How to Shop for a Modest Swimsuit

The most literal idea of a modest swimsuit is associated with its most conservative silhouette: the burkini. It became a global conversation in 2016, when Halima Aden wore it during the swimsuit portion of her history-making pageant appearance and when France briefly banned it. But the category—and its demographic—is much broader and nuanced. Orthodox Jewish or Christian women might seek covered-up styles, too, as can plenty of other shoppers, regardless of relgious or cultural background, who might want the sun protection or aren’t comfortable subscribing to the idea that wearing a swimsuit means regardless of their religious or cultural background.

“There’s a total demand,” says modest fashion blogger Sobi Masood. “It’s not the most glamorous thing to wear more clothes on the beach—when you’re wet, the last thing you want to do is be fixing around all the material that you’re wearing. It’s really tricky. And there are not that many brands out there.”

The options are so lackluster, Maria Alia, a modest fashion influencer, model, and creative multihyphenate of Palestinian and Puerto Rican descent, says she’d rather not wear traditional modest swimsuits at all: “My first choice would be to go to a beach where I don’t have to wear modest swimwear, where I can literally wear actual [non-modest] swimwear, but if you’re in a public place where there’s other people around and you choose to dress modestly, that’s not an option. It’s not the most comfortable—that’s the reality of it.”

In recent years, a handful of brands have finally begun catering to customers like Alia, spurred by frustrations and untapped opportunities in the modest swim space. Ikram Zein’s LYRA is one of the most beloved—maybe because it was born out of that very frustration Masood and Alia describe.

“Before LYRA, my not-so-practical solution for creating DIY modest swimwear get-ups, consisted of wearing running leggings and a T-shirt, simply because I was unable to find something I would feel comfortable and confident in,” Zein says. She spent roughly a year compiling ideas, test-driving designs, and gathering candid insights from potential customers—”women of all backgrounds about what they would love to have in a modest swimsuit and the difficulties they faced in finding suitable modest swim options.”

LYRA’s suits come in elegant neutrals, with the occasional inset print. (No all-over loud patterns or flashy neons here.) Its signatures are piped detailing and clever design details that subtly offer coverage, like sleek turtlenecks and detachable skirts. “It’s the only brand I’ve found that I actually think is stylish enough to wear on the beach,” says Masood. “It’s so well fitted, and aesthetically pleasing. You look good and feel good, in the right type of fabric that’s actually meant for water.”

Aside from LYRA, there’s Trepezzi, launched in 2018, which moto-esque set alongside feminine, ruffle-laden numbers. (Zein’s a fan of its “use of detailing and bold colors, with frills and lovely color contrasts.”) There’s also Munamer, created by Italian designer Chiara Taffarello in 2016, inspired by work trips to Pakistan.

Zein explains that “a significant number of our customers probably seek modest swimsuits for faith reasons,” yes, but there’s still a contingent that’s appreciate the “personal comfort, sun protection, and body consciousness” that’s afforded from this type of swimwear.

When former investment banker Lisa Moore entered motherhood, she found herself chasing her toddler son around outside constantly—in scorching Texas rays, no less. She felt frustrated with the limited sun-protective swimwear options for adults, so she launched Cover, which makes suits from a fabric with UFP50+ protection, in 2008.

Ayesha Curry Shut Down an Instagram User Who Commented on 10-Month-Old Son’s Weight

Ayesha Curry is a cookbook author, cooking show host, restaurant owner, Covergirl spokesperson, and a mom to three kids—Riley, Ryan, and Canon—with her husband, NBA superstar Steph Curry. In other words, this is a woman who does not have time for rude people on Instagram.

But this being the Internet, there will always be some troll waiting in the wings with less-than-kind commentary. And when someone recently made a comment about her 10-month-old son’s weight, Ayesha was having none of it.

But let’s back up a bit before we get to her response: Earlier this week, the entire Curry extended family was together to watch Steph’s Golden State Warriors play for a chance to make the NBA Finals against his younger brother, Seth Curry, who is on the Portland Trailblazers. After the Warriors’ victory, the Curry clan posed for a big group photo that included Steph and Ayesha and their three children.

“Infinitely proud of these guys. Gods grace and mercy continues to cover our family and we are so grateful. Not about wins and losses, it’s all about family. Moments like this simply put it all into perspective,” she wrote in the caption. “‘But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.’ – Matthew 6:33” Most of the comments were positive; the feed was filled with fans congratulating the family on the team’s victory and remarking on how adorable (and grown up) the kids look.

It’d be nice if the story just ended there, but one commenter decided to chime in and ask if Ayesha is pregnant again. (Sigh, how many times do we have to tell people that is not a question that needs to be asked?) Anyway, Ayesha took it in stride and replied, “Absolutely not LOL. My 30 lb son is just breaking my back in every Photo.”

To this, another commenter said, “If that kid is 30 lbs he’s got some serious health issues going on.”

Ayesha quickly shut that down, though, with a succinct, “Excuse you? No. Just no.” Soon after, more fans joined in the conversation to support her. “F her! ‘Just NO’ is right! You & your family look fantastic. Your husband is gorgeous & best in NBA. Congratulations to y’all & your fam,” one wrote. Another said, “People are so rude!!! You look beautiful and your kids are adorable!!!!!”

We wholeheartedly agree. Nice shot, Ayesha.

Dermstore Memorial Day 2019 Beauty Sale: Skin Care Devices, Best-Selling Serums, and More

Online shopping is part of our jobs, so we can confidently state that there are certain products that rarely go on sale. These—predictably—are the things that don’t need to go on sale because everyone already wants to buy them at full price: your Sunday Riley serums, the best peel pads ever invented, and iconic French hair oils that grace the red carpet often. So when we happen to spot any of these at a sizable discount, we feel it’s our duty to inform everyone.

Right now the place to go is Dermstore, where you can score 20 percent off all of the above (and more covetable finds) through May 28 thanks to its Memorial Day Sale. If you haven’t browsed through the site before, the online retailer stocks your dream mix of big-name brands alongside niche lines that are typically harder to find. You can find a complete list of participating brands here, but to get you started, we rounded up 14 great options that definitely deserve a place in your shopping cart. Just enter the code SUMMER after you’ve stocked up—and thank us later.

Dermstore Memorial Day 2019 Beauty Sale: Skincare Devices, Best-Selling Serums and More

Online shopping is part of our jobs, so we can confidently state that there are certain products that rarely go on sale. These—predictably—are the things that don’t need to go on sale because everyone already wants to buy them at full price: your Sunday Riley serums, the best peel pads ever invented, and iconic French hair oils that grace the red carpet often. So when we happen to spot any of these at a sizable discount, we feel it’s our duty to inform everyone.

Right now the place to go is Dermstore, where you can score 20 percent off all of the above (and more covetable finds) through May 28 thanks to its Memorial Day Sale. If you haven’t browsed through the site before, the online retailer stocks your dream mix of big-name brands alongside niche lines that are typically harder to find. You can find a complete list of participating brands here, but to get you started, we rounded up 14 great options that definitely deserve a place in your shopping cart. Just enter the code SUMMER after you’ve stocked up—and thank us later.

People Think Prince William Just Revealed His Adorable Nickname for Princess Charlotte

Royals, they’re just like us—well, at least when it comes to calling their children adorable nicknames.

We already know that Prince George goes by many monikers, including Archie (which, of course, is also the name of his new cousin, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor). And it seems that his little sister, Princess Charlotte, has also been given some sweet nicknames by her parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William. During the royal couple’s trip to Northern Ireland earlier this year, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that she calls her daughter, “Lottie.”

Now, a new video has royal fans thinking they’ve discovered William’s term of endearment for Charlotte.

As part of the reveal of Middleton’s “Back to Nature” garden at the famed Chelsea Flower Show, the Cambridges released some incredibly cute videos of the kids, including a very much on-the-move Prince Louis, frolicking in the space. After asking Prince George how he would rate his mom’s creation—she scored a twenty out of ten—the Duke of Cambridge asks his daughter for a push on the rope swing. And if you listen closely, it sounds like he refers to Charlotte as “mignonette.”

Check it out for yourself below:

According to Merriam-Webster, “mignonette” is used to describe either an herb or a sauce made with pepper and herbs typically served with oysters. That’s an interesting choice of nickname for a child, unless Charlotte is a big fan of oysters (which, honestly, seems entirely possible). But take this into account: According to, the French origin of the word means “favorite” or “darling.” My guess is that’s what William means when he calls her “mignonette.”

It’s a fitting nickname for Charlotte considering she is a princess—fans of The Princess Diaries might recall the full name of Anne Hathaway’s character, Mia, includes the moniker: Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo.

There is some online debate, however, as to whether that’s actually what William says. Some think he calls Charlotte over by simply asking, “Have you been on here yet?” in reference to the swing. That might be true, but it’s way less adorable.

Either way, the video is worth it just to see Prince William on a rope swing.

Kylie Skin Review: Everything Worth It From Kylie Jenner’s Skin Care Line

We toss around the phrase “break the internet” a lot, but there are few people who truly manage to. The Kardashian-Jenners always do, particularly Kylie. In 2015, she did just that with the launch of her makeup line Kylie Lip Kits (now Kylie Cosmetics). Her signature lip kits sold out in mere seconds, with resellers on eBay charging up to $3,000 for certain shades. Four years and a billion dollars later, Kylie Cosmetics is an empire in its own right, and has branched out into nearly every color cosmetic category.

Now, she’s venturing into skin care, another savvy business move, given that the category is quickly outpacing makeup sales. Fans caught on that she might have skin care in the works back in October, and the formal announcement—and separate Instagram page—came earlier this month.

What’s most notable (besides the very Glossier-esque baby pink packaging) is the price—nothing costs more than $30, which isn’t too surprising since her fan base skews younger. The same can be said for the products themselves. While nothing in it is going to be a potent gamechanger for someone with serious concerns (think acne, discoloration, or wrinkles), Kylie makes good on the basics. The line’s got two different types of face washes: a foaming cleanser and a walnut scrub (which was met with some skepticism on social media when Jenner announced it). There’s also a vanilla-scented toner, an eye cream, a vitamin C serum, and a moisturizer. Or you can get everything in a bundle for $125.

Diehards no doubt will drop the cash for the full line, but for the rest who are curious if Kylie Skin stacks up to her makeup, we recruited Glamour editors to give the products an initial test run ahead of the May 22 launch. Here are our first impressions.

Coming to Netflix in June 2019: These 106 Titles Are Hitting Your Queues Very Soon

Every teen movie from the early 2000s deserves an Academy Award—especially What a Girl Wants, the seminal classic starring Amanda Bynes, which hits Netflix on June 1. Yup, in just a few days you’ll have streaming access to one of the greatest pieces of cinema in history. Name a movie scene better than Bynes’ runway moment in What a Girl Wants set to Willa Ford’s “I Wanna Be Bad.” You can’t! It just doesn’t exist!

And this isn’t the only phenomenal movie-slash-show coming to Netflix in June. We’re also getting Carrie, Cabaret, and Netflix originals like Black Mirror season five. So! Much! Content!

Here are all 106 movies and TV shows arriving on Netflix next month:

Arthdal Chronicles
Oh, Ramona! (NETFLIX FILM)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
Batman Begins
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Dynasty, season 2
Good Night, and Good Luck
Gran Torino
Life in the Doghouse
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Magic Mike
Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World Of Ben Ferencz
Satan & Adam
Small Soldiers
The Dark Knight
The Phantom of the Opera
The Space Between Us
What a Girl Wants

Documentary Now, season 3
Malibu Rescue: The Series (NETFLIX FAMILY)

Miranda Sings Live…Your Welcome (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

A Silent Voice
Black Mirror, season 5 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

Alles ist gut (NETFLIX FILM)
Todos lo saben

3%, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
The Black Godfather (NETFLIX FILM)
Designated Survivor, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Elisa & Marcela (NETFLIX FILM)
Rock My Heart (NETFLIX FILM)
Super Monsters Monster Pets (NETFLIX FAMILY)
Tales of the City (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Berlin, I Love You

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (NETFLIX FILM)

The 3rd Eye 2 (NETFLIX FILM)
Kakegurui xx (NETFLIX ANIME)

Aggretsuko, season 2 (NETFLIX ANIME)
The Alcàsser Murders (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Awake: The Million Dollar Game (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Cinderella Pop (NETFLIX FILM)
Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, season 5
Life Overtakes Me (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Marlon, season 2
Murder Mystery (NETFLIX FILM)

Grey’s Anatomy, season 15

Cop Car

The Missing, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Big Kill

The Edge of Democracy (NETFLIX FILM)

Le Chant du Loup (NETFLIX FILM)

The Casketeers, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
The Confession Tapes, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Dark, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
The End of Evangelion
Girls Incarcerated, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
GO! Live Your Way, season 2 (NETFLIX FAMILY)
Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil (NETFLIX FILM)
La misma sangre (NETFLIX FILM)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shooter, season 3

Forest of Piano, season 2 (NETFLIX ANIME)

Mike Epps: Only One Mike (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

The Golem
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
The Zookeeper

Answer for Heaven (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

20th Century Women
Dope, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Instant Hotel, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Motown Magic, season 2 (NETFLIX FAMILY)
Paquita Salas, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Scare Tactics, seasons 4 and 5

Madam Secretary, season 5

I Hate Talking About Myself
Watching With…
Human Algorithm
I’m Obsessed with This
You Can’t Make This Up

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, season 3

Best Beach Shoes: Sandals and Espadrilles to Wear in Summer 2019

As soon as Memorial Day is in sight, all we can think about is the hours we’ll be logging at the beach in the coming months. The feeling of warm sand between your toes, the smell of salty ocean water, the satisfaction of wearing your new swimsuit—it almost makes those months buried beneath layers worth it. The next item on your summer shopping list should be shoes that can withstand the beach or pool and make it well past Labor Day. Sure, designers have been toying around with bringing back the flip-flop in 2019. But there are plenty of other footwear styles that are just as practical, if not a little more stylish: sleek slides, strappy sandals, minimal espadrilles, jelly shoes. Ahead, you’ll find 22 flip-flop alternatives to get you through the season.

Leaving Netflix in June 2019: It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Elle Woods

Elle Woods may not have thought getting into Harvard Law School was hard, but saying goodbye to her and the Legally Blonde movies on Netflix sure will be. It’s true, even the sequel—Legally Blonde: Red, White & Blonde—will no longer be available come June 1. So get your fill of Bruiser, Paulette, and the “bend and snap” while you still can.

Also leaving the streaming service this month are a slew of Disney movies like 101 Dalmations and The Fox and the Hound, the classic ’80s teen movie Pretty in Pink, both Kill Bill films, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and one of Ryan Reynolds breakout movies, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.

Below is a breakdown on what’s leaving when so you can plan the next week or so of viewing accordingly. The good news is, this is Netflix, so your feed will never be without a bazillion new shows and movies to stream at will all summer long. Check out what’s coming here.

An Extremely Goofy Movie
Apollo 13Cold in July
Disney’s 101 Dalmatians
Disney’s The Fox and the Hound 2
Disney’s The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story
Freddy vs. Jason
Friday the 13th
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
I Am Legend
In the Army Now
Inspector Gadget 2
Jason X
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
My Bloody Valentine
Playing It Cool
Pretty in Pink
Reindeer Games
Terminator Salvation
The Bone Collector
The Constant Gardener

District 9

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The Soloist

Grand Designs: Australia: Season 4
I Own Australia’s Best Home: Season 1
I Own Britain’s Best Home: Season 1

Apocalypse Now
Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder
The Pianist

Death Race

Disney’s Mulan 2

The only silver lining here is that Legally Blonde 3 is officially a go. Reese Witherspoon confirmed the news last June.

Why I Never Take Advice From People With Perfect Skin

“Have you tried just using Dove soap? That’s what I use.” That’s the advice my freshman year roommate gave me after I had complained to her for the millionth time about how my acne was making me miserable, and the antibiotics I’d been taking for it for years were no longer making a difference. In the eights months of living together, I had seen her with a pimple maybe once.

Now, I open Instagram to a parade of influencers with flawless complexions telling me about the newest life-changing face oil they happen to have a discount code for. Twitter accounts preach how tea tree oil and rosewater is the secret to clear, radiant skin. In every Q&A, models tell me I can look just like them if I drink more water (hot with lemon, only in the morning) and do yoga three times a week.

Clear, perfect skin has always been a symbol of wealth and beauty, but thanks in part to social media and millennials’ skin care obsession, perfect skin has become an even greater signifier. When I was in high school, complements were always more holistic: “You look so pretty,” “Your makeup looks so good.” Now, whenever I meet up with a group of friends someone will say “your skin looks amazing,” or leave a comment on Instagram like “OMG skin.”

At this point, having flawless skin is like social currency. It goes beyond showing you have money (look at celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Lorde who have been open about acne struggles). Rather, it’s a sort of signal that you belong to an elite club and are someone who takes pride in taking care of themselves. Influencers are posting close up photos of their skin as if to invite people to comment on how good it is. In fact, one I follow routinely posts stories of herself testing skin care products with #nofilter. She might not be intentionally bragging about her perfect canvas (but, I mean, come on), but that’s exactly what it feels like when her content pops up on my phone.

Here’s the thing, though: It’s not the new products that account for the fact she has no pimples or her skin is so luminous she doesn’t need makeup. I’m sure they, along with access to facialists and derms, help. But her genetics are the real star of the show.

In both real life and online, I’m bombarded by people with perfect skin telling me a single product or regimen is to thank. But I don’t buy any of it. The fact of the matter is I’ll never have the skin these women were born with.

“As much as I can laser patient’s skin or give out prescription medications, nothing can beat good genetics,” says New York dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D. “It’s better to have good genes than a good dermatologist.” Recent studies have also confirmed a deeper link between genetics and acne.

I’m not saying skin care doesn’t matter. When I cocktail and combine effectively, it most certainly does. I have a number of products I rely on to keep my cystic acne manageable and my flaky skin at bay. But no serum, lotion, or oil will ever truly—and completely—transform my face. The closest I can get to good genes is a round of Accutane, which I did last year, and I still struggle with breakouts. They’re caused by hormonal factors that aren’t as easy to fix as a couple of zits that appeared because I used the wrong sunscreen.