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2019 Corvette ZR1: The Last, and Best, of Its Kind

MY BROTHER-IN-LAW recently acquired his dad’s well-preserved 1982 Chevrolet Corvette, which he drove to Thanksgiving dinner. It being a holiday, we even let him park it in the driveway. The ’82 Corvette—the last of the third-generation (C3) design—is perhaps the least-loved model-year of all, due to the fact that these wildly fast-looking cars were so shockingly slow and underpowered. Trapped inside that wasp-waisted fiberglass bod is a 5.7-liter V8 wheezing out a mere 200 hp due to its crude emissions-control plumbing. The 1982 Corvette is that zoologically unlikely thing, a sexy slug.


ReelBlend Podcast #46: Buster Scruggs, The Lion King And Our Favorite Stallone Movies

The timing of this is very strange. The ReelBlend guys decide that they want to play #StalloneBlend, singling out our absolute favorite Sylvester Stallone roles. And the next day, Sly announces that he’s done playing Rocky?

Yo Adrian! I think we might be psychic.

Playing #StalloneBlend is just one of the reasons why this week’s episode might be one of our very best. It’s not that we had a ton of news to rifle through. The guys pretty much just focused on that new The Lion King trailer.

But it was the energy, and the differing opinions, that gave this week’s episode of ReelBlend, our forty sixth, something special.

It helped that the guys had the National Board of Review list to dissect. This podcast started out as AwardsBlend, and the ongoing Oscar race is always going to be something that intrigues Jake Hamilton, Sean O’Connell and Kevin McCarthy. All three guys are in the Broadcast Film Critics Association, and they vote on the Critics’ Choice awards. They have a vested interest in this.

So when Green Book lays claim to the first Best Picture prize of the season, these guys are ready to talk about it.

This week, though, all three guys finally caught up with the new Joel and Ethan Coen movie, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. And while one of us LOVED it, another one of us called it “meager” by the Coen Brothers’ standard, so listen to the new episode to find out who said what.

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Kate Middleton Says She’s ‘Absolutely’ Excited for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The past week has brought all sorts of rumors from across the pond about whether or not Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and their husbands, Prince William and Prince Harry respectively, are getting along.

Generally, it all just sounds like the normal transitions and growing pains that happen in a family: People get married, start families, and move to new houses. It happens. But this being the royal family, many tabloids have tried to turn it all into a dramatic—and low-key sexist—soap opera plot, with Middleton and Markle unfairly pitted against each other.

Turns out (shock!), it’s much ado about nothing given Middleton’s responses to questions from fans who gathered to meet her and Prince William at an engagement in Leicester on Wednesday. When asked if she was excited for Meghan’s new baby, the Duchess of Cambridge replied, “Yeah, absolutely. It’s such a special time to have all the kiddies and a cousin for George and Charlotte, as well as Louis, so it’ll be really special.” (See the video here.)

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Leicester

PHOTO: Phil Noble/Getty Images

The duchess also gave a little peek into the lives of her three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. “They’re doing well, thank you,” she responded when someone asked after the youngest royals. “They’re getting excited for Christmas time because they’ve started all their Christmas songs and Christmas trees are going up. It was really sweet. And Louis’s getting big. I can’t believe he’s like seven months now. He’s getting to be a big boy.”

After the news broke that Markle and Prince Harry will be moving away from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, outside of London proper, the British press has been running wild with stories of a feud between the sisters-in-law. “Kate and Meghan are very different people,” one source said. “They don’t really get on.” While another insists that “there has been no dramatic falling-out.”

Hopefully moments like this will put to rest stories of a big split—and the royals can all have a good laugh about it during Christmas at Sandringham with the Queen.

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The Best Holiday Beauty Gift Ideas Under $100

When it comes to the holidays, spending under $25 is guaranteed to get you a great beauty gift. But let’s say you didn’t spend all of your money on Cyber Monday, and you have some extra cash to throw around. If you’re feeling generous and still have some presents to check off your list, there are tons of amazing beauty gifts for under $100.

With holiday deals and great gift sets, now is the best time to buy someone you love some fancy products from brands like La Mer or Caudalie for less. With some strategic searching, you can even find great steals on luxury brands like Chanel. (We mean, have you seen this highlighter?)

From glitter eyeshadow palettes to a mini set of best-selling skin care products to a great kit of brightening face masks, here are the best beauty gift ideas for $100 or less.

The Trailer For Ariana Grande’s Revealing New Docu-Series Is Finally Here

She already has a new music video and a whole album on the way, and now Ariana Grande is continuing to keep fans fed with the announcement of yet another exciting project.

On Wednesday (November 28), Ari debuted the first trailer for her long-awaited, oft-teased docu-series, Dangerous Woman Diaries. The four-part series, directed by Grande’s go-to videographer Alfredo Flores, will follow her during her 2017 Dangerous Woman Tour and through the creation of her third album, Sweetener. YouTube bills it as “a love letter to her fans,” and Grande sums it up in the trailer by saying, “We wanted to bring you as closely into our world as possible. … I wanna sing for you guys, and I wanna share these experiences.”

Elsewhere in the one-minute teaser, we see Grande shooting the video for “The Light Is Coming,” rehearsing for her heavenly VMA performance, and beautifully belting “Touch It” and “One Last Time” on stage. She also brilliantly mimics the question fans have been asking for months on end: “Where is the tour movie?” Finally, we have our answer!

Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries is set to premiere on the singer’s YouTube channel on Thursday. Subsequent episodes will premiere on the following Thursdays (December 6, 13, and 20), although YouTube Premium subscribers will be able to binge all four parts right away. Now all we need is that epic-looking “Thank U, Next” video…

It’s Not Looking Good For Murphy Brown Season 2

Of course, critical takes mean nothing if the audiences are tuning in consistently and plentifully. Unfortunately for CBS, the revival’s track record is lacking. After premiering to an impressive-enough 7.5 million viewers, the ratings have mostly dipped since, with only a slight uptick along the way. The most recent episode, tied to Thanksgiving, was watched by just 4.75 million. If things don’t go up from there, then Season 2 is definitely doomed.

Centuries Later, a Mantegna Masterpiece Is Made Whole

Within days, art lovers in London and Berlin will be able to see two early Renaissance paintings reunited into a single masterpiece for the first time in centuries.

In May, the curator of a provincial Italian museum identified a painting, titled “The Resurrection of Christ,” as the upper portion of a larger work by 15th-century master, Andrea Mantegna. The panel had been dismissed as a copy and consigned to the museum’s storeroom for more than a hundred years. Following its attribution, the curator, Giovanni Valagussa of…

Department of Education Releases New Guidelines for Sexual Assault on Campus

“You know you are not on trial. You are not on trial,” said Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.). It was September, and Sen. Harris was addressing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who’d come before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify against then-nominee (now Supreme Court Justice) Brett Kavanaugh.

It had already been a heartbreaking few hours—few weeks, really. So much of it blurs together, like a horror movie. But I’ll never forget the relief and pain I saw on Dr. Blasey Ford’s face when Sen. Harris reminded us all that holding people to account should never mean putting a survivor on trial. Just as the Senate Judiciary Committee shifted so much of the burden, shame, and scrutiny onto Dr. Blasey Ford, systems that are supposed to be created to help survivors seek justice often instead shift a massive burden to the survivor. Doing so keeps survivors from reporting and can re-traumatize them in the process.

That’s just one reason I’m raising the alarm about the new regulation on Title IX that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released last week. If it becomes law, these rules could force millions of student survivors of sexual assault and harassment to endure the same kind of cruel process Dr. Blasey Ford did. It’s a sham procedure, not to mention one that puts the survivor on trial and gives the benefit of the doubt to the perpetrator, instead of seeking the truth.

Schools would not be required to investigate assaults that take place in several off-campus locations, shutting out the thousands of survivors who are assaulted at parties, bars, or online.

While Brett Kavanaugh apologists waived off the accusations of misconduct against him, suggesting that violence committed in high school is either somehow irrelevant or outside the jurisdiction of the Senate committee, the new regulation intends to give schools similar latitude, claiming that these institutions should not be responsible for investigating and intervening in many instances of sexual violence that affect their students.

According to the regulation, schools would not be required to investigate assaults that take place in several off-campus locations, shutting out the thousands of survivors who are assaulted at parties, bars, or online. Schools would now be required to investigate only complaints made to individuals who are empowered “to institute corrective measures” like a Title IX coordinator. What does that mean? In short, that schools would have zero obligation to start the formal complaint process if claims of assault are raised with coaches or resident advisors. If it’s hard to picture what an impact that could have, let me put it like this: Under the new rule, Michigan State University may not have been required to intervene in the case of Larry Nassar, because reports of his sexual abuse were made to coaches and athletic trainers. Further, the definition of sexual harassment that schools can now investigate is so limited and narrow that survivors could have to endure severe and repeated harassment before their treatment would “count” toward a Title IX complaint.

This proposed regulation from the Department of Education has been written in a manner that could prevent survivors from reporting their assaults and let schools avoid investigating Title IX complaints (and the bad press and expense that comes with it). Make no mistake: This will not make campuses safer, nor will it end sexual violence. What it will do is cause a huge decrease in reports of sexual violence at schools.

If it takes effect, this rule could make reporting and investigation procedures for survivors cruel, degrading, and difficult to access, in the hopes perhaps that survivors will give up on reporting if the process re-traumatizes or marginalizes them enough.

Moreover, the regulation would disproportionately affect students of color, LGBTQ students, students living with disabilities, and low-income students by creating additional traumatic barriers to healing and justice. And in a flagrant misapplication of Title IX, which was implemented to protect and expand opportunities for women in education, the rule allows named harassers to claim sex discrimination if the school opens an investigation into their conduct.

It’s not enough to claim that we “support survivors” if we don’t commit to policies and proposed action that would do just that.

Thanks to the Me Too movement, we’ve all become more attune to the needs of survivors, and millions of us are committed to ending sexual violence. We have made believing survivors (and seeking justice) a powerful moral imperative for all. But I fear that people in power—like school administrators, senators, and DeVos herself—continue to pay lip service to the importance of taking survivors seriously, while simultaneously making it almost impossible for them to be heard. It’s not enough to claim that we “support survivors” if we don’t commit to policies and proposed action that would do just that.

Everyone who was disturbed by the treatment of Dr. Blasey Ford before the Senate should be concerned now. This regulation will make schools more dangerous, and at the height of the Me Too movement, could take us backward.

While these provisions are horrific, this rule is not a foregone conclusion. Unlike our senators who ignored their moral and democratic duties to heed our calls to believe survivors, the Department of Education is obligated to listen to our critique of their rule through the notice-and-comment process. This rule can be stopped if all of us who were outraged on behalf of Dr. Blasey Ford submitted a comment that expressed our opposition to this regulation. Submitting a comment that the federal government will “count” must meet certain requirements—but End Rape on Campus and Know Your IX have built tools to ensure that your voice can be heard. Learn more at

Jess Davidson is a survivor of sexual assault, and the Executive Director of End Rape on Campus, a national nonprofit dedicated to ending campus sexual assault through direct support, education, and policy reform.

Zombieland 2 Has Cast A Brand New Character

After a decade’s worth of stops and false starts, it appears that Zombieland 2 is at last on the way. The sequel is set to begin shooting in January and it will reunite the cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. At least one new face will be joining the film alongside the quartet as Zoey Deutch has been cast in Zombieland 2.

Zoey Deutch recently starred in Netflix’s acclaimed romantic comedy Set it Up and also appeared in last year’s The Disaster Artist. Based on the casting news, as reported by Variety, it is unknown whom the actress will be playing in Zombieland 2 at the moment. So we’ll have to wait a while to get more details about her role.

Zombieland 2 will pick up with the characters in a world where many of the zombies have been wiped out, in part thanks to the double-tapping work of people like Columbus and Co. But the zombies are not gone, and the remaining ones have evolved over the years to become more dangerous and will likely require far more cardio to be prepared to deal with.

Zombieland 2 will also introduce some new human survivors to the mix and I’d expect Zoey Deutch to be playing one of them and not one of the undead. Without any further details, we’re left to speculate about whom the actress might be playing and what city she will derive her Zombieland name from.

An earlier report said that the film will find Columbus, Tallahasse and Wichita attempting to rescue Abigail Breslin’s Little Rock, who has run off with an unnamed and potentially dangerous character. There is also may be a character named Madison, who Columbus starts a relationship with. Perhaps one of these two characters (if they aren’t the same person) is whom Zoey Deutch is playing in the film.

Whoever she’s playing, Zoey Deutch had something of a breakout role on Netflix’s Set it Up and she should be a great addition to this cast. While the small group feel of the first film was part of its charm, it will be nice to see the world expand out a little bit and help Zombieland 2 not just feel like a rehash of the first film.

Zombieland 2 reunites the original cast onscreen as well as the directors and writer offscreen. Venom director Ruben Fleischer returns to direct the horror/comedy and Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are back on script duties.

Zombieland 2 is set to release on October 11th of next year, coinciding with the first film’s 10th anniversary. But Zombieland 2 is just one of the anticipated titles arriving in 2019, check them all out in our 2019 Release Schedule.

Travis Scott Shares Adorable Videos Of Baby Stormi Watching Him On-Stage

We haven’t seen many photos or videos of baby Stormi. The child of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner has intentionally been hidden from the media spotlight, with the pregnancy kept a secret until the day the child was born on Super Bowl weekend. But we are slowly-but-surely getting to see the baby more, including in a pair of social media videos courtesy of Scott which show the little bundle of joy bouncing up-and-down to her dad’s music.

The extremely cute Instragam videos came courtesy of Travis Scott’s own page. While Kylie Jenner and Scott have started to become a little more open about showing their baby to the public and the media, these videos are among the rare instances we’ve seen of baby Stormi just being herself. The footage appears to be backstage at one of Scott’s recent concerts promoting his latest album, Astroworld, and Stormi can be seen smiling, bopping her little head and grooving to her dad’s music as he performs to a live, sold-out concert. It sounds like Stormi is already a fan of Scott’s jams.

While fans might be used to be random paparazzi photos of baby Stormi, these intimate phone-captured social media videos of Travis Scott’s child shows us an adorable little look at a joyous moment in the baby’s young life. Seemingly unaware that she is being filmed, she’s dancing and enjoying her dad perform his music to a live, attentive crowd.

Should we get more updates from baby Stormi’s perspective in the future, CinemaBlend will keep you posted.

There are rarely any days when we don’t get an update from someone in the Kardashian and Jenner clan. But considering how little attention we’ve seen to Baby Stormi, beyond some unusual nail tributes and the very, very expensive purses she’s expected to receive once she gets older, we have not gotten too many newsbites from the famous baby. But this video may hint at the public seeing more from Kylie Jenner’s first child.

Meanwhile, Travis Scott announced yesterday that the Astroworld festival, which was recently held in Houston on November 17th, is expected to return sometime next year– sparking a potential all-day annual concertgoing experience. 40,000 fans were in attendance to see Scott, Post Malone, Young Thug, and Little Wayne perform. Houston is Travis Scott’s hometown, and he wanted to host this festival in order to bring more “recognition” to the city.

When we get more updates from baby Stormi — as well as her parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott — CinemaBlend definitely keep you posted on the latest info and updates. It’s very clear the media outreach these two celebrities have, and it’s apparent that they are feeling more comfortable about showing their young child in nice, relaxed moments such as the ones seen in the videos above. There is no shortage of updates to come from them.

CinemaBlend will keep you posted about the newest and freshest developments in film, television, music, video games, pop culture.