The 14 Best Blazers for Women from Simple to Extra

Whether you get outfit ideas by scrolling through Instagram, watching the runways, or noticing trends in your own office—you won’t get far without spotting one particular staple celebrities, style influencers, and your co-workers can’t get enough of. Blazers have been around for ages, but they’ve become an undisputed essential over the past few years. That’s because the best blazers for women offer tons of versatility—and the power to elevate a look in seconds-flat.

If the structured jacket brings to mind throwback pictures of your mom in the ’80s, consider celeb street style your new inspiration on how to wear a blazer today. Katie Holmes paired a burnt orange Mango version with a $4000 Louis Vuitton bag (we stan a high-low queen), Gigi Hadid wore an oversized blazer over a Charlotte Knowles runway look at Bella Hadid’s birthday party, and Meghan Markle keeps iterations of the blazer dress on constant rotation.

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The styling options are endless when it comes to the polished layering piece, but it can be as simple as grabbing your favorite pair of jeans and throwing a blazer over your ribbed white tank, graphic tee, silk blouse, or fitted turtleneck. In the mood for something fancier? Add a cool-girl flair by wearing a blazer over your favorite slip or boho dress. Whether your wardrobe takes cue from the buttoned-up Royals or you draw inspo from the edgier Gigi and Bella Hadid, there’s something for you in our roundup of the 14 best blazers for women.

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Kendall Jenner Just Said Goodbye to Her Dark Hair

By now, almost all of the Kardashians have briefly abandoned their dark hair for something a little lighter (or in Khloé’s case, ice-white), and Kendall Jenner is the latest in the family to embrace the trend. It’s not the first time, of course; she went bright blond for a bit during London Fashion Week earlier this year, but she’s traditionally been the one to keep her hair darker. Still, she decided to change things up this winter and shared a couple of posts on Instagram this week that offer a look at her soft new waves.

Jenner shared a video that shows her playing with her hair, which she captioned simply, “I’m sleepy.” The shot gave fans a glimpse at her new shade, which is a slightly russet, soft brown color. Colorist Cassondra Kaeding created the new hue (Jenner’s longtime stylist, Jen Atkin, did the waves) and posted her own Instagram footage of Kendall, writing, “@kendalljenner glammed up on a Sunday, hbu?”

In addition to going blond for a quick period, Kendall had also decided to go for a cool ombre a few weeks ago. It was a subtle change that seems to have been the bridge that led her to fully going lighter. The new color is brighter, but definitely not overboard, and it actually really works for the holidays.

Jenner isn’t the only one who’s been experimenting a lot lately: Her older sister Kim has been playing around with her regular hair colorist Chris Appleton, who took her from dark chocolate brown to a super pretty ombre with soft, rich hues. He shared a photo that shows Kim with her hair cascading down her shoulders on Instagram a few days ago, in which he wrote, “Who mastered the Cool Chocolate brown this winter?”

It’s slightly different from Kendall’s, but both sisters are giving us plenty of winter inspiration.

Meet the Women Vying for Peter Weber’s Roses on the New Season of The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation: The time has almost come to start a new cycle of what will hopefully be the “most dramatic season ever” of The Bachelor as we watch former Bachelorette contestant Peter Weber—a.k.a. Pilot Pete—attempt to find true love.

This week, ABC released images and quick bios on the 30 women who will attempting to win Weber’s heart, though who knows what will happen when his former flame Hannah Brown shows back up. There are flight attendants, former pageant winners, and nurses, each looking for love on one of the longest-running reality shows we have.

Any seasoned fan knows that we won’t really get to know these women until we see them in action after they emerge from those limos. But, in the meantime, we combed through their bios to find our favorite fact about each one. Enjoy.

The new season of The Bachelor premieres on ABC on January 6 at 8 p.m. ET.

Best Hostess Gifts: 19 Home Gifts You Can Shop Now and Have By Christmas Eve

Maybe you’ve been so busy binging Christmas movies that you didn’t realize Christmas is just eight days away. Maybe you get a thrill from scoring last-minute deals. Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed by your mile-long holiday shopping list that you haven’t pulled the trigger on a single gift yet. Whatever’s kept you from shopping for holiday gifts, it’s time to snap out if. There are only a few days left to shop online if you want your gifts to arrive on time. (If you’re already in panic mode, don’t even think about a trip to the mall.)

Below, 19 gifts for the home that seem to have thought behind them—and don’t require tracking down anyone’s size. (No one else needs to know you waited ’til the 11th hour.) These gifts feel well-considered, not last-minute, and make the best hostess gifts, if your New Year’s resolution involves attending more social gatherings.

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Jenna Dewan’s New Netflix Series Soundtrack Is So Good She Signed on Without Reading a Script

It’s been a busy year for Jenna Dewan. She celebrated her first anniversary with boyfriend Steve Kazee, announced her pregnancy, and released a personal memoir, Gracefully You. On screen, Dewan starred in romantic dramedies The Wedding Year and Berlin, I Love You, served as a mentor on NBC’s World of Dance, and guest starred on The Resident.

As if those weren’t time-consuming enough, now she’s about to star in one of her most ambitious and creative projects to date: Soundtrack, a modern day musical that combines Dewan’s love of dance, acting, and song. It premieres on Wednesday, December 18 on Netflix.

“I’ve done dance numbers on stage, in movies, and on different shows,” Dewan tells Glamour, “but I’ve never done it within an acting scene, where the song was going to portray the emotions of the character in the moment.” So when creator Josh Safran told her about his idea—a show that includes musical numbers, dramatic moments, and intersecting love stories set in Los Angeles—she knew she wanted to be a part of it. “I didn’t even need to see a script.”

It was welcome news to Safran, who wrote the role with Dewan in mind. After a general meeting with her, Safran say, he knew she was a fit. “I fell in love with her and was like, ‘Done. That’s it,'” he explains. For Dewan, the feeling was mutual: “I signed on strictly because I love Josh and the idea.”

Here, Dewan talks about Soundtrack, making out with herself on the show (yes, you read that right), and more.


8 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas, Inspired by Celebrities

This New Year’s Eve isn’t any ole New Year’s Eve—we’re bidding the decade farewell (!!), so it’s only right to go out with a bang, courtesy of a show-stopping New Year’s Eve outfit. Now is not the time to play it safe, and whether you’re hitting the town or having an at-home photoshoot with your best friends, it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with trends you’ve been intimidated to try.

Sparkles, shimmer, and glitter take front and center on the last night of the year, but we found ways to make you the best-dressed person in the room without leaving a trail of glitter in your wake. Ring in the new decade with these eight New Year’s Eve outfit ideas, inspired by some of the most stylish celebs of 2019.

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Jennifer Aniston Threw a Christmas Party This Weekend—and Brad Pitt Attended

Jennifer Aniston threw a Christmas tree trimming party this past Saturday, December 14, and a very special guest attended: her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, it’s important to know a few things. 1) Pitt was just one of many A-listers who attended Aniston’s annual bash. Other celebs who went include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Jimmy Kimmel, according to People magazine. And 2) Aniston and Pitt have maintained a “friendly” relationship for a while now. Need we remind you that he attended her 50th birthday party back in February 2019?

“They have been in touch a few times since her birthday and are keeping it friendly,” a source tells People. Earlier they added, “The annual tree trimming party is always Jen’s favorite to host. She loves Christmas. As usual, a large group of friends attended.”

So, no, this doesn’t mean Aniston and Pitt are getting back together. Their relationship ended over a decade ago, after all. They’ve moved on and clearly have a very nice rapport with one another.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston in September 2001.

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On Pitt going to Aniston’s birthday party in February, an insider told People, “He would not have been asked to come if that weren’t the case. It was a big night for Jen. The important people in her life gathered to celebrate with her. Brad fits into that group, and it was natural that he would want to come.” What the two of them have, per this source, is a “very civil relationship.”

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married between 2000 and 2005. Shortly after their split, Pitt got together with Angelina Jolie, and a fictional, tabloid-fueled love triangle formed between the three of them. When Pitt and Jolie split in 2016, all eyes, unsurprisingly, were on Aniston. But it’s time this narrative that she’s still pining over Pitt end. She has more important things going on in her life. And so do we.

Elizabeth Warren Adds Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris’s Paid Leave and Reproductive Health Care Policies to Her Platform

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is blunt—the women have been pushed out.

In late August, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) exited the 2020 presidential race. Earlier this month, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced she would end her campaign too. Meanwhile, over a dozen candidates—most of whom are less well known than those two women—remain in the contest, with the field somewhat narrower and much, much more male than it was even 12 weeks ago. As some on social media have noted, there are now more billionaires up for the Democratic nomination than there are black women. And of the six candidates who qualified for this week’s Democratic debate, zero are people of color.

The problem is bigger than just who gets to stand behind a podium. With candidates like Gillibrand and Harris out of contention, their ideas risk elimination too. And Warren—who has put a feminist spin on retirement benefits and student debt—refuses to let that happen.

“We’ve seen a record number of women in this race,” Warren tells Glamour. “That means, together, we’ve been able to shape the national conversation, to highlight issues impacting people in America.” But, she adds, as men who can afford to pour tens of millions of dollars into their own runs declare their candidacies, that discussion suffers.

After Warren announced her bid, she unveiled her plan to make affordable childcare available to families nationwide. Gillibrand pioneered paid leave legislation. Harris prioritized reproductive healthcare. “These are powerful issues, not just for women, but for families,” Warren says. And of course, the fact that Gillibrand and Harris aren’t on the trail doesn’t mean we’ve solved them. So, Warren reached out to her former rivals and asked their permission—both to add their policies to her platform and to attribute those plans to the women responsible for them.

TV Shows That Ended in 2019—and Where to Watch Them Now

This post contains spoilers for your favorite shows. Consider yourself warned.

A handful of 2019’s best television shows took their final bow, leaving us with a gaping hole in our hearts and our schedules. Some series wrapped up in a way that can best be described as satisfying—so much so that we were pretty much OK with letting them go. Others, cough Game of Thrones cough , left us with more opinions and questions than some of us had in episode one. No matter how you felt about these endings, take a look back at the shows that ended in 2019—and where to revisit them once they’re gone.

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51 Winter Hairstyle Ideas Perfect for 2019

Is it just us, or has 2019 felt like the longest year ever? (Yes, Thank U, Next came out this year.) But now that winter is here, we’re ready to lean into the season and finish it off with a bang—give us the dark nails, the sparkly decorations, and most of all, the winter hairstyle ideas. With collaborations like Justine Marjan x Kitsch and the strong resurgence of headbands and hair clips, accessories are riding strong this season. That said, there’s always something about a classic updo or ponytail you really can’t go wrong with.

Whatever your taste or hair type, scroll on for the freshest, most interesting winter hairstyle ideas, pulled fresh and direct from the best of the Internet. Consider it our gift to you; sorry we didn’t wrap it.