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Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review

At first, I didn’t understand the hype surrounding Huda Beauty. While everyone else was singing endless praises of the Rose Gold palette on Instagram and urging me to try it, I simply lifted one shoulder in the weary shrug of someone who has swatched approximately 53,857,612 eyeshadows. Objectively, I could see the appeal of Huda Kattan’s viral line; the glimmering textures and the vibrant shades certainly looked beautiful in the link a coworker sent me. Subjectively? I was more interested in what the cafeteria was serving for lunch that day.

That all changed late last year when fate made Huda’s Desert Dusk palette land on my desk, so I could finally experience love at first sight. I lifted the lid, and the 18 pans of color bewitched me on the spot. I wore them daily after that, reveling in their perfect textures and mesmerizing hues. Everywhere I went, someone would unfailingly comment on my eye makeup—makeup artists, editors, friends, and once, even an A-list celebrity. And since I usually smeared them on with my fingers, I knew it was the palette (not my less-than-stellar application skills) that deserved the credit.

So when Glamour‘s senior beauty editor, Lindsay Schallon, texted me about Huda’s latest release, I experienced prickles of intrigue. “I never wear eyeshadow and this changed me,” she insisted. “You’ll be obsessed.” In all the time that I have known her, I have heard her wax rhapsodic about many things—including dainty necklaces and her cat—but never eyeshadow. [Editor’s note: It’s true] I knew I had to investigate further.

The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette launched earlier this month, and it’s already racked up plenty of rave reviews on social media. Kattan specifically designed it to house a balance of cool and warm tones, cycling through countless color variations and textures until she landed on the final result. The goal was to “reinvent” traditional nude palettes since “today everyone has their own interpretation of nude,” she said. I’ll admit that my all-consuming love for Desert Dusk gave me tunnel vision, so I initially scrolled right past the more mellow selection of pinks, berries, and neutrals. But, when I gave it a second look in person, I instantly understood why so many people were falling hard for another one of her creations.

Like the other palettes Huda Beauty sells, the New Nude also contains 18 pans. But, because Kattan is a makeup queen that never stops innovating, there are additional surprises inside. Ten of the shades are satin mattes—smooth (thanks to aloe vera and coconut oil), flat colors with a soft-focus finish. I love these for blending and building dimension. Then, there are four multi-reflective pearls, a formula that combines the best qualities of duo-chrome and metallic shadows. Two pressed glitters, a creamy pressed pearl, and a beige cream base complete the set.

To truly understand the genius of the New Nude, you really need to see it in person. I found myself so inspired by the dazzling selection that I even used her eyeshadow brushes instead of my fingers to complete my masterpieces—a rare occurrence. I first tried layering a selection of plum and berry shades: Raw, Kinky, Fantasy, Excite, and Teddy. After filling up my camera roll with the appropriate number of selfies (500, give or take a few), I tried a pairing that emphasized the iridescent quality of her multi-reflective pearl formula. Layering Charmed and Play resulted in a dreamy lid wash that alternately flashed violet and peach in the cool winter light. Finally, I mixed Crave, Play, and Infatuated. The combination was subtle, but it coated my eyes in a gleaming halo of shimmer. Picture the inside of a seashell bathed in gentle mood lighting. That was me at the end of this process—cue another 500 selfies.

I won’t be giving up Desert Dusk anytime soon (or ever, really), but if you only buy one palette this year, this is it. Plus, take it from me: Once you get your hands on it, you won’t be able to let go.

Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette, $65,

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Taron Egerton Says Elton John Biopic Rocketman Isn’t Holding Anything Back

When you think of the movie musical, you think of fun song and dance numbers that, traditionally, are part of a grand, larger than life story. However, the tone of a musical is usually such that things never get too serious or too deep. However, it seems that the forthcoming musical about the life of Elton John, Rocketman, is going all in, as star Taron Egerton has revealed that the film includes an apparently quite physical gay sex scene with Richard Madden, and even deals with the singer’s time spent in rehab. According to Egerton…

Richard Madden plays the role of John Reid in Rocketman, who became Elton John‘s manager as well as lover. It seems that when it came time for the two to film a sex scene together, both of the actors decided to give it their all. While Egerton doesn’t really go into detail about what that means, it sounds like we could be in for quite a passionate love scene.

However, what’s probably more interesting about Taron Egerton’s comments to The List is his revealing that the movie is about Elton John in rehab. The first trailer for the film does show Elton John getting indulgent, and one shot where he’s receiving medical attention of some kind. It sounds like the rehab aspect might be a framing device for the film, a place for Elton John to look back on his life and career, which might also explain why the story gets a little fantastic when it comes to the more traditional movie musical elements. It’s all happening in Elton’s head.

Telling stories about a person’s real life in film is always tough because no life is without its darker elements and while you want to tell a story that is true, a filmmaker also wants to tell one that is entertaining for the audience in someway. That need for entertainment is all the more true when you’re making a musical, so Rocketman could be forgiven if it glossed over some elments of Elton John’s life, especially since the movie isn’t designed to be a realistic biopic, the tagline for the film is that it is based on a “real fantasy.”. However, it seems that, at least in some cases, the movie decided to be more serious and, as Taron Egerton says, “adult.”

It certainly appears that Rocketman will be tacking a more serious an honest approach to the material than something like The Greatest Showman. While that one was a fun musical, it couldn’t exactly be said to not be watering anything down. Rocketman will be in theaters in May.

Best Divorce Gifts: 20 Presents To Give from Etsy

Earlier this month, Ariana Grande created the breakup anthem we all needed with “thank u, next“. The newly anointed ponytailed patron saint of taking the high road also offered sage advice to women looking to pick out the perfect engagement ring with a single Instagram comment: don’t. Some might say she’s bitter but it’s evident from the lyrics of “thank u, next” that, if anything, she’s the opposite. Just because her last engagement didn’t pan out doesn’t mean the next one won’t.

This is all very important because chances are you may currently know someone who is saying “thank u, next” to their last marriage. While most people have a combined dating history and engagement time that’s longer than the span of four months, but like Grande suggests, maybe the best thing to do after getting a divorce (or ending an engagement) isn’t to harp on the past or to fixate on getting even but to move on. And you know what makes moving on easier? Gifts! And what better place to find presents specifically tailored to separating than on Etsy.

From custom mugs to swill wine from to keychains engraved with the date of one’s divorce, we mined the craft Mecca for the wittiest gifts to buy a friend—or yourself—post-divorce. If your pal isn’t quite ready to laugh yet, we’ve also included some goodies that err on the side of empathy, like calming herbal bath salts and aura-cleansing sage.

The Creed II Characters The Director Wants To Explore In A Spinoff Movie

Warning: Spoilers for *___Creed II_*__are in play. If you haven’t seen the film yet, please bookmark this page, and come back once you’re current.**

Creed III is a movie that, while not officially confirmed, seems only a heartbeat away from actually happening. But besides the further adventures of Adonis Creed and his family, there’s another possibility in the air, spinning off the story of Ivan and Viktor Drago into a separate film exploring their relationship further. Creed II’s director Steven Caple Jr. is certainly behind the concept, as he admitted the following to CinemaBlend:

While the bulk of Creed II is focused on Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed, and how he not only navigates challenges inside and outside of the ring, there’s a B story that weaves its way into the film involving the legacy of the Drago family name. In particular, we learn of Ivan’s disgrace after being beaten by Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) in Rocky IV, which was so great the man was basically disowned by the Soviet Union.

Not to mention, the fallout of that match also lead to his wife Ludmilla, played by Brigitte Nielsen in Rocky IV, abandoning him and their son Viktor. Which, in turn, has led to both Drago men having a bit of a complex when it comes to winning in the ring. By time their star starts rising again, Ludmilla’s surprise resurgence in their lives only stokes the fires.

Most importantly though is the fact that Creed II has actually humanized Dolph Lundgren’s infamous fighter, giving Ivan a more identifiable side in this latest film. So not only is a spin-off possible for Ivan and Viktor Drago, but it’s something that fans would more than likely want to watch.

Director Steven J. Caple Jr. certainly seems to think so, as he admitted in his interview with CinemaBlend that he kind of treated Creed II as a semi-spinoff for the Dragos in the first place. While this certainly doesn’t rob Adonis’s story of any sort of shine, it does leave the audience wanting more from the Drago side of the house, especially as we see Ivan slowly realize just what he’s doing by pushing his son’s career in the ring.

As Creed II closes the book on the Dragos, we see Ivan and Viktor go back into training, but we feel a palpable tension between the two men. There are unspoken, unsettled issues that are still lingering as the men return to the streets of their foreign home. So while Adonis Creed’s story may seem to have a limited number of paths to travel in order to make a proper sequel happen, there’s still some room for the Dragos to break the past, and the barriers between each other.

Creed II is in theaters now. The Drago spinoff could be coming. Would you watch it?

Do you want Ivan and Viktor Drago to get a spinoff?

Quotes About Divorce From Famous Women

Divorce is never an easy thing to go through, but imagine experiencing it under the harsh glare of the spotlight. That’s what Jennifer Aniston, Mary J. Blige, Reese Witherspoon, and countless other celebrity women had to do when they parted ways from their famous spouses. Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are only separated, and even she’s had to deal with incessant questioning about the state of her relationship and happiness. It’s daunting, but she’s taken the situation in stride—as have so many female celebrities before her.

Below, these four women—and others—open up about their divorces, and the concept of getting divorced in general. Their emotional responses run the gamut—something anyone who’s experienced divorce can probably relate to—and their candor is commendable. Read on.

My Parents Divorced at the Same Time as Brad and Jen—and Yes, There Was an Angelina

They were an impossibly good-looking couple, forever rocking micro-shades, twinning with their similarly bronzed skin and early-aughts cool. Their divorce—and the woman who was rumored to have caused it—rocked the community. I’m not referring to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. I’m talking about my parents and their scandalous separation.

My mother and father first split when I was 10 years old, in 2003. They told me it was amicable, that it wasn’t my fault, that they’d always be my parents. But their split was messy. For the first two years, they still lived in the same house. They dabbled in couples therapy, slept in separate rooms, and took turns having nights out with their single friends (dad’s night out was always Thursday, mom got the Tuesday shift). It wasn’t until 2005 that my father moved out and I realized what we were dealing with was more than just a new sleeping arrangement—that their break up was the real deal.

Then, as luck would have it, a certain celebrity—one that could be classified as the most famous in the world at the time—announced her own divorce, right as my parents began proceedings on theirs, forever tethering two conscious uncouplings in my mind.

I’d always loved Jennifer Aniston and considered myself a for-real fan. I was also nine years old and alarmingly invested in her marriage to Brad Pitt. Exhibit A: The letter to I wrote to Jen in 2002, saying, “Please tell your husband that I thought he did a very good job in Ocean’s Eleven and that it was one of my favorite movies.” I loved that, in her wedding vows, she promised to always make Brad’s favorite banana milkshake, that he made a cameo on Friends as the president of the “I Hate Rachel Green Club,” that they always showed up to red carpets looking like the all-American golden couple they were.

So when they broke up, I was stunned. But when I found out why they broke up, I was really stunned. The Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie alleged love triangle was my first glimpse of infidelity. And as the tabloids chronicled every single facet of the relationship’s demise (with vile headlines that often alluded to rumors about Jen’s unwillingness or inability to have children). I started to piece together the rumblings I’d been hearing in my own household, the whispers from all of the adults in my life. It was the inescapable and addictive news coverage of Jen, Brad, and Angelina that made me realize the glaringly obvious fact that my parent’s marriage had ended in a similar fashion.

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Soon To Wed

PHOTO: Dan Callister

It didn’t take long for the media’s obsession with the end of the golden couple to turn into a full-on Jen vs. Angie feeding frenzy. Every tabloid pitted them against each other, and retailers like early 2000s celebrity-favorite, Kitson, sold “Team Aniston,” and “Team Jolie” shirts—most famously worn by Paris and Nicky Hilton on L.A.’s Robertson Boulevard.

It was this narrative—these two women as eternal mortal enemies—that both the press and I clung to. In my mind, my mother became Jennifer Aniston: the scorned girl next door. And my father’s new girlfriend, with her belly button piercing, skimpy clothing, and wild mane, became a stand-in for Angelina. So I swore loyalty to my mother and Team Aniston, opted out of seeing Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and cursed Angie’s name when the W spread of Brangelina playing house hit newsstands.

And it stayed that way for years. I saw The Breakup opening weekend, every time someone praised Angelina’s philanthropic work I retorted that she was a homewrecker. Obviously, I knew nothing of the situation other than what the rags were reporting, yet I stood by Jen despite a few questionable romantic choices (John Mayer? Really?). In my real life, I grew older and even closer to my mother as I continued to keep my distance from my Angie and held tight to the vision of my parents’ divorce I’d stolen from the headlines years prior.

2009 Cannes Film Festival - Inglourious Basterds Premiere

PHOTO: Jean Baptiste Lacroix

Then something funny happened. In 2016, Brangelina parted ways. At first, I was thrilled. Remember that New York Post cover that came out with Jen laughing about their separation announcement? That was my reaction, except I was laughing even harder. But then it didn’t take long for the rumors to emerge that their split was prompted by Brad’s on-set affair with French actress Marion Cotillard while filming another sexy spy flick, Allied. Though it seemingly proved to be nothing other than gossip, it struck an emerging-feminist nerve: During all my years of anger, there were two people I was never mad at: Brad and my father.

As a young girl who loved (and still absolutely loves) her dad, the tale of Brangelina provided me with the perfect way to avoid assigning my father any blame. It made the women in my father’s life the center of the drama, absolving him of any misdoing. Much like how, in the media, we were all so obsessed with the Jen and Angie feud, that Brad got out of it nearly unscathed. In all the T-shirt making, where was the “Team Fuck Brad” top?

But with the demise of Brangelina, I no longer felt vindicated. I just felt sad. This was a real marriage that ended, and all the press could do was start circulating “will they or won’t they” articles about a Brad and Jen reconciliation. I no longer found comfort in the narrative the media had created, instead I was outraged, that these women’s pain was made into the story of the ages. And I was angry at myself, for deriving so much pleasure from it.

While the media hasn’t retired the lonely ex versus the hot replacement girlfriend storyline, as women in Hollywood come together to say Time’s Up, they’re also calling bullshit on this narrative. Take Olivia Munn and Anna Faris, who didn’t let themselves become Jen and Angie take two after Anna’s divorce from Chris Pratt. When rumors swirled Olivia and Chris were having an affair, she posted an Instagram text exchange with Anna and captioned it, “Not every woman is scorned and upset after a breakup,” Munn wrote. “Not every woman is ‘furious’ at another woman for dating her ex…So even if I was dating [Chris], some tabloids got me and [Anna] all wrong…women respect and love each other a lot more than some people like to think.” But it’s not the women’s responsibility to dispel the rumors, it’s society’s obligation to wake up and realize that pitting women against women is a bad look—plain and simple.

So I’m sorry, Angelina, and Jen, too, for perpetuating a story you never chose to be a part of, and were never given the opportunity to excuse yourselves from. I’m on both your teams.

6 Actors Who Should Play Spike In Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Series

Netflix is making a Cowboy Bebop live-action series, and now that the ball is rolling it’s time to discuss potential actors to play the anime’s lead character Spike Spiegel. There was once a time when Keanu Reeves, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and others were considered ideal for the role, but we’re years past that failed film. Without further ado, here’s a fresh set of faces we’d love to see take a shot at portraying the anime icon.

Andrew Garfield

The key to casting Spike Spiegel, I believe, is finding someone athletic while at the same time not someone anyone would deem an “action hero.” Andrew Garfield is definitely not an action hero, but he was Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man films and a soldier in Hacksaw Ridge. Plus, he’s got the long hair that can be manipulated in that style that really only looks good when anime characters do it.

On top of all that, Andrew Garfield seems like an actor who can walk that line between being a sarcastic asshole and still caring. He also seems to be in a creative role phase, so perhaps a live-action Netflix anime adaptation is just the thing he’d need to showcase a side of himself audiences don’t see a lot of. It would take a bit getting used to his voice over Steve Blum’s but that would be true with most people.

Joe Keery

Most of what sold me on Joe Keery as Spike Spiegel is that most of Spike Spiegel’s traits exist in Steve Harrington. He’s wiry, scrappy, witty, and can sometimes be a douche. Granted, Steve’s hand-to-hand combat skills are well below that of Spike, but he can take a brutal beating which is another indicator he might be Spike’s great-grandfather from several generations prior.

As much as we’d all like it to, Stranger Things won’t last forever. Netflix could lock him down on Cowboy Bebop, and warm a few diehard fans from his other show up to this live-action series that there’s no stopping. After all, winning the fans is half the battle, and Keery’s the type of casting that folks could root for, even if they’re still unsure about the whole rebooting of a classic anime.

Lakeith Stanfield

No, Lakeith Stanfield doesn’t resemble Spike Spiegel, not even a bit. Live-action adaptations are known to switch things up a bit, and if there ever was an actor that audiences could rally behind regardless of his resemblance to the character, he’s it. Those who disagree need to look no further than his performance as L in Netflix’s critically panned live-action film Death Note.

Stanfield looked to be the only person who watched the Death Note anime in that film, or at least the only one who used it to influence his performance. He looked absolutely nothing like the animated character, yet Lakeith Stanfield had the mannerisms and speech pattern down pat. It was genuinely impressive to me as someone who loved the source material, and I have no doubt he’d put just as much work into mastering Spike if not more if given that chance.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

A lot of the entries on this list come with some sort of caveat as to why bringing them on would be difficult or not ideal, minus Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He’s built similar to Spike, he’s well-versed in geek culture, and he’s around the right age for someone to play the character. Like seriously, it’s hard to build a valid argument as to why anyone but Taylor-Johnson should have this role.

On top of all that, he recently appeared in Outlaw King, which is a Netflix exclusive. Netflix only has the rights to the film, however, so perhaps that doesn’t mean much towards the phenomena in which actors of Netflix originals always tend to bleed into the streaming giant’s other projects. Whatever the case may be, Aaron Taylor-Johnson may be about the perfect mix of star power and look this casting could get, so hopefully, he’s on Netflix’s radar.

Ross Butler

Ross Butler is another star on the rise, and beyond his Season 1 stint on Riverdale, Netflix is to thank. The 13 Reasons Why actor could jump on a leading role in Cowboy Bebop, which could serve as a big boost in his star power if done right. Plus, his Asian heritage but American roots would feel true to the dubbed version of Spike Spiegel.

That said, Ross Butler is a little buffer than Spike, which would be a problem. Spike Spiegel is a muscular dude, but he was drawn to have a thin frame. Finding that body type is going to be hard in general, so some compromises would have to be made in finding someone that suits him. For Netflix, the question would have to be if they’re set on finding an actor who best portrays the character physically, or emotionally.

Shia LaBeouf

While this may sound like an out-there casting at first, once one sifts through all their crazy memories of Shia LaBeouf, they’ll remember he’s a damn good actor. Labeouf also naturally has that cocky attitude in his roles that embody the character of Spike Spiegel. I’m fairly confident Spike is a role LaBeouf could knock out of the park if he wanted to, but that’s a big if.

Even if he’s gone to some weird places in the film sphere, it has been a long time since Shia LaBeouf has done television. He had a Saturday Night Live hosting back in 2007, and before that was his role on Even Stevens. Television doesn’t seem like a medium he wants to commit to for an extended period of time, so getting him in the door with Netflix for a meeting on Cowboy Bebop may be half the battle.

Is the perfect actor to play Spike left off this list? If so, leave that actor’s name in the comments below. The Cowboy Bebop live-action series is currently in development at Netflix. It could be a while before audiences see any footage or hear any casting news about the project, so be sure to check out what’s happening in television in the meantime via our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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Watch Chrissy Teigen Insult The Voice Coaches In Hilarious Audition

Chrissy Teigen is arguably best-known for her social media commentary and role as co-host of Lip Sync Battle, but she hit the airwaves on NBC for a very different reason. She co-hosted A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy with husband John Legend, and it saw the two engage in all kinds of holiday shenanigans with a recognizable supporting cast. As part of the festivities, Chrissy Teigen starred in a sketch that saw her auditioning for The Voice, and she took a different tack than most contestants. Take a look!

I don’t know if I’ve ever related to a celebrity more than Chrissy Teigen in this sketch! Admittedly, I would not go the route of doling out the insults on national television, but I imagine that I too would panic just a little bit if expected to sing in front of successful musicians. Way to be, Chrissy Teigen!

Admittedly, this wasn’t a real audition for The Voice, so the stakes weren’t exactly sky-high. The sketch was actually a dream sequence of Chrissy Teigen’s where her subconscious dragged her onto the Voice stage in her pajamas and Christmas-themed slippers. She didn’t want to sing, but she also didn’t want to lose. She came to the conclusion that she had to try and win the coaches’ support and get them to hit their buzzers and turn around in their chairs by making them laugh.

Well, what better way to befriend Blake Shelton and Adam Levine than by insulting the other? Chrissy Teigen started out by mocking Adam Levine, first for his title of “sexiest man alive” courtesy of People and then by claiming that she is a sexier man the he is. That was all Blake Shelton needed to hear to hit his buzzer in support of her.

Hitting his buzzer didn’t spare him Chrissy Teigen’s mockery next, although she didn’t mention his “sexiest man alive” title. Instead, she adopted an accent and began to make fun of Blake Shelton’s affinity for country music, which delighted Adam Levine into hitting his buzzer and turning his chair. Chrissy Teigen was left with two more coaches.

She didn’t actually have to get too harsh with Kelly Clarkson. Thanks to the advice of Adam Levine, she just started talking super quickly and complimented Clarkson on her babies, and Clarkson didn’t waste a second in hitting the buzzer once her babies were mentioned. Getting the go-ahead from Clarkson meant that Teigen had only one more coach to win over: John Legend.

Yes, John Legend has signed on The Voice as its newest coach in what was a natural next step at the network after the success of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in the spring, so Chrissy Teigen was faced with the prospect of getting her husband to hit his buzzer for her.

She dismissed the possibility of making fun of him, but not because she loves him too much too mock him. No, she just makes fun of him every day already! (Folks who follow Teigen on Twitter in real life can attest that this is true.) Instead, Chrissy Teigen decided she would simply say her favorite their about their relationship: that she now makes more money than he does!

This prompted John Legend to hit his buzzer and turn around with no hesitation in what was a hilariously sweet way to end Chrissy Teigen’s time on The Voice‘s stage. In the sketch, Teigen woke up right after she got the final buzzer, and all was well. Happy Holidays!

A lot of shows are heading into their winter hiatuses in the not-too-distant future, so you may need to rely on holiday specials (or perhaps Netflix) for entertainment in the coming weeks. To find out what will debut in the midseason, swing by our 2019 midseason premiere schedule!

Watch Nikki Bella Getting Cozy With A Bachelor Franchise Alum In Total Bellas Season 4 Trailer

Nikki Bella spent a bulk of 2018 dealing with rumors and the eventual dissolving of her engagement with John Cena, but those days seem to be in the past. The single half of the Bella twins is stepping out in the 2019 episodes of Total Bellas as Nicole is seen getting cozy with a dude who fans of The Bachelorette may be familiar with.

It appears as though Total Bellas will be all about Nikki getting back in the dating scene, and kissing another guy for the first time in 9 years. By the way that’s not just any man she’s smooching either, that’s former Bachelorette contestant Peter Kraus. If Nikki’s looking for a fast commitment, Kraus may not be the best option, but he is a great person for someone willing to take their time and have a little fun.

The moment seems a bit choreographed for reality television, but that doesn’t change the fact that Nikki Bella is getting back in the game! It appears Season 4 will see Nikki trying to get back out there, and finding love in places outside of the Squared Circle. Reality television stars are certainly not wrestlers, and might just be the single Bella’s new wheelhouse when Season 4 kicks off on E!

For the record, John Cena didn’t divorce his ex-wife until 2012, at which point he began dating his latest ex Nikki Bella. The math on that would mean the two were only together for six years, so did she misspeak, or just reveal they’d been together than the public was aware of? It’s somewhat scandalous, especially given Nikki’s timeline would mean she was in the mix when Cena was allegedly cheating on his wife with WWE superstar Mickie James.

The Total Bellas promo is problematic for other reasons, as its premiere comes a little under a week after Nikki shared a photo of her and John Cena in a hot tub. It has some thinking the couple may be taking another shot at getting back together, as they had before their official split. If the two are trying to work things out, Nikki’s single antics in Season 4 may hinder the two’s efforts to mend their relationship.

This is all speculation, of course, as there’s been no actual proof John Cena and Nikki Bella are trying to get back together. The couple called off their engagement earlier this year, which began after Cena’s public proposal to her at Wrestlemania. The previous season of Total Bellas highlighted the couple’s collapse, which shocked wrestling fans when it was first announced.

Viewers will have to just wait and see what’s happening in Nikki and Brie Bella’s life as Total Bellas returns for Season 4 on E! Sunday, January 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is happening on television before or around that time, visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

Why Empire’s Big Season 5 Death May Not Be Who We Expected

Spoilers ahead for the November 28 episode of Empire, called “Master of What is Mine Own.”

Empire kicked off its fifth season on Fox with the cliffhanger reveal that a major death is on the way. The death was revealed via a flash-forward, but the identity of the person in the coffin was not revealed. Subsequent flash-forwards have ruled out some characters as the one to bite the dust, and all signs pointed toward one of the Lyons being the person to die. Now, the events of “Master of What is Mine Own” may have hinted that somebody else’s end is nigh: Kai.

Kai entered the scene in Season 5 as Jamal’s devastatingly charming and intelligent love interest. A war correspondent and journalist, Kai fell in love with Jamal, and the two became engaged. Cookie and Lucious had their reservations about their son marrying Kai after they learned that Kai is H.I.V. positive, but they eventually came around when they realized that Jamal and Kai were being safe and loved each other very much. Jamal could get as much of a happily-ever-after as is possible on Empire if nothing goes horribly wrong.

So, the odds are pretty good that something is going to go horribly wrong. Good things rarely stick for any of the Lyons, and the show already toyed with Kai’s potential death once this season when he went missing overseas. He returned for a happy reunion with Jamal, but could he be living on borrowed time? Here are some new reasons why poor Kai could be the one to wind up in the coffin rather than one of the main Lyons who have been around from the very beginning.

In “Master of What is Mine Own,” Kai was introduced to the world as Jamal’s fiance when Jamal casually dropped the good news to entertainment journalists. It didn’t occur to Jamal that a war correspondent like Kai might not want to have his name dragged into the press due to his engagement to “a pop star,” and the negative effects were felt by Kai almost immediately. Two of his sources withdrew, and he was mocked at work.

It wasn’t enough to actually jeopardize his relationship with Jamal, and it even seemed to push him to want to help Jamal while also continuing with his world as a non-entertainment journalist. He got his chance for just that at the end of the episode, and that could contribute to what may be his doom in Season 5.

Why? Well, that has everything to do with Jeff Kingsley, whose shocking connection to Lucious was recently revealed. In the episode, Kinglsey decided that he was going to “vault” Lucious’ music, therefore preventing a whole generation of listeners from accessing his work. Becky gave the Lyons a heads up about the vaulting, leading Lucious to pay Kingsley a visit.

He began to wonder how Kingsley planned to financially compensate for the money he was sure to lose by vaulting Lucious’ music, and an angry Becky stepped up to help the Lyons. She snuck into Kingsley’s office and manages to distract him long enough to steal incriminating files, which she delivered back to the Lyons.

There, they discovered that Kingsley is selling Empire users’ information to law enforcement. By turning every phone into a listening device and then selling access to it, Kingsley is betraying a large (and largely minority) consumer base. Lucious and Co. were anxious for this news to get out, as it would be very good for them and bad for Kingsley, but they realized that it would look bad if the news was leaked by them, and not least because they weren’t supposed to have access to the info.

That’s where Kai came in. Lucious, knowing that Kai is a respected journalist despite being dragged into the limelight for his role as Jamal’s fiance rather than his career, took the dirty details to him. Jamal was not on board with Kai getting pulled into this mess, but Kai declared that he was all-in on exposing Kingsley’s shady dealings. Kai is now in a position to become an enemy of anybody who hates the Lyons, and that could put him in the crossfire that resulted in the flash-forward death.

Now, he’s hardly the only character who could count himself as a potential enemy of any who hate the Lyons. What marks him as a prime candidate for the big death is just how devastated Lucious has been regarding the death in the flash-forwards. He and Cookie have come to embrace Kai as a future member of the family and approve of how much Jamal loves him, which is a far cry from how Lucious at least would have reacted in seasons past.

If Lucious considers Kai a part of the family and considers the big death to be at least partly his fault, Kai could definitely be the one whose death leaves him in the state he’s been in via flash-forward. We already know that Cookie probably isn’t going to die, and Thirsty is still alive and counseling Lucious in the flash-forwards. Killing off Kai would allow Empire to deal a devastating blow to the Lyons (as well as to viewers who have come to love the character) without getting rid of a longtime regular.

Do I want Kai to die? Definitely not. He’s been a charming addition to the cast, given Jamal a refuge, and served as a foil to a fair amount of the Lyon family drama. He’s been an outsider who has come to fit in, and I would be bummed to see him go. We’ll have to wait and see. Kingsley will have a motivation to get rid of him if he finds out that Kai could expose his shady dealings, and Kingsley is a powerful enemy to have.

Elsewhere in the episode, Lucious found out that Cookie has been secretly holding onto a valuable property while he’s been selling precious possessions and mortgaging his own property to keep their company afloat. The conflict between Hakeem and Blake came to a head with guns drawn on both sides, infuriating Tiana when she found out and driving her to Lucious and Cookie’s mansion with their son in tow. Hakeem didn’t want her taking their son or Bella, arguing that Bella isn’t even her daughter.

There was an ugly confrontation between Lucious, Cookie, Tiana, and Hakeem that only came to an end when Bella wandered in, holding a gun and terrifying the adults. I was on the edge of my seat at the sight of sweet little Bella with a handgun, and I definitely jumped when she innocently turned it around on herself and looked down the barrel. Now, the good news is that the trailer for next week’s episode doesn’t point toward the little girl accidentally shooting herself, so we have to hope that the incident is a wake-up call for Hakeem.

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