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17 Phenomenal Hairstyles From the Fall 2019 Runways

Because fashion is one of the only things left in the world that moves at a slow pace, we just wrapped New York Fashion Week, and saw all the new trends for later this fall. There were gorgeous clothes and groundbreaking model moments, of course, but there were also some truly outstanding beauty looks, particularly when it came to hair. And because unlike say, a down jacket or mini skirt, hair isn’t weather dependent, it means we can wear our favorite styles from the runways now and into the fall. And, oh man, were there some good hair ideas. From the freshest new take on ponytails (so many ponytails!) to the revival of crimped hair (yep, it’s coming back), read on for our editors’ favorite looks of the season.

21 Savage Speaks Out For The First Time Since His ICE Arrest On Good Morning America

21 Savage has given his first public interview to Good Morning America following his release from detention by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement earlier this week. In a discussion with GMA‘s Linsey Davis, he spoke more about his situation and the circumstances of his arrest.

At the beginning of the seven-minute discussion, 21 Savage explains what happened during his arrest. “I was just driving and I seen guns and blue lights and then I was in the back of a car and I was gone,” he says. The rapper later says that the arresting officials said, “We got Savage,” prompting Davis to wonder aloud if the situation was set up beforehand. “It was definitely targeted,” he says.

Later in the interview, 21 Savage also responds to the running belief that his recent performance of “A Lot,” with changed lyrics reflecting the country’s border situation, had something to do with his arrest. “My lawyers think that,” he says. “I don’t really know, I can’t really say. I would see why people think that, but I really can’t say.” Alex Spiro, a member of the legal team hired by Jay-Z to investigate 21 Savage’s situation, revealed to GMA additionally that the rapper’s celebrity status is also believed to be central to the arrest and subsequent extended detainment.

21 Savage was detained on February 3 by ICE for being in the United States illegally, revealing that he was born in the United Kingdom and had apparently overstayed his visa for more than a decade. Check out the full conversation below.

Long Shot Trailer With Charlize Theron And Seth Rogen Is Romantic And Funny

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen probably aren’t the first two people that you’d consider putting in a romantic comedy together. Of course, that’s part of the joke in the premise of The Long Shot. The upcoming film just dropped its first trailer and regardless of how odd this couple might seem on paper, the pair appear to have some real chemistry together, not to mention some real laughs. Check it out.

The premise of The Long Shot sees Charlize Theron as the current U.S. Secretary of State and a potential candidate for President. She’s going on the campaign trail and needs a speechwriter to help her craft her message, and as it happens, she has recently reconnected with the character played by Seth Rogen, a journalist who she used to babysit when they were younger. He apparently had a crush on her the entire time. The pair begin to work closely together as he tries to get to know her again in order to help write better speeches, and the sparks begin to fly.

With that premise the title certainly makes sense. Charlize Theron‘s character is beautiful, successful and part of the highest levels of society. Seth Rogen’s character is…not. References are even made to Pretty Woman in the trailer, though in this case the genders have been swapped.

All in all, this looks like it could be a really entertaining movie. The pair look to get into some really funny situations. Theron’s Secretary of State looks to be letting her hair down and partying in one scene with Rogen, something that we would not normally expect to see somebody in that position do. One certainly wonders how voters might react. Some might feel its a scandal, but you have to figure a lot of people would love to see their Presidential candidates acting like real people.

Because it’s a romantic comedy, we can pretty much guess where it goes. The trailer itself doesn’t even bother trying to hide it. The fact that Seth Rogen doesn’t look or act like somebody in the same league as Charlize Theron will become an issue as the relationship between the two begins to bloom. Because one of them is in the public eye, the entire relationship will be as well, and there are votes to be considered after all.

Of course, the plot’s just not all that important here. Whether or not The Long Shot works will depend entirely on whether or not the jokes are funny and if people fall in love with the idea of these two characters falling in love. So far, I’m in.

With a release in early May it looks like The Long Shot is looking to be counter program to the onslaught of summer blockbusters. We frequently see a least one comedy break out during the summer season despite the fact that it’s not full of superheroes and if this film is as charming as the trailer, it certainly could be the one.

Chrissy Teigen Just Roasted Kim Kardashian for Her Extravagant Valentine’s Day Present

Kanye West pulled out all the stops for Valentine’s Day this year, gifting Kim Kardashian with a surprise live performance by Kenny G in their house. The setup was romantic: West placed several rose vases on the floor and centered Kenny G in the middle, where he played some tunes on the saxophone.

But Twitter quickly noticed something was off about the display. If Kenny G was in the middle of the room surrounded by glass vases, how would he eventually get out? The joke that he was somehow trapped in the Kardashian-West house quickly caught on, with even Chrissy Teigen chiming in.

“Did Kenny have to stand there while the flowers were being set up? How did he get out? we need more info on Kenny,” the Cravings author tweeted shortly after Kardashian shared a video of her surprise. I can’t!

See her A+ tweet for yourself, below:

“Kanye West’s gift to [Kim Kardashian] was to capture Kenny G and hold him in a room of their house. He is forbidden from taking breaks and must remain standing, playing his romantic sax. If even a single vase of roses is overturned, an alarm will sound,” one person joked on Twitter. “Kenny G is 100% trapped in the Kardashian/West house and is sending out an SOS with this video,” wrote someone else.

Check out some more reactions from people on this hilarious train:

Is Kenny G OK? Someone needs to check on his ASAP.

Chrissy Teigen didn’t share much about her own Valentine’s Day plans, but Kardashian and West posted theirs all over social media. “Happy Valentines Day babe!!! I love you so much ,” Kardashian wrote on Instagram to West alongside some throwback photos.

“He really is the most romantic, sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life,” she also said about her rapper husband back in 2013.

Rising Rapper Phora Has Been Going Hard For Nearly A Decade — Just Ask His Legions Of Fans

By Ural Garrett

On a rainy, February weekend at a rented Crescent Hills Drive home with a wide view of Los Angeles, Phora is putting the finishing touches on his Valentine’s Day release, “i still love you.” The track’s arrival was hinted at on his Instagram weeks before the drop, giving fans a taste of what to expect from a song that has him more in touch with his melodic side than ever.

“It’s just me tapping into my natural roots,” the 24-year-old rapper tells MTV News. “I’m really pushing the limit to my vocal range. I’ve been really practicing with vocal harmonies and stuff like that. It’s not a rap song. I guess you could call it an R&B song. It’s just my style and me taking a new approach. It’s the same me, just a new approach.”

That same evolving approach when discussing “i still love you” and its accompanying music video is mapped out in typical Phora fashion which, as always, revolves around his fans. Active for nearly a decade, Phora, born Marco Anthony Archer, has amassed over 2 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and music videos with eight-figure view counts. Coupled with the accounts for his signature Yours Truly apparel brand, his audience is closer to 3 million.

His considerable following hasn’t yet translated to smashing chart success. But just last year he made national headlines by nearly starting a riot at the busy, Los Angeles intersection of Hollywood and Highland while conducting a meet-and-greet at the sneaker store Shoe Palace. Eight people were reportedly hospitalized at the event, where Phora gave out free shoes and Yours Truly swag to hungry fans. Around the same time, he shut down an Orange County mall after giving away $15,000 in cash and even free gas for three hours at a local gas station.

“The fans are the foundation and sometimes artists don’t understand that and they think, oh, it’s just me because I’m a superstar who was just born with this talent,” explained Phora. “Nah, bro. You may have talent but if you let your fans down and they say, ‘You know what? Fuck this dude,’ you’re going to be left with nothing.”

Part of the mindset comes from Phora’s humble beginnings in Anaheim, California, a city better known as the home of Disneyland, where he was not only the victim of a stabbing when he was 15 years old, but two shootings as well — including one in 2015 where he was shot three times in the back. Pouring all those stories into a consistent album and mixtape run that hasn’t let up since 2010, Phora has grown an army of fans that helped him secure a deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2017. His Warner Bros. debut, Yours Truly Forever, dropped that same year, while the follow-up, Love Is Hell, was released in 2018.

“That’s the foundation and I treat my fans like family because, in a deeper sense, everyone is human no matter who you are and I feel like a lot of those people aren’t just fans,” said Phora. “They’re people who have been through the same kind of shit that I’ve been through. You know, relationship shit, family shit, life shit or whatever the case may be. I feel like 99 percent of people — if not 100 percent of those people — have been in my same shoes before at some point in time.”

Phora’s eyes light up when speaking about his fans, even more so when he’s asked about the first note of support he received on his 2010 YouTube debut, “Graff History.” “I feel the verse from, 2:10 to 2:24,” the commenter said. “Kinda relate to it. Good song though.”

“I haven’t seen it,” answered Phora. “I’m going to check that person out and find that person and look for that person and I’m going to hunt them down.”

The track came from RePhlections Of The Truth Mixtape Vol. 1, a project that established him as something of a rap purist. It’s a far cry from his more contemporary, melodic efforts on last year’s Love Is Hell, which featured guest appearances from G-Eazy, Tory Lanez and 6lack, among others. Love Is Hell’s title track also features Trippie Redd. That may have possibly alienated some of Phora’s loyal followers, his earlier material being more rooted in rap traditionalism than the emo-rap sound Redd and his peers have perfected. However, he doesn’t feel like he has anything to prove to the vocal naysayers in the video’s comments.

“I feel like I paid my dues and that was a big part of my life where I showed my respect and gave my respect to hip-hop, from opening up for Rakim to Talib Kweli,” Phora explains. “I don’t want to have a certain sound or be labeled as a ‘insert here’ rapper. I don’t want to sound like anyone else cause I don’t want to be labeled. I wanted to tell my own story with my own sound and that’s it.”

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Phora performs at the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles.

Anyone who’s followed Phora over the years understands the other leg of his story involves his Yours Truly clothing brand. He says the brand has taken on life of its own to the point where he’s had to manage over 20 employees on his payroll.

“On the Yours Truly side, you have manufacturing, shipping, shipping fulfillment, screen printers, and ordering blank apparels like hoodies. Sometimes, we gotta go overseas,” he said. “It’s a good thing but, I don’t have an answer for how it’s grown so far and so rapidly.”

What he does understand is the next phase for Yours Truly: a flagship store opening February 24 on Los Angeles’ streetwear capital, Fairfax Avenue. Phora wants his line to be synonymous with the other stores in the area are known for the likes of Supreme, Golf, Dope, and The Hundreds.

“They’ve been doing it longer than we have so we’re like the little bro,” said Phora. “The thing about us and the main reason why we’ve been so successful is because we study. To master the game, you have to be a student first and we look at everything they do. We’re not arrogant to the reality that people have been doing this for a long time.”

While Phora adds to his juggling act, he’s also recording new music for his next album which, at the moment, doesn’t have a concept or theme, other than providing a space for him to unleash all his “emotions, feelings and shit.” 2019 will also be the year he expands his Yours Truly record label, as he begins searching for a diverse array of producers and artists.

“Whether you make happy music, sad music, R&B, whether you play piano and sing ballads, whether you got bars and you really wanna rap your ass off. We looking for anyone that’s talented,” he says. “I want to have a fortress. I want to give everybody an opportunity to shine.”

Releasing new music, owning a full-fledged clothing brand, pleasing his rabid fanbase, and putting the gears in motion to grow his label family would cause anyone to eventually burnout. However, for the sake of the people who put him in this position, Phora doesn’t see himself letting up off the gas anytime soon.

“I feel like a lot of artist have a disconnect with fans and the reason my fanbase is so strong is because I go out of my way to talk to people to look into people’s lives and get a better understanding,” Phora says. “With that, I know how people feel and they just want someone to relate to. People don’t want to feel alone.”

President’s Day Sale 2019: What to Buy at Nordstrom

Even though it feels like we’ve been dressing for winter for, well, forever, the end is in sight. Spring is only two weeks away (!!!), and with fresh batch of outfit inspiration coming out of Fashion Week, you might be itching for something new. Well, the stars—err, we mean the sales are aligning: Nordstrom’s big winter sale just launched (right in time for President’s Day), with thousands of great pieces up to 40 percent off through February 24.

If you’ve been holding off on buying that teddy coat or those thigh-high boots, Nordstrom is the place to go. It has plenty of winter essentials as well as spring-ready pieces (think ruffled dresses and light sweaters that make transitional dressing a breeze) (plus, the occasional bedazzled headband you don’t need but probably should still add to your cart.) Shop all the best pieces from Nordstrom’s winter sale below.

See Woody And Bo Peep Together Again In First Toy Story 4 Clip

Toy Story 4 is on the way and while we won’t see the actual film for several months, promotion is already apparently in full swing. This morning on Good Morning America a new clip of the film was shown which brings Woody and Bo Peep together again. While the pair have been long separated, the two work together here like it’s been no time at all. Check it out below.

Bo Peep and Woody are in a room, that appears to be Molly’s, and Woody and the gang need her help in rescuing another toy who has been lost in the rain outside. It’s actually hard to tell who it is that’s out there but it looks like RC. Most of our major toy characters, like Buzz and Jesse and Slinky Dog, are accounted for in the room.

Not only do Woody and Bo Peep know exactly what to do, they have a code name for it and everything, but all the other toys are also familiar with “Operation Pull Toy,” which I’m going to assume involves using Woody’s pull string as a way for another toy to get down the wall to rescue the toy, then use the string to get pulled back up.

Annie Potts, who voices Bo-Peep, stopped by GMA where the new scene was revealed. The scene doesn’t have much context so we still don’t know what the ultimate adventure of Toy Story 4 will be, however, it does seem to reveal that Bo Peep may have actually been at Andy’s house this whole time.

In Toy Story 3 Woody references that Bo Peep is one of several toys that have been “lost” since the events of the second film. At the time, it seemed to simply be a justification why the character would not appear in that movie, but it also seemed to imply that Bo Peep was gone from Andy’s house for some undisclosed reason.

Bo Peep was actually part of a lamp that was in the room of Andy’s sister Molly. The fact that the toys have apparently reunited there could indicate that Bo Peep never left the house, maybe she had been simply put in storage. Either that, or Bo Peep actually went looking for Woody and friends, and so went back to the house that she knew, of course unaware that Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the gang, all have a new owner now.

The other interesting thing is that this Bo Peep is wearing her traditional outfit that we have seen in the previous films. The version of the character we’ve seen in other promotional material is actually wearing something totally different, so hopefully the film will actually explain exactly how it is that a lamp can change clothes.

Toy Story 4 is hitting theaters in June.

The Rom-Com Icon Rebel Wilson Tried to Get To Cameo In Isn’t It Romantic

Isn’t it Romantic is one of the big releases in theaters this Valentine’s Day. The new movie is playing fairly well with critics and audiences alike, but it could have also had a rom-com icon near the end of the movie had it played its cards right. Per star Rebel Wilson, the production reached out to actress Julia Roberts about popping in for a quick cameo. She told CinemaBlend in a recent interview:

Julia Roberts is still acting these days, but she’s not using her million dollar smile quite as much, instead opting for more serious roles. Lately she’s played the mother of a young man with a facial deformity in Wonder and the mother of a drug addict in Ben Is Back.

She’s also the lead in the first season of Amazon Prime’s Homecoming, a psychological thriller about a support center helping soldiers to return to civilian life.

In short, she’s far past the years when she flirted with Hugh Grant, Richard Gere, and plenty of other handsome leading Hollywood men on the big screen. Obviously in the past, Julia Roberts took roles outside of rom-coms, but there was a specific point in her career when people identified her specifically with romantic comedies. Now, that’s not longer the case.

Although Isn’t It Romantic is the sort of romantic comedy that is self-aware and cheeky about the genre, it’s easy to see why Julia Roberts would have passed on the gig. (Just as it’s easy to see why the movie would have reached out anyway.)

Previously, Julia Roberts even revealed that she had pretty much reached the end of the line in the rom-com genre, noting that there was a time and place in her career for those sorts of movies, but that time is not now. She said,

The last rom-com she was attached to was Mother’s Day in 2016 and even that movie featured Julia Roberts as a mother and not a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. With all of this in mind, the likelihood of getting her to cameo in Isn’t It Romantic, while not hopeless, was also not high. Still, it would have been pretty cool.

Rebel Wilson stars in Isn’t It Romantic with Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect reunion alert) and Priyanka Chopra, both of whom can be seen in our exclusive interview with the cast. Take a look below.

For more exclusive content, stay tuned to CinemaBlend and be sure to catch Isn’t It Romantic in theaters this weekend.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s Relationship: A Complete Timeline

It’s an exciting day for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who confirmed on Valentine’s Day they’re engaged after three years of dating on and off.

“A shallow person will have only shallow relationships,” Bloom wrote on Instagram the day of their engagement. “Real love is not one person clinging to another, it can only be fostered between two strong people secure in their individuality. Antoine de Saint- Exupery, author of The Little Prince wrote in a work called Wind, Sand and Stars, ‘Love is not two people gazing at each other, but two people looking ahead together in the same direction.'”

It’s been quite the ride for the couple, who first began a flirtation in early 2016 and, through several ups and downs, made their way to a proposal. Below, check out a complete timeline of their relationship:

January 2016: Perry and Bloom reportedly have a mild flirtation at a Golden Globes after-party. “Katy and Orlando had a total dance-off — it was the best part of the party,” a source told Us Weekly at the time. “Katy literally dropped to the floor and was waving her booty around, beckoning Orlando.” That same month, they saw a production of The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey in Culver City, California and posed for a photo.

May 2016: Us Weekly reports Bloom and Perry are an item but are consciously avoiding being photographed together. A prime example of this was at the amfAR Gala during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, where they sat at separate tables.

That same month, she seemingly made the relationship Instagram official by posting this cute pic of herself and Bloom in Cannes.

August 2016: Bloom goes nude while paddleboarding with Perry, and the photos go viral. “It was extremely surprising,” he told Elle UK about the incident. “I wouldn’t have put myself in that position if I’d thought it would happen. I’ve been photographed a million times in a million ways. I have a good radar.”

October 2016: Couples costume alert! For Kate Hudson’s annual Halloween party, Perry dressed as Hillary Clinton, while Bloom opted for a ridiculous and hilarious Donald Trump look.

March 2017: Us Weekly reports Bloom and Perry are taking a break from their relationship. “Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time,” their reps told the magazine in an exclusive statement. Perry addressed the split on Twitter, writing, “HOW BOUT A NEW WAY OF THINKING FOR 2017⁉️U can still b friends & love ur former partners! No one’s a victim or a villain, get a life y’all!😘”

June 2017: Perry ranks how her ex-boyfriends performed in bed, placing John Mayer first, followed by Bloom and then Diplo.

August 2017: Bloom and Perry reunite to attend Ed Sheeran’s concert in Los Angeles. “I think people are in and out of your life. It’s nice to keep people you love around you,” she told Sirius XM’s “The Morning Mashup” about their hangout, according to Page Six.

February 2018: The couple officially gets back together. In April, she tells Entertainment Tonight, “I have been spoken for and speak for myself.”

September 2018: After a few months of dating again (and casually meeting the Pope), Perry and Bloom make their red carpet debut at the Gala for the Global Ocean in Monaco.

February 2019: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announce their engagement on Instagram. “Full bloom,” Perry wrote alongside a photo of her stunning, flower-shaped ring. Congrats!

You Won’t Know What’s Inside Universal Standard’s First-Ever Box Until You Open It

Despite being a dedicated member of the social-media generation, where instant gratification not just preferred but expected, I can say, with confidence, that there are few things in my life I enjoy as much as receiving stuff in the mail. From late birthday wishes from my Aunt Regina to takeout menus, I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of checking my mailbox. That’s partly why I’ve had an ongoing flirtation with subscription boxes—and their promise of stuff sent semi-regularly to my doorstep. Dollar Shave Club? I love it. Winc wine club? The best part of my week. When it came to clothing, though, I hadn’t found a service that I fit my needs and my style. But I was still curious (and wanted to open more packages), so when the opportunity to try Universal Standard’s new Foundation Mystery Box came up, I was game.

Universal Standard is best known as the radically inclusive brand that offers minimal and modern clothing in sizes 00 through 40. Last fall, it launched a collection of basics called “Foundation,” its first in the full-size range. Now, it’s debuting a “mystery” delivery that, essentially, has all the benefits of a secret admirer with none of the risk. (Ahem, Joe Goldberg.) Basically, it’s a combination of a subscription box and a flash sale.

The Foundation Mystery Box, available for a limited time only (through February 19), comes in four tiers, depending on which apparel category you want product from (you pick between tops, bottoms, dresses, activewear, and outerwear) and how much you want to spend (boxes start at $50 for tops or activewear and cap out at $140 for premium pieces). You only get one box, and all sales are final—so you’re stuck with your surprise.

As someone who views New York’s temperamental weather as a personal offense, I decided to go with the outerwear box. Stuffing one more coat into my tiny apartment closet would surely fix all my winter problems, right? My Foundation Mystery Box arrived in the mail a few days later, complete with a personalized note from the Universal Standard team and a tote bag I will definitely be sporting at Whole Foods.

Having splurged on one of the more expensive options, I was thrilled to see an item I’d been eyeing on the site, the Kanda Puffer Jacket, in my box. On the site, its description reads, “Stay warm, look cool.” Sold. It was perfect to wear to work.

My main concern with the Foundation Mystery Box was figuring out the right sizing. Since Universal Standard serves such a wide range on a 3XS through 3XL scale, it groups together certain sizes. Normally, I’m a size 6 (a 2XS by Universal Standard’s sizing), but decided to go a size down to its 3XS, since the outerwear looked a little oversized. Ultimately, I’m glad I did: The jacket itself runs big but comes with a wrap belt and two buttons on the inside, if you want a snugger fit.

The other two products in my box were a pair of tuxedo track pants and a long-sleeved white T-shirt from Universal Standard’s Foundation collection. All together, it really felt to me that the Foundation Mystery Box was meant to be cohesive—that though its contents would be a surprise, I wouldn’t have trouble figuring out how to wear them. Plus, the jacket, pants, and T-shirt are super versatile and go well with a lot of things already in my closet (a really important consideration, to avoid buyer’s remorse.)