Fortune Feimster and Jacquelyn Smith Are Married

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow wed Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Miss Universe 2017, in a sunset ceremony at La Paris Estate in Cape Town, South Africa, on January 18, 2020. According to the couple, the wedding was traditional, but they each made sure to add in their own twists. “I want the vows to be perfect,” Tebow told People the night before the wedding. “I’m leaving in the traditional things like ‘till death do us part,’ but I’m also adding some of my own things to it.”

Nel-Peters added, “We’re both very traditional. We wanted to look back at the wedding and see that it was intimate, elegant, and traditional. We definitely wanted it to be something that we could look back on and know that nothing was dated. We want to remember this day for the rest of our lives.”

For the event with 260 guests, Nel-Peters donned an elegant sleeveless custom gown by David’s Bridal, People reports. And for their rehearsal dinner under the stars, the bride donned a beaded red jumpsuit while Tebow wore a brocade maroon suit. The ex-football star shared stunning pictures and videos of the dinner to his social media, captioning it, “Blending Cultures + Traditions, Grateful.”

Sterling K. Brown Says Randall Has a Major Breakthrough in the This Is Us Season Five Premiere

“It was as huge from a writer’s perspective as it was from mine. I think Randall offers such a unique perspective. Being a Black man raised in a white family, there’s a very specific prism through which he sees the world, and I think the writers have captured it brilliantly,” he says. “Our first two episodes are outstanding. As long as we, as actors, are able to execute what the writing has provided us an opportunity to do, I think our fans will be very, very, very happy.”

However, he does reveal in the interview that the current events will be talked about “briefly”  and in an “essence.”

“They won’t be washed over completely, but we still want to maintain the integrity of our story focused on the Pearsons, especially where we left off the relationship between Kevin and Randall last year,” he says. “I know [the fight between Randall and Kevin] lingers very strongly in the minds of fans, and they’re going to be wanting to see how these two brothers can, or if, mend the fences that they have torn down,” Brown says.

The main cast will return. Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Susan Kelechi Watson, and Chris Sullivan will all be back, along with recurring characters like Madison (Caitlin Thompson) and Jack Damon (Blake Stadnik). While it may not seem that there’s much to uncover in past storylines, Fogelman says that’s not true. “Jack and Rebecca will always be in the show in those past timelines, plus younger versions of the kids,” he says. As for future storylines, Fogelman says the show will continue to move forward into later years and not just the deep future, where Jack Jr. lives. “It’s so interesting to think we started with Rebecca and Jack, with him sitting with a towel, and then decades later there will be all these human beings that will be offshoots of these people.”


The futures of Deja, Tess, and Annie will be explored. With a 44-minute running time each week and only 18 episodes each season, it’s hard to do a deep dive into every character’s story. But for those who want to see more of Randall and Beth’s kids, Fogelman says he has you covered. “We have a plan for all of that,” he says. “By the time the Pearson story wraps up on our series, you’ll have gotten a lot of check-ins to figure out and understand where everyone’s characters are in the big span of their lives. That includes the children.” The same goes for newly revealed siblings Jack Jr. and Hailey. “We love the actress we found to play Hailey [Adelaide Kane]. Our hope is to continue to keep people invested in these future stories so you feel that great investment.”

We’ll find out how Rebecca and Miguel got together. Now that Rebecca is going to St. Louis for the Alzheimer’s clinical trial at Washington University, Fogelman says it will allow for more scenes with Rebecca and Miguel on their own, separate from the rest of the family. “When we land in St. Louis, we’ll explore her relationship with Miguel,” he says. “They’ll be in a location together that they didn’t necessarily plan on trying.” Most likely through flashbacks viewers will finally see what happened after Miguel messaged Rebecca on Facebook 10 years after Jack died. “We’ll get to see how their relationship bloomed and stalled and then bloomed again.” As for the clinical trial and living in a new city, it will be a “challenging chapter for Rebecca moving forward. We have a big storyline planned for Mandy next season in the present day as an older woman—and in her past timelines.”

Deena Cortese From Jersey Shore Is Pregnant With Baby Number Two

Check back here for updates on pregnant celebrities, expected babies, due dates, and so much more. (And check here for updates on when the little ones arrived.)

So many celebrities have announced in 2020 that they’re expecting babies. It started in January, when reports surfaced that Michelle Williams was engaged to Hamilton and Fosse/Verdon director Thomas Kail and expecting a child with him. And the announcements have kept rolling since then. We can’t wait to see who else announces they are expecting new little bundles of joy as the year goes on. For now, though, here are all the pregnant celebrities (and those who are expecting a baby by another route) that you’ll be hearing about in 2020. A big congratulations to all of them is in store.

Russell Wilson Wrote the Sweetest Birthday Tribute to Ciara

Russell Wilson and Ciara are one of Hollywood’s most stunning couples. They started dating in spring 2015 and were married by July 2016. “I told somebody that’s the girl I want to be with before I even met her,” Wilson said about his pop star spouse a few years back. Now the two are happier than ever; they share one child together, three-year-old Sienna, and welcomed a baby boy a few months ago. Ciara also has another child, six-year-old Future, from a previous relationship. And their family moments are seriously so adorable. Both of them are always posting the most enviable fam gatherings, one-on-one dates, and other feel-good content that we need to see—especially during this time. I’m 27 years old, but do you think they would adopt me? Just putting it out there!

If you don’t follow these two on Instagram, then you’re missing out. Here is just a snapshot of the A-plus family and relationship content they supply:

Wilson’s tribute to Ciara for her 35th birthday.

“You have changed generations with your music, your dance, business, & your influence as a woman around the world,” he wrote on October 25. “However, despite all of that… the best thing about you is how you always make our family laugh and smile from ear to ear. We love how you wrap your arms around us. We love you forever.”

Why let a pandemic get in the way of having a glamorous night out?

The time Ciara posted these throwback photos, proving she and Wilson were meant for each other.

He was a football player; she was a cheerleader. I think you know how this story ends.

The playful shade Wilson threw at Ciara for loudly filing her nails during quarantine.


Their baby sex reveal party, which is the happiest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m not the biggest fan of these types of gatherings, but even I found this cute.

This video of them talking about the first time they ever met.

Meanwhile, I’m professing my love to a can of Pringles.

When they had a family slumber party.

Coziest setup ever.

This Christmas family music video, set to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Grammys all around.

And this family breakfast dance party.

Eatings eggs has never looked more fun.

Their Bey and Jay Halloween costumes.

Ahhh, this was history.

Annnnd when they kissed underwater.

I mean, come on.

When Ciara and the kids dressed up to support Wilson’s 2020 NFL season opener

And it worked—he balled out.

She also posted a sweet message to her husband: “Season 9. So proud of you babe @DangeRussWilson! Hardest working man I know. Seeing your daily dedication and commitment to the game continually motivates and inspires me! Best 2 Ever do it! #3 The Best is Ahead!
Let’s Go @Seahawks! Let’s Go! #GameDay”

There’s No Halloween Costume Easier Than Euphoria Makeup

Plenty of shows set the tone for fashion trends, but few have become so celebrated for its makeup that it inspires a whole new genre—like Euphoria makeup. That’s exactly what the hit HBO show did with its inventive use of glitter and artful takes on eyeliner. Instantly “Euphoria makeup” was all anyone could talk about.

But as much as we’d love for cloud eyeliner or glitter tears to be part of our day-to-day, they’re not really the most practical—unless, of course, you’re talking about Halloween. Every year there’s a Halloween costume that promises to be both topical and easy to execute, and for 2020, that’s without a doubt Euphoria makeup. Not only can you wear something already in your closet (unless you’re going for Kat’s cam girl glow-up, in which case, amazing), but most of the makeup you need is just one Amazon Prime order away.

The other great thing about dressing up like a Euphoria character for Halloween is that there isn’t one single makeup look that’s better than the rest. They’re all fantastic and every character has more than a handful to choose from—which, admittedly, can also make it difficult, so we asked the show’s head makeup artist, Doniella Davy, to break down how she created each of her favorite looks.

Whether you want to go as Rue, Cassie, Maddy, Jules, or Kat, scroll on for Davy’s best advice and the products she recommends to re-create the looks at home.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Complete Relationship Timeline

July 17: The couple goes out in London for Chopra’s birthday, reportedly grabbing a bite at Chiltern Firehouse. They both looked chic, as always.

Getty Images

July 27: People reports that Chopra and Jonas are engaged after two months of dating. What’s more, Jonas reportedly shut down an entire Tiffany store just to buy Chopra a ring. That’s very Sweet Home Alabama, am I right?

August 2018: Chopra and Jonas share photos from their engagement party, thus confirming said engagement.

December 2018: The couple ties the knot in Jodhpur, India, with two ceremonies: a traditional Hindu one and a Western one.

January 2019: A honeymoon for the ages.

May 2020: The couple celebrates the two-year anniversary of their first date by posting a never-before-seen photo of the outing:

August 2020: Jonas and Chopra introduced the newest addition to their family—a rescue pup named Panda. “Welcome to the family Panda! Panda is a Husky Australian Shepard mix rescue and we’re already in love,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

“Our new family portrait! Welcome to the family, Panda! We adopted this little rescue (soon he won’t be so little) just a few weeks ago,” Chopra captioned her post.

October 2020: After months of quarantining with her husband, Chopra is back to work. While filming a movie in Europe, the actor appeared (virtually) on the Today show on October 23. During the interview, she was asked what she learned about her husband while they were stuck at home. 

“That I still like him after spending so much time with him,” she responded with a laugh. “He’s great and we would have never had as much time with each other as we got during this quarantine. It only took a global pandemic for us to align our schedules together. We moved into our new house. We had time to do that together and incubate, which was great.” 

We will update this timeline with more Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra relationship milestones as they come in.

Gigi Hadid Says She Voted for an America She Wants Her Daughter to See

One month after welcoming her first child and a week before the 2020 election, Gigi Hadid revealed she voted via an absentee ballot with her daughter by her side. 

Encouraging her American followers to take part in the election, the model posted a mirror selfie to Instagram wearing a “vote” t-shirt from Prabal Gurung. In the caption, Hadid and wrote about how “proud” she was of everyone casting a ballot.

“I voted absentee last week with my daughter next to me, for an America I want her to see; but not just for us—for fellow Americans that are less privileged, with hope for a nation that is unified, that is empathetic, & for a leader that is compassionate,” she wrote on October 24. “YOU HAVE A WEEK AND A HALF 🗳.”

She also let her fans know how “proud” she is of everyone who’s voting this year. “IF YOU’RE VOTING EARLY IM PROUD OF YOU,” Hadid continued. “IF YOU MAILED IN YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT I’M PROUD OF YOU. (&& if you dropped it off at your County’s Board of Elections Office or at an Early Polling Site I’m proud of you!!) IF YOU’RE GOING TO THE POLLS ON NOVEMBER 3RD I’M PROUD OF YOU. Whatever your PLAN, I’m proud of you; make sure you have one !!!”

Gigi Hadid didn’t specify which candidate or local ballot measures she supported, but in the same Instagram post, she added a message encouraging voters to keep in mind issues like immigration, healthcare, LGBTQ rights, racism, and gun violence. A rational person can probably deduce which party she definitely doesn’t support right now.

She also shared information on voting early in every state. Remember, voting in this election doesn’t only happen on the third, it ends on the third. It’s also happening right now, and if you’re worried about getting to the polls on the big day and don’t have a mail-in ballot, you can still vote early all over the country.

Amanda Seyfried, another celebrity with a newborn, posed in the exact same shirt on October 24—the same day Selena Gomez went on Instagram Live with Timothée Chalamet while he waited in line to vote in New York City. Guess you could say voting is really hot right now and you should totally do it. 

Adele Joked About Her Weight Loss on Saturday Night Live—and Fans Had Thoughts

It’s frustrating when a celebrity’s size draws as much attention as their work and their talent, but Adele knows people have been talking about her recent weight loss. So, rather than ignore it during her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, the Grammy Award-winner made a joke. 

“I know I look really really different since you last saw me,” she said in the middle of her opener on October 24. “But actually, because of all the COVID restrictions, and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me, and this is the half that I chose.”

The joke—unlike her hilarious Bachelor spoof—did not go over well with everyone. Many fans were disappointed that Adele would sign off on using a fat joke in her monologue. “Adele you should know fat jokes aren’t it,” one user wrote, while another added, “hard no at Adele making fat jokes ew.”

While some fans came to the singer’s defense by pointing out that Adele was speaking about her own body, another Twitter user pointed to a larger problem. “We can all do what we want with our bodies and talk about our own experiences,” @FatFabFeminist wrote in a thread. The issue, they suggest, is that “when she made this joke, everyone else thought they could too.”

Of course, she didn’t have to address her weight loss at all, but the monologue touched on a lot of things fans have been saying about Adele this Summer. Though she didn’t address another recent controversy, she did reveal her latest devastating update on her new album

“I know there’s been a lot of chatter about me just being the host. Like, ‘Why isn’t she the musical guest?’ There’s a couple of reasons,” Adele explained at the top of her opener. “My album’s not finished. And I’m also too scared to do both. I’d rather just put on some wigs—this is all mine by the way—have a glass of wine or six and see what happens.”

You can watch Adele’s entire monologue, below. 

Adele Hilariously Spoofed The Bachelor Using Her Own Songs on Saturday Night Live

Listen, she may not have been the musical guest this week, but if you have Adele on your show, she’s gonna have to be Adele about it.

Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are known for dramatic reactions, but that usually means bursting into tears, not song. However, during this Saturday Night Live spoof, Adele did just that, playing her superstar self in a sketch satirizing the long-running reality show. 

As part of her hosting duties on October 24, Adele pretended to vie for the attention of Bachelor Ben K (Beck Bennett), but kept interrupting her flirtations to belt out her own hits—first “Someone Like You,” then “When We Were Young,” and “Hello,” switching up the lyrics to sing, “Hello from inside this bu-u-ush!” Finally, she gives another woman (Lauren Holt) the brush-off with a few bars of “Rolling In The Deep” and then just goes into the audience to sing. 

On Twitter, Bachelor host Chris Harrison gave the sketch his stamp of approval, writing “This is why Adele sadly just doesn’t work on #TheBachelor Hilarious bit last night – SNL.” Other viewers seemed to concur, praising Adele’s comedic chops, her flawless vocal technique, and the fact that, you know, it’s just nice to hear some Adele these days. As @samcorb wrote, “Adele on The Bachelor just… derangedly singing her own songs is the exact correct use of Adele.” Akilah Hughes agreed, writing, “I’m living for Adele singing in this bachelor sketch. Honestly god I miss live musicccc ahhh.”

Other fans were basically like, “Adele is great and we should all worship her” which quite frankly is a good and correct take.

Watch the whole thing below, and sing along if you dare:

The sketch gets mileage out of the idea that having a pop superstar on the Bachelor franchise would be distracting and disruptive, but hear us out: make Adele the next Bachelorette. Not that she needs any help finding a guy, but wouldn’t you watch that? A ballsy, brassy diva using innocuous hunks as fodder for future ballads? Just think about it, ABC. Please.

9 TV Shows, Movies, and Other Pop Culture Moments to Look Out for This Week

This week’s offering of new TV shows, movies, and other pop culture goodies is quite sweet. Take a look, below. 

Sunday, October 25

Alanis Morissette: Words + Music: “In this musical narrative, inimitable songwriter and rock luminary Alanis Morissette unpacks a lifetime of conscious self-discovery in a powerful and thoughtful rumination on her journey as an artist, celebrity, and human being,” reads a description from Audible. “She takes listeners through the personal experiences that sparked her artistic journey and shares what encouraged her to release her first studio album in eight years.” Streaming on Audible 

The Undoing: Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant star in this gripping new series (one of most anticipated TV shows of the season) about a couple whose relationship is challenged when someone in their circle is brutally murdered. 9 p.m. ET on HBO

Monday, October 26 

Represent: “Local elections in Middle America are not often fodder for national news coverage. While 24-hour news cycles keep us focused on national partisan battles, there are multilayered, interpersonal dynamics at play in local elections that mirror–and sometimes predict–the ebb and flow of America’s large scale political landscape,” reads a description from PBS about this doc. “Leading up to the 2018 midterm elections in the heart of the Midwest, three women take on entrenched local political networks in their fight to reshape politics on their own terms.” 10 p.m. ET on PBS 

Thursday, October 27 

50 Rappers Who Changed The World: The new book from Candace McDuffie is available now. 

Not Done: Read the official description for this film, below. 8 p.m. ET on PBS 

“Not Done: Women Remaking America, a MAKERS film by Verizon Media and McGee Media, and proudly supported by P&G, chronicles the seismic eruption of women’s organizing from the 2016 election through today and the intersectional fight for equality that has now gone mainstream. Like the movement it documents, this story is told collectively: through the firsthand experiences and narratives of frontline activists, writers, celebrities, artists, and politicians who are remaking culture, policy, and most radically, our notions about gender.”

Wednesday, October 28 

Holidate: Emma Roberts stars in this delightful comedy about a single woman and man who agree to be each other’s dates to holiday parties so people won’t ask them about their relationship statuses. But what starts out as a clinical agreement may turn into…love? Streaming on Netflix 

The Craft: Legacy: The Craft: Legacy features four new teen witch characters (played by Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, and Zoey Lunaand) and a fresh plot, but the core is similar to the original film: A group of girls form a coven, and witchy hijinks ensue. But what happens when one of them gets a little too power hungry? Available on VOD 

Thursday, October 29 

Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy:  Get in the voting spirit with this star-studded special hosted by Alicia Keys. 9 p.m. ET on CBS 

Friday, October 30 

The Mandalorian: See a special preview of season two, below: Streaming on Disney+

Saturday, October 31 

It’s Halloween! Go watch a scary movie! We have plenty of recs.