Eva Mendes Reveals How She and Ryan Gosling Balance Family Responsibilities in Rare Interview

Eva Mendes just gave some rare insight into her relationship with Ryan Gosling.

The couple has been together since meeting on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines in 2011, and share two daughters: Esmeralda, who was born in 2014, and Amada, who was born in 2016. Though they’ve opened up a bit over the past couple of years, Gosling and Mendes are upfront about their desire to keep most details about their personal life private.

However, in a new interview with People, Mendes shared just a taste of what it’s like in the Gosling-Mendes household. “Ryan’s the cook. He’s an incredible cook,” she said. “I think that there’s a really nice balance to ‘you cook, I clean.’ And it just works for us.”

She continued, “Life is so chaotic. But the one thing I can control is my house, my kitchen. So when I do the dishes it’s meditative for me. It really goes deeper than just cleaning up. It really gives me clarity. Clean sink equals clear mind for me.”

While discussing the more chaotic consequences of working from home—Eva Mendes is the co-owner of the cleaning brand Skura Style—the actor even shared a sweet anecdote about her girls, revealing that Amada refers to her older sister as “Essie.”

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“It’s a mess! I’ll be Zooming with various people throughout the day and I have no idea. I’ll see people kind of giggle, and I see my five-year-old, who just turned six, will be right behind me with her blankie and looking so cute,” Mendes explained. Though Mendes says she imposed a rule that a closed door means she shouldn’t be interrupted unless it’s important, she says her little ones aren’t always attuned to what that means.

Don’t Forget That Dirty Dancing Has a Powerful Pro-Choice Message

One of the main fallacies in the arguments of anti-abortion activists is that making the procedure illegal will eradicate it (it’s much more complicated than that). As history shows, pregnant people will still seek out abortions, and if they can’t do that safely, they’ll risk their own lives. Ever seen Spring Awakening? Or a little movie called Dirty Dancing?

While the romance and the dancing are often what people remember about the 1987 hit, the plot actually hinges on a botched back-alley abortion. Johnny’s (Patrick Swayze) original dance partner is Penny; Baby (Jennifer Grey) not only borrows money from her doctor father to pay for Penny’s abortion, she also enlists his help when Penny nearly dies from the procedure. 

The film takes place in 1963, a decade before Roe v. Wade, and as Baby’s father Dr. Houseman says, the person who operated on Penny was “a butcher.” It’s a harrowing cautionary tale about what happens not only when abortion is illegal, but also when men fail to take responsibility for their part in pregnancy. And sadly, it couldn’t be timelier.

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With the overturn of Roe on the horizon, Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey—who is currently promoting her memoir, *Out of the Corner—*spoke to The View about the movie’s relevance. “I really, like so many of us…I am horrified that this is really on the table again in 2022,” she said, adding, “talk about being in the corner,” a reference to the movie’s famous line about limiting a woman by putting her “in the corner.”

“If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t have one. Just don’t have one. Don’t take away the choice,” Grey continued, making her stance clear.

Everything We Know About Outlander Season 7

In March 2021—a full year before season six of Outlander began airing—Starz announced that it had picked up season seven from executive producer Ronald D. Moore and Sony Pictures Television. Since then we’ve returned to Fraser’s Ridge, and a lot happened: Claire struggled with the aftermath of sexual assault, Bree and Roger embarked on a new future as their family grew, the Christies came to town, what really happened during young Ian’s last few years was revealed, Jamie came to terms with the upcoming Revolution, everything fell apart with Malva’s claim that Jamie fathered her unborn child which led to Claire wrongfully accused and arrested for Malva’s death. 

Yeah, a lot happened. But the season—especially the finale, which aired on May 1—was one of the most breathtaking and event-filled of the series. 

Now with season six over, fans are already looking ahead to a super-sized season seven. It’s double the amount of episodes from season six, which was truncated due to star Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy and pandemic-related scheduling issues. Production is already underway, and the show has been sharing photos from set. 

So when will season seven air? Who’s joining the cast? And what else do we know about what’s to come? Here’s everything we know.

When will season 7 of Outlander air?

Production on the new season began in late March 2022. The show’s official Instagram account announced the news on April 6. Matthew B. Roberts will return as showrunner.

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In late April, Caitriona Balfe told Glamour that filming on the new season has “been really good. We’re almost finished with the first block of episodes, but it’s been really fun.” 

As for when we’ll actually get to see those episodes, given that this will be a much bigger season of Outlander, plan for sometime in early 2023. Starz has given no official airdate, but it’s such a massive show to produce and edit so anything before then would be highly unlikely. The good news is that Droughtlander shouldn’t be anywhere like it was between seasons five and six, which was a little over two years. 

Mariska Hargitay Reacts to the Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade: ‘I am Outraged’

The Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, so said a leaked draft of the judgment, and people are rightly pissed.

In a bombshell leak shared on Monday amid the Met Gala red-carpet furor, Politico reported that it obtained a draft of the majority decision, which Chief Justice John Roberts later confirmed is authentic.

The decision is not yet in effect. However, since the leak, politicians and civilians alike have expressed their outrage over this violation of human rights—including celebrities. 

Here’s who’s expressed their opinion (a.k.a. rage) over the appalling Supreme Court decision to overturn its own ruling from 1973. 

Mariska Hargitay

Speaking from her experience as the star and executive producer of Law & Order: SVU, a TV show about survivors of sexual assault, Mariska Hargitay wrote on Instagram that she is “outraged at what is unfolding” after the SCOTUS leak.

“The dismantling of nationwide legal abortion will disproportionately affect women of color, women with disabilities, women of modest or no means, trans people, and any person who doesn’t have the ability to travel out of state to obtain healthcare,” she said. “The re-litigation of our rights must end.” 

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Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid posted an image of the phrase “Men shouldn’t be making laws about women’s bodies” repeated several times. The model captioned the image, “If it isn’t obvious enough.”

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Harry Styles

Harry Styles shared the same graphic, featuring the phrase “Men shouldn’t be making laws about women’s bodies,” to his Instagram Stories on May 4, according to OK! Magazine.

Olivia Rodrigo

During a stop on her Sour tour in Washington, D.C., Olivia Rodrigo told the crowd, “Our bodies should never be in the hands of politicians,” according to Pitchfork.

Kylie Jenner Used a Viral Kylie Jenner Meme to Discuss Postpartum Struggles

Three months after Kylie Jenner gave birth to her son (formerly known as Wolf), the reality star is “getting her personality back.”

In a new TikTok shared on May 13, Jenner lipsynced to a popular piece of audio of…her own voice. The now-famous meme came from a 2017 episode of her show Life of Kylie, in which she tells then-bestie Jordyn Woods, “Dude, I’m getting my personality back, though. Like, I’m feeling like myself again… I really was not myself.” Currently, there are over 35K TikTok videos that utilize the official Peackock TV sound.

In the caption of the new video, Jenner wrote, “when your postpartum hormones start to level out 😅😅😃.”

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Kylie Jenner welcomed her second baby with on-and-off boyfriend Travis Scott in February 2022, a baby boy reportedly named Wolf Webster. However, in late March, Jenner confirmed her son was no longer going by that moniker. “FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore,” Jenner wrote in an Instagram Story. “We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.” Jenner and Scott also share a four-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster

This isn’t the first time Jenner has mentioned her postpartum journey since giving birth to her son. “I just wanna say to my postpartum moms that postpartum has not been easy. It’s not been easy; it’s very hard. This experience for me personally has been a little harder than with my daughter; it’s not easy mentally, physically, spiritually. It’s just crazy,” she addressed fans in a March Instagram story. “I didn’t want to just get back to life without saying that because I think we can look on the internet—and for other moms going through it right now—we can go on the internet and it might look a lot easier for other people and [that might] put the pressure on us. But it hasn’t been easy for me; it’s been hard. And I just wanted to say that. I didn’t think I’d make it to this workout today, but I’m here and I’m feeling better, so you got this.”

She continued, “It’s okay not to be okay. Once I realized that I was putting some pressure on myself…and I just keep reminding myself I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy, and we have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be back. Not even physically, just mentally after birth. Just sending some love, I love you guys.”

Hero Cosmetics’s Ju Rhyu in Conversation With Kulfi Beauty’s Priyanka Ganjoo

Ju: What I realized about entrepreneurship is that it’s all about convincing skeptics. Hero Cosmetics still has skeptics, even though we’ve been around for five years. It’s just the nature of the industry. That’s why founders are so amazing because they see something most people don’t see. Even when you’re a bigger business, you’ll still have skeptics. That’s okay because being an entrepreneur is all about that deep belief and knowing you’re going to persevere and prove them wrong.

Priyanka: The flip side of that is taking care of my mental health. Entrepreneurship is all-consuming and at the same time, very lonely. How do I make sure that I’m setting boundaries so I can have healthy relationships outside of work and continue to feel joy in what I’m doing?

Ju: You have my number, so anytime you feel lonely, text me.

Priyanka: You’re one of our angel investors. You invested before we launched. It was literally a deck and one phone call where I told you my vision. And you were like, “I’ll write you a check.” You understood where I was coming from.

Ju: You have the background and conviction to make it a success. I always back founders where the business comes from a personal place. There are some businesses where it might be fem health, but it’s founded by a man. There’s not as much authenticity. I love with Kulfi that there’s a lot of empathy. Not many people have dared to be the solution, but you’re one of them.

Priyanka: We should get on a call more often. 

Ju: I know, we should. We’ll be each other’s hype girls.

On recent wins

Ju: We just expanded at Ulta, full chain with eight additional SKUs. It’s huge because we do a lot of our revenue in Amazon and Target, and we needed to prove that we could succeed in specialty retail. The fact that they brought us on and are also supporting us in a really big way, taking eight SKUs full chain, out of aisle moments. Then literally the week after launch, my team was on a call with the Ulta buyer and they were so happy. They’re giving us another shelf at the end of this year. 

Priyanka: So this is a personal brag moment, but being on a billboard in Times Square just happened, which I could never have imagined. Sephora has a billboard on top of their store in Times Square and they reached out saying, “We want to feature a quote from you.” It’s surreal seeing us showcased in such a big way. And then of course, every time a customer makes an order it’s such a special feeling because I’m still in awe that someone went to our website and trusted us. 

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On Stop Asian Hate one year later

Ju: I think last year was a great catalyst. It’s going to be a journey; we’re never going to have a moment where we’re going to be like, “Okay, our work is done.” The next step I would like to see is that this should be something that isn’t thought about in this one month but throughout the year. I’d love to see this be a real, consistent topic that we all talk about and try to find solutions to.

Priyanka: I think more needs to be done. The reality is that my friends in New York who are Asian are afraid to take the train. It’s just not right. It’s also not fair to make the members of the community that are impacted do all the work around education. AAPI community members are the ones who are speaking up and putting in that labor, which I think is great, but other people need to speak up and rally. We need that allyship.

On advice for new entrepreneurs

Ju: Cold email, cold call, don’t be afraid to reach out to random people. That’s actually how Priyanka and I got connected. You messaged me on LinkedIn and we did a Zoom chat and then I became an investor. You never know what a random email or LinkedIn message can do, so take the chance.

On keeping the spark alive

Priyanka: It’s been five years of Hero Cosmetics. What are some practices that have helped you sustain the energy and passion you had for the business on day one?

Ju: Thinking about the future helps. The goal post keeps changing. When you’re zero, you just want to get to a million. Everything’s going to be great if I can just hit that million-dollar hurdle. Then once you hit a million, the goal post changes because then you want to get to $10 million, then you want to get to a $100 million. You just have to keep thinking bigger and that’s a big part of what gets me excited. It’s a marathon for sure. You have to pace your energy and time. So taking breaks, going on vacation, resetting. That mental health aspect is really important.

On generating media presence 

Ju: When you launched, I saw Kulfi everywhere. You got amazing earned media press right out the gate. How you were able to generate so much amazing goodwill in the press and sustain it?

Priyanka: Definitely tapping into your community. A lot of the people who first started posting us on social media were people I’d had conversations with. It feels like they’re personally invested in your brand. Also our visual aesthetic—having packaging that’s Instagram-able and beautifully presented. Even our own imagery—we invest a disproportionate amount of our budget into having really beautiful photo shoots and made it a point to have BIPOC creators behind the scenes. It changes creative output and looks very different from what you see in the market because it’s created by teams that don’t typically get formed by brands. I also do one TikTok a week. It’s important for me to stay connected to the community because they tell me what we should be making next. With our new launch coming up, I’ve personally tested our product on over 300 women. Personally putting yourself out there and connecting helps.

No, Bella Hadid Didn’t Black Out at the Met Gala Because Her Corset Was Too Tight

Bella Hadid is debunking claims that her custom Burberry corset at the 2022 Met Gala was so tight she blacked out.

A week-and-a-half after the annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the supermodel took to Instagram to make some clarifications after several articles about her Burberry look circulated online. Next to a screenshot of a headline suggesting Hadid couldn’t breathe because her outfit was too snug, Hadid explained the miscommunication.

“This is not at all what I (meant to) say,” Hadid wrote. “I didn’t say I blacked out because of my corset. I joked that I blacked out, not because of my corset, but from the regular anxieties and excitement of the carpet.”

Kevin Mazur/MG22

The mix-up after came her chat with Interview Magazine editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg, who she debriefed on her Met Gala experience. In their interview, the supermodel confided that her anxiety was through the roof while she was on the red carpet.

“I don’t think I was out there for more than three minutes,” Hadid explained. “I don’t know if that was my anxiety, or maybe the waist was giving cinch and I couldn’t breathe. I mean, there were probably a lot of things happening.

The 25-year-old’s last extreme Met Gala look—featuring another cinched look courtesy of Chrome Hearts and Gareth Pugh for the Catholic-themed 2018 affair—infamously left the star unable to comfortably walk. “If anyone was wondering why I couldn’t move it’s because a legend by the name of @jenatkinhair sewed a whole entire 10 pound veil to my head,” she wrote on Instagram. 

Mike Coppola/MG18

Getting to Know Alison Oliver, Star of Your New Favorite Show Conversations With Friends

Was there a movie or a TV show growing up that you were obsessed with?

There was this movie I used to watch when I was, like, 14 called Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. I related to it so much. It’s a proper teen film, but I honestly think I’ve watched that film maybe 20 times because it’s just so good.

How did you celebrate when you got the role of Frances? 

It was actually kind of confidential when I got told, so I wasn’t able to scream it from the rooftops. I just rang all my family separately and that took up about four hours in total of speaking to all of them. And then because I couldn’t really tell anyone else, my sister ordered me Domino’s.

That’s amazing. What kind of pizza do you like?

I am a Margherita kind of person. I love pizza so much that I don’t want toppings to get in the way of the pizza.

Did you have any superstitions while you were filming, or any habits before a scene?

I would often usually always refer to the book before a scene. I’d always have a look to see how it’s described in the book because the book is everything that’s going on in Frances’s brain—almost like her diary. In terms of, like, superstitions, this is kind of nerdy but I always slept with the book underneath my pillow.


I did it all the time. I don’t know why I did it, but that was something that I got into a habit of. Maybe I worried if I didn’t do it…I don’t know, but that was something I did quite a bit.

I hope you had a good cushiony pillow on top of it though.

I did actually. It was a lovely, lovely cushion.

What is your favorite part of Frances’s look in the series?

I love how they never put makeup on me or really not that much. She isn’t massively glamorous, and I actually really quite liked how rooted and grounded that felt and looked. I think that’s great to see. It’s not something she puts massive value or effort into. She’s self-conscious, but she’s also not obsessing over makeup, her hair, and things like that. I really liked her plainness or stripped-backness. I think it was cool. She could be kind of blotchy and I liked that. 

Bobbi (Sasha Lane), Nick (Joe Alwyn), Frances (Alison Oliver), and Melissa (Jemima Kirke)

Enda Bowe/Hulu

Getting to Know Alison Oliver, Star of Hulu’s Buzzy Conversations With Friends

In Conversations With Friends, Hulu’s latest series based on a Sally Rooney book, which is out May 15, Alison Oliver’s character Frances moves quietly through life, surveying every situation and person before making a move. In person—or over Zoom, at least—Oliver jumps right into our conversation with a contagious excitement. 

You can’t blame her. This is a breakthrough role for the 24-year-old Cork, Ireland, native, who graduated from the Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art in Dublin in 2020 and nabbed an audition for Conversations With Friends just a few months later. The series follows Frances (Oliver), a 21-year-old college student navigating relationships, life, and career uncertainty. Oliver stars opposite Sasha Lane as Bobbi, her ex-girlfriend/current best friend. They meet Jemima Kirke’s Melissa, an accomplished writer, and her dreamy husband, Nick (Joe Alwyn), and the foursome quickly become attached at the hip. Complicating matters is a mutual flirtation between Melissa and Bobbi and a secret, passionate affair between Nick and Frances. It’s messy and addicting and the kind of role that has the potential to put Oliver in the same conversation as Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal before her (they starred in Netflix’s previous show based on a Rooney book, the successful Normal People). 

Oliver is more than ready, given her nuanced and beautiful performance. As for fame, she’s approaching it with a cautious optimism. “I actually just made an Instagram,” she says proudly. “I don’t have a TikTok or anything, but I’m figuring it out.” 

For Glamour’s latest edition of New Here, Oliver opens up about her audition process, her on-set superstitions, and why she loves Frances exactly as she is.

Nicky J. Sims/Getty Images

Glamour: What was your audition process like for Conversations With Friends?

Airbnb’s Redesign Makes Booking Vacation Stays Easier Than Ever

With temperatures soaring and Memorial Day fast approaching, it’s officially time to start planning your next getaway—and thanks to Airbnb’s latest update, its most wide-ranging change in years, finding a unique place to stay just got so much simpler.

This week, Airbnb announced three major additions to its home-booking platform. “First, people are more flexible about where they live and work, so we’ve designed a new way to search with Airbnb Categories,” Brian Chesky, CEO and cofounder of Airbnb, said in a statement. “Second, people are taking longer trips, so we created Split Stays to give you more options by splitting your trip between two homes. And third, we’re introducing AirCover for guests, giving you the confidence to book knowing that Airbnb’s got your back.”

Airbnb Categories organizes homes into 56 searchable groups based on rental style, location, or proximity to a travel activity or adventure—you no longer have to search stays by date or location. (Categories include camping, castles, A-frames, and one called OMG!, which includes only-in-your-dreams type listings like this Gaudí-esque Austin home and this Portuguese windmill.) Whether you want a surfing-friendly stay or the perfect backdrop for Instagram, you’ll find it there.

Split Stays, meanwhile, allow guests to divide their trips between two homes—an especially helpful feature for longer stays. Until this week, only Airbnbs that would be available for your entire stay would appear in searches; now, you can choose between more homes that are only available for part of that time. Finally, AirCover for guests offers newly expanded protection for every traveler, including beefed-up booking protection and a 24-hour safety line.

Together, these changes (which took effect this week) make Airbnb better than ever, and you can take advantage of them right now, just in time for warmer weather. The first travel-friendly summer in years is upon us—so pack your carry-on and book a few of our favorite stays below.