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Midterms 2018: Here Are the Historic Firsts for Women From Election Night

The 2018 midterm elections are finally coming to a close after months of heated political debate and highly contested races. Women, who broke records with their primary wins over the summer, were front and center Tuesday night as Democrats captured control of the House in a dramatic midterm election cycle that gave America its say, not only about the candidates on the ballot, but President Donald Trump as well.

Here’s a snapshot: Not only do we now have the youngest person elected to Congress in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a first-time candidate who knocked out a 10-term congressman in a June), we are also seeing the first Native American and Muslim women take seats in Congress. And in Massachusetts, Ayanna Pressley became the state’s first black congresswoman.

The good news? The list goes on. Take a look at all the big moments for women below.

Lethal Weapon’s Cole Cliffhanger Proves The Show Definitely Doesn’t Need Riggs

Many spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Lethal Weapon Season 3, called “Panama.” If you haven’t caught the episode yet, feel free to check out some of our spoiler-free articles until you get the chance to tune in.

Season 3 of Lethal Weapon has seen the focus of the series shift due to the departure of former co-lead Clayne Crawford, who played Riggs. Crawford was ousted from the series after allegations of misconduct, and the cast actually thought Lethal Weapon was cancelled before plans were put in place for a new character to step in as Roger’s partner. All eyes have been on Cole to discover if he really has what it takes to fill a void that might have been left after Riggs’ death.

After all, what is Lethal Weapon without Murtaugh and Riggs? Well, Season 3 has proved that Lethal Weapon is so much more than Murtaugh and Riggs thanks to the rich supporting cast, and “Panama” ended on a cliffhanger all about Cole that proves the show definitely doesn’t need Riggs, despite some of fans’ early fears about Season 3.

Riggs was the one whose tragic backstory drove a lot of the series, with the Murtaugh family largely as a constant and stabilizing force for the man haunted by his previous life. Cole is different from Riggs in nearly innumerable ways, but he did step in as somebody with a complicated past with the potential to come back and bite him.

Instead of a cop whose wife and unborn child were killed, Cole is a former CIA agent who lost part of himself by doing dirty deeds overseas, and it cost him his wife and daughter, although both are still alive. “Panama” saw Cole’s former life and dark deeds invade his new life in Los Angeles, and that is extraordinarily dangerous now that he has formed a relationship with his daughter and begun to put down roots with those around him.

Early in the hour, Cole realized that he was being followed by folks he thought he’d left behind when he moved on from the CIA. His past was invading his present, and he encountered his former handler who brought him into the CIA and turned him into a deadly assassin. The episode showed Cole via flashback as he was tasked with his first bloody mission to kill a man out to dinner with a woman who seemed to be his wife.

At first, Cole seemed like he wasn’t going to be able to pull the trigger, even after he followed his mark into the bathroom. His hand shook as he aimed the gun, and that was enough of an opening for his target to fight back. The two got into a dangerous scuffle with a loaded gun between them, and Cole eventually gained the upper hand, pulling the trigger and killing the man. They were so close together that Cole ended up sprayed with blood.

He finished the job of killing the guy just as his wife ran into the bathroom, panicking at the sight of the man she loved covered in blood and looking pretty dead. When she first rushed in, she was too frantic to even notice that Cole was in the room, instead screaming for help and cradling the dead man. Then, in one fateful moment, she glanced up, and there was Cole reflected in the broken bathroom mirror.

Flash forward to the present, and the woman (played by guest star Leonor Varela of Captive) is back with a vengeance. The person who was left crying and terrified in the bathroom all those years ago became a woman set on vengeance with cartel ties to back her up. Despite signs pointing toward her interest in a list of CIA operatives and their families, Cole’s handler figured out she really only wanted Cole. He made a deal that she’d forget the list and he would make sure she got Cole.

Unfortunately, Cole thought he was in the free and clear until the very end of the episode. He was chatting with his daughter, promising to pick her up and watch as she engaged in a debate in front of an audience. She was nervous about the task in front of her and clearly relying on her dad for support. Sadly, nothing good really ever seems to stick for Cole, and he was immediately surrounded by bad guys as soon as he hung up the phone.

Well, he did what he could to fight back, but even a lethal weapon like Cole can’t take out a bunch of adversaries who are armed and ready. The trailer for next week’s episode proves that he’s going to have to fight for his life and perhaps even end up buried alive. As if he wasn’t already battling demons! We’ll have to wait and see how he gets out of his latest predicament and if he’ll be able to recover mentally any time soon.

We’ve seen on more than one occasion that Cole can deal with physical pain without too much trouble; emotional scars run deeper for him. In this way, he is similar to Riggs, and we can probably count on his flashbacks continuing similar to how Riggs’ continued prior to his death. “Panama” managed to use Cole’s backstory to drive a dangerous story, much as earlier seasons did with Riggs.

Cole can carry a decent chunk of the show as well as Riggs did while continuing to mix up the series and take it in some unpredictable directions. Lethal Weapon is a different show now that Riggs is gone, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Here’s to the future!

“Panama” was directed by fan-favorite actress Keesha Sharp, and it also introduced Bailey’s new partner, known as The Gute. This new character is a sign of growth for Lethal Weapon, and she’s important to the franchise for some key reasons. The Gute will stick around to work with Bailey, and their dynamic already proves to be intriguing and perhaps a bit dysfunctional until they get used to each other.

This episode was actually the first half of a two-parter, so be sure to tune in next week to learn what happens next after Cole’s big cliffhanger. New episodes of Lethal Weapon air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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The Gifted Spoilers: How That Big Mutant Death Could Have Devastating Consequences

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Gifted episode “iMprint.” Read at your own risk!

Things are heating up on The Gifted, as the latest exchange between the Mutant Underground and Purifiers resulted in a big character’s death. Unfortunately, it was Shatter that happened to get caught in the crosshairs as the mutant who’s been on the show since Season 1 met his end while trying to aide the Mutant Underground’s escape. It was an event that led to potentially devastating consequences for two individuals, namely Reed and Jace.

For Reed, he might’ve been able to save Shatter had he been able to help the Mutant Underground escape the Baltimore station a bit faster. Of course it wasn’t all on him, but once Blink got knocked out it was time for him to attempt to channel his emotions and try to use his powers at will. He was eventually successful, albeit only after Shatter had taken a reinforced bullet straight through the back via Jace.

The Mutant Underground escaped though things were far from okay with Reed later on in The Gifted. Caitlin and Lauren arrived home to find portions of the house destroyed, and Reed begging them not to come any closer. Distraught and glowing, he informed them that he had lost control of his powers and appeared unable to shut them off. Given he and Shatter had bonded not long before the mutant’s sacrifice, it appeared Reed took some blame for what happened.

He wasn’t the only one feeling guilty either, as Jace wasn’t happy that he had to kill the mutant Shatter. The Purifier had done his best so far trying to keep from the movement contained in its mutant roundup effort, but was forced to act when Shatter began to chip away at a Purifier he crystalized. Now that he’s crossed that line, it will no doubt be harder for him to sway any Purifier into showing restraint in the future.

The Gifted fans had a mixed response to Shatter’s death on social media, although all seem unified in the fact they were sad to see him go. Some were disgruntled the Fox series brought the character back only to have him killed off, while others were grateful the character got to share his story before his goodbye. Both sides can take solace in the fact that Shatter’s death will not be in vain, and will certainly have an impact in the coming episodes.

The Gifted airs on Fox Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is happening on television in the coming weeks and as 2018 draws to a close, head on over to our handy fall premiere guide.

Why Ryan Coogler Isn’t Bothered By The Pressure Of Making Black Panther 2

Having already proven himself with Fruitvale Station and Creed, Ryan Coogler was hired by Marvel to direct and co-write Black Panther, and that decision paid off. Met with critical acclaim and making over $1.3 billion worldwide (it was a bigger domestic hit than Avengers: Infinity War), Black Panther proved to be one of the more memorable Marvel Cinematic Universe installments, so it wasn’t to surprising to hear that Coogler is returning for Black Panther 2. Needless to say there’s a lot riding on Coogler to make the sequel as good, if not better, than its predecessor, but Coogler won’t let the pressure get to him since he’s compartmentalizing the work. Coogler said:

Of all the sequels to tackle as your first, Black Panther 2 is definitely a huge endeavor. However, as Ryan Coogler also noted in his interview with Indiewire, each of the three movies he’s already directed came with their own “very specific amount of pressure,” which, during the creative process, felt “insurmountable each time.” So yes, Black Panther 2 comes with its own challenges, but as Coogler made clear, he’s handling it like he would any other project: by ignoring the outside noise and doing his best to deliver a story that’s meaningful.

Rather than sign onto Black Panther 2 immediately after it was clear Black Panther was successful, Ryan Coogler reportedly took his time coming up with a new deal for the sequel. Now that the paperwork has been signed, the plan is for him to start writing Black Panther 2 early next year, with production then beginning either in late 2019 or early 2020. So it will likely be three years until Black Panther 2 finally hits theaters, but hey, good work takes time.

When we left off with T’Challa at the end of Black Panther, he’d decided to reveal Wakanda’s true nature to the world and establish a Wakandan outreach center in California in the building where his uncle N’Jobu was killed by his father, T’Chaka. Then came the events of Avengers: Infinity War, where Wakanda became a key battleground in the fight against Thanos’ forces, and unfortunately, T’Challa found himself among the unlucky half of the universe turned to dust by the Mad Titan. However, Avengers 4 is expected to bring back most, if not all, of the heroes who disappeared at the end of Infinity War, so once T’Challa has been restored to life, the path to Black Panther 2 will be opened.

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for all the latest updates concerning Black Panther 2. In the meantime, find out what else is in development for the MCU by browsing through our handy guide.

PS4’s Spider-Man Really Came Through For Sony

Superhero games might seem like a quick way to cash-in on the popularity of a franchise and make some quick bucks on home consoles or PC. However, quick cash-ins are a dangerous endeavor and have oftentimes resulted in games becoming sales failures. Insomniac Games didn’t want to do a cash-in when it came to Marvel’s Spider-Man, and it turns out that the hard work, dedication, and attention to detail really came through for both Insomniac Games and Sony.

Bloomberg is reporting that Sony’s PlayStation division managed to pull in some strong numbers throughout the quarter and a lot of it was thanks to the release of the first-party title, Marvel’s Spider-Man, which launched on the PS4 as an exclusive back in September.

As noted in the Bloomberg report, Marvel’s Spider-Man selling 3.3 million copies during its first three days on the market helped bolster the market profile for Sony, which has led to the company beating market forecasts even after Sony lifted its revenue expectations for the September quarter.

The PlayStation division saw a 65% revenue increase in year-over-year performance compared to the same time in 2017.

The article notes that this was due to a lot of forward momentum that Sony picked up back in early 2018, starting with the release of God of War in the spring, which not only garnered a lot of positive feedback from critics but also managed to sell 3.1 million copies during the first three days of release. This momentum carried over into the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man in September, when the game topped God of War’s sales within the same three-day sales period, and then went on to follow that up with some post-launch DLC in October.

It seems as if Insomniac Games was wise in how the studio gauged market interest in the game by keeping DLC rolling out at regular intervals, especially given that Marvel’s Spider-Man has one of the highest percentages of platinum trophies achieved among PS4 gamers. For reference, in order to acquire the platinum trophy it means you’ve completed all the major quests and side-quests in the game and completed every other trophy requirement. So, despite it being a massive open-world game, gamers absolutely love the world that Insomniac crafted based on the Spider-Man property.

Analysts expect Sony to maintain strong revenue throughout the remainder of 2018 thanks to other strong releases such as Red Dead Redemption 2, and the popularity carried over from Activision and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

However, it was Marvel’s Spider-Man that probably took a lot of people by surprise, because superhero games have been hit and miss over the years, with only Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series being a high-quality example of a great superhero game and a great open-world stealth-action title, overall. And, now, Insomniac gets to join that rare and illustrious club of developers who can say that Marvel’s Spider-Man was one of the few games that helped push Sony above and beyond the analysts’ forecasts.

Ronda Rousey And Other WWE 2K19 Pre-Order Characters Are Now Available For Purchase

Leading up to its release this past October, WWE 2K19 promised gamers access to some legendary pro-wrestlers such as Rick Flair and Rey Mysterio. Another special bonus was none other than former UFC bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey. Well, if you didn’t pre-order the game but you wanted to play as those characters, you can purchase them right now.

The news was rolled out over on the WWE 2K website, where 2K Games announced that the DLC packs are currently available featuring Ronda Rousey, Rey Mysterio, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, the Undertaker, and special editions of both Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair.

The DLC packs for WWE 2K19 are available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on Steam for PC for $7.99 each.

The DLC packs also come with more than just the playable characters. You’ll also be able to play in new arenas as well, including the Starrcade 1983 arena.

But, the DLC is more than just filling out the already expansive roster in WWE 2K19 for home consoles and PC. There’s also brand new story content for players to battle through, including a specialized Tower for Ronda Rousey, where players will follow Ronda’s journey into the WWE battle against five opponents while earning in-game currency to unlock additional content.

There’s also a special Tower story for Rey Mysterio as well. After departing from the WWE back in 2015, Mysterio returned to form at the WWE in 2018, just in time to make the cut in 2K Games’ latest wrestling outing. As Mysterio, players will have to defeat five opponents, including one of Rey’s best friends and biggest rivals, Batista… yes, the same one from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Both Rey Mysterio and Ronda Rousey are packed into the DLC known as the Ronda Rousey & Rey Mysterio Pack. Separate from that pack is the Wooooo! Edition Pack, which, as mentioned, contains the new arena and the special costumes for Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair, along with the other legendary superstars from specific eras, such as the 2002 rendition of the Undertaker, and the 1980s versions of Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

There are also additional DLC packs available for the game as well, including the Accelerator pack for $4.99 that allows you to quickly unlock all the content in the game save for the DLC unlockables. You can also have all your custom characters instantly upgraded with all their overall attributes and rankings without having to actually play through WWE 2K19 to level them up.

There will also be new DLC made available, such as the New Moves Pack for $3.99 and the Rising Stars Pack, which will feature superstars from the NXT brand for $9.99. And, finally, there’s the Titans Pack, which will be available for $9.99, and features returning superstars like EC3 and Bobby Lashley.

Alternatively, you can gain access to all of this content for $29.99 if you purchase the season pass for WWE 2K19.

Political Candidate Dan Crenshaw Says Pete Davidson Doesn’t Need To Apologize For Eye Patch Comment On SNL

Pete Davidson has made plenty of headlines over the past months thanks to his whirlwind romance, engagement, and subsequent breakup with Ariana Grande. Now, the Saturday Night Live player is making news for a whole other reason: Weekend Update. Davidson starred in a Weekend Update segment that had him sharing his first impressions of various political candidates, and he got himself into hot water when he mocked one candidate — who also happens to be a war veteran — for his eye patch.

Some called for Pete Davidson to apologize, but Dan Crenshaw has come out and stated that he doesn’t need an apology. Here’s what Crenshaw had to say:

Well, there you have it! Dan Crenshaw doesn’t require an apology from Pete Davidson because he doesn’t believe people should be required to apologize for everything others feel is problematic. Crenshaw undoubtedly wasn’t thrilled that Davidson poked fun at his eye patch, and that’s not even all Davidson had to say in his commentary on Crenshaw.

Pete Davidson opened by saying that Dan Crenshaw looks like “a hitman in a porno movie,” and Davidson could barely contain his own laughter to deliver the joke about the Texas congressional candidate. It was after the hitman line that Davidson dropped his joke about the eye patch, saying that he was sorry for the hitman joke because he knows Crenshaw “lost his eye in war or whatever.”

It’s the “or whatever” that really rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way, although Weekend Update co-host Michael Che could be heard bursting out into laughter off-screen at Pete Davidson’s joke. In fact, Che could also be heard incredulously laughing as soon as he saw a picture of Dan Crenshaw in his eyepatch and realized that Davidson was going to mock him.

Neither the porno hitman or the “or whatever” was enough to outrage Dan Crenshaw into demanding an apology. That said, he also shared some less-than-complimentary words about Pete Davidson and Saturday Night Live in his talk with TMZ:

To Dan Crenshaw, Pete Davidson’s Saturday Night Live comments simply weren’t funny. Pete Davidson got some laughs on SNL, but veterans may not have all appreciated the humor, as Crenshaw evidently did not. It should be interesting to see how quickly this story fades away. With the end of campaign season and SNL undoubtedly moving on in the next episode, the jokes at Crenshaw’s expense may lose their edge.

Only time will tell. New episodes of SNL air Saturdays on NBC. For some additional viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule. Be sure to check out our list of upcoming SNL hosts as well.

Zack Snyder Just Explained A Potential Batman V Superman Plot Hole

Since he can’t match Superman in brawn on his own, Lex Luthor has to rely on his impressive intellect to find other ways to stick it to the Man of Steel. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he kidnapped Superman’s mother, Martha Kent, to make the Kryptonian hero comply with his demand: killing Batman. In the two years since Batman v Superman came out, some of you may have wondered why Superman didn’t just use his powers to track down where Martha was being held captive. According to director Zack Snyder, that question was answered in a cut scene, which you can get a taste of below.

Recently this behind-the-scenes picture from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was making the rounds on Vero, leading to Zack Snyder being asked if this is the part of the movie where Kal-El flew up and started listening to all the voices around him, which would have been an overload of pain and anguish. Snyder responded:

Even though Superman is capable of so many greats feats, contrary to Lex Luthor‘s opinion, he’s not a god. There’s only so many people he can save, meaning that whenever he’s living as Clark Kent or even while he’s on the job elsewhere in the world, there will always be others suffering. That’s why he didn’t use his super hearing to figure out Martha’s location; doing that would have been too overwhelming what with all the other horrible events he’d have to ignore to find her.

Instead, Superman flew to Gotham City and threw down in fisticuffs with Batman like Lex Luthor wanted, although he tried to explain the situation beforehand, but Bruce Wayne just wasn’t having it. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end, as a well-timed utterance of “Martha” stopped Batman from killing Superman, and the Caped Crusader rescued his former adversary’s mother while Superman flew back to rub defeat i Lex Luthor’s face. Unfortunately, Doomsday was soon after unleashed and killed Superman, so the Man of Steel didn’t get to enjoy victory for long.

Needless to say that Superman went through a lot in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but his time buried six feet under wasn’t permanent. In Justice League, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg resurrected him using the Kryptonian genesis chamber and one of the Mother Boxes, and while Clark Kent woke up very cranky, he eventually regained his senses, donned a new Superman costume and helped stop Steppenwolf from turning Earth into another Apokolips.

Superman has now begun a new chapter of his life, though ironically, currently Warner Bros and the DC Extended Universe have no plans to have Henry Cavill reprise the character anytime soon. As for what else is in development for the DCEU, you can check out our handy guide for that information.

Pride And Prejudice Adaptation Coming To Lifetime With Big Twist

It is a truth universally acknowledged that for as long as there are folks who love the story of Lizzie Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, there will be a market for adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. Whether it’s a Hallmark movie loosely based on the beloved story or a big screen adventure (with or without zombies), people love Pride and Prejudice. The tale is getting another adaptation, and this one brings an exciting twist. Lifetime is adapting Pride and Prejudice in a modern setting, and that’s not all.

Not only will the new TV movie be set in a modern time period, but it will also feature an all-black cast playing the beloved characters. Called Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, the project will deliver a version of the story so many know and love with twists that guarantee it won’t be just more of the same.

Tiffany Hines, known for projects like Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart, Bones, and Hit the Floor, will play Lizzie Bennet, with Juan Antonio of Empire playing Will Darcy. Let me just say that I’m relieved Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta updated Darcy’s name from “Fitzwilliam” to “Will!” No details about their courtship have released just yet, but some light has been shed on changes to other characters.

The Mr. Bennet of the Pride and Prejudice novel is a father who really only shows affection for Lizzie out of his five daughters, and he’s rather detached from most of the events of the book. For Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, Mr. Bennet is Reverend Bennet, a Southern Baptists pastor to be played by Reginald VelJohnson, who is arguably best known for his role as Carl Winslow on Family Matters.

The Mrs. Bennet of the novel who is obsessed with finding husbands for her daughters will be the author of a self-help book on Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta. Given that the self-help book is about finding the perfect husband, it’s probably safe to say that Mrs. Bennet’s preoccupation with getting her daughters hitched will be part of the Lifetime movie. She’ll be played by Jackée Harry of Sister, Sister fame.

The rest of the cast has been filled out as well, including Lizzie’s four sisters. Raney Branch is Jane, Brittney Level is Mary, Reginae Carter is Lydia, and Alexia Bailey is Kitty. Caroline Bingley has been cast (with Keshia Knight Pulliam to bring her to life), although interestingly, her brother Charles and usually Jane’s suitor is not yet listed in the report from EW. Will Charles be absent and replaced by somebody else in Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta?

Kellee Stewart will play Charlotte, and Victoria Rowell will play Catherine. No description for Catherine has hit the web just yet, but if Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta‘s Catherine is anything like Jane Austen’s Lady Catherine de Bourgh, she probably won’t take too kindly to Lizzie, especially once she notes Will’s interest in her.

The only bad news is that we don’t have an exact premiere date for Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta just yet. The TV movie will premiere on Lifetime at some point in 2019. For some viewing options between now and then, swing by our fall TV premiere guide.