Katy Perry Wore a Burger Costume Inside the Met Gala—and Jennifer Lopez’s Reaction Is Perfect

If you thought Katy Perry‘s chandelier outfit on the 2019 Met Gala red carpet was extravagant, just wait until you see what she wore inside the actual event. The singer decided to do some belated promo for her 2017 single “Bon Appétit” by wearing a full-on cheeseburger costume during the night’s dinner and dancing festivities.

She first teased the outfit on Twitter, posting a pair of shimmery burger shoes from Moschino and writing, “First we set the table, and then we dine.” No one really knew what this meant because Perry showed up to the Met Gala looking like the candle from Beauty and the Beast—no food or burgers in sight.

But then the outfit changed happened. Perry slipped into her burger costume—which she accessorized with those aforementioned Moschino shoes—and wore essentially a lettuce wrap dress underneath. Talk about commitment.

Unfortunately, photos of the outfit are sparse, but so many celebrities posted contraband Instagram Stories that featured Perry in all her McDonald’s glory. My personal favorite? The one where Perry’s putting on the costume and Jennifer Lopez casually walks by looking iconic and unbothered.

Of course, people jokingly tried to take “bites” out of Perry all night.

Rita Ora captured an up-close shot of the look, which I’m now dubbing fast-food glam.

Hailee Steinfeld, meanwhile, captured a video of Perry dancing and captioned it “big mood.” Agreed.

Katy Perry has historically worn some pretty outrageous outfits to the Met Gala. Who can forget last year, when she showed up in the largest pair of angel wings known to man?

Or the year before, when she wore this red gown that low-key promoted her then-upcoming album, Witness.

My personal favorite, though, is when Moschino dressed both Madonna and Perry for the 2015 Met Gala. I’m still waiting on their collaboration, TBH.

Congrats on another successful year, KP!

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Suggests Tyrion Has Ruined Cersei’s Chance at the Iron Throne

There are spoilers ahead for the final season of Game of Thrones. Consider yourself warned.

Tyrion Lannister has a lot going on in the world of Game of Thrones. He serves as the Hand of the Queen to Daenerys Targaryen, offering up his strategic advice. He’s also one of the very few people who knows about Jon Snow’s true parentage and possible claim to the Iron Throne. And in this weeks’ episode, Tyrion was chief negotiator as the assembled forces in the North traveled to King’s Landing to confront his sister, Cersei, who is the current occupant of the Iron Throne.

It’s this moment that spawned a new theory on Reddit about Cersei’s chances to retain her regal position. In the episode this week, Tyrion tries to convince his sister to surrender to Dany and uses her unborn child as part of the argument. Viewers know Cersei has only just recently told her new lover (and ally in war) Euron Greyjoy that she’s pregnant with their child. But she also told Jaime that she was carrying another of their children before he left her to join forces with Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Dany, and Brienne of Tarth.

If Cersei were newly pregnant with Euron’s child, how would Tyrion even know about it? This one simple comment could threaten Cersei’s position, Redditor grantvoyager surmises. “It might not have been intentional on Tyrion’s part, but I think that Euron might realize that Cersei’s baby isn’t his, turn on Cersei, and potentially kill her,” the user writes. “If Tyrion realized what he was doing, he hid it well. If not, it may unintentionally have huge payoffs for Dany, and likely be his most ‘clever’ move yet.”

Basically, Tyrion—perhaps unwittingly, since he isn’t necessarily aware of what lies Cersei is or is not telling regarding her pregnancy—may have seriously blown up his sister’s spot when it comes to Euron. If he knows that Cersei isn’t carrying his child, will he (and his troops) stay loyal to her?

Guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out if Euron even noticed Tyrion’s comment—or if he cares.

Abby Gardner is a contributing writer at Glamour. You can follow her pop culture musings on Twitter @abbygardner or in her weekly newsletter, We Have Notes.

Nina Dobrev’s Met Gala 2019 Look Was 3D-Printed to Her Exact Measurements

At times, the entrances at the 2019 Met Gala felt like a parade of advancements in apparel manufacturing. Zendaya’s Cinderella dress glowed; Katy Perry walked around in a functioning chandelier. One of the most impressive design feats came courtesy of Zac Posen, who partnered with GE Additive x Protolabs to marry “camp” with 3D printing.

“I’ve always wanted to work with 3D printing to push the boundaries of art and fashion,” Zac Posen tells Glamour. He has a history of incorporating technology with design—for the Met Gala in particular. In 2016, he made a gown for Claire Danes that literally glowed in the dark. For 2019, he decided to use 3D printing to create striking ensembles for an incredibly stylish crew that included Nina Dobrev, Jourdan Dunn, Katie Holmes, Julia Garner, and Deepika Padukone.

Of all the looks Posen created for the 2019 Met Gala, Dobrev’s really stands out for multiple reasons. First off, it’s quite different from the voluminous, floor-grazing gowns fans expect from the designer. (Dobrev’s was a mini.) Then, there’s the glossy, almost translucent fabric, which almost acts as a tromp d’oeil on the red carpet. Posen says it’s meant to mimic “a glass slipper, perfume bottle, rock crystal interpreted through my draping. It takes you into a surreal futuristic fantasy.”

See it for yourself.

“I wanted a creation that was light and felt like I was floating,” Dobrev says. “Zac designed this bustier to be angelic and whimsical. At the end of the day, there was lots of talk between teams and I trust the professionals to do what they do best. Between Zac, Kate Young [her stylist], Chris McMillan [her hairstylist], and Charlotte Tilbury [her makeup artist], they discussed and decided on the direction that complemented but didn’t overwhelm the futuristic bodice and executed it beautifully.”

Dobrev’s dress actually consists of four parts, which come together in the shape of her exact measurements. It’s made using Somos Watershed XC 11122 Plastic, the almost glass-like finish a result of wet hand-sanding and spraying with a top coat.

The actress says the fitting was…different, to say the least. “About a month and a half before the Met Gala, Zac’s team had me do the most untraditional fitting I’ve done to date: They put me in a spandex body suit and I stood on a platform opposite a camera that snapped 360 degree photo,” Dobrev explains. “It took a minute and a half for about 15 to 20 photos, which I had to stand completely still for. We did this about six times.” The result? A polymer bustier made for her, and her alone.

“It was a pretty futuristic fitting concept,” Dobrev continues. “Pretty cool and cutting-edge.”

Posen has dressed Dobrev before—she was even his date to the 2018 CFDA Awards. What she loves about working with Posen is how “he designs for each individual woman, to create something that makes them beautiful and special.”

“This bustier is an incredible example of what he does best, and I feel that it’s a perfect homage to the incredible classic sculptures at the Met,” she says.

Met Gala 2019: Zendaya Dressed Up as Literal Cinderella

Celebrities went all-out for tonight’s Met Gala—as expected, given the theme, “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” The looks ranged from bold and outrageous to very literal. There was Lady Gaga, the night’s co-chair, with her multiple outfit changes; Katy Perry, cosplaying as a chandelier; oh, and Zendaya, who decided to show up to the red carpet as Cinderella.

Yup, the Spider-Man actress went back to her Disney, sort of, wearing a powder-blue princess gown custom-made for her by Tommy Hilfiger, a blonde up-do, and matching pastel makeup. And she leaned heavily into the theme.

First off, Zendaya walked the red carpet with Law Roach, her longtime stylist and “image architect,” who played the part of fairy godparent, literally waving a wand that created fairy dust. Don’t believe me? There are GIFs, people!

This is…

Disney magic!

Zendaya even committed to the “lose a slipper” part of Cinderella’s story, leaving one of her shoes on the Met steps. A Thespian!

This is Zendaya’s fifth Met Gala. She’s typically good at sticking to the theme, but this method approach to Cinderella takes things to a whole new level. She should be recruited as a co-chair next year’s gala, and the theme should be Disney. I need to see Lady Gaga shimmy up the Met steps in an Ariel fin. Emma Watson could reprise her role as Belle. The possibilities are endless!

But back to Zendaya’s look. Did I mention it literally lit up? Behold, this Disney-by-Tommy magic.

Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya have been collaborating for a while now. In March, she unveiled her first TommyNow capsule, which garnered great reviews for its inclusive fashion show. Another collection is expected to drop in the fall.

The Celebrities Who Didn’t Attend the Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet

Ever since the host committee was announced for the 2019 Met Gala, fans have been eagerly anticipating a major night of fashion. Harry Styles! Lady Gaga! Serena Williams! And all in their best “camp” outfits.

But while the guest list is always star-studded, there were a few notable celebrities who were sitting out the Costume Institute’s annual fête this year. Some past attendees, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Ariana Grande, revealed they have scheduling conflicts. (The Met Gala famously takes place on the first Monday in May.)

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the event’s organizers have also instituted a new rule for 2019 that bars guests under 18 from attending, which means a few young celebrities might have to miss the event. (Exceptions were made, though, if the guest was accompanied by their parents.)

So though we had many first-timers to get excited about this year—Kacey Musgraves!—we still missed some familiar faces on the red carpet. Ahead, see the celebrities who didn’t attend the 2019 Met Gala.

Cardi B’s Met Gala 2019 Look Featured $250,000 Worth of Rubies

In 2018, Cardi B’s showed up to the Met Gala dripping in pearls. (And also, very pregnant.) Her Moschino look set the standard very high. But of course, this is Cardi, and the theme was “camp”—she wasn’t going to disappoint.

Cardi brought the red to the red carpet in an absolutely massive, feathered Thom Browne creation. The high-necked gown encircled the rapper’s head, and had sleeves that went all the way to her fingertips. Vogue reports that it comes with some seriously impressive numbers: 30,000 feathers; 2,000 hours; 35 people. And that doesn’t even count the custom bodice, which features 44 carats worth of rubies acting as nipple covers, valued at $250,000—the result of a collaboration with Stefere Jewerly.

According to Vogue, the train extended a full ten feet, and required five people to help carry it up the Met steps.

“I designed this dress for Cardi specifically because she has the ultimate beauty in a woman’s body, and that is what the dress is about for me: taking advantage of that beauty,” Browne told Vogue.

While Cardi typically likes to show off a little skin—for instance, last week’s Billboard Music Awards, where she wore a canary Moschino dress that not only had a huge slit in the leg, but also showcased her abs—this Thom Browne ensemble was more covered than her usual red carpet fare. But make no mistake: It was one of her biggest fashion statements yet.

Met Gala 2019: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Wore Matching Outfits for Their First Red Carpet as a Married Couple

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have certainly had an eventful couple of weeks. Turner’s show Game of Thrones is dominating the culture conversation as it wraps its final season. Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers are back together and about to go on tour. As if that’s not enough to keep a couple busy, Turner and Jonas surprised everyone last week by getting married in Las Vegas after the Billboard Movie Awards while Diplo streamed it live on Instagram.

You know, just regular everyday stuff. And tonight, May 6, Turner and Jonas made their first public appearance as a married couple at the annual Met Gala in New York City. They decided to go full matchy-matchy in geometric Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière. Turner also wore Vuitton pantsuit to the awards show on the evening of her Vegas wedding, though she changed into a white silk pantsuit for the actual ceremony.

Fans on social media were happy to see the newlyweds in their matching looks. “I really hope joe jonas and Sophie Turner are still wearing ring pops on their fingers instead of wedding rings ? #MetGala #metgala2019,” one user wrote. Another joked, “sophie and joe really said tetris but make it fashion.”

Jonas’s brother, Nick, and his wife Priyanka Chopra also attended this year’s Met Gala, a full circle moment after meeting at the event back in 2017. J Sisters, we expect to see some Instagram Stories of some Met Gala shenanigans posted later tonight, a la Chopra’s bachelorette party in Amsterdam. Maybe Kevin and Danielle will join them for the after parties?

Met Gala 2019: Here’s What Really Goes Into Making a Look for the Red Carpet

The Met Gala is unlike any other red carpet event. The dress code is more specific, the fashion more outrageous, and the guest list more star-studded than pretty much any place else. And as soon as the theme of the annual Costume Institute exhibit is announced—more than half a year ahead of the big opening—people start planning.

For stylist Jason Rembert, the stakes were a little different than in the past. Yes, he’s dressed many celebrities for the Met Gala in the past. (Rita Ora, Winnie Harlow, Issa Rae, and oh, Zayn Malik’s Versace robot arm—all Rembert.) But this year, he’d be thinking about the Met Ball from a new angle: as a designer.

Rembert announced he was launching a ready-to-wear brand called Aliétte in January. We saw one of the first looks on the red carpet, naturally—longtime client Rae wore one of its gowns to the 2019 Critic’s Choice Awards. In February, he presented his first collection during New York Fashion Week. Now he’s preparing for Aliétte’s debut on the Met Gala red carpet.

“Met Gala is like the Olympics of fashion,” he says. “You get to have fun, you get to do what you want. If you’re an actress, you’re in a beautiful dress every single carpet—this is the time you can wear that feathered headpiece, that big necklace, those gloves, those eight rings on your hand if you want. It’s a place where you can have that fashion moment you’ve dreamed of. It’s a risk-taking carpet where you can just be happy, be you, and experiment.”

Though he’ll still be styling a few clients for the red carpet, Rembert’s also creating a custom Aliétte look for Glamour editor-in-chief Samantha Barry. The planning began with a little more than a month before the first Monday in May. Step one: Agreeing on a silhouette.

“I really feel strongly about power suiting,” he says. “And the Met Gala has a theme this year that has a lot of fluidity.” Barry also loves a suit, so it was a perfect match. Next Rembert started asking questions—what her favorite colors are, makes her feel comfortable—and started sketching.

“The next day, I went fabric shopping, really excited about the project,” he says. “I pulled a gold lamé fabric; she has such an amazing personality, I wanted that to shine through. I feel like gold lamé is something that’s fun and yet powerful. I really wanted to show that off with her look.” Two weeks later, he and Barry linked up again for an initial fitting, to get her measurements and start creating the garment (or, as designers say, “do the mark line”). Two more fittings followed—the second one with accessories and any other add-ons—and Aliétte’s Met Gala debut was set.

The turnaround for this look was quick, but it’s nothing Rembert isn’t accustomed to: “It’s rushed for the timeline of making a collection, 100 percent—but working with celebrity, I’m used to making options overnight. This was definitely a lot more time for me.”

This year’s Met Gala theme is “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” with Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Serena Williams, Anna Wintour, and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele serving as co-chairs. It invites over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek interpretations—but for Rembert, it’s all about balance. “I want the person I’m dressing to have that continuity with the theme without being so literal,” he explains. The Aliétte suit, he continues, achieves that through the marriage of a polished, tailored silhouette and the flamboyant fabric, as well as through smaller nuances in the design—a flared hem, a pleated arm, a chainmail top. “It’s very editorial, avant-garde. I feel like that’s the moment that you need when you have a ‘Camp’ theme.”

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ First Met Gala as a Married Couple Follows in a Cute Tradition

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s meet-cute is the stuff of Hollywood fairy tales: They met in 2017, when they were both dressed by Ralph Lauren for the Met Gala. A year later, rumors about their relationship started to swirl—and before the world could catch up, they married at the close of 2018. So, the first Monday in May has a special significance for the couple, especially if they happen to find themselves in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Two years after that fateful first gala together, Chopra and Jonas returned to the Met Gala, this time as a married couple. And, like the first time they attended as a duo, they’re wearing the same designer.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonas were dressed by Dior for the “Camp: Notes on Fashion” theme—her in haute couture, him in menswear. Their coordinating ensembles played off of a silver motif, with silver glitter strewn throughout.

Chopra’s gown included a silver lattice bodice that cascaded into a feather-trimmed skirt. It was adorned with yellow and pink feathers. She also wore silver eye make-up and earrings to complete the look. Jonas, meanwhile, donned a white suit, accented with silver boots and silver earrings.

At this point, they know how to master the coordinated look. When they first walked the Met Gala red carpet together in 2017, their Ralph Lauren ensembles were quite different: Chopra wore a trench dress with a large train, while Jonas wore a silver-embossed suit jacket and black trousers.

That night, though, was the start of their red carpet and real life relationship. “We were on the same table and we already know each other,” Chopra said. “So he was like, ‘Hey, you wanna go [to the Met Gala] together?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, OK, let’s go together.’ It ended up working out.” We’d say so.

Met Gala 2019: Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse Are the Cutest Couple

Some—read: me—might argue that The CW’s Riverdale is one of the campiest shows on television right now, with its over-the-top plot lines and Twin Peaks-adjacent aesthetic. So it’s not surprising that costars and real-life couple Lili Reinhart (Betty) and Cole Sprouse (Jughead) embraced this year’s Met Gala theme, “Fashion: Notes on Camp.”

The couple actually made their red carpet debut together at last year’s event, after months of speculation as to whether or not they were actually dating. This year, Sprouse and Reinhart are still going strong—they even showed up in looks created by the same designer, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Sprouse wore a three-button oxblood red wool sleeveless suit with raffia thread embroidery, which he paired with orange suede Chelsea boots. Reinhart’s look is not a dress, but instead aqua silk tailored track shorts and oversized sleeves with silver metallic accessories.

They looked to be enjoying themselves immensely, smiling for the cameras and working their angles.

Lili posed on the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art stairs and gave us a view of the back of her look. You can also see the dramatic glam, thanks to the harsh-in-a-good way blush and a serious bouffant accented with a major floral arrangement. She’s giving some Emma Stone in The Favourite vibes meets Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, right?

But will she tell someone to “let them eat cake” tonight? We hope so.