10 New Shoe Brands to Shop in 2019

Even in the age of Konmari, it’s hard to shake the feeling of wanting something new in your closet to welcome a new year or season. That doesn’t mean updating every single thing in your wardrobe—sometimes, the key to making your favorite pieces feel fresh is throwing one new item into the mix. Where better to start than with your shoes?

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of exciting new shoe brands bubble up on our social feeds and in street style. They’ve brought fun and flair into the footwear space, as well as offered plenty of exciting alternatives to the classics—the plain black boots, the low-heeled sandals, the rounded-toe flats.

From Nicole Saldaña’s cutesy, chunky-soled styles to M. Gemi’s fine-crafted Italian pieces, get to know these new shoe brands out there, vying for a spot in your closet.

Miley Cyrus Just Shared a Ton of Never-Before-Seen Wedding Photos

Miley Cyrus‘ wedding is the gift that keeps on giving. So far, the pop singer and her husband, Liam Hemsworth, have shared a handful of moments from their private, secret ceremony that took place right before Christmas Eve. On Valentine’s Day, though, Cyrus posted an even larger batch of photos that may as well be their full wedding album.

“My Valentine every single day ❤️ @liamhemsworth,” Cyrus wrote in the caption of the first photo she shared: where she and Liam embraced in a candid moment. She also talked about how supportive Hemsworth is in another post, sharing, “Thank you for always bending down to hug me … I promise I will always meet you in the middle on my tippiest toes! I love you Valentine! @liamhemsworth.”

The photos also offered a closer look at her Vivian Westwood dress, their flower-laden wedding cake and the white Vans that Hemsworth wore.

Cyrus and Hemsworth were slow to trickle out wedding photos initially after their surprise ceremony. When they made their first red carpet appearance as a married couple in late January, though, Hemsworth opened up about their wedding, calling it a “really nice, beautiful day with our immediate family and a couple of close friends.” He also said that even though they’re married, their relationship is pretty much the same. “It doesn’t feel like a lot’s changed—but on the other hand it has,” he said. “It’s wonderful. I’m loving it.”

Cyrus, meanwhile, confirmed that the pair were indeed married with two words. “My love,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing their first wedding pic and adding a heart emoji. She also shared a selfie of her and Hemsworth with the caption, “This is probably our one – millionth kiss ….” In the comments, when someone congratulated the singer on marrying “the hottest man [in] Hollywood,” she replied, “I knooooowwwww right.”

While Cyrus has yet to update her Instagram, she is apparently going by Miley Ray Hemsworth now, as Hemsworth recently revealed. “She will still be, obviously, known as Miley Cyrus, but she took my name, which is great,” he said. “I think that was honestly one of the best things about it. I didn’t ask her to take my name, and then she was like, ‘No, of course I’m taking your name.’ I’m like, ‘[Gasp] that’s awesome!'”

8 Ways to Cope When You Get a Migraine Headache Away from Home

Have a drink.

While consuming anything at all might be the last thing on your mind, drinking some ice water to hydrate and cool down can help mitigate a migraine, as can sipping a cup of coffee. “Try a small dose of caffeine, if you can tolerate it during the attack—about eight ounces of black tea or coffee,” Ailani advises.

Use soothing distractions.

Cue up a calm, spa-like playlist to help get your mind off your migraine, or listen to a meditation app like Calm or Unplug, which will help you focus on your breathing instead of your pain. And any time an ice pack isn’t convenient, an over-the-counter cooling rub with camphor or menthol makes a great substitute. “Rub it on your temples, forehead and back of the neck,” Ailani says. Certain scents may also be soothing. “Some people find it helpful to dab lavender or peppermint oil behind their ears, but if the scent seems too strong or makes you feel worse, avoid this.”

Go easy on yourself.

Now’s the time to splurge on a cab or an Uber if you were planning on riding a train or bus home. “All that rocking and stopping back and forth can worsen nausea and motion sickness,” Ailani says. When riding in a car with a migraine, it’s best to stick to the passenger seat; sitting in the back can also exacerbate those queasy feelings. If you’re out shopping or schlepping when a headache hits, figure out the quickest way to end the errand and lighten your load. “Try to avoid holding or carrying heavy bags when a migraine is coming on—if you’re alone and walking around with a lot of things with you, consider getting into your car or a cab,” Ailani says.

Stick to your routine.

If travel has triggered a migraine, many factors could be to blame, from changes in airplane cabin pressure to a major shift in your sleep schedule. As you cope, focus on getting back to your usual schedule and habits. “Make sure you have adjusted to the time change, don’t cut back on sleeping hours or miss meals, and don’t overdo alcohol or caffeine,” Newman advises.

Pack a migraine kit.

Pre-pack a kit with the tools you’ll turn to in your next migraine emergency—things like doses of your medications, cooling balm, essential oils, sunglasses, earplugs and noise-canceling headphones. Stash this in your handbag, travel carry-on, or your desk at work. Just knowing it’s there will arm you with your most important migraine-fighting tool: the calming knowledge that at least you’re prepared.

‘Lorena’ on Amazon Reexamines Lorena Bobbitt and Shows She’s So Much More Than a Punchline

For the sake of clarity, it is worth dwelling on what John Wayne Bobbitt was accused of. She met him when she was 19, at a dance for enlisted men. They were married within a year. According to Lorena, he began to hit her a month later. The film details how, after he left the military, John couldn’t keep a job. He worked as a bouncer for a time, but Lorena recalls that he spent his time, for the most part, drinking. She was left to support both of them with her wages from the nail salon. The bank foreclosed on their house, and she alleges the beatings escalated. At one point Lorena got pregnant on purpose, thinking that a child would make John gentler and more responsible. When he found out, she says he forced her to have an abortion—even though it went against her Catholic beliefs. When he took her to the clinic, she claims he made cruel jokes about needles and syringes penetrating her vagina. (He denies these allegations.)

John appears several times in the series, interviewed from a wide barcalounger in his home and drinking from a Big Gulp. He speaks in short, muttered sentences. He does not seem sad, remorseful, or embarrassed about the incident; indeed he shows remarkably few signs of having any inner life at all. Several people in Lorena comment on John’s good looks, and it’s true that he was very handsome when Lorena married him, is handsome even now, diminished though he is by a age and a bigger, softer body and a reddened complexion. He has piercing, beautiful blue eyes, but there seems to be nothing going on behind them. At his own criminal trial for sexual assault against Lorena—the acquittal wasn’t surprising in the early nineties, when much of the country still considered “marital rape” an oxymoron—one of the arguments of his defense team was that John’s testimony should be considered credible essentially because he was too stupid to lie.

In the series, two of John’s friends at the time are interviewed and give credence to the assault accusations. One of the men testified that John described the rapes to them in boasting terms: “He liked to make girls squirm. And yell. And make them bleed, and yell for help.” John insists he never raped Lorena, but she describes a consistent pattern: He would come home drunk at three or four in the morning and she would wake up to him already raping her, or he would lurch onto her when she was home from work. On the stand at her criminal trial for malicious wounding, Lorena could barely get out the words. The documentary shows her sobbing in the witness box in big, indelicate gasps, tears streaming down her face as she told the court, humiliated, how he liked to sodomize her. Off camera, the voice of a lawyer can be heard. “And did he use any lubricant?” “No.” According to Lorena, John beat and raped her nearly every day. She testified that he did this for years.

On the night she cut his dick off, Lorena told law enforcement John came home drunk again in the early hours of the morning and got on top of her, ignoring her pleas to stop. Afterward, she went into the kitchen for water, trying to calm down. She says she saw the kitchen knife illuminated by the light from the refrigerator. It was a clean cut.

After the incident, public attention focused almost entirely on the severed penis. Its functionality or lack thereof, how and where it had been found, all became the subject of lurid public interest. There was something a little too on the nose about the spectacle of a woman cutting off a man’s penis. In 1993, America was haunted by anxieties about gender. More women were working, living on their own, having casual sex, and participating in public life than ever before, and many men were anxious, as they are now, about women’s rise. John’s severed dick became a symbol of all of America’s fears about feminism, the unsubtle Freudian symbol of men’s anxiety about women and their untapped power. But none of those anxieties had much to do with Lorena, or with the reality of her story. She became a symbol of women’s rage, how it is unjustified and dangerous. The real Lorena does not seem angry. She seems tired and scared. But public spectacle isn’t meant to accommodate women’s pain, and so Lorena was turned into a caricature instead.

But there has always been a different interpretation of Lorena—one that views her act as understandable, if less than ideal. From this standpoint, her decision can be seen as not insane, but eminently rational. When she had her day in court, she said she had been raped over and over again by the same attacker. And then she removed her attacker’s weapon.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Engaged

After more than three years of dating on and off, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged. The couple confirmed the news early Friday morning (February 15) on Instagram, sharing a photo of Perry’s beautiful, flower-shaped ring.

“Full bloom,” Perry captioned an up-close pic of herself and Bloom, which shows off the gorgeous rock. Bloom shared the same image to his own account, captioning it, “Lifetimes.”

Check out the photo for yourself, below:

Perry’s mother confirmed on Facebook the couple became engaged on Thursday. “Look who got engaged on Valentines Day!!” she wrote, sharing two photos from the party where it presumably happened.

Bloom took to Instagram earlier that day to share a sweet message about love. “A shallow person will have only shallow relationships,” he wrote. “Real love is not one person clinging to another, it can only be fostered between two strong people secure in their individuality. Antoine de Saint- Exupery, author of The Little Prince wrote in a work called Wind, Sand and Stars, ‘Love is not two people gazing at each other, but two people looking ahead together in the same direction.'”

See that post here:

In January, Perry wrote a touching tribute to Bloom for his birthday on Instagram. “Happiest 42nd birthday to the kindest and cutest man I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with,” she posted alongside an image of Bloom wearing a “Woman in Power” shirt.

Katy Perry an Orlando Bloom’s relationship began at a Golden Globes after-party in January 2016, where they were spotted flirting. A month later, People confirmed they were an item. They split in February 2017 but got back together roughly a year later.

It’s been an exciting week for Perry, who just dropped her new (very good) collaboration with Zedd titled “365.” Bloom, meanwhile, recently wrapped production on a new TV series, Carnival Row, according to IMDb.

Rita Ora Had the Greatest Reactions to Fans Covering Her Songs

Rita Ora has a catalog of bops. From the chart-topping “Your Song” to cuts from her latest album, like “Let You Love Me,” the British pop queen has been making us dance for a few years now.

But some fans are doing more than just dancing: They’re recording covers of Ora’s songs and sharing them on YouTube. And their interpretations run the gamut from punchy rock to soft acoustic and even some more experimental genres. For our latest edition of “You Sang My Song,” we had Rita Ora stop by our offices and check out a few of these covers, and she loved them.

“That’s what music is about,” Ora said in between watching the covers. “It’s about having fun.”

Later she added, “I really am overwhelmed. It’s so nice to see people singing my songs. I feel like I’m doing something right. And I never want it to end and I can’t tell you how honored I am. It’s the biggest compliment in the world, so keep singing my songs, please.”

Ora first hit the music scene in 2012 with splashy hits like “How We Do (Party)” and “Poison.” She’s since established herself as a multihyphenate, with stakes in both music and fashion. Her last album, Phoenix, was released in November 2018 and reached number 11 on the U.K. albums chart.

“It’s about my decisions in life to get to 27,” Ora told British Vogue about the new album. “Some I regret—not regret, that’s not the right word—some I wish I did differently, and some I’m proud of. Like, ‘Your Song’ was written when I was with Ed [Sheeran] and we were moaning about all this depressing music, and we wanted to hear something that was like, ‘I don’t wanna hear sad songs anymore.'” Stream the album here.

Model Teddy Quinlivan Shares How She Gets Ready for a Date

Google “date night beauty” and you’ll get tips on bombshell hair, bedroom eyes, and why your date will love it. Sorry to all the potential Tinders matches here, but we believe in getting ready for no one but ourselves. That’s why we created the Date Prep Diaries, a personal look into the different pre-date rituals of women across America.

First up: Teddy Quinlivan, 24, single and a model in New York City and Paris

When it comes to beauty, my philosophy is that if you love yourself unapologetically, the right person will come to you. I don’t swipe on a magic mascara or lipstick and feel less insecure. It’s something I’ve had to work on internally for years and years. So when I go on a date, I try to look the most like my natural self.

I was so nervous I wasn’t going to live a normal life anymore when I came out as trans two years ago [especially when it came to dating]. But I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised. Not only has my life been normal, but I’ve been dating more and having more successful dates. It’s not like I tell anyone or announce that I’m trans before a date, because that’s not the most important thing about me. But if somebody is not attracted to me for something I have no control over, like my trans identity, there’s literally nothing I can do about it. This is who I am.

How often I go on dates varies. It really just depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I’ll be really busy and I don’t have time to go on any dates in a month, but other times I’ll be thirsty, and so I’ll go out on multiple dates in a week. I never go out to dinner with a boy [on a first date], especially if I’m meeting somebody from Tinder. A whole dinner can take an entire hour, and if I don’t find you attractive, then I’m just not going to devote that time to you. So my strategy is to be like, “Let’s go grab a drink.” Sometimes I don’t even want to do that, so I’ll suggest, “Let’s hang out at your place.” But I’m not really a Netflix and chill kind of girl, and I never want there to be an insinuation that it’ll lead to sex in any way, shape, or form. It’s never on the table from the get-go. It has to be earned.

The thing boys always compliment me on is my skin—they notice that. Plus, I like to feel dewy and fresh. So when I’m getting ready for a date, I usually start out by doing a face mask like Dr. Jart’s sheet masks or Sisley’s Black Rose one. Then, I exfoliate my lips with a MAC lip scrub, because I always want to have the most soft, kissable lips. After that, I moisturize with the Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum, which I swear by, and Creme de la Mer.

As a passable transgender woman, I know a lot of other trans women feel more comfortable wearing more makeup. I do too in my daily life, but when I’m out on a date I don’t feel like I need to wear a lot. It’s very rare for me to find somebody I connect with, and when I do find that person, I don’t want something like my makeup overshadowing me. So I’ll usually keep my skin natural and add a little bit of La Prairie’s Cream Blush and a taupe eye with a little highlight in the corner. I always like to make my lashes look really full and thick with the Dior Pump n Show Mascara. And anything that draws attention to your lips is key, so I love the Fenty Gloss Bomb.

Valentine’s Day 2019: How Celebrity Couples Are Celebrating

Celebrity couples are all over Valentine’s Day this year. From Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, your favorite A-list twosomes are spending February 14 exactly how you’d expect: looking hot and very much in love. Many stars have taken to social media to gush about their also-famous SOs, while others are letting their fun, over-the-top dates do the talking. When Travis Scott surprises Kylie Jenner with an opulent rose archway display, no words are required.

Below, check out how all the celeb couples you love are showing their love this Valentine’s Day. Warning: mushiness ahead.

The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer kicked off V-Day by posting this hilarious meme to her Instagram Story. “When it’s Valentine’s Day and bae says hi,” she wrote alongside a photo of her doing…well, just see it for yourself.

She also posted a photo from their December wedding and captioned it, “L❤️VE YOU Valentine.”

The usually private couple wrote dueling Instagram posts to show their love for each other. “Quite actually the only thing keeping me sane is @lilireinhart,” Sprouse wrote on his, while Reinhart posted, “You make me very happy. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are spending Valentine’s Day apart. However, the people Prince Harry are currently visiting in Norway surprised him with this very sweet display of photos from his wedding day with Markle:

Leave it to the Kardashian-Wests to have the most extra celebrity Valentine’s Day. West pulled out all the stops this year, hiring the one and only Kenny G to play for Kardashian amid a sea of roses. “Happy Valentines Day babe!!! I love you so much,” Kardashian wrote to West in her own Instagram post.

Speaking of extravagance, Scott surprised Jenner by taking her through several rose archways as his own music played in the background. It’s very romantic, and I respect his promo hustle.

Valentine’s Day was a family affair for the Beckhams, who spent their morning exchanging adorable homemade cards.

It’s clear from Hyland and Adams’ Valentine’s Instagram posts their love for each other runs deep. “With you I feel like I’m on top of the world & I’ll always catch you if you fall…no matter how high we climb. I love you to Pluto & back @wellsadams ❤️ I am so grateful and appreciative of everything you do for me,” Hyland wrote, while Adams opted for short but sentimental: “Hey @sarahhyland, will you be my Valentine? I love you +1 more than anything you say.”

The world’s hottest couple are still very much hot and in love. “My Forever Valentine!!! Te amo tanto amor da minha vida,” Brady posted to Instagram.

Meanwhile, the Deckers (also very hot) had quite the relatable start to their V-day: coffee. “My Valentine for life! Love you to the moon and back,” Eric posted about Jessie. D’awww.

Becca McCharen-Tran Survives Fashion Week With Plants from Miami and Chocolate-Covered Ginger from Trader Joe’s

After that, I had a fitting with Leyna Bloom. I love Leyna. We wanted to have her walk in the show, but she’s been out of town and there wasn’t enough time, so she sat front row instead. Leyna’s been walking for us since 2016, and she’s got an amazing walk. She’s a dancer, so she’s so good with movement and she’s so talented—when we first saw her walk, we were like, “Okay, yes, definitely you.”

Then, I had to fix a cross seam that was messed up. Even when we were pattern-making the garment, there were issues. We had to improvise and do a lot of hand-stitching. I was looking to see if it was passable.

The Final Touches

That night, I also finalized the beauty look for each model. I really wanted the makeup and the hair to speak to our overall theme for the runway show. I wanted it to trigger an urgency within the viewers, to tell the story of going from lush, tropical, beautiful plant life into plastic pollution and climate change. It went from big blush to greens and more sour colors, to see that disintegration from healthy to unhealthy.

Ben Ritter, who is my right-hand at Chromat, had been doing a lot of work on the final look of the collection over the past two weeks. He had been taking all of the water bottles from our studio and then cutting them up and melting them over candles to make them all different shapes. They were spray-painted, and once they were dry, we put them onto a fishing net. The night before, it was a matter of positioning each flower and each water bottle where it needed to be and hand-sewing them onto the fishing net.

The live floral element was an interesting new twist on our show prep. We’ve done a lot of amazing collaborations—it’s definitely my favorite part of being a fashion designer and doing Fashion Week. I love working with people outside of the industry: scientists, choreographers, and now florists. It’s just fun to work with someone who doesn’t know the rules and who’s coming from a completely different place. With the flowers, it was the first time I worked with something that could actually disappear, that had such a finite timeline. We could approve certain elements, but there were a lot of changes that you might not have known to happen, between what we imagined and what was the runway reality. The florist had to do everything the day before.

We focused on tropical plants. A lot of the bigger ferns and leaves were from my actual front yard in Miami—I trimmed them, put them in my suitcase, and the florist stored them in her freezer. It felt like home, being able to celebrate this place that I’ve come to love on the runway and knowing where the plant grows in my front yard. I can’t wait to go home this weekend and thank it for its contribution to our show.

I went to the florist at 9:30 p.m. They didn’t want me to come by until all the floral arrangements were done—it was supposed to be earlier, but it kept getting pushed back and pushed back. By the time I arrived, they had finished most of the arrangements, so I was able to just go and approve the final.

The Calm Before the Storm

I went home after that. I was adding friends to the invite list for the show, eating Trader Joe’s dark chocolate-covered ginger, and watching The Bachelor over [my wife] Christine’s shoulder.

I started The Bachelor when Rachel was the Bachelorette, and I’ve been half-heartedly watching ever since. But Christine loves it—she’s going to get so mad that I mentioned this, because it’s very much her DL interest; she just loves to turn off her brain and enjoy. I don’t like Colton. He wasn’t my favorite from Becca’s group, so I haven’t engaged with this season. I don’t know anybody’s name yet. The Bachelor as an enterprise is so reinforcing of like gender norms, it’s so weird.

My Disability Shouldn’t Disqualify Me From Being ‘Dateable’

I’ve been struggling with this whole romance thing for the last decade. Honestly, who hasn’t? But my situation is apparently even more complicated: I have a disability.

I say apparently because I want to date—I want the same things any able-bodied woman wants out of a relationship. But I was born with a genetic bone and muscular disorder called Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome that’s left me with a wheelchair and scars from around 25 surgeries. Despite all that, I’m still a pretty independent woman; I earned a college degree, get around on my own, make most of my own meals, and hold down a career as a freelance writer. My day-to-day life doesn’t look much different from my able-bodied peers’ but my dating life seems to exist in a different universe—one where my desires are non-existent and everyone assumes I’m looking for a caretaker.

The truth is, though I’m 37, I haven’t dated anyone—mostly because there’s always been this voice in the back of my head telling me that men don’t want to date a disabled woman. The assumption I can never escape is “disability is an undesirable quality…There aren’t many men or women who want to get into a relationship with someone they have to care for,” as one person so bluntly wrote on Twitter. “Melissa cannot accept the fact that men are not attracted to her,” another person commented on one of my posts. “Unfair as it may be, the wheelchair DOES matter. Her disfigurement DOES matter. It doesn’t matter how smart, witty, or sarcastic she is. She might have better luck concentrating on men who are disabled and disfigured like her.”

I’d be lying if I said comments like this weren’t part of the reason why I haven’t put myself out there. The message is always clear: disability is a bad word and it makes you undateable. I wish these feelings were just the stuff of Internet trolls but the reality is they’re not—and it’s gotten to me. Several years ago I asked some of my male friends if they would date someone with a disability. The sheepish response? Quite a few said they’d be afraid of the “responsibility.”

It’s time to set the record straight: I am disabled, desirable, and not looking for a nurse.

Sometimes, I feel like I need to put those words on a neon sign in Times Square (or at least on a business card to hand out whenever I meet someone interesting). I know there are many ways my disability does make me different—like the fact that I use a wheelchair to get around—but it’s 2019 for goodness sakes. Twenty-seven million women in the U.S. have disabilities—don’t we deserve all the same things in a relationship as able-bodied women? My wheelchair doesn’t make me something other than a woman, my disability doesn’t disqualify me from wanting a rom-com-worthy relationship, my condition doesn’t mean I’m looking for a caretaker as a partner.

There are so many things I do want, and, brace yourself, because this might come as a shock: I want the same things you want in a relationship. I want a guy who makes me laugh, who is kind and gentle and sensitive, who is family-oriented, who is as obsessed with pop culture as I am. I want to be myself, to be seen, to be loved—disability and all.

Melissa Blake is a freelance writer and blogger from Illinois. She covers relationships, disabilities and pop culture. Read her blog, and follow her on Twitter @MelissaBlake.