Augustinus Bader The Cream Review: Why It’s Worth Every Cent

The most raved about secret in beauty this year wasn’t a magic facialist or Real Housewife-lauded injection, it was an unassuming moisturizer made by a 60-year-old German scientist who’d never worked in the industry, let alone had an Instagram following. And yet, despite having none of the traditional resources that makes a beauty brand an overnight success—like paid celebrity spokespeople, $1 million ad campaigns, or millennial pink packaging—Augustinus Bader became a sleeper hit purely through word of mouth.

In the nearly two years since it launched, AB’s “miracle cream” has gotten accolades from Ashley Graham, Kate Bosworth, and Victoria Beckham (who’s since launched a moisturizing primer with the brand). Glamour even gave it a Beauty Award for Best Moisturizer, a highly competitive category as you can surely imagine. So before I even uncapped the weighty blue-and-copper tube of its famed The Cream, which costs a cool $265 for 50 mL, I was basically set to fall in love with it—price tag be damned.

But the only kind of hype I pay real attention to is beauty editor hype; if my product-inundated colleagues are raving about it, I figure it has to stand out from the pack. And for weeks, every single editor I knew had told me about the cream in an attitude I can only describe as reverent. I was ready to experience my own Bader-sparked miracle.

Augustinus Bader The Cream

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Bizarrely, I didn’t immediately fall head over heels for it (don’t worry, a second plot twist will follow shortly). Sure, it was a good face cream. The light texture absorbed quickly and my skin looked decent, but it didn’t exactly wow me. I felt like a thin layer just wasn’t doing much in the moisturizing department—which, apparently, I later learned isn’t even what The Cream claims to do. It’s more of an overall skin rejuvenator. The brand also sells a Rich Cream for dry skin, which contains additions like avocado and argan oil to aide with extra hydration, but I began with the original thinking it’d be enough.

In order to get maximum effectiveness from the active ingredients, I did what a few other friends and makeup artists had advised and skipped all other products, except face wash. The Bader formula is based on TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex 8), a proprietary cocktail of over 40 different ingredients, including vitamins and amino acids. It’s meant to encourage regeneration and healing—Professor Bader actually discovered the formula while looking for solutions to help burn survivors heal quicker—and TFC8 is supposed to activate your stem cells, which go to work to repair fine lines, dark spots, and visible pores. I had heard that the ingredients within were enough to replace all other skin care, so I devoted myself to a one-step kind of lifestyle and waited for my skin to start looking like I had just walked out of a spa. And then I waited some more…

Jennifer Aniston Hosted Her Very Own Friendsgiving With All Her Famous Friends

Theroux also shared a number of other videos and pictures from the night, including footage of Cox’s heartfelt tribute to Aniston. In the clip, she tells her real-life friend, “Jen, I love you so much” with Aniston quickly responding “I love you.” Unfortunately, the speech was cut short after Cox realized she was being filmed.

“Justin, please stop filming me!” she jokingly shouted at Theroux.

@justintheroux/Instagram Stories

However, he followed up it up another video of Cox—this time with her permission. “Mixed messages from Courteney Cox, now she wants me to film her,” he said as she is seen getting camera ready.

@justintheroux/Instagram Stories

Theroux also captured shots of Arrested Development stars Arnett and Bateman goofing around.

@justintheroux/Instagram Stories
@justintheroux/Instagram Stories

At one point, Sandra Bullock even made a surprise appearance.

Meanwhile, Aniston shared a pre-party photo to her own Instagram, which featured a glimpse at her Thanksgiving menu. But instead of the usual turkey and stuffing, she made enchiladas, specifically for Kimmel, after he complained about her meal during an interview last year.

“Ok, @jimmykimmel… here are your f**king Friendsgiving enchiladas,” the Morning Show star captioned her post.

We think we can all agree that Aniston’s party was a massive success.

Ben Higgin’s New Series Will Bring Back All Your Reality T.V. Nostalgia

Reality TV fans, listen up—former The Bachelor and The Bachelorette star Ben Higgins is hosting a new series, and it’s sure to be your next guilty pleasure. Ever wonder what happens to your favorite reality television stars after the cameras stop rolling? Still haunted by your burning, unanswered questions from seasons past? In each six-minute episode of Back to Reality, which was developed by Facebook in partnership with Glamour, Higgins sits down with former reality stars who’ve since returned to the real world. Not only do we get to learn what they’re up to now, Ben and his guests also dish juicy behind-the-scenes details from your favorite reality TV shows.

“Being on reality television is so much more than people think. It’s challenging, personal, raw, yet fun and rewarding,” Higgins tells us. “I’ve been there, I’ve dealt with the ups and downs of this world, so it was really special to host this show and get to know everyone when the cameras are gone and we’re all back to reality. Because reality as we know it has changed, and we now have the opportunity to start new chapters and pursue new goals.”

First up: Tyler Crispen from Big Brother—yes, the one with those long, curly blonde locks, who’s still together with his on-screen flame, Angela Rummans (AKA #Tangela). In this episode, Tyler gives us the long-awaited answers as to how the pair fell in love in such extreme circumstances, plus how the show changed his overall outlook on life—and his answers will melt your heart.

Obsessed already? We thought so. Stay tuned for more episodes of Back to Reality with Ben Higgins.

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez Friendship Involves Karaoke Nights and Taco Tuesdays

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have a “very, very close” friendship, according to Alex Rodriguez. The former MLB player opened up about his fiancée’s “beautiful” relationship with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in a new interview, revealing the women spend a lot of time together. In fact, they’ve become each other’s mentors and do fun things like Taco Tuesdays and even the occasional karaoke night.

“We’ve all known each other for a long time,” Rodriguez told People.”But Kim and Jennifer are very, very close, and she’s almost like a mentee of Jennifer, and Jennifer’s mentored her a lot over the years.”

“Now, they just go back and forth,” Rodriquez continued. “They mentor each other and they have this really beautiful relationship that goes back over a decade and a half, and it’s nice to do anything with Kim and our family.”

He also shared a few details regarding what a typical Kardashian-West-Lopez-Rodriquez hangout session consists of. The athlete said they often spend the the holidays together, and also often do movie and karaoke nights, where he admitted Kardashian is a “really good” singer.

Last December, Lopez and Rodriguez also attended Kardashian’s star-studded Christmas Eve party—and it looks like the couple will attend this year as well.

All three of them recently teamed up for a holiday campaign to promote the Portal device, which sees Kardashian and Lopez rocking face masks and discussing “top secret” holiday party ideas before Rodriquez walks in and interrupts them.

“My bestie @jlo and I are always on the move. But @PortalFacebook smart video calling always keeps up with us… and @arod too,” Kardashian tweeted.

Last year, Kardashian also gushed over her friendship with Lopez on her Instagram Story, admitting the Hustlers star is her inspiration and telling fans that “dreams do come true.”

“If you would have said to me 10 years ago, ‘Jennifer Lopez is coming over for your house to watch a movie and to have dinner’ I never would have imagined this would have been my life!” she said.

Now let’s just hope JLo and her karaoke makes its debut on KUWTK next season.

If You’re Not Wearing a Monochromatic Outfit, Don’t Bother Leaving the House

A Bordeaux-colored leather pantsuit is statement-making, and with monochrome, there’s never too much of a good thing: We love the commitment to the theme with the oxblood bag.

Christian Vierig

Oversized cuts dress down this 2019 take on a three-piece suit; the terra-cotta color is seriously head-turning.

Edward Berthelot

You don’t have to keep your colors muted: A bold, bright turquoise adds some splash to a gray day. A flippy skirt and party shoes keep the fun look fun from feeling overly formal.

Christian Vierig

Playing with proportions (a jacked swiped from a linebacker, the mini-est of skirts, a clutch you could carry a terrier in) adds dimension to a monochrome outfit. If you have a pair of boots for showing off, going monochromatic up top is a sure way to put them in the spotlight.

Christian Vierig

Priyanka Chopra proves that monochrome works with multiple shades: Her pink-on-pink look is an outfit we could take to the office.


A cropped suit-style jacket might just be our new favorite thing to wear with high-waisted trousers. (Plus, it’ll keep us warmer in a freezing office.) Apple green is a make-you-look-twice shade that makes the proportions feel fresh and modern.

Edward Berthelot

Ground a bright monochromatic look with a bag or shoes in on-trend cloud white.

Christian Vierig

Glossier Black Friday 2019 Deals Include 20% Off Your Favorites

Ever since Glossier took the beauty world by storm with its “skin first, makeup second” mantra, the beauty brand has been invading bathroom counters and Instagram grids with its photogenic skin care and makeup. The hype is real, but it’s not every day the billion-dollar brand has a sale.

In fact, there’s only one brief window of time Glossier does slash its prices—and the annual Glossier Black Friday sale is it. From Black Friday (November 29) through Cyber Monday (December 2), you can shop the entire site at 20% off, online and in-store. Yep. Everything, from cult classics Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom to new launches like Futuredew, will be discounted. But that’s not all. This year founder Emily Weiss and friends are putting the pale pink cherry on top of the Glossier Black Friday sale with a pre–Cyber Weekend promotion. Starting today, you can shop 15 new limited-edition sets, including the All Balm Set (was $75, now $60), Lip Gloss Trio (was $36, now $29), and Colorslide Trio + Blade (was $38, now $30). Hint: Buying a set saves you up to 35% off on products.

Holding out for the big Glossier Black Friday sale? Then you’ll need a game plan. Ahead, we asked our editors about the Glossier products they’ll be buying in bulk on Black Friday.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Jason Lewis Is So Much More Than ‘That Guy’ from Sex and the City

Have you ever ghosted someone?

Oh yeah, totally ghosted people long before the term was available. I don’t think that’s always a terrible thing. I think sometimes as we learn the conversations we want to find ourselves in, we realize sometimes that we’re in conversations that are horrible for us and the other person. So yeah, I’ve walked away with no regrets in many relationships. I don’t think you should ever do that with a relationship of substance, but sometimes people won’t let you change the dynamics and you have to walk away.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Jane Seymour in Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve. Oh my God, I wanted to travel through time for her.

Do you believe in astrology?

I don’t really practice it, but every time somebody puts it in front of my face it seems pretty fucking accurate. I’ll usually say, “Oh wow, that’s weird how well you’ve pegged me.” I am a Cancer with a Leo rising and a Leo moon.

Wait, you know your moon but don’t follow astrology?

I definitely have been paying attention more over the last few years. The only reason I know my moon is because years ago a girl I was dating—who was really toxic for me while I was in a broken space—decided to have my full charts done. My dog didn’t like her and chewed that book up within an hour of my possession of it. She never did anything like that before. And it’s like, “You want me to get rid of her, don’t you, sweetheart?” So that was about all the information I downloaded from it.

Do you find it to be accurate?

It is. I am, on the surface of things, one of the most extroverted people—but if I don’t get my alone time, all you people be damned. I’m imbalanced, so I need both things. I very much appear as an extrovert, but I have a lot of introverted tendencies. Ask my girlfriend.

13 Best Black Friday Handbag & Purse Deals in 2019 from Nordstrom, Staud, & More

In an age of nonstop newness, carrying the latest It-bag is like a badge of honor. But if you, like us, don’t have an infinite supply of cash to splurge on a new designer bag, then we’re happy to share that a whole host of brands just launched amazing Black Friday handbag deals with serious discounts.

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking (read: one step closer to owning that rare vintage Chanel), then count your lucky stars because we rounded up the 13 best Black Friday handbag deals to shop right now. Whether you’ve been lusting after a classic Chloé crossbody, a new work tote you’ll carry forever, or one of Staud’s trendy-but-timeless designs, shop the absolute best 2019 Black Friday purse sales here.

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Sex Toys on Sale for Black Friday 2019: Lelo, Dame Products, and Maude

“Black Friday sex toys” may not be your first Google search of the day, but it should be. Because shopping for a sex toy that hits the discreet, powerful, and versatile trifecta is hard to find—especially at a reasonable price point. That’s not to say some of these sex toys aren’t worth the splurge, but buying sex toys on sale feels good for more reasons than one.

To help you on your way, we’re sharing the best Black Friday sex toys you’ll want to add to cart immediately. Be it a hands-free vibrator that provides clitoral stimulation during sex, a naughty surprise for your partner, or a ring-shaped sex toy that simulates oral sex and won’t cause any raised eyebrows by guests in your tiny apartment, these deals are so good you’ll (literally) be screaming for more.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

All the Black Friday Clothing Deals in 2019 to Buy and Wear

Revolve: Get your holiday dress game strong with sale items up to 65% off through Saturday.

Allsaints: Up your closet’s cool-factor with the Allsaints Black Friday sale. Shop everything (jackets, jewelry, dresses, and more) at 30% off from November 27 to December 3.

Rent the Runway: Been toying with the idea of joining RTR? Now’s your moment—the brand is offering 40% off everything (clothing and memberships) with code WEARITALL.

& Other Stories: Get 20% off everything at & Other Stories with code NOIR20 from now until Sunday.

Amazon: Score major discounts on Calvin Klein, Herschel, Ray Ban, and so many more. Today only.

Eloquii: Get 50% off your entire purchase on plus free shipping on all orders when you shop on Black Friday. Receive an additional 10% off when you buy two or more items. Use code BF2019.

Mott & Bow: Stock up on denim and affordable cashmere at 25% off sitewide, 30% off orders $250+, 35% off orders +$350. Use coupon code: BF19 today through Sunday.

Target: Shopping at Target can be a slippery slope, but you’re entitled to go wild with doorbuster deals for adults, kids, baby apparel, and accessories through Saturday. Hint: Get Goodfellow & Co, Wild Fable, and Universal Thread puffer coats for as little as $20.

Modcloth: Today through Tuesday, special doorbuster products will be revealed daily.

Target: Shopping at Target can be a slippery slope, but you’re entitled to go wild with doorbuster deals for adults, kids, baby apparel, and accessories through Saturday. Hint: Get Goodfellow & Co, Wild Fable, and Universal Thread puffer coats for as little as $20.

H&M: Get 30% off sitewide plus free shipping today through Monday.