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Busy Philipps Was Arrested While Protesting in D.C.

The Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v. Wade last week, and nobody is messing around anymore—including beloved American screen actor Busy Philipps, who was arrested at a protest in front of the Court by police while wearing a crop-top that reads “I will aid and abet abortion.” First Jodie Sweetin gets roughhoused by the cops at a reproductive rights protest, and now this? 

In a video clip of Philipps being escorted away by the police posted to Twitter by VICE, the person behind the camera asks the actor why she was arrested. “For equality,” Philipps responded, with a look on her face like, “No duh.”

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Philipps also posted video of her arrest to her own Instagram, along with several other photos from the event and a lengthy, impassioned caption. “I can think of no better way to use my privilege and voice than to amplify the message that bodily autonomy IS a human right, as it is ACTUALLY the exact same thing as the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” she wrote, in part. 

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Kate Moss Has a New Job: Creative Director of Diet Coke

Kate Moss has collaborated with an array of brands over the years, from Topshop in the early Noughties to Parisian jewelery label Messika last year. Now, the supermodel is venturing outside the world of fashion by becoming the new creative director of Diet Coke, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year.

“I am thrilled to join the Diet Coke family—I love the past collaborations they’ve done with such incredible names in fashion,” Kate Moss says in a statement. “As creative director, I’m looking forward to inspiring fans and celebrating the brand’s 40th birthday in style.”

The model’s first project for Diet Coke is the brand’s “Love What You Love” campaign, which features Moss herself and is designed to highlight the importance of embracing what you’re passionate about. “The campaign connected with me instantly as I am a firm believer that with confidence and passion, you can achieve your wildest dreams,” Moss continues. (See the collab images here.)

The ’90s super is by no means the first major fashion name to work with Diet Coke, with both Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier designing limited-edition cans and bottles in the past. Back in 2013, Marc Jacobs was also named creative director of the brand, which memorably involved the designer starring topless in a nod to the famous “Diet Coke break” adverts of the ’90s.

Moss’s appointment comes as we’ve seen an influx of celebrity creative directors of late, including Kendall Jenner at Californian-based retailer FWRD and Dakota Johnson at sexual wellness brand Maude. Bella Hadid, meanwhile, was made co-founder and partner of non-alcoholic drinks company Kin Euphorics in September last year.

Given Moss’s enormous star power, it’s no surprise that Diet Coke has made her its new creative director. Don’t expect fashion’s long-standing love affair with the brand to end any time soon.

This article first appeared in British Vogue.

20 Incredible Prime Day Clothing Deals You Can Already Snag

Prime Day is coming up quickly, and we have great news: Early Amazon Prime clothing deals have already started hitting the mega-retailer’s site, offering discounts on everything from basic V-neck T-shirts to head-turning summer dresses. Yes, the shopping holiday doesn’t officially start until July 12—but the markdowns just couldn’t wait.

And not to be dramatic, but this year’s deals might just be some of the best we’ve ever seen. The site is stocked with statement sandals, vacay-ready swimsuits, cute athletic shorts, and budget-friendly leggings, all on deep discount. That’s not even getting into specific brands, either—you’ll find early Prime Day deals from classics like Levi’s, Hanes, and Under Armour, plus higher-end gems from the likes of ASTR the Label, Sam Edelman, and Oscar de la Renta. (Almost unbelievable, we know.) There’s a deal for pretty much every occasion, style, and shopper.

Considering that combing through Amazon’s many, many fashion deals can get overwhelming quickly, we took it upon ourselves to scour the site for the absolute best Amazon Prime clothing deals of Prime Day 2022. Remember: These offers won’t last forever, since deals come and go around the big day—so if you see something you love below, we suggest you snag it pronto. (You might even be able to score extra savings with coupons at checkout.) Happy shopping!

Best Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Clothing Deals

There are so many fashion deals, it’s hard to know where to start—so we suggest tracking down the pieces your summer wardrobe is still missing. Need a flowy party dress to take to your next wedding? A loose-fit blouse or crewneck sweater to wear to the office? A pair of casual shorts to wear with every hoodie, tank top, or short-sleeve shirt you own? You’ve come to the right place. These are our favorite discounted finds ahead of Prime Day.

Best Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Shoe Deals

Whether your vibe is strappy sandals or Crocs, Amazon’s shoe section has already marked down at least a few pairs that you’re destined to fall in love with. Just look at those heels (which would make great wedding-guest shoes) and those white sneakers (which are just begging to be paired with a long-sleeve button-down and high-waist denim). Stop at one pair—we dare you.

Best Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Accessory Deals

We’re gearing up for Amazon’s biggest sale of the year—so of course it’s a one-stop shop for sunglasses, bags, jewelry, and other warm weather-ready accessories that’ll take any ’fit to the next level. And don’t forget your hat; the pick below offers UPF 50 sun protection, which you’ll need in addition to your actual SPF when the UV index is peaking.

Best Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Activewear Deals

Prime Day is one of the best times to refresh your activewear collection. Keep your eyes peeled for markdowns on buttery soft leggings and yoga pants, breathable running shorts, supportive sports bras, and durable running shoes—among other Amazon essentials to help you go the extra mile (and look good doing it).  

Best Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Lingerie & Swimwear Deals

Every top drawer needs cute underwear for whatever’s on the agenda, and the ’zon is delivering just that with already-discounted best-sellers, including comfy bras, bodysuits, and underwear. And if you’re headed to the pool or the beach anytime soon, you can’t go wrong with marked-down bathing suits and coverups to bring your tropical fantasies to life.

Two Former Child Stars from the Halloweentown Franchise Are Engaged

I should have known that the first thing to make me smile in a full week would come from the happiest place on Earth—Halloweentown. The stars of the Disney Channel Original Movie classic, Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge (not to be confused with the original Halloweentown or the third film, Halloweentown High), Daniel Kountz and Kimberly J. Brown announced their engagement on Instagram in individual posts on June 30. 

Brown, who will forever be Marnie Piper to me, wrote on her Instagram, “Have I introduced you guys to my Fiancée?” alongside a selfie of the newly engaged couple. Kountz, who played the evil warlock’s son Kal in the 2001 movie, also announced the engagement on IG, with a cheesy-adorable and mildly distracting slideshow of couple pics and the caption: “She said yes‼️❤️ 💍Gunna love you forever.” Brown commented, “Love you baby.” Aw, I love this for them!

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The Halloweentown stars didn’t fall in love immediately after meeting on set. Which makes sense—Kal was pretty evil at the time. Their love story actually began more than a decade later when they reconnected over YouTube, according to a joint interview they gave to E! News in 2021. Apparently, Brown approached Kountz about appearing in a sketch for her YouTube channel in 2016, and that’s when the (metaphorical) sparks really began to fly. 

“When I first saw her when she walked in after we hadn’t seen each other forever, there was a definite shift and ‘Oh, you’ve grown up. Like, oh okay, you’re wearing heels, wow, look at that. You’re like a pretty lady,’” Kountz said.


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​​Cori Zeichner Couldn’t Find Acne Products That Worked for Her—So She Created Her Own

When you have adult acne, it’s easy to feel alone, as if you’re the only one getting breakouts past the age of 18. However, anywhere between 12% and 22% of women ages 26 through 44 experience acne, and that number is increasing by the day (on the other hand, only around 3% of adult men experience the condition). In our Acne Diaries series, we’re asking influential women who happen to have acne about their relationship with their skin and the products they use to keep it happy. Next up: Cori Zeichner, founder of Jori Skincare and wife to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD.

When Cori Zeichner married her husband, Josh Zeichner, one of New York’s top dermatologists, she never imagined that acne would be an issue for her. “The joke is, I had never seen a dermatologist before,” she tells Glamour. “I had one on my first date with Josh.”

Zeichner is among the many women who experience adult-onset acne. Adult on-set acne occurs in 41 percent of women and can be triggered by a number of things, including hormones, stress, and lifestyle. 

“After we had children and my daughter was five, I woke up and my face started with a few pimples and then it more persistently broke out all over the lower portion of my face,” Zeichner says. Despite being married to a dermatologist, Zeichner turned to drugstore and over-the-counter products for her acne. “I should have went to Josh first, but instead of going to him first, I went to the drugstore and went to buy some products to try and clear my skin.”

Zeichner quickly found that the products didn’t work for her skin. “The products that I bought to treat it were very dry and irritating. That made me open my eyes to realize that there wasn’t something out there that I can go and buy that was right for my type of skin. I was stressed. How could my skin be acting like this when I’m married to a dermatologist and I’m using all these products?”

With celebrity skincare lines dropping left and right and “clean girl beauty” and “glass skin” flooding social media, it’s easy to feel out of place when experiencing acne. But according to Dr. Zeichner, adult acne is more common than ever. “The most recent prevalence data shows that 50 percent of women in their twenties, 35 percent of women in their thirties, and 26 percent of women in their forties are breaking out. This ranges in severity. Just because acne happens doesn’t mean that it’s easy for people to accept, and it has a huge psychological impact. Cori was so completely out of control at times and didn’t want to leave the house at some point without makeup.”

Covering up was the only way Zeichner was able to feel better about breakouts. “I really felt bad about [my acne]. I would hide it under makeup, I wanted to cover up. It just takes one pimple to ruin your day,” she says. “But the more makeup you put on, the more you clog your pores and break out. We created Jori Skincare, a line that seamlessly fits into what I currently was using and I can wear under makeup.”

Anna Kendrick Is Reportedly on a Yacht Trip to Get Over Her Breakup With Bill Hader

Following her reported breakup with Bill Hader, Anna Kendrick is washing that man right out of her hair from aboard a luxury yacht.

To get over the split from her boyfriend of a little over a year, the actress spent “last week on vacation on a yacht” and “was away without” him according to a source who spoke to People. They added that, “She was with a group of friends. They all had a great time.” News of this trip comes shortly after Entertainment Weekly reported on Tuesday that she and Hader had decided to go their separate ways.

The public first learned of Hader and Kendrick’s relationship in January of this year when another insider confirmed to People that the pair had been “quietly” seeing each other for over a year, but noted that they didn’t start dating until “well after” they’d finished wrapping the 2019 Christmas movie Noelle, in which they played siblings. “They are both very private people, and with the pandemic it was easy to keep it quiet,” they said. “They’re both hysterical so they must keep each other laughing all of the time. She’s really, really happy.”

In April, Hader explained to The Hollywood Reporter that he didn’t want to discuss his private life or relationship with Anna Kendrick out of respect for his children. The SNL star was previously married to director Maggie Carey, with whom he shares three young daughters, before divorcing in 2018. “They just want me to be their dad,” Hader explained of his reticence to offer up personal details. “They just want me to sit and watch Encanto over and over and over again. So that’s what I do.”

Hader’s relationship prior to this one with actress Rachel Bilson also made headlines this month when the actress confessed on her podcast that going through that breakup in July 2020 was one of the toughest moments of her life. While she didn’t mention her ex by name, Bilson told guest Mandy Moore on an episode of her show Broad Ideas that she “went through a really hard breakup and it was during the pandemic.” She added, “I could not leave my house, you know what I mean? I had nothing else to do but sit in it, and deal with it and feel it. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done⁠, harder than childbirth.” Bilson went on to say that the end of that relationship, “hurt like a motherfucker,” but also made her realize that “If you actually face it, you can come out of it and be like, ‘OK, I did that and I’m ready for the next thing.’” And if you get to have that realization while aboard a yacht surrounded by your best girlfriends, all the better.

This article first appeared in Vanity Fair.

The Boys Star Jack Quaid Is Happy to Get Naked for the Bit

Did it get easier as time went on to film those naked moments?

Yeah, slightly. Only slightly. It’s a weird thing because you’re just kind of naked in a room full of very clothed people and it’s just a thing the human brain isn’t used to. It was an adjustment period for sure. Towards the end, I got more comfortable with it. Everyone on set is just such a professional so I trust everybody. I’ve spent three years with these people and they’ve all become like my family, so it really wasn’t too uncomfortable. If it happened in the first season, that may be a different conversation, but for what it was, it couldn’t have gone better.

It does feel typical for women to be put in these positions but it’s less expected from men.

Absolutely. I love that throughout this season and, more or less, throughout the show, we’re subverting that trope. I liked that we’re kind of treating the male body the way that Hollywood has treated the female body for years.

So, now that we’ve talked about getting naked in front of a room full of people, let’s move into the “Inappropriate Questions.” You’ve actually done this with Glamour before, so I thought it would be interesting to revisit some of the ones you’ve already answered and see how your new answers measure up.

For the first one, which of the characters that you’ve played in the past is the most like you in a relationship?

Ugh, I feel like all my characters aren’t great in relationships, especially Hughie this season. Definitely not Richie [from Scream 5]. Ben King from Plus One is not a good… I guess Hughie would be the closest. I don’t think I’ve really gone that dark the way that I’m going this season with Hughie, but yeah, let’s go with seasons 1 and 2 Hughie.

I think that this season he has to kind of come to grips with the fact that he’s—I wouldn’t say jealous—but I think resentful of the fact that Annie [Erin Moriarty] is the one who has that kind of power [he wants]. He really has to come to terms with that.

That matches up! You said, “I think I have a little bit more confidence than him, but how he reacts to things throughout the show…I think that’s the exact same way that I would. Though he actually might be a little braver than me.”

I still stand by that answer, for sure, because he’s gone through so much and yet continues to put himself out there, especially now. So I think he’s definitely braver than I am. I think I have slightly more confidence. Hughie’s projecting like he’s a little bit more confident this season, but I don’t think he truly is. You know, he’s getting more and more self-assured as the show goes on, which I like to see.

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22 Amazon Prime Books That Are on Sale—and Belong on Your Shelf

While binge-watching can be cool, nothing beats reading—and the lineup of Amazon Prime books on sale for Prime Day 2022 is helping us make that point. Because there are some incredible books (and book deals) to be had, whether you’re in the market for a new read or want to read the book behind the film adaptation.

The beauty of books is that they can transport you to various places and times without you needing to leave the comfort of your couch—or, if you’re lucky, beach chair. And the picks below are especially good at this, whether you’re into UFOs, Tolkien lore, college friendships, or none of the above. With that, below are 22 of the best Amazon Prime books to get in your cart and on your shelf, stat.

Looking for more deals? Shop the latest and greatest markdowns across Amazon Prime Day 2022, including fashion, beauty, and more, as well as the best rival deals that are bringing the heat. 

Fiction You’ll Never Forget 

The best books are the ones you can’t put down, even when it’s 2 a.m. on a weeknight and you most definitely have to function at work tomorrow. They’re also the ones that stick with you long after you’ve finished, those that you text your friends about even if no one actually cares which god intervened during the Trojan War. And these fit the bill: Not only are they just really good stories, but they also change you in some way, whether by expanding your worldview or eliciting your sympathy for Greek demigods who are really just agents of chaos.

For instance, Min Jin Lee’s sprawling Pachinko sheds light on an area of history that isn’t often covered in classrooms—namely, Japan’s decades-long rule over Korea. And with Where the Crawdads Sing debuting in theaters on July 13, you’ll want to read it before you get any spoilers from the trailers. If you pick up Song of Achilles (a #BookTok favorite), make sure to stay hydrated and pack some Kleenex as you get near the end.

Sci-Fi That Hits (Too) Close to Home

Aliens! Artificial intelligence! These novels have everything if you’re looking to get out of 2022 and into a distant, but not necessarily brighter, future—but that’s part of the fun, right? Ling Ma’s Severance now reads more like foreshadowing than when it was published in 2019, and if you have literally any interest in the possibility of extraterrestrials, start on The Three-Body Problem (the first of a huge, mind-blowing trilogy) ASAP. It’ll be the only thing you want to discuss for the next five months.

Breezy Beach Reads

Okay, so you’re not interested in reading about our inevitable dystopian future? We’ve got you. While these have more heft than your average beach read, they also have more heart, bringing the romance novel into unexpected places and, in the case of J. Courtney Sullivan’s Commencement, turning the focus on the friendships that stay with us. Pack them in your beach bag for your next vacation.

Memoirs to Make You Laugh and Cry (or Both)

Real life can be a real drag (see: the news) but memoirs bring magic and meaning to the everyday, whether it’s Samantha Irby dropping trou on the side of the road in her heaving-with-laughter lineup of essays, or Suleika Jaouad’s memoir about not only her experience with cancer, but the commonly overlooked, underestimated challenges that can accompany survivorship. And if you’ve been a David Sedaris fan since Holidays on Ice, you’ll be happy to know that the hardcover edition of his latest essay collection is marked down, too.

Boxed Book Sets

Boxed sets are winners for a few reasons: Not only do you get multiple books for a steal, but you also don’t have to come to a screeching halt in the middle of an engrossing trilogy. (Plus, they make great gifts if you’ve got a bookworm on your hands.) With Amazon Prime’s Rings of Power dropping in September, you might want to brush up on your Lord of the Rings lore, and recall what a baddie Elrond is. (It’s true. Sorry, Legolas.) Want to toss a coin to your witcher? Go ahead and do just that with the full series. Sure, it’s not as good as a grumpy yet supremely jacked Henry Cavill, but we’ll take what we can get! If you’re more into romance, there’s Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy, which has taken off on Prime Video—and of course, Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton classics. 

Momma Wanted To Be A Household Name. They Looked To Nirvana And Liz Phair

By Mia Hughes

The five best choruses you’ll hear this year are probably all on Momma’s Household Name, the third album by the Los Angeles-born, New York-based alt-rock duo comprising 23-year-old Etta Friedman and 24-year-old Allegra Weingarten. Armed with a real studio for the first time, they took the opportunity to lean all the way into their major-label ’90s influences — artists like Nirvana, Liz Phair, and The Smashing Pumpkins — resulting in a polished and unrestrained singalong sound.

Yet more than any specific band, Household Name is a tribute to the mythology of the rock star, with all of its cockiness, allure, and mystery. The indelibly catchy tracks “Speeding 72” and “Medicine” have swagger and scale not often found in indie anymore, while “Rip Off” and “Rockstar” fantasize about making it to the big leagues.

Meanwhile, the second half of the record also sees Momma dip into more personal songwriting for the first time (their last record, 2020’s Two of Me, was a concept record about “morality, youth and punishment”). Friedman’s lovestruck “Lucky” and Weingarten’s broken-hearted “Brave” are highlights, intertwining sensitivity with the album’s hi-fi sheen. Perhaps it speaks to a change in the genre’s culture; that a rock star façade is no longer impenetrable, that vulnerability too can be celebrated and encouraged.

MTV News: How did you guys meet and start Momma?

Allegra Weingarten: We met in high school, this college prep school in Calabasas. It was really preppy and sporty and not very arts-based. We were kinda the only people who had similar taste in music and didn’t play team sports, so we naturally gravitated towards each other. We just started hanging out and eventually became inseparable at school.

Etta was playing with someone else under the name Momma, and also putting stuff on Soundcloud by themself. Then that person couldn’t make a show so Etta asked me to do it, and we basically wrote a whole new set. Ever since then, we’ve been writing together.

MTV News: Have your intentions with Momma changed since then?

Etta Friedman: I don’t know what we thought it was gonna be. I think it was just a way for us to chill and kinda be outside of whatever else we were consumed with. Then I think we were playing a bunch of shows in L.A. and just kind of [realized] this is something we could probably do.

Actually, there’s this phone note that we found recently of our goals, and we’re still ticking everything off. It’s been cool to see things that were so crazy, like ‘oh, this will never happen,’ actually happen.

MTV News: What are some of the goals on the list?

Friedman: The one that definitely seemed super “there’s no way this is gonna happen but it would be cool” is a billboard, and that happened.

Weingarten: The earlier stuff is like, play a full band set, release a physical copy of an album, get 1,000 Instagram followers. And then as it goes down, it’s like, play Audiotree — that’s something we still really wanna do. “Jack Black knows anything about us.” Episode of Song Exploder was the most recent one on there. And album reviewed by Pitchfork, which is kind of a scary one.

MTV News: Tell me about the writing and recording process of Household Name.

Weingarten: We started in summer 2020. Then in the fall of 2020, I moved to New York, so we were writing and demoing with Aron [Kobayashi Ritch], who plays bass and also produces and co-writes with us, basically three days a week for eight months. It was a really intensive process. We ended up with like 17 songs, and songs were getting rewritten and scrapped, and we planned everything out to the exact BPM before we ever even stepped in the studio.

MTV News: The album has all this influence from these big, major-label bands of the ’90s, and you emulated that glossy sound. What kind of production or songwriting choices went into that?

Weingarten: We definitely were just pushing a lot of really big guitar tones, because we had never really done that before. We really wanted it to be like Nirvana’s Nevermind, loud but really clean and polished. There’s also a lot of really cool production details that Aron put in there that are very subtle but make all the difference. We had never really used octaves in our songs before, and that was a big one. The second you put octaves on a song, it makes it sound so ’90s.

Sophie Hur

MTV News: You often write from the perspective of this rock star personality, but on this album, there is more vulnerable lyricism. What made you want to write from a personal perspective?

Friedman: Sadly, I think it was a product of having to be in lockdown and separated from each other. I think there were a lot of personal things that we were each dealing with that maybe weren’t mutually shared. “Lucky” was something that I wrote because I was separated from my partner, for I didn’t know how long. But at the same time — like, I could have written “Lucky” [alone], but it wouldn’t have been as great as it was if I didn’t get the opportunity to also bring it to Allegra. We really understand each other and are harmonious together.

MTV News: I know you guys are big fans of Liz Phair. I was reading an article recently about how, back in the ’90s, people were really, really cruel about her and her songwriting because she was a woman who was writing about her personal life. How much does that side of her songwriting influence you? 

Friedman: She’s so inspirational to us. Something that I respect about her songwriting and her lyrics is how unafraid she is to say the shit that everyone’s thinking. She can talk about sex in a really intimate way and put that all out in a song, and if it makes people uncomfortable, fuck it. She’s expressing herself [in a way] that we can grow up alongside and be like, yeah, I totally get where you’re coming from, and I can imagine myself there. I always look back to her lyrics and think about some of the most intense things she says, because they’re what sticks with me.

Weingarten: One thing I’ve always loved about her lyrics is that she’s writing as a female in this boys’ club. When she was coming up in Chicago, there were a lot of male-dominated bands. And I think a lot of women stray away from writing about men, because they think it’s not feminist of them or whatever. But she writes about men, she writes about being with men, and she writes about being surrounded by men. And that’s something that I related to in college, especially, when I was the only girl making music in an all-guy friend group. It was cool to have this songwriter to look up to where she was in the same boat.

MTV News: Compared to the ’90s when Liz Phair was breaking out, it feels like there’s a lot more space for young women in pop and rock music to sing about their feelings. Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, even the way the mainstream is reevaluating Taylor Swift — it seems like artists like Liz Phair paved the way for that. Do you think music is in a better place for that now?

Weingarten: Yeah, in terms of the indie scene, Phoebe Bridgers is obviously one of the biggest musicians out there. And Mitski, and Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail. There are so many female-fronted guitar bands who are super vulnerable in their songwriting, which is really sick.

But sometimes, it kind of gets a little dicey, ’cause people like to tokenize femme-fronted bands, and a lot of the time it’s like, do you even listen to this fucking band? Even with us, people are always like, “They sound exactly like the Breeders.” Like, no we don’t. We don’t sound anything like them. So there’s a lot of that, which is really, really frustrating and discouraging.

Friedman: I will say the one thing that I got reminded of when you said Billie Eilish — I have a step-niece who’s obsessed with her. I think it’s really easy for media to spin a sexualization on a young, up-and-coming female star, and I know that [Eilish] is taking this stance of like, ‘I don’t need to sexualize myself, the music’s good, and I wear what I’m comfortable in.’ I remember hearing that and being like, it’s cool that my step-niece is listening to that. Because, shoot me, I don’t really care for her music that much, but it is cool to see [young] people get influenced potentially in the right direction.

Sophie Hur

MTV News: Another difference between now and the 90s is how touring has become super expensive and unsustainable, especially during the pandemic. Does that make it harder to aim high or dream of getting big like bands did back then?

Friedman: Yeah. We’re worried about going into debt every time we tour, and that’s shitty. We had this talk with one of our managers that was like, well, you kind of have to bet on yourself. Where it’s like, this tour could maybe get you all of these fans, and then the next tour that you go on, you’ll be making money. But how do we know that’s gonna happen? Are we gonna consistently plummet? On top of that, it’s worrying about rent and shit.

Weingarten: Yeah. People underestimate what level you really have to be at to actually make money from touring. Like, it’s not enough to sell out a 600-cap room. You could do that for a full tour, but you are still paying out management, booking agents, business managers, your band, van, hotels.

MTV News: What do you think the phrase “rock star” means in 2022?

Weingarten: I mean, I don’t think that real rock stars even exist [anymore].

Friedman: I agree. ’Cause I think to me, a rock star is a way of carrying yourself, like an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ thing. Nowadays, you really have to be careful and give a fuck to make it to rock star level, so it’s a totally different vibe. That’s why Kurt Cobain or the Gallaghers were cool. They’re just like, fuck off, I don’t really care about any of this. But we can’t necessarily say shit like that without completely risking a lot of things we’ve worked hard for.

Weingarten: Yeah, there is a set of manners that are really important to follow. You can’t roll up to soundcheck and get wasted and fuck around. You say hi to the sound guy and you introduce yourself to whoever’s doing the production. You have to be kind and respectful or else you won’t get gigs and you won’t get invited back to places.

MTV News: So what about you guys? What are your wildest ambitions?

Friedman: I just wanna be able to sustain a career with this. I love spending time with my best friends and traveling and creating together. I was shocked when we went to the U.K., ’cause it was just like, how the fuck do you guys know our music? Like, that’s so trippy.

But on a more hopeful or materialistic side, I think it would be really sick if we went to Japan, or we score a movie and then we win an Oscar. Imagine that!

Iris Law Wore a See-Through Tattered Dress and Stocking Sandals

Iris Law wore a tattered see-through dress layered under a crochet tank with floral appliqués, and now I want to wear a tattered see-through dress layered under a crochet tank with floral appliqués.

Law, the 21-year-old model daughter of actors Jude Law and Sadie Frost, arrived at The Serpentine Gallery in London on Thursday, June 30 for the gallery’s annual celebration of both artists and supporters in the aforementioned outfit. She was joined by famous faces including Ciara and Russell Wilson, Sam Smith, and the hottest names in British fashion. 

David M. Benett/Getty Images

She styled the look, which included lace-front stockings paired with strappy square toe wedge sandals, with minimal jewelry and bright, punchy makeup. Her bleach blonde pixie was parted off-center and slicked down. Her eyebrows include have small sections shaved off, which is how you can tell she’s Cool.

The model, who bears an uncanny resemblance to her dad in side profile (see below), has been hard at work recently: She attended her first Met Gala back in May, landed the cover of Vogue Hong Kong, and has been working with Dior Beauty as a UK-based ambassador. 

Ricky Vigil M