Tucker Carlson Said People Should Watch His Show If They Want to Know What He Thinks. Here’s What I See.

Last weekend, Tucker Carlson woke up to world of pain. A researcher at Media Matters had dug up hours of his call-ins to a radio show called Bubba The Love Sponge. You can dig into all his deeply offensive opinions elsewhere, but here’s a lowlight reel, as summed up in the Washington Post: he implied underage marriage (that, to be clear, involves child rape) is not as serious as other instances of child rape, deemed rape shield laws “totally unfair” and said he would “love” to watch teen girls experiment, sexually. He also called women “primitive,” just to top it all off.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because Tucker Carlson has demonstrated sexism, racism, and homophobia in prime time for a decade. This is the man who told writer Lauren Duca, “You should stick to the thigh-high boots. You’re better at that.” It’s also because the Republican Party now teems with men who sexualize and dehumanize women in both public and private, and then use their power to advance laws that have more or less the same effect—restrictions on reproductive choices, statutes of limitation that make it harder for women to seek justice, support for NDAs that silence those who suffer workplace harassment, and on and on. Less than 48 hours ago, a judge had to block a GOP-backed law that prohibits abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected at six weeks, before many women even know they’re pregnant. In 2012, a Republican state representative perhaps made his point a little too clearly, comparing women who might have to then carry a nonviable fetus to term to farm animals: “I’ve had the experience of delivering calves, dead and alive; delivering pigs, dead and alive,” he said. “It’s breaks our hearts to see those animals not make it.” Sure. It’s almost as if…when men don’t see women as people, it’s easier to deny them control over their own lives.

Carlson’s week deteriorated from there, with additional audio releases. In one, Carlson calls a (underage) contestant in Miss Teen USA “dumb” and he too compares her to an animal. “She’s like, she’s vulnerable,” Carlson said. “She’s like a wounded gazelle, separated from the herd.”

Carlson, of course, hasn’t apologized for these remarks, even as he’s lost 34 advertisers over it. In a statement, he wrote, “Media Matters caught me saying something naughty on a radio show more than a decade ago. Rather than express the usual ritual contrition, how about this: I’m on television every weeknight live for an hour. If you want to know what I think, you can watch. Anyone who disagrees with my views is welcome to come on and explain why.”

It’s the kind of word salad that could make your blood boil—textbook deflection, coupled with Carlson’s usual indignation. But this time, it’s almost true. The Carlson who calls into Bubba the Love Sponge isn’t all that different from the Carlson who hosts a show on Fox News. And so in that sense his show does illuminate how he thinks. In the anchor chair, his views are afforded a somewhat more polished veneer. But people who watch his show or who’ve observed the GOP in action over the past several decades know what just what the movement stands for. Their camp is headed by a thrice-married adulterer who paid off two different women during his campaign and then won the White House. What’s there to apologize for?

Katy Perry Called Fiancé Orlando Bloom Her ‘Boyfriend’—and People Can’t Stop Laughing

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom confirmed their engagement on Valentine’s Day, but it seems Perry is still getting used to calling the actor her fiancé.

The Witness singer was live-tweeting last night’s episode of American Idol (she’s a judge on the rebooted franchise) and gave us all a little insight into how the couple watches the show. “My favorite part of watching #americanidol with my boyfriend is that he always tries to ask if they got in or not before we give the final vote. I never tell him hahahahahahahahahahaha,” she wrote.

Of course, Katy Perry has every right to call Orlando Bloom her boyfriend, fiancé, or whatever moniker she likes, but fans had some hilarious reactions to his perceived demotion. One simply tweeted, “fiancé” with an image of Perry’s huge engagement ring. Another user tweeted a different image of the ring with the caption, “Forgot about it.”

“Does your fiancé know you have a boyfriend?” another Twitter follower asked.

Then came the GIFs and funny Perry reaction shots—many around the theme of “Orlando’s face when he sees this post” and “Delete before he sees this tweet.”

This fan’s reaction was perhaps our favorite: “Sis I didn’t put this as my lock screen for you to call him your BOYFRIEND.”

Perry revealed last month that Bloom proposed in a luxe helicopter ride followed by a party with their friends and family. She also said the two first met over some stolen In-N-Out burgers. “He stole one [burger] off of my table. I was sitting with Denzel Washington, and he took it,” she said on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few weeks ago. “I was like, ‘Wait, who…oh, you’re so hot. Fine, take it.’ Then I saw him later at a party and was like, ‘How are those onions resting on your molars?’ He was like, ‘I like you.'”

Given how they met, we’d guess these two probably had a good laugh over this latest Tweetstorm.

Amy Schumer’s Growing Review: Her New Netflix Special Is the Realest Take on Pregnancy Yet

By all accounts, Amy Schumer has not had an easy pregnancy. The comedian has a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, often referred to as “extreme morning sickness,” that caused her to cancel much of her tour. She gets brutally real about this—and other aspects of her pregnancy—in her new Netflix special, Growing, out now. At one point in the special, Schumer compares hyperemesis to “having food poisoning every day for the last five months.” “I throw up an Exorcist amount every day,” she jokes, before revealing she was once hospitalized after vomiting for five hours straight. This is all to say that if anyone deserves a little special treatment during their pregnancy, it’s Schumer.

But one of the strongest parts of Growing is the way Schumer takes on society’s impulse to treat pregnant people in a precious way—like they’re angelic, wholesome, cutesy parodies of women. As if we’re all having a magical time gestating a human. “I didn’t know that being pregnant could be really hard,” she says. “You bitches all lie about it.”

She attacks the pregnant-woman trope seen in romantic comedies: a lady throws up—once!—in her office, realizes she’s expecting, and is suddenly wearing overalls, painting, and cupping her bump in the next scene. The implication here: Even if you’re not an overall-wearing, crafty, lovey-dovey person, pregnancy will turn you into one. But “you’re still you,” Schumer says, pointedly.

This resonated loudly with me as a new mom. I didn’t spontaneously turn into a cartoon mother once I got knocked up. Once I revealed I was pregnant, it felt like the baby was all anyone wanted to talk about—even if I didn’t want to talk about it. Yes, to a degree this was a preview of what motherhood is like, but Schumer’s material is a reminder that our own existences shouldn’t take a backseat. Women are still important, relevant, and interesting outside of their pregnancies.

Schumer skewers this by revealing that she greets the myriad of “What are you having?” questions she fields every day with a despondent “hemorrhoids.” She screams “cock!” when asked, “What are you craving?” “Just me and my angel,” she says in a saccharine voice after telling this anecdote, caressing her bump, almost daring the audience to admit they were expecting her to be somehow softer or sweeter as a pregnant woman. Nope. She’s still her.

When I was pregnant, I often joked I had something called “pregnancy rage.” Instead of, say, weeping at car insurance commercials (another pregnancy trope), I felt mad a lot, particularly about the way pregnant women are infantilized by the exact stereotypes Schumer brings up. I can’t definitively say Schumer has pregnancy rage too, but she certainly felt like my kindred spirit as I watched Growing. She hates the way pregnant women always cup their bumps in photos—“it’s so obnoxious”—and doesn’t understand why people think she’s a hero for just showing up to work. “I’m contractually obligated to be out here, guys,” she says. “I’m not like, ‘The show must go on.’ I’m like, ‘I will be sued.'” She hates women who say they enjoyed their pregnancies. She hates when people ask to see her bump, so much that she hikes her dress up at the beginning of the special and flashes it to the audience. A bump middle finger, if you will.

To be fair, pregnancy is giving Schumer a lot to hate. But even as someone who had a relatively easy and uncomplicated pregnancy, I felt so seen by her derision. Pregnancy is more present in comedy than ever before—just see Ali Wong’s two specials—but what’s particularly satisfying about watching Amy Schumer is right there in the title: She’s growing, but she’s still her. And it’s cathartic to watch.

*Chilling Adventures of Sabrina* Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Get excited, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fans: Season two of the series is coming to Netflix in just a few weeks. The streaming platform dropped a trailer for the next chapter on March 18, but there’s still so much mystery surrounding what’s to come. In fact, the only thing that’s certain at this point is Sabrina has bleach-blonde hair.

OK, I’m kidding: Netflix and the cast have released a few bits and bytes about the new season, and they’re only making fans more excited. Below, here’s everything we know (so far) about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season two.

The release date. April 5.

Episode count. There will be 10 new episodes total, and they’ll serve as a part two of sorts to the first batch of episodes from last October. A part 3 and part 4 of Sabrina have also been ordered, consisting of eight episodes each.

The trailer. Netflix released the first official trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season two on Monday, March 18, and it looks way darker than the first. Sabrina is embracing her powers more than ever before—which is yielding some graphic, terrifying new storylines. Check it out for yourself, below.

Netflix dropped a teaser for the new season back in December:

And a poster on March 13:

Sabrina has some big changes. That platinum hair, for starters, but the updates go even deeper. “Sabrina definitely changes and shifts a lot,” Kiernan Shipka (a.k.a Sabrina) told Bloody Disgusting in October 2018. “Her growth is very evident and the second season definitely has a different spin on it than the first season. They are very different from each other.”

Her choices will guide what happens in season two. You’re probably thinking, “Well, duh,” but remember: Sabrina made a crucial choice in the season-one finale by signing the Book of the Beast. That, obviously, is going to have some repercussion beyond her new hair color. “I would just say that, without giving too much away, because it would be a bit of a spoiler, the way that Sabrina’s life takes certain turns and certain decisions she makes inform the second season,” Shipka also told Bloody Disgusting. “The finale of the first season sets up a lot. It goes in a different direction. We see more different characters. It deals with a different side of things.”

There might be a Salem-centric episode. The talking cat you loved in Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch is much different this time around. For one, he doesn’t talk, but CAS creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told IndieWire that might change. “When we did the show, [he doesn’t speak] partly to project the horror tone,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “That isn’t to say that Salem won’t talk in the future.” He also revealed to IndieWire there have been discussions about an episode just about Salem, though nothing’s confirmed.

New characters are coming. Alexis Denisof is stepping in to play Mary Wardwell’s boyfriend, but here’s the catch: He doesn’t know Madam Satan has taken over her body. Actor Jedidiah Goodacre will play a warlock named named Dorian Gray who owns a nightclub, so does this mean we’ll get to see the witches turn up?

And new relationships will form. Are Harvey (Ross Lynch) and Sabrina not getting back together? Maybe. “There’s gonna be some new exciting relationships that blossom in season two, which I think the fans aren’t gonna be initially excited about, but I think they’re gonna grow to love these new relationships,” Lynch told Entertainment Tonight*. “I don’t even know what I’m officially allowed to talk about… Every character meets new people.”

We’ll update this post with more information as it comes in.

Hailey Baldwin Responded to Rumors She and Justin Bieber Are Having “Trust Issues”

It was only a matter of time before this happened: Only months into Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s whirlwind marriage, reports are surfacing there’s trouble in paradise. But Baldwin is getting in front of the rumors before they spin out of control.

On Monday morning, March 18, she took to her Instagram Story to issue a helpful reminder: “Don’t believe what ya read on the Internet folks,” she wrote, adding an eyeroll emoji and a holographic “FAKE NEWS” GIF sticker to reiterate her point. Baldwin didn’t explicitly state which piece of “news” sparked her rebuttal, but it’s safe to assume Us Weekly‘s recent report claiming the couple have “trust issues” was on her radar. Apparently, the Biebers are facing no such difficulties.

In their recent joint cover interview for Vogue, though, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were refreshingly open about the issues they do have. “The thing is, marriage is very hard,” Baldwin said to the magazine. “That is the sentence you should lead with. It’s really effing hard.”

Bieber said he and Baldwin are still figuring out how to disagree in constructive ways. “We don’t want to lose each other,” he told Vogue. “We don’t want to say the wrong thing, and so we’ve been struggling with not expressing our emotions, which has been driving me absolutely crazy because I just need to express myself, and it’s been really difficult to get her to say what she feels.”

Baldwin also admitted to feeling lonely in her first weeks as a newlywed. Unfortunately, both she and Bieber have been inundated with messages from random people who don’t agree with their marriage. “I prayed to feel peace about the decision, and that’s where I landed,” she told Vogue. “I love him very much. I have loved him for a long time.”

The 10 Best Pairs of Jeans for Women in 2019

Trends come and go, but denim is forever. When everything else in your closet lets you down, you can still depend on your favorite pair of jeans to make you feel good. Denim is so versatile, too—it looks great no matter how you style it, from the most basic of trends (looking at you, white sneakers) to the most extreme (hello, micro bags).

But despite being so versatile, choosing the right denim for you is a personal experience. Everyone has a specific fit, wash, and brand they like most. And we all have different needs—whether that’s eliminating an annoying gap in the waistband or finding a pair that isn’t too stiff when sitting at a desk all day. To help you find a pair that works for you—from a great vintage wash, to a truly sustainable pair, to a wear-it-everywhere black skinny—Glamour editors are sharing their denim secrets. Here, the 10 best jeans ever.

Ariana Grande Just Updated a Tattoo She Got With Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande kicks off her Sweetener World Tour tonight (March 18) in Albany, New York, and she marked the occasion in a very Ariana Grande way: with a new tattoo.

After finishing late-night rehearsals, Grande hit up her regular tattoo artist Mira Mariah, a.k.a. @girlknewyork, for the latest addition to her ever-evolving body art. The new leaves on her upper torso surround the “always” tattoo she got during her relationship with Pete Davidson. (He also got a matching one at the time.) Grande insists she’s not trying to cover anything up, though—the “always” tattoo is still totally visible inside one of the new leaves.

“Post run thrus, 3 am with @girlknewyork 🙂 not a cover up just evolvin ? also, our show opens tomorrow,” she wrote on Instagram. “I love u and i’m so grateful. see u soon.” Mariah said of her latest creation, “Middle of the night leaves on the queen. I love you thank you this is all! So! Exciting! Happy tour ???”

Grande has covered up at least some of her Davidson-era ink. A few months ago, she had Myron—the name of Mac Miller’s dog—placed over the tattoo she got of Davidson’s father’s firefighter badge number. She also replaced her “Reborn” tattoo with a feather.

Of course, none of these tattoo stories top when she tried to get “7 Rings” inked on her hand in Japanese kanji, but a mistake made it actually read “tiny barbecue grill.” She promptly had it fixed. “Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix and to @kanenavasard for being a legend. And to my doctor for the lidocaine shots (no joke). RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss you man. I actually really liked u,” she posted at the time.

Grande’s Sweetener World Tour is expected to run from March to October and will cover both North America and Europe.

The Natori Feathers Bra Has a Cult Following—and For Good Reason

Plenty of lingerie companies claim to sell the “world’s best bra.” But no one bra will be the “best” for everyone—people with small boobs shop differently than people with big boobs; women who are nursing have different needs than those who’ve had mastectomies. The “best bra” is what’s right for you, at that given moment in your life. In the age of online reviews, though, it doesn’t hurt to start your search with the most highly-rated options on the market. And if you’ve looked at all the usual suspects—the Nordstroms, the Amazons, the Bare Necessities—you’ve probably already heard about the wonders of the Natori Feathers bra.

Natori’s Feathers collection isn’t new (and the brand has been around since 1977). And at first glance, its signature plunge bra doesn’t seem all that different from other lace-trimmed styles in any department store. But the magic of the Natori Feathers bra isn’t in being the sexiest bra—it’s that it’s so damn comfortable. (There are other factors that work in its favor too: It’s available in a bunch of different colors and in sizes 30A through 36G.)

I was getting a bra fitting at Town Shop, the famed lingerie store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, several years ago when I first tried the Natori Feathers plunge. I walked out with one in a blue-purple shade (a color I normally wouldn’t have picked out), in a 34D (a size I had never worn before). It didn’t take long for it to dethrone all the beige T-shirt bras I had been hoarding since college as my Absolute Favorite Bra. Why? The mesh outer cover contoured my breasts and molded around my torso—I could wear it for long hours and forget I had a bra on. And somehow, the colorful fabric was pretty much undetectable under everything, including white tees.

It’s not the flashiest undergarment in my intimates drawer, but it’s definitely my favorite. And while you might not see it on your social feed like the latest Savage x Fenty launch, the Natori Feathers has a devoted fan base.

When Lady Gaga wore a black Natori Feathers bra to the Grammys after parties, senior culture editor Mattie Kahn chatted me the link. “I just wanna say I own this bra and it is great,” she wrote.

Turns out, Kahn was also introduced to the Natori Feathers at Town Shop. (“I grew up on the Upper West Side, which means that like many, many women, I got my first bras there.”) Two or three years ago, she says, she went to replenish her bra supply, and one of the store’s clerks suggested she try the Natori. But she was skeptical: “For context: I’m 5’2 and wear a 32D. I have only ever wanted my boobs to shrink, not to look bigger. I don’t do plunges. I don’t do push-ups. I do black T-shirt bras that sometimes feature subtle lace. But you don’t cross the women at the Town Shop. You strip. They make suggestions. So I decided to go for it.”

She left the store with four Natori Feathers.

“It fits like a dream,” Kahn says. “It’s comfortable, but also kinda sexy. And it’s seamless under shirts of all kinds and fits. I have recommended it to 90 percent of the women I know, from cup size AA to DD. It’s a cult and a gift. I intend to wear it forever.”

Cora Harrington, the founder of The Lingerie Addict and author of In Intimate Detail, has written about the Natori Feathers bra many times over the years. And though she remembers not being overwhelmed by it the first time she saw it, a representative for the brand reached out and sent her one to try —and she hasn’t looked back since. “It’s a bra I purchase again, and again, and again,” she says.

The Best Celebrity No-Makeup Selfies Ever

One of the biggest celebrity makeup trends right now: not wearing any. It’s nothing against makeup; there’s a real power that comes with nailing a smoky eye or finding your perfect red lipstick. Even a well-penciled brow job can make you feel great. But the same can be said about loving yourself the way you are—natural, pared down, with every unique feature that makes you you shining through. To celebrate that, we’re saluting the famous faces we’ve gotten glimpses of on Instagram, all doing their thing without any makeup on. Come along as we recap some of the most memorable celebrity no-makeup selfies of all time.

Alex Rodriguez Got Some Very Pointed Advice When He Started Dating Jennifer Lopez

By now, we’ve all fallen for the romance that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez share. They’re clearly into each other like whoa: The duo make their affection for each other public; he works out to her own music; and they even dress alike—a sure sign of coupledom if there is one. (And that’s not mentioning the $24,000 Valentine’s Day gift J.Lo gifted her now-fiancé.)

These two do it up big, and as it turns out, part of that might spring from some advice A-Rod got as he started out on this journey with J.Lo. According to Page Six, a friend apparently advised that, “Whatever you do, you cannot mess her around.”

As the friend told the tabloid, “I said, ‘This lady is like American royalty. Whatever happens, you cannot treat her badly. If you split up for any reason, she has to be the one to dump your ass!’ It’s a lot of pressure on someone to date Jennifer Lopez! But they both fell in love.”

Yeah, we’re guessing that dating one of pop music’s biggest icons isn’t exactly a low-key deal—even if you are a super-famous former baseball player. But it seems like it’s all worked out for the two of them. As A-Rod told Vanity Fair for their October 2017 cover story, the two share a lot of bonds that make for a solid foundation: “We are very much twins,” he said. “We’re both Leos, we’re both from New York, we’re both Latino…and about 20 other things.”

According to another source from Page Six, the two are super-supportive of each other in their day-to-day relationship, too—which is especially important when both partners are in high-powered careers. “They’re so respectful to each other,” the source told Page Six. “When Alex is working for ESPN [calling baseball games], Jennifer goes … and sits quietly in the booth because she likes to watch him. They have that kind of relationship. Likewise, when she was doing her [concert residency] in Vegas, he would fly in. He was at almost every show. The support level is incredible.”

Bless this happy couple, an inspiration to us all.