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Frozen II Kept Changing While Coming Together, Which Made Filming The Disney+ Series Hard

To the casual observer, it may seem like filming documentary footage is pretty cut and dry. You’re just filming stuff that’s actually happening, right? However, anyone who’s actually worked on a documentary will tell you it’s not quite that simple. In the case of Disney+’s Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II, changes to the blockbuster film’s story actually made it harder for the documentary’s filmmakers to put together their own project.

5 Times Harry Potter Probably Would Have Died Without Hermione Granger

Essentially, Without Hermione, Harry May Have Never Achieved Any Of His Goals

And for a bonus item to this list, the final argument for how Harry Potter owes his life to Hermione Granger is not a reference to a specific moment from the books, but a simple acknowledgement of the fact that he, most likely, would have never been able to accomplish many of the things he did without her by his side. Her presence alone (be it as a scholar, a warrior, or just a supportive friend) is a greater resource to him than his wand, his broom, or even his Patronus, due to the fact that Hermione has been essential in his ability to use those tools in the first place. Without Hermione, there is no Harry to defeat Voldemort which, quite frankly, makes Ms. Granger the ultimate hero of the story.

How Many Walt Disney World Fans Actually Showed Up To The Magic Kingdom And Animal Kingdom On Opening Day

Despite concerns from some about safety, those who did attend the park’s reopening noted that there are some upsides to the changes the park has implemented. While the lines themselves will be longer, since everyone is spaced out, parkgoers reported shorter wait times — or, in some cases, no wait times at all — on opening day.

Janelle Monae Wants A Role In Black Panther As A Fan-Favorite Hero

Janelle Monae’s star has been rising over the past several years, and the singer/songwriter has been steadily creating a diverse body of work when it comes to her acting career. She rose to acting prominence with roles in Best Picture winner Moonlight and the acclaimed Hidden Figures, and she’s now diving into other kinds of projects like Amazon thriller Homecoming and upcoming horror film Antebellum. With this, a superhero role may be on the horizon, and Storm could be a prime option for her.

Why It’s Ok Hamilton Isn’t Historically Accurate, According to Lin-Manuel Miranda

As a work of historical fiction, Hamilton is more than just something that entertains us. It’s helped people, young and old, brush up on their knowledge of American civics, and in some cases, learn something new altogether. That doesn’t mean Hamilton is perfectly historically accurate, though — and according to the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the fact that it doesn’t always get the facts right isn’t that big of a deal.

Drag Queen Legend Divine’s 5 Best Performances, Ranked

3. Polyester (1981)

The 1981 comedy Polyester might have had a larger budget than John Waters’ earlier work, but that doesn’t mean the obscene director held back on the shock and awe of this sick and twisted story of murder, deceit, and broken families. 

Divine stars as Francine Fishpaw, a mild-mannered housewife whose family falls apart in front of her very own eyes. After her husband (an adult movie theater operator), her promiscuous daughter and glue-addicted son abandon her, Francine’s life continues to get worse and worse before she can find happiness once again. And unlike Divine’s other roles that saw him playing women hellbent on causing as much harm and destruction as possible, Francine just wants to be happy, even everyone around her wants nothing of it. But don’t worry, Polyester has plenty of the hallmarks that made the early Waters-Divine collaborations such treats to enjoy.

8 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of July 12, 2020

Looking for some new TV shows to try this week? You’re in luck. Both Starz and Netflix have exciting new offerings, plus NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, launches on July 15. So escape the heat and plop in front of your screens. Why sweat when you can stream, am I right?

Below, all the TV shows and movies to earmark for the week: 

Sunday, July 12

P-Valley: A new drama series about the lives of a group of Southern strippers. Hustlers fans, tune in. 8 P.M. ET on Starz

Monday, July 13

The Nest: Here is Acorn’s official description for this series: “Martin Compston (Line of Duty) and Sophie Rundle (Bodyguard) star in this suspenseful Scottish drama about a wealthy couple who would do anything to have a baby. After a chance encounter, they recruit a down-on-her-luck 18-year-old (Mirren Mack, Sex Education) to be a surrogate, but secrets emerge about the girl’s past that could make them regret their deal.” Streaming on Acorn TV

Tuesday, July 14

Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser: Urzila Carlson covers The Biggest Loser, boxed wine hangovers, and more in this new comedy special. Streaming on Netflix

Wednesday, July 15

The Capture: Read Peacock’s official description here: “While disentangling misinformation from truth in an era of deepfakes, alternative facts and ubiquitous surveillance, an investigation of damning video evidence calls into question whether seeing is deceiving.” Streaming on Peacock

Brave New World: Watch the trailer for the British dystopian drama, below. Streaming on Peacock

Thursday, July 16

Fatal Affair: Fatal Attraction meets Obsessed in this new psychological thriller.  Streaming on Netflix

Friday, July 17

Cursed: A new spin on the Arthurian legend, starring Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why. Streaming on Netflix

Saturday, July 18

Murder in the Vineyard: Who doesn’t love a good Lifetime movie on a Saturday night? 8 P.M. ET on Lifetime

Weekly Horoscope for the Week of July 13, 2020

Maintaining creative control of your projects is key this week— sometimes it’s a winding path to appease all those who want a say in your work, but you must be the final voice. When you take your creative offerings seriously, even if they seem more fun right now than a professional possibility, so do others. If you’re collaborating, run a tight ship. Dating or a romance may feel extra intense this week, so keep your cool and maintain clear boundaries.

Libra | Libra rising

Be gentle with your significant others this week, Libra. Either a partner or close friend will need encouragement to help asserting themselves. They’ll be looking to you for motivation, so be aware and ready to help. In matters of work, negotiate but don’t settle or compromise if it doesn’t feel right. 

Scorpio | Scorpio rising

While you have your sights set on the bigger picture and wider horizons, it’s essential to do your research and study thoroughly to support your goals. What are you deep-diving into and how can you best structure your cerebral track, whether it’s a personal interest, formal study, or something you’re setting up over the long term? When all eyes are on you, you want your foundations to be set on solid ground. Consolidate, and don’t take short cuts. 

Anthony Ramos: 7 Great Things To Know About The Hamilton Star

Anthony Ramos Initially Wanted To Be A Baseball Player/Coach

Everyone has a different path, finding their talents and career destination along the way, though Anthony Ramos didn’t initially set his sights on being a young actor/musician of the stage and screen. No, in his early life, Ramos planned to be a baseball player, with aspirations to join the NCAA Division III in college, followed by a coaching career after graduation. The athlete had the highest batting average of his team, and he could see his future.

Alas, this plan didn’t come to pass. He claims he lost his love for the sport and he needed something else. Around this time, Ramos started performing in school assemblies in a student group called the Halsey Trio, where he sang Motown songs. This sparked a fire that kept burning, and rather than go to college for baseball, he sought out professional acting instead.

Selena: 11 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Jennifer Lopez Movie

Chris Perez Is Still Friends With Jon Seda, Who Portrayed Him In Selena

During his two-decade streak of not watching the film based on his late wife, Chris Perez still had a connection to Selena through the man who played him, Jon Seda. The actor, whom modern audiences may recognize as Antonio Dawson from the One Chicago franchise, primarily Chicago P.D., mentioned during the casts 1997 appearance on Leeza that he and the guitarist actually lived together for much of the time the movie was being shot. A 2018 profile by People reveals that, all these years later, Seda and Perez not only bear a strong resemblance to each other, but remain friends who continue to inspire each other artistically, especially Seda, who posted an Instagram video of him trying to “sound like [his] boy” on guitar.