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Could The Disney Princesses Carry Their Own Film Together? Ralph Breaks The Internet’s Directors Weigh In

There are many things to look forward to in Walt Disney Animation Studio‘s Ralph Breaks The Internet, but a big part of the hype surrounding the film has been the inclusion of the Disney Princesses. The movie will be the first to feature all of the classic characters together, and since that fact was revealed last year there has been conversation about their potential future. Could the ensemble regroup to carry their own feature? Directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston believe that it’s a concept that’s definitely on the table:

With Ralph Breaks The Internet set to arrive in theaters in just a few weeks, Disney held their domestic press day in Los Angeles this weekend, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with the new movie’s directors. It was at the end of our on-camera interview that I asked for their thoughts about a Disney Princesses movie, and while they had a few caveats — including the audience reaction to the portrayals and a good narrative foundation — they totally backed the idea.

We meet the Disney Princesses together in Wreck-It Ralph during a sequence in which fellow princess Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) is visiting The diminutive, spunky racer sneaks into the dressing room of their stage show, and while security is on high at first, ultimately their shared experiences create an amazing bond. Before long they are all hanging out in pajamas, and the princesses are helping Vanellope with an existential crisis.

The sequence allows for a lot of wonderful meta jokes that add a lovable self-awareness to characters who previously didn’t have that benefit. The portrayals add new dimensions, while also doing an interesting job of changing how we look at some long-established pop-culture icons. This was something that Rich Moore pointed out as he continued his argument in defense of the idea:

Of course, a lot of what’s great about the Ralph Breaks The Internet is how we get the opportunity to see how the Disney Princesses interact together — and Rich Moore noted that you can quickly see some interesting dynamics and relationships established. Said the co-director,

You can watch Rich Moore and Phil Johnston discuss the possibilities of a Disney Princesses movie by clicking play on the video below!

Right now the future for a Disney Princesses movie is unclear, but the hype should just get you all the more excited for Ralph Breaks The Internet — starring John C. Reilly, Taraji P. Henson, Gal Gadot, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Lynch. Look for it in theaters starting November 21st, and be sure to be on the lookout for more from not only my interviews with Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, but also the movie’s stars.

Shaq And Ken Jeong Are Teaming Up For A Ridiculous New TV Show

Television has been in an era of reboots and revivals recently, but that’s not to say that nothing original ever happens, and TBS has a new show in the works that is definitely something new. Former basketball great Shaquille O’Neal is teaming up with sitcom veteran Ken Jeong for an unscripted comedy on TBS. Yes, really. Here’s what we know so far.

Shaq and Ken Jeong are working on a new unscripted comedy pilot, which currently has the working title of Unqualified. That title should be a giveaway that the prospective show wouldn’t feature Shaq slam-dunking or Jeong doing standup every week. No, the show will follow the oddball twosome as they tackle odd jobs in each episodes.

While one might think that these two men don’t have a whole lot in common, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing for Unqualified. Both have found success in different areas of life, with Ken Jeong leaving his real-life gig as a medical doctor to play a doctor on television. As for Shaq, he currently provides commentary for Inside the NBA on TNT, and his shenanigans regularly deliver plenty of laughs.

Does Unscripted mean the end of Shaq’s MCU ambitions? Perhaps. Still, if the pilot makes it to series, viewers can look forward to seeing him team up with Ken Jeong for a show that could be as funny as it is unexpected. The pilot will feature Shaq and Jeong working as mall rent-a-cops, substitute teachers for a kindergarten class that hopefully won’t be traumatized, train conductors, and party clowns. Fingers crossed that neither goes full Pennywise for the clown gig!

In case you’re wondering if Unqualified will only see the two men trying their hands at fun jobs, that won’t be the case. Although Shaq and Ken Jeong will indeed give jobs that have interested them a shot, they’ll also try jobs they’re not so crazy about. For Shaq, could anything really be worse than the sharks he faced on Shark Week this past summer? Shaq and Jeong will be “summoned to their temporary employment by unsuspecting people via a digital portal.”

Ken Jeong and Shaq will both executive produce the project as well as appear in front of the camera. If their partnership strikes you as coming out of nowhere, you’re likely not a fan of TBS’ Drop the Mic. The two faced off for an episode of the rap battle series, and they evidently had a good enough time doing it that they’re happy to work together again. If the pilot scores a series order, they could spend a great deal of time together! Check out their rap battle:

We’ll have to wait and see if Unqualified does indeed score a series order from TBS. The pilot could be just the right combination of oddball fun and celebrity hijinks to attract an audience. For some viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule.

Sophie Turner on ‘GoT’ Wigs, Fenty Highlighter, and What She Texts Joe Jonas

If you were following the stories from Priyanka Chopra’s bachelorette party this weekend, you already know Sophie Turner is a good time. So it should come as no surprise that when I met up with the actress and face of Wella Professionals recently to talk about the brand’s latest product, she greeted me in a fuzzy robe and heels, with a Juul in hand. (In all fairness, the room was freezing.)

Because of Game of Thrones, she goes back and forth between Sansa Stark red and her natural light blond. But at the moment, it’s more of cool, white blond—the result of Koleston Perfect, a pro-grade hair dye that’s meant to keep color vibrant for longer and cause less damage. “Icy, beige blond is the actual color of it,” she tells me. As much as I want it to be a clue about Sansa’s future in long winter ahead, she’s keeping details on the show (and on her engagement to middle Jo-Bro Joe Jonas) under lock and key. But as for answering our Big Beauty Questions, well, she didn’t hold back.

Glamour: For coloring it so much, your hair looks awesome. What do you do to keep it so healthy?

Sophie Turner: The biggest thing is WellaPlex. It’s a hair mask that you put on, leave in for 10 minutes, and then wash out. It repairs the bonds in your hair, so that it doesn’t just feel strong and healthy, it actually is stronger and healthier afterwards. I use it every week, because with the job I have, it’s a lot of dyeing, straightening, curling, and heat damage. I’ll put in on after showering, watch a bit of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and then I go back and wash it off.

Glamour: Tell us about your biggest hair emergency.

ST: A few years ago, I was trying to go back from red to blond, and it destroyed my hair to the point that I had to use a wig for Game of Thrones. They wouldn’t let me dye it back red or my hair would’ve fallen out.

Glamour: What’s one beauty trend you absolutely love?

ST: I love all the bold eyeshadow and crazy-colored highlighters people are wearing. Like Rihanna’s Fenty highlighters and pink, glossy eyes—stuff like that. I think people are becoming way more creative with their beauty looks, and it’s so much fun. I don’t know if they suit me, personally. I tried the [pink eye shadow look] but took it off before I left the house. Because once you have your makeup professionally done, when you do your own, you’re like, “I look terrible.”

Glamour: What’s one trend you wish you’d never tried?

ST: Cutting my hair into bangs. It was a disaster. I did it myself when I was 13, and it didn’t help that my red [from GoT] was fading into a mousy brown. I don’t know why I did it. I guess people were having bangs cut in and I thought, “F-ck it. I’ll give it a go.”

Glamour: What city gives you the greatest beauty inspiration?

ST: New York, for sure. People are bold and creative in New York, and there are all types of ethnicities in the city. You see beauty in so many different ways just walking down the street. Every time I’m in New York I feel like I experiment more. I dress cooler, I do cooler things with my makeup—it’s so inspiring.

Glamour: Your house is burning down! What are the three products you save?

ST: Wellaplex, hair spray—because if it’s stuck in the fire, then it’s going to blow up—and lip balm. I love Fresh’s coconut one. It’s so good.

Glamour: What’s your go-to getting ready music?

ST: I really like any seventies music. I’m into Dave Edmunds. What’s that song? [sings] I hear you knocking in, but you can’t come in… I think it’s because of my dad. He used to play seventies music all the time. I hated it then, but now, I’m 22 and it’s all I play. I also love R.E.M., Genesis, Fleetwood Mac. Most people would play rap or something to hype themselves up. But this is just happy music to me.

Glamour: What’s your favorite way to take a moment for yourself?

ST: Honestly, my favorite thing is lying in bed until I wake up naturally. With this job, it’s really hard to have a full sleep schedule. I usually have to get up at 4 A.M. So sometimes I just lie there and just enjoy being in bed.

Glamour: Do you watch anything or do you truly just lay there?

ST: Lately I’ve been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I’ve binged seasons one through seven in, like, the past week. The family boxing match is by far the funniest episode.

Glamour: What’s the last Instagram rabbit hole you went down?

ST: Have you seen “If You High?” It’s this Instagram that I guess is for people who are high, but honestly, you don’t have to be high to watch it. It’s literally filled with the most satisfying images, like people squeezing putty or a putting steaming hot knife on lipsticks so the colors flow out together. Actually, I got this off of If You High…it’s called Epic Lava Tours. It’s videos of lava flowing out of rocks. It’s epic to watch. You have to look it up.

Glamour: Screw, marry, kill: mascara, lipstick, highlighter.

ST: I would kill lipstick, just because you don’t always need it. I would marry mascara, because it’s a necessity. And I’d screw highlighter.

Glamour: What’s your favorite emoji?

ST: I use the love heart eyes ?the most. Probably because I text my fiancé with that all the time, and I love him. Actually, if I had a real favorite, it’s the shit emoji ?. It’s just funny. Apparently, it’s really a chocolate ice cream though! At least someone told me that…

Glamour: You have $20 and free rein of a drugstore. What do you buy?

ST: I love drugstores. CVS is my favorite store in the whole world. It’s like Candyland. Honestly, I’d just buy the weirdest shit. The other day I spent $150 on makeup brushes that I already had and didn’t need. I could have just washed them; instead I get carried away and think I need everything. Like alcohol wipes—I love buying those. Cotton pads are great too. I have a real passion for the thin square ones. I use exactly five of them to take off my makeup: one on each eye, which I leave on for a minute, then dab to get all my mascara off. Then I take two more and do a circle around my face, and then the last one I swipe right down the middle. I love taking my makeup off. It’s my favorite routine.

Glamour: If you could change anything about beauty ideals, what would they be?

ST: Body-wise, I’d change what’s considered beautiful. I think if you’re healthy and you’re happy, then that’s all that matters. You don’t have to look a certain way, you don’t have to dress a certain way, you should feel freaking awesome in whatever you’re wearing, no matter your size.

Glamour: What’s the last piece of advice you got from your GoT co-star Maisie Williams?

ST: Maisie is the most supportive person I know. She and I are very open with each other and encourage each other to be healthy mentally. She’s one of the biggest champions of that. She’ll call up every day and be like, “Hey, you good today?” I know that’s not advice, but in a way, she’s telling me to look after myself—especially mental health-wise. I think that’s the most important thing.

Glamour: Is that because being an actress can be so tough on your mental health?

ST: I think so. Maisie and I have been through a lot together. We’ve grown up in this industry, and it can be taxing. I know her inside and out, and she knows me inside and out. It’s good to just check up on each other once in awhile. We love each other.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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Blizzard May Have Been Planning To Announce Diablo 4 After All

The fact that Blizzard didn’t announce Diablo 4 during Blizzcon this past weekend caused quite an uproar but, according to a recent report, a teaser for the game was actually cut at the last minute.

According to Kotaku, a couple of sources familiar with Blizzard and their Blizzcon keynote have stated that an announcement for Diablo 4 was originally planned for the event, but eventually cut from the show. While a reason for this change of plans was not offered, Blizzard did not offer an official statement concerning the report.

Apparently, the plan was to have Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham walk out on stage and announce to the audience that Diablo 4 was in development, but not in a form the studio was ready to show at the moment. Rather than go that route, however, Blizzard opted to, instead, end their show with the announcement that Diablo Immortal was coming to mobile devices, which ended up landing with a resounding thud.

It’s possible that Blizzard is really banking on the new mobile Diablo game and didn’t want to steal any of its thunder with a reveal that didn’t really “reveal” anything. They’ve admitted since the reveal that they expected some apprehension concerning the mobile game since it wasn’t built for PC or console, but the degree to which the community responded negatively was unexpected.

It’s also possible that the team simply didn’t want to announce a game when they didn’t have anything to show for it, but we’ve seen that even an extremely vague reveal can work wonders for amping up a community. When Metroid Prime 4 was announced, all Nintendo had to show for it was a logo. The same goes for Bethesda’s Starfield, which I’d guess is even earlier in development than Diablo 4. But, in both of those cases, simply letting the community know that the game is indeed in development was enough to win the fans over.

Whether or not Blizzard should have at least given a nod to Diablo 4 during Blizzcon, the reaction from the community to Diablo Immortal was rather extreme. Folks asked some pretty rough questions during Q&A, with message boards and social media overflowing with angry messages from frustrated fans. Some have called out the game for appearing to be a reskin of similar mobile dungeon crawlers, though Blizzard has stated that this new game was built from the ground up as a Diablo title. There are also claims of the developer nickel and diming players with microtransactions and loot boxes and, while it’s easy to understand concerns revolving around those types of game “features,” no pricing model or plans for any type of microtransactions have actually been announced.

Either way, Blizzard has certainly taken some licks following what was planned to be a celebration of their games, so it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to this kind of backlash.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Mexico Glitch Possibly Hints At DLC Plans

While you can’t visit Mexico officially in Red Dead Redemption 2, one dedicated virtual cowboy has figured out that you can actually glitch into the landmass, creating speculation that a future visit may be on the itinerary.

If you played the original Red Dead Redemption, then you know that there comes a point about halfway through the ballad of John Marston that lets players journey south of the U.S. border. While much of the map from the original game has been remade for Red Dead Redemption 2, players can’t actually venture to Mexico this time around. Well, at least not without taking advantage of a glitch and having a bit of luck on your side.

According to Comic Book, Reddit user Coyotemation appears to have broken through Red Dead Redemption 2‘s intended borders, heading into an area that includes the entire landmass of Mexico. As the poster notes, the area appears to be straight-up ripped from the original game with a few visual tweaks here and there.

Since Rockstar Games has remained pretty quiet about RDR2‘s post-launch plans, many folks are taking this to mean that future DLC will send players south of the border. Since we know that the game’s online mode will launch later this month, others are speculating that Mexico will somehow play into those plans. The idea is that this older version of Mexico is primarily a placeholder, with the proper map to be bolted on as part of a patch or update.

Others, though — including the original report — have likely hit on the more reasonable explanation. When you look across the river to Mexico in Red Dead 2, you see a pretty impressive landscape. Rather than fake the visuals, it would make sense that Rockstar would instead update a few textures and simply drop in the same asset from the first game. The result would be a totally believable landmass across the water without the need to develop all of that open space in the new game’s engine. For a game already being scrutinized for how much work (specifically crunch) it took to develop, that would at least be a sign that resources were not just being thrown around without any regard.

If you’re looking to take a vacation to Mexico yourself in Red Dead 2, the original post explains how Coyotemation made it happen. In short, he went to a specific area on the map where he followed a creek that eventually narrowed to a divide between the two countries. He apparently took advantage of a stamina glitch for his horse, but other players can simply boost their mount’s stats through tonics and whatnot and hope for the best. As is frequently the case when players glitch into areas they aren’t supposed to reach in a game, Coyotemation basically fought the game’s push-back while guiding his horse up a hill until he was finally dropped into Mexico.

Thomas Haden Church Might Appear In Hellboy In A Cool Role

Thomas Haden Church has some cred as a comic book movie veteran, having played Flint Marko a.k.a. Sandman in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 – but it looks like he may soon be adding to his resume. Earlier this year he teased his return to the genre in an interview, and now it’s looking like the role he was teasing was playing the vigilante Lobster Johnson in Neil Marshall’s upcoming Hellboy.

This update comes from DiscussingFilm, though it should be noted that the site doesn’t name the source of its information, and didn’t receive comment from Thomas Haden Church’s representatives. That being said, the timing does line up. Hellboy was in production from September to December in 2017, and Church first teased his next comic book movie role in February.

Created by Mike Mignola and introduced to Hellboy canon in 2011, Lobster Johnson is a crime-fighting vigilante who operates in 1930s New York City. He is actual a kind of pop culture icon, being the subject of popular pulp series, but it’s not widely known that he was an actual person.

In the comics it’s canon that he died while trying to stop a Nazi missile launch during World War II, but his existence continues as an immensely powerful ghost who operates with the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense).

Had things gone as initially planned, we would now be just about two months away from the release of Hellboy, but those plans shifted earlier this Fall. In late September it was reported that the movie was going to be changing its theatrical strategy, moving from its spot in January to April 12th. Obviously that’s more waiting time, but the idea of Thomas Haden Church as Lobster Johnson has us all the more excited.

The full promotional tour for Hellboy hasn’t started in earnest just yet, though we do know that footage cut into trailer form does in fact exist. The movie held a panel at New York Comic-Con a few weeks ago, and while nothing from the film was made available for the public, the audiences at the presentation were treated to the first look at the feature. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to see it for ourselves.

Very little is known about the plot of this new Hellboy, which exists entirely separately from the Guillermo del Toro movies starring Ron Perlman. Stranger Things star David Harbour will be playing the World Destroyer this time around, and he is joined by some awesome names with or without Thomas Haden Church as Lobster Johnson. Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim, and Milla Jovovich are all confirmed for key supporting roles – specifically Professor Bruttenholm, Ben Daimio, and Nimue the Blood Queen, respectively.

At the very least we should be seeing the first Hellboy trailer released online before the end of the year, so stay tuned for that and more details about the movie in the coming weeks and months.

No, Konami Isn’t Killing Access To P.T.

News began surfacing over the previous week that Konami was killing off access to the P.T. Demo. And no, I’m not talking about the demo being on the PlayStation Store, I’m talking about the demo on the hard drives of PlayStation 4 gamers. Well, news has surfaced indicating that no, Konami isn’t killing access to the P.T. Demo.

Game Informer was sent a statement by Konami, which investigated claims that the company was removing access to the demo that was already installed on PlayStation 4 units. The company stated…

This is in response to news that had been spreading that the P.T. Demo was no longer accessible on PlayStation 4 units, following an update that allegedly removed access to the demo. As pointed out by Game Informer, if this was true then it would have been a truly malicious and vindictive act.

However, it appears as if the original Reddit post where this rumor started off in the Silent Hill sub-reddit community was worrying unnecessarily. The post itself doesn’t actually accuse Konami of anything, it just states that the user can no longer access the demo following an update that took place back on October 22, 2018. Gamers were unsure what the update did or how it affected the demo, which led to some people assuming that it disabled access to the demo.

As news began to spread, other news outlets and YouTube channels began to take notice, which eventually led to people putting the blame on Konami for removing access to the demo, even though it’s not affected if it’s already installed on your PS4.

Now, this doesn’t speak to the fact that Konami did go out of its way to remove the ability to re-download the demo if it happens to be deleted from your PlayStation 4. Additionally, if you never had a chance to play the demo, you won’t ever get the chance to play it because the demo has been removed from the PlayStation Store, as well.

This was all part of Konami’s efforts to scrub any of Hideo Kojima’s recent work from the company’s profile. For those of you not in the know, Konami fired Kojima because Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s budget had expanded up to $80 million, and the executives felt it was taking too long to make the game. In response, Konami shut down the production, which meant that the game wasn’t finished and everything ended one chapter too short to accommodate the executives. Konami also fired Hideo Kojima and cancelled the Silent Hills project that he was working on in collaboration with Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro.

And, while Konami may have gone out of its way to spite Kojima and fans of the P.T. Demo by prohibiting any further access to it if you haven’t already downloaded it, the company is not specifically sending out patches to prohibit you from playing the demo if it’s already installed on your PS4.

Deadwood’s Returning Cast Announced For HBO’s Upcoming Movie

HBO’s Deadwood film is finally getting production underway, which fans already know was quite an accomplishment. HBO recognized that as well and marked the momentous occasion by releasing the cast list of returning actors who will reprise their roles from the original series. Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, and many others are all on board, and ready to give fans the revival they’ve been waiting on for so long. Take a look at the full returning cast list!

Ian McShane

Ian McShane’s return as Al Swearengen isn’t the least bit surprising, considering he’s been part of the push for the Deadwood film for a while now. Additionally, Swearengen might be the character most often associated with Deadwood, so pushing a film through in his absence would not be unnoticed. That’s not to say that wouldn’t be true with any of the main cast, but fans know McShane is the type of actor who commands any role he takes.

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant is back as Seth Bullock, and eating a bit of crow in light of HBO’s casting announcement (via TVLine). Olyphant went on the record earlier this year and said that while he was really hoping a film would see the light of day, it would “never fucking happen.” Even if he was wrong (barring any production breakdowns or cancellations), we’re sure Olyphant is happy to admit it now that he’s getting back in the saddle as Seth.

Molly Parker

Molly Parker will make her return as Alma, the complicated female lead who had many problems throughout Deadwood. We’re not sure where Alma will be when the film picks back up, but it’s safe to say there’s something happening now that she’s supposedly back in town. What role Alma will play in the upcoming film’s story is anyone’s guess, although we’re guessing it’ll may involve Seth.

Anna Gunn

Years before she was the vengeful Skyler White on Breaking Bad, Anna Gunn was Seth Bullock’s wife Martha on the HBO drama. Martha and Seth’s relationship has always been complicated, so it’ll be interesting to see if the two’s dynamic has changed much from when they were last seen on Deadwood. We’re not sure what to expect considering the show’s Martha Bullock differs from the real-life counterpart, but we’re excited to see Gunn reprise her character.

Paula Malcomson

Paula Malcomson is back as Trixie, and we’re hoping a lot of the other things to love about her are back as well. The foul-mouthed former prostitute has the heart of Al and Sol, so we’re guessing she’s doing pretty well. Still, old habits seem to die hard for Trixie, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still turning a trick or two just for the thrill of it.

Brad Dourif

Brad Dourif will return as Doc Cochran, although we’re not entirely sure how long he’ll be around in the Deadwood film. We say that because Cochran was beginning to show the signs of tuberculosis in Season 3, and while he’s a solid physician for the era, he doesn’t stand a good chance of beating that sickness. He’ll probably still battle on regardless, and do his best to heal the various wounds inflicted on people during the feature.

John Hawkes

John Hawkes is back as Sol Star, and things were looking up for Seth’s best friend at the end of the series. He’s one of the most respected people in the area, and he had Al pulling strings to keep his relationship with Trixie as stress-free as possible. Whether they’ve stayed that way, or Sol’s life will be shaken up going forward remain to be seen.

Dayton Callie

Charlie Utter will appear in the Deadwood film and Dayton Callie will reprise the role. Much like many of the others, we’re not sure what’s in store for Charlie, but we’re curious if Deadwood will refer to the character by his real-life nickname that the show never mentioned. It would be cool to see Utter get his nickname of “Colorado Charlie,” although it might also be weird for someone to call him that after 3 seasons of not doing so.

Robin Weigert

Robin Weigert will be back as Jane Canary, and we’re sure she’s still happy and living with Joanie. We’re not sure how the rest of their story will play out, as the ending of Deadwood somewhat teased some tension with Cy outing Joanie and attempting suicide. With Powers Boothe gone, we doubt that storyline will continue in a meaningful way, although it has been confirmed Cy’s absence will be addressed in some way.

Kim Dickens

As mentioned, Kim Dickens’ Joanie Stubbs seemed to be doing just fine with Jane at the series finale of Deadwood, and we have no reason to suspect anything changed since then. Joanie had converted the Chez Amis into a schoolhouse, so it’s possible some of her story on the return will be tied to that. Let’s just hope Dickens’ character fares better in the long run than her character on Fear the Walking Dead because it would be sad to lose Joanie.

William Sanderson

William Sanderson is back in the mix as E.B. Farnum, in the first return to HBO for the actor since his days on True Blood. Things were never incredibly great for Farnum in Deadwood, and we doubt he’ll have many more friends than he did at the series’ end. Still, it’ll be good to see Sanderson back as the character, as he’s had some time away from the limelight in recent years.

Gerald McRaney

George Hearst left camp in the finale of Deadwood, but it’s looking like Gerald McRaney’s casting means he’ll be back for one reason or another. Perhaps he’ll learn that Al faked Trixie’s death, and he’s unhappy the wool was pulled over his eyes. After all, who wouldn’t be mad to learn the person who attempted to murder them was still walking around without proper punishment?

W. Earl Brown

W. Earl Brown is back as Al’s right-hand man Dan Dority, although it’s safe to speculate he might be a little changed this time around. It’s been known that Dan wasn’t as brutal as he seemed, but that fight with one of Hearst’s men seemed to have done a number on him, so we’re not sure if he’ll be quite as rough and tumble now. Of course, Dority could still get his violent mojo back, and we’re hoping he does in case things get sticky for Al.

HBO’s Deadwood film is just getting started on production side, so viewers still have a bit until they can see their favorite characters in action. For a list of shows to watch in the meantime, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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How Outlander’s Stephen Bonnet Is Different From Black Jack Randall, According To The Stars

Spoilers ahead for the Season 4 premiere of Outlander on Starz.

With a new season of Outlander comes a new slew of threats to the Fraser family, and the fourth season kicked off with them trying to make their way in the American colonies. The introduction of new villain Stephen Bonnet means that they’ll have more to fear in the new world than just the redcoats and the lead up to the American revolution. An Irish pirate, Bonnet went from being rescued by the Frasers to betraying and attacking them by the end of the episode.

Naturally, the question on many fans’ minds after the premiere is likely how Bonnet will compare to Black Jack Randall, who arguably earned himself a place among the most despicable television villains of all time. CinemaBlend recently attended an Outlander press junket, and Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan weighed in on the differences between the two bad guys, saying this:

Caitriona Balfe: I think that Jack, you know, there was a perversion there. Obviously though, there was also that lineage with Frank and it was such a, I don’t know, it was such a triangle or quadrangle between the four characters, but with Bonnet. I mean he’s more manipulative. I mean, he’s obviously does incredibly horrible things, but I don’t know, I think he’s much more of an opportunist where I think Jack was a sadist. I think that the, what drives Bonnet is kind of greed and those kinds of things, which is just very different kind.

Sam Heughan: Another version of a psychopath or sociopath.

When he was first introduced way back in the beginning of Season 1, Black Jack Randall wasted no time in proving to Claire (and viewers) that he was a very bad guy. He may have looked like Frank, but he was not to be trifled with. On top of all his violence, there was a certain deadness behind his eyes that was always unsettling. (Kudos to Tobias Menzies for the performance!) Stephen Bonnet got a very different introduction.

Bonnet first showed up as a prisoner only minutes away from the gallows, and it was a stroke of luck that he was able to escape before being hanged. Claire and Jamie ended up helping him sneak past the Brits, despite his admissions of piracy and theft as well as his intention to reunite with his pirate pals. When they parted ways, they said goodbye to a charming and likable man who just also happened to be a pirate.

When Bonnet turned up again, he proved that he’s no better than Black Jack Randall. His villainy is simply packaged differently. Bonnet and his crew attacked the boat that was carrying the Frasers down the river to Jocasta Cameron’s home. Jamie was beaten, one of his men was killed, and Claire was attacked, losing one of her wedding rings in the process.

The Frasers don’t need the fear Bonnet in the same way they feared Randall, not least because Bonnet doesn’t have the full weight of the British military behind him. Still, we do already know that Bonnet is going to do something truly awful to one of them, and it undoubtedly won’t be easy to watch. Caitriona Balfe addressed the river attack scene, saying this about Ed Speleers as Stephen Bonnet:

Ed is incredible. I mean, he really, he’s very intense on set and um, you know, those scenes that we did that, that fight scene onthe boat where he steals the ring and it was really horrific. And you know, we both really went there and, you know, I think it sets up his role for the rest of the season and the kinds of things he’s going to do. I think audiences are going to know to be very wary of him whenever he shows up again.

Audiences will certainly know to be wary of Stephen Bonnet after he staged the attack on the Frasers, but that won’t necessarily be true for others who might cross his path. As a pirate, presumably with a vessel, he has the potential to turn up just about anywhere that has a port or an accessible shore. Other characters could easily fall for his good looks and charm long enough for him to attack. The murder of Jamie’s friend proves that Bonnet certainly isn’t above killing to get what he wants.

We’ll have to wait and see. In the months leading up to the premiere of Outlander Season 4, Stephen Bonnet was teased as a villain somehow worse than Black Jack Randall. For folks who hadn’t read the books and didn’t know what was in store with the new bad guy, it was likely difficult to imagine somebody worse than Randall. We’ve only gotten a taste of Bonnet so far, and he’ll only get more despicable the more we see of him.

Jamie and Claire will face challenges even beyond Stephen Bonnet in Season 4. The southern settlements in Colonial America still allow slavery, and that’s not something either half of the couple will be able to stomach. After all, Claire comes from the 1960s and was very supportive of Joe Abernathy when he broke barriers of race in the medical profession. As for Jamie, he’s been a prisoner far too many times to approve of slavery.

Throw in the fact that the Frasers got an offer of land with some serious strings attached to the Brits, only years before the American Revolution, and they have some important decisions to make. Interestingly, the entire Season 4 premiere stuck with the Frasers in the 18th century. Brianna and Roger were off-screen for the entire hour.

Given the arc in store for Brianna and the plot likely happening for Roger, they probably will return to the action in the not-too-distant future. If Outlander is going to hit the key points of the lengthy Drums of Autumn novel, the characters can’t stay off-screen for too long. To find out how the Frasers decide to handle their new circumstances (and avoid Bonnet as much as they can), tune in to Starz on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes of Outlander.

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Fortnite’s Purple Cube Disappeared And Unlocked A Brand New Level

Even though Fortnite is little more than a last man standing game with an attached co-op zombie survival mode in the form of Save The World, Epic has still managed to find ways to implement a story for the game and flesh out the ever-progressing plot involving some of the otherworldly elements. It’s not all just for aesthetics, though, the story elements also affect in-game content, such as opening up a brand new level for players to mess around with.

The Verge has a complete recount of what happened and how the new level made its way into Fortnite. It all started with the Fortnitemares Halloween event, which added brand new content to the game in the form of monsters and other nightmarish elements. During this event a giant purple cube found its way into the sky over the Loot Lake.

The giant purple cube was a relic of mysterious origin, and most people couldn’t figure out what the heck it did. At the beginning of the season the cube began making its way across the map, until it eventually settled over Loot Lake. After the Halloween event wrapped up and Fortnitemares concluded, a rather peculiar thing happened: the cube began to melt.

Yes, the cube began melting into Loot Lake, and it created a vortex in the surrounding area that sucked players into another dimension. This isn’t the first time that a reality-bending event has transpired in Fortnite. Some of you might remember that, following the events of Season 4 after the meteors touched down, Epic began experimenting with the Playground LTM, and shortly after that the meteors opened up the event when an electric rift tore the sky apart in the Battle Royale mode, creating a giant gaping split in the fabric of reality, thanks to the mysterious lightning strike.

This all happened after the countdown event took place, creating the entryway into Season 5. The big difference here is that when the world split asunder as the purple cube melted into the lake, all of the players who were online during the event were sucked into an alternate dimension. This gave gamers a brief look at a completely alternate world before being jettisoned back into the main map. However, something major had changed.

Loot Lake and the floating isle where the purple cube had been located had now become a completely separate set of archipelagos, consisting of tiny little isles within Loot Lake.

It’s not just the map that underwent changes, either. According to The Verge there are also some brand new challenges that have been added to the game, including the “Lil’ Kev” challenges, supposedly named after the purple cube, which the community dubbed “Kevin.” So, even though the cube is gone, its presence will still reverberate throughout the world of Fortnite.

It’s hard to tell if all of these dimensional, world-altering events that take place throughout the game are connected by a linear plot thread or if Epic Games is just experimenting with different ways to change up the map and create new content for Fortnite by using in-game events and light story elements to bridge all of these changes together. Either way, the story of Kevin the Cube has completed and now there’s a brand new section of the map to discover.