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New Study Claims Connection Between Violent Video Games And Aggression In Youths

A recent study sought to discover whether or not playing violent video games can be linked to physical aggression in youngsters and, according to lead author Jay Hull, the answer is “yes.” Hull admits that this study does not answer the question of whether or not playing violent video games actually causes violent behavior but, according to his findings, there’s definitely a small link between people who play violent video games and then go on to engage in risky behavior.

The study, originally published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and reported on by USA Today, actually draws from 24 individual studies conducted around the world. Participants include the United States, Japan, Germany and Canada, with 17,000 individuals from the ages of nine to 19 involved. These studies were conducted at various times throughout a seven-year period, from 2010 to 2017.

At its most basic level, Hull’s study states that there is a perceivable connection between adolescents who play violent video games and those who act more aggressively. Examples of this more risky behavior include everything from reckless driving and heavy drinking to unsafe sex and striking an individual who is not a family member. According to Hull, this connection is “relatively small, but statistically reliable.” Games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto were specifically cited, as well as the original Doom series. Hull said he actually first became interested in studying this possible phenomenon when he learned that the individuals responsible for the Columbine school shooting played Doom.

Hull clarifies that his study does not conclude that playing violent video games “causes” a person to become more violent. As he notes in the report, it’s possible these people were simply predisposed to be violent individuals and, therefore, were also drawn to more violent forms of entertainment, including violent games. However, either way, he states that parents should be concerned if their youngsters are playing a lot of violent games, as the end result is the same. As Hull puts it, whether it is because of the games or the individual’s existing mental state, they may have a “warped sense of right or wrong,” which probably means it’s time for some in-depth parenting.

The question concerning a link between violent games and violent behavior has been ongoing for decades now, but, so far, results have been inconclusive. Even Hull admits that the link his own study found is small and, again, a plethora of other factors should be considered in these types of situations.

Whether or not a link exists, the most practical step concerned parents can consider is paying attention to what their kids are playing and becoming familiar with the ESRB rating system. If a game is rated “M for Mature,” it’s probably not the kind of thing a 13-year-old should be playing.

Bizarre Fake Interview Of Drew Barrymore Goes Viral, And She’s Not Happy

There’s a fake interview with Drew Barrymore floating around right now, and the beloved actress is not the least bit amused about it. While it’s sometimes hard to know what is true and what is otherwise on the Internet in this day-and-age, it appears that this outlandish interview “with” Drew Barrymore is totally fabricated. Now, Barrymore and her team are trying to get down to the bottom of it. A spokesperson for the Santa Clarita Diet star/producer cleared the air about the fabricated in-flight magazine article, which was pretty ludicrous. Here’s what we know about this odd story.

On Tuesday, as it was reported by USA Today, there was an interview with Drew Barrymore found inside the Egypt Air in-flight magazine that was odd, to say the least. It featured an introduction that passengers deemed a bit offensive. It called out Drew Barrymore for her “several unsuccessful marriages,” and it implied that motherhood was an “unlimited vacation” for the film and television actress. They also claimed that Drew Barrymore was “subconsciously seeking attention and care from a male figure,” notably since the time that her own parents got divorced. The article was intended to be focused on Barrymore’s role as a mother, particularly when she is balancing her time with various projects — including her darkly comedic Netflix series. But the general tone of the article was reported to be dismissive and inconsiderate, and that is one big reason why Barrymore’s team is mad.

Furthermore, when it comes to direct quotes from Drew Barrymore inside the magazine interview, the content from the alleged quotes are dubious. Here are a few of the quotes found inside the article that Barrymore and her team find dubious and irresponsible. You can judge if they’re real or not.

Suffice to say, Drew Barrymore is fighting back against this published interview. In addition to the content of the article, which the famous actress finds intolerable on its own, the reportedly fake article centered around Drew Barrymore is also littered with punctuation errors and grammar mistakes. That only adds fuel to the fire that it is fake or, at the very least, quickly and poorly put together. Egypt Air has yet to speak out about the criticized article.

According to Drew Barrymore’s spokesperson, the actress didn’t participate in this interview and the comments that are reportedly made by Drew Barrymore are reportedly falsified. The spokesperson is also reportedly working with the airliner’s PR team to figure out what happened and deal with this situation. But they are definitely not happy. We’ll keep you posted on further details about this story when they arrive right here at CinemaBlend.

New Marvel Theory May Connect Black Panther And Captain America

In a film full of badass moments that make you pump your fists and grin like an idiot, one of my favorite moments from Avengers: Infinity War comes during the Battle of Wakanda, when Captain America and Black Panther race out in front of everybody to get first crack at the Black Order and the Outriders. The scene showed just how similar in power and bravery these two heroes are. Now a new theory connects Black Panther and Captain America beyond just their similar heroic traits. According to the fan theory, the Super Soldier Serum that made Steve Rogers Captain America actually comes from the Heart-Shaped Herb that gives Black Panther his powers.

The theory comes from Reddit user 4DimensionalToilet (great name) and begins with the premise that Captain America and Black Panther have very similar powers of enhanced strength and speed, as we’ve seen in their contests together and against one another in the aforementioned Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War. We know that Captain America’s powers come from the Super Soldier Serum created by Dr. Abraham Erskine. Dr. Erskine was the only person ever to have perfected it the serum, but that was after a failed attempt that turned Johann Schmidt into the Red Skull. It was only when he joined forces with Howard Stark did the formula prove successful with Steve Rogers. We also know that Howard Stark presented Cap’s shield to him. The shield is made of vibranium, which is only found in Wakanda, which makes where he got it not difficult to figure out.

Perhaps when acquiring the vibranium for Cap’s shield, either himself or via a third party, Howard Stark heard about the Black Panther and his abilities. Stark being Stark, he obviously sought this as a part of his work with the military. At some point, Howard Stark could have brought this information to Dr. Erskine and set out to use the Heart-Shaped Herb to create an American super soldier. Perhaps Stark obtained it through some sort of trade or he stole it outright, but the Heart-Shaped Herb winds up being the key ingredient in the serum, stabilizing it to prevent the kind of mutations that happened to the Red Skull. So the similarity in powers between Black Panther and Captain America is a result of both of their powers being derived from the Heart-Shaped Herb.

This is definitely a fun theory that establishes a bond of origin for the two heroes’ powers, but there are some things that seem to go against it being canon. Presumably the reason the serum finally worked was due to the Vita-radiation chamber and not some special ingredient in the serum. It also worked because of who was taking it. The process brought out who Steve Rogers was on the inside, the same as it made Red Skull as ugly on the outside as his internal beliefs.

There is also the matter of the Heart-Shaped Herb. Given how great Wakanda is at secrecy and hiding its true nature, it seems unlikely that they were having dealings with Howard Stark. And there’s no way they would ever give him, or any non-Wakandan, the Heart-Shaped Herb. It just doesn’t jibe with their isolationist philosophy or the sacred importance placed on the herb. What’s more likely is that Howard Stark didn’t get the vibranium from Wakanda. The vibranium comes from a meteorite that crashed in Wakanda, but other, smaller pieces could have landed elsewhere and Stark’s team simply found a deposit.

Even if it’s not canon, these fan theories are always fun as they drive greater investment and a more careful analysis of the MCU films. There will be no shortage of fan theories as we count down the days until Captain Marvel and especially Avengers 4, both of which have a fair bit of mystery surrounding them.

You can see Captain America and Black Panther (he’s dead, but come on) in Avengers 4, which hits theaters on May 3, 2019. For all of next year’s biggest movies, check out our 2019 release schedule.

The 5 Most Offensive TV Shows Of All Time, According To A Study

4. All In The Family

The oldest show on the list, and arguably the pioneer of offensive television, is All In The Family. That was kind of the point, of course, as All In The Family creator Norman Lear created the series based on the generational gap between he and his father as well as the struggle of being older and living within rapidly changing times. Archie Bunker was lauded as America’s “lovable bigot,” which isn’t a title most people would receive or willingly embrace in this day and age. This show covered racism, prejudice, rape, abortion, and war, and it got massive ratings, awards, and critical acclaim for doing so. It paved the way for the modern offensive shows today, hilariously enough, with a character who longed for the “good old days.”

How Chicago Fire Decided To Write Off Connie After DuShon Monique Brown’s Death

The Season 7 premiere of Chicago Fire featured a touching tribute to deceased cast member DuShon Monique Brown that helped everyone say goodbye to her character, Connie. Now we know why the show wrapped up Connie’s story the way it did. When I spoke to executive producer Derek Haas at One Chicago Day a few weeks ago, he revealed that trying to figure out what to do with Connie after Brown’s sudden death was something that he and his team had trouble with and thought hard about to get right.

When it happened, it caught us so off guard. And she was already in three more episodes past that and we were coming really close to the end of the season. I just didn’t want to do something reactionary, or, honestly, like, unfair to the character or [DuShon’s] family, you know? I didn’t want to do something exploitative for the show that didn’t work with real life. And I knew so many of our cast members were very close to her and they wanted to do something nice.

While many fans may have wondered why DuShon Monique Brown’s death wasn’t written into last season, according to Derek Haas they simply didn’t have time to figure out how to wrap up Connie’s story and fit it into the show. And, in what was a very smart move, Haas wanted to make sure that he didn’t rush into anything which may have led to the show doing something unintentionally disrespectful to the character, or (even worse) Brown’s family. Haas also noted that several cast members were very close to Brown, and they wanted to make sure whatever the show did with Connie would be something nice that would allow them, and fans, to mourn the actress in a sweet way.

In the premiere, when everyone gathers for the shift briefing, Boden tells them that Connie had actually been working on her masters degree in counseling, and, having finished the program, she’s now off to her dream job. Her new employer asked her to start immediately, and Boden didn’t have the heart to say no to her. Meaning she left without getting a chance to say her goodbyes to anyone other than Boden. Haas said that this way of writing Connie off was courtesy of one of Chicago Fire‘s head writers, who figured that it would be a good way to pay respect to Brown’s life.

Andrea Newman, one of our head writers, had this idea. She said, ‘Connie and DuShon are not the same. Connie’s a character and DuShon’s the actress, they don’t have to have the same fate.’ So, she had that idea of [us having] the tribute be toward who DuShon was in her life, which was actually, in addition to her acting, she was a counselor.

The news of Connie’s departure prompts Herrmann to say, “I didn’t get to say goodbye. None of us did,” with Boden replying, “That’s OK, ’cause she knows how much we love her here.” Obviously, this was a way to pay tribute to the no-nonsense character of Connie, but also served as a true send off for DuShon Monique Brown, with some sincere feelings from the cast and crew added for good measure. And, for Haas, this was really the ideal way to handle such a difficult situation. About the conversation between Herrmann and Boden, he said:

I think that’s what we all wanted to say.

Chicago Fire continues Wednesdays on NBC, and airs at a special time, 8 p.m. EST, tonight for the big Chicago show crossover night. For more on what you can watch on the small screen, check out our 2018 fall premiere schedule.

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Connie Chung Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted in a Letter to Christine Blasey Ford

In a powerful op-ed in the Washington Post framed as a letter to Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford, journalist Connie Chung reveals that she is a victim of sexual assault.

“I, too, was sexually assaulted — not 36 years ago but about 50 years ago,” Chung writes. “I have kept my dirty little secret to myself. Silence for five decades.”

She says the abuser was her family’s trusted doctor—the man who had delivered her as a baby in 1946. Much like Ford’s recollection before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the exact time and date may not be clear in her memory, but Chung writes with certainty about who assaulted her.

“It was the 1960s. I was in college. The sexual revolution was in full swing. The exact date and year are fuzzy. But details of the event are vivid — forever seared in my memory. Am I sure who did it? Oh yes, 100 percent.”

Similarly, Ford told the committee of her certainty about Kavanaugh when asked by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) how she was sure it was him. “The same way that I’m sure that I’m talking to you right now,” Ford said.

The details Chung describes in the piece are painful to read (and may be triggering to some). She visited her doctor to secure birth control and found herself on his examination table awaiting her first gynecological exam.

“While I stared at the ceiling, his right index finger massaged my clitoris. With his right middle finger inserted in my vagina, he moved both fingers rhythmically. He coached me verbally in a soft voice, ‘Just breathe. Ah-ah,’ mimicking the sound of soft breathing. ‘You’re doing fine,’ he assured me. Suddenly, to my shock, I had an orgasm for the first time in my life. My body jerked several times. Then he leaned over, kissed me, a peck on my lips, and slipped behind the curtain to his office area. I don’t remember saying anything to him. I could not even look at him. I quickly dressed and drove home.”

Chung thinks she may have told one of her sisters, but did not tell her parents or report the doctor to authorities. “It never crossed my mind to protect other women. Please understand, I was actually embarrassed about my sexual naiveté,” she writes. “I was in my 20s and knew nothing about sex. All I wanted to do was bury the incident in my mind and protect my family.”

In another heartbreaking detail (and an added layer to why some women don’t report assault), she says that her mother could neither read nor write in English—and she could not drive. (Her parents immigrated from China the year before she was born.) So that she did not have to return to the doctor’s office, Chung told her mother he lived too far away. She eventually told her husband, but doesn’t recall exactly when.

Like Ford, she says she is “terrified” about making this public revelation. “I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. Can you?” she asks. “If you can’t, I understand. I am frightened, I am scared, I can’t even cry.”

“I wish I could forget this truthful event, but I cannot because it is the truth. I am writing to you because I know that exact dates, exact years are insignificant. We remember exactly what happened to us and who did it to us. We remember the truth forever. Bravo, Christine, for telling the truth.”

Bravo, to you both.

MORE: Watch Donald Trump Publicly Mock Christine Blasey Ford at Mississippi Rally

Anna Faris Deletes Photo After Backlash About Her Weight

Anna Faris isn’t dealing with body shamers. When the actress posted a pantless picture of herself, the Instagram photo became the source of speculation from nosy social media users, who criticized the comedic actress of being “too thin.” In response to their negative comments, Faris deleted the picture altogether, and it’s clear that she doesn’t want to deal with anyone made inappropriate comments about her physical appearance. If you wish to see the photo was that deleted from Anna Faris’s social media after it drew up a stream of unpleasant comments, you can check it out below.

The Instagram picture was sent on Tuesday, as it was reported by E! News. It was a “pre-show” photo, according to the caption since deleted. It’s believed to be back stage for The Talk, which she recently appeared in. The scrutinized online photo was taken by Michael Sherman, the podcast assistant for Unqualified, Anna Faris‘s popular advice podcast. It found the actress in a nervous state, hunched over a trash can with no pants on. As she admits, she did eventually put some pants on once the photo was sent online, but it didn’t stay up on Instagram for long. This is the caption that Anna Faris wrote to accompany the photo, trying to explain what is happening in the frantic photo before the photo was taken down.

The comical photo was reportedly only online for 15 minutes before the actress took it down after comments were directed her way claiming that she looked “so unhealthy” and that she needed to “eat.” Whatever reason inspired these Instagram users to write these criticisms on the photo, its only made the situation more viral. Many take umbrage with the hurtful comments, and the negativity directed towards Anna Faris before she was set to appear on the daytime talk show. Suffice to say, it wasn’t long before Faris took the photo down, knowing that these rude retorts would only get worse before they would get any better. She hasn’t posted again on the social media website, though it’s unclear if that’s because of this photo controversy or not.

Hopefully, if Anna Faris decides to post on Instagram again anytime soon, her experience on the site is a lot better than it was when she posted this particular photo. Such comments are hard to deal with, and it’s clear that Anna Faris didn’t want to deal with them any longer. As for what inspired these commenters to butt in and offer their own two cents about Faris’ figure is a mystery that’s left unclear. But this is the Internet, after all. A lot of people don’t need a reason to do anything. Meanwhile, as an actress, Anna Faris can currently be seen on the newest season of Mom, airing on CBS.

Shazam’s Zachary Levi Is Itching To Kick The Rock’s Candy Ass When Black Adam Is Introduced

While Doctor Sivana uses his impressive intellect to cause trouble for Shazam, when it comes to physicality, Black Adam is the hero’s greatest opponent. Black Adam derives his abilities from different mythological figures than Shazam, but his strength, speed, stamina, wisdom, power and courage on par with Shazam’s, if not sometimes higher. Seeing those two duke it out in a cinematic setting would be similar to the battle that unfolded between Superman and General Zod in Man of Steel, only this time, magic is also part of the equation. When we’ll see such a fight is hard to say, but as Zachary Levi made clear during his appearance at the Baltimore Comic-Con (via Comic Book Resources), he’s ready for the onscreen Shazam/Black Adam showdown. As far as a fight between the characters goes, yes, presumably Billy Batson would come out victorious in the end. That said, in real life, it’s reasonable to say with absolute certainty that it’d be Levi who’d be getting his candy ass kicked by Johnson. No question about it.

*The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina* First Full Trailer Is Here, and It’s So Good

After a promising teaser, Netflix has cast a spell on us mortal viewers by releasing the full-length trailer for its upcoming The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series. And while the teaser relied more on spooky jump-scares that paralleled Carrie or, uh, the complete antithesis of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom of the early aughts, Netflix leaned in to campier fun this time around—Sabrina’s a pretty goofy teen, after all!

As we discover, Sabrina (the perfectly cast Kiernan Shipka) is doing what suburban teen girls usually do at that age: go on fun dates, flirt a little, complain about school, and fight with her family about trivial matters. But underneath her facade of normalcy is a looming choice of astronomical and permanent importance, which we’ll allow our gal to explain in her voiceover: “In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween, there lived a girl who was half witch and half mortal, who on their 16th birthday had to choose between two worlds. The witch world of her family, and the human world of her friends. And that girl is me.”

It’s not not like she’s unwilling to forsake the path of light and follow the path of the night, she just needs a little more time to be convinced that worshiping Satan for the rest of her life is the right path for her. So, off she goes into juggling her mortal high school life with her witch training life, and those paths inevitably diverge at inconvenient times. (A séance during first period is totally inconvenient.) Her aunts, Salem the cat, and boyfriend Harvey all help along the way. What could possibly go wrong?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will debut on October 26.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Were So Touchy-Feely at Today’s Royal Engagement

Very important news, fam: Meghan Markle was spotted giving Prince Harry a back rub during an official royal engagement on Wednesday (October 3).

The couple is currently touring Sussex (the land of which they are Duke and Duchess) and attended a meet-and-greet with a group of children. While Prince Harry was busy high-fiving and fist-bumping the little ones, Markle gave him a loving back massage. Royal reporter Rebecca English caught the entire adorable moment on camera (which lasted for nearly a minute), and as with all things related to Markle and Prince Harry’s PDA, we’re swooning.

Fans took to Twitter to praise Markle’s tactile moment. “I love that they hold hands . Nice to see in this mad world . It is refreshing to see that they are comfortable showing their respect and love for each other . Tiny displays of affection but very sweet,” wrote one user. “I actually think it important to show affection by holding hands in front of school children. It would be good if children saw this example at home. Unsaid words = affection. Simple,” agreed another.

Perhaps Markle was simply returning the favor for her royal hubby, who has been known to rub her back during official visits. At the WellChild Awards last month, the Prince was spotted caressing his wife’s back in a similar manner. The couple has become well-known for their PDA, which has ranged from hand-holding at events to a very, very memorable smooch at a polo match over the summer.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry PDA Galore 6

PHOTO: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry PDA Galore 1

PHOTO: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry PDA Galore 7

PHOTO: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry PDA Galore 8

PHOTO: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry PDA Galore 9

PHOTO: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry PDA Galore 10

PHOTO: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Markle’s impromptu massage session wasn’t the only adorable moment to come out of Wednesday’s visit to Sussex. Prince Harry’s high-fiving session was nothing short of aww-worthy, and the prince also buddied up with a friendly golden retriever. Frankly, our hearts can barely handle it.

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