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James Gunn Is Using Toilet Paper With A Guardians Of The Galaxy Star’s Face On During COVID-19 Isolation

Fans were, unsurprisingly, quick to reply to the tweet with their own brand of toilet humor. If nothing else, it offered a moment of levity for people who are currently sitting at home bored, scared, or all of the above. This isn’t the only time James Gunn has stepped up to keep his fans entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The True Story Behind How Chris Farley And David Spade Inspired Shrek

Ultimately, Chris Farley went on to make only a few more movies after Tommy BoyBlack Sheep in 1996, followed by Beverly Hills Ninja, which was released at the beginning of 1997. In December of that year, Chris Farley passed away. His final film, Almost Heroes, was released in 1998. Chris Farley also recorded dialogue for Shrek before his death — his performance can even be heard in some early footage of the film. Those clips reveal that a lot of changes were made to the character by the time Shrek hit theaters in 2001.

Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Responds Bluntly To His Request To Pay Less Child Support Due To Coronavirus

A few days ago, Jeremy Renner went to court to try to get his child support payments reduced in this time where people are self-isolating following the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. Business is down in the entertainment industry, and Renner has argued he’s not making enough money to support the full, hefty payments. His ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, does not seem too pleased about this development.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Have Returned To The United States Following Coronavirus Quarantine

Both Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have returned from Australia two weeks after originally being diagnosed with the coronavirus, according to E! News. Photographers also snapped pictures of the two driving to their home in Los Angeles, and both had smiles on their faces. At this point, it hasn’t been verified if the couple will continue to self-quarantine.

The 17 Best Romantic Movies And Where To Stream Or Rent Them Online

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Romantic movies lift the spirit in times of doubt. They can be funny, dramatic, sad, confusing, adventurous, and often hopeful. Romantic movies highlight the wonders and joy that love and being in love brings. Luckily for romantic movie fans, the internet is full of mesmerizing, inspiring, and sometimes sobering movies about love. These films are available across multiple sites to rent or stream.

Spider-Man 3: 6 Villains Tom Holland Could Face Off Against In His Next MCU Movie

This is actually another character with ties to J. Jonah Jameson, as in the comics it was the media magnate who originally hired Alistair’s father, Spencer Smythe, to build the Spider Slayers – but he wound up dying from radiation poisoning from materials in his work. Alistair then picked up where his dad left off, fueled by his own hatred of Spider-Man, and he not only successfully advanced the robots, but took the pursuit further by building a bio-organic suit and becoming the Ultimate Spider-Slayer. In Spider-Man 3, Alistair could attempt similar pursuits thinking that he is working in the best interest of the public by trying to kill Tom Holland’s protagonist, but we as an audience know that he is being misled.

Looks Like Don Cheadle’s Space Jam 2 Role Has Been Revealed

It should be noted that it’s not confirmed that Don Cheadle will be the official bad guy of Space Jam 2, but Paul Scheer is certainly a close enough source to the actor. The basketball flick has, of course, enlisted the Looney Tunes, an impressive lineup of NBA and WNBA players, Star Trek: Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green, who is playing LeBron James’ wife, while Girls Trip director Malcolm D. Lee helming.

Jessica Chastain Was Approached For A Key Doctor Strange Role, According To The Writer

For those who need a Doctor Strange refresher course, Christine Palmer (who, in the comics, is one of the women who’s also known as Night Nurse) is a surgeon and Stephen Strange’s ex-girlfriend. While she initially helped Strange recover after his car accident, she left him after they got into an argument where he accused her of pitying him. Strange reunited with Christine after he became a sorcerer, and she saved his life after he was injured during a fight with one of Kaecilius’ followers.