchant navy. “I’m not an actor, I’m a reactor,” he told Yates during the filming of “Bullitt,” and yet his early training at the Actors Studio nurtured some of his most beguiling traits—the defiant gaze that could change in an instant to a clown’s split grin, or his habit of looking down as he listens and then raising his blue-eyed glare like a searchlight to quell even such a suave adversary as Edward G. Robinson in “The Cincinnati Kid.”

McQueen’s talent as a driver onscreen also set him apart from all save perhaps the older Paul Newman. McQueen could outrun the Nazis on a motorcycle in “The Great Escape,” and he could drive a Porsche 917 alongside Jacky Ickx and Jo Siffert for the 24-hour race in “Le Mans.” He could ride a horse with aplomb and draw a six-gun as fast as any cowboy star (notably in “Nevada Smith” and “The Magnificent Seven”).

A scene from ‘Bullitt’; the film, directed by Peter Yates, still has wheels, thanks to its star’s charisma and the snarling vigor of its car chase.
A scene from ‘Bullitt’; the film, directed by Peter Yates, still has wheels, thanks to its star’s charisma and the snarling vigor of its car chase. Photo: Everett Collection

“Bullitt” was made in 1968, yet far from Vietnam and even from the spirit of nearby Haight-Ashbury. It may seem no more than an above-average gangster movie, but its iconic status continues to resonate today due in part to the snarling vigor of that car chase and in even larger measure to the abiding sense of a Steve McQueen at the top of his game, committed to adding a razor-sharp realism to every sequence. The action features numerous city landmarks, from San Francisco General Hospital to Grace Cathedral and the Mark Hopkins Hotel. “Bullitt” remains a benchmark in the crime-movie genre, and influenced such future classics as “The French Connection,” “Heat,” and especially the Jason Bourne franchise.

In “Bullitt” McQueen found himself on the side of justice for once, but not quite of the law, refusing to kowtow to ruthless superiors like Robert Vaughn’s district attorney. He remained, until the very end of his career, the outsider, as exemplified by “Junior Bonner,” “Tom Horn” and “The Hunter.” He appeared casual, even shy, but never self-effacing; and when the chips were, literally, down in a film like “The Cincinnati Kid,” McQueen’s nerve never faltered. He lived, like the characters he often played, with a ferocious desire for liberty that no other action star could match and to which even today’s Bond, Daniel Craig, can only aspire. And in “Bullitt” he was the quintessence of cool.

Mr. Cowie has written numerous books on filmmakers, including Orson Welles, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa and Francis Ford Coppola.

Fifty Shades Of Grey’s Jamie Dornan And His Wife Are Expecting Another Baby

Congratulations are in order for Jamie Dornan and his wife, Amelia Warner. The Fifty Shades of Grey actor and the Quill actress/musician just announced they’re expecting their third child. The couple shares two daughters, Dulcie, aged four, and Elva, aged two. Here’s what we know about the baby news.

Additional information about the new baby is unknown or being kept private at this time, but it sounds like Dornan is very excited about the latest arrival in his family, which will extend to five members upon this newest child’s arrival. Dornan and Amelia Warner have welcomed a new child into their lives nearly every two years since they got married back in 2013. With the impending arrival of this newest child, that trend continues for the actor family. When asked how he felt about becoming a dad again, here’s what Dornan told The Sunday Times:

While the actor has kept a busy profile in recent years, notably with the success of the recently-concluded Fifty Shades cinematic franchise, fatherhood is something that has treated the actor well, and these comments suggest that he wants to stay an active, vital part of their blooming family dynamic. It is tough to balance your busy work life and your home life, especially when you’re a world-famous, globe-trotting international movie superstar, but Dornan seems to be welcoming the challenge with stride, and we are happy for his eagerness to become a parent yet again to this forthcoming child.

As an actor, meanwhile, Jamie Dornan was recently seen finishing his work as Mr. Gray himself in this past spring’s Fifty Shades Freed. (Or, at least, he’s finished with the series for now.) Appropriately freed to do more work with his recently-found fame, the British actor has kept himself busy with a variety of different projects on the very near horizon.

Among his upcoming projects is the biographical drama A Private War, which enters theaters in early November. He is also in the forthcoming drama Untogether, which is expected to be released either later this year or early next year. Dornan will also soon be seen in the upcoming blockbuster Robin Hood, which crashes into theaters on November 21st. He also plays a part in the upcoming HBO drama My Dinner with Herve, which premieres on October 20th. Suffice to say, it will be a busy few months for the prolific actor.

Still, that’s not keeping him from raising a family and adding a new addition to his dynamic very soon. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest celebrity news and developments here at CinemaBlend.

Why Better Call Saul And Breaking Bad’s Mike And Gus Never Have A Close Partnership

Spoilers below for those who aren’t all caught up on Better Call Saul’s current season.

Though Breaking Bad made it seem like Walt and Jesse would be a premiere tag team, it didn’t take long for that to implode in tragic ways, leaving Mike Ehrmantraut and Gus Fring as the franchise’s most dynamic duo. Better Call Saul has shown fans just how that partnership got sparked up, and the journey so far has been noticeably free of friendly warmth. It’ll likely stay that way, too, as star Jonathan Banks spoke with CinemaBlend recently and explained why Mike and Gus didn’t and won’t get very close as partners.

I don’t think they ever have been close. I don’t think they ever will be close. Mike looks at Gus and knows he is a formidable man in what he does, and a very dangerous man. But I can say that Mike’s attitude toward anybody — he’s dealing with crooks and murderers — he’s not gonna get real close to anybody. The partnership, there is that element of trust in the sense that, ‘If something is said, this is the way it will be done.’ Not a lot of questions are asked.

To be fair, it’s not exactly the most common behavior for employees and employers to have close and personal relationships, but then Mike and Gus are on a slightly different wavelength than a Chili’s server and manager, as they’re both part of a very small circle of people holding onto the same highly inflammatory information. Close proximity and similar to-do lists don’t necessitate friendships forming between two individuals, though.

When Gus sent Mike out to the site in the desert where the superlab was to be constructed, it’s not like he was “confiding” in his security enforcer. He was telling him what to do. When Gus asks Mike about the situation with Werner and the German crew, he’s not looking to hear Mike’s thoughts on interior design; Gus’ mind is only on the product itself.

Between the lab and the drugs and the money he’s making, Gus doesn’t have a lot of time to care about other people beyond what they’re doing to help those other things along. Which Mike is undoubtedly fine with, as implied by Jonathan Banks, since Mike isn’t intrigued by the notion of bonding and sharing recipes with elite New Mexico drug lords.

Jonathan Banks, who doesn’t think that Mike and Walt are comparable characters, actually summed things up perfectly when saying the below:

Gus is scary. You better be paying attention when you’re around Gus.

Even if Mike was extremely interested in getting closer to Gus on a genial and friendly level — and Mike’s subdued outburst at that group therapy meeting proves he’d rather get friendly with live dynamite — it wouldn’t eliminate the possibility that Gus would find a reason to one day duct-tape a bag around Mike’s head. Anyone that we’ve ever seen Gus get friendly with, on either Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, would find themselves on the chopping block in a moment’s notice if the vengeful kingpin found it an advantageous move.

I’m almost disturbed that Gus was so overtly casual with Gale earlier this season, in a way we haven’t seen him do with others. But as we know from Breaking Bad, that dynamic definitely changes once Gale officially starts cooking under Gus’ wing in the future. In fact, star Giancarlo Esposito actually brought that up during my conversation with him a little earlier this year (in which he also shared why he prefers playing Gus on Better Call Saul). In his words:

Gale has no fear of Gus. Gus is a business man who’s offered him a great opportunity, and he sees that [Gale] doesn’t feel that Gus is nefarious, so Gus feels like, ‘Oh, there could be a friendship now.’ Certainly you see a bit later on, when you’ll see Gus get a little bit short, and Gale might eventually start to see that he’s a little more intense than Gale had planned on. But right now, he’s really honored to be a part of something that’s like sending a rocket to the moon. ‘I’m a part of the moon team! I’m a part of NASA!’ [laughs] This is a big deal for him, and certainly Gus understands that and realizes that, but also respects Gale on so many levels.

Not that Gus is the only one who has made interesting exceptions to his own interests. Ever the loner, Mike actually took a liking to Werner during their time together this season, at least during the months before the dude decided to secretly escape the superlab to go meet his wife somewhere. Perhaps it was because Werner is one of the only people who chooses to talk to Mike like a person, and as if they are friends, sharing personal stories and whatnot. But whatever well-wishing feelings Mike may have had for Werner in the past are almost certainly gone now, with the shit hitting the fan in an assortment of different ways.

Plus, if Mike and Gus weren’t already friendly before, this whole Werner situation isn’t going to be the icebreaker that gets them all chummy-chummy and going to sporting events together. If anything, it may deepen the fault line that rests between them, making Gus all the more wary about trusting Mike with such important operations like this. Fans already know that they would work it all out before the events seen in Breaking Bad, but any kind of temporary strife between those two would create magical television. Imagine the stare-offs!

If we didn’t already know that Season 5 was a certainty by this point, Better Call Saul fans would be gnawing their fingernails off, with the Season 4 finale being so close. You can find it airing on AMC on Monday, October 8, at 9:00 p.m. And it’s an extended episode, too, so be sure you have an extra 25 minutes to sit back and enjoy the ride. And to find out everything that’s coming to the small screen in the near future, head over to our fall TV premiere schedule.

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How Dawson’s Creek Prepared Flash Co-Creator Greg Berlanti For The Batwoman Backlash

Before he co-created The Flash, Greg Berlanti was the series showrunner on the classic teen drama Dawson’s Creek. With more than 15 years having passed since the landmark series left the airwaves, Berlanti is opening up about how it helped him prepare for the backlash surrounding the casting of Ruby Rose as the Arrow-verse’s openly lesbian Batwoman. Addressing the matter head-on, Berlanti shared how handling reactions to Dawson’s Creek, came into play, saying:

Greg Berlanti’s past experiences on the teen drama have helped him navigate the road ahead and will undoubtedly continue to serve him well when it comes to divisive decisions. Berlanti’s comments (per THR) shed light on how he is handling the online reaction to Ruby Rose’s casting. The Arrow-verse extraordinaire’s comments offer a telling glimpse into how fan mail has progressed, as viewers are now able to relay their opinions on social media more directly, and some especially critical viewers certainly had a lot to say about Ruby Rose.

While Twitter can often be a barometer of where fans stand on certain storylines or casting decisions, Greg Berlanti is not letting it alter things. He is standing by his star. Batwoman will make her debut during the network’s annual Arrow-verse crossover. Once Ruby Rose has flexed her muscle in the highly-anticipated multi-series spanning event, she could end up headlining her own Batwoman spinoff.

After all, you do not introduce a character as major as Batwoman, and not consider giving her, her own show. Greg Berlanti expressed his optimism over Ruby Rose’s portrayal and viewers’ chance to see her play the part. Berlanti said:

The reaction that ensued following the announcement of Ruby Rose’s casting as Batwoman with some arguing she was not the right choice for the role is suspected to have contributed to her deciding to leave Twitter. Fans have a while longer to wait before Rose makes her much-anticipated debut as Batwoman. In a sign that she is set to knock it out of the park, Greg Berlanti shared his hope that people will tune in to see what everyone has been talking about and go from there.

Just in time for the holiday season, the Arrow-verse’s crossover event, which will herald the debut of Batwoman, will kick off on Sunday, December 9 at 8 p.m. ET with an episode of The Flash. The show that started it all a.k.a. Arrow will return for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The Flash will speed by Arrow‘s debut, making its Season 5 bow on Tuesday, October 9 at 8 p.m. ET. They will not be the only series returning or premiering on the superhero-friendly network, this fall.

One Terminally Ill Fan Got An Early Look At Red Dead Redemption 2

While Rockstar is hard at work getting ready for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Oct. 26, some members of the studio took a break from crunch in order to visit a terminally ill fan and give him a sneak peek at the game. This is the third such story to be reported in about as many weeks, each tale straddling the line between heartwarming and heartbreaking.

In this latest instance, Gamersnet (via Comicbook) is reporting that Red Dead Redemption fan Jurian received a special visit recently from members of team Rockstar. Jurian has been living with Type 2 Neurofibromatosis since 2014 and, according to the initial report, after fighting the disease for years, he’s “done now.”

Jurian’s family was aware of his love of Red Dead Redemption and the fact that he has been eagerly anticipating the upcoming sequel. A resident of the Netherlands, his family decided to reach out to the local Rockstar studio to see if there was any way Jurian could get his hands on the game a bit early. Once the team got the necessary clearances, members of Rockstar visited Jurian and spent a day with him, letting him check out the game. Apparently, this visit came within a week of the family first reaching out, which is a pretty amazing turnaround considering what was being asked.

For their part, Rockstar apparently never attempted to make this information public. It was Jurian who decided to reach out to the press, as he saw a similar story run online and wanted to make sure everyone knew what Rockstar did for him.

The story that inspired Jurian to share his own tale took place in late September, when Nintendo visited a terminally ill patient to let him get his hands on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate well in advance of its December launch. Series fan Chris Taylor reportedly noted on social media that he was afraid he would not be able to actually play the game and, once Nintendo caught word of the situation, they delivered a demo build of the game for Taylor and his friends to play for three hours. Similarly, it was Taylor who wanted to share his story with the world, as Nintendo has kept mum on the situation.

At about that same time, Bethesda visited a 12-year-old boy diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma to let him play Fallout 76 well in advance of the game’s launch. In this instance, Bethesda assistant director Matt Grandstaff and a couple other members of the team hit the road to visit the youngster, Wes, personally. Similar to the other stories, Bethesda was only able to let Wes play the game for a number of hours, but his parents said the impact was immeasurable. They also delivered a Power Armor helmet signed by studio head Todd Howard.