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Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Might Be Doing a Reboot of The Simple Life

In 2003, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie blessed us with The Simple Life, a gloriously bonkers reality show in which the two socialites “roughed it” in blue-collar America. They traded in their designer clothes and penthouse apartments for bunkbeds and evening shifts at fast food restaurants. Was it problematic? Sure, but undeniably funny at times—and a formative piece of 2000s pop-culture.

So it’s no surprise fans are begging for it to come back. (We are in the era of reboots, after all.) But Hilton has said time and time again that nothing is on the books. “They actually approached me to re-do it again but my schedule was so insane that I didn’t have time to do it so I said no, but it would be pretty epic,” she told The Gay Times last fall.

Maybe her schedule is a bit more flexible now, though. There’s a theory floating around the Internet that a Simple Life reboot is happening, and it will star Paris Hilton and—wait for it—Lindsay Lohan.

The only evidence comes from The Simple Life‘s “official” Twitter account (which isn’t verified). On Tuesday, June 25, whoever runs the page tweeted out a classic image of Hilton and Richie and wrote, “#SimpleLife6” alongside an eye emoji.

They then followed this up with two female emojis: one blonde and one redhead. It didn’t take long for people to put two and two together. When one fan inquired if this meant the reboot would star Hilton and Lohan, the account responded with a “shhh” emoji. Interesting…

Then, the account basically confirmed the suspicions by posting a photo of Lohan and Hilton from 2005 and captioning it, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

“Enemies” isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe Hilton and Lohan—I’d venture to say they’re “frenemies.” The two were close at one point during the early-aughts, but their relationship has since fizzled. Hilton’s made several shady comments about Lohan but confirmed they don’t get along this year on Watch What Happens Live. When host Andy Cohen asked Hilton to say three nice things about the Mean Girls star, she responded with, “Beyond, lame, and embarrassing.”

Melania Trump’s Former Aide Stephanie Grisham Will Be The White House Press Secretary

The White House has set records with its rate of staff turnover, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders left another vacant spot open when she announced on June 13 that she would leave her post as press secretary this summer. Her seat won’t be empty for long.

This week, her replacement was announced. On Tuesday, Melania Trump shared that someone from her own team—Stephanie Grisham, her deputy chief of staff and communications director—would replace Sanders and handle press issues for the president and his administration.

In a rare move, Trump followed her husband’s example and took the news to Twitter. “I am pleased to announce @StephGrisham45 will be the next @PressSec & Comms Director! She has been with us since 2015 – @potus & I can think of no better person to serve the Administration & our country. Excited to have Stephanie working for both sides of the @WhiteHouse. #BeBest,” she wrote.

President Trump also discussed the news with reporters and called Grisham a “fantastic” choice for the role. “Stephanie has been with me from the beginning,” he said. “A lot of people wanted the job, a lot of people wanted to do it. I’ve asked people, who do you like, and so many people said Stephanie. She’s here, she knows everyone, she actually gets along with the media very well.”

Grisham is one of the rare officials who has been with the Trumps since the 2016 campaign, and she’s had multiple roles within the administration. She previously worked as a deputy to former press secretary Sean Spicer, who resigned in 2017. She’ll be Trump’s sixth press secretary in three years.

During her tenure on the First Lady’s team, Grisham emerged as an outspoken and controversial force who often responded to criticism directly on Twitter, much like her new boss. She took issue with the media focusing on Melania Trump’s “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket, and defended Trump amid criticism that her anti-bullying campaign was at odds with her husband’s inappropriate and misogynistic rhetoric.

“I think that, honestly, one thing really doesn’t have anything to do with the other and she is focused on helping children,” Grisham said at the time. “She has said many times that her husband is an adult, he’s the President of the United States, he knows what he’s doing, and she’s focused on Be Best, she’s focused on children. Children are the ones who are impressionable right now, and so she’s going to go out there and do the best that she can to help them succeed.”

Dragon Ball Super: Broly May Already Be Getting A Sequel

It may not have worked out bringing the Dragon Ball franchise into the live action realm with 2009’s Dragon Ball: Evolution, but things are still going well on the animated front after all these decades. Most recently, the 20th Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly made $124.5 million in theaters worldwide, making it the highest-grossing Dragon Ball movie ever and one of the highest-grossing anime movies of all time.

With a financial performance like that, plus positive critical reception, chatter about a sequel would understandably start. Sure enough, on the Japanese Blu-ray and DVD release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly (via Twitter user Goresh), Akio Iyoku, head of the Dragon Ball Room over at Shueisha, said that he and his team have already “steadily making preparations for the next Dragon Ball movie.”

The fact that a sequel to Dragon Ball Super: Broly is already being discussed seems like a fairly quick turnaround, but fans shouldn’t expect this follow-up to be incredibly similar to its predecessor. Akio Iyoku also mentioned that with the next Dragon Ball Z movie “things will probably head in a completely different direction,” with the end result being “even more incredible.” Producer Norihiro Hayashida added that following the experience with Broly, they will “continue to aim even higher and higher.”

It’s hard to say if Akio Iyoku means this Broly sequel will be different tonally or plot-wise, but either way, the creative team are clearly pouring a lot of thought into how to keep the cinematic side of the Dragon Ball franchise going. Officially speaking, 20th Century Fox Japan and Toei Animation haven’t announced a Broly sequel is on the way, so hopefully there will be an update soon that makes this more of a sure thing.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the deeper corners of the Dragon Ball franchise, Broly, like Goku and Vegeta, is an incredibly powerful Saiyan, and the original incarnation of the character was the villain across three movies: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly – Second Coming and Bio-Broly. However, Dragon Ball Super: Broly opted to bring a new iteration of the character into the main continuity thus making those previous three movies non-canon.

While the new Broly was still an antagonist like the original version, Dragon Ball Super: Broly depicted him more sympathetically, though no less dangerous. No spoilers here for those who haven’t seen the movie, but there’s definitely a lot of room to continue exploring Broly should the Dragon Ball team decide to go further along this track.

As you can easily deduce from the title, Dragon Ball Super: Broly picked up after the events of the Dragon Ball Super TV series, which concluded in Japan last summer, but is still airing in the United States. Since there’s no official word about a follow-up TV series to Super being in the works, at the very least, delivering a sequel to Broly lets fans hang out a little longer in this colorful and explosive universe.

If/when an official announcement is made concerning a Dragon Ball Super: Broly sequel, we here at CinemaBlend will be sure to let you know about it. For now, plan your trips to the movie theater this year accordingly by browsing through our 2019 release schedule.

Halsey Says She’s Been ‘Committed Twice’ for Her Mental Health

For several years now, Halsey has open with her fans about her mental health and wellness. She’s shared her experiences with endometriosis and having a miscarriage; when she appeared on the cover of Glamour earlier this year, she discussed being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a condition her mother also has. Now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, the singer went deeper into how bipolar disorder has affected her career, revealing that she was “committed twice” for her mental health.

Halsey first opened up about how living with bipolar disorder has impacted her work life. “I know I’m just going to get fucking depressed and be boring again soon,” she told the publication. “And I hate that that’s a way of thinking. Every time I wake up and realize I’m back in a depressive episode, I’m bummed. I’m like, ‘Fuck. Fuck! This is where we’re going now? OK. . . .’ ”

Getty Images

She then revealed that she has been committed two times because of struggles with mental health. “I’ve been committed twice since [I became] Halsey, and no one’s known about it,” she said. “But I’m not ashamed of talking about it now,” she said. ” It’s been my choice. I’ve said to [my manager], ‘Hey, I’m not going to do anything bad right now, but I’m getting to the point where I’m scared that I might, so I need to go figure this out.’ It’s still happening in my body. I just know when to get in front of it.”

Her honesty isn’t surprising given how open she’s been in the past, but it’s still powerful to see just how bravely she continues to approach the topic. The full Rolling Stone story is here.

Halsey’s latest single, “Nightmare,” was released in May 2019 and has reached number 15 on Billboard‘s Hot 100.

Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Zendaya Explains How Thanos’ Snap Changed MJ

Warning: Avengers: Endgame SPOILERS to follow!

When Thanos snapped half of the universe out of existence in Avengers: Infinity War, not only was Peter Parker among the fallen, but so too were some of his classmates, including Zendaya’s Michelle “MJ” Jones. Thanks to the efforts of the surviving heroes, the fallen were all brought back in Avengers: Endgame, albeit 5 years after they first disappeared. That sets up an interesting dynamic to be explored in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Zendaya explained how the Snap and coming back changed MJ, saying:

We have wondered about how Peter Parker’s high school class returning five years later would work, and it seems that those who were snapped will go through a period of serious adjustment. The world of the film has changed and it seems that MJ, Peter, Ned and the rest of the snapped classmates in Spider-Man: Far From Home will be in a unique position of playing catch up as they try to find their bearings in a world that went on without them.

Five years might not seem like that long, but if you went to sleep in 2014 and woke up now, you’d probably be feeling pretty unmoored by a lot of things.

As Zendaya tells Fandango All Access, this kind of makes Michelle and the people who were snapped “oddballs” in the film and that makes sense. While the heroes obviously know exactly what happened and were fighting to bring everyone back, the average person might look at these people who have literally returned from the dead with a skeptical eye, even though it is half the population.

Whether their status as the returned brands MJ and the other snapped high schoolers with a scarlet letter or makes them pariahs in any way we’ll have to wait and see, but that experience will clearly be something that ties them together. Perhaps that brings Peter and MJ closer together romantically, as they can confide in each other about what it was like to be snapped and brought back in the way that they were.

Just as the survivors of The Decimation bonded over their survivor’s guilt, so too will those that were snapped find comfort in each other in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

We don’t know yet how the snap and the return affected these characters beyond just jumping them forward in time. What was the experience like of dying and coming back? While I don’t think Spider-Man: Far From Home will dive into the darkness in this way, being once again burdened with the weight of existence wasn’t pleasant for Jon Snow so I’ll be curious to see if it has any psychological effect on MJ, Peter and the rest.

Spider-Man: Far From Home wraps up Phase 3 and the Infinity Saga when it swings into theaters on July 2. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to prep for all of this summer’s biggest movies.

Why Toy Story 4 Needs To Be The Final One

Toy Story 4 Woody's hat tip goodbye

Warning: spoilers are in play. If you haven’t seen the latest chapter in Pixar’s landmark franchise, you’ve got a friend in us, but you might want to read a different story.

To land on an ending as heartwarming and effective as the one Toy Story 3 did, with Andy giving his legendary toys to Bonnie, is something every long-running franchise wishes it could land. Yet somehow, Toy Story 4 landed its own ending that not only respected the events of its predecessors, it outdid the third movie’s ending on an emotional scale.

With Tom Hanks’ Woody and Annie Potts’ Bo Peep reunited, and Forky taking his place at the center of Bonnie’s play group, everything led to a bittersweet finale that saw the main characters start brand new lives. And that’s exactly why, from the bottom of my heart as a fan, I think Toy Story 4 needs to be the final one in the series.

If you still need some convincing, consider the following:

Toy Story 4 Andy playing with Woody and Buzz in the yard.

Woody And Buzz Are Split Up

Historically, the Toy Story franchise has always seen Tom Hanks and Tim Allen at the center of the universe, as Woody and Buzz, respectively. While new toys and new pitfalls have been introduced into the story throughout each entry, the constant has been that these two friends have paired up through it all. Of course, Toy Story 4 splits that lynchpin pair up for good, which means it’s time to let them have their own lives.

Now that we’ve seen that Woody and Buzz can live productive lives without each other, there’s no reason to keep pairing them up for the sake of doing just that. When you split a pair like this apart, it means the end of an era that you generally can’t come back from. To make a Toy Story 5 where the two characters all of a sudden re-team out of the blue would ruin the power of their final conversation in this current movie. In Toy Story 4’s big adventure, both toys became leaders in their own right. Now, there’s no need for them to lean on each other.

Toy Story 4 Woody and Forky walking down the highway

The Ending Ties Up Woody And Buzz’s Stories Perfectly

While we’re on the subject of Woody and Buzz, we’ve seen these characters grow to the point where Toy Story 4 puts them in the places they were always working toward. The cowboy toy who was always obsessed with being owned by a kid has now learned to loosen up and live the life of a lost toy, independently. So Woody’s story arc in the Toy Story universe has come full circle.

Meanwhile, Buzz Lightyear went from being an imposing presence to a trusted friend who knew how to co-lead the gang of toys through the complexities and adventures in life with Andy and Bonnie. But now, with Bonnie Hunt’s Dolly in charge and Buzz finding his “inner voice,”  there should already be an easy way for life without Woody to work. Plus, if anyone should be there to help Forky train Knifey in the ways of being a proper toy, the formerly delusional spaceman is the best candidate. Again, another story arc has been closed and finished perfectly, without a need for further meddling.

Toy Story 4 Ducky and Bunny sitting at their carnival game

Shorts With New Characters Would Be More Exciting

As I’m sticking firmly to the belief that Toy Story 4 should be the final film in this iteration, that’s not to say that there aren’t tons of toy stories in this universe to be told. It’s just that as far as the franchise’s proper entries go, that mine has been stripped. Not to mention, when you look to the contracts of actors like Tim Allen, their obligations look to be covered after Toy Story 4. So while renegotiating the landmark talent for further films might cost Disney/Pixar a pretty penny, shorts with some of the newer toys or even new adventures with the older supporting toys from Toy Story history just might be the ticket.

We saw this work well in the years between Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4, through shorts and specials like “Partysaurus Rex” and Toy Story of Terror! The tradition is about to continue too, with Forky Asks A Question set to be a series of Disney+ shorts. So there are always opportunities to give someone else the spotlight in new, compact adventures that are solely meant to entertain. (Like, say, a buddy cop dramedy entitled Ducky and Bunny: Plush Rush Miami).

Toy Story 4 main cast lineup in the antique store

Pixar Should Be Creating New Franchises To Experiment With

The last big reason that Toy Story 4 should be the final entry in the proper canon of Toy Story films is, quite frankly, one Pixar itself has already mentioned as an ongoing concern: the studio needs to start moving away from sequels. While the top brass have been lucky with the franchises they’ve tended to so far, it has to be said that when the people at Pixar are at their best, they’re creating new worlds.

If new paths aren’t worn, and new trails aren’t blazed, the next Incredibles or Wall-E will never be found. Considering how Toy Story 4 went from a movie that needed to convince the world it should exist into the success it currently is, it’s easy to see why sequels may seem like a good idea. However, if the company wants to stay fresh, it will keep to the promise of moseying onto the next wagon trail and reaching for the sky with new ideas.

The Toy Story movies have given the world a lot to enjoy over the course of almost a quarter of a century. That’s a lot of time to be hanging around with a pull-string cowboy and a Space Ranger, and while it hasn’t been wasted, it’s definitely time to see what lies beyond their corner of the world.

Toy Story 4 understands this as a film, and it’s time that all who love this series tip their hats respectfully, and make their way into the future. That, and considering how bittersweet/downright tear-jerking the endings to Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 are, they’d probably have to go to some unhappy lengths to top them.

If you want to enjoy one last round-up with the gang, Toy Story 4 is currently in theaters. But if you’re ready to see what’s new in the world of either animation or live-action, the 2019 release schedule is here to save the day!

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Priyanka Chopra Wore a Blond Wig in Paris and the Internet Has Questions

Priyanka Chopra pretty much does whatever she wants with her style, and we love her for it. She’s a risk-taker who’s been known to masterfully pull off a high-low mix while also casually showing up to places in full-on bridal gowns. However, she did make one curious style decision this week that left people scratching their heads: She was spotted leaving the Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse in a short blond wig, and now the Internet has questions.

According to the Daily Mail, Chopra was photographed entering the club wearing a chic gold jumpsuit, with her dark hair in a ponytail. But once the show at the famous club ended, she came out in a platinum blond wig that gave us some Lady Gaga vibes. Crazy Horse is known for being really bold and theatrical—it actually inspired Beyoncé’s ultra-sexy moves in her “Partition” video—so it could be that Chopra wanted to match the drama of the cabaret’s iconic dancers.

Mega Agency


Of course, it could also have to do with the big Jophie wedding coming up. Chopra is currently in France for what many people think is Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ second wedding, following their spur-of-the-moment Vegas quickie. Chopra was seen at Crazy Horse only with her husband Nick Jonas, but some fans thought the blond hair had something to do with Turner’s recent wig-happy bachelorette party in Spain.

“Priyanka has joined Sophie’s wig gang,” one person wrote on Twitter. “I wanna know what they got up to last night lol.” Honestly, we do, too.

At the Vegas nuptials, Chopra served as a last-minute bridesmaid and flower girl. In an interview with Access, she raved about how fun and spontaneous the whole thing was. “Diplo Instagram Live-d the whole thing, it was awesome,” she said. She also indicated how much she was looking forward to Turner and Joe’s second celebration. “They’re going to have this amazing, beautiful wedding obviously,” she said.

Now, it looks like that moment could arrive soon—we’ll just have to see if Chopra goes with a blond wig for the event.

Why Marvel Needs To Keep Making Avengers Movies, According To Samuel L. Jackson

How does Marvel Studios follow up Avengers: Endgame? It’s a daunting task. The immediate follow up will be a smaller scale, and individually focused, Spider-Man: Far From Home. And there are no plans in the immediate future for another Avengers team up movie, at least not in the buzzy rumors that are swirling around the ‘net while fans wait for Marvel to officially announce its upcoming slate.

Personally, it feels like Avengers movies should go on the shelf for a while, in favor of Marvel team-up movies like Spider-Man: Far From Home – which pairs Spider-Man (Tom Holland) with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) on a European mission. But Jackson disagrees, and his opinion as far as all things MCU carries far more weight. We spoke with Jackson at the Far From Home junket and asked if Marvel should press pause on Avengers films. Here’s what he told us:

Boy, from the sound of that answer, Samuel L. Jackson seems to know some big picture answers for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He implies that Nick Fury understands that a greater threat is on the horizon. Then again, Fury is paid to be paranoid by the threat of the possible. This is why he assembled the Avengers in the first place.

In Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Far From Home, Fury and Hill are faced with a new threat in the form of The Elementals – creatures that pull their power from traditional natural elements like air, fire, sand and water. These enemies are inspired by classic Spider-Man comic villains such as Hydro-Man and Molten Man. But Fury has help.

He is assembling a smaller team than the traditional Avengers squad. He has Hill, and a new team member known as Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal). Beck is from a multiverse Earth, and claims to have battled the Elementals before. He shows up in Venice just in time to help Spider-Man (Tom Holland) stop the water Elemental. But he alerts Nick Fury that the fire Elemental is the most dangerous of them all.

How do you guys feel about Avengers movies? Will it be too hard to top Avengers: Endgame at the moment? Or should mega-team-up features like Endgame be crucial building blocks of the MCU’s phases?

Right now, all that we know about the future of the MCU are guesses. Scarlett Johansson is filming a Black Widow movie, which we think is going to go into the May 2020 release slot. Beyond that, nothing is set in stone. Future titles could include The Eternals, and sequels for The Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther.

Will those heroes make up the formation of the next Avengers team? We shall see.

5SOS Gave Their ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ Cover A Sneaky Surprise Ending

A month after debuting the new single “Easier,” 5 Seconds of Summer are continuing to tease their impending fourth album era.

While visiting BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Tuesday (June 25), the Aussie band broke out a cover of Sam Smith and Normani’s sultry duet, “Dancing With A Stranger.” Telling host Clara Amfo about their cover choice, the guys explained, “We love this song, and the sonic of it and the lyric really relates to our album coming up, so it makes sense.”

For 5SOS’s version, Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood traded verses, while Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford joined them on the harmony-heavy choruses. And in an imaginative twist, they ended their cover with a little interpolation of “Latch,” Smith’s breakout collaboration with Disclosure.

Prior to their cover, 5SOS told Amfo all about the personalized mat they brought to the Live Lounge to perform on.

“They’re our personal icons,” Irwin explained, describing the mat’s different symbols. “There’s four artists in the group, obviously, and we’re all extremely individual in what we want from this group. I think different fans are attracted to different ideologies behind each member.”

The band added that they want to take the mat around the world with them, so look out for more of that while the guys gear up for album No. 4. And in the meantime, check out their acoustic and atmospheric Live Lounge performance of “Easier” below.

Lana Del Rey’s Norman Fucking Rockwell Will Be Out In Two Fucking Months

The world watches, it watches and it waits. Lana Del Rey‘s fifth studio album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, has been in the pipeline for some time, and news about its release has been scant. But that’s old now that we have a time frame to pay attention to, thanks to Rey herself at a performance at Dublin, Ireland’s Malahide Castle this past weekend (June 22). Two months. Just sixty days (tops) until the next chapter unfolds. Norman Fucking Rockwell is almost fucking here.

Lana addressed the Malahide Castle’s excited crowd when she had a moment, after performing records seemingly both new and old. “I hope you like the record, it’s coming out in two months,” she said before the crowd erupted into molten screams. In addition to breaking fans off with her older music, she also unveiled a cover of “Doin Time” originally by 90s ska punk band Sublime. Her rendition comes from the soundtrack of a documentary about the band that premiered in May at Tribeca. It was her first time performing it live.

Lana ‘s released four songs expected to appear on Norman Fucking Rockwell so far: “Mariners Apartment Complex,” “Venice Bitch,” “How To Disappear,” and “Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have – But I Have It.” She’s also working on a book of poetry, believed to be called Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass, that she plans to sell for $1.

Check out Lana making her announcement up above.