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17 Winter Leggings Perfect for Braving Subzero Temps

You might consider your go-to pair of leggings as the ultimate wardrobe MVP, but in colder months, it’s winter leggings that are the true workhorse. Your average spandex yoga pants won’t save you from the shivers and downright discomfort that comes with subzero temps, which is where thicker fabrics and longer inseams come in. 

Fleece and merino wool are top choices for working out or lounging on cooler days—being both soft and naturally moisture-wicking—while full-length styles are ideal for keeping your ankles from freezing over the moment you step outside. 

Whether you’re looking for an everyday fleece style to run quick errands in, a legging with reflective accents for night runs, or a merino knit layer to wear as a base under ski clothes, there’s a perfect winter legging out there for you—and we tracked down the warmest styles out there to help you navigate getting dressed during this time of year. Ahead, 17 winter leggings you’ll want to wear straight through spring. 

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Glamour Editors Share Their 2022 Beauty Resolutions

With a new year comes new year’s resolutions—and a fresh look at our beauty products is no exception. But before you think we’re here to just give you another thing to add to your to-do list, it’s important to note that making beauty resolutions is not like committing to Dry January or any other so-called self-improvement plans that come around this time of year. We completely understand if the word “resolutions” makes you want to cringe, cry, or throw your hands up in the air in defeat. It’s no secret that the past few years have been challenging, and resolutions can be especially daunting in 2022. (We’re just trying to stay afloat here, people!) Still, there are some goals you can get excited about. 

Enter: beauty resolutions. As we cautiously enter a new year, it’s nice to have control over one aspect of our lives, no matter how small it may be. Changing up our beauty and wellness routines is a fun, low stakes way to set goals for ourselves and most importantly, a good way to distract our minds from the current state of the world. Whether you’re finally pulling the trigger on a completely new hairstyle or want to commit more time to self-care and wellness, there are small things we can do this year to help uplift our minds and spirits. 

The way you look and feel can set the precedent for the months ahead, so what better way to start the new year than investing in yourself? This year, Glamour editors are focusing on feeling our best to look our best. From an infrared sauna blanket that detoxifies the body to a calming diffuser that will turn any apartment into an at-home spa, we’ve bringing our favorites with us in 2022. After the year we’ve had, we deserve some extra TLC. 

Ahead, Glamour editors share the beauty products that will make this year (hopefully) a little bit easier.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Zendaya’s Latest Sexy, Strapless Look Is Actually an Iconic Dress From the ’90s

Zendaya is already on track to be one of the best-dressed celebs of 2022, just like the youngest-ever CFDA Fashion Icon was in 2021. Zendaya and her stylist Law Roach can clearly do no wrong.

On Wednesday, January 5, the Emmy winner attended a photocall in Los Angeles for the upcoming second season of Euphoria wearing vintage Valentino from the early ’90s. I am so sorry to deliver the news that the 1990s are considered vintage now. 

The striking striped gown from Valentino’s spring/summer 1992 line was originally worn on the runway by supermodel Linda Evangelista. Zendaya would not be born until 1996, four years after this dress was made. 

The black-and-white striped dress is strapless with a scalloped neckline. It has a mermaid fit, hugging the body until it cascades slightly at the bottom. Zendaya styled the gown simply with silver drop earrings. She wore her hair red (just like Evangelista’s) and in a glamorous parted updo with some hair swept to the side, which emphasizes the unique scalloped neckline. Zendaya also kept her makeup relatively simple, with a subtle silver smokey eye, rosy cheeks, and a nude orange-toned glossy lip. 

Check out the full look, below:

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

And below, the gown when it was worn by Linda Evangelista for the runway show:

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

In a December 2021 interview with Colman Domingo for Interview magazine, Zendaya talked about her desires for young people who watch Euphoria, explaning that she hopes they can look beyond the iconic makeup and hoodies. 

“My hope is that the show makes somebody who has either gone through addiction, or knows somebody who has, feel they are less alone in their experiences, and that maybe it gives somebody the lexicon to communicate with their loved one who needs help, or it gives the ability for that loved one to say, ‘Listen, this is how I feel. I couldn’t explain it to you, but just watch this and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.’,” she said. “Because the cool thing about Rue is, she makes bad decisions and she hurts a lot of people, but we still love her and we still root for her, and that’s a feeling that I hope people will take on with their own loved ones or other people suffering from addiction.”

The second season of HBO’s Euphoria premieres on Sunday, January 9. 

Cher Has Never Been Afraid to Break the Rules

The word “icon” gets tossed around a lot these days, but if there’s someone truly worthy of the title, it’s Cher. The legendary singer and actor has been one of our premier entertainers since the ’60s, and has been considered a beauty icon for just as long. There’s no denying her signature jet black hair and glittering eye makeup are just as influential as her pioneering use of autotune. 

We currently appreciate Cher’s beauty looks for her boldness and glamour, but that hasn’t always been the case. According to Cher, her makeup and outfits were misunderstood for years, and people looked at her like she was crazy. The one place where she always felt understood was the MAC makeup counter.

“I’ve had a very, very long relationship with MAC,” Cher tells Glamour. “The first time I ever saw MAC, I just remember looking at everything because it’s a lot, it’s an eye-full. And I thought, this is like a candy store for makeup. I was fascinated, too, by the range of colors because it was very difficult to find at the time. I mean, I remember in the ’60s, I was making eye makeup on a double boiler. So, I guess for people who were into makeup, it was like paint by the numbers.”

It only makes sense that she’s partnered with the brand for a new campaign, alongside Gen Z icon, Saweetie.  In honor of the campaign, we caught up with Cher for a round of Glamour’s Big Beauty Questions. Read on for her must-have products, thoughts on beauty standards, and why her mom will always be her biggest inspiration. 

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Glamour: What’s one beauty rule you swear by?

Cher: I don’t swear by any rules, because think that it cuts down on the creativity. When I started, everyone thought that my makeup was crazy. And I thought it was beautiful. I think that you just limit yourself when you think about rules. I don’t think girls do today, because there’s such a wide range of what we now think of this beauty. Limitations don’t seem to go anymore.

Is there a beauty rule that you think is B.S.?

I think all of them are. You know why? Because there should not be… When you’re trying to be creative, if you’re writing a song or you’re acting, or whatever, you don’t put rules on creativity. It doesn’t work.

Cher in 1974.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten? 

I didn’t get advice. I lived in a house full of women who were models and all I did was watch them. I watched my mother and her friends put on makeup every day. They each had a mirror, they all had a spot in the dining room, which had no table. Everyone would put their mirror up, so they were facing the light and put their makeup on. That’s basically how I started. And then, I did this thing that I thought was beautiful, which was not accepted at the time. But, sometimes you’re ahead of it. When I started, people were nervous about following certain rules. Like, if you were a certain age, you had to cut your hair and pick cotton leather shoes. A bunch of bullshit rules that I never understood.

How did you get the confidence to break those rules?

I didn’t know how not to. I didn’t think of them. What I thought was, these things don’t apply to me. Because dressing differently, Sonny and I looked crazy to a lot of people. They didn’t like us. They had a visceral reaction because we looked so different. You have to go back and look at our early pictures because no one looked like us.

I’ve seen them. They’re iconic. Well, now you’re on every mood board. So, it just goes to show that you always knew.

Well, I didn’t always know. I always tried.

Sonny & Cher in 1965.

Silver Screen Collection/Getty

Let’s say you can only use three beauty products for the rest of your life, what are they and why?

Well, that’s not going to happen. I need four, okay? If we’re going to continue this relationship, you need to give me four.

I will bend the rules for you.

So, I need eyebrow pencil. Oh God, I could have used so many more. All right, I need an eyebrow pencil, I need blush, I need lipstick, and an eyelash curler. Because I think that, first of all, you have to frame your face with your eyebrows. And my mom always said, “If you were on a desert island, make sure you have an eyelash curler.” I mean, lipstick I think, is a necessity. Even if you blot your lipstick, so it’s faint, you still need that color.

What’s your favorite way to take a moment for yourself?

I have very few moments. I like listening to audio books, and I like doing my meditation. But, I like hanging down and just listening to these books. And I used to read like crazy, but I enjoy being read to. The best book I’ve listened to lately is a book about Clementine Churchill. And it just shows that without her, we probably would all be speaking German.

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If you could change one thing about beauty standards, what would you want to change?

I don’t feel there should be beauty standards. I just don’t like it. I remember when there were really harsh ones. Richard Alleman [the actor] who I love, told me, “You’ll never be on the cover of Vogue,” And I said, “Well, why?” He said, “Because you have to have blonde hair and blue eyes. Blonde hair and brown eyes. Dark hair and blue eyes. If you have black hair and brown eyes, you’ll never be on the cover.” And then one day, I was. It was by accident.

Who are the women who are inspiring you the most right now? 

Well, I’m OG. My mom still inspires me because she’s 95, and she’s still really beautiful. All my girlfriends hate her because she has this perfect skin and a mane of hair. My mom has a mane and it’s ridiculous. We all just look at her. She’s my go-to. And you know what? I do think Saweetie’s beautiful. I was so fascinated by her fingernails. But, she is absolutely beautiful, and a positive young girl. I think she would be an inspiration to me.

This interview has been edited and condescend for clarity. 

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty writer at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.

Kim Kardashian Posts Bikini Selfie as Pics Emerge From Pete Davidson Bahamas Vacation

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson–America’s newest, most compelling couple–were spotted in the Bahamas in early January, seemingly on a post-Christmas/New Year’s Eve vacation. They’re all smiles in the pics, which you can see here

Shortly after these photos hit the internet, Kardashian posted a lounge chair selfie–perhaps from the Bahamas trip, but this could also be an old photo. In the pic, Kardashian is wearing a thin brown bikini swimsuit and sunglasses. She’s sporting wired headphones (is Kim Kardashian anti-AirPods?), and she’s laying down dramatically somewhere tropical, a copy of Vanity Fair with Anya Taylor-Joy on the cover by her side. (That’s an old cover, which is proof this may be an old photo.) 

Kardashian kept the caption cryptic, writing only, “Sweet, sweet fantasy, baby.”

Check out the selfie, below:

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were first linked in October 2021, following Kardashian’s stint as a host on Saturday Night Live. People reported they were holding hands on a rollercoaster, which has turned out to be an apt metaphor for what their relationship has been like for fans.

Throughout the final months of 2021, their courtship seemingly blossomed from a fun fling to something reportedly serious. Pete Davidson celebrated his birthday in November wearing matching pajamas with Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, as evidenced by an Instagram shared by Flava Flav. 

A source told E! Online, “They are really happy and seeing where it goes. Pete has told her he doesn’t want to see anyone else…She is telling some people they aren’t super serious but she isn’t seeing anyone else…. She’s trying to not make a big deal about it but is super into him…. Kim is smitten over him and it’s very exciting to her.” 

“They are getting to know each other better and getting along great. Kim loves his spark,” another source told People. “He is very funny, entertaining, and makes Kim happy. They are still dating and enjoying it. He showers Kim with compliments, and she loves it.”

For a complete timeline of their relationship, click here

The Boy Bob Is Already Set to Be the Biggest Haircut of 2022

Looking for the biggest haircut of 2022? Let us introduce you to the boy bob. Because let’s face it, we all know by now that the bob haircut is pretty much The Shag of our generation. It’s iconic. It’s ubiquitous. And it’s everywhere. Honestly, we’ve seen every iteration going, from the A-line bob, to the Frenchie bob, the collarbone bob, the ‘90s crop bob, the tucked bob, the pixie bob, the box bob… You name it, it’s been done. 

Surely, there’s no-where else to go? Except, we spoke to our favorite top hairstylists and they let us in on a not-so-secret secret —when it comes to bobs, the options are endless and there’s still tons of fun to be had. That’s where the boy bob comes in, according to LA’s coolest hairstylist, Sal Salcedo.

“Blunt boy bobs will be all the rage,” Salcedo tells Glamour. As bobs go, this one’s a loose cut that allows for lots of interpretation and the rules are, there’s almost no rules. The main feature is that it’s not too ‘done’. Mercifully, we can drop our straighteners and make like the lads with a wash and go situation on the days we can’t be faffed with serious styling. “It’s a fuller take on the bob where the natural texture can roam free. Anything from chin to collarbone length is game here,” Salcedo explains. 

Leading London hairstylist and CEO of Hershesons, Luke Hersheson, has pegged it as the style to have on your radar, too. “What’s important is the texture of the bob, it needs to feel a bit undone, nothing too rigid.” He recommends air-drying when styling “so it’s got a bit of movement in it.”

Really, the boy bob is about personality and letting your hair’s own waves, kinks and curls do it’s thang by working with your hairstylist on an easygoing cut that bigs up your own texture. Simple, but beautifully effective.

Here’s 7 ways to wear it:

Lip length

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Straight fringe, wavy lengths

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Wet and slicked-back

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This story originally appeared on Glamour UK.

Celebrities Who Welcomed Babies in 2022

It would not be a new year without some new celebrity babies.

2021 delivered some surprise babies we absolutely didn’t see coming, including John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s child, Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney, who the couple welcomed in November 2021. Other celebs who had babies last year include Christina Ricci, Amber Heard, and Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender.

In 2022, we can probably expect other John Mulaney/Olivia Munn-level surprises, as well as some expected babies from expecting celebs including Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, Ashley Graham, and Julia Stiles.  

Here is your number one source into the celebrity babies we welcomed in 2022. 

These Are Your New Comfort TV Shows in 2022

Being alive continues to be…a challenge. Too much heartbreak, too much paperwork. We turn to comfort TV for a relatively safe way to cope. Good for us! This is healthier than doing drugs or crimes (probably.) 

Streaming services allow for a kind of self-administered mental morphine drip, through comfort shows. You know classic comfort TV: The Office. Friends. Gilmore Girls. Parks and Recreation. Maybe you rewatch critically-acclaimed comfort comedies like Fleabag, Insecure, 30 Rock, or Ted Lasso. Or maybe you stick to the classics: Seinfeld, The Nanny, Sex and the City, and Golden Girls. But at a certain point, rewatching shows you love is like trying to wring flavor out of the same piece of gum. (See instead: The recommendation below for Michaela Coel’s genius 2015 comedy, Chewing Gum.)


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I’m not here to lecture you about watching less comfort TV. I’m here to try to cajole you into enjoying the comfort TV you watch more. There are so many undiscovered, underrated delights just awaiting you. “You took me by the hand/Made me a man/That one night/You made everything alright.” If you just sang those lyrics from the “Dinner Party” episode of The Office to yourself, you need a change. (See instead: The recommendation below for The Other Two, one of the funniest and most underrated comedies on TV.) 

People can do hard things! Lady Gaga said that. And even though Gaga was speaking about how to exercise one’s moral compass through acts of kindness, I believe this can also be applied to watching a greater variety of TV comedies. Stretch yourself. Expand your horizons, without actually going outside or anything. You can still identify as a Samantha or Team Jess. But like a person who pries herself off the couch after 12 hours to change into a fresh pair of pajamas and get back on the couch, try switching one thing up, and see if it doesn’t feel good. 

Comfort TV comedies to watch if you have…HBO Max


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Starstruck. It’s hard to overstate how enjoyable Starstruck is. I sat down to watch 10 minutes of the first episode and I did not get up until I was almost done with the series. Hot celebrity men should fall for smart, funny, not-famous women more often—such is the plot of the charm-packed Starstruck, created by comedian Rose Matafeo, who also stars. It’s like Notting Hill, except in the 2020s, and Matafeo’s character compares her relationship with a movie star to “one of those weird animal friendship shows where you see a Labrador and a hedgehog who are friends.” It’s superb. 

The Best Sex Toy Cleaners to Keep Your Faves in Top Shape

It may not be the sexiest thing to think about, but if you own one or more sex toys, it’s important to have the best sex toy cleaners on hand. “When toys aren’t cleaned properly between uses, they can spread vaginal infections and even STIs,” says Monica Grover, D.O., a board-certified gynecologist at VSPOT Sexual Health Spa. “They should be cleaned before and after each use,” she notes, adding that many could use cleaning even if you haven’t used them in a while.

And even if you’re just masturbating, dedicated sex toy cleaners are designed to remove lube, harmful bacteria, and bodily fluids that can get stuck on vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and beyond. They’re especially important for cleaning toys made with porous materials, such as PVC, elastomer, and jelly rubber, which are common sex toy materials that can hang onto bacteria more stubbornly.

If you’re using a sex toy cleanser, it’s still a good idea to first wash your toys with mild soap after you use them. If you’re working with non-porous toys like stainless steel and glass dildos or silicone models without any motor, “they should be boiled in hot water for a few minutes, then wiped with mild soap and air-dried,” says Dr. Grover. Motorized or battery-operated toys, however, should not be submerged in boiling water. These can be rinsed well in warm water and thoroughly wiped down with a mild soap, then left to air-dry. (Antibacterial soap isn’t necessary in this case.)

Washing sex toys before you use them as well will ensure they don’t transmit anything harmful into your body, which can help you avoid issues like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. “Toys can attract dust and dirt while being stored in drawers, which can have a drastic effect on your vaginal pH,” says sex and relationship coach Mike Anderson. Once you’ve cleaned your sex toy du jour, let it air-dry or wipe it down with a dry washcloth.

Below, We’ve rounded up the best sex toy cleaners worth investing in to ensure you’re using your toys in the safest and healthiest way possible.

These Top-Rated Faux Leather Leggings Have Replaced All My Denim

Cropped, color-blocked, ribbed—my obsession with leggings knows no bounds, and the dozens of pairs stacked in my wardrobe is definite proof. But the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings were the one style missing from my repertoire. This elusive piece, which has thousands of five-star ratings across the internet, has been on my wish list for years. (Yes, years.) They finally made their way into my arsenal a few months ago, and I’m so happy they did. My only regret? Not buying these best-sellers sooner. 

Before even slipping into the leggings, I was impressed by the glossy material, which felt super luxe to the touch and seemed to have just the right amount of thickness to elasticity. The fabric, which is made of a stretchy blend of nylon, elastane, and spandex, isn’t flimsy at all—it has weight to it (like real leather pants) which I appreciate for wearing during the colder months

As promising as my first IRL impression was, I was still on the fence about how they would actually fit. Some reviewers say they’re compressive like shapewear, so would they be super tight? Would they turn sheer? Would they bunch up in all the wrong places? I’m happy to report the answer is “no” to all of these questions. 

Sure, these leggings are compressive, but nothing more than you would expect from a typical high-intensity workout legging. They feature a thick, high-waist band (the brand describes it as a “contoured power waistband”) that holds you in without rolling down or restricting you the least bit. Oh, and there’s no center seam (read: no awkward bulging or camel toe effect) to deal with. 

Andrea Navarro

I’m 5’4″ and usually wear a size medium in leggings, but the Spanx size chart noted that these run small, so I sized up *just in case*.  I’m glad I did, because the larger size fits like a second skin. I also have an athletic build with a small waistline and muscular thighs, and the faux leather material highlights my features in the best way possible. (Cue the peach emoji.)