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Fast And Furious 9: What To Remember About Han Lue, Sung Kang’s Tokyo Drift Character

Wait, Wasn’t Han Dead?

It’s safe to say that everyone who sought out the Fast And Furious 9 trailer was more than a little keyed up once they saw what was revealed. There was action, evil John Cena, Helen Mirren, and that whole scene where Dom drives his car off a cliff, latches onto a rope, and swings like Tarzan in a car, but nothing compared to the final 10 seconds where a ghost walked onto the screen. That ghost, Han, was supposed to be dead. We saw him die in that fiery crash countless times. They had a funeral. They said their goodbyes. He is dead, right?

This Photo of Princess Charlotte Has a Special Meaning for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton just gave her first-ever podcast interview this week and gave the world insight into her life as a mom to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The duchess sate down to chat with Giovanna Fletcher on Happy Mum, Happy Baby as part of her ongoing work to foster discussions around parenting in the early years of childhood development. She talked about her own “happy childhood” and how she tries to bring the lessons she learned growing up to her own family with Prince William.

“I think the things that really resonate with me most are the simple things and actually I see that now with my own children. Life now is so busy, so distracting and actually sometimes the simple things like watching a fire on a really rainy day provides such enjoyment,” she said. “I remember that from my childhood—doing the simple things, going for a walk together, and that’s really what I try and do with my children as well because it totally strips away all the complications, all the pressures.”

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

There’s one photo of Princess Charlotte, in particular, that she feels captures those simple, special times. “I’ve got this one photo of Charlotte smelling a bluebell, and really for me it’s moments like that that mean so much to me as a parent, and I try every day to put moments like that in, even if they’re small or even if I don’t have time… but that in an ideal world is what I would like to do,” Middleton said.

Kensington Palace then shared the sweet image taken by Middleton on Instagram. Charlotte appears to be wearing one of the same outfits from the photos the Cambridges released for her fourth birthday in May, so perhaps it’s from the same shoot.

We love getting these glimpses into the royal family’s life behind the scenes. Please do more podcasts, Kate!

8 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of February 16, 2020

Clear your queues accordingly, because there are a slew of new, very good movies and TV shows to watch this week—from the return of Outlander and American Idol to a remake of the movie Emma and, of course, the Democratic presidential debate. Hopefully you have some free time to veg!

See, below, all the TV shows and movies to bookmark for this week:

Sunday, February 16

American Idol: Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie are back as judges for American Idol season 18, which kicks off with auditions. 8 P.M. ET on ABC

Outlander: Claire and Jamie are focused on their new community in season five of Outlander, which begins tonight. 8 P.M. ET on Starz

Monday, February 17

Hallmark Channel’s Tails of Joy: Read Hallmark’s official description for this, below. 10 P.M. ET on Hallmark

“Follow Paw Works rescue of a group of 60 dogs and cats, starting with transport from a rural area in Central California, caring for these animals, watching them begin to flourish, identifying their unique personalities, and ultimately placing them in loving homes. This heartwarming journey offers a powerful message of hope and encourages families to adopt not shop.”

Tuesday, February 18

We Are the Dream: The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest: Below, see HBO’s official description. 7 P.M. ET on HBO

“Every year, hundreds of children from pre-K through 12th grade take the stage at the Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest, a public speaking competition where they perform poetry and speeches inspired by the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The film covers the months leading up to the 40th annual festival, as schools across the city send their top-placing students to compete. It is a portrait of young people raising their voices about issues they care about and of the unique community that celebrates and supports them.”

Wednesday, February 19

Democratic Presidential Debate: You should probably watch this. 9 P.M. ET on NBC

Thursday, February 20

Playing for Keeps: This Australian drama is now available for U.S. streaming. Watch the trailer, below. Streaming on Sundance Now

Friday, February 21

Emma: A new retelling of the iconic Jane Austen novel is coming, starring horror-movie queen Anya Taylor-Joy in the titular role. In theaters

Saturday, February 22

Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One: See HBO’s description, below. 10 P.M. ET on HBO

“Comedian and actor Whitmer Thomas combines deeply personal and provocative stand-up with original songs in his first one-hour special for HBO.”

Why Jim Carrey Thinks Sonic The Hedgehog’s Redesign Made The Movie ‘Much Better’

In April 2019, fans got a first look at the highly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog trailer — and to put it mildly, they weren’t thrilled. Complaints poured in about the design of the eponymous hedgehog, because he was a far cry from the adorable-yet-fierce Sonic we know and love from Sega’s video game franchise. The film’s crew responded, somewhat surprisingly, by going back to the drawing board.

Aladdin 2: 5 Major Questions We Have About The Live-Action Disney Sequel

THR reports that, according to Disney reps, yes, it should be expected that Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and even Will Smith will return, but, with the script still in its early stages, no offers have been made to the actors at this time. One actor from the cast of the 2019 Aladdin remake whom I would especially keep an eye out for is Marwan Kenzari, who played power-hungry tyrant Jafar, because if he returns, that might be a hint as to what the sequel will be about.

Back To The Future II And Lethal Weapon Stuntwoman Killed In Shootout

According to a friend of the couple, the shootout was over the matter of having access to their children’s college fund. Lindsay Duncan and Cheryl Sanders have two daughters of college age. They married in 1999, divorced back in 2009 and records indicate their relationship remained “sour,” per WHIO. Lindsay is the founder and CEO of the health and fitness brand, Genesis Today. He sued Cheryl and Robert Sanders back in 2016 for alleged defamation, slander, and libel among other accusations of his brand.

Inside Justin Bieber’s Super-Chill ‘House Of Changes’ Album Release Party

In November 2015, Justin Bieber celebrated the release of his album Purpose with an intimate show at L.A.’s Staples Center, where he performed a few songs, answered some questions, and skateboarded onstage. He was emotional that night, choking back tears while talking about how he had “lost [his] place” in the world for a while.

Almost five years later, Bieber delivered his Purpose follow-up, Changes, and marked the occasion with another special launch party on Friday night (February 14). This time, he took over a private indoor skatepark called The Berrics, just three miles southeast of Staples and situated behind a row of unassuming warehouses. The Spotify-hosted event transformed the airy space into “House of Changes,” billed as a “carefully curated epicenter of all things Bieber.” Everywhere you looked, there was some installation or dessert or piece of merch to discover. So when your eyes would eventually wander over to the small pack of skaters rolling up and down the ramps, it was only with a shocked double-take that you noticed Bieber himself.

The man of the hour was dressed down in a yellow Drew House hoodie and a beanie, grinding and board-sliding around the tiny park and blending in with the pack of fellow skaters whom he would fist-pump after doing some cool trick. His manager Scooter Braun was sitting on a bench watching him, his friend and Drew House co-founder Drew Good was hanging out by a DJ who played Changes over the speakers, and his videographer Alfredo Flores was vibing along to the music while capturing JB on film.

A small contingent of superfans chosen by Spotify were invited to the event, and when they weren’t watching Bieber on his board, they were exploring the immersive, Changes-themed zones that filled the room. Upon walking in, fans grabbed a white t-shirt from the “Off the Rails” portal entry — at each subsequent stop, they could pick up different Changes decals to customize their tees. The “Intentions Room” let fans bring their own written “Intentions” to life in a visual display. On the walls, they penned things like, “Learn to love myself” and “Help others.” Bieber himself even wrote, “My intention is to be the best family man I can be.”

Alfredo Flores

From there, fans jumped into the massive “Plush Pit,” which was filled with human-sized stuffed teddy bears reminiscent of the Drew House mascot, Theodore. Other cute photo opps included the “Changes Motel,” a kitschy rendering of a vintage motel room, and a red-lit photo booth where you could make your own Changes album cover that was then printed and fit into a physical CD case.

On the other side of the skatepark was the “Yummy Banquet,” based on the single’s delicacy-filled music video. A bar served custom cocktails like the vodka-based “Running Over” and the tequila- and mezcal-filled “Yummy.” Dancers in full-body food costumes — a piece of bacon, a bunch of grapes, etc. — shimmied and shook around tables upon tables of frosted donuts, gelatin cakes, and macaroons with smiley faces on them.

Alfredo Flores

Every now and then, I glanced back over at Bieber, who remained skating, smiling, occasionally busting out a little dance move, and consistently looking happy and comfortable. Unlike that Purpose event almost five years ago, the evening felt authentic and relaxed — there were no tears, probably minimal nerves, and zero pressure for Bieber to “perform.” As he tells us on the new album, he’s been “going through changes”; he’s wifed-up, got a mustache, and feeling healthier. Last night made it clear: the changes are good ones.

7 Things We Want To See In The Mighty Ducks TV Show On Disney+

Not much is known about the series besides the casting of Gilmore Girls alum Lauren Graham as Alex, the mother of a 12-year-old boy, Evan, who is cut from the “Mighty Ducks” youth hockey team. When her son is cut from the team, Alex starts one of her own. And even though it looks like the “Ducks” may, play the villains of the series this time, we’re all pumped to see the show for ourselves and find out what happened to the beloved group of miscasts who perfected the “Flying V.”