Bella Thorne Just Called Out Whoopi Goldberg for Criticizing Her Nude Photos

Over the weekend, Bella Thorne posted some nude photos of herself to Twitter after alleging a man was threatening to leak them. “I can sleep tonight better knowing I took my power back. U can’t control my life, u never will,” she tweeted alongside the pics.

The whole situation became a talking point on Monday’s episode of The View—and Thorne has now responded to comments made by co-host Whoopi Goldberg. During the episode, per People, co-host Sunny Hostin was defending Thorne. “It just saddens me that these kids have to go through this,” she said. “For someone to extort her or threaten her with posting these pictures, it’s terrible.”

Goldberg had a different take, though. “If you’re famous, I don’t care how old you are, you don’t take nude pictures of yourself,” she said. “Once you take that picture it goes into the Cloud, and it’s available to any hacker who wants it. And if you don’t know that in 2019 that this is an issue, I’m sorry. You don’t get to do that.”

Bella Thorne took to Instagram and posted a series of responses to Goldberg’s criticism. “Dear whoopi, I have loved u for so long but honestly I’m so displeased and saddened by your response to my leek [sic]. Blaming girls for taking the photo in the first place? Is sick and honestly disgusting,” she wrote in a screenshot from the Notes app. “So what a girl can’t send her boyfriend that she misses photos of her that are sexy? Things he’s already seen? I as a women [sic] should be so scared walking around my home, being on my phone, doing anything?”


This Deleted Game of Thrones Scene Would Have Explained a Lot About Cersei

This post contains spoilers for the final season of Game of Thrones. Consider yourself warned.

Game of Thrones has been over for a month—we’re doing Big Little Lies on Sundays now—but will it ever truly be over? That’s probably a no, and not just because a prequel is in the works. A show like Thrones lends itself to endless speculation, especially considering how unhappy many fans were with how showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss opted to close out the eighth and final season.

New details are still emerging about what could have been for some of our favorite inhabitants of Westeros. According to People, actress Lena Headey recently told the crowd at a German comic book convention about a deleted scene that showed her character, Cersei Lannister, having a miscarriage. “We shot a scene that never made it into season seven, which was where I lose the baby,” she said. “And it was a really traumatic, great moment for Cersei, and it never made it in.”

“I kind of loved doing that because I thought it would’ve served her differently,” she continued. “Of course, we’re not exactly sure what made the show’s creators scrap the scene, but we can’t say it isn’t interesting to at least think about how that moment may have changed things.”

You’ll remember that Cersei told her brother Jaime that she was carrying their child and had also convinced Euron Greyjoy that she was pregnant with his baby. Her other brother, Tyrion, tried to use the unborn baby as a motivation for Cersei to negotiate with him and Daenerys, to no avail. Fans were left to wonder what was really going on with Cersei. Was she ever really pregnant? Why wasn’t she showing more if time was passing?

Now we know that, at some point, the show’s creators had planned to offer an explanation. Also, we agree with Headey that we would have loved to see this sort of pivotal scene from Cersei, who was often underused in season eight. Headey recently told The Guardian that she has a “few of her own gripes” about the way Game of Thrones ended, in general, and that she wanted a better death for Cersei. “I will say I wanted a better death,” she said. “Obviously you dream of your death. You could go in any way on that show. So I was kind of gutted. But I just think they couldn’t have pleased everyone. No matter what they did, I think there was going to be some big comedown from the climb.”

Buying My First Vibrator Was The Most Empowering Thing I’ve Ever Done

Until recently, I was among the percentage of individuals who believed that to experience a mind-blowing orgasm, one needs a partner. Then I bought my first vibrator.

The idea of purchasing a sex toy occurred to me when I began brainstorming methods to spice up my three-year relationship with my then-boyfriend. Our sex life had always been fulfilling, but lately it felt as if we had entered into an alternate, sexless universe void of any creativity or zest. I wanted to breathe new life into our bedroom and return to a state of mutual passion and excitement.

As a sex toy virgin, I wasn’t sure where to begin; I was overwhelmed by the sheer variety of vibrators on the market. A plethora of shapes, sizes and colors awaited me online, all promising swift transportation to a magical realm of pleasure. Eventually, after hours of rigorous analysis, I settled on the INA 2 Rabbit from LELO. I chose it primarily because of the rave reviews, but also because of the clitorial and G-spot stimulation it promised. The moment I finalized my purchase, an instant wave of excitement washed over me. This small purple silicone device was going to be the ammo that sparked animation back into our sex life. I was certain of it.

Unfortunately, three days before my new vibrator arrived in the mail, my boyfriend and I got into an explosive argument and called our relationship quits. I guess some problems are so big, even the promise of really good sex can’t fix them. When the package finally arrived on my doorstep, I wasn’t excited. I was angry, frustrated, hurt and sad—the emotions washed over me like a wave.

But the crying eventually subsided, and in its place, a new feeling: curiosity.

My new vibrator was patiently waiting inside it’s matte black box. When I opened it, I was met with a surge of hope—and another familiar feeling further south. At first, I was nervous. All I really knew was penile penetration—how would the soft purple nubs of the Rabbit compare? Would it feel the same? Would I be able to achieve an actual orgasm? Would I turn into Charlotte York, becoming insatiably addicted to the toy and locking myself in my apartment for days?

There was only one way to find out. So, I took the plunge.

I’m not going to lie, using a vibrator for the first time took a bit of getting used to. But after playing with the settings and figuring out which vibration mode I preferred, I was able to find that sweet spot. When I had my first orgasm with the vibrator, it was one of the most gratifying sensations: suddenly, gone were the crappy one-night stands and wondering when my next orgasm would occur. Not only was I able to reach an earth-shattering climax that lasted for what felt like an hour, but I was able to engineer that orgasm without the assistance of a man. There is something deliciously satisfying in taking control of my own pleasure and being able to experience a toe-curling orgasm whenever I want.

I realize a sex toy can’t replace the intimacy you experience with another person in the room. But enjoying partnered sex doesn’t mean sacrificing pleasure merely because you’re alone—I enjoy masturbating with my vibrator and sex with an actual partner. Sometimes it’s healthy to step back and explore what real pleasure means to you.

Since purchasing my vibrator, I’ve never felt more empowered. In the beginning of this breakup, I honestly felt lost. I thought it would take awhile before I experienced genuine, heart-racing pleasure. But thanks to a little, battery-operated device, I’m able to have incredible sex with someone I truly love, respect and admire. How many individuals can say the same?

Sandra Rose Salathe is a writer and die-hard feminist residing in Washington, D.C.

The Best New Skin Care Products Launching in June 2019 | Glamour

Not to throw shade at new makeup launches—hello, we love a long-wear concealer—but few things are more exciting than the genius innovations and technology that crop up regularly in skin care. This month especially, a whole slew of glow-imparting, dry-patch banishing skin care products are landing on shelves. As we summer starts to heat up, we can finally swap our heavy creams for dewy lotions.

From an impossibly chic body oil to a life-changing mist, the latest and greatest formulas offer new options for every skin type and concern. Skin looking duller than an encyclopedia? Need a new moisturizer? Just curious? Whatever the reason, you’ll find everything you’re looking for—and maybe a few surprises—below. Scroll on for the best new skin care products dropping in June. We’ll be updating our list as our editors try more game changers throughout the month.

Queer Eye Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

If seeing the Fab 5 in Taylor Swift’s latest music video made you realize just how much you miss them, Netflix has the best news: There is more Queer Eye on the horizon.

The show’s Twitter page shared a short video clip on Tuesday, June 18, letting the world know that the makeover mavericks will be back for season four on July 19. “Have you missed us? (We missed you too.) We’re back in Kansas City for Season 4, July 19,” the tweet reads.

And, as if that weren’t enough, Variety reported that the Emmy-nominated series didn’t get renewed for just one more season. All the guys are actually going to begin production on season five next week, and it’ll have a release date some time in 2020. This means Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, and Jonathan Van Ness will be with us for a good long while.

Here’s everything we know so far about Queer Eye season four.

The show will take place in Missouri again. Last season was shot in Kansas City and other surrounding areas of Missouri. It looks like season four is going to explore that area a little longer, as the new episodes are all slated to take place there.

Before season three, the Kansas City mayor encouraged people to nominate nearby residents in need of a makeover. The city also put up billboards calling for nominations.

All five guys are coming back. We would riot in the streets if there were any changes to the cast. Luckily, according to the short clip the show posted on Twitter, all five members are featured in the latest season.

Taylor Swift Now Supports Queer People, But Her Messaging Needs Some Work

Taylor Swift has seemingly caused the gay apocalypse this week, with queer people running through the streets, banging pots and pans, and clashing over their feelings about her new music video, “You Need to Calm Down,” which dropped Monday. The video is the latest rainbow-painted moment in Swift’s new Lover era and features strong pro-gay messaging, including numerous cameos from LGBTQ+ stars like the Queer Eye Fab 5, Laverne Cox, Billy Porter, Ellen DeGeneres, and Hayley Kiyoko. At the end of the clip, Swift has a message urging fans to sign a petition demanding Senate support on the Equality Act.

Discourse over the video among queer people is, unsurprisingly, a mixed bag. Some fans are thrilled to have such a major pop act use her platform to effect potential change. Others feel as if Swift isn’t reading the room; that a heterosexual-identifying person saying, “This is how you do gay rights, bitch” feels silly in 2019. Especially since Swift was criticized heavily for being apolitical her entire career—even when the country could have used her voice in 2016. I understand how words like “exploitative” and “opportunistic” are making their way into discussions about the new video, and about Taylor’s sudden, aggressive LGBTQ+ support (see also: surprising gay fans with a performance at Stonewall).

Then, there’s the suggestion that Swift has been baiting fans with intimations that she, herself, is coming out—which is all Internet hearsay at this point. Theories about Swift’s alleged queerness have always existed—speculation goes back as far as 2008, with rumors about Swift and her fiddle player, Emily Poe, being romantically involved. There’s also an entire corner of the Internet that believes Taylor Swift and her former best friend, Karlie Kloss, were actually dating. Shit really hit in the fan, though, in April when rumors about Swift planning a coming-out announcement tore through Twitter like a lesbian natural disaster. Seemingly everyone on gay Twitter was talking about it:

Everything gay Twitter has dissected and dubbed a queer clue—the Kaylor theories, the “bisexual hair” in the “Calm Down” video, posting the words “ME! Out now!”—is just subtext, allusions, teases. But “clues” are currency for Taylor Swift. For years, she’s hidden secret messages in her music videos, social media, album covers, and encouraged fans to decode it. So, even though she’s never explicitly said “I’m coming out,” she has absolutely given Swifties the OK to sleuth. That’s the only reason why speculating about her sexuality doesn’t feel wholeheartedly gross or wrong. She knows fans will read into her imagery. Even still, it’s important to note that none of us are entitled to information about Swift’s personal life. However she chooses to identify—and chooses to talk about it—is valid and 100 percent her business.

However, Swift obviously hasn’t come out. Instead, she says she’s an ally, which she declared on Tumblr this weekend in response rumors that she and Katy Perry would kiss in the video. In the post, she defended herself as knowing the difference between allyship and baiting: “To be an ally is to understand the difference between advocating and baiting. Anyone trying to twist this positivity into something it isn’t needs to calm down.”

Here’s the thing, though: It would be a win for representation if Taylor Swift, arguably the biggest mainstream pop star in the world, came out. It’d prove, once and for all, that queerness isn’t shameful or weird. Yes, things are marginally better for queer people these days, but not everywhere. Gay marriage has been legalized, but the quality of life for a queer person is still mostly subpar, even in the most progressive areas. I was lucky to be born into a liberal family, and I currently live in Los Angeles where I’m surrounded by queer people—but I still get nervous in every public space in which I hold hands with my girlfriend. And after growing up in a conservative, Catholic, Republican hometown, I’m still chipping away at all the trauma and shame surrounding queerness that feels irreversibly lodged in my core.

How to Wax Your Legs at Home – 5 Things to Know

A few years ago, I decided I’d had enough with shaving my legs. It’s one of the more tedious body-grooming tasks if you choose to do so, and there’s so much to be annoyed about it, from the occasional skin irritation to the fact that—surprise—you’ve got to repeat the process the very next day if you want to be silky smooth (having thick hair is a blessing in most cases, but not so much when you’re talking legs). I blocked off new time with the woman I see for my bikini waxes, and off I went, never looking back…until I realized how much money I was spending.

In my suburban salon, a half-leg wax runs me about $40. Go every three weeks and you’re looking at an annual line item around $680—not cheap. While I was pleased with the way regular waxing made my hair grow in thinner and less spiky-feeling, I decided I couldn’t keep handing over my credit card. Armed with a few Googled testimonials and a DIY waxing kit purchased on Amazon, I took matters into my own hands and starting waxing at home. Two months after I bit the bullet, things have been both messy and good. It definitely requires a time commitment, and I’ve never had a result as perfect as what I got from the pros, but I am happy to be saving the cash.

All that said, there are few lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way. If I could start all over again, here’s what I wish I had known about how to wax your legs at home.

Look for a solution that will be easy to wash off.

One perk of doing waxing at home is I have more control over the formula. I’d frequently return home from the waxer with sticky spots left over that needed to be removed with baby oil. The Nair wax I’ve been using is way easier to clean—warm water and soap does the trick. I hop in the shower after I’m done for easy clean up, and any spots that land on my bathroom sink or on the applicator are gone with a soapy swipe.

This is not the time for a rush job.

I was the most careful during my inaugural run and slowly got lazier. When I’m hurrying or not paying attention, things get messy: I’ve stepped on a used strip (so gross), pieces have landed on the carpet sticky-side down, and I’ve destroyed my sink top. Lesson learned: Take your time.

Keep the strip close to your skin when pulling.

Some of my attempts have been more successful than others, and I’ve learned hair removal is about the direction in which I’m pulling the strips. It’s your first instinct to pull the strip straight up and off, but that can actually leave more hair behind. While you still want to move quickly, try pulling the strip in toward your body and keep it close to your leg. That’ll help give you more control.

Buy extra strips.

When using a roll-on wax, you’re going to need more strips than you think. The kit I use comes with 10 strips which doesn’t cover the entire job. I’ve rinsed the strips with sudsy water and reused them in a pinch (thanks, helpful Amazon commenters!), but I recommend stocking up ahead of time.

Don’t jump straight to DIY’ing.

In terms of the ouch-factor, I can’t speak to everyone individually. I typically grimaced a bit at the salon, but have actually found my DIY method to be less painful. Although, to be fair, I’ve been waxing for longer, so the hair isn’t as thick as my first trip in. I’m happy with my decision to take waxing into my own bathroom, but I’d suggest anyone start with a professional. You’ll get to see how things are done, and you’ll be dealing with slightly less stubborn hair when you step into the driver’s seat. But if you want to jump right into it, try taking a pain reliever an hour before waxing so it doesn’t hurt as badly.

Brie Larson Brought Her *Captain Marvel* Stunt Doubles Onstage During the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards

Captain Marvel broke all kinds of records when it hit theaters in March 2019. It raked in $455 million its opening weekend; it featured powerful team of women,; and it introduced audiences to a new kind of female-superhero. Brie Larson, the star of the film, got tons of recognition for helming such a badass production; however, when she was given the “Best Fight” trophy at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Monday, she made it clear there were some unsung heroes who needed serious credit. So, she went onstage and accepted the award alongside her stunt doubles Renae Moneymaker and Joanna Bennett.

Larson made sure the spotlight was on Moneymaker and Bennett, who both worked intensely by her side on Captain Marvel. Stunt doubles often fly under the radar in action films, and they don’t always get recognized for their dedication. Larson wanted to change that, so the Oscar-winner and new director completely turned the attention to her friends and colleagues.

“I wanted to take this moment to really say thank you to the two women who are standing here beside me,” Larson said. “These are the women that trained me and were also the stunt doubles for Captain Marvel. I could not have made this film without them. They are really the baseline of who she is. They are the living embodiment of Captain Marvel.”

After introducing them, Larson cheered, “Say whatever you want!” and turned the mic over to the two professionals, who have also been stunt doubles on Wonder Woman, Avengers: Endgame, and X-Men, to name a few movies. Bennett talked about how exciting it was to bring a strong female character to life, while Moneymaker recalled the female characters who had influenced her own career.

“As young girls, we wanted to be just like Lara Croft and G.I. Jane, so it’s a real honor to be a part of this character and hopefully pass along some of that inspiration and strength that those iconic women brought to us,” she said. “And lastly, a big thank-you to Brie for acknowledging our role in this film. It’s truly a rare acknowledgement, and it means so much not only to both of us, but to the entire stunt community.”

People Are Accusing Taylor Swift of Copying Beyoncé’s ‘Party’ Video

Here we go again, everybody. Remember in 2017 when people accused Taylor Swift of ripping off Beyoncé with her “Look What You Made Me Do” video? (They said the choreography and sets heavily referenced Bey’s “Sorry” clip from the Lemonade era.) Well, it’s time for round two: Now, fans seem to think Swift’s music video for “You Need to Calm Down” is a little too similar to Beyoncé’s 2011 video for “Party.”

Watch the two videos, below, before we break down what evidence social media users are using to argue their case.

“You Need to Calm Down”:


First, the videos both take place in trailer parks and have a festive vibe. “If Taylor Swift wants people to stop accusing her of ripping off Beyoncé, maybe she should quit ripping off Beyoncé,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Her whole ‘above-ground pool party in a trailer park’ vibe cribs a lot of shots from Bey’s ‘Party’ video. This is just one example.”

There are also similar shot-from-above scenes of Beyoncé and Swift floating in above-ground pools, along with similar props.

Some people pointed out that just the overall aesthetics are similar:

Some Swift fans are coming to her defense, though. “Y’all are tripping if you’re saying Taylor Swift copied Beyoncé’s ‘Party,'” one wrote on Twitter. “Taylor didn’t just have a pool party, she literally showed off everything supporting the LGBTQ+ community and did it in a fun manner. I love Bey, but I think the BeyHive is TRIPPIN this time.”

It should be noted that Swift does pay tribute to Queen Bey in the video, literally, by including a drag queen in her likeness during the pop queen pageant scene. (She also included drag queens styled after Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Adele, among others.) Swift has not commented on the latest Internet hubbub, but we’ll update this post if she does.

Outfit Ideas: How to Dress Up Your Favorite Graphic T-shirts

Your beloved, throw-on-and-go graphic T-shirts are about to get all dressed up.

Designers like Raf Simons and Paco Rabanne have renewed style influencers’ interested in this accessible staple, releasing their own luxurious interpretations of it, featuring Jaws-inspired and tie-dyed affirmations. You’ll see them dressed up with printed skirts, sleek trousers, and even pantsuits—high-low looks that can go from work to play.

Whether you prefer to scour Etsy for the best vintage styles or pick up a brand-new one from your favorite store, here are six perfect outfit ideas for how to wear a graphic T-shirts—with a plaid suit, with an animal-print skirt, and other pieces that aren’t your denim cutoffs.

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

One of our favorite summertime styling ideas is tucking a graphic T-shirt into a laid-back pair neutral trousers. You can wear it to Casual Friday at the office and still feel weekend-ready. Pair with some colorful, barely-there sandals and a mini bag that pops.

Grosescu Alberto Mihai/Shutterstock

With a whimsical statement skirt, a graphic T-shirt is the perfect casual complement to prevent the outfit from looking over-the-top. (Plus, you’ve got to get the cost-per-wear out of that leopard-print skirt.)

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images