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I Tried Oribe’s Highly Textured Line for Natural Hair—Here’s What I Thought

Thanks to social media, the booming direct-to-consumer model, and empowered women of color pioneering companies and products for other women of color, the beauty world—and the hair industry in particular—has flourished with options for black women. While there’s still certainly work to do, the last couple of years have proven that the best is yet to come in terms of access and convenience for women like myself who, for years, have put their thick, kinky curls through the ringer with product that weren’t really made for us.

The momentum of the category was only made more evident to me after trying and subsequently obsessing over a new Curl Gelee made specifically for my texture, created by none other than luxury brand Oribe. The gelee—developed as part of the brand’s forthcoming Highly Textured collection, its first catered to black women—acts as the perfect last step in my hair routine, meant to lock in moisture and give even day six curls just the right amount of natural sheen and definition.

Unlike a lot of other products I’ve used to achieve the same results, this Oribe gelee isn’t sticky or greasy; it leaves my hair touchable and light, exactly how I like it. I’m left feeling optimistic that the rest of the line, spanning 11 total products meant to work through the tightest 4C coils, will do right by women of color who deserve the option of having a luxurious, legacy brand on their top shelf, should they wish to. The collection will officially launch on April 1 at (The prices, meanwhile, all hover in the usual Oribe range—$38 to $63—and have that same incredible scent. The Curl Gelee is $44.)

To be completely transparent, I generally approach efforts of diversity within the beauty industry with utmost caution, especially from mass brands. (I was burned one too many times in the pre-Fenty world). But from the start, Oribe showed its commitment to not only entering the category, but truly doing right by it and its consumers by tapping an actual black woman, celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Stacey Ciceron, to authenticate the collection.

Ciceron offered an invaluable wealth of knowledge to the brand when it came to all things natural hair, from product innovation to ensuring that the brand participated in and prioritized community outreach.

“When Oribe global ambassador James Pecis approached me about the opportunity, I was very excited to be a part of something so major and, in my opinion, revolutionary,” Ciceron tells Glamour. From there, she would spend months conceiving and narrowing down product offerings, testing on real hair with real models with the hair type (and even her own hair), and working with the Oribe education team, as well as the brand’s salon stylists, for them to test and interact with the product as well.

“I weighed in on the ingredient list and consulted on the texture of product—how it feels on our hair and how effective it is,” she says, later adding that ingredients such as essential and natural oils were non-negotiables. “Highly textured hair requires more moisture and care, so I wanted to be sure we address those needs.”

Having used the product myself, Ciceron’s involvement and expertise is evident in the final product. The way the gelee smoothes into my curls without making them feel heavy or damp, the way it defines without drying or crunching—it makes sense that a black woman was in the room, and only speaks to the need for more women of color in positions of power in the beauty space. Surely, brands big and small should be looking to this debut as an example of how to thoughtfully and successfully champion diversity within their product offerings.

“Brands should realize that inclusivity doesn’t mean that one product will work for everyone,” Ciceron closes. “Hair is not ‘one size fits all.'”

Leaving Netflix in April 2019: Get Your *Sex and the City* Movie Fix Now

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha may live forever in our hearts, but they sadly won’t be available on Netflix come April. Sex and the City: The Movie (the excellent first one!) is leaving the streaming service on April 1. So if you want to scream at Mr. Big one more time for leaving Carrie at the altar, you have just a few weeks to do it.

Sadly, that’s not the only franchise you’ll have to break up with, as a number of James Bond and Star Wars movies are leaving Netflix too. Also, say goodbye to Adam Sandler classics like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence‘s hit Silver Linings Playbook, and the first four seasons of Idris Elba’s British drama series Luther.

Check out what’s leaving Netflix starting next April:

American Pie
Billy Madison
Blue Mountain State: Seasons 1-3
Casino Royale
Diamonds Are Forever
Die Another Day
Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
Happy Feet
Happy Gilmore
I Love You, Man
L.A. Confidential
Live and Let Die
Luther: Series 1-4 Octopussy
Pokémon: XY: Seasons 1-2
Sex and the City: The Movie
The Living Daylights
The Man with the Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
The World Is Not Enough
Wallander: Series 1-4
You Only Live Twice


Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Seasons 1-5
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions

Video Game High School: Seasons 1-3

Silver Linings Playbook

But Netflix is never one to leave people content-less, so of course it’s adding loads of new movies and shows in April, as well. There’s original programming like Kevin Hart’s new comedy special, Irresponsible; Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2; Unicorn Store, a new movie starring Brie Larson; and The Perfect Date, a new rom-com with Noah Centineo and Camila Mendes. You’ll also be able to stream classics like Pineapple Express, All the President’s Men, Spy Kids, and both Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies. Basically, this spring is still going to be lit.

8 Team-Ups We’d Love to See in Avengers: Endgame

There is so much to look forward to in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, especially considering it is the culmination of the entire MCU thus far. The highly-anticipated film will find the Avengers dealing with the fallout of their failure to stop Thanos, as well as looking into a way to undo his massacre throughout the universe. Action, high-stakes, and drama are all right there in that previous sentence, but if there is one thing you can count on in an Avengers films, it should be awesome team-ups.

The MCU is filled with larger-than-life personalities and when they clash, it creates sparks. That’s the bread and butter of the MCU and it was never more savory than in Avengers: Infinity War. Endgame may be working with fewer pieces, but there’s still ample room to produce some fun, weird, and dramatic team-ups. I mean did you see Rocket and War Machine in that trailer? It was rad as hell!

We already know some characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye will be pairing up at times, but here are some other options that I would love to see play out on screen.

Captain America Iron Man Civil War movie

Captain America And Iron Man

This is a big one. Fans have been waiting to see these two reunited since their friendship crumbled in Captain America: Civil War. Their division is a big reason why Thanos was able to win in the first place, and if they want any hope in stopping him then they’ll have to bury the hatchet. Unfortunately, not telling your friend that his parents were murdered by your brainwashed best friend is a tough hurdle to leap. The two pillars of the MCU should absolutely be working out their troubles, which should make for plenty of drama and some real kickass moments when they finally make up.

Ant-man riding Hawkeye arrow in Civil War

Hawkeye And Ant-Man

The Avengers team consists of gods, wizards, kings, geniuses, and super soldiers, which is why Ant-Man and Hawkeye seem like such a natural pairing. Take away their tools, and these two are just regular dudes who happen to know the most powerful beings on the planet. Perhaps more importantly, the two of them are also family men, and gave up their freedom so that they could stay under house arrest with their families. They share something that none of the other Avengers can really relate to. It’s also highly likely that both of them lost some of or their entire families in The Snap, which means they should know exactly what the other is going through. Plus, Ant-Man can ride another arrow! That should be reason enough for a team-up.

Nebula and Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame

Black Widow And Nebula

I never would have imagined in a million years that Nebula would survive long enough to be this important of a character in the MCU. However, here we are! She’s been right there alongside the Avengers suited up and ready to save the galaxy. It’s awesome, and I’m really excited to see how she interacts with Earth’s heroes. When it comes to pairings, Black Widow might just be the most interesting. They have both suffered from abuse, but took their pain in opposite directions. Widow eventually learned how to become a selfless hero while Nebula focused on revenge. It’d be interesting to see how the two of them interact, but there’s no question they’d kick a lot of butt together.

Rocket Raccoon and Iron Man

Iron Man And Rocket

Back during the wait for Avengers: Infinity War, this was probably one of the most requested team-ups. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really a way to get Tony Stark and Rocket in the same room during that film, but they absolutely will be meeting in Endgame. Who doesn’t want to see these two butt heads? They are both snarky geniuses with big personalities, so there would certainly be sparks. Plus, Rocket just might be smarter than Tony, which would make for some humorous one-upmanship. Rocket might even have some ideas on how to upgrade Tony’s suit, and it’d be rad to see the two of them unloading their arsenal on Thanos — if Rocket isn’t busy doing that with War Machine.

Captain Marvel and Captain America

Captain Marvel And Captain America

Captain Marvel is getting into position to be the new lead of the MCU, and I would imagine there will be some passing of the torch moments for her. While she looks to be hitting it off with Thor, Captain America is the Avenger I really want to see her team-up with. Obviously, the two of them are captains, which makes for some fun wordplay, but they have other similarities as well. Both of them have a background in the armed forces, they share a strong sense of right and wrong, they’re stubborn, and they are beautiful blonde people. I think the two of them would really get along and it’d be great to see a mutual respect or admiration build over the course of the film. This is probably the last time Carol Danvers can spend time with the original Avengers, so I hope she gets to know Steve Rogers while she still can.

Iron Man Hawkeye Civil War

Iron Man And Hawkeye

Here’s a pairing you don’t see every day, despite the fact these two have been in the MCU since Phase One. Iron Man and Hawkeye don’t hang out much, and the one time they did, they were beating each other up. As much as there is a divide between Cap and Tony, there’s likely still beef between Tony and Clint. The last time they saw each other was fairly intense, as Clint drilled into Tony for his mistakes after Clint was locked in the Raft with the rest of Team Cap. They didn’t part on the best of terms, and it’d be interesting to see if there is still any leftover resentment — especially from Clint, who looks really unhappy in the trailers for Endgame.

Hulk and Black Widow Age of Ultron

Hulk And Black Widow

I will fully admit to being onboard the Bruce Banner X Black Widow train, which is not a popular ride in the MCU community. What can I say? I like the out-of-left-field pairing; I think it’s unique, and even though it was pretty rushed, I just enjoy watching the two of them together. We haven’t seen this relationship develop much at all since Age of Ultron and it looks like the two had some scenes cut from Avengers: Infinity War. My hope is that the two of them can spend some time together in Endgame and that relationship can finally advance forward. Bruce Banner has a Hulk problem and Natasha has always been a soft spot for the Green Goliath. Whether they end up together or not, Endgame might be the film that devotes enough time to this relationship to get more fans onboard.

Hulk Captain Marvel and Thor

Thor, Hulk, And Captain Marvel

I can’t think of anything that would send the movie into more applause than seeing Thor, Hulk, and Captain Marvel team-up in a fight against Thanos. That’s an idea that sells itself. It features the three most powerful Avengers going head-to-head against the Mad Titan over the fate of the universe. That would be an action set piece in all its glory. It’s worth noting that that the three of them are not seen during the Avengers slow-mo walk at the end of the latest trailer, and my theory is that they are off on their own mission as a Thanos Kill Squad. However, Marvel trailers are never to be fully trusted and it’s possible that the were simply edited out of the trailer but will be there for the final movie. Still though, it’d make for one epic fight scene.

If I had an infinite amount of time, I would probably have ended up listing every combination possibility for Endgame because I love just seeing these characters talk and hang out. The backbone of the MCU is the characters and matching them up can result unexpected chemistry. Who could have predicted the bromance between Thor and Rocket? It’s weird pairings like this that make the MCU films fun to watch 22 films later and let’s hope they bring out all the stops in Endgame.

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Plot Twist, Detective Pikachu Could Have Starred Danny Devito

The upcoming film Detective Pikachu is based on an unusual video game in the Pokemon franchise. When the game was first announced, a grassroots campaign sprung up around the idea of having Danny DeVito voice the little yellow fuzzball for the English language version of the game. When fans learned a movie based on the game was also being made, the demand for DeVito only increased. While the role ended up going to Ryan Reynolds, it turns out that the idea of casting DeVito was at least briefly considered by the filmmakers. According to producer Cale Boyter…

Danny DeVito’s gruff voice is probably the last one that you’d expect to come from the cute little Pokemon, but, of course, that’s the joke. He has the perfect voice for a gravely noir detective character, and Detective Pikachu is certainly meant to be having fun with that concept. A Pikachu that sounded like DeVito would certainly come across as something out of a Raymond Chandler novel. Also, hearing Danny DeVito say “pika, pika” would be pure comedy.

How close Danny DeVito actually came to being cast is far from clear, but we do know that this wasn’t simply a brief consideration that was discarded quickly. VFX Producer Greg Baxter told GameInformer that his team actually went as far as to add dialogue from several different potential voice actors to an early version of Pikachu in order to get an idea what it would look like. It turns out DeVito was one of the voices used. According to Baxter…

It would be great to get those tests as part of the special features on a future Detective Pikachu Blu-ray. There were probably several other great actors used as tests that would sound hilarious coming from Pikachu. Until then, we can get an idea what DeVito might have sounded like thanks to fans who added the actor’s voice to the character back when the Detective Pikachu video game was coming out. Check it out.

Why Danny DeVito ultimately wasn’t chosen for the role we don’t really know, though the producer says that the “spirit of Danny DeVito” is still part of the character, whatever that means. I suppose we’ll find out when Detective Pikachu hits theaters in May.

Crying After Sex Isn’t Uncommon—And Women Deserve to Know Why

The first sign that my three-and-a-half year relationship was over was that we stopped making love. We didn’t stop having sex (though our passion had definitely cooled) but we stopped having any real connection in bed. When we did do it, it felt obligatory—a compromise to satiate my libido so I’d stop nagging him. It was obvious—at least to me—my partner wasn’t into it and it felt like he had no interest in whether or not I got off.

As a result, sex started to feel dirty and overly complicated. What had once been my favorite thing on planet Earth, now felt like a chore. After a few months of feeling like a sexually needy burden, plagued by guilt over my high sex drive and disinterested parter, I began experiencing what I would later find out sexologists call post coital dysphoria: a sudden and unexplained sadness, even crying, after sex.

If you haven’t experienced it, let me tell you: PCD is the worst. Post-sex, your body is drowning in a sea of feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine—which is why every single article on the internet says orgasms make you feel good. But I felt like crap after sex, especially when I either got off during or finished myself off after. Orgasms left me bereft and inconsolable, overwhelmed with anxiety over why I felt so terrible after something that should have been so great.

This post-orgasmic phenomenon is way more common than you might think—research on PCD is still pretty scarce but one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found nearly 50 percent of women surveyed have felt the post-sex blues at some point. (Men can experience it too.) It’s believed that about 2 percent of women experience it regularly.

Researchers aren’t 100 percent sure why some people experience this hardcore crash of emotions after sex, but it likely has something to do with our body’s reaction to all the hormones and emotions that come with sex, according to sexologists. “I believe that when an orgasm takes place, it triggers a release. For most, it’s a stress release but for others, they find their body also releasing tears, emotions, and aggressiveness,” says Sunny Rodgers, a certified clinical sexologist and sex coach in Los Angeles. In this way, it’s often linked to past sexual trauma, she says.

This is exactly what it felt like for me. Every time I orgasmed, it was like I was releasing the deep emotional anguish of my failing relationship. It was sorrowful, painful, and depressing. Instead of riding a wave of pleasure, I would roll over and quietly weep until I fell asleep, lost in my own head and heartache.

When the relationship finally ended, so did the PCD—or so I thought. For awhile, I would have casual sex with decent men and women and feel completely fine afterwards. I still cried myself to sleep over my breakup, but I wasn’t sad after sex—sex finally felt pleasurable again.

Before long, I found myself spending time with someone new who made me feel things I didn’t think I’d ever feel again. The sex was amazing and he was lovely and kind. But one night, after some of the truly head-over-heels sex—the kind that only happens in the glow of an budding relationship—my post-coital dysphoria came back with a vengeance. In the aftermath of my orgasm, I felt totally despondent, like I had fallen to the bottom of a well. After my boyfriend fell asleep, I crept into the living room where I stayed awake for hours crying.

Looks Like Toy Story 4 Will Include Flashbacks, So Bring Your Tissues

It was a very exciting morning for Disney fans, as the first full trailer for Toy Story 4 finally arrived online. Woody, Buzz, and the gang are back together, and going on an epic journey across country with their new kid, Bonnie. Along the way, we’ll meet some adorable new characters, while also being reunited with Annie Potts’s Bo Peep since her noticeable absence in Toy Story 3.

The trailer revealed the basics of the movie’s plot, but also showed some of the ways Toy Story 4 will be unique to the first three films. In addition to taking the group of toys on a road trip, it looks like the franchise is breaking new ground with the ample use of flashbacks. Specifically, the footage shows the toys during their time with their original kid, Andy.

The flashbacks pop up a few times throughout the course of the trailer, although the biggest gut punch shows a young Andy back in his iconic bedroom. Signature Red Cowboy hat in tow, he plays with Jessie, Bullseye, and Buzz Lightyear. It shows the love between those toys and their owner, and once again hammers down the heart-wrenching ending of Toy Story 3.

Also featured in the Toy Story 4 trailer are several shots of Bo Peep back in Andy’s house with Woody. The duo of toys were the love story of the first two movies, although Bo was unceremoniously written off in the threequel. Andy’s sister Molly kicked her to the curb sometime in between the second and third movies, and Annie Potts’ signature Toy Story character was barely mentioned at all.

But we see Bo Peep back in her classic outfit in the first Toy Story 4 trailer, so it looks like the upcoming animated blockbuster will take us back to simpler times. While flashbacks were used briefly in moments like Jessie’s Song in Toy Story 2, the franchise hasn’t relied much on that macguffin. Until now.

As a reminder, you can check out the trailer below, complete with the flashback moments.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Toy Story 3 proved to be the most emotionally devastating movie of the franchise, although it’s clear the the upcoming fourth installment isn’t taking any prisoners either. It should be interesting to see how the property outdoes itself in regards to tears, as the toys’ near-death experience and passing to Bonnie in the threequel reduced the generations of fans into puddles.

All will be revealed when Toy Story 4 arrives in theaters on June 21st. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Coming to Netflix in April 2019: These 83 Movies and Shows Are Hitting Your TV Soon

Welp, it looks like I’m not doing anything for the entire month of April, because The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is coming to Netflix. That’s right: In just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to watch the jean-swapping shenanigans of Carmen (America Ferrera), Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), Bridget (Blake Lively), and Lena (Alexis Bledel) whenever you want. The sequel is hitting Netflix in April too, so that’s another reason to be excited.

And there are 81 other reasons where these two came from. So many movies and TV shows are coming to Netflix in April: a mix of originals like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, cult classics like Obsessed, and the latest seasons of your favorite shows, including New Girl. Below, check out all the titles coming to your queues very soon:

Across The LineAll the President’s Men
Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Freddy vs. JasonFriday the 13th (2009)
I Am Legend
Lakeview Terrace
Monster House
Pineapple Express
Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, Season 2
P.S. I Love You
Spy Kids
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D
The Bone Collector
The Fifth Element
The Golden CompassThe Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Suzzanna: Buried Alive (NETFLIX FILM)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
In The Shadows
Legacies, Season 1
Persona: Collection (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Roman Empire: Caligula: The Mad Emperor (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Spirit Riding Free, Season 8 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL) Tijuana (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Unicorn Store (NETFLIX FILM)

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Season 6 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

New Girl, Season 7


A Land Imagined (NETFLIX FILM)
Band AidHuge in France (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Mighty Little Bheem (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
The Perfect Date (NETFLIX FILM)
The Silence (NETFLIX FILM)
Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island? (NETFLIX FILM)

Luis Miguel: The Series, Season 1
No Good Nick (NETFLIX ORIGINAL) The New Romantic

Super Monsters Furever Friends (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

My First First Love (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

A Fortunate Man (NETFLIX FILM)
Brené Brown: The Call to Courage (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Cuckoo, Season 5 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
I, Daniel BlakeMusic Teacher (NETFLIX FILM)
Rilakkuma and Kaoru (NETFLIX ANIME)
Samantha!, Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Someone Great (NETFLIX FILM)

Grass is Greener (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Pinky Malinky, Part 2 ( NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)


The Hateful Eight (Extended Version)
The Ugly Truth

The Protector, Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
The Sapphires

American Honey

Señora Acero, Season 5

The Imitation Game

Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Baki, Part 2 (NETFLIX ANIME)
Ingress: The Animation (NETFLIX ANIME)


Human Algorithm—Coming up: Ben Affleck
I’m Obsessed with This—Coming up: Queer Eye’s Karamo, Bobby and Tan
The Strong Black Lead Podcast: Strong Black Legends—Coming up: Bill Duke
You Can’t Make This Up—Coming up: Skye Borgman, director of Abducted in Plain Sight

Shazam! Producer Thinks James Gunn Is Uniting DC And Marvel Fans

If you’re a fan of comic book movies and the work of James Gunn, then everything is coming up roses. The director, who had taken over the new Suicide Squad movie following his unceremonious departure from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is now on board both films. Whichever side of the comic book divide you’re on, you’ve got a potentially great movie on the way. Of course, the entire situation tends to blur the line between Marvel and DC, and some think that’s a wonderful thing. Shazam! producer Peter Safran thinks its great that Gunn is making both films because it may help bring the two sides together. According ot Safran…

Marvel and DC have always been in competition, it’s the nature of business, but that competition has seemingly moved beyond the sales charts and resulted in many fans picking a side. Whether you’re a comic book reader or simply a viewer of the big screen adaptations, it seems that many support one set of stories and characters over the other simply because of which logo is attached.

Even before James Gunn became attached as a director of movies from both Marvel and DC, as Peter Safran tells JoBlo, he had spoken out frequently on Twitter about the fact that he felt that the line drawn in the sand between the two comic publishers was arbitrary and irrelevant. There’s no reason that people can’t be fans of both sides and all the great superhero characters that they have to offer.

As the most high profile name to work both sides of the fence so far, one certainly has to wonder if James Gunn has opened the floodgates. Could we see more and more people, on both sides of the camera, possibly work with both Marvel and DC more often? For the most part, it has seemed that getting cast in a major role for one cinematic universe has made the other one off limits. Zachary Levi had a small role in the Thor franchise but was killed off before he became Shazam! for DC.

James Gunn will go to work on The Suicide Squad first, with production expected to start later this year. After that, he’ll return to Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. Will James Gunn become the great peacemaker of our time and bring DC and Marvel fans together? We can only hope.

Avengers: Endgame’s Directors Admit To Adding Extra Footage To Trailers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the biggest franchises in film history, with a shopping 21 movies dropped in the decade and change since Iron Man arrived on the scene. Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame are the cumulation of those blockbusters, as The Russo Brothers balanced the large ensemble cast for a set of movies with equal parts action and heart.

Aside from the scheduling and storytelling challenges that come with handling such a behemoth pair of movies, The Russo Brothers had to deal with another challenge: how do you market the films without giving away too much? Endgame has only released very brief clips, and once Infinity War hit theaters, there were some shots from the trailer that were noticeably missing from the final cut. Now the brothers have admitted to padding trailers with extra footage, with Joe Russo saying:

Tricky move, Russos! In an attempt to keep the secrets of the third and fourth Avengers movies, their marketing material included some footage to throw the fandom off. As such, audiences can have the full experience in theaters, and the blockbusters can have the maximum emotional impact.

Joe Russo’s comments to Empire Magazine confirm a long standing fan theory about Infinity War and Endgame. Specifically, the the trailers include footage that serve as red herrings to the film’s true contents. Just look at Infinity War‘s massive trailer. One of the most iconic shots from the marketing shows the Avengers running toward their enemy in the Battle of Wakanda, including The Hulk. But the big green guy was almost completely absent from the final cut, as he refused to resurface after getting beaten by Thanos in the opening scene.

Eventually Bruce Banner donned the Hulkbuster armor to fight against Thanos’ forces, and it was obvious that the Infinity War trailer was selling a false bill of goods. This allowed for the subplot surrounding Bruce Banner and The Hulk’s dysfunctional relationship was one of the many surprises that the blockbuster brought to theaters.

It should be interesting to see how the Avengers: Endgame trailers ultimately relate to the film’s final product. The marketing material for the blockbuster has been pretty sparse, as Marvel Studios was focusing on the release of Captain Marvel. The public still doesn’t have an inkling regarding what the film’s main plot will entail, as things have been kept purposefully vague in the trailers. Instead, the footage sets up the tone of the movie, and just how bleak things are in the wake of Thanos’ finger snap of death.

All will be revealed when Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters on April 26th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Ariana Grande’s Sweetener World Tour Will Help Fans Register To Vote

At concerts, there’s often a lot of downtime. So what better way to take advantage of those twiddling thumbs than to, let’s say, register to vote? Ariana Grande sees the vision. She partnered with nonprofit organization Headcount to enable concertgoers to register to vote during the Sweetener World Tour.

The organization, which helps set up voter registration stations at music events, made the reminder on Twitter yesterday (March 18) to coincide with the date that the tour kicked off in New York. “Together, we designed #thankunextgen, a program to help Ariana’s fans make their voices heard,” the organization tweeted. It made the initial announcement last week. For those already registered to vote and are interested in contributing to the cause, the organization is looking for volunteers on its website to work the booths at these events.

There’s good news for fans that attend the concerts and may not be comfortable giving out their information in this kind of public space. Fans are also able to text ARIANA to 40649 and find out details about registering as to vote as well as volunteering and, for those too young to vote, schedule a reminder on their 18th birthday to register.

Grande joins a long list of artists who have partnered with HeadCount to bring voter registration to their tours. Harry Styles, J. ColeTroy Sivan, and Chance The Rapper, have all worked with the nonprofit organization in the past.

The Sweetener World Tour is setting up to be legendary. It features the endlessly mesmerizing Normani. It would be cool to show up at one of the tour dates drinking her new Starbucks drink, the Cloud Macchiato.