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Endgame’s Avengers 1 Callback Originally Looked Much Different

The old adage in war is that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. You can plan everything out before hand but when the action actually happens, things inevitably change. The same is largely true of making movies. You can have a script and you can work out how every scene is going to look in advance, but once you’re actually trying to put the movie together, things will always change. Avengers: Endgame was no different.

The editors behind Avengers: Endgame have revealed that, among the changes that the movie saw in the editing bay, was the way that the heroes entered the battle of New York from the original Avengers film. In the version we saw on screen, we saw the iconic group shot of the Avengers from that film (the image above) which was our establishing shot to tell the audience where in the battle we’re coming in. It seems that initially the time travelers joined the story a little bit later in the battle. According to editor Jeffrey Ford…

In the scene, Iron Man is fighting one of the massive Chitari creatures and he asks Jarvis if his AI companion is familiar with the story of Jonah and the Whale. Rather than trying to blast away at the creature’s armor, which has proven largely ineffective, Tony Stark flies into the creature’s open mouth and blasts his way out the back, which proves to be remarkably effective.

The moment is cool, but it’s not necessarily the first thing fans remember when thinking about that battle, and as such, Jeffrey Ford tells Business Insider that test audiences took some time to get up to speed with what they were seeing.

Apparently, another entry point that was tried was the Hulk’s complete dismantling of Loki by repeatedly smashing him into the ground. That likely would have worked quite well, but in the end, it was decided that another iconic moment worked better…

In the end, it really is hard to imagine, Avengers: Endgame doing anything else. That shot of the six team members together is quite possibly the single most iconic moment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even now.

Once you see that, even if you haven’t seen the first Avengers film in years, you know exactly where you are in time, which then lets the time traveling versions of those heroes get to work without the narrative having to explain anything. Even with a three hour runtime, there’s really no time for that.

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: 5 Must-See Attractions At Harry Potter World

harry potter deathly hollows poster

As someone who grew up adoring theme parks of all shapes and sizes, I don’t often truly feel as if I’ve been transported to another place and time whenever I’m visiting one. One obvious exception – or several, technically – is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located at both Universal Studios in Orlando and at Universal Studios Hollywood (and in Japan). Within the many brilliantly designed walls of Harry Potter World, fans can feel like wizards, monster hunters and more, instead of the silly Muggles we all are.

In Orlando, Harry Potter World is split into two different parks that are actually connected by the Hogwarts Express, a train ride that is worthy of one’s time even if there’s no reason to use it beyond geeking out. The first Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction within the Islands of Adventure park in 2010, while the Universal Studios Florida park opened its own Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction in 2014. Meanwhile, the Wizarding World within Universal Studios Hollywood was the latest to open, debuting in 2016.

While “Everything and Then Some” would likely be the main entry in this list if I was being casually frank about what fans should experience in Harry Potter World, we’ve got to set some boundaries. As such, here are 5 must-see attractions and rides to enjoy when wandering around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

wizarding world harry potter and the forbidden journey ride universal studios

Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey

I think many would agree that Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey became a watershed moment for fan-based theme park attractions, and if it contained the entirety of the Harry Potter World experience, it would suffice. Well, at least it would if some of the physical shops were set in there, and if libations were sold.

In any case, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a dark ride (non-coaster) that embraces the film and novel franchises entirely through both the pre-ride queue and through the 3D visuals of the ride itself. It’s one of the few theme park rides where fans will want to spend as much time as possible just waiting in line, which takes future riders through Hogwarts Castle. Not a detail is spared from floor to ceiling, as there are pitch-perfect replicas of famed areas within Hogwarts, not to mention the Sorting Hat.

Then there’s the ride itself, which takes fans on a virtual trip around the castle and through other non-Hogwarts areas of Harry Potter’s world. Get a bird’s eye view of Black Lake or get lost in the Forbidden Forest, and don’t be nervous about saying hello to the dragon. He won’t really burn you. All in all, an A+ experience from beginning to end.

wizarding world of harry potter wand shop ollivanders


Quick trips to smallish shops generally don’t allow for some of the most hype-worthy moments of a theme park visit, but only Harry Potter World features magic wand stores where the wand sometimes chooses the patrons. It feels magical just to say something so gloriously absurd.

The Ollivanders within the fabulous Daigon Alley area is the bigger of the two, though the Hogsmeade location has its own worthwhile surroundings. Potential customers are perfectly free to quickly pick up one of the many wands, either the plain versions or the more interactive ones, but everyone should stick around for a few minutes to check out the fun and slightly spooky wand-choosing shows that are held throughout the day. Younger kids are generally the recipients, but it’s a blast to take part in for older visitors as well.

Though certain Wizarding World of Harry Potter attendees might not want to shell out the money for a souvenir wand – surely a low percentage – the park experience is made all the more enjoyable by the slightly more expensive interactive wands. They perform a variety of enchanting tasks throughout the areas, with a handy map showing the less randomly adventurous fans where the wands can be used.

flight of the hippogriff riders universal studios florida

Flight Of The Hippogriff

The coaster in question started its life in Islands of Adventure as Flying Unicorn, but then became the Flight of the Hippogriff once the Wizarding World of Harry Potter updates went into effect. Retooled and re-themed for a more Harry Potter-esque experience, the ride is a junior coaster, but while it’s not meant for extreme heart-pounding thrills, it does deliver fan-friendly thrills in spades.

It’s not as extensive a Wizarding World set-up as the one in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey or Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, but having Hagrid offer instructions on Hippogriff-handling is a treat. This queue also provides a great time for picture-taking, with various Hippogriff replicas all around.

Riders are in for both a visual and visceral treat with Flight of the Hippogriff, which starts off with a lift boasting a full overview of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Then, it gets busy making people scream with some twists, dives and swoops throughout the lands surrounding Hagrid’s hut. Thankfully, none of the previous information needs to be put to memory, as the Hippogriff here does all the flying for you.

three broomsticks restaurant wizarding world of harry potter universal studios

Three Broomsticks

You know what they say about magic: don’t do it on an empty stomach. Or is it not to swim in magical rivers until until 30 minutes after you eat? However it goes, Wizarding World of Harry Potter has an assortment of locations for park-goers to grab a bite and/or a drink, such as the Leaky Cauldron. However, it goes without saying that the key location everyone should want to attend first is the Three Broomsticks restaurant.

Set inside the Hogsmeade area, Three Broomsticks is as hearty a Harry Potter World eatery as one could hope for. The open-spaced inn allows for just about all the details to be marveled at no matter where you’re sitting, and fans can imagine themselves hanging out with Harry & Co., shooting the breeze while waiting for some fish and chips.

For those looking for something a bit more adult, the back of Three Broomsticks features a Hog’s Head pub that will do the trick, even without a wand to stir things with. Try some of the signature Hog’s Head Brew (especially if it’s a hot mother-Felix-Felicis outside), or other iconic potables such as Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice. Just be sure to save room for a visit to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.

hagrid's magical creatures motorbike adventure ride universal studios

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

While this Wizarding World of Harry Potter roller coaster won’t actually go live for park attendees until June 13, 2019, just the preview information for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is enough to make one want to book a Universal Studios trip ASAP. Clearly, Hagrid is the Harry Potter World character with the biggest stronghold on top-notch rides.

Taking the place of the enjoyable-if-tangential Dragon Challenge coaster, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is a steel coaster that promises to be as epic an experience as anything a lowly Muggle could enjoy outside of Harry Potter World. Using cars modeled after Hagrid’s own motorcycle, the coaster takes riders on a unique experience filled with beloved characters and locations. Here’s the tantalizing way Universal Studios describes it:

For the first time ever, fly deep into the wilds of the Forbidden Forest, beyond the grounds of Hogwarts castle. As you twist past towering trees, magical creatures and wondrous surprises surround you. One misstep could drop you into an endless pit of Devil’s Snare, or put you in the sights of a centaur’s bow. Anything can happen here.

Anything can happen, people! Of course, it can only happen once you’re actually inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so getting there is Step 1.

Obviously, there are plenty of other amazing and mesmerizing moments and experiences to be had within Universal’s Harry Potter World, from the Dark Arts light show to the puppet performances to the aforementioned Escape from Gringott’s ride. Hopefully the future will bring more unrivaled wizardry, as J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore expands into new formats through a recent deal with Warner Bros.

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Stan Lee Didn’t Get To See Avengers: Endgame Before He Died

Avengers: Endgame Spoilers Ahead

It’s been weeks since Avengers: Endgame hit theaters, and the conversation surrounding the blockbuster is showing no signs of slowing. With the spoiler ban lifted, the cast and crew have been able to reveal more details, and answer lingering questions left after the film concluded. Endgame also marked Stan Lee’s final cameo in the MCU, due to his death in November of 2018.

Stan Lee’s Avengers: Endgame cameo doesn’t disappoint, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like the comic book icon got to see it before his passing. Kevin Feige recently broke the news that Lee didn’t get to see Endgame, saying:

What a bummer. But while Stan Lee didn’t get to watch the epic and complex narrative of Avengers: Endgame before passing away, he was at least cued into movie’s contents. And his final cameo is definitely one for the record books.

Kevin Feige’s reveal about Stan Lee came from the Marvel Studio Head’s recent Reddit AMA. Feige answered a variety of questions concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe– both its past and future. When asked if Lee got a chance to check out an early screener of Avengers: Endgame before his death, Feige revealed that the comic book legend preferred seeing them on the big screen.

It’s that same childlike wonder that is what makes Stan Lee such a legend, and why his creations were able to transcend pop culture. And considering how visually stunning Avengers: Endgame was, it deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible.

Especially the absolutely behemoth final battle at the Avengers Compound, which saw the dusted characters and countless characters engage Thanos’ army. The visual effects are stunning, with a ton of action and characters to follow in every frame. It’s only a shame that Stan Lee wasn’t able to enjoy every payoff and applause-inducing moment.

Stan Lee appeared in Avengers: Endgame in the film’s second act, during the super ambitious Time Heist sequence. After accidentally allowing Loki to escape with the Space Stone, Cap and Tony traveled back to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in 1970. As the exterior of the facility is set up, we see a car driving by with the license plate “excelsior”. Lee is behind the wheel, telling the government agency to make love, not war.

It’s hard to imagine the Marvel Cinematic Universe without Stan Lee, especially his iconic cameos. But his vision continues to live in the blood of the massive franchise, which is showing no signs of slowing down.

You can catch Stan Lee in Avengers: Endgame, which is ramping up for yet another weekend at the box office. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Sarah Jessica Parker Hit Back at Claims She and Her Husband Had a Public Screaming Match

Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t having it with the tabloids today. In her latest Instagram post, the Sex and the City actress claps back at the National Enquirer for claiming she and her husband of 22 years, Matthew Broderick, were “caught on camera in a public screaming match” in London.

The publication sent SJP’s team an email asking for comment on this story, which claims she and Broderick “erupted at each other over dinner…where Sarah confronted Matthew over how much time he is spending in London.” Instead of replying, though, she put the Enquirer on blast, posting a photo of the email alongside a pointed message.

“Just like clockwork. Over a decade of the same untrue, disgraceful nonsense,” Parker wrote. “As usual, days ahead of our anniversary on May 19th, The National Enquirer is making its annual best effort to fabricate and undermine, this time a blissful 4 days with my husband in London.”

She then shut down the Enquirer‘s rumor, writing, “There was no ‘screaming match,’ as alleged in a restaurant or on the street, nor was there a confrontation as alleged about his time in London. My children and I are enormously proud of the work he is doing.”

Parker continued, “After much thought, I have decided to share a typical letter of ‘inquiry’ from these people. As if the truth, a response or any comments from me or my publicist had any bearing on what they threaten to ‘report.’ Hey, National Enquirer and your sister publications, why not celebrate a marriage of 22 years and relationship of 27 years? Because, despite your endless harassment and wasted ink, we are nearing 3 decades of love, commitment, respect, family and home. There’s your ‘scoop’ From a ‘reliable source.'”

See her Instagram post for yourself, below:

Many of Sarah Jessica Parker’s famous friends chimed in with messages of support. “YOU GO SJ!!!!!!!! AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO A BEAUTIFUL LOVING COUPLE!!” Andy Cohen wrote.

Gwyneth Paltrow commented, “This is brilliant. And happy anniversary 😍”

Meanwhile, Parker’s Sex and the City co-star Willie Garson (a.k.a. Stanford Blatch) said, “Dear National Enquirer: This loving family takes care of each other, are terrific friends to many, and support us and each other unconditionally. I speak to Mrs. almost daily, and Mr. quite often as well. Oh, the horror! Perhaps find another punching bag, or someone else to lie about. ❤, me.”

The National Enquirer has yet to respond.

My Disability Is Not A Burden: But to Convince Potential Dates, I First Have to Convince Myself

Since the first try, I’ve had a couple of dating profiles on sites like Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid. I even attempted EHarmony. Each time, the setup is the same: call a friend to help, get drunk, agonize over where to put the term “wheelchair user” in the bio and try to find the best picture of myself…then wait.

I always disclose my disability in my profile, because I don’t have time for games or that extra tinge of fear that comes when you are trying to figure out when to reveal your big “secret” to someone. On my most recent try a few years ago, I was messaging with a guy for a few days, probably talking about a TV show. I was a big basketball fan at the time, so the subject came up. “I haven’t played, though,” I said, “I don’t know how to find a wheelchair basketball team.” He made polite conversation with me for the night and then…ghosted.

The most awkward encounter I had started out promising. This guy wrote paragraphs—as a writer, someone who’s eloquent and shows they’ve read my profile is a must. Aside from his ability to form coherent sentences, I wasn’t super into him but I knew I wanted a real relationship, and to me that means taking time to get to know someone. Then one night, he dropped the bomb: “I should tell you I’m a devotee.”

A devotee is someone who fetishizes wheelchairs and disability. As a disabled woman, devotees inspire fear in me. I’m not here to fetish shame anyone but my disability isn’t who I am—it’s just one part. I knew almost instantly that I wouldn’t be able to handle being in a relationship like that. Still, I was curious. “So, erm, do you want to like…know what brand my wheelchair is or something?” I asked. He did. Apparently, he was into my answer and asked if I wanted to move our chat off the app. I didn’t. The next day he completely disappeared from the site—perhaps in search of an even sexier wheelchair brand.

I quit online dating after that, choosing to focus on the other things that make me feel fulfilled instead. But I don’t want to be alone forever. Dr. Phil’s comments made me realize that I was internalizing other people’s damaging opinions about disability and dating—somewhere in a dark corner of my mind a little voice had been sending me the same message Dr. Phil wrongly promoted on his show. I’ve been seeing my disability as a burden—myself as a burden—and it’s kept me from pursuing the kind of relationship I want. My entire adult life I’ve been coming up with excuses, telling myself that I’m not independent enough to date.

So, I decided to write this essay about how I’m ready to try again—this time reminding myself that dating with a disability isn’t about finding someone who’s turned on by my wheelchair or worrying about crossing the proverbial interabled line. Relationships, especially the good ones, aren’t about being completely self-sufficient. Relying on a partner—whether it’s to help you sort out a stressful situation at work, cook a meal, or open a door for you when you can’t—doesn’t make you a burden. But every time I tried to write the ending—the part where I stepped away from my computer and actually made a profile—I kept writing excuses.

Excuses are not an ending. So, I called my best friend, allowed myself some wine to quell the fear, and we made me a dating profile. Now it’s official: I’m there. I’m on the apps, swiping the faces—more left than right, but hey it’s a start. Is it easy? No. But I’m proud of myself for doing it anyways. Every other time I’ve created a dating profile there was an ulterior motive behind it—I was lonely or felt pressured to hurry up and find someone to prove that my disability isn’t a burden that disqualifies me from dating. This time, I’m entering the dating world for me, because I know I’m worth getting to know.

Theater Accidentally Screens R-Rated The Curse Of La Llorona Instead Of Detective Pikachu

Movie theaters are busy places with a lot of moving parts, so it’s to be expected that mistakes will happen. However, one recent theater error may have left lots of children scarred for life when instead of a screening of Detective Pikachu, an audience comprised largely of children, was subjected to The Curse of La Llorona and all the trailers that went with it.

The situation started when Ryan George went to a screening that was supposed to be Detective Pikachu. As one would expect, the theater had a lot of kids in it. They, and their parents, probably began to wonder when the first thing to happen after the lights went down was a trailer for a movie that those kids really didn’t need to be subjected to. As George said on Twitter…

The children did not look away. As one might expect, this did not go well. If this had been a random mismatch of a trailer and had been an isolated incident, things probably would have been ok. However, it was not. The next trailer to run wasn’t much better.

I can imagine at this point the parents might have been more upset than the kids. I can imagine very young children looking forward to Detective Pikachu simply being more confused by the Joker trailer than anything. Parents, however, were probably quite disturbed.

If you guessed that the terror did not end there, you’d be correct.

Yeah, the killer toy probably went over really well with both the kids and their parents. I can imagine.

Of course, as it turned out, the random horror movie trailers stuck in front of Detective Pikachu were actually just symptoms of a bigger problem, as the theater had actually mis-scheduled the screening and was actually playing Conjuring-verse movie The Curse of La Lorona instead of the Pokemon movie.

At some point, the mistake was realized and the movie was shut off, at which point the entire audience was moved into another theater that had, one assumes, started playing Detective Pikachu accidentally, as the new audience found the film waiting for them.

One certainly hopes they started the movie over from the beginning once the audience was seated.

With modern theaters it’s now incredibly convenient to move any given movie to any screening room where it’s needed with just a couple presses of a button. There’s no need to physically move reels or even a disc. However, if those buttons are pressed in error, you can end up giving kids nightmares.

BTS Pay Tribute To Legendary Beatles Performance In Colbert Debut

BTS, fresh off of blazing the SummerStage at Good Morning America yesterday, made their debut on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night. They were the musical guests and their performance of the magnetic “Boy With Luv” came with a unique twist that paid homage to the Beatles. Their debut was a magical moment, with any snapshots absolutely necessary to be framed and hung on walls. The Beatles are looking down, smiling and proud.

BTS wore matching black slim suits for their performance of “Boy With Luv” in homage to the Beatles legendary performances on the “Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964. Host Stephen Colbert slicked his hair back and gave the best Sullivan-like introduction humanly possible, also shooting the entire moment in black and white. The group took the stage with its magician-like choreography and belted the pop number in a timeless manner. This will age like wine as the Beatles performance did. In another forty-five years, a band dressed similar to BTS will pay their own homage.

“Boy With Luv” is BTS’ collaboration with Halsey that appears on their recently released album Map Of The Soul: Persona. They performed the number together with her for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month. Last month, they made their debut on SNL

Take a look at this honorable performance of “Boy With Luv” up above.

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Suggests Varys Took His Rings Off for an Important Reason

This post contains spoilers for the final season of Game of Thrones. Consider yourself warned.

The countdown to the final episode ever of Game of Thrones is on, and we’re not quite sure what everyone’s going to do with themselves once the juggernaut HBO show ends. In the meantime, I guess we’ll all just continues to analyze (and criticize) every frame of footage to try and figure out what is going to happen on Sunday night.

One prevailing guess among fans is that Daenerys Targaryen is going to die. In the previous episode, Dany basically breaks bad—possibly becoming the Mad Queen—and torches huge swaths of King’s Landing with her lone remaining dragon, Drogon. Based on the reactions of Jon Snow and Arya Stark, it would seem they’re not comfortable with her new leadership strategy. And some fans think will lead to Arya taking down the Mother of Dragons, just as she did the Night King.

If she is indeed the one to kill Dany, perhaps Arya will use her training by the Faceless Men to get close to her. But a new fan theory (first laid out on Buzzfeed) suggests the actual method: poison. We know that Varys sent letters—presumably telling others in the realm about Dany’s “madness” and Jon’s rightful claim to the Iron Throne—before he was executed. And, as Buzzfeed points out, he also very deliberately removes his rings while writing.

What could that mean? The theory suggests that there may be poison in one of them that is meant to kill the Mother of Dragons—and it’s based on the show’s history with deadly accessories. Back in season four when Olenna killed Joffrey, she did so with poison that was originally hidden in a jewel in Sansa’s necklace.

We already know that the Master of Whispers was trying to assassinate Dany with poison, so the thinking is that he deliberately removed the rings because he knew he was about to die and wanted to leave them for someone else like Arya, Jon, or Sansa to use.

We’ll find out on Sunday when the saga comes to an end.

Abby Gardner is a contributing writer at Glamour. You can follow her pop culture musings on Twitter @abbygardner or in her weekly newsletter, We Have Notes.

Best Face Oil for Every Skin Type and How to Use Them

For most of us, using face oils should be pretty straightforward: Step one, smear on face. Step two, carry on with your day. But the reality isn’t quite so simple. Ask a handful of people what face oils actually do, and you’re likely to get a range of claims—they hydrate, they don’t hydrate, they clog your pores, they help with breakouts, they work miracles, so on and so forth. Confused? We’re here to help you find the best face oil for your skin concerns and how to use it.

What are face oils?

Oils are oils. This seems like it should be a no-brainer. But oils are also emollients, which means that unlike creams or ointments, which sink deep into skin for intensive, long-lasting hydration, oils tend to hang out near the surface. Essentially, their moisturizing power just isn’t up to snuff. But while you don’t get quite as much moisture, it’s not like they’re not doing anything useful. “Oils do add barrier protection, silkiness, and superficial hydration,” says cosmetic dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D. They may sink into your skin just enough to nourish the topmost layer—but that’s still not a whole lot compared with true hydrating heavyweights like hyaluronic acid, which literally binds water to skin cells.

A good way to think of it is that oils alone are not moisturizers (and you shouldn’t use them as such). Instead, they should accompany traditionally moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. “A good moisturizer has to deliver both water and oil,” says aesthetician Ling Chan. “Your cells drink the water while oils stay on the outside of the cell for protection and lubrication.” An oil is actually integral to healthy skin, since it acts as the sealant that keeps moisture in. Without it, moisture just leeches out until the next time you apply cream. While this isn’t necessarily going to wreck your skin, it’s definitely not ideal—and it becomes a bigger problem in dry winter weather.

What do face oils do?

Oils give skin an instant softness and smoothness that can be kind of addictive (seriously, try slathering one on and see if you can stop petting your face). But more than that, they’re often packed with essential nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Plus, adds Chan, they form a protective layer for your skin cells. While they’re not the end-all-be-all solution to skin issues, they do their fair share by repairing and protecting your skin barrier, which helps your skin absorb other skin care products. If you’re not seeing the dreamy skin you imagined you would from serums and moisturizers alone, an oil might be able to make that happen.

How do you use face oils?

You can always mix oils in with your moisturizer, but if you’re going to give them their own spot of honor in your skin care routine, do it before you moisturize but after—or even instead of—your serum. Now, for some bad news: Certain types can clog your pores if you’re prone to breakouts. One of the biggest offenders? Beloved coconut oil. “Coconut oil will stay on the top of your skin for hours,” says Chan. “When oils are too heavy, they don’t allow your skin to breathe.” Your best bets are oils with a smaller molecular size, like argan oil, squalane oil, and jojoba oil. They sink into skin quicker and never get the chance to clog pores.

The best face oils for every skin type

1. Best Face Oil for All Skin Types
Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil, $95,

Buy it for the cool gold flakes floating around in the bottle, but use it for the camellia oil, which packs more antioxidants than any other oil out there.

Kevin Feige Teases The Return Of The Mandarin And The Ten Rings In The MCU

We have the Ten Rings terrorist organization to thank for Tony Stark becoming a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because without them, Tony would have never built his first Iron Man suit. And while the group’s leader, The Mandarin, proved to be a fraud in Iron Man 3, we later learned that there really is a Mandarin out there running The Ten Rings and keeping a low profile.

It’s been five years since the All Hail the King short film clued us in on the real Mandarin’s existence, and since then, not only have we not learned anything else about this mysterious individual, but the Ten Rings hasn’t popped back up either. However, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has now teased that we could see this terrorist organization and/or its leader in the coming years.

During a Reddit AMA, Kevin Feige was asked if there were any plans for The Ten Rings or the real Mandarin for the future. His response: a simple “Yes.” Just to be clear, Feige didn’t indicate what he was saying yes to. It could be just one of those things or both of them, but nevertheless, this gives us another little peek into what’s coming up for this superhero franchise.

In case you need a refresher, the Mandarin the world was introduced in Iron Man 3 was actually just a drunken actor named Trevor Slattery who the movie’s real villain, Aldrich Killian, hired to take responsibility for the ‘attacks’ across the world, when the destruction was actually being caused by Killian’s Extremis experiments. Killian later claimed that he was the real Mandarin, but outside of having some dragon tattoos, there was nothing about him that screamed true Mandarin.

Then, when Trevor Slattery was in prison and living the high life thanks to his fellow inmates respecting him, he was visited by a documentarian named Jackson Norriss, who was really a Ten Rings agent sent to break Slattery out of prison and deliver him to the real Mandarin. We haven’t heard anything about The Mandarin or Slattery’s fate since then, although it’s not unreasonable to assume that regarding the latter, Aldrich Killian’s former stooge is probably dead.

So for the sake of argument, let’s assume that both The Mandarin and The Ten Rings will appear in the MCU again. Where will this be? I previously suggested Shang-Chi would be a good place to bring The Mandarin into play, as he would serve as an effective substitute for the eponymous protagonist’s father from the comics, Fu Manchu, a.k.a. Zheng Zu.

One thing we won’t get to see The Mandarin do in the MCU is fight Iron Man, as Tony Stark sacrificed his life to save all of existence in Avengers: Endgame. Nevertheless, The Mandarin is one of those villains who’s antagonized all sorts of heroes in the Marvel universe, and given The Ten Rings’ reputation in the MCU, it would be easy enough to pit him against someone else.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend concerning what the future holds for The Ten Rings and The Mandarin in the MCU. For now, if you’re curious about what this superhero franchise has coming down the pipeline, head to our Marvel movies guide.