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Jennifer Lawrence Wore the Most Stunning Wedding Dress to Her Bridal Shower—and You Can Actually Shop It

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened over the weekend: Jennifer Lawrence and fiancé Cooke Maroney had an intimate party to celebrate their engagement on Sunday. (TBD if Adele was present.) And the Oscar winner was quite literally a blushing bride: She wore a blush wedding dress for the occasion.

Lawrence and Maroney were photographed arriving at the event, in which the bride-to-be had on a long-sleeved gown with a plunging neckline. It was a proper bridal design, from L. Wells Bridal’s Spring 2019 collection. The rest of her outfit—a Roger Vivier bag and Casadei heels—matched the pinky hue of the dress. See it for yourself.

The best look at Lawrence’s engagement party dress came courtesy of her stylists, Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson. The duo posted a candid image of the actress walking at the party, captioning it: “Here she comes! We couldn’t be happier and more excited for #jenniferlawrence to become a #MRS. This weekend we toasted Jen and her groom to be. Too good of a time was had by all.”

Lawrence’s exact L. Wells dress, the Juliana, is available for purchase on luxury e-tailer Moda Operandi. You can buy it in either the actress’ blush or in a more traditional white for $2,300.

Moda Operandi

L. Wells Juliana Dress

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Lawrence and Maroney announced their engagement in February. According to People, the engagement ring, which features an emerald-cut stone set onto a thin band, was designed by New York-based brand Alison Lou (a favorite of Blake Lively’s). Lawrence gave fans a proper peek at it when she attended Dior’s Fall 2019 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, when photographers were sure to take plenty of close-up shots of her left hand.

This isn’t the first time Lawrence has worn L.Wells: She picked one of the bridal salon’s bohemian designs from its 2018 Je T’aime collection back in October 2017 to wear to the New York premiere of Faces Places.

We imagine Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri is being considered to design Lawrence’s actual wedding dress. (She’s been a face of the French luxury house for years.) But we love a celebrity off-the-rack bridal moment—especially when it’s that easy to get the look.

Karen Gillan Regrets Not Trying To Work A Doctor Who Reference Into Endgame

Once you’ve got your first taste of the logic and intricacies of time travel, you never forget the properties that bring you there. And one big series that’s exposed a lot of people to the world of temporal joy rides is the BBC’s legendary franchise, Doctor Who.

But despite intense overlap between that show and Avengers: Endgame, there were no references to The Doctor, their adventures, or even their existence. Which is funny, considering Karen Gillan, one of the Eleventh Doctor’s very own companions, could have fought to include that cultural touchstone in the current blockbuster’s narrative. Sadly, she didn’t, and it’s a decision she regrets, as seen in her recent remarks below:

In the scene that Gillan is referring to, when the “Time Heist” plan is first hatched in Avengers: Endgame, several seminal works in time travel pop culture are written off as useless and non-sensical. And while Back To The Future is one of the obvious choices for inclusion, Doctor Who somehow escaped the minds of the writers when discussing landmark signposts in this sci-fi staple.

Before she went on to play Nebula, the mechanically enhanced half-sister to Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, Karen Gillan was widely known for playing the first companion to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor run of Doctor Who. In the role of Amy Pond, Gillan was widely exposed to the geek community, which only made her jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe all the more rewarding.

So naturally, one would think that a reference to her past gig on Doctor Who would have been a natural inclusion once Avengers: Endgame started to dip its toes into the time travelling pool. Of course, as show in Karen Gillan’s talk with The L.A. Times, it was not meant to be.

However, the lack of a Doctor Who reference was the least of Avengers: Endgame’s worries, as its greater task was sewing up the first era of MCU films in a satisfying manner. So while time travel was one of the strategies that came into play to do just that, there were other intricacies that needed to be thought out in the meantime.

As Avengers: Endgame winds down, the film and its creative forces are giving away that last batch of secrets to the public and commenting on everything from the status of Hulk’s arm to why part of Agent 13’s Captain America: Civil War subplot feels a bit uncomfortable. While we’re not expecting to read anything along the lines of The Doctor being present at the final battle of Endgame, it would be interesting to hear what The Russo Bros, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have to say about how they feel Doctor Who’s time travel stacks up to that of their latest blockbuster.

And if there’s a commentary track to be had, maybe Karen Gillan can come up with how she would have referenced the good Doctor, in an alternate timeline where she totally suggested to include Doctor Who in the film’s big time travel conversation.

Avengers: Endgame is breaking records and taking names in theaters now. But if you’ve already gotten your fill, may we suggest that you visit the 2019 release schedule to find your next adventure?

The Russo Brothers Don’t Think Iron Man Was Wrong About Ultron

Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame has been in theaters for three weekends, still maintaining the top spot at the box office over new releases like Detective Pikachu. The Russo Brothers did the impossible with the blockbuster, surpassing even Infinity War in regards to scope and character-driven story. Endgame was intimately connected to the previous 21 movies in the MCU, and that includes Phase Two’s finale Avengers: Age of Ultron.

When Iron Man and Nebula were rescued by Captain Marvel and towed back to Earth in Endgame, Tony had an altercation with Steve Rogers. Exhausted and starving, he maintained he was right all along regarding the measures needed to properly protect the planet. Now The Russo Brothers have come to Tony’s defense in regards to his Age of Ultron actions, with Joe Russo saying:

Captain America and Iron Man’s relationship started becoming strained during Avengers: Age of Ultron, as they had idealogical differences to the morality of superheroics. Ultron’s inception came as a result of Tony’s singular focus on protecting the planet, although Earth could have used it when Thanos and his forcea came knocking in Infinity War.

Of course, Joe Russo’s comments to Slate also point out that Captain America has his own valid points in the argument. Both heroes had the best of intentions, but were ultimately unable to come together and find viable compromises. That powder keg eventually exploded in Captain America: Civil War, and it broke up the Avengers in the process.

Ultron may have ended up turning against his creators and the planet, but the thought behind his creation was a big picture idea. Tony and Bruce Banner wanted to provide a more comprehensive protection of the planet, with Iron Man knowing that the Battle of New York was no fluke. Unfortunately, Ultron had other plans– although Vision was also born in the process.

But Thanos was only able to be defeated because the surviving heroes were able to work together. Despite Tony’s initial reaction to arriving home, he was able to bury the hatchet with Steve Rogers, and they made the time heist happen together. The duo also faced off against Thanos during the epic final battle, and Cap even witnessed Iron Man’s final breath.

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now. Be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Ranking Every Marvel Studios Movie, According To CinemaBlend

If it isn’t entirely obvious from our years and years of coverage, we here at CinemaBlend are big fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Going back to 2008, the movies have continued to delight and surprise, and while some titles are better than others, each one has provided its own special flavor to the franchise that we’ve been able to appreciate in its own way. Of course, there are still many debates among the staff, from best villain to strongest hero, but one big question has always stood out among them all: what’s the best Marvel Studios film?

In order to get to the bottom of this everlasting conflict, our superhero podcast HeroBlend has spearheaded a little endeavor. A few weeks back we sent out a survey to interested members of our staff and had everyone rank the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from best to worst. While no two rankings ended up being the same (seriously, you’d be surprised by the variety), we were able to average the results and determine our democratic picks.

Before we get into that, however, we want to get you in on this action too. Below you’ll find an exact copy of the same survey we sent out to our staff, and we’d love it if you would share your opinions on this great debate as well. We’ll then follow up by covering the final results of rankings in an upcoming episode of HeroBlend!

Now that you’ve done that, let’s dive into the rankings, shall we?

Hulk rages in The Incredible Hulk

22. The Incredible Hulk

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was still trying to figure out what it wanted to be back in 2008, and while the franchise quickly made some interesting moves by foregoing a simple origin story when making The Incredible Hulk, in retrospect it’s not exactly their best effort. It has some good parts, and is a decent treatment of the character, but it’s also a mixed bag tonally, and doesn’t exactly have the most complex plot.

Loki and Thor in Thor: The Dark World

21. Thor: The Dark World

Sequels are usually a great opportunity to expand on characters and the specific worlds in which they live, but Thor: The Dark World is sadly a bit of a misfire. While it’s ultimately redeemed by its bonkers third act – which is a crazy amount of fun – this isn’t exactly the most exciting Marvel adventure, and it also notably has the weakest villain featured in the franchise to date (we’re still not entirely clear on what it was that Malekith and his Dark Elves were trying to ultimately accomplish).

Nick Fury and Tony Stark in Iron Man 2

20. Iron Man 2

There is no question that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t be what it is today without Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, but to paraphrase the genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist, Iron Man 2 is an example of a franchise running before it’s ready to walk. There is no denying the importance of this chapter, especially because it brought both War Machine and Black Widow to life for the first time, but its story is definitely messy as a result of too many plotlines competing for attention in the narrative.

Captain Marvel suited up in Captain Marvel

19. Captain Marvel

After more than a decade in existence, Marvel Studios tried to shake up the traditional origin story in the making of Captain Marvel, and while the movie doesn’t fully work in that respect (ultimately still including a number of the traditional tropes and narrative moves), it’s also a blockbuster with some really big surprises. Brie Larson is most definitely a rad addition to the franchise, adding a great dose of spunk and charisma to the cosmic and Earthbound hero, and we’re immensely excited about what kind of future adventures we’ll soon see the character take on.

Iron Man and Tony Stark in Iron Man 3

18. Iron Man 3

Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe offered up the opportunity for blockbusters to start melding the superhero characters with a wide variety of different genres, and Iron Man 3’s take on a noir detective story is a lot of fun, and packs more than a few significant twists. It’s a smart look at Tony Stark – is he the hero, or is it all about the suit? – and features some of the best one-liners in the MCU canon.

The Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron

17. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Expectations were crazy high for Avengers: Age Of Ultron back in 2015 – so high, arguably, that it never had a chance of fully reaching them – but the film is still an epic, thrilling, and fun example of super blockbuster storytelling. Both Scarlet Witch and Vision make for compelling and important new additions to the franchise, and it’s legitimately impressive what kind of threat the titular villain and his army of robots pose for Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Thor and Jane Foster in Thor

16. Thor

Thor was a bit of a gamble for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, being a very out-there story being told as the franchise’s fourth feature, but it also provided a solid start on the big screen for one of the most important characters in the canon. It’s a film that was vitally important in establishing the tonal approach for almost every title that followed it, and it made some of the best early casting decisions in the brand’s history by bringing unknowns Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston into the fold (not to mention the star power of Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, and Idris Elba, among others).

Wasp and Ant-Man in Ant-Man and the Wasp

15. Ant-Man And The Wasp

Given the nature of their powers, Ant-Man and The Wasp are characters who are best suited to star in “smaller” adventures, and Ant-Man And The Wasp delivers a super fun and fantastic one that wonderfully goes to all kinds of weird places. Picking up where they left in their first movie, Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly make for an awesome, kick-ass duo, and Peyton Reed does some delightful things with the action while utilizing the special growing and shrinking abilities.

Doctor Strange in Doctor Strange

14. Doctor Strange

Prior to the release of Doctor Strange, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was exclusively a science-fiction-based franchise, but the introduction of Benedict Cumberbatch’s titular hero totally changed the game. Featuring some awesome supporting performances from Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor, the movie is a mind-bender of the highest order, and features some of the most insane and beautiful visuals we’ve seen in modern blockbuster filmmaking. Even after multiple rewatches it’s still not entirely clear how the film was able to pull off some of its most bombastic sequences.

Ant-Man in the bathtub in Ant-Man

13. Ant-Man

Being one of the original Avengers, Ant-Man was one of the first films developed by Marvel Studios, and while it took an extra minute to arrive (and had a few behind-the-scenes issues), it’s still one of weirdest and best origin stories we’ve seen from the franchise. Under other circumstances a blockbuster about a shrinking hero who can control ants might not fly, but the special Marvel magic – not to mention the endless charisma of Paul Rudd – make this one a winner.

Yondu and Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

12. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Audiences were left asking some big questions about the Guardians of the Galaxy following their big screen debut, and through thoughtful care and his excellent filmmaking abilities, James Gunn delivered yet another awesome story for the titular team with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It’s still kind of nuts that we live in an era when a ridiculous comic book character like Ego The Living Planet can be brought to the big screen (and played by Kurt Russell, no less), but that’s the world we live in now, and along the way we’re also getting excellent stories with deeply-felt themes about family.

Captain america and the howling commandos in Captain America the first avenger

11. Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America has arguably had the strongest run thus far in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it all started with his fantastic debut in Captain America: The First Avenger. The period storytelling gives it a style totally unto itself, with Joe Johnston perfectly recapturing the magic he previously generated with The Rocketeer, and Chris Evans immediately elevated the character beyond the simple boy scout/propaganda tool he could have been depicted as. It’s also extra fascinating to watch when you know the direction that the hero goes in as his big screen arc continues.

Black Panther in Black Panther

10. Black Panther

Ryan Coogler took on one of the greatest challenges so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by introducing the nation of Wakanda, and he not only successfully pulled it off, but crafted one of the most complex and philosophically intriguing chapters we’ve seen yet within the franchise with Black Panther. It’s crazy rare to see a blockbuster where both the hero and villain’s perspectives carry comparable weight and deserve equal consideration, and the Black Panther/Killmonger conflict brings just that – and on top of it all it’s fantastic to see how the simple addition of Vibranium can spice up an action sequence.

Iron Man flying in Iron Man 2008

9. Iron Man

Marvel Studios movies have obviously come a long way in the last 11 years – explaining why only two titles in this Top 10 come from pre-2012 – but that being said Iron Man is still a phenomenal delight. Not only is Robert Downey Jr.’s charisma just totally off the charts, and the visual effects surprisingly spectacular, but even at the very start of everything the brand was upending expectations about what a big screen superhero story could be (we’ll never forget the way it tore down the secret identity concept with its final line). It’s a film we’re excited to watch every time we start a few franchise rewatch.

Team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War

8. Captain America: Civil War

It was once thought that Marvel Studios would save all of its big team-up adventures for its Avengers movies, but then Captain America: Civil War came along in 2016 to blow minds. It’s honestly remarkable how the film perfectly plays on the developing arcs of both Cap and Iron Man, putting them on opposite sides of a smart and considered philosophical conflict, and on top of that it makes fantastic use of its broad ensemble of characters. These blockbusters are all crazy juggling acts, it’s amazing to see the way it manages to keep all of the balls in the air without missing a beat.

The Avengers team shot in 2012 Avengers

7. The Avengers

The Avengers is the picture-perfect definition of a game changer. Prior to 2012 it wasn’t entirely clear if the grand Marvel Cinematic Universe experiment would actually pay off, but Joss Whedon, armed with a very clear personal love for the characters and their history, put together a blockbuster that wonderfully highlights the greatest aspects of all of them – both when they are in extreme conflict and working together. It goes without saying that the franchise wouldn’t be what it is today if this one didn’t work, and its 45 minute-long third act action sequence remains as one of the best spectacles we’ve seen in modern cinema.

Spider-Man breaking up a robbery in Spider-Man Homecoming

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Prior to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it wasn’t entirely clear if the world was ready for yet another film about the wall-crawler – specifically because the hero had already been featured in two other separate franchises. Fortunately Spidey’s first solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe totally changed everybody’s mind by offering up a fresh, funny, and exciting new take on the high school-aged character. Not only is Tom Holland perfect in the lead role, but Michael Keaton’s Vulture is one of the best villains we’ve seen in the canon thus far – managing to somehow both be sympathetic and scary.

Thor and Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok

5. Thor: Ragnarok

As reflected in the rankings above, Thor didn’t have the greatest run when it came to solo movies prior to 2017, but Taika Waititi totally changed that pattern in the best way with Thor: Ragnarok. It required stripping away everything the character loves, including his father, his hammer, and even his hair, but the reinvention works perfectly, and it’s shocking just how funny the film is. It’s also arguably the best depiction of Hulk we’ve seen on the big screen to date, with the big green monster not only finding a voice, but also doing quite a lot of exciting smashing.

the Guardians of the Galaxy in Guardians of the Galaxy

4. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Prior to 2014, nobody knew who the Guardians of the Galaxy were, but James Gunn worked his magic and now they are some of the most popular heroes around the globe. How? Because Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best space operas ever committed to celluloid. The writer/director took some liberties with the source material, brought together some bizarre misfit heroes, and put together one of the best MCU casts, and end result was two-plus hours of delightful fun unlike anything any other comic book movie had previously attempted. Marvel took an absolutely massive swing with this property, but wound up hitting a home run on the first pitch.

Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War

3. Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe started teasing the arrival of Thanos all the way back in 2012, and while some thought it was building too much hype to possibly pay off, Avengers: Infinity War proved all doubters wrong. Taking the spotlight in the 2018 blockbuster, the Mad Titan proved to be every bit the formidable and dangerous foe that audiences were promised, and the results are incredible and epic – all building to one of the most devastating endings in blockbuster history. The scope of the film is remarkable, not to mention the careful treatment of its absolutely massive ensemble, and it is amazing how it highlights just how much we’ve grown to care about these characters over the years.

Black Widow and Captain America in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2. Captain America: The Winter Solider

Joe and Anthony Russo never directed a blockbuster before taking on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, let alone an action movie, and that’s a stunning fact in retrospect. The movie’s plot channels 1970s conspiracy thrillers in the best way, crafting a wonderful mystery surrounding its two eponymous characters, but what truly makes the film standout is its endless series of insane and pulse-pounding action sequences that make you want to leap out of your chair every five minutes. After this debut, it was a surprise to nobody that Marvel trusted the brothers with three of their most ambitious projects ever.

Captain America in Avengers: Endgame

1. Avengers: Endgame

It should have been an impossible task distilling 11 years-worth of films into one epic blockbuster, but the craftsmanship in the making of Avengers: Endgame is second to none – which explains why our staff has ranked it as the best Marvel Studios film we’ve seen so far. It’s not only an immensely satisfying experience for fans who have been following the franchise from the beginning, it’s also just a ridiculous crowd-pleaser in every respect. It’s hilarious; it’s tear-jerking; it’s thrilling; and it’s endlessly surprising. It’s everything you want it be after 22 movies, and makes our imaginations run wild thinking about what the next 22 movies might bring to the big screen.

How does our list compare with yours? If you haven’t already, go back to the top and take our survey, and stay tuned for more of our Marvel Cinematic Universe coverage here on CinemaBlend!

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Here’s Why Kate Middleton and Prince William Haven’t Met Baby Archie Yet

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their son, Archie, last Monday, and there are two very important people who still haven’t met him yet: Kate Middleton and Prince William. The reason for this, though, isn’t as shady as the tabloids and Internet would like to think. Rather, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex simply wanted their first week with Archie to be low-key without a ton of visitors.

“Archie’s first week at home with mom and dad was quiet,” royals expert Omid Scobie said on Good Morning America today, May 13. “They wanted that personal space with their newborn. This week, it’s all about the visitors with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting tomorrow and the Prince of Wales [Prince Charles, Harry and William’s father] visiting later this week.”

Scobie reiterated this on Twitter, as well, writing, “Sources confirm that Prince William and Duchess Kate will be meeting baby Archie for the first time early this week. Grandfather Prince Charles will be paying a visit a few days later.”

This makes sense, when you think about it. Parents typically wait at least a few days—if not weeks or months—before introducing their newborn children to extended family. Kate Middleton and Prince William probably just wanted to give Markle and Prince Harry some room to breathe before showering baby Archie with presents. There’s nothing to see here, truly.

Middleton and Prince William showed their love for baby Archie from afar last week. “We’re absolutely thrilled,” the Duke of Cambridge told reporters. “We’re looking forward to seeing them in the next few days. I’m very pleased and glad to welcome my brother to the sleep-deprivation society that is parenting.”

The duchess echoed these sentiments and pointed out that Archie’s birthday closely aligns with two of her children’s: Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte. “It’s such a special time, and with Louis and Charlotte just having had their birthdays, it’s such a great time of the year to have a baby,” she said. “Spring’s in the air and everything, so it’s pretty great.”

Markle and Prince Harry shared a few photos of Archie to the @SussexRoyal Instagram account last week. Their most recent post, published Sunday, is in honor of Mother’s Day and includes a snap of Archie’s feet.

“Paying tribute to all mothers today – past, present, mothers-to-be, and those lost but forever remembered,” the post reads. “We honor and celebrate each and every one of you.”

Men In Black’s 10 Most Iconic Aliens

Men In Black Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones' weapons

They are a rumor, recognized only as deja vu and dismissed just as quickly. They are the Men In Black, an organization specializing in protecting the identities of and defending the earth from extraterrestrials. This June, the MIB will return in Men In Black: International, the fourth entry of the franchise once headlined by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Thor and Valkyrie fighting aliens – yeah, that checks out.

What we are most excited to see in F. Gary Gray’s reboot of the science fiction and comedy hit is what every Men In Black sequel does best: give us some new otherworldly creatures to gush over, if you find aliens particularly gush-worthy. The thing is, creating new aliens that are just as memorable as what the franchise has already introduced is going to be a challenge, as the creatures we have already been introduced to have been nothing short of unforgettable. But which creatures holds the most lasting memories with Men In Black fans?

We take a look back at 1997’s Men In Black, its two sequels, and even a few references to its animated series, and rank the top 10 biggest, baddest, funniest, and most iconic aliens in the universe.

Ballchinian's namesake and greatest weakness is revealed

10. Ballchinian

This species earns a spot on our list purely for being, just about, the funniest joke in Men in Black II.

The Ballchinian made its first and last very brief appearance shortly after K regained his previously neuralyzed memory. J is in trouble, fighting a losing battle against a gang of various alien species. As soon as K comes to his senses about his MIB training, he bursts into the assault, taking down the different aliens one by one with J’s suggestions based on each species’ weaknesses.

The final alien K takes down in Men in Black II is, at first, resistant to each strike he lays down, until J reminds him of the creatures namesake. He pulls away his scarf, revealing what can only be described as the most anatomically correct appearance of a “ballchin” ever witnessed. K promptly grasps the low-hanging facial appendage and, with a forceful tug, defeats the perpetrator, giving the audience a much-needed laugh.

Biz Markee as the perfectly cast Beatbox Alien

9. Beatbox Alien

It probably does not sound too implausible to assume that rapper Biz Markie of “Just A Friend” fame is a creature not of this earth. That must be why the producers of the 2002 Men In Black follow-up decided to cast him as an otherworldly creature with a unique language.

In Men In Black II, Will Smith’s Agent J has proven successful as one of the Men In Black’s best agents, but faces a threat that only the retired and neuralyzed Agent K can help him defeat. J finds K (now Kevin) working as a postman and, in an effort to jog his memory, proves to him that most post office employees are not human. The first alien he exposes is this mail sorter, played by Markee, whom he communicates with through the art of beatboxing, as you can see in all its glory in the clip below.

We have no idea what J and the Beatbox Alien said to each other, but it is one of the most engaging moments of Men In Black II, due to the fun surprise cameo and the opportunity it gives Will Smith to show off his beatboxing skills, as previously demonstrated during his days on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. What is especially fascinating about the scene is that Markee’s beatboxing requires no special audio modification. That’s just Biz in action, doing what no human could. That’s just perfect casting.

Boris The Animal at the climax of his prison escape

8. Boris The Animal

If there is one thing we can say about Men In Black 3 in terms of improvement over Men In Black II it was the villain in that movie. We went from a huge, malevolent, monstrous bug in the first Men In Black to Serleena: an emotionless, shapeshifting alien plant queen disguised as a lingerie model. Where she succeeded in merciless commitment to world domination, she lacked in personality. Which is why we are thankful that, 10 years later, we met Boris.

Brought to life by an enthusiastic performance by Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement (as well as heavy prosthetics), Boris The Animal is the ruthless, short-tempered sole member of the Boglodite race who hates human beings as much as he hates his nickname. Men In Black 3, opens with his escape from an outer space maximum prison with an intent to seek vengeance on his sworn enemy, Agent K. He achieves his mission by going back in time and killing a younger version of K (played to perfection by Josh Brolin) in 1969, forcing J to travel to the past and team up with young K to prevent his murder and save the world again.

Boris’ presence in Men In Black 3 is the main source of the film’s fun. He is dripping with intriguing — and often chilling — character traits, such as having goggle lenses for eyes, razor sharp teeth, and a missing arm (which he blames K for), not to mention the shockingly lethal, spider-like pet Weasel that resides in a hollow part of his hand. Boris is a stone cold killer who treats the galaxy as his personal playpen of carnage. We’re too afraid not to include him on this list.

Agent J can't help but find this odd, tentacled creature adorable

7. Squid

From battling carnivorous beasts in flying saucers to finding tiny green men residing in the head of rotting corpses, being an MIB agent sounds like the scariest, most revoting job in the galaxy. However, as a key moment in the first Men In Black demonstrates, it does have its more lighthearted perks.

On Agent J’s first official outing as a newly recruited member of the MIB, he and K pull over Redgick, an alien with Earth citizenship looking to seek refuge for him and his pregnant wife, who is visibly in the late stages of labor. J is put to the task of “catching” the approaching newborn. Enduring a visibly rocky process, J successfully delivers a baby “squid,” which he mentions is actually quite cute, right before it pukes on him.

It is a moment that still carries the same danger that makes this a tough job, but concludes with the revelation that not all alien creatures are the vicious kind we fear. In fact, we agree with J: the squid is really cute.

Tony Shalhoub as extraterrestrial pawn shop owner, Jack Jeebs

6. Jack Jeebs

Part of the fun of watching the Men In Black movies is keeping a close eye on the random human bystanders in the background, trying to spot who might be here from another world. The idea of extraterrestrials walking in plain sight among us was never fully ingrained into our psyche until we met pawn shop owner Jack Jeebs.

Jeebs (played by Tony Shalhoub) seems (almost) perfectly human at first, until he tests K’s patience enough to promptly blow his head clean off with one shot. At first we, and pre-MIB recruitment J, think K has killed him, but apparently this is not the first head K has ruined for that because Jeebs’ head begins to grow back while he mutters, “You have any idea how much that stings?”

Jeebs returned in Men In Black II for a few more head-losing hijinks, but without much else to bring to the table. While Shalhoub would be more than welcome by us to reprise his role in Men In Black: International, this decidedly one hit wonder’s main joke is in danger of stretching too thin.

The Twins use their tentacles to observe the far reaches of the Galaxy in Men in Black.

5. Twins (Idikiukup and Bob)

We know you have heard the names of each half of MIB’s resident tentacled computer technicians, but we bet you had no idea how to spell Idikiukup. Yeah, we actually had to look it up too.

“The Twins,” Idikiukup and Bob, were introduced in Men In Black during Agent J’s first tour of the headquarters after accepting recruitment as K shows them managing the observation bay. With the push of a few buttons, they reveal that J’s theory about having an extraterrestrial for a third grade teacher turned out to be right.

The Twins were not the biggest talkers and, sadly, did not return in Men In Black II or Men In Black III, but their importance to the fate of the world should not be understated. Using those tentacles to pull off what just our 10 human fingers could never do with a computer, they scan every corner of the galaxy with expert precision to make sure nothing is out of place. I see a standing ovation in order if they make their return in Men In Black: International.

Mikey is a little angry that he has been spotted

4. Mikey

This one is especially memorable as he can be credited with introducing us to the curious, bizarre world of Men In Black.

In the opening scene of the first MIB film, INS agents pull over a van holding illegal immigrants. Shortly after, Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K and his original partner Dee (Richard Hamilton) show up posing as the blatantly made up Division 6 of the INS to instigate and discover that one of these “aliens” is from much farther away than south of the border. K pulls away the disguise, simply a large fur coat and an anatomically correct head on a stick, to reveal a familiar face — to him at least.

Mikey, as K immediately greets him as, is an amphibious creature with six arms and flippers posing as a human immigrant to escape from jail. When one of the INS agents catches a glimpse of K and Dee’s interrogation of Mikey, the alien uses his independent eye to look back at the agent and angrily charge toward him, until K fires at him, disposing him to blue liquid. In just four minutes, we learn everything we need to know about who these mysterious, well-dressed men are all about.

As being the first alien we see in Men In Black, Mikey earns a firm, lasting position in the franchise’s iconography.

If you don't like Frank The Pug's disguise, you can kiss his furry butt

3. Frank

Humans are not the only species worth being suspicious about in the Men in Black world. J was even surprised to discover the alien he and K were looking to gain information from was not the creepy, gray-skinned newspaper stand attendant, but the talking dog sitting next to him.

Frank (voiced by Tim Blaney in the films) is a member of the Remoolian species, but lives among earthlings as a cute little pug, a disguise that renders him sensitive to ridicule. Through all of his appearances in the Men In Black franchise, he has proven himself to be an irritating-yet-helpful ally, alerting K and J on the way to learning the location of the Arquilian Galaxy in the first film, becoming J’s temporary partner in Men In Black II, and assisting K and J against alien terrorists in the animated series as well.

Given his absence in Men In Black 3, unless you count the framed photo of him on the wall of Agent J’s apartment bedroom, it does not seem likely that Frank will return to assist in any further intergalactic intrigue in Men In Black: International. Nevertheless, we will never forget him as one of the most endearing extraterrestrial canines in film history.

The Bug comes out of hiding from his Edgar suit to reveal his true form

2. Orthopterous Exomorphs (Bugs)

“Imagine a giant cockroach with unlimited strength, a massive inferiority complex, and a real short temper is tear-assing around Manhattan island in a brand new Edgar suit.”

That is how K chooses to describe the Orthopterous Exomorph (or commonly referred to as a “Bug”) to J in Men In Black, when they discover the enemy they are forced to take on to defend the Arquilian Galaxy is going to be tough nut to crack.

The Bug is initially introduced to us in the form of its less-than-convincing disguise, inhabiting the skin of New York famer Edgar (Vincent D’Onofrio). Once the skin comes off in the final act, the creature reveals his true form as a frightening, slimy, multi-legged nightmare worthy of taking the crown in the insect kingdom.

Fortunately, J, being the clever, no-nonsense NYPD cop he is, is able to figure out that the Bug has a soft spot for his earthbound family members. Coming across a small village of cockroaches in a nearby dumpster, J unapologetically stomps on them one by one, successfully tugging at the Bug’s heartstrings and distracting him from carrying out his mission. That, essentially, is what makes Edgar the Bug such an impressive villain: he has a multi-layered persona with a rough, gross exterior, but a sensitive inside.

The Worm Guys a good brew and a smoke in the morning

1. Worms (Annelids)

If there are any fan favorites we are praying to see return in Men In Black: International, it’s this group of pint-sized, nicotine-addicted laugh riots known for making a mean morning brew.

Neeble, Geeble, Sleeble, and Mannix are an alien species called Annelids (better known around MIB headquarters as the “Worms”) who have been a prominent part of the Men In Black franchise (even showing up in the animated series) since they appeared in the first film as the first undisguised aliens Will Smith’s J lays eyes on.

They also keep things interesting around headquarters with a sense of humor that is sure to keep you laughing with them, despite their often indecipherable language, and shamelessly taking part in the vices forbidden on their planet Takwella, most notably coffee. A Men In Black movie without the Worms just would not feel complete.

What do you think of our list? Was it the Men In Black nostalgia trip you were looking for, or even increase your excitement for Men In Black: International? If so, be sure check for more updates here on Cinemablend.

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6 Pokemon Movies We’d Like To See After Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu warming up before a PokeBattle

Warning: spoilers for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu are in play. If you don’t want to be spoiled, head over to another story and come back once you’re current.

Over this past weekend, the world was more than kind to the unveiling of what represents the first step into a greater world, with the release of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. As the world of the Pokemon craze has finally hit the big screen in live-action, the possibilities are now endless.

But in a world where any Pokemon movie could happen, which ones should? There’s already a wealth of films that could come out of this first installment, and it’s a topic worthy of discussion.

In honor of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’s impressive opening weekend, and in tribute to all of the Pokemon fans out there who made it so big, here’s a list of the next films we’d love to see come out of this burgeoning cinematic universe.

Detective Pikachu standing on a taxi's hood, smirking

Detective Pikachu 2

The first suggestion is an obvious one, as Pokemon: Detective Pikachu could always use a direct sequel, and one is already in the works. With Justice Smith’s Tim Goodman now staying in Ryme City with his father, and his intent to try and become a detective, there’s definitely room for at least one more adventure with the Goodman family.

While it’d obviously have to be different than the first film, as Harry’s Pikachu wouldn’t have his consciousness in it this time, the wisecracks between father and son would basically serve the purpose that “Detective Pikachu” did in this first film. Also, the bonus is that we’d get to discover the personality of the actual Pikachu that Harry’s partnered up with, which is bound to be cute and informative.

Pokemon Snap Pikachu rolling a Voltorb

Pokemon Snap

One of the most fondly remembered games in the Pokemon canon, Pokemon Snap has a pretty simple story to it. A young man by the name of Todd Snap is hired to take pictures of various Pokemon, in a region that doesn’t see a lot of human action. This allows anyone who wants to visit it access to some hard data about various species and their lives in the wild.

If that’s not a fantastic idea for a Pokemon film, then good luck finding another one. Pokemon Snap could be an adventure on the same level as Jurassic Park, with a small group of photographers joining Todd along for the ride. We’ve seen the miracle of Pokemon living with humans already, so seeing them undisturbed in the wild, along with any exciting consequences that come from when they are disturbed, seems like it’d be a lot of fun.

Pokemon Team Rocket posing with their Meowth hidden behind them

Team Rocket’s Origin Story

Confession time: when the mysterious substance “R” was revealed in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, it felt like there was a setup in the works that would eventually reveal Team Rocket as a part of the cinematic universe. While that never panned out, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to help expand that corner of the universe.

We already know that the events of Pokemon: The First Movie are canon, thanks to Mewtwo’s backstory folding it into Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. So going back to where it all began, and bringing that story into a live-action context, would be another great step to building the Pokemon stable of films.

Pokemon: The First Movie Pikachu and Ash look at something in shock

A Pokemon: The First Movie Live-Action Remake

Another good thing about folding Pokemon: The First Movie into the canon that exists in the live-action film universe of Pokemon is the fact that, if the studio really wanted to, they could remake that classic original film. And remaking it into a live-action version would serve more of a purpose than just reviving nostalgia.

For starters, the story of Pokemon: The First Movie could be enhanced and retrofitted to slot in with Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’s story a lot better. Also, bringing back the adventures of Ash Ketcham and his dear friends in a new remake would set up an entire series of his adventures being brought to film, filling in the years in-between. Of course, there’s another reason that bringing Pokemon: The First Movie into the recent canon would work perfectly, and it’s to set up another new opportunity to tell a Pokemon-centric story.

Detective Pikachu Mewtwo hovering in the embers

A Brand New Mewtwo Stand-Alone Story

With Mewtwo wondering around the wilderness of the Pokemon universe for almost two decades, there’s a lot of story that could be told in that very window of opportunity. Much like Planet of the Apes’ Caesar, Mewtwo has a hell of a story to be told when dealing with his checkered past involving humanity.

And much like Pokemon Snap, this Mewtwo stand-alone adventure could take the action to a far off location in the more wooded areas past Ryme City, allowing for more open and wild adventures to take place. Throw in the fact that we might even get to see what Mew has been up to in the time that Mewtwo has been running wild, and that’s just more story for the taking in a Mewtwo movie.

Super Smash Bros. Pikachu's entry card

Super Smash Bros: The Movie

Perhaps the greatest potential for a Pokemon follow-up movie is one that would take some heavy lifting, and years of preparation. With a roster of characters from games far and wide, Super Smash Bros is something that would excite fans of not only Pokemon, but also the greater video game universe. But even if you’re not a dyed in the wool fan of this particular fighting series, being a fan of at least one of the properties represented will give you a way into the story of this particular film.

The game’s simple story of combatants from all over being drawn together to fight for victory under a specific set of circumstances is basically The Avengers of video games, and taking that to the big screen would be a feat that would be so daunting, and yet so rewarding. If the creative team behind a Super Smash Bros movie nailed that concept on film, the payoff would be so great that there might be hope for other video game movies to get it right themselves. Also, Pikachu and Mewtwo are just two of the Pokemon available in that game, so the ties to the franchise run deeper than most would expect.

Six movies, each of them amazing examples of how Pokemon has set itself up to tell a story so great, it could chance the face of video game movies forever. In Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Warner Bros and the creative team they’ve enlisted have proven that they truly understand the world of the franchise and what it needed to become a live-action crossover hit. Now it’s time to push the envelope again, and choose to go places that this series, and video game films in general, haven’t gone yet, if not for the studio’s sake, then for the fans who are already enamored with Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is in theaters now, waiting for Pokemon fans to understand the power that’s inside this new cinematic universe. But before we leave, we have a question: which of these potential Pokemon films do you want to see the most?

Use the poll below to tell us which of these prospects is your particular favorite, and don’t forget to explain your answer in the comments below!

Which Hypothetical Pokemon Follow-up Do You Want To See The Most?

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Queen’s Brian May Says He ‘Hasn’t Earned A Penny’ For Bohemian Rhapsody

In addition to the plethora of statues to its name, Bohemian Rhapsody was a box office success in a way that people could not have predicted, a phenomenon that ended its box office run at just over $900 million worldwide, making it the most successful music biopic ever and the 6th biggest film of 2018. On a budget of $52 million, you might think that kind of return would make many involved with the Freddie Mercury biopic filthy rich.

Alas, that may not have been entirely the case. In fact, contrary to earlier reports that Bohemian Rhapsody had made Queen richer than the Queen, the band’s lead guitarist Brian May has revealed that no such windfall from the film ever materialized. He said:

That is a bit of a bummer to hear, considering we know that Brian May and Queen were closely involved in the development of Bohemian Rhapsody for over a decade. Brian May and Roger Taylor both received Executive Music Producer credits on a film that went on to make close to a billion dollars, so you might expect them to reap some financial rewards on the backend.

However, as of now Brian May told Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2’s The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show that he and Queen still haven’t ‘earned a penny’ from Bohemian Rhapsody. Without knowing the exact terms and nature of the band’s deal with the studio and the various parties involved, it’s impossible to say that Brian May and Queen are owed money for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Nevertheless, Brian May’s framing of the matter makes it seem like, given the success of the film, there was some expectation on Queen’s part there would be something extra coming their way. Brian May did allude to the fact that there are a lot of people who the film’s profits go to first, so maybe the money is still being divvied up and Queen’s checks are on the way.

Perhaps the stories about Queen’s getting rich off the film have less to do with liquidity and more to do with how the film increased the band’s wealth. Even if they haven’t made a cent off of Bohemian Rhapsody yet, the movie did a lot for Queen’s exposure and increased streams and sales of the band’s albums, also presumably driving interest for upcoming shows. Bohemian Rhapsody has more people listening to Queen’s music and that has to be good for the bottom line.

Although Queen allegedly isn’t directly profiting from the film yet, some people and entities are. Bohemian Rhapsody’s success did help 21st Century Fox’s financials in a big way. Also, reports have indicated Freddie Mercury’s longtime friend Mary Austin, portrayed by Lucy Boynton in the film, is expected to have earned $60+ million for the film and his sister Kashmira Bulsara reportedly earned $25 million. Even fired director Bryan Singer is expected to have walked away with $40 million for his efforts on the film.

Bohemian Rhapsody is now on home video. Check out our 2019 release schedule for all of this year’s biggest movies, including another music biopic, Rocketman, which star Taron Egerton is hoping makes even half of what Bohemian Rhapsody did.

New Dark Phoenix Video Pays Tribute To The Entire X-Men Franchise

This feels a little bit like “Goodbye.” The X-Men movies are getting a tribute video ahead of the release of Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix, and because of what we know of the behind-the-scenes creativity shifts, this feels like a sendoff to the series forged at Fox – as it might take up new residency in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But as this Legacy video points out, the X-Men Saga had a significant impact on the comic-book-movie landscape, and it has one more shot at success with a retelling of the Phoenix storyline:

This is a touching video because it shows how long the X-Men stories have been entertaining audiences, and leans into the brilliant casting that has been a hallmark of the franchise from day one. Getting the likes of Hugh Jackman, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Halle Berry and more to discuss their roles in the X-Men films, and the impact of the series, reminds us of how far this “family” has come.

It also shows how complicated it might be for Marvel Studios to essentially start over on the X-Men properties, because the Legacy that’s established in this video can’t just be erased and rebooted.

Do we want to see MCU versions of classic characters like Cyclops, Jean and Wolverine on screen some day? Sure, when we see what Marvel has done with the likes of Spider-Man, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy. But will it be easy to just overlook the work done by Jackman, Stewart, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and more? Not exactly.

This tribute video also gets us even more excited for the work that’s still to come in Dark Phoenix. If Fox allowed Kinberg to treat the movie like a sendoff, then we might get real closure for major characters who have earned a closing chapter in this mutant-movie book.

We are seeing significant sendoffs in the MCU (in Avengers: Endgame) and on HBO (with Game of Thrones). After all of these years, shouldn’t the X-Men be able to say goodbye to their fans the way that they see fit?

Dark Phoenix looks like it’s going to go out on a blast. Sophie Turner will be bringing the classic Jean Grey comic-book storyline to life, being blessed and cursed with the power of the Phoenix when a routine space rescue mission goes south. The events are captured in the most recent trailer. Check it out here:

It’s very possible that key members of the X-Men saga continue with Disney and Marvel when the MCU starts making X-Men movies. No concrete plans have bene announced. But for now, we still have Dark Phoenix to look forward to, and this tribute video was a satisfying appetizer for the mutant meal that’s still to come.

Dark Phoenix opens everywhere on June 7. IMAX today announced that it will host early showtimes in its theaters on June 6, starting at 6 pm, so click here to grab tickets.