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Doctor Sleep’s Mike Flanagan Is ‘Actively’ Talking With Stephen King About Another Adaptation

Mike Flanagan has spent the last decade proving that he is one of the most talented horror directors working today, and a big part of that has been done by making truly excellent Stephen King adaptations. More than a quarter of his filmography making features has been dedicated to big screen takes on books from the legendary author, including 2017’s Gerald’s Game and the upcoming Doctor Sleep.

It’s been wonderful watching Mike Flanagan operate with the source material, and it has earned him a lot of acclaim – which is why it’s extra exciting to learn that he’s not done yet. In fact, the writer/director is now in active talks to make a third movie based on a work by Stephen King.

This is news I learned last month when I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Mike Flanagan for an extended on-camera interview during the Los Angeles press day for Doctor Sleep. Noting that there aren’t many filmmakers who have directed two or more movies based on Stephen King books, I asked if he was game to return to that particular well in the future, and I was surprised to learn that wheels are actually already in motion. Said Flanagan,

He’s currently sitting comfortably with a club of directors that includes the likes of Rob Reiner (Stand By Me, Misery), and George A. Romero (Creepshow, The Dark Half), but he has the chance to tie the “record” set by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist), who is currently the only person who has made three feature film adaptations of Stephen King stories.

He also made the reasoning behind this direction very clear: adapting the work of Stephen King is something that he just really loves doing. Not only did he have a great experience making Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sleep, but he’s immensely grateful of the appreciation that King has shown for both movies, and he’s up for making as many adaptations as the author will allow:

You can watch Mike Flanagan discuss his very interesting and exciting future with the bibliography of Stephen King by clicking play on the video below!

This revelation is obviously going to inspire a great deal of speculation – though it won’t exactly be easy to narrow things down given that Stephen King has written over 60 novels (not to mention hundreds of short stories). There are certain titles that are easy to eliminate because they were either recently made or are currently being adapted by other filmmakers, but that still leaves a number of possibilities on the board. And it’s not totally outside the realm of possibility that he winds up doing a remake of material that’s already been brought to life.

Personally, I’d really love to see him take on a new version of ‘Salem’s Lot. It’s true that the novel – which was the second published by Stephen King – has been adapted twice already for television (once in 1979 by Tobe Hooper, and again in 2004 by Mikael Salomon), but it’s material that Mike Flanagan could transform into a vampire-filled horror epic.

Hit the comments section below to tell us what Stephen King adaptation you’d like to see Mike Flanagan take on next, and be sure to check out Doctor Sleep when it hits theaters everywhere this Friday.

The Matrix 4: What Kind Of Story Are We Getting?

The Matrix Revolutions Neo flying with a bunch of debris following him

As revealed earlier this summer, there’s a fourth Matrix movie headed our way in the near future, with The Matrix 4 looking to begin production early next year. As series co-creator Lana Wachowski will be the writer and director of her famed franchise’s next chapter, there’s no telling what kind of story we’re getting for this movie. Which leaves us to make some exciting guesses based on what we do know at this moment.

Using that information, as well as some creative thinking, there are a couple possibilities that we could see making the rounds in this new Matrix adventure. Now keep in mind, this is all speculation at this point, as the actual story, and quite possibly the true title to The Matrix 4, are being kept under wraps. Until we have more information on where everything is going, here are the most viable directions The Matrix 4 could be going down.

The Matrix Cypher, Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity lined up against grey code

The Matrix 4 Could Be A Prequel

One of the most talked about scenarios in The Matrix 4’s unspecified story is a potential prequel, i.e. a new entry taking audiences back to the past. As a new cast of young actors and rumors as to who they’ll be playing have been swirling, the first possibility folks jumped to discuss was a throwback. With that in mind, a potential Matrix movie that sees young Neo and Morpheus present in the film wouldn’t be a totally a foreign concept, especially if some of the recent rumors turn out to be true.

As younger versions of both characters have been apparently on the list of things to expect for The Matrix 4, a prequel story could be something that Lana Wachowski would be interested in telling to the die-hard fans who are waiting patiently to plug into that world once again. Though, there’s always the other favored approach when it comes to extending a franchise such as this.

The Matrix Reloaded Neo stops the oncoming bullets midair

The Matrix 4 Could Be A Sequel

With The Matrix 4 already gaining steam as a potential sequel to The Wachowski’s famed trilogy, there are some other details that have arisen in the casting department that have definitely made this sound all the more possible. As new leads have been cast in the series, through the inclusion of stars Jessica Henwick and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, this new film could continue in a world formed by the consequences of The Matrix Revolutions.

People are also theorizing that the casting of Neil Patrick Harris might be the creation of a new Agent character that would wreak havoc on the world in a way Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith did in the original films. The presence of so many legacy cast members could be relegated to mere cameos in flashbacks or supporting roles for this new crop of folks to fight their exciting new battle. An old generation helps usher the new generation in to take the lead. This wouldn’t be the first recent franchise to take that approach.

The Matrix Revolutions strategy meeting with Niobe, Trinity, Morpheus, and other officers

The Matrix 4 Could Be A Midquel Within The Pre-Existing Trilogy

New characters and old characters alike can mix it up in The Matrix 4, especially if this new story happens to be a midquel. Events that might take place within the timeline of events in the Matrix films could be the new focus, considering all the names that have popped up as returning, alongside new cast members.

It’s true that there’s always room on either end of the timeline, and prequels/sequels just need a good hook to do what previously seemed impossible. That said, the ending that we saw in The Matrix Revolutions just might leave Lana Wachowski with a taste to not want to rewrite the fate of the series. Instead, a midquel could enrich the history of The Matrix to a fuller extent, while not altering the events we’ve already seen.

The Matrix Revolutions The Oracle smiles in the rising sunlight

The Matrix 4 Could Be A Complete Reboot

In a previous incarnation of this new Matrix movie, writer Zak Penn stated that a reboot was totally off the table. However, with Lana Wachowski now set as the writer and director of The Matrix 4, this idea could potentially be back on the table. That point is doubly important to consider when taking into account the fact that The Matrix trilogy followed the sixth iteration of Neo’s adventures. With an ending that literally rebooted everything in the conclusion of The Matrix Revolutions, that film ends with a vague promise that we might see Neo again.

In this rebooted Matrix world, who’s to say that things would play out the same exact way all over again? There wouldn’t need to be an explanation as to how Keanu Reeves, Carrie Anne-Moss, and Jada Pinkett Smith would return alongside the new cast members added into this film’s lineup. Instead, we’d see a new chain of events take place, as more than likely the peace between the machines and humanity was short lived. And the same archetypes that started us off last time would be around to set the future of humanity’s resistance on the right path.

Again, these are pretty big guesses as to where The Matrix 4 could be headed. Of course, if this series has taught us anything, it’s that even these hypothetical scenarios might be considered playing it way safer than whatever has been brewing in Lana Wachowski’s head. For the time being, we’re just going to have to wait it out, and see where things land when it comes to all of the minds about to be freed in this next round of futuristic insurrection. When that particular White Rabbit presents itself, you can bet we’ll follow it straight to the end.

The Matrix 4 looks to start production in early 2020, with no release date specified just yet. If you’re curious what will be hitting theaters in the meantime, our 2019 and 2020 release schedules are available for your box office planning needs. And don’t forget to take our poll below, letting you choose which version of Matrix 4 sounds best to you, the fans.

Which Scenario Do You Think Is Best For The Matrix 4 To Follow?

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Did Emilia Clarke Real-Life Health Struggles Inspire Her To Sign On For Last Christmas?

The holiday movie named after the memorable George Michael tune follows Emilia Clarke’s character of Kate, who is unhappy and a bit down on her luck when she meets Henry Golding’s charming Tom. As revealed in the trailer for the film, Kate has had serious bouts with her health in the past as well. How much did this aspect of the film factor into Clarke’s decision to sign on to the project? Here’s what she says:

Emma Thompson, of course! If that’s not reason enough to join a project, I don’t know what is. The Love Actually actress co-wrote Last Christmas with her husband Greg Wise and stars in the film as Emilia Clarke’s hilarious Yugoslavian mother. Per Clarke’s comments to NPR, Kate’s backstory may not have been the main reason for her interest, but it certainly informed her performance – since it hits so close to home. All around, this seems like the kind of role that was specially crafted just for the actress following almost a decade on Game of Thrones.

Back in March, Emilia Clarke penned a piece for The New Yorker where she divulged details of her multiple life-threatening brain aneurysms and surgeries that popped up shortly after starting her role as Daenerys in 2011 – when she was 24 years old. The actress dealt with undescribable pain and explained that she really thought she was going to die in a few instances, amidst massive press tours and filming Game of Thrones.

After years of health struggles, she announced she is now at 100 percent and has helped develop a charity called SameYou, which aims to provide treatment for those recovering from brain injuries and strokes. Aside from the connections to health issues, Last Christmas looks like it will allow Clarke to dabble in comedy and romance, and she will even shows off her vocal chops by singing! She also gets to work some incredible talent, including Crazy Rich Asians‘ Michelle Yeoh, along with Golding and Thompson.

Martin Scorsese Is Still Explaining His Marvel Comments

Cap mourning Black Widow

Say, have you heard that Martin Scorsese doesn’t think Marvel movies are cinema? The legendary auteur’s opinions about the most popular film franchise going have been a staple of the press tour for Scorsese’s star-studded and long-awaited crime epic, The Irishman. Well, I hope you’re not sick of hearing about it, because Martin Scorsese is still explaining his Marvel comments.

This time, rather than simply answering questions from the media looking for sound bites or giving quick statements about the Marvel issue, Martin Scorsese sought to explain his position in full. He does so in an op-ed in The New York Times, in which he explains where he’s coming from, lays out what he means and addresses the counterarguments to his opinion. And while you may not necessarily agree with him on everything, it’s worth reading what he has to say.

Martin Scorsese Doesn’t Actually Hate Marvel Movies

First off, Martin Scorsese addresses a potential misconception that has arisen since his comments about Marvel movies first made their way into the ether. Martin Scorsese does not hate Marvel movies, although he has tried to watch a few of them and admits that they are not for him. He acknowledges quite rightly, that this may simply be a generational gap, the films he grew up with formed his tastes and if he came of age in a different time, he might have been excited by Marvel movies and even sought to make one.

The director also recognizes the craft in Marvel movies and the talented people involved in their production. So it’s not that he thinks they are bad. In addition, in the op-ed, Scorsese uses the terms ‘Marvel movies,’ ‘superhero films’ and ‘franchise films’ interchangeably, indicating that his issues are not solely with the works of Marvel Studios, but as the franchise du jour, Marvel is being used as a catch-all term for blockbuster franchise cinema in general.

Martin Scorsese Believes Marvel Movies Emotion And Deeper Meaning

When Martin Scorsese declared that Marvel movies are not cinema, I wondered, well, what is cinema in his mind? Martin Scorsese finally clarified what he means by that in his op-ed, saying:

Many of the elements that define cinema as I know it are there in Marvel pictures. What’s not there is revelation, mystery or genuine emotional danger. Nothing is at risk. The pictures are made to satisfy a specific set of demands, and they are designed as variations on a finite number of themes.

In Martin Scorsese’s mind, franchise films lack the real emotion and deeper meaning necessary to qualify as cinema. Basically, they are too safe and they don’t confront audiences with the unexpected. He likens modern franchise films to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, but believes that they differ when it comes to their deeper substance. North by Northwest might have compelling set pieces, but it is remembered for the character and emotions at the heart of the story.

Martin Scorsese seems to believe that superhero movies are lacking those deeper elements and are simply a collection of impressive set pieces. That’s where he gets the theme park analogy. To him, superhero movies are a collection of rides, not stories with emotion that speak to our shared humanity.

Martin Scorsese Sees Marvel Movies As Products

Furthermore, Martin Scorsese believes that Marvel movies are products, not art. He elaborated on this, saying:

They are sequels in name but they are remakes in spirit, and everything in them is officially sanctioned because it can’t really be any other way. That’s the nature of modern film franchises: market-researched, audience-tested, vetted, modified, revetted and remodified until they’re ready for consumption.

To the Irishman director, franchise movies are unoriginal, all following a familiar template designed with ruthless efficiency to maximize profit. What they are not is an outlet for true artistic expression. And in Martin Scorsese’s defense, he is not entirely wrong on some of these points. Franchise filmmaking is part of a business and in business there is an impetus to minimize risk in order to maximize profit.

Martin Scorsese Thinks More Cinematic Options Need To Be Provided

Martin Scorsese also addresses the argument that the industry is just supplying what audiences are demanding. His counterargument is that audiences are demanding the one thing they’re being given and if they are given other options, they will crave those too.

While many might say, ‘Who cares? If you don’t like Marvel movies, don’t watch them!,’ Martin Scorsese’s bigger issue is what the proliferation of films such as these do to the industry. He says:

There’s worldwide audiovisual entertainment, and there’s cinema. They still overlap from time to time, but that’s becoming increasingly rare. And I fear that the financial dominance of one is being used to marginalize and even belittle the existence of the other.

The driving thrust of Martin Scorsese’s criticism of Marvel movies is ultimately a fear of what the focus on blockbuster franchises is doing to the industry and the medium. He worries that the kinds of movies people like Paul Thomas Anderson, Claire Denis, Spike Lee, Wes Anderson and Kathryn Bigelow make will be fewer and further between as multiplexes become ever more dominated by superhero movies.

There Are Some Flaws With Martin Scorsese’s Viewpoint

Whether you agree with him or not, props to Martin Scorsese for finally explaining his position in a way that doesn’t just make his opinion seem like an old man yelling at a cloud. That said, there are a few issues with his argument.

For one, he says that he’s tried to watch a few Marvel movies, but which ones and did he watch them all the way through? Has he seen Black Panther or Captain America: The Winter Soldier? How about Logan or The Dark Knight? His blanket statement indicates his understanding of the genre is cursory and incomplete.

He’s absolutely right that there is a safety and sameness to a lot of blockbusters, but is it so wrong for an audience member to want a safe bet when they venture out and spend a ton of money to see a movie, especially when there are so many options available at home these days? And as evidenced by the CinemaScores for riskier films like Ad Astra and Hereditary, general audiences won’t necessarily love art just because it’s put in front of them.

Furthermore, Martin Scorsese thinks superhero movies are theme parks full of set pieces, dismissing the characters and stories that are a part of these films. Can we not learn something true about humanity just because a character has adamantium coating his bones or the power of flight? Can a story not have a deeper meaning because it involves aliens and time travel? I’ve never killed a labor leader, but I assume I can still find something revelatory in The Irishman.

While I don’t agree with everything Martin Scorsese has to say here, he makes some points that are worthy of discussion and you can tell that his opinion comes not from a place of hatred for Marvel movies, but from a love for cinema.

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman is now in very limited release and it will arrive on Netflix on November 27. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see what other movies you can look forward to as the year comes to a close.

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Surprise, Elijah Wood Wants To Remake A Nightmare On Elm Street

Elijah Wood wants to give the world a nightmare, and it’s one specific frightening vision he’s looking to bring back into the world. As a producer of such recent genre efforts as Mandy and the soon to be released Daniel Isn’t Real, Wood and his producing partner Daniel Noah have Nightmare On Elm Street in mind as one of five horror projects they really want to get off the ground.

Wood admitted as much during a recent interview, as he explained the thought process, and the steps he and Noah have taken towards that project thus far. More specifically, Elijah Wood’s business partner  had this to say:

If you feel like there’s a little bit of déjà vu going through your mind right now, you’re absolutely correct, as A Nightmare on Elm Street had previously been remade by its home studio New Line Cinema, albeit in a manner that was widely considered to be a disaster. But instead of rehashing the original story, it sounds like Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah aren’t truly considering a new, or at the very least well defined, version of the Wes Craven franchise.

Elijah Wood himself has some horror remake experience, with his starring role in the 2012 remake of Maniac being a chief example of that credit. So this proposition to bring A Nightmare On Elm Street back yet again feels less like wanting to play around with a legendary property, and more like a fan bringing a fresh approach to an older idea.

Elijah Wood echoed his partner’s remarks about A Nightmare On Elm Street later in the same interview with ComingSoon, confirms that very intent is at work, with a little bit of the wishful fan magic at work as well:

Somewhat ahead of his time, Nightmare on Elm Street creator Wes Craven did just that when he rebooted his own franchise with Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which took the world of Robert Englund’s Freddy Kruger and turned it into a meta look at the very films that gave him life. So this particular series is no stranger to being changed into something new and exciting in the name of survival.

With the rights to the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as the Freddy Kruger character, recently reverted to Craven’s estate, there may be a chance that Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah might be able to pull off that remake just yet. Provided, of course, that the Craven estate are the group of rights holders they’ve already been speaking with.

One thing is for certain: if this movie is going to get off the ground, it should happen sooner than later. And Robert Englund should definitely be consulted, as he’s not only of the mind he has one last Nightmare left in him, but he’s got a pretty cool choice for who should succeed him if he isn’t the one to put on the infamous razor glove.

In the meantime, Daniel Isn’t Real, the film that Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah recently produced, will be headed to theaters, Digital HD, and VOD on December 6th. Though if you’re looking for some horror offerings leftover from the Halloween season, you’ll want to check out our 2019 release schedule, as well as our still fresh listing of horror films you can watch through various streaming providers.

Into The Spider-Verse 2 Has Revealed Its First New Spider-Man

Last week, Sony announced that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 would arrive in theaters in spring 2022, meaning it will probably be a while until we learn any specific plot details. However, just days after that release date information came in, it’s been revealed who the sequel’s first new Spider-Man will be: Takuya Yamashiro, the main protagonist from the 1970s live-action Japanese Spider-Man TV series.

This update comes straight from producer Phil Lord, because when a fan on Twitter offered to design the Japanese Spider-Man if he was written into Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, Lord responded:

When we’ll see how Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2’s version of Takuya Yamashiro looks remains to be seen. His original costume was just the traditional Spider-Man suit with thinner eyes, but it’s possible Into the Spider-Verse 2 could give him a radically different look to make him stand out more.

Either way, Japanese Spider-Man’s inclusion in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 isn’t a complete surprise. At the beginning of this year, Phil Lord promised that if Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse crossed $200 million domestically, he would include this particular Web-Slinger in the sequel. Into the Spider-Verse ended its theatrical run with a little over $190 million domestically, so it didn’t quite reach Lord’s goal, but evidently he and the other creative minds involved decided it was worth including Japanese Spider-Man regardless.

Although Takuya Yamshiro may look like the traditional Spider-Man when suited up, that and the traditional spider-powers are all that he shares in common with Peter Parker. In the Japanese Spider-Man TV series that aired from 1978 to 1979, Takuya gained his special abilities through a blood transfusion from Garia, the dying warrior from Planet Spider.

Takuya also received a special bracelet that contained his Spider-Man costume, his web-shooters and the ability to control Garia’s ship, The Marveller, which could transform into a giant humanoid robot named Leopardon. Takuya has also appeared in the Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon comic book events, and Leopardon appears in the Ready Player One novel. It’s a good bet that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 will have Takuya piloting Leopardon too.

Sony gave the green light to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 and a female-led spinoff in November 2018, a month Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released, due to the “incredible buzz” surrounding it. That proved to be the right call, as Into the Spider-Verse was met with critical acclaim and later walked away with many accolades, including a Golden Globe and Academy Award.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 will swing into theaters April 8, 2022, with Joaquin Dos Santos directing and David Callaham tackling the script. Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for continuing coverage, and be sure to look through what’s coming out next year in our 2020 release schedule.

Thanks To The Rock’s Size, Hobbs And Shaw’s McLaren Scene Was Originally A Lot Funnier

Dwayne Johnson is known for many things, but perhaps the most notable is his size, as he clocks in at 6’5’ and 270 lbs. The Rock is closer to a boulder in stature, and one of the problems that plague those of above-average height is fitting into certain vehicles. One such tiny vehicle was the McLaren 720S featured in Hobbs & Shaw, which very nearly led to a funny scene in the movie.

Although the vehicle super small, the crew managed to fit Jason Statham, Vanessa Kirby and Dwayne Johnson inside. Which is surprising, considering co-star Jason Statham said that Dwayne Johnson is so large that he had to have a car specially built in addition to having his hips buttered just to fit in the passenger seat. Jason Statham’s statements ended up just being a bit of friendly trash talk, of which there was no shortage during the press run for Hobbs & Shaw. However, Director David Leitch originally wanted to use Dwayne Johnson’s considerable size for a bit of comedy in the famous McLaren scene. Take a look.

In a recent interview I conducted on behalf of CinemaBlend for the DVD and Blu-ray release of Hobbs & Shaw, Director David Leitch clarified that Dwayne Johnson does in fact fit in the McLaren alongside Jason Statham and Vanessa Kirby. He also noted the scene is quite intense in the final cut, but David Leitch originally played with the idea of a more comedic tone, including physical gags that spawned from squeezing all three into the tiny McLaren.

However, due to the nature of the scene and the major character reveal just moments prior, the creative team ultimately decided that it was best to stick with a more serious tone. In the interview he said:

If you’ve seen Hobbs & Shaw, the McLaren scene is notably intense. It features Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Vanessa Kirby tearing through downtown London at break-neck speeds in an attempt to escape Eteon super soldier Brixton Lore, played by Idris Elba. The scene plays to each character’s talents, with Statham expertly careening through bustling streets and narrow alleys while behind the wheel and Johnson taking out bad guys left and right, sometimes with his bare hands.

While Jason Statham had the intense mission of saving his on-screen sister’s life, I had the opportunity to get behind the same McLaren 720S for a less life-threatening day of speed at Silverstone Circuit. During my visit to the track, I also spoke with Vehicle Coordinator Alex King who supervised the vehicle selection on Hobbs & Shaw. After barely squeezing into the supercar myself, I just had to know how they fit all three into such a compact vehicle. Per King, the key is squishing.

So, it seems that the rest of the crew was in on the gag involved with squeezing three humans, one of whom goes by the nickname ‘The Rock (for a reason) into a car that can’t doesn’t even have a backseat.

Hobbs and Shaw is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, 4K and DVD.

The S’Well Eats Meal Prep Container Is Great to Own but Even Better To Gift

The best gifts are the ones you never thought you needed. They’re equal parts thoughtful, unexpected, and practical. It helps then, too, when they look good. One idea? Meal prep containers, aka the adult euphemism for ‘lunch box.’

Totally fair if insulated food containers don’t get your heart racing (also fair if they remind you of fluorescent mess halls and soggy sandwiches), but what they lack in showmanship they make up for in undeniable utility. Still, finding one you love enough to gift or use every day of the week can be hard: it has to feel special but also be useful, and look pretty without just being decorative—all while not costing too much. Well, take it from someone whose job it is to find you the things that are actually worth your time and money: The S’Well Eats Meal Prep Container in Teakwood is your new lunchtime MVP—and doubles as one of the best gifts you can give this year.

S’Well Eats Small Food Storage Container



Buy Now

Before you start furrowing your brow, hear me out. I’m not the diligent meal prepper I always want to be, but I do bring my lunch to work every day. And before I came across the S’Well Eats bowl, it just so happens I was due for a new Tupperware-but-cuter food storage container. (I may have dropped my old glass one in the office kitchen and watched it shatter into a million little pieces before not one, but four people came to my rescue. Yes, I’m still cringing).

So, I took a chance on the S’Well Eats Meal Prep Container. It’s part of a collection of insulated food containers that everyone’s favorite water bottle brand launched over the summer, and it was the answer to my meal prep prayers.

I’m a big believer in multi-hyphenate kitchen products, and as a daily food storage container, it delivers. The bowl is leak-proof, break-proof, and dishwasher-friendly. Which basically means it’s perfect for anyone who likes to eat liquid-y things like soups or saucy pasta (me), is known to drop a lot of things (also me), and likes to get their dishes done quickly (me again!). My favorite part is the actual construction: it has a stainless steel outer shell for insulation, and a plastic (read: Will. Not. Break.) removable inner bowl that makes it so easy to prep food.

S’Well Large Calacatta Gold Eats Food Container



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S’Well Eats Small Blue Granite Food Storage Set



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Sure, it might be a little big for anyone who just carries a cross-body or clutch on their daily commute, but it’ll fit great in a canvas tote or large shopper. And you’ll feel better squeezing it between your laptop and wallet knowing that bringing your lunch to work is more environmentally-friendly than buying food from the cafeteria or your favorite take-out spot.

And, since we’re coming up to the holidays and you’re probably already panicking about gifting, it’s also an unexpected under-$50 option that anyone on your shopping list will enjoy: your work wife, your teenage nephew, even your best friend who’s made the same New Year’s resolution for the past three years to get more into meal prepping.

Looks Like The Batman May Have Found Its Penguin

The DC live-action universe is a fascinating places, always able to catch fans by surprise with each new announcement. One such project that has been especially effective at this is Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which sat in development hell for a number of years before the Planet of the Apes director started assembling its cast and crew. After casting Robert Pattinson at Batman, Reeves started filling out the supporting cast, including the trio of villains that will be facing off against the Dark Knight. And now it looks like he may have found his Penguin. 

A variety of actors have been considered or roles in The Batman, including Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. While Paul Dano and Zoe Kravitz will be playing The Riddler and Catwoman respectively, Penguin had long been rumored to be a major antagonist of the developing blockbuster. And now a major name is reportedly in talks to play Oswald Cobblepot: Colin Farrell. 

This news comes to us from Deadline, and is thus far unconfirmed by the studio of anyone from Colin Farrell’s camp. Still, it’s an exciting update for The Batman, and further shows how Matt Reeves has his eye on A-List talent to populate the DCEU’s Gotham City. Farrell is potentially joining a killer cast that’s made up of Robert Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, Zoe Kravitz and (most recently) Andy Serkis. Serkis was recently revealed to be in talks to play Alfred Pennyworth, in a stage similar to Farrell’s current status with the blockbuster.

More to come…

Angelina Jolie Says She Hasn’t Moved Abroad Because of Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up over two years ago, but they’re still doing their best to co-parent together after their high-profile divorce. However, that means sometimes there will be compromises—and for Jolie, that includes staying in Los Angeles near Pitt so her kids can be closer to their father.

In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the publication asked Jolie about her desire to encourage her children to explore the world. She shared that she “would love to live abroad and will do so as soon as my children are 18.” Although she didn’t say where, exactly, she wants to go, she indicated that those plans are on hold for a while because of her ex-husband. “Right now I’m having to base where their father chooses to live,” she explained.

Angelina Jolie and her children Vivienne, Zahara, Shiloh, and Knox attend the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil European Film Premiere in London. 

Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are both currently in Los Angeles, where Jolie was born, the actress has spent time in several different countries over the years. She formed a particularly special bond with Cambodia, where she adopted her oldest son Maddox Chivan.

In the interview, Jolie also opened up about what her life has been like after separating from Pitt. She shared that it’s her kids who have helped her to reconnect with herself and have shown her strength during a difficult period. “The part of us that is free, wild, open, curious can get shut down by life,” she said. “By pain or by harm. My children know my true self, and they have helped me to find it again and to embrace it.”

She continued, “They have been through a lot. I learn from their strength. As parents, we encourage our kids to embrace all that they are, and all that they know in their hearts to be right, and they look back at us and want the same for us.”