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Channing Tatum Would Totally Put A Thong Back On For Magic Mike Live

It’s been over three years since we saw Channing Tatum’s abs get splashed all over posters and trailers for Magic Mike XXL. The actor has since taken a slew of different roles that have not required shirtless scenes, including voice work in Smallfoot and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. However, he recently revealed he’d be totally down to slap on a thong to surprise fan at a Magic Mike Live show under one condition, noting:

It’s hard to imagine Channing Tatum not being in rock solid shape (while I suppose it’s easy to imagine him in a thong thanks to his previous Magic Mike work); regardless, per his comments to ET we’ll only see him try out some Magic Mike Live work if he gets into quote-unquote “shape.”

Channing Tatum has been open fairly recently about gaining weight for Logan Lucky, the Steven Soderbergh movie he starred in in 2017. He’s previously mentioned weight gain and getting soft related to the movie, noting that no one wants to see his character, Jimmy Logan, with his shirt off. Literally that’s what he said about his weight gain as part of the role:

In the time since, Channing Tatum has said he’s “started eating better” as he prepares for roles like the oft-mentioned Gambit release. For now, though, he’s set to play Superman in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, which in all honesty is probably the most ideal superhero role, as it means he gets to be Superman without dealing with all of the weight and working out crap.

So, perhaps getting in thong shape for Magic Mike Live will be left for another day. As it stands, the live show based on the movie franchise is very popular. In fact, it recently opened a second run in London and is set to play 5 nights a week at the London’s Hippodrome Casino. And it’s safe to say that Channing Tatum enjoys revisiting Magic Mike moments on occasion.

The movie franchise was originally even inspired by Channing Tatum’s own work as a stripper in Florida when he was only 18. He’s come a long way since then, and apparently, so has his waistline.

Taron Egerton Didn’t Want Elton John On The Set Of Rocketman, Especially During The Sex Scenes

When it comes to biopics, its common for the actors in big movies to not meet the real-life figure they’re portraying. For instance, Rami Malek couldn’t call the late Freddie Mercury of Queen for some pointers on how to best capture his larger-than-life spirit in Bohemian Rhapsody. While Taron Egerton had this luxury in his upcoming role as Elton John in Rocketman, the thought of having him there on set would have been a little awkward. And for a good reason. Here’s what Egerton said,

I’d imagine anyone, even Sir Elton John, would be uncomfortable at the sight of actors playing out intimate moments in your life. Rocketman is a fantasy musical starring Taron Egerton as Elton John, and it tackles his young life in an adult way. The movie isn’t shying away from subjects like John’s time in rehab, and will also include same-sex sex scenes.

Although Elton John wasn’t regularly found on set of Rocketman, he is a producer and gave Egerton feedback on his vocal recordings for the film. In his interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Egerton did admit it was intimidating to impersonate the pop icon knowing he would hear it. But thankfully, the response from John has been positive. Egerton and the icon have already shared the screen in 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle, when the musician did a cameo and it later led to nabbing the role.

Unlike Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman isn’t a music biopic about Elton John. It’s a musical that has more than just Taron Egerton singing his famous songs. The film will be primarily be about the singer’s time in rehab, perhaps with some dream-like musical sequences about his past filling John’s head as he sits in a rehabilitation facility.

In some ways, the concept seems to take a note from a recent movie musical hit, The Greatest Showman, since it was loosely based on the life of P.T. Barnum. But Rocketman will also deal with adult themes by tackling John’s sex life and problem with substances. Game of Thrones‘ Richard Madden is playing Johns’ former manager and lover John Reid. Among the leading cast is also Bryce Dallas Howard as Elton John’s mother, and Jamie Bell as the icon’s longtime lyricist, Bernie Taupin.

Fans of Elton John will certainly be most excited to see some of his greatest hits such as “Your Song” and “Tiny Dancer” be performed onscreen and given new meaning through the fantastical imaginings being cooked up in Rocketman, coming to theaters on May 31, 2019.

Aquaman Had To Change A Key Scene To Achieve A Lower UK Rating

Those of you reading this article who live in the United States obviously think of movies ratings across G to NC-17 spectrum, but it’s easy to forget that other countries have their own ratings classifications. Take Aquaman. In the U.S., the movie earned a predictable PG-13, but in the United Kingdom, it’s been rated 12A, like every other modern DC movie. However, in order to get that 12A rating, one of the Aquaman scenes had to be tweaked. According to the British Board of Film Classification:

As noted in Digital Spy‘s report, making slight changes to a movie, particularly major blockbusters, in order to hit a certain rating isn’t uncommon, which means DC fans should start clamoring for the true “James Wan Cut.” That being said, there’s no word yet on if this scene that was altered for U.K. audiences will also be what U.S. audiences see or if U.S. audiences are getting the original version. It also doesn’t sound like this change to hit 12A will affect Aquaman‘s runtime, as it’s still 143 minutes in the U.K.

Although Aquaman has screened early for some critics and other individuals lucky enough to attend these screenings, the public is a little less than a month out from getting to see it, so it’s hard to narrow down which scene was changed. Like most superhero movies, Aquaman won’t be lacking for action-packed moments, such as the underwater war scenes teased in the previews. Whatever scene was altered, evidently that was enough to ensure that it’s considered “family friendly” across the pond.

Set after the events of Justice League, Aquaman, the sixth DC Extended Universe movie, sees Arthur Curry returning to Atlantis and becoming the underwater nation’s new king, only to find himself caught in a war between the surface world and the Atlanteans wanting revenge for humanity polluting the oceans. Along with Jason Momoa reprising Arthur Curry, the movie’s cast include Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Orm, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Willem Dafoe as Vulko, Dolph Lundgren as Nereus, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna and Temuera Morrison as Thomas Curry.

Aquaman dives into theaters for the masses on December 21, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for continuing coverage. In the meantime, look through our holiday premiere guide to find out what else is coming out in December, or check out our DC movies guide to learn what the DCEU has coming down the pipeline.

Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle Has Screened, Here’s What People Are Saying

In the battle of Jungle Book movies, Disney’s The Jungle Book made it to theaters first two years ago, racking up critical acclaim, a near $1 billion at the box office and an Oscar for visual effects. Now it’s Andy Serkis’ turn to show the world his vision of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle has now screened, so how does it stack up in the previous tellings, including Disney’s, and what does it offer?

For CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg, Mowgli: Welcome to the Jungle stands out by being the much darker take that Andy Serkis promised, even if it doesn’t completely work.

The darker tone is a big part of what separates Mowgli: Welcome to the Jungle from the successful Disney film, and is likely a pivot point on whether or not you will like what Andy Serkis has made. Scott Menzel really took to the film’s darker tone and had high praise for the visuals and the story, actually liking it better than the successful Disney movie.

One pattern found in the reactions to the film is surprise, as some who’ve seen it liked it much better than they were expecting. For Anton Volkov, the film isn’t perfect, but there were definitely things to like.

In a film like this, there is a lot of weight put on the performance of the actor playing Mowgli, as he has to carry the film to a large degree. A common thread in the reactions to Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle is that Rohan Chand, who plays the titular character, does a good job, as Collider’s Jeff Sneider says here, while also noting how the darker tone made it a tough theatrical sell.

While many seem to have enjoyed the different darker take that Andy Serkis’ film offers to contrast the family-friendly Disney movie, some who saw the film found the darkness to be a bit too dark, as in pitch black. Kristy Puchko even compared it to a horror film.

Kristy was not alone in her assessment, as Will Mavity, who praised Mowgli‘s visuals, also emphasized how dark this movie is, indicating that it earned its PG-13 rating and is most definitely not for little kids.

One thing that is clear is that this film will not have the broad-appeal of Disney’s The Jungle Book. But for those who are interested in a different take on the classic story, it seems that Andy Serkis delivers that and then some and parents will have to be very careful to not throw this movie on thinking they’re going to be showing their kids singing bears.

These reactions make it clear why this film may be better suited to a Netflix release than a theatrical one, where it would have been very difficult to market. With Netflix being the primary place most people will see this film, perhaps more audiences will take the chance to do so and find that Disney’s approach isn’t the only way to tell a story.

Fox News Has Won The Cable Ratings For 29 Months In A Row

Its closest competitors in primetime are well behind as well. Compared to Fox News’ 2.44 million, MSNBC pulls in a primetime average of 1.84 million and CNN draws an average 1.12 million. In total day viewership, MSNBC only averages 1.024 million and CNN only averages 761,000. In the 25-54 age demographic that is generally more important for news networks than for entertainment networks where 18-49 is key, Fox News wins 478,000 viewers on average, which is ahead of CNN with 374,000 and MSNBC with 332,000.

Nicki Minaj And Lil Wayne Reunite In The Twerk-Happy ‘Good Form’ Video

With raunchy collabs like “Truffle Butter” and “Rich Sex” under their belts, it only makes sense that Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne‘s next team-up would be for an ode about good cunnilingus. The Young Money boss has hopped on a remix of Nicki’s latest Queen single, “Good Form,” and on Thursday (November 29), they blessed us with a video that’s basically just four minutes of twerking.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the colorful, NSFW video finds Nicki rapping on a variety of sets, most notably in a giant tub of milk — with a sprinkled sugar cookie on the side, of course. She switches up her look seemingly every three seconds, trying on a slew of costumes and candy-pink wigs, but Wayne keeps it simple. Hopping on the track about three minutes in, he performs a typically witty verse with slick lines like, “Barbie, I think you gnarly / I think you fly, these other bitches just larvae.” Tyga even makes a brief cameo at the end of the clip, proving the trio’s Young Money ties still run deep.

“Good Form” joins “Barbie Dreams,” “Ganja Burn,” “Bed,” and “Chun-Li” as the latest Queen cut to receive the visual treatment. Earlier this month, Nicki performed the new single at the MTV EMA — check out her majestic performance below.

A Blade Runner TV Show Is Happening On An Unexpected Network

The Blade Runner franchise is getting another expansion, and the world of replicants will be making a transition from the big to small screen. The TV show is a surprise, not only because its announcement came out of the ether, but also because the high profile franchise is finding a home at a network one wouldn’t immediately expect. The series, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, will air on Adult Swim and Crunchyroll in the U.S.

Specifically, Blade Runner: Black Lotus will run during the Toonami segment of Adult Swim’s lineup, as it’s to be an anime. The premiere season contains 13 30-minute episodes all set within the year 2032. There isn’t much more known about the plot beyond that, minus that it will contain characters from the Blade Runner universe that audiences will be familiar with.

No specific clues were given as to who, but with Blade Runner: Black Lotus set squarely between the events of Blade Runner and Blade Runner: 2049, characters from both films could find their way into the action. Deckard or K may be involved, or the show may deal with more obscure figures from the franchise and tell their story instead.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus will be produced by Sola Digital Arts, who worked on the short-form anime Blade Runner: Black Out 2022. Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama will direct the entire season, and Cowboy Bebop‘s Shinichiro Watanabe has been brought on as a creative consultant. Adult Swim will air the English dubbed episodes worldwide excluding Asia, while Crunchyroll will air the subtitled on its streaming service.

As far as what to expect from Blade Runner: Black Lotus, it’s anyone’s guess. Setting the show squarely between the two films gives a lot of free reign as to what could be tackled, although one would think the adventure will still be highly replicant-focused. Considering Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama will follow up with this project shortly after completing work on an upcoming Ghost In The Shell series, it seems like a safe bet to make.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus is a big get for Adult Swim and Crunchyroll, who are both divisions of WarnerMedia. It’s to be the first of several collaborations between WarnerMedia and Toonami and will join the two’s recently released collaboration Mob Psycho 100. Toonami has a long-running history of running high profile anime on Cartoon Network, and this recent acquisition of the Blade Runner series may prove it’s still just as relevant as its ever been.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus doesn’t have a release date as of yet, so CinemaBlend will keep an eye out for more updates in the coming months. In the meantime, viewers should read up on what television is premiering in the near future and visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

Looks Like DC Is Making A Blue Beetle Movie

The DC live-action universe has had a fascinating life thus far, as Warners Bros. continues making bold choices and announcements about the still growing shared universe. There are currently a handful of projects coming down the pipeline, with Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 1984 arriving in theaters over the next few years. And now it looks like there’s another one being worked on: A Blue Beetle movie.

This news comes to us from The Wrap, with the publication reportedly having inside information about DC’s future plans. The report indicates that the developing movie will focus on latino superhero Jaime Reyes, who has recently been seen in both animated and video game formats. DC has reportedly nailed down Mexican-born writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer to craft the project, which is the latest in the bevy of DC projects being worked on.

More to come…

Ariana Grande Just Shared Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Her ‘Thank U, Next’ Video

I have good news and bad news: We’re still going to have to wait until tomorrow (Friday, November 30) to see the highly-anticipated new music video for Ariana Grande‘s single “Thank U, Next.” But on the bright side, Ari just released a three-and-a-half minute behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the video to tide you over until then.

The first trailer for the video was a total homage to the movie Mean Girls. But in it, we don’t actually see Grande, though she is much discussed by the other “students” a la Regina George. And, based on Instagram posts leading up to the big reveal, we knew that Bring It On, 13 Going on 30, and Legally Blonde would also be represented.

So, thankfully, the BTS footage gives us a little more insight into what looks like an extremely entertaining shoot. While the single plays, we get to see Grande having fun with director Hannah Lux and the cast and crew—including actress Jennifer Coolidge reprising her famous role as Paulette in Legally Blonde. There are dancers doing Elle Woods’ signature move, the Bend and Snap, and Grande’s former Victorious co-star Matt Bennett seems to be playing Jesse Bradford’s character from Bring It On. Her bestie Courtney Chipolone (credited as “That Bitch”) is in a wedding scene—with Grande in a white dress and veil. Hmm…

Also spotted: Bruiser Woods, Jenna Rink’s dollhouse, the burn book, tons of “Thank U, Next” signage, and Grande doing a perfect Elle Woods walk. Take a look, below:

Fans on social media are, obviously, pretty psyched.

The video ends with a title card reading, “Thank U, Next. Tomorrow. Bye.” So if you need us for the next however many hours, we’ll just be watching this on a loop until the actual video drops.

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Dolph Lundgren Doesn’t Think Sylvester Stallone Is Done With Rocky Just Yet

It’s been a little over a week since Creed II came out, and the sequel has been doing quite well for itself both critically and commercially. Just like with the first Creed movie, Sylvester Stallone reprised Rocky Balboa, but yesterday, Sylvester Stallone indicated that Creed II was his last time playing the character. However, Dolph Lundgren, who returned for Creed II as Ivan Drago, doesn’t think we’ve seen the last of the Italian Stallion. As Lundgren put it:

I’ve heard that before. I don’t really believe it, but we’ll see.

Dolph Lundgren does have a point, as there’ve already been three separate occasions when it looked like Sylvester Stallone was hanging up the boxing gloves for good. 1990’s Rocky V was the first, and given how critically derided that movie was, no doubt there were a lot of fans who were thankful when Rocky Balboa arrived 16 years later. That movie provided a much better conclusion to Rocky’s boxing career, but nine years, he was back again, but this time as coach and mentor. Now we’ve come to a third instance where it seems we’ve seen the last of Rocky, but Lundgren isn’t so sure this is the end.

And he isn’t the only one who thinks Sylvester Stallone might not be done playing Rocky Balboa just yet. Lundgren was joined in his interview on Good Morning Britain (via Digital Spy) by Florian Munteanu, who plays Viktor Drago, Adonis’ main opponent in Creed II. In Munteanu’s opinion:

I don’t think so either, but maybe not the big way that he turned out in the Rocky and the Creed franchise. I think, like, a smaller role maybe. We’ll see.

In case you missed Sylvester Stallone’s original message about Rocky on Instagram, you can read it below:

I just want to thank everyone around the whole wide World for taking the Rocky family into their hearts for over 40 years. It’s been my Ultimate privilege to have been able to create and play this meaningful character. Though it breaks my heart, Sadly all things must pass… and end. Keep punching, I love you Kind and generous people, and Rocky loves you too.

He doesn’t come right out and say he’s retiring as Rocky, but it sounds like he’s made up his mind. Still, things can change, and perhaps Florian Munteanu has the right idea predicting that Sylvester Stallone could return for Creed III in a smaller capacity. There’s no rule that says that Stallone has to have a leading role in the Creed movies since Adonis is the star of the show. To be fair, though, Creed II did lay the groundwork for Rocky to bid a final farewell.

Warning: SPOILERS for Creed II are ahead!

As was made abundantly clear in the marketing, Creed II was an indirect sequel to Rocky IV. Creed established that Adonis was the son of the late Apollo Creed and followed Adonis as he embarked on his own boxing career, but Creed II saw Adonis coming face-of-face with Ivan Drago, the man who killed Apollo more than 30 years ago, and duking it out with Viktor Drago in the ring.

But Ivan’s return also dredged up pain that had gone unhanded for years. Remember, Rocky could have called off the fight between Ivan and Apollo when things were looking bad for the latter, but Apollo told him not to, and he subsequently died in Rocky’s hands. And as Rocky told Adonis about his own fight with Apollo, “He broke things in me that ain’t never been fixed.” Clearly Rocky hadn’t fully gotten over what happened with Ivan, and even made a point of confirming to Ivan that he wouldn’t hang any pictures of their fight in his restaurant.

Rocky initially declined helping Adonis train for his first fight against Viktor Drago, which resulted in a temporary divide between the two that was healed when Adonis’ mother, Mary Anne, asked Rocky to help Adonis gets out of his mental slump following his defeat. Both men resolved for a re-match, they headed to Mexico for a different kind of regiment, and that was just the ticket to Adonis emerging victorious in his second fight against Viktor. Adonis got closure when it came to carrying on Apollo’s legacy, and when he invited Rocky to come into the ring immediately after the fight was over, Rocky declined, saying “It’s your time.”

It wasn’t just the Dragos that Rocky Balboa had to wrestle with in Creed II. The also established that Rocky was estranged from his son, Robert, and he hadn’t even met his grandson, Logan. But after Adonis beat Viktor at the end, Rocky traveled to Vancouver to mend his relationship with Robert and build a fresh one with Logan.

Between guiding Adonis Creed to continue his boxing career on his own and wanting to spend time with his son’s family, Creed II certainly could be a good time to shut the door on Rocky Balboa for good. Assuming Sylvester Stallone sticks to his guns and doesn’t plan on playing Rocky again, it will be interesting to see how the character’s absence is addressed. It could be something as simple as saying that Rocky moved to Vancouver to be closer to his family, or maybe Creed III would go so far as to actually kill off Rocky, leaving Adonis to cope with losing the man who’s been like a father to him.

If Creed III goes the killing route, maybe whoever’s leading the charge on that project could convince Sylvester Stallone to at least cameo, thus fulfilling Florian Munteanu’s idea of him having a smaller role. However, Stallone’s presence isn’t absolutely necessary to make that work. Then again, we don’t even know what the future of the Creed franchise looks like, as Creed III hasn’t officially gotten the green light yet. If/when it does, fans will surely want to know as soon as possible whether or not Stallone will participate.

Creed II is now playing in theaters, and be sure to read CinemaBlend’s review of the movie. Don’t forget to look through our holiday premiere guide to find out what 2018’s remaining movies are, or you can get a head start on next year by visiting our 2019 release schedule.

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