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Ryan Reynolds’s Advice for His and Blake Lively’s Daughters Is Really Good, Actually

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and their three daughters seem be to one of the coziest families in Hollywood, but no parent is perfect. Thankfully, Reynolds has a realistic attitude about raising kids, and uses challenging situations to model resilience for his girls.

“I’m like any parent—I’ll have a moment where I’ll just snap. It’s not so much what you do in the moment that’s interesting, it’s what you do afterwards,” he told the audience at a recent speaking engagement in Cannes, per Page Six. Just like kids have to learn to course-correct after a misfire, so do dads!

“I used to tell my kids, ‘Don’t waste your mistakes,’” the Free Guy star continued. “When you’re making mistakes it’s easy to sort of be absorbed by shame and sort of this idea that you’ve done something wrong, but you also have to look at it critically and use it as a stepping stone to learning something profound.” BRB, writing that down.

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He added that his parenting mistakes, which he described as “brutal,” have taught him far more than his adventures in show business. But his first mistake-making role model was, of course, his own dad. “He made a lot of mistakes…Some I’m grateful for,” the Deadpool actor joked.

As for Betty, Inez and James, he says that they keep them constantly on his toes with their, uh, let’s say, energetic behavior. “I’m a parent of three girls. They’re wild. I think they have rabies sometimes,” said Reynolds. Sounds like they’re definitely more Serenas than Blairs, as any children of Lively’s would be.

Ryan Reynolds has recently been focusing less on acting and more on family time, and in March reflected on how that switch has been going. “It’s been hell. I’m going right back. I’m taking the first movie I can find,” he joked before adding, “No, it’s been great. I’m still busy but I get to be there for my kids in the morning, and at night I get to put everyone to bed, so I love that.” 

Kim Kardashian Is Entering Her Futuristic Alien Barbie Era

A divorce, a new skincare line, and a Balenciaga campaign can really change a woman—so much so that her style is channeling extra-terrestrial realness. 

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian stopped by Condé Nast’s New York headquarters to promote the launch of SKKN by Kim, her latest beauty venture. The reality television star sat in conversation with Allure‘s Editor in Chief, Jessica Cruel, to discuss all things surrounding the Kardashian empire: including her latest alien-inspired aesthetic. 

“I do struggle with casual. I’m trying to get better at that,” she admitted when a staffer asked how she defines the current iteration of her personal style during the Q&A portion of the chat. “I would say it’s definitely like, future alien Barbie vibes,” she said. During her visit both to the One World Trade Center and on the Today show, Kardashian wore a white baby tee and a metallic pair of those Balenciaga Pantaleggings with the brand logo down the side. The mother of four also showed off an icy platinum lob.

The SKIMS founder, who’s long existed in the beauty space prior to Tuesday’s skincare launch, revealed that the nine-piece collection went through over 20 product iterations before its release; a deviation, she said, from the process of many other brands, which usually go through five rounds of formulation before hitting shelves.

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In a world that feels inundated with celebrity beauty brands, Kardashian’s move toward skincare isn’t the least bit surprising. (She did tell the New York Times she would literally eat fecal matter if it would make her look younger.)

By this point, Kardashian knows what her audience wants. They’ve bought into almost everything she’s sold, from clunky Sketcher’s Shape-Ups in the early days of her notoriety to her waist-cinching Skims shapewear after she became a bonafide culture shifter and businesswoman. And now she’s trusting them to buy her almost $700 skincare regimen, or at least some of it. She’s is a lucrative business woman, and there’s nothing better Kardashian does than selling an idealized version of herself for the masses—whether it be physical products or the idea that losing 17 pounds to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s bodycon dress owned by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! is all just part of the game.

Britney Spears’s Instagram Disappeared (Again) Amid Dad Jamie’s Deposition Request

Britney Spears may have deactivated her Instagram account to be in the moment and enjoy her life as a newlywed with husband Sam Asghari…or it might be part of her ongoing legal battle with her dad, Jamie Spears.

For over a decade, Spears’s formerly estranged father was her conservator, a position that, according to Britney’s allegations, he used to abuse and exploit his daughter. The elder Spears was eventually removed from the role before a judge ended Britney’s conservatorship altogether, but it seems that Jamie is now disputing Britney’s version of what happened when the conservatorship was in place.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Jamie, through his lawyer, wants to depose Britney (have her answer questions under oath) over claims that she was forced to give eight tubes of blood for unspecified medical treatments, that she was not allowed to own pain relieving medication, and that she was forced to participate in therapy against her will. The documents point to Britney Spears’s ongoing posts about her family’s complicity and her upcoming memoir.

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The therapy issue was raised during Britney’s emotional court testimony in 2021. At various times, she pointed to the fact that twice-a-week sessions were emotionally taxing for her; that she preferred to have sessions in her home as opposed to the office she was directed to; that she did not want to open up to people (especially men) she didn’t know or trust; and ultimately, that therapy was not her preferred method of healing. “I don’t owe them to go see a man I don’t know and share him my problems,” she said. “I don’t even believe in therapy. I always think you take it to God.”

Britney expanded on other claims and allegations via social media posts, which is why it is notable that her Instagram account, which she typically updates frequently, is currently offline. However, this has happened before. In September 2021, she took a social media break to enjoy her engagement to Asghari; given that they recently tied the knot, maybe she’s just on honeymoon!

The Jelly Nail Trend Is Like Lip Gloss for Your Nails

If you plan on giving yourself an at-home mani, a double coat of jelly polish looks fabulous swept over a crystal clear set of gel extensions. However, the trend is also a great way to give your natural nails a bit of a rest after removing acrylic tips or gel polish. Another way to get jelly nails at home is by concocting your own sheer polish. The TikTok video below is just one of many that instruct viewers on how to easily do it:

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In short, grab a new bottle of your favorite clear polish as well as a (preferably) highly pigmented color of polish. Remove the top of your clear polish and set aside, then position the brush of your pigmented polish over the top of your clear polish bottle; add a sizable drop of color into the clear bottle. Shake it up and voila, you’ve got your own jelly polish. You can also play around with how sheer or opaque you want the color to be, but I recommend adding color in small increments because you won’t be able to remove the polish once it is combined.

If you’d rather head to the salon, ask your nail technician for “crystal” or clear tips, which are key to the jelly nail look. You can get them any length you want, but keep them long enough to clearly see the demarcation between the nail tip and your nail bed for the best effect. You can also ask specifically for the salon’s selection of jelly nail polishes before sitting down in the chair; if they don’t have any available, inquire as to whether they’d be able to mix clear polish with a drop of colored polish for your manicure.

And get creative! Pham says she loves how the transparent quality of jelly colors makes them “squishy” and provides “a lot of depth, whether it’s just simple application or with nail art.” Simple ways to jazz up your nails include trying more than one color on each hand for a full fruit salad look, layering nail stickers and simple dot flowers over top for added depth, or fusing two jelly colors on the same nail to create a gradient effect.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Joint 40th Birthday Party: Everything We Know

Forty is the new [insert your favorite age here, which might as well be 40]. Especially if you’re a stylish royal, like Prince William and Kate Middleton, who both hit four decades of Being On Earth this year.

Middleton’s birthday was in January and Wills’s in June, but they’ll have a joint bash later this summer, according to a new report in UK tabloid The Mirror. The royal family will neither confirm nor deny rumors of a party, but from what we’re hearing, it’s gonna be a good one. Tea and crumpets anyone? 

Here’s everything we know about the big bash:

Who is hosting? The queen, duh. The party will either be held at Windsor Castle or Her Majesty’s Sandringham Estate.

Who is coming? Senior members of the royal family are expected to attend, but QE2 herself will make a day-of decision because of her “mobility issues” (she is, speaking of birthdays, 96 years old, after all). We don’t expect Harry and Meghan to attend, but you just know Meghan is going to send a gift, and it’s gonna be, like, organic bamboo toothbrushes or something.

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What about flags? Oh my god, I am so glad you asked! Traditionally, the Union flag has been flown on government buildings to mark the birthdays of senior royals, because monarchies are weird. However, that rule was changed at the beginning of this year, and now the flags only need to be flown for Queen Elizabeth II’s and Prince Charles’s birthdays. The Mirror speculates that this rule change was to eliminate the possibility of having to honor the disgraced Prince Andrew. Which isn’t William’s fault, but it’s probably fine that the flags won’t be flown in his honor because, again, monarchies…that’s crazy!!

Kylie Jenner Posts Baby Boy Legs for Father’s Day

While little Stormi is a relative mainstay on her mother Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, the lip kit billionaire seldom blesses her fans with proof of her second child’s existence. That changed on Father’s Day 2022, when Jenner uploaded two celebratory posts, including a cute, caption-less picture of baby boy feet standing next to adult man feet—both wearing matching gray and white Nike sneakers. 

Jenner’s son, the baby formerly known as Wolf, is her second child with Travis Scott, who is presumably the grown-up pictured beside the chubby pair of toddler legs. 


When Jenner and Scott first announced the birth of their son in February, his name was Wolf Jacques Webster (Webster is Scott’s real last name). But more than a month later, Jenner revealed in an Instagram story that his name had changed, telling followers, “FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore. We just really didn’t feel like it was him.”

The baby boy’s name (which is not Wolf) is not the only thing the Jenner-Scotts are keeping obscured for the moment apparently, as Jenner also pasted a heart emoji over the infant’s face in her first Father’s Day post. In this photo, Scott is pictured in bed next to a sleeping Stormi with the baby resting on his chest, eating a bowl of ramen. “happy father’s day daddyyyyy,” Jenner captioned the photo. “We love you.”

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Is Regé-Jean Page Returning to Bridgerton Season 3?

While Ashley previously told Glamour that she was at least hoping for “a small appearance” in season 3, it sounds like her role will be more substantial, especially now that she’s the (female) head of the Bridgerton household. “She’s got big boots to put on…. I’m just excited for her to have a home and to have a family,” she said. “I’m excited to see her grow.” 

Ashley also told E!, “Yes, there will be a post-marriage Kanthony story for sure.” Yes!!!

Perhaps the biggest casting news for season 3 is the announcement that Francesca Bridgerton has been recast. According to Deadline, Hannah Dodd will now take over the role for Ruby Stokes, who has other filming commitments. This means we’ll likely see much more of Francesca’s story next season—something Van Dusen also confirmed to Glamour. “We unfortunately lost Ruby [Stokes] midway through filming [season 2] due to another project,” he told us. “Francesca was actually written into the season much more than you see her in the final edit. We tried really hard to make it work, but we just couldn’t. So after exhausting a bunch of other options, we unfortunately had to take Francesca out of some of the scripts due to reasons that were really beyond our control…. Francesca is definitely a Bridgerton. She has her own love story in book six, so it was always my goal and my intention to focus on one Bridgerton sibling per season and to definitely tell the stories of all those brothers and sisters at some point.”

What about Regé-Jean Page? 

Every Bridgerton fan was of course crushed to learn that Regé-Jean Page, season 1’s heartstoppingly beautiful leading man, would not be appearing in the second season along with his costar Phoebe Dynevor. At the time Page was, in fact, adamant in his decision to quit the series after the sexy first season. 

However, there have been some rumblings that the duke could make an appearance in season 3. According to an unnamed source speaking to the U.K. outlet The Sun, the actor has been in talks with the show’s higher-ups about a possible return, though there has been no formal agreement yet and nothing is decided. As of right now, this is just something to keep an eye out for.

What about changes behind the scenes?

Chris Van Dusen, the series creator, will be stepping aside, and Jess Brownell, a writer who has worked across the ShondaVerse, will be taking over as showrunner.

When will it come out?

Again, this isn’t confirmed yet but an educated guess tells us 2023, probs.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

Kim Kardashian Debuted a Blunt Lob for Summer

Ever the #GirlBoss, Kardashian also noted that her Today Show appearance is on the same day as the launch of her new skincare line, SKKN by Kim, a pricy, nine-step product routine that includes toner, exfoliator, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin C8 serum, face cream, eye cream, oil drops and night oil.

“I just wanted to give you guys a fun fact,” Kardashian said in her Stories, “Five years ago today, June 21st, I launched KKW Beauty and it is so crazy to see where we’re at today.” She continued, “I’m so excited that today, on the same day, we are launching SKKN by Kim.”

Later on, in the Glamour offices, Kim Kardashian described her style as “futuristic alien Barbie,” and with her new platinum lob and glowy skin, we’d have to agree. 

This Is How Ariana Grande Does Curtain Bangs

In November 2021, singer Ariana Grande added a new title—makeup brand founder—to her resume with the launch of her company r.e.m. Beauty. When she first teased the launch on her Instagram grid, she used a promo image that pictured her without her usual high ponytail. Instead, the singer sported a bouncy blowout, flourished with curls cascading down her back.

We’re now up to the third drop for Grande’s brand, and in the visuals for that, the singer appears to have again strayed a bit from her signature pony. In a teaser image for the drop Grande shared to Instagram on June 16, her hair is styled into a half-up, half-down look with long curtain bangs

Grande is seen in a taupe strappy gown and matching gloves. Her stylist pulled back a section of her rich brunette mane into a pony with a slight pouf at the base to add volume. Longer tendrils of hair frame either side of her face, blending in seamlessly with her curtain bangs, which are parted just off-center. Her fringe is kept relatively long, which is characteristic of the style — they fall just above her eyes in the middle and get longer at the sides, blending in with the rest of the length. 

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As for the makeup, Grande’s lips were painted with a brown-pink gloss. The eyes have a mod feel —her artist gave her powdery beige lids, framing them with buffed-out black shadow to create that graphic eye shape so signature to the decade. 

Curtain bangs have been practically everywhere over the last three years with celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney, and Megan Fox trying out the style, so it isn’t too shocking to spot Grande with the fringe. Grande’s let her ponytail rest a little more lately, but seeing her with her hair down like this is still a rare moment worth savoring. 

This story originally appeared on Allure. 

21 Airy Cotton Undies to Wear All Summer Long

Cute and sexy lingerie will always have a spot in your top drawer, but for everyday wear, the best cotton underwear for women is hard to beat. The natural fiber is known for being soft and breathable—and when you consider everything that’s happening down there (especially during workouts or other sweat-inducing activities), you really want a pair that’ll hold up day in and out.

Sure, functional undies may not rank high on your list of exciting things to buy, but sometimes the best—and arguably most important—pieces in your wardrobe are the ones you don’t see throughout the day (unless that’s your thing, of course). Luckily, the internet is filled with wonderful things, including highly enthusiastic customer reviews, to help discerning shoppers uncover the best cotton underwear for women across different brands, budgets, and styles. From cotton thongs and high-waist briefs to multipacks you can score on the ’zon, below are 21 top-rated pairs worth adding to cart.

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