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Margot Robbie And Nicole Kidman’s Fox News Movie Just Hit A Serious Roadblock

The untitled Roger Ailes project, starring John Lithgow, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie, is currently without a studio, according to The Hollywood Reporter – which cites that the move may have been made because of the film’s $35 million budget. That means that it is currently homeless, but that state may not last long. Filling the vacuum, BRON Studios, which has produced titles including Fences, The Birth of a Nation, and A Simple Favor, has signed on to co-finance the production, and Focus Features, Amblin and Participant Media are reportedly in talks to acquire the film.

Tracee Ellis Ross Opened the 2018 American Music Awards With an Amazing Dance Medley

Tracee Ellis Ross did such an incredible job of hosting the American Music Awards in 2017 that they asked her back for the 2018 show. And this time around, she’s pulling out all the stops. On Tuesday evening, October 9. she opened the show at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater with a high-energy dance number to a medley of hits—and Twitter was immediately obsessed.

To kick off the medley, Ross rapped along to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” sporting a glamorous cape and baring her teeth to reveal a grill featuring diamonds spelling out her initials on her bottom teeth. When the music transitioned to Childish Gambino’s “This Is America,” however, she threw off the cape and was immediately flanked by a squad of backup dancers. That was followed by even more hits, including Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “APESHIT,” Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and Beyoncé’s “Run the World.”

Tracee Ellis Ross Opening Performance 1

PHOTO: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross Opening Performance 2

PHOTO: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After her performance, Marsai Martin and Miles Brown, who play Ross’s kids onscreen in Black-ish, gave her scores of seven and three out of 10, respectively. Twitter users, however, were much more impressed. Though some called her moves cheesy or momlike—if so, she’s definitely a cool mom—pretty much everyone agreed that it was an incredible opening number. If there’s an AMA for Best AMAs Host, we know exactly who‘s getting it at the 2019 show.

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Sony Confirms The Next PlayStation Is In Development

The hype for the next generation of home consoles is taking shape. Microsoft has found ways to suck the air out of the sails by releasing new iterations of the Xbox every so often, with the latest being the Xbox One X, but Sony has been a lot more coy about any big announcements… until now. It sounds like a new PlayStation is coming along soon.

The Financial Times [via IGN] is reporting that Sony has confirmed that a brand new PlayStation is in development and that the company is currently working on the successor to the PlayStation 4 after announcing that the life cycle for the PS4 is coming to an end.

Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed to the Financial Times that it was necessary for the company to have “next-generation hardware.” The Financial Times was keen on stating that Yoshida did not explicitly call the next iteration of the PlayStation device the “PlayStation 5” but only referred to the project as “next-generation hardware.”

The Financial Times spoke with various analysts who believe that the media-appellation PS5 would likely be built on top of the existing PS4 hardware in order to leverage the existing architecture that has brought Sony so much success during the eighth generation of gaming. It would also work wonders for backwards compatibility, which has proven to be quite the success for Microsoft.

Other analysts and non-gamers are hoping that Sony embraces cloud gaming with a tablet-based device that focuses on eSports, according to the Financial Times.

Those on the outside looking in think that eSports is something that should be a cornerstone of the PS5, despite the fact that it’s a very niche pastime that only caters toward a very hardcore segment of certain gaming markets.

Sony has been apprehensive about fully embracing nascent fads and trends for fear of ending back up in the position the company did with the PS3, which was very forward-looking as far as technology was concerned back in 2006. However, due to the complex architecture and the high-price point of the PS3, it caused Sony a lot of financial woe during the first half of its run on the market. Later on, near the end of its life cycle, the PS3 began to recoup its losses.

Sony also took a rather tepid approach with VR this generation, supporting the PlayStation VR and offering gamers some software, but it avoided focusing too much of its resources on the PSVR and didn’t really orient the PS4’s ecosystem around virtual reality. That actually turned out to be a smart move, given the lukewarm consumer response to VR in general.

It makes sense why some analysts, however, would want Sony to take a big gamble on something unorthodox given that it paid off quite well for Nintendo with the Switch. But, Sony isn’t Nintendo.

Nintendo had a number of high-profile games that worked well both as home console and portable titles you could play on the go. Sony has mostly veered away from portable gaming after announcing that it would be ending production of the PS Vita; the company also hasn’t really focused on using its first-party studios for producing mobile titles.

With the next PlayStation system in development, what sort of features do you expect it to launch with when it does become available for purchase?

Taylor Swift Lit Up The AMAs With Red-Hot ‘I Did Something Bad’ Performance

Just two days after lighting up the internet with a rare, impassioned political statement, Taylor Swift continued fanning flames — literally! — at the American Music Awards on Tuesday night (October 9).

Swift — trading in her metallic red carpet dress for a sparkly black leotard — kicked off the awards show with an appropriately over-the-top rendition of her Reputation banger “I Did Something Bad.” On tour, she performs the song with a drawn-out introduction, and Swift opted for that same arrangement on the AMA stage, even pausing for dramatic effect after the venomous lyric “if a man talks shit then I owe him nothing.” You could practically feel those flames on her skin.

The performance climaxed with the witch-burning finale, as Swift riled up the crowd with her “light me up” chant. Flames shot up around her, lightning struck on the screens behind her, and an enormous snake reared its ugly head in the center of the stage. This was Swift’s first awards show performance in almost three years — and the first of her Reputation era — and she definitely came back with a bang.

Shortly after her explosive performance, Swift won the AMA for Best Tour. She’s up for additional three awards at the show, including Pop/Rock Female Artist and Artist of the Year.

Taylor Swift Literally Lit the 2018 American Music Awards Stage on Fire

Taylor Swift may have done something bad—but watching her do it felt so good. The singer, who just wrapped the U.S. leg of her Reputation tour, opened the 2018 American Music Awards with a very fiery performance of her song “I Did Something Bad.”

In a long-sleeved, sparkly bodysuit and thigh-high black boots, and accompanied by a troupe of dancers, the singer lit up the AMAs stage—but she had some help. Her performance was enhanced with stunning pyrotechnics as she belted out the track’s dance-y chorus.

The entire performance was punctuated by the appearance of a giant cobra rising out of the set behind her, a nod to the snake motif that has characterized the entire Reputation era. This performance marks Swift’s first time performing at an awards show since the release of her latest album. Her last awards show performance was over two years ago, at the Grammys in 2016. Meanwhile, she hasn’t hit the stage for a song at the American Music Awards since 2014.

Taylor Swift AMAs 1

PHOTO: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

But this isn’t the only time Swift snagged the spotlight this week. She made headlines for posting an unprecedented political statement to Instagram on Sunday, in which she endorsed Democrats Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections in the state of Tennessee. She ended her statement by encouraging her fans to educate themselves about the upcoming election and make their own voices heard by voting. “Please, please educate yourself on the candidates running in your state and vote based on who most closely represents your values. For a lot of us, we may never find a candidate or party with whom we agree 100% on every issue, but we have to vote anyway.”

One day later, her comments appear to have had a significant impact on voter registration. But the post also prompted several harsh responses from several conservatives, including President Donald Trump, who declared that he now likes her music “25% less.”

We, on the other hand, would watch this performance over and over and over again if we could. Below, see a GIF recap courtesy of GIPHY.

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Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler Review: Is It Worth the $500?

Two years ago, if someone said I needed a $400 hair dryer, I’d probably ask if it’d de-clog my shower drain and do my laundry too. But that was until Dyson came along in April 2016 with its honest-to-god revolutionary Supersonic hair dryer. It’s one of the few truly expensive tools I’ll admit is worth every penny: thanks to its powerful motor, my straight, fine hair dries perfectly in pretty much 10 minutes flat.

Since then, the brand has released a few versions of the dryer—some in different colors, a pro version with longer cords—but it’s left everyone hooked on its magic wondering what’s next outside of vacuums and humidifiers. Now, we’ve finally got an answer, and that would be the Dyson Airwrap, a dryer with multiple attachment tools that let you style your hair as it dries.

Sound familiar? The concept basically marries the idea behind thermal blowout brushes (like this) and self-curling irons like Beachwaver. But where it differs from the latter is that it uses entirely air—not heat—to set curls.

The Airwrap comes in three kits: one for fine hair ($499.99), one for coarse hair ($499.99), and one that contains the attachments for both kits ($549.99). Each set features a mini, more travel-friendly version of the Dyson dryer. The top of the dryer then detaches to add the styling pieces: two 1.2-inch barrels (for fine and coarse hair), two 1.6-inch barrels and a firm brush for coarse hair, and a soft and round brush for fine hair. Like the OG, all the attachments are heavy-duty and lock solidly in place.

The various attachment pieces for the Dyson Airwrap

The brush attachment is fairly intuitive to use. And the whole thing is way lighter than it looks. You just drag a small section from root to tip on top, and then again from underneath; lifting your hair slightly at the root to give a volume boost. The trick is to get your hair about 80 percent dry with the brush (or the dryer if your hair is already fairly straight) before moving on to the curler attachments.

Navigating the curling wands is a little trickier and definitely takes some getting used to. The barrel literally sucks your hair in (much like a vacuum) and wraps itself around the barrel. Because of the way the technology works, there are two different barrels for each side of your head—not super ideal, but it still takes up less space than both a hair dryer and a curling wand. They’ve also got little arrows to show you which direction it’ll curl, based on how you look at it in the mirror (I made the mistake of looking down instead of in the mirror; blame on my Beachwaver obsession).

Once you let the machine vacuum up your hair, you let it sit for about 10 seconds and then blast your hair with the cool shot button on the wand for 5 more seconds—that, the brand says, is what helps lock your curls or waves in place all day. Altogether, the tool is supposed to be less damaging for your hair since it uses a far lower heat setting than that of a traditional curling iron.

Like a regular curling wand, it’ll also give you a different curl pattern based on the way you hold it and if you pull your ends out. Straight up gives more of a bouncy blowout, while holding it slanted creates more of a beachy wave.

So the million dollar question: Is it worth the money? That depends. Are you the person who spends forever drying and curling your hair every morning? Because if so, welcome to your future.

Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape Styler, $499.99 to $549.99,

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Cardi B’s 2018 AMAs Gown Needs to Be Admired From Every Angle

While the rest of us have busy prepping for fall by filling our closets with long sleeves and muted colors, Cardi B is leaning into the florals—hard. On Tuesday, the rapper attended the 2018 American Music Awards wearing a jaw-dropping technicolor gown, complete with a matching headpiece, that made us want to hold on to the blooming prints for a little longer.

Cardi’s Dolce & Gabbana ballgown-style dress featured a fitted, spaghetti-strapped bodice and poufy, structured skirt with a dramatic slit. It was printed with a brightly-colored floral pattern, with a handful of poppy-esque embellishments to create a 3-D effect. (Even her heels had flowers on them!)

It’s a look that needs to be admired from every single angle. So behold, from the front…

Cardi B AMAs 1

PHOTO: John Shearer/Getty Images

And from the side…

Cardi B AMAs 3

PHOTO: John Shearer/Getty Images

And finally, the back…

2018 American Music Awards - Arrivals

PHOTO: John Shearer

Cardi accessorized with a fascinator made from the same floral-print material as her gown. She styled her dark hair in an elegant bun at the nape of her neck.

Cardi B AMAs 2

PHOTO: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

The “Taki Taki” singer also sported bright red lipstick, coordinating scarlet eyeshadow, and crystal-encrusted red nails.

Cardi B is up for eight awards at the 2018 AMAs, including Video of the Year and New Artist of the Year, tying with Drake for the most nominations at this year’s show. She’s set to take the stage to perform her hit single “I Like It” with collaborators Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

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The Voice’s Adam Levine Has A New Reality Show Coming To TV

In the first episode, the established artist will be “Attention” singer Charlie Puth. Once the five songwriting contestants have performed their song for the producers and Puth, the panel will consider the various components that make up the song. That includes the song’s lyrics, melody, and story, among other facets. Once the panel finishes discussing the songs and how to best adapt them to complement the recording artist participating that week, the singer, in this instance Puth, will decide who moves forward.

Microsoft May Be Buying Fallout: New Vegas Developer Obsidian Entertainment

Major studio acquisitions don’t happen often, but when they do, it’s usually big news because it can completely change the landscape of gaming, depending on who acquires who. In this case, there are rumors floating about that Microsoft could be interested in picking up Obsidian Entertainment.

According to Kotaku, there were various sources that told them that Microsoft was interested in purchasing Obsidian Entertainment, the same studio that brought you the highly praised Pillars of Eternity and its sequel Pillars of Eternity 2. Both games were crowdfunded through the gaming community instead of being funded through the traditional publisher financing. Of course, if Microsoft did acquire Obsidian then the next game in the series would be published by Microsoft and not the community.

The site is reporting that someone close to the project has told them that the deal for Microsoft to acquire Obsidian is “90% finished,” which would mean that an announcement might be coming soon regarding the acquisition, if the news is true.

Obsidian fell on hard times at one point after coming off huge successes like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 when a game that the company was hired to work on failed to meet the internal Metacritic score that would have allowed the studio to earn a bonus and continue operating at full speed. The game was Fallout: New Vegas, and the publisher was Bethesda. The lack of bonuses forced Obsidian to lay off some of the staff, but the company managed to slightly recover with other projects under publishers like Ubisoft, working on games like South Park: The Stick of Truth.

A couple of years later the company took to the crowdfunding sector with the Kickstarted project Pillars of Eternity, which turned out to be a stable success, leading to Obsidian joining up with inXile Entertainment to start up the crowd-investment portal, Fig.

If it’s true that Microsoft has acquired Obsidian, then that would mean that the company joins a host of other studios brought under Microsoft’s wing to work on a number of exclusive projects. In fact, this rumor definitely holds some weight based on Microsoft’s actions in the recent past. During this year’s E3, the company announced that a number of exclusive titles were in the works for the Xbox consoles and that the company had also acquired Ninja Theory, the makers of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

If Microsoft did acquire Obsidian, one would have to wonder exactly what sort of projects the publisher would have the developer working on?

Obsidian really made a name for itself through CRPGs, which haven’t always translated well to home consoles. One would have to wonder if Microsoft would push for Obsidian to help rebuild its PC gaming market or if Microsoft would have Obsidian working on other, more story-oriented console RPGs, like Alpha Protocol, in order to help give the Xbox brand some unique exclusives all its own. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough if the rumors happen to be true.

Taylor Swift’s 2018 AMAs Look Is a Lesson in Disco Dressing

Taylor Swift is opening the 2018 American Music Awards—but first, she made sure to give us something to talk about on the red carpet. The performer arrived at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles in an eye-catching mirrored ensemble, courtesy of Balmain, that was a master class in disco dressing.

The full futuristic look consisted of a long-sleeved, mock-necked mini dress entirely covered in platinum, reflective tiles; plus matching thigh-high stiletto boots. Swift accessorized with a few dramatically oversize rings and large, sparkly rectangular hoop earrings.

Check it out.

Taylor Swift AMAs 1

PHOTO: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Swift wore her honey blond hair in a sleek updo, with her bangs just skimming her eyelashes and a slight bouffant in the back. Her makeup was similarly ’60s-inspired: She sported a peachy blush on her cheeks and a shimmery highlighter along the tops of her cheekbones, a soft pinkish-nude lipstick, and a bold cat-eye flick of black liquid eyeliner along her top lash line.

Taylor Swift AMAs 2

PHOTO: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Swift was among the first to walk the 2018 AMAs red carpet, since she’s scheduled to open the show with her first-ever televised performance of “I Did Something Bad.” And we know she’s a big fan of Balmain’s: In May 2015, she wore a chic white cutout jumpsuit by the designer to the Billboard Music Awards; and more recently, in her Reputation album cycle, she’s sported a few looks from the French fashion house in her music videos.

Taylor Swift AMAs 3

PHOTO: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without a snake reference… Peep at her jewelry.

Taylor Swift AMAs 4

PHOTO: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

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