Taylor Swift Gave a Surprise Performance at the Stonewall Inn’s Pride Celebration

The summer of Taylor Swift continues. The singer dropped her anti-hate, pro-LGBTQ+ single, “You Need to Calm Down,” Friday at midnight—and then dropped in on a Pride celebration at New York City’s famed Stonewall Inn, where she surprised patrons with a live performance of “Shake It Off.” The Stonewall Inn, of course, was the site of a police raid and subsequent rioting in 1969 that marked a catalytic point in the modern gay rights movement.

Swift brought a special guest on stage for the performance—Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who was serving as the event’s host. “I heard that this is Jesse’s favorite song to do at karaoke,” Taylor said. “So if there’s anything you feel like you want to jump in on, if there’s like, your part that you’re really good at, then, just sing, dance, just be yourself. This is a really safe space.”

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Ferguson retweeted a video clip writing, “I’m so happy I don’t have to keep this secret any longer. Look who came to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall at the Stonewall Inn. @taylorswift13, you are a gem. Thank you for everything you do for the LGBTQ community. We ❤️ you! 🌈”

Swift has definitely been more vocal in recent months about her support of LGBTQ+ rights—to the point where even the iTunes album description for her upcoming Lover mentions it: “After years of keeping her political views private, Taylor Swift is standing up and speaking out,” it reads. She recently donated $113,000 to the Tennessee Equality Project, and earlier this month, she made public a letter she wrote to her senator, Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander, in support of the Equality Act. “Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all of our citizens equally,” she wrote, while also launching a petition that fans could sign to show their own support of the bill.

She also references the LGBTQ+ community in her just-released “You Need to Calm Down” with lyrics like, “Why are you mad when you could be GLAAD?” and “Control your urges to scream about all the people you hate / ’Cause shade never made anybody less gay.” Swift’s aesthetic for Lover also features a lot of rainbows, the symbol of the LGBTQ+ community.

Brazilian Women Are Throwing Elaborate C-Section Watch Parties —and Everyone’s Invited

When you think of women giving birth via Caesarean section, a big old party might not be the first thing that comes to mind—it is major abdominal surgery, after all. But a new story from the Washington Post reports that the latest maternity-related trend in Brazil features wealthy women throwing elaborate (and expensive) celebrations for their elective C-sections and inviting friends and family to watch the entire thing.

Elective C-sections, where the procedure is scheduled ahead of time, have long been popular in Brazil. The Post reports that Caeasarean births make up 55.5 percent of all deliveries in Brazil (and 84 percent in private hospitals). By comparison, the paper states that in the US that number is just 32.9 percent. Now some women are turning these births into major events and hiring “maternity planners” to plan the parties—and hospitals are starting to cater to them.

For example, there is a private hospital in São Paulo where a woman can pay 2000 reais per day (or $500) to rent out a suite that has a balcony and a mini bar, plus a living room and bathroom for guests. In the works? A new maternity ward that will have a wine cellar and a ballroom. “It’s cultural,” Marcia da Costa, the hospital’s director, told the paper. “Brazilians want to plan for everything. They don’t want to hit traffic on the way to the hospital. They want to get their nails done, get a wax, to plan it like an event.”

Mariana Casmalla had a C-section party in full makeup, complete with crystal vases filled with roses and silver trays with chocolates and cakes for her guests. “It’s a special occasion,” she told the Post. “Don’t we get dressed up for parties and special dates? It’s the same thing.” One event planner says that her clients spend around $10,000 for services like flowers, guest books, monogrammed sheets, personalized water bottles, and favors for guests.

However, the Post reports that the World Health Organization has been working for years to reduce the number of elective C-sections because they are “nearly twice as deadly for mothers than natural births and require longer recovery times for mothers and babies.”

Obviously, however women and their families should decide how they want to welcome children into the world—including privately and with little fanfare—as long as the health of all involved is the top priority. For these Brazilian women, being surrounded by people they love makes the experience that much more special. “I love it,” Bruna Viera, who spent weeks planning her scheduled birth party, told the Post. “You feel the tenderness people have for you. Many moms suffer from postpartum depression and feel isolated. Your hormones are raging. But to be surrounded by the people you love, people who saw you grow up, is extraordinary.”

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Just Officially Confirmed They’re Dating

People have been semi-certain for a while that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are dating, but the two officially confirmed the rumors on Friday night (June 14) via—what else?—an Instagram. They reportedly met on the set of the film Her Smell, which was released in April, and have since been snapped kissing in London. Benson’s also been spotted wearing a necklace with “A” and “C” on it and spent Delevingne’s birthday with her. But despite a comment in September by Benson on a ‘gram of Delevingne’s, which seemed to confirm the two were dating (Benson later said she was hacked), there’s been no official word on their status until now.

The Instagram was posted to Delevingne’s account, and it’s basically them making out. Delevingne captioned the ‘gram: “#PRIDE 🌈❤️😍🌈❤️😍” and tagged Benson in it.

Benson left a comment of her own: three hearts, which makes it about as official as possible.


The couple’s proud Instagram comes in the wake of a homophobic comment left on a ‘gram of Benson’s by a troll in late April. “Ashley I know you are here,” they wrote, according to BuzzFeed. “I’m serious, you need to stay away from that devil and never go back. I’m sure many strong, handsome, religious man [sic] would take you back in a heartbeat. You are not like this. You aren’t gay. You love men, and you need one.”

Benson and Delevingne promptly clapped back, of course: “You need to mind your own business,” Benson wrote, according to Buzzfeed. “Stop making things up.”

Alyssa Milano Interview Lifetime Tempting Fate Movie

As I sat and watched an early screener of Alyssa Milano‘s new Lifetime movie, Tempting Fate, I lost track of how many times I actually said out loud, “Oh shit.” In fact, there’s so many twists and turns I probably said worse than that. But when I meet up with Milano to talk about the movie and tell her this very story, she smiles in delight. “It’s really captivating, right?! This movie could have gone in a very exploitative, sensationalized direction, but there was a lot of depth and nuance. Plus, there’s the scandalous aspect of it.”

She’s not kidding. Tempting Fate is based on author Jane Green’s New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, and tells the story of what happens when wife and mom-of-two Gabby (Milano) is tempted by another man. It’s the kind of story that has been done a thousand times before, but under the direction of Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy) and Manu Boyer, it draws you in faster than one of Hannah Brown’s rose ceremonies on The Bachelorette.

Milano wanted to put her own spin on the character, and for that reason, didn’t read Green’s book ahead of filming. “I get really nervous reading books that people love and then going in and playing those characters,” she says. “I think I would obsessed over making sure I was giving the fans of the book what they felt they needed rather than giving the character what it needed to be a successful character.”

What the character is though is a flawed, multi-dimensional woman coming to terms with a not-so-honest husband, teenage daughters, and a life not quite as fulfilling as she’d like. “What struck me most is this is someone that was truly accountable for their actions,” she says. “Gabby’s like, ‘Yeah, I made a choice, my entire life blew up, and I gotta put the pieces back together even though I know it’s never going to be what it was.’ We don’t really see that so much in films.”

And you don’t see many actors like Milano, who are willing to pull back the curtain on the process, and what happens when life imitates art and vice-versa. Here, the impassioned activist opens up about all of that and more.


Glamour: Why did the role of Gabby appeal to you?

HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Is Unlike Any Teen Show You’ve Ever Seen

The trailer for HBO‘s new teen drama Euphoria is purposefully ambiguous. We’re introduced to several high school characters, including Rue (Zendaya), who are seemingly using drugs as a form of escapism. And because of that, what you watch plays out like a neon fever dream. You’re never really sure if what you’re watching is reality or some kind of synthetic high. The only thing you can be certain of is that these teens’ problems will come crashing down the second sobriety hits.

The word crash in that last sentence is important, because nothing about Euphoria is soft. It’s unlike any adolescent soap opera you’ve ever seen: raw, real, and, at times, very hard to watch. Think Gossip Girl with the volume turned way up. In the pilot episode we learn more specifics about the show’s keys players: There’s Rue, a 17-year-old addict returning from rehab with no intentions of staying sober; Jules (Hunter Schafer), the new girl who shakes things up at the year’s first big house party; Nate (Jacob Elordi), a chiseled jock with anger issues; McKay (Algee Smith), another jock who isn’t as misogynistic as his friends; and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), whose nude selfies have become fodder for her gross male peers.

Each one of these characters is dealing with a major issue—be it anger, addiction, or sexuality—and they’re given the space to explore it. Fully. Nothing is diluted or sugar-coated, which is what drew several of Euphoria‘s actors to the project in the first place.

“I was blown away by how real it was, true it was, and how timely it was,” Smith tells Glamour. “My character goes on an emotional roller coaster. He’s trying to figure out himself and his masculinity, his vulnerability, how to be comfortable with that, and how to also deal with a lot of complexities going on in his life.”

Zendaya and Hunter Schafer in Euphoria


Schafer says Euphoria‘s heavy true-to-life material made the cast get familiar with one another quickly. “I feel like you’re bonded in a way that a lot of other casts may not be right off the bat,” she says. “It kind of puts your friendships in hyper-speed working in an environment like this where you have to be real with each other and vulnerable on set together.”

The show’s intimate scenes were so vulnerable, in fact, that HBO hired a sex coordinator to make sure the actors felt secure every step of the way.

Consider Airbnb Adventures For Your Next Vacation

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Right now, you can choose from over 200 exclusive adventures, all of which have been vetted for safety by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and are surprisingly affordable. Each escapade is all-inclusive, so food, lodging, and activities are covered, and prices start at $79 for an overnight to $5,000 for a luxe 10-day trek. (The average Adventure is $588 for a three-day trip.)

If you’re really looking to step it up, check out the once-in-a-lifetime Around the World in 80 Days trip, which will take a select number of guests to 18 countries across six continents in various types of transportation for from September 1 to November 19, 2019. If you’re interested in that one, act fast: Spots go on sale June 20 and the whole thing clocks in at a competitive $5,000.

How to Wear White Eyeliner – Summer 2019’s Biggest Makeup Trend

I want to be the person who’s always trying new makeup trends. It’s so easy to convince myself that I’ll wear the neon pink eyeshadow, metallic lipgloss, or extreme contour that I’ve hoarded in my apartment. But the truth is, no matter how appealing a trend, I rarely break free from my daily look of natural skin, winged eyeliner, and a nude lip.

So imagine my delight when I noticed a trend on Instagram that was totally within my wheelhouse. Every time I opened the app, white liquid eyeliner, usually applied in a bold wing, was popping up on celebrities and influencers. It even made its way onto the Pose season two promos.

Graphic, ’60s inspired eyeliner has been having a moment for a while now, but it’s usually done in a bright neon or creamy pastel. White is a refreshing contrast. In art, white is the absence of color, so it’s almost like an anti-eyeliner. It still makes a big statement, but because it’s a neutral, it feels a little more approachable, and you don’t have to worry about matching other makeup or your outfit. It’s crisp and graphic like a classic white shirt, but doesn’t have the vintage connotations that black does. Plus, it will really pop with a (safe) summer tan.

As someone who has a cat eye down pat and is terrified of wearing color on my eyes (plus has no idea how to blend eyeshadow), this is the perfect trend for me. It’s a fun way to switch up my makeup and make me feel like part of the it-crowd without stepping too far outside of my comfort zone. So I challenged myself to try the trend for a week.

Since I’m so comfortable in a cat eye, I figured white eyeliner would be an easy switch. I was wrong. While a swipe of black eyeliner instantly adds definition to my eyes and wakes up my whole face, I found white did the opposite. It made me look a little sleepy and washed out, almost like a haunted doll which is….not the look I’m going for. The first time I tried it out, it stayed on my face for a total of 15 minutes before I wiped it off. Granted, I was having a terrible skin day and just not feeling myself overall, so I think I wanted to avoid any makeup that would call attention to myself. I gave it a shot the next night and went much harder on my foundation, which definitely helped me feel less like a drowned rat. I wore it out to a party and got several compliments, but still didn’t feel 100 percent comfortable in it.

Best Summer Bags for 2019: Beaded, Fringed, Bucket and More

Nothing against Jane Birkin but I just don’t know about straw bags anymore. Ever since she decided to wear one somewhere in the south of France, some time during the 1970s, everyone has been trying to replicate her very french, very summer look. It’s pretty impossible to go a couple blocks in the summer without seeing one on someone’s arm (most likely worn with light wash vintage jeans and baby bangs). If you’re like the rest of the entire population on earth, you probably already own a straw bag and once you own a really good straw bag, you probably don’t need another.

But because no one has restraint when it comes to summer shopping, you probably want a new bag. Instead of channeling Birken, consider all of the other personas you can take on with a summer bag that isn’t made of straw. Want to look like a toddler (it’s chic now!)? There are rainbow beaded bags! Want to expose all of your belongings to the general public? There are PVC bags! Want to look like an extra from the Old Town Road music video? Bags with fringe! There are so many possibilities from brands like Staud to Mango to Chloe and some are even on sale. Shop all the best summer bags below.

The Best Woven Shoes and Sandals 2019: Mules, Espadrilles and More

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by sandals season, and the accompanying pressure of needing a pedicure to partake. Listen, we love a good summer polish—but sometimes, you just can’t get to it. Luckily there’s hope for a summer lewk that comes free of that burden…. Introducing woven shoes, your new favorite low-stress shoe trend.

Whether made with leather or raffia, these braided flats, espadrilles, and mules deliver the same beachy, breezy vibes you desire from a summertime shoe, sans toe exposure. You still get a hint of skin, thanks to the lattice material—just without even having to think about whether that coat of polish you applied however-many-weeks-ago has chipped. Plus, could there be a better companion for your straw bag?

The 20 Best Comedy Movies to Stream Right Now

Are you ever like, “I want to watch a movie that will make me laugh—not think or cry or feel too much, just straight-up laugh?” Yes? OK, us too. Sometimes you need a little mindless joy in your life, especially these days, which is why we’ve compiled this list of the 20 best comedy movies, all of which can be found on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, or iTunes.

From childhood favorites that totally still hold up like The Addams Family and Beetlejuice to modern-day comedy classics like Bridesmaids and Mean Girls, we promise that you will get the giggles multiple times while viewing—even if you’ve seen these a million times. We always stan a rewatchable comedy.

And if you change your mind and decide you would rather watch something that will inspire a good cry, make you feel a little smarter, or be a stress reliever, well, we’ve got those too.

So here they are: the best comedy movies you can stream right now.