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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Spoilers: Angelina’s Psychic Grandma Apparently Predicted JWoww’s Divorce

Warning: the following contains spoilers for Jersey Shore Family Vacation‘s “Here We Go Again” episode.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is usually good for giving viewers an in-depth look at the events of tabloid headlines past, but very rarely has an episode been prophetic. That is until now, anyway! In the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Angelina dropped the bombshell that her psychic grandmother believed that JWoww and Roger would be getting a divorce. Angelina mentioned it to JWoww while the girls were getting ready for dinner.

JWoww brushed off the prediction by Angelina’s grandma and said she talks about getting divorced from Roger all the time. For the record, no direct talk of that had occurred on past episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but it’s possible any discussions of that may have been cut from final episodes. Regardless, Angelina’s grandma appeared to be right on the money with her prediction, as JWoww officially filed for divorce in late September.

So is Angelina’s grandmother Jersey Shore family Vacation‘s resident psychic? It was rather impressive she managed to put her bets on JWoww over others, but it’s not as though there wasn’t signs that would’ve tipped her off. JWoww’s husband Roger had posted a rather revealing post on Instagram about their marriage troubles while Season 1 was filming, and it’s possible grandma Angelina spotted that. Although JWoww wasn’t willing to believe, Angelina seemed to trust her grandma’s predictions, mostly anyway.

One point in favor of Angelina’s grandma is that she committed to JWoww’s relationship ending before that of Ronnie and Jen. If she were looking at the tabloids and predicting relationships ending, there would be far more evidence that their relationship was the doomed one. Of course, Ronnie and Jen aren’t married, so it wouldn’t make much sense to predict their divorce unless she’s seeing things well into the future.

The revelation of a psychic grandma was just another interesting layer to the life of Angelina and may have solidified her role on Jersey Shore Family Vacation as a permanent cast member. Who doesn’t want her to stick around now that she has a psychic grandma? That said, she may have already gotten that role by default, as more and more cast members appear to have conflicts standing in the way of appearing in another season in the near future. Perhaps now is the time for an Angelina spinoff with her eclectic family?

‘Fortnite Addiction’ Is Apparently A Real Thing

However, near the end of the report from Bloomberg, there was a reference to Michael Jacobus, who counsels kids out of Santa Barbara, California, citing that 60% of the 120 kids he counseled played Fortnite excessively. According to the article, Jacobus will be doubling his efforts in 2019, opening up new locations in Texas, Indiana, and New York to treat kids addicted to tech, and Fortnite in particular.

Bethesda Is Offering Free Virtual Currency To People Who Bought Fallout 76’s Power Armor Edition

There’s trouble brewing in the wasteland. Gamers who pre-ordered the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition for $200 have been complaining about a pretty serious issue regarding an item that didn’t appear with their purchase. Bethesda, however, decided to offer free in-game currency as compensation.

Polygon is reporting that Bethesda is offering 500 Atoms worth of in-game currency to those who purchased the special Power Armor Edition for Fallout 76. That comes out to about $4.99 worth of in-game currency. This is compensation for those who received the special edition of the game but found out that one of the items that was advertised in the package did not arrive as advertised.

Originally the package was supposed to arrive with a specially marked T-51b box, an exclusive steelcase, 24 collectible Fallout-themed figurines, several digital items, and a glow-in-the-dark terrain map, along with a wearable T-51b Power Armor helmet and a Canvas West Tek duffel bag for you to carry it in. However, the last item did not arrive as advertised. Instead of receiving the Canvas West Tek duffel bag, gamers received a cheap nylon bag.

Those who purchased the special collector’s edition of the game reached out to Bethesda’s customer support and inquire why the West Tek bag was replaced with a nylon bag. Bethesda‘s customer support responded saying that the bag advertised on the store pages of Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon were not available and that they had to send out nylon bags.

Others escalated their case to Bethesda’s Gear Store, specializing in items specifically purchased from the Bethesda store. However, Bethesda’s Gear Store support claimed that the advertised duffel bag in the Armor Edition images contained a prototype bag that was “too expensive” to include in the final product, so it was replaced with a nylon bag.

Bethesda, however, attempted to clear up what the support staff said by claiming that it was actually an availability issue, telling Polygon…

Bethesda proceeded to tweet out that those who purchased the Fallout 76:Power Armor Edition can contact customer support if they still have a receipt, and receive the 500 Atoms in-game currency as a bonus for not receiving the advertised product.

The issue definitely gained a lot of traction online and across social media, compounding the current issues that have carried over from the B.E.T.A. This definitely doesn’t bode well for Bethesda, given that some gamers have already been spreading the word about a law firm that claimed to be investigating Bethesda for refusing refunds for the digital purchases of Fallout 76.

It appears Bethesda is now running damage control for Fallout 76 and the issue surrounding the duffel bag. Will gamers let it go and continue on playing the game, or will they escalate things to push for a false advertising case? For now Bethesda seems content on offering gamers who feel cheated 500 Atoms worth of in-game cash as a form of compensation.

Aquaman Movie DLC Is Coming To LEGO DC Super Villains

The first movie pack will feature Aquaman in his Gladiator outfit, Black Manta, Mera, King Nereus Orm in his Gladiator outfit, and Queen Atlanna, all joining the already massive cast of characters in the game, which features more than 150 DC characters. The second DLC pack will feature Aquaman in his movie costume played by Jason Momoa, Vulko, Trench Creature, Murk, Brine King, and the movie version of Orm. So, you’ll be able to experience some of the cinematic prestige from the movie, captured in Lego form within the game.

Why Kirby Actually Survives The Opening Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cutscene

Nintendo revealed the campaign mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last month with an apocalyptic trailer showing an attack only Kirby survives. According to the director, there are several good reasons for that.

In speaking with Famitsu magazine (via Source Gaming), Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai explained that the game’s World of Light campaign mode boasts Kirby as a starting character, with a growing roster the further you go into the game. He also points out that Kirby was selected for this role because of a bit of series lore that’s been around since the beginning of the series.

In the opening cinematic for the mode, which was also the trailer, we see Galeem’s forces bearing down on the heroes of the Smash Bros. series. Galeem’s surprise attack, though, completely obliterates the competition, wiping out nearly every character from throughout Nintendo’s history. The vast majority of characters were turned into Spirits, which you can collect and equip for special effects, but the characters that make up the Smash roster are especially powerful and can be freed from their prison of nonexistence in order to return to the battlefield.

If you’ve watched the trailer, you saw a bunch of characters learn the hard way just how powerful Galeem’s attack really was. Some tried to fight the pulverizing waves of energy while others, like Sonic and Pikachu, tried to outrun it. Even Captain Falcon tried to hop into his vehicle from F-Zero but was unable to move an inch before Galeem’s attack struck him. And then there’s the hilarious moment where we see a simple cardboard box, undoubtedly belonging to a hiding Solid Snake, get zapped as well.

Kirby, though, has the ability to basically warp reality while traveling on his star, which is why he was able to escape and help get the Smash campaign rolling. Sakurai knows that many folks assumed Kirby’s survival was due to the fact that Sakurai himself created the character, but he said there was actually a process of elimination that led to only a few possible selections, with Kirby being the only real option.

Can we all take a moment and appreciate how off-the-walls it would have been had Bayonetta been the sole surviving character to serve as the game’s initial protagonist? And while we like Palutena just fine, she’s not exactly an iconic Nintendo character like Kirby, Mario and Link. You can play as whomever you like, however, once Smash Bros. launches next Friday, Dec. 7.

How Fortnite’s Current Season May Come To An End

While Epic Games may be receiving tons of cash and lots of publicity from Fortnite for the Battle Royale mode, which is nothing more than a last man standing match featuring 100 players, the reality is that the company has actually been building an interesting story around the game, and some new info points to how the current season may come to an end.

The news comes courtesy of data miners who have been scouring through the files of Fortnite after the latest update. The snippet from the mined data was posted on the Twitter account of Fortnite Leakage.

They reveal that within the game files there’s a scenario that is set to run within the scenario folder called “DestroyTiltedTowers.” As depicted in the image attached to the tweet, there is an Unreal Engine line within the system files that points to a call for a script that destroys the Tilted Towers within the game’s map.

As noted by Fortnite Leakage, it was discovered that the lines have something to do with bots that can be configured to carry out scripted attacks. So, whatever happens will do so whether players attempt to prevent it or not.

This news was actually received with mixed results from the community. Some gamers speculated that this may not be a feature that appears in Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode, but that Epic may be experimenting with a new single-player mode or a mode featuring bots.

Others are convinced that the script will see the Tilted Towers take a fall as part of the season’s story, which involved the next step in unveiling the mystery behind the cube that sunk into the lake and created new locations throughout the map.

Is it possible that at the end of the season or at the start of Season 7 we’ll see the Tilted Towers take a tumble? The new season is set to get underway starting December 6th. This would mean that if what was found in the files is true, then the event would likely transpire in Fortnite at the start of the season.

Epic has been building out a rather fascinating story with the game, especially after Thanos made a guest appearance during the Avengers: Infinity War crossover.

As the story continues to unfold we’re seeing some gamers sifting through the files to get clues on what could be coming down the pipeline, similar to when the data miners were tearing apart and opening up the files in Pokemon Go in order to find out what was coming next for the mobile game.

Then again, this could all be a misdirection from Epic Games and the team could be working on something completely different for Fortnite and the whole Tilted Towers script is just a red herring to throw the data miners off. Maybe? We’ll likely find out once the new season gets underway for the very popular third-person shooter.

Red Dead Redemption Online Already Has Some Hilarious Glitches

Red Dead Online launched just a few days ago and, as is frequently the case with these types of online games, Rockstar’s expansive world has been home to its fair share of bugs and glitches. This is precisely why the developer is still calling this a beta phase for the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2 but, for the time being, that means we get to enjoy some rather humorous or downright bizarre mishaps.

The above video shows a rather crazy situation that happened while one virtual cowboy was exploring the Wild West of Red Dead Online. It looks like this takes place in Saint Denis, one of the game’s major metropolitan hubs.

In the video, the player mounts their horse and discovers that the city streets are lined with boats. Taking the weirdness up a notch, it looks like those boats are also charred from being set on fire at some point, and one of them is bouncing around for some unknown reason.

Rather than investigate these events worthy of an episode of The X-Files, the player instead decides to mount their horse and ride away. And if the mystery boats weren’t strange enough already, the player’s horse, of course, runs into some invisible barrier, sending the player flying.

Moments like this will likely be ironed out through additional support and updates from Rockstar, but they’re kind of a delightful surprise for the time being. The online mode seems to run pretty well even from launch, which is likely partially due to the fact that Rockstar decided to roll out access over the course of a week. Still, you can’t account for everything in an online world full of so many moving parts and interlocking systems, which is exactly why you might have boats and invisible barriers showing up from time to time.

This all reminds me of some of my favorite glitches from the first Red Dead Redemption where the wrong skins were getting mapped to various creatures. That’s why folks would occasionally get attacked by a bobcat that appeared to be an old lady or watch a bird fly away that looked suspiciously like a normal-ass dude flapping his arms.

Diving into the Red Dead Wiki, folks have started listing other glitches they’ve come across either in the campaign or while playing Red Dead Online. All sorts of weird physics issues have popped up featuring characters spinning out of control, odd fires have ignited and, of course, you’ll stumble across the occasional floating object. The only major glitch I’ve seen personally involved a guy who was embedded in the geometry of a building so, when I came out of a store, it looked like a guy with no body below his waste was propped against a pole on a porch. It was a little unsettling.

If you’ve got some fun glitches of your own to share from RDR2, feel free to drop them into the comments below.

Why Supernatural’s Bloody Twist Makes Nick Even Scarier Than Lucifer

Spoilers ahead for the November 29 episode of Supernatural, called “Unhuman Nature.”

Supernatural has gone in some fresh directions in Season 14 thanks to the continued existence of Nick. Lucifer’s former vessel unexpectedly survived the events of the Season 13 finale — as well as everything else that happened to him as Lucifer’s suit in the previous years of the series — and has had to find a new direction in life. This has given him the chance to finally dig into the mystery of how and why his family was murdererd.

Well, “Unhuman Nature” finally gave Nick some answers about the deaths of his wife and child, although it wasn’t before he crossed some lines. He finally discovered that a cop from his former neighborhood was the person who physically killed them, but there was a twist: the man himself wasn’t in control of his actions. He’d been possessed by a demon.

The cop dropped the bombshell after a great deal of torture at Nick’s hands, and Nick realized that it wasn’t technically the cop’s fault that his family had been marked for death by forces of evil. At first, it looked like Nick was going to let him go. Seriously injured and undoubtedly traumatized by the torture, but alive. Unfortunately, Nick is too far gone for that, and he murdered the cop in a terrifyingly bloody display of violence.

This was certainly not the first time we’ve seen actor Mark Pellegrino play a Supernatural character doing despicable things, but he’d always been playing Lucifer when truly letting loose and hurting people. Nick going nuts is very different. I chatted with Mark Pellegrino on the red carpet celebrating Supernatural‘s upcoming 300th episode, and he had this to say about how Nick’s violence is even scarier than Lucifer’s:

It was a different kind of violence, unfortunately. So there’s a different feel to violence that you can get away with, that you have no real emotional connection with, to violence that you’re viscerally connected to. And that there are consequences for that you’re sort of compartmentalizing away so that you can do it. So it’s definitely different. It’s scarier. That’s a real monster, and so being a real monster is scarier than being a made-up one.

Supernatural has spent so many years showcasing murderous monsters with all kinds of impossible abilities that human-on-human brutality is surprisingly rare and always chilling. For Mark Pellegrino, playing Nick on a rampage was very different from Lucifer throwing his archangel weight around. Nick clearly still has some sense of right and wrong, as he acknowledged that the cop only killed his family because he was possessed by the demon Abraxas, so it wasn’t truly his fault.

That said, Nick is too far gone at this point to just let the man whose hands murdered his wife and child live. Maybe once upon a time he might have handling things differently. Now, after he spent years as Lucifer’s vessel, Nick has no patience to suffer those who wronged him, even unintentionally. So he beat the cop to death with a hammer, and Supernatural actually showed a surprising amount of it. It was practically a scene out of American Psycho, and not quite something I expected to see in the 8 p.m. hour on The CW.

“Unhuman Nature” managed to solve a big part of the mystery of what happened to Nick’s family as well as take Nick past what may be a point of no return. As much as years of inhabitance by Lucifer must have warped him into the man he is now, there’s no denying that he committed the awful crime with the hammer. How will the Winchesters react if and when they find out? They tend to overlook crimes of those they consider part of their family; does Nick qualify? And how would they punish him, even if they wanted to?

When I asked how he went crafted his performance as Nick as opposed to Lucifer, Mark Pellegrino told me this:

There’s a lot of indications in the script of a past, of a life. And so I like to do homework on that. And every actor approaches that kind of homework differently. For me, I journal endlessly. Because it’s like fantasy work but it gets in your bones when you journal it. So even if you don’t remember everything that you’ve written, it’s there, as an experience. If you’ve experienced it while you were writing it. So I’ve got now thick journals on Nick’s life. There’s an episode where I tell a character, ‘I waited nine days for you.’ I actually have written, I know exactly what I’ve done every one of those nine days, like you would in life. And so I’ve been actually thinking about publishing those to the fandom. They thought it was an interesting idea, so I might do it.

In order to get into the mindset of Nick, Mark Pellegrino journals. Given that Nick (and Lucifer before him) is a character who has gone through an extraordinary set of circumstances that really can’t be compared to much in real-life, journaling is a way to make it feel real and “in your bones.” All actors have their own process of getting into character, and Pellegrino has apparently refined his to an art.

In fact, his process sounds like something that should be of great interest to Supernatural fans. Mark Pellegrino’s journals could give an insight into the portrayals of Lucifer and Nick over the years, and such a thing is not currently available to fans. If he does publish those to the fandom, it would certainly be interesting to see the reaction. All things considered, I think we can all be happy that Nick’s seeming death at the end of Season 13 didn’t stick! Lucifer may be gone, but Mark Pellegrino doesn’t have to be. Oh, Supernatural.

New episodes of Supernatural Season 14 air Thursday nights on The CW. For some additional viewing options once the fall shows go into their winter hiatuses, take a look at our 2019 midseason premiere schedule! The rest of the episode saw the reveal that Jack’s time left on Earth could be limited, and the Winchesters along with Castiel will have to figure out a way to keep him safe. Throw in the fact that Michael is sure to return, and they have some big fights ahead of them.

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Why Chicago Fire Fans Don’t Need To Worry About Casey And Naomi’s Kiss

Anyone who’s seen the preview for the fall finale of Chicago Fire knows that Matt Casey and Naomi, his new friend the investigative reporter, will take a step toward getting closer by locking lips. But, according to the showrunner, Derek Haas, fans don’t need to worry that Casey has already moved on from Dawson. Apparently, this might just be a case of them getting wrapped up in the moment.

She’s really good at her job and Casey catches a little of her intensity and gets into it himself. They’re doing it for a noble reason, bringing down this heartless trailer manufacturing company. When you’re flushed with the excitement of doing what they’re doing, sometimes emotions can overtake and that is what leads to them having this moment [where they kiss].

Now, we’ve already seen that Naomi is, indeed, interested in Casey, but he has wisely not done anything to encourage her during the time they’ve spent looking into suspicious fires together. After all, his breakup with Dawson, who was the love of his life for much of the past few years, is still very fresh. The two just finalized their divorce after Dawson decided she needed to follow her bliss by helping those in storm ravaged Puerto Rico with a new full-time, permanent position. So, the idea that Casey would fully be moving on after so much hurt and anger over the breakup has been a bit much for Dawsey fans to bear.

Casey and Dawson have had quite the love story on Chicago Fire. At the start of the series, Casey is actually engaged to someone else, while Dawson harbors a crush on him. While Casey’s relationship goes through several ups and downs, Dawson begins dating another firefighter in their house, Peter Mills, and she and Casey maintain a friendship.

Things start to change in Season 2, though. Matt’s fiancée died in a tragic fire near the end of the first season, and by the time the next season rolls around, Dawson and Mills have broken up. Of course, she always wanted Casey to begin with, so it’s no surprise that when they are both unattached, they begin to be drawn to each other, and they finally start dating later in the season. And, things go so well that Casey is prompted to propose to Dawson at the end of the season.

They then marry immediately, right? So, very, very wrong. A call comes into the firehouse, which stops Dawson from answering Casey’s proposal right away. That call leads to the death of Dawson’s ambulance partner and best friend, Leslie Shay. After Dawson returns from taking time off to grieve, she tells Casey she can’t accept because she doesn’t want the day he proposed to be the same day her friend died. Luckily, her mind is changed when she finds out that Shay actually helped Casey pick out her ring, and the two get engaged.

Unfortunately, this does not signal a period of smooth sailing for Dawsey. By this point, Dawson had gone to the academy and become a candidate firefighter, but since it would have been against the rules for her to work with her fiancé as her boss, they try to keep their relationship a secret so they can continue to work out of the same house. This situation leads to tension when Casey has to call her out for not following his orders, and he also thinks that Dawson still has feelings for Mills. When Dawson tries to talk to Casey about it, and he won’t give her a chance, she decides to break things off and move out of the apartment they were sharing. Man; these two, amirite?

The Season 3 finale, however, reveals that Dawson is pregnant, but the following season isn’t any kinder to the couple, as she loses the baby soon after. But, by midseason, the loss has brought them back together, and they are engaged again, only to go through another series of trials when Dawson decides to foster a young boy who lost his mother in a fire they worked on. Eventually, finally, Dawson and Casey get hitched during Season 5. If you’ve been keeping track, this means that the Chicago Fire couple to end all Chicago Fire couples only had about a season and a half of wedded bliss until Dawson decided to decamp for work in Puerto Rico, spurred on by actress Monica Raymund’s choice to leave the series.

As Derek Haas tells it, the worry that Casey has completely gotten over all that history with Dawson (not to mention the sudden and difficult breakup) is totally unfounded right now. While it does seem to be true that Casey and Naomi are getting closer, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to jump back into another full blown relationship. Even though Casey admitted to Severide recently that he’s been thinking about Naomi, even he realizes that it’s just too soon after the Dawseypocalypse for him to actually consider another major romantic commitment.

Haas also came right out and noted that he doesn’t consider Casey’s growing thing with Naomi to be “his next big relationship,” so, honestly, everyone can just calm down about the lip lock, already.

Fans will know that Casey has decided to help Naomi by going with her on a trip to Indianapolis to try and bring down the trailer company that Haas mentioned in his comments to TV Guide. It makes sense that, especially if they get a big win while investigating, those joyful feelings could bubble over into physical feelings that lead to the kiss in question. I mean, who doesn’t get excited about work and then, like, lay a hot smooch on the person closest to them, right? Happens. All. The. Time.

You can see how things work out with Casey and Naomi when Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays on NBC at 9 p.m. EST.

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