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Why NCIS’ Leon Vance Isn’t Quite Safe Yet

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of NCIS. Step away and read one of our other wonderful articles if you haven’t caught up yet!

Every NCIS fan breathed a sigh of relief when Leon Vance was rescued from his captors in the Season 16 premiere, but now it’s pretty clear that he’s not totally safe yet. Apparently, he’s being followed by some pretty creepy and committed individuals, but we have no idea why. Here’s what went down in the latest episode.

Tonight’s episode of NCIS started off with a literal bang, as a young couple who was following a delivery truck around and stealing packages off of people’s porches got their hands on the worst box ever and ended up opening a bomb that was meant for newly minted Navy man, Todd Nicholas. It turned out that not only was Todd’s wife, Sheba, part of a reality show that focused on the wives of military personnel, but that Todd thought she might have sent the bomb herself to try to kill him.

While the team looks into why Sheba would have wanted Todd spread all over their property, we see that Leon is supposed to be due back at the NCIS offices that day. But, much to his daughter Kayla’s dismay, he seems to have no intention of going in, seeing as it’s already 8:30, he hasn’t showered and is still in his robe and looking to settle in with the morning paper and some coffee. So, even though Leon made it home relatively unscathed, he’s clearly having some issues with getting back to work.

Of course, that makes a lot of sense. Leon was tricked and kidnapped by a terrorist named Nigel Hakim (the man who held captive and tortured Jack and her team in Afghanistan years ago, killing everyone but her) in the Season 15 finale. Hakim had blamed Leon for breaking up that operation all those years ago, and when Jack found him, totally by accident, all this time later, he took the opportunity to get back at Leon by kidnapping him. Obviously, ending up in this position has been a blow to Leon’s mental state, especially since he came back with an injury that requires physical therapy.

While at his physical therapy appointment this time around, Leon helps out another patient who’s on crutches and can’t quite get through the door to the office. He’s clearly immediately smitten with the woman, and they banter a bit about their ailments and how they got them, with Leon leaving out literally all the scary details of how he hurt his leg. By the time the woman gets taken back for her appointment, though, it’s pretty clear that she’s into Leon, as well.

When he’s done with his therapy, the woman is in the waiting room again, and just as Leon is about to speak to her, the physical therapist congratulates him on graduating. He’s now officially done with his sessions, but, since he now wants to spend more time getting this new patient to warm up to him, he takes the therapist aside and tells her he doesn’t feel he’s ready to leave his training there behind just yet. She’s reluctant, but says that if he feels he needs to do more work they can arrange it, leaving Leon happy and pretending to his new friend that he was ready to be done, but they’re making him have more sessions.

Meanwhile, Kayla is tired of her dad having trouble getting his mojo back, so she calls in Gibbs, but, with the bombing case escalating to another attack, Gibbs sends Jack to talk to Leon. He’s happy to see her, until she tells him he’s hiding out because he feels stupid for getting tricked into being kidnapped by an old foe. Leon claims that he’s just doing what needs to be done so that he can get back to 100% physically, but later it’s obvious he took her words to heart when he shows up at work.

Turns out it was just in time, too. Gibbs was watching as Torres and Bishop tried to interrogate another suspect who wasn’t giving them much to go on, so Gibbs sent Leon in to talk to the man, and he quickly realized that he had sent another bomb that was due to be delivered soon. Leon is able to get the details out of him, and with this win in his back pocket, he feels confident enough to go back to his physical therapist, cancel the bogus appointments and actually ask his new lady friend out on a date.

Unfortunately, after Leon leaves, the woman sits down next to a mysterious looking man, dressed in all black, who was listening to their conversation in the waiting room with a newspaper covering his face. The two begin to talk about how she thinks she would assess Leon, with her saying she’s not sure yet and handing the man a packet filled with photos of Leon that were clearly taken without his knowledge as he went about his daily business. We also find out that this isn’t the end of this mission for these two, with him telling her to enjoy her date with Leon.

So, not only do we know that she’s going to be inserting herself into Leon’s life for at least a while, but these two are up to something that’s probably not good news for Leon. What we don’t know is who they are, how long they’ve been following him, what exactly they’re up to and whether or not they’re working for someone else or who that possible boss might be. But, it looks like Leon and danger are not quite done with each other yet, and he likely won’t see this bit of it coming at all. If his new lady love turns out to be someone really horrible, it’s going to be another big blow to his confidence.

You can keep up with Leon and all the NCIS drama when the show airs Tuesdays on CBS at 8 EST. For more on what else you can watch this season, check out our 2018 fall premiere guide.

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Cardi B and Selena Gomez’s “Taki Taki” Music Video Is the Only Thing You Need to See Tonight

Apparently, a collaboration between two powerhouses like Cardi B and Selena Gomez has the power to bring about the end of the world. At least, that’s what seems to be happening in the official music video for “Taki Taki,” their song with DJ Snake and Ozuna, which dropped during the 2018 American Music Awards on Tuesday night.

Throughout the video, the quartet danced to the bop across several landscapes, most of which seemed to be of the fiery, apocalyptic variety. During her verse, Cardi B alternates between two different but equally amazing ensembles. In one, she wears a black bodysuit under a black cape with a dramatically high collar. The other, meanwhile, involves a bedazzled red bra, matching briefs, and a lacy red duster coat on top.

Gomez’s verse comes later in the track, and, unlike her peers, she spends most of her featured time not in a desolate hellscape, but rather in a lush green jungle. She also switches between two looks: One, a lime green mockneck crop top and shiny green patterned pants, matches her tropical surroundings, while the other, a red wrap shirt and crisp red pants, coordinates perfectly with Cardi’s, DJ Snake’s, and Ozuna’s own fiery scarlet ensembles.

See the video, below:

The song originally dropped sans video at the end of September. At the time, Cardi told Billboard what exactly sold her on teaming up with Ozuna, DJ Snake, and Gomez. “It’s very Spanish. It’s very, like, a Spanish vibe. As soon as I heard it, I was like, ‘I want to get on it,’” she said. “Then I found out Selena Gomez was going to be on it, and I’m like, ‘Oh, sh*t!’ I knew it was going to be a hit.”

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The Flash: All The Future Reveals Nora Made In The Season 5 Premiere

Spoilers below for anyone who hasn’t yet watched the Season 5 premiere of The Flash.

Nora West-Allen shouldn’t be living and breathing in 2018, and she shouldn’t be befriending her speedy father and the rest of Team Flash. But the Allen lineage is not known for its brilliant impulsive thinking, so here we are. Thankfully, Jessica Parker Kennedy’s time-traveling speedster injected a charming sense of fun into the Season 5 premiere, and she dropped a ton of future references in the process.

Let’s take a look at each of the big and interesting reveals made during “Nora.” But instead of trying to avoid hearing them like Barry did, we’re embracing them and wondering if each new detail could actually affect the show.

The Flash Museum

Nora revealed that she never really knew Barry growing up — more on that later — and that she learned almost everything about him from the Flash Museum that exists in her future. A museum that has followed and detailed the exploits of not only Barry Allen, but also the now-leaving Wally West (and perhaps others). Nora namedrops “Mr. Myles” as being the curator, which is probably a reference to Dexter Myles, the current owner of the Central City Museum. Or perhaps it’s his son.

Could This Have A Major Impact On The Story?: Probably not directly, unless Barry takes a trip to the future to visit it for some reason. Otherwise, it’ll probably just come up through Nora’s conversations.

Lightning Lad’s Bolt

Just as Nora and Iris are about to get into their awkward conversation at CC Jitters, the former notices the Flash’s symbol in her latte froth. She smiles and remarks that Barry’s lightning bolt is so much cooler than that of Lightning Lad. As comic fans are aware, Lightning Lad is one of a few aliases used by speedster Garth Ranzz, a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th/31st centuries.

Could This Have A Major Impact On The Story?: It isn’t likely, but Supergirl currently boasts that Earth’s Legion member Brainiac 5 as a regular character, and also introduced Saturn Girl. So it’s possible the Legion could come into play more in the current seasons.

Some Batman Beyond Slang

As Nora and Iris are having coffee, Nora makes use of the slang word “Shway,” which Iris pretends to be familiar with. (She even brings it back at the end of the episode, because that’s what snazzy moms do.) The Flash creative team pulled this reference from another future-leaning DC project, the animated series Batman Beyond. In the Kids WB series, the word “shway” meant “cool” and it became popularized in pop culture. Or at least as popularized as a slang word from animated ’90s show can get.

Could This Have A Major Impact On The Story?: I can’t see that happening, but it would be pretty shway if it did.

King Shark Vs. Gorilla Grodd

Two of the biggest and most freakily dangerous meta-creatures, King Shark and Grodd, will bring the fight to each other at some point in Central City’s future. This CGI spectacle was hinted at previously by showrunner Todd Helbing, and fans immediately got interested. Of course, this verbal reference could mean that it won’t actually be seen in the show, which would be the most un-shway thing ever.

Could This Have A Major Impact On The Story?: It most certainly could, if the fight does indeed become a point of focus. And it should absolutely do that, because we want to see a shark and a gorilla fight, dammit.

Barry Never Returns To Earth-1

Easily the most impactful reveal, Nora shows Barry a newspaper headline from the future revealing he is still missing 25 years after the initial “Crisis” event referred to in the 2024 newspaper headline. It’s something many fans guessed would be the reason for Nora’s trip back through time, but it’s still an emotionally poignant motivation. It’s also very obvious from Nora’s behavior around Iris that their lives together after Barry’s disappearance were not the most fulfilling, which is more depressing than it should be.

Could This Have A Major Impact On The Story?: It already does, really. Since the beginning of this show, Barry has been trying to avoid his predestined fate, and now he discovered that his future is even worse than he thought. It’s the whole reason he decided to keep Nora around in the present, which will presumably complicate things further.

Barry Fights Mob Rule

The sequence in which Team Flash tried to thwart a plane crash was one of the biggest head-scratchers of the episode. (Would all the passengers and luggage have also phased through that building?) In any case, Nora explained that Barry phased an entire plane through a building during a future fight with Mob Rule. It would be wild to see that comic group on the show, since it’s made up of a bunch of duplicates of Barry’s friend Manuel Lago that were all grown from limbs severed by the criminal group Basilisk. All due to a CIA experiment, naturally.

Could This Have A Major Impact On The Story?: Mob Rule probably won’t make a big play within the TV show’s narrative, but it will be good for Barry to know how to phase giant vehicles.

The Atom Created Barry’s New Suit

Another wow moment during the Season 5 premiere came when Barry was in need of a new suit, and Nora just happened to have one. Only it wasn’t on a clothes hanger or anything, but inside a magic ring. Surprisingly, Cisco had nothing to do with creating this new super-costume, and Nora reveals that it was designed by Ryan Choi. Created by Gail Simone and Grant Morrison, Ryan is the third major comic character to take on the Atom mantle, following Ray Palmer, and was a member of the Titans.

Could This Have A Major Impact On The Story?: Probably not on The Flash, but the introduction of Ryan Choi to the Arrow-verse might have some ramifications on Legends of Tomorrow, where Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer probably isn’t looking for a replacement just yet.

Which of these reveals was the most fun to you guys? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more Flash madness every Tuesday night on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. (Next week will bring us more from Chris Klein’s CIcada, too.) While waiting to hear more from Nora, head to our fall TV premiere schedule to learn all the other shows hitting primetime soon.

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Cardi B’s 2018 AMAs Performance of “I Like It” Did Not Disappoint

[Cardi B](/about/cardi-b took the stage at the 2018 American Music Awards for her first televised performance since the birth of her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, and she did not disappoint.

The rapper hit the stage with Bad Bunny and J Balvin for a crowd-pumping performance of “I Like It,” and, well, we loved it. For the performance, Cardi rocked a gorgeous multicolored dress accessorized with knee-high boots and pom-pom underwear (as you do). She began the song lying on a circular, spinning disc before standing up and removing her skirt to reveal a formfitting bodysuit. She then danced it out alongside dozens of backup dancers in blue, green, and red ensembles. By the end of the performance, everyone in the audience was on their feet, and the trio received a standing ovation.

Before her energetic performance—which also entailed bike riding—Cardi, alongside husband Offset, walked the red carpet wearing a show-stopping Dolce and Gabbana floral gown and matching headpiece.

Cardi was nominated for eight awards at Tuesday night’s ceremony, including new artist of the year and favorite rap/hip-hop artist (which she already picked up prior to performing). During her acceptance speech, she took the opportunity to thank her daughter, Kulture. “I really want to thank my daughter. And not just because she’s my daughter,” she said. “When I was pregnant, I was so influenced to be, like, ‘Yo, I got to do this, I got to show people wrong. I got to prove people wrong.’ Because they said I wasn’t going to make it after I had a baby.”

The rapper welcomed her first child with husband Offset in July, and famously said that she would not get back onstage for anything less than $300,000 if it meant leaving her daughter at home. “I’m 25 years old,” she told the hosts of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning back in April. “I’ma say this in the most humblest way: I’m a millionaire. I’m established. The industry is never promised, but I know that if I make the right money moves, I’m gonna always have money.”

Needless to say, we’re glad the 2018 AMAs felt like the right “money move” for Cardi B.

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Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Supports James Gunn Doing The Sequel

After James Gunn was controversially fired from directing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it seemed likely that it wouldn’t be long before another studio scooped him up. It now looks like that has happened, with new reports saying that Gunn will be writing and possibly directing Suicide Squad 2. This is a huge coup for the DCEU, and the man who helmed the first Suicide Squad, David Ayer, supports it:

I think David Ayer’s sentiments line up with a lot of fans’ in regard to this hiring. Warner Bros. made a brave move by hiring someone who just went through a whirlwind of controversy that saw him getting fired from a wildly successful franchise. The studio has seemingly decided it was willing to bear whatever criticism may come in order to bring James Gunn on board.

As David Ayer says, it’s a smart move to bring James Gunn on regardless of the capacity he ultimately fills. The writer/director has shown his talent in this space multiple times, and with a band of misfit characters just like the Suicide Squad, and it seems that was enough for the studio to decide that Suicide Squad 2 is better in his hands than someone else’s.

David Ayer’s Twitter support is cool if not just because you don’t always see directors being super happy when they are replaced for a sequel. Suicide Squad was a financial success when it was released in the summer of 2016, but it did not win over critics, and the belief at large is that the quality level suffered from studio meddling. So it’s nice to see that Ayer doesn’t hold any bitterness about the gig, and is happy to hand off the reigns to someone like James Gunn.

Of course, while he isn’t directing Suicide Squad 2, David Ayer also hasn’t left the DCEU. He is taking the breakout character of his Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and directing her again in the upcoming Gotham City Sirens. The project doesn’t have a release date yet, but is expected after Cathy Yan’s Birds Of Prey, which is scheduled for 2020.

It will be very interesting to see, especially if James Gunn winds up writing and directing, just how much creative control Warner Bros. affords him. We think he is great for Suicide Squad 2 but in the DC Extended Universe it sometimes seems like the director’s vision is only occasionally what actually makes it to the big screen. We’ll keep you updated on Suicide Squad 2 and James Gunn as this story develops. For everything going on in the DCEU, keep an eye on our guide and head over to the release schedule to see all the biggest movies coming to theaters this fall.

Borderlands 2 Is Going VR

Now, some of you are probably wondering how traversal and movement works in Borderlands 2 VR given that, typically, in most VR games, it uses teleportation instead of locomotion. Gearbox will actually make it so that both forms of movement options will be available. When using the DualShock, you’ll have traditional locomotion as your traversal method, and when using the PlayStation Move wands you’ll have the aim-and-teleport mechanic to move about the levels.

Margot Robbie And Nicole Kidman’s Fox News Movie Just Hit A Serious Roadblock

The untitled Roger Ailes project, starring John Lithgow, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie, is currently without a studio, according to The Hollywood Reporter – which cites that the move may have been made because of the film’s $35 million budget. That means that it is currently homeless, but that state may not last long. Filling the vacuum, BRON Studios, which has produced titles including Fences, The Birth of a Nation, and A Simple Favor, has signed on to co-finance the production, and Focus Features, Amblin and Participant Media are reportedly in talks to acquire the film.

Tracee Ellis Ross Opened the 2018 American Music Awards With an Amazing Dance Medley

Tracee Ellis Ross did such an incredible job of hosting the American Music Awards in 2017 that they asked her back for the 2018 show. And this time around, she’s pulling out all the stops. On Tuesday evening, October 9. she opened the show at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater with a high-energy dance number to a medley of hits—and Twitter was immediately obsessed.

To kick off the medley, Ross rapped along to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” sporting a glamorous cape and baring her teeth to reveal a grill featuring diamonds spelling out her initials on her bottom teeth. When the music transitioned to Childish Gambino’s “This Is America,” however, she threw off the cape and was immediately flanked by a squad of backup dancers. That was followed by even more hits, including Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “APESHIT,” Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and Beyoncé’s “Run the World.”

Tracee Ellis Ross Opening Performance 1

PHOTO: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross Opening Performance 2

PHOTO: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After her performance, Marsai Martin and Miles Brown, who play Ross’s kids onscreen in Black-ish, gave her scores of seven and three out of 10, respectively. Twitter users, however, were much more impressed. Though some called her moves cheesy or momlike—if so, she’s definitely a cool mom—pretty much everyone agreed that it was an incredible opening number. If there’s an AMA for Best AMAs Host, we know exactly who‘s getting it at the 2019 show.

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Sony Confirms The Next PlayStation Is In Development

The hype for the next generation of home consoles is taking shape. Microsoft has found ways to suck the air out of the sails by releasing new iterations of the Xbox every so often, with the latest being the Xbox One X, but Sony has been a lot more coy about any big announcements… until now. It sounds like a new PlayStation is coming along soon.

The Financial Times [via IGN] is reporting that Sony has confirmed that a brand new PlayStation is in development and that the company is currently working on the successor to the PlayStation 4 after announcing that the life cycle for the PS4 is coming to an end.

Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed to the Financial Times that it was necessary for the company to have “next-generation hardware.” The Financial Times was keen on stating that Yoshida did not explicitly call the next iteration of the PlayStation device the “PlayStation 5” but only referred to the project as “next-generation hardware.”

The Financial Times spoke with various analysts who believe that the media-appellation PS5 would likely be built on top of the existing PS4 hardware in order to leverage the existing architecture that has brought Sony so much success during the eighth generation of gaming. It would also work wonders for backwards compatibility, which has proven to be quite the success for Microsoft.

Other analysts and non-gamers are hoping that Sony embraces cloud gaming with a tablet-based device that focuses on eSports, according to the Financial Times.

Those on the outside looking in think that eSports is something that should be a cornerstone of the PS5, despite the fact that it’s a very niche pastime that only caters toward a very hardcore segment of certain gaming markets.

Sony has been apprehensive about fully embracing nascent fads and trends for fear of ending back up in the position the company did with the PS3, which was very forward-looking as far as technology was concerned back in 2006. However, due to the complex architecture and the high-price point of the PS3, it caused Sony a lot of financial woe during the first half of its run on the market. Later on, near the end of its life cycle, the PS3 began to recoup its losses.

Sony also took a rather tepid approach with VR this generation, supporting the PlayStation VR and offering gamers some software, but it avoided focusing too much of its resources on the PSVR and didn’t really orient the PS4’s ecosystem around virtual reality. That actually turned out to be a smart move, given the lukewarm consumer response to VR in general.

It makes sense why some analysts, however, would want Sony to take a big gamble on something unorthodox given that it paid off quite well for Nintendo with the Switch. But, Sony isn’t Nintendo.

Nintendo had a number of high-profile games that worked well both as home console and portable titles you could play on the go. Sony has mostly veered away from portable gaming after announcing that it would be ending production of the PS Vita; the company also hasn’t really focused on using its first-party studios for producing mobile titles.

With the next PlayStation system in development, what sort of features do you expect it to launch with when it does become available for purchase?

Taylor Swift Lit Up The AMAs With Red-Hot ‘I Did Something Bad’ Performance

Just two days after lighting up the internet with a rare, impassioned political statement, Taylor Swift continued fanning flames — literally! — at the American Music Awards on Tuesday night (October 9).

Swift — trading in her metallic red carpet dress for a sparkly black leotard — kicked off the awards show with an appropriately over-the-top rendition of her Reputation banger “I Did Something Bad.” On tour, she performs the song with a drawn-out introduction, and Swift opted for that same arrangement on the AMA stage, even pausing for dramatic effect after the venomous lyric “if a man talks shit then I owe him nothing.” You could practically feel those flames on her skin.

The performance climaxed with the witch-burning finale, as Swift riled up the crowd with her “light me up” chant. Flames shot up around her, lightning struck on the screens behind her, and an enormous snake reared its ugly head in the center of the stage. This was Swift’s first awards show performance in almost three years — and the first of her Reputation era — and she definitely came back with a bang.

Shortly after her explosive performance, Swift won the AMA for Best Tour. She’s up for additional three awards at the show, including Pop/Rock Female Artist and Artist of the Year.