Here’s What Meghan Markle’s Friends Think She’ll Be Like as a Mom

It was only a little less than two weeks ago that Meghan Markle gave birth to her first child, Archie, but already her friends are sharing what they think she’ll be like as a mom. Spoiler: She’s going to be great.

In the new CBS special, Meghan and Harry Plus One, Gayle King spoke to Markle’s close friend—and wedding-day makeup artist—Daniel Martin and fellow actress Janina Gavankar about the duchess’s parenting style, among other things. (Buckingham Palace released a rare statement about the special saying, “The Duchess has not had any involvement in the CBS special, nor has she requested or given permission to friends to participate.”)

Gavankar thinks, in many ways, the Duchess of Sussex will be like all the other doting new moms out there. “She’s gonna be such a good mother,” she said. “I think she’ll be very low maintenance, very hands-on. The way she would have been if she hadn’t married into the royal family.” However, she also believes Markle will “run a tight ship.”

“Parenting is difficult in the beginning, but I feel like they got this,” Martin told King. “They’re ready for this…there’s just gonna be so much love for that baby. I feel like Meghan and H are really going to keep this kid real.”

It also seems like Markle’s foodie nature and California roots will come into play as she and Harry raise Archie “with lots of healthy home-cooked meals, no doubt,” Martin said. “I’m sure the baby’s gonna be raised, like … definitely clean and green. She loves to cook … eating organic whenever she can.” He also says he wouldn’t be surprised if the duchess makes her own baby food. (If only she could still post recipes on The Tig!)

As for new dad Prince Harry? “He’s so good with kids … even when they were doing the family portrait after the wedding with everybody, he was on the floor, just playing with the kids,” Martin adds. “And that’s when I knew, like, he’s gonna be the coolest dad.”

It sounds like baby Archie is in very capable hands indeed.

Prince William Says Losing His Mother, Princess Diana, at a Young Age Was a ‘Pain Like No Other’

When Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car accident in 1997, the world mourned. But her death had a profound effect on her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, who were just 15 and 12, respectively, at the time.

In recent years, both the princes have opened up publicly about how they were affected by their mother’s death in their efforts to raise awareness about mental health. Now, in a preview clip for the BBC special A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Health, which features a conversation with British soccer stars, William is more candid than ever. “I think when you are bereaved at a very young age, anytime really, but particularly at a young age—I can resonate closely to that—you feel a pain like no other pain,” he says.”And you know that in your life it’s going to be very difficult to come across something that is going to be an even worse pain than that.”

“It also brings you so close to all those other people out there who have been bereaved,” William continued. “So instantly, when you talk to someone else… You can almost see it in their eyes sometimes.” He wants people to feel more comfortable sharing their pain in hopes of being able to help one another. “There has to be a moment for that,” William says, referring to having that British “stiff upper lip.” “We’re not robots.”

Prince Harry also talked about feeling the loss of Diana after the birth of his first son, Archie, with Meghan Markle. “He said missing a mother is like missing some kind of security, how you need that as a son, and it falls away when you lose your mother,” Dennis van der Stroon said of his conversation with Harry during a recent Invictus Games event in the Netherlands. “He said he meets a lot of people in his work who have lost a mother, father, sister, brother, or relatives, and when he hears their story, as he heard my story, he said he doesn’t feel so alone.”

While the circumstances are definitely sad, it really is wonderful to see the princes talk so openly about their grieving process as a way to encourage transparency and honest conversations around mental health—and directly affect the lives of others.

Here’s Why Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Weren’t at Lady Gabriella Windsor’s Royal Wedding

This time last year, all eyes were on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as they said “I do”—and on Saturday (May 18), members of the royal family were at St. George’s Chapel once again for the royal wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston. (Lady Gabriella is the daughter of Princess Michael of Kent, who is Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin.)

Markle and her in-laws, Prince William and Kate Middleton were all absent—but everyone had a good reason. The Duchess of Sussex, of course, just gave birth to little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor a little less than two weeks ago, so naturally it makes sense that she opted to chill with the little guy and her mom, Doria Ragland, at their home in nearby Frogmore Cottage.

Kensington Palace announced in a statement earlier this week that William had a prior engagement. “The Duke of Cambridge, President of the FA, will attend the 2019 FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Watford at Wembley Stadium, and will present the trophy to the winners,” it read. And since his and Middleton’s children were not in the wedding—as they were for the Sussexes and Princess Eugenie—she didn’t need to attend in order to look after the little ones.

But Prince Harry was there—and looked to be having a great time with the bride’s sister, his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and his aunt, Princess Anne.

The rest of Kate’s family was on hand to represent the Middletons, including her sister, Pippa, with her husband, James Matthews; her brother, James, with his girlfriend Alizee Thevenet; and her parents, Carole and Michael.

And, of course, the bride and groom looked wonderful and happy.

Hopefully, Harry got home and filled Meghan in on all the family gossip ahead of celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Sunday.

5 Tips I Wish I’d Known About How to Prepare for Anal Sex

I first wondered about how to prepare for anal sex when I was in college. At the time I was with my first real boyfriend, who was also my first real love—a man I thought I’d be with forever. I was 21, an age when everything is sort of do-or-die, especially regarding love.

I had a couple of friends who had tried anal sex, but I judged them ruthlessly for it. I couldn’t believe that any woman would be willing to let her partner put anything up her butt. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Anal sex was something I decided I would just never, ever do.

Then my boyfriend, my darling, my love, the man I planned to be with until I died, suggested we try anal too. According to him, it would feel “really good,” or at least that’s what his male friends had told him based on their girlfriends’ responses to anal sex. (For the record, my female friends did not agree with this assessment.)

Still, I was suddenly intrigued. I layed flat on my stomach one night in my apartment, and with my roommate just on the other side of the bedroom door watching Sex and the City reruns, I did it. It was…not fun.

While anal sex is more mainstream than ever (a 2010 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that 46 percent of women had tried it), the taboo around this particular sex act still very much persists. Because of that, many women aren’t getting the appropriate information they need to prepare for anal sex let alone have a good time doing it—which you absolutely should!

I don’t want any woman to be blindsided like I was, so here are the five things I wish I’d known the night before my first anal experience:

1. You should probably start with a finger or two.

Before I lost my virginity, I let my boyfriend get to “third base” (or “fingering,” as the kids call it). Although being penetrated digitally is definitely not quite the same as being penetrated by a penis (or a sex toy), it at least gives you an idea of the sensation that you’re going to experience and stretches things out a bit. Just a bit.

You don’t have to take a mirror and look at your backside to know that your sphincter muscle is tight. That means you definitely want to experiment with anal play first, whether that’s a finger or a little butt plug.

2. You absolutely, positively need to use lube.

At the time my knowledge of lube and how to use it was so limited as to be nonexistent. I’d seen commercials for it, but in my short-lived sex life there had never been a need for it, so I didn’t pay attention. However, if there’s ever occasion to try out lube for the first time, it’s when you try anal—and then it should be used every time you have anal. Unlike the vagina, your back end does not self-lubricate, no matter how excited you might be about this new adventure. This is something you need to keep in mind, even when engaging in anal play that doesn’t involve penetration.

There are two major reasons for using lube during anal sex: For starters, it lessens the friction and makes the experience more pleasurable (in other words, it will hurt less). Second, without lube, that friction is basically guaranteeing tears within the anus, even if they’re so small you don’t know that they’re there. This means your risk for STIs is increased with anal sex—those small cuts are a gateway for certain viruses and bacteria to head straight into the bloodstream. Research has found that this is most commonly the case with HIV and hepatitis. While both are manageable viruses that people live with, and HIV is no longer the certain death sentence it was just a couple of decades ago, avoiding STIs in general is obviously preferable and should be a goal every time you have sex.

3. Using condoms is really, really important.

Even if you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship, anal sex calls for condom use if you’re with a male partner. Even though there’s no risk of pregnancy with anal sex, condoms are the only way to prevent STIs—which you have an increased risk of contracting thanks to the aforementioned anal tearing (sometimes even if you use lube).

The 20 Best Updos for Short Hair

When you’ve got short hair, the repertoire of styling options can sometimes fall a bit, well, short. Long hair—and even shoulder-length hair—can be pulled up or braided into elaborately crafted, cool summer styles. But anything shorter than a bob? Not so much. Or so you might think. We’re here to show you that’s just flat-out not true.

The updo options for short hair are more extensive than ever; thanks to the ingenuity of some the red carpet’s top hairstylists. Scroll on to check out our favorite coiled, braided, and pinned-up summer hairstyles for short hair. No one will even know it doesn’t reach your collarbone.

10 Times Celebrity Moms Got Real About Breastfeeding

It’s unfortunate that in 2019, women are still being criticized about whether or not they choose to breastfeed their children—or even where they decide to do so. Feeding your child is a good thing! But when celebrity moms like Amy Schumer, Hilary Duff, Jessica Alba, and Khloé Kardashian publicly speak out about the struggles (and joys) of breastfeeding and pumping (or not), it helps to normalize the conversation for all women.

Below are some of the best quotes on the topic.

Amy Schumer

The comedian gave birth to her son, Gene Attell Fischer, in May. In true Schumer fashion, she was honest and hilarious about her pregnancy and breastfeeding. “Guys what are we doing tonight? #schumerpump #ootd @stassischroeder,” she captioned a photo of herself attached to a breast pump and jokingly tagging Stassi from Vanderpump Rules with her “outfit of the day.”

Jessica Alba

Alba, an actress and founder of The Honest Company, often shared photos of herself feeding her son, Hayes, everywhere from the boardroom to a Target dressing room. “I felt like he wanted to nurse 24/7, which was obviously really challenging when you’re trying to go back to work,” she told Motherly. “Also my milk supply was challenged with him. I felt like I had the most milk with Honor and then it got less with Haven and even less with Hayes. And so that was just tough for me.”

Rachel McAdams

The actress has been mostly private about the birth of her first child but she made headlines with a photo shoot for Girls. Girls. Girls. magazine where she wore Versace—and a breast pump. “Obviously #rachelmcadams looks incredible and was quite literally the dream to work with but also this shoot was about 6 months post her giving birth to her son, so between shots she was expressing/pumping as still breastfeeding,” the magazine’s founder Claire Rothstein shared on Instagram. “We had a mutual appreciation disagreement about whose idea it was to take this picture but I’m still sure it was hers which makes me love her even more. Breastfeeding is the most normal thing in the world and I can’t for the life of me imagine why or how it is ever frowned upon or scared of.”

Hilary Duff

Duff recently opened up on social media about her decision to stop breastfeeding her daughter, Banks, after six months. “My goal was to get my little girl to six months and then decide if I (and her of course) wanted to keep going,” she wrote on Instagram. “Let me tell you. Pumping at work sucks. I had zero down time and am usually pumping in a hair and make up trailer while four hands work to get me ready for the next scene with lots of other people around. Even if I had the luxury to be in my own room, it’s not even considered a ‘break’ because you have to sit upright for the milk to flow into the bottles!”

While she was still breastfeeding, Duff recreated McAdams’ famous pumping shot.

Chrissy Teigen

“The feeding schedule surprised me a lot. If you kind of do the math, you’re kind of breastfeeding for 10 hours a day total,” Teigen said after her daughter, Luna, was born. “It’s very loving and sweet, but it’s not easy. They just use you for your milk and you just feel like you are just a cow all day. It’s hard to work your entire day around getting her the nourishment she needs because they are just little animals.”

Nikki Reed

The 14 Best High Waisted Leggings of 2019 for Women

I am a very staunch leggings-as-pants skeptic. It’s not that I don’t think other people can’t wear legging as pants, it’s just that I myself have never been able to do it. I’ve never found a pair of high-waisted leggings that has made me feel comfortable enough to abandon my favorite jeans. I have never ever—ever—run into someone in my high-waisted leggings after a gym class and insisted we go get a coffee in my sweat-infused workout clothing (to be fair, I actively avoid anyone that looks mildly familiar when I emerge from a gym class).

I understand that, in a time where “athleisure” is a Thing, that this is an unpopular opinion. People live and die by their Outdoor Voices leggings, so I get that my hot take can be seen as a personal attack. (Outdoor Voices isn’t about working out! It’s all about doing things!) But when it comes to leggings I like to do a very particular set of things: avoid people as already mentioned, run errands in the middle of the night when I’m sure no one can see me, and pretend I am enjoying my workout class.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that my wardrobe’s vibe is generally pretty extra: For every 10 people that live and die by their leggings, there’s one person that lives and dies by their hot pink feathered bolero jacket, and that person is me. While most people probably had to fight about getting dressed up with their mom when they were younger, my mom used to ask me to dress down. “Not everything has to be a fashion show,” she’d always say (yes, it does).

When I finally found a pair of high-waisted leggings that I actually really, really loved and wanted to wear all day—yes, reader, it did happen—I was beside myself. They’re Free People Movement’s high-waisted flyer ruffler leggings and they are perfect. I mean, they have ruffles! Now this is the type of extra I’m talking about.

Growing up, Free People‘s ethereal-bohemian-wanderlust-manic-pixie-girl vibe really struck a cord with me. I recently started shopping at Free People again while on the quest for hair accessories (of which, they have many, many good ones) and stumbled across all of their FP Movement pieces on accident.

The first time I wore the FP Movement high-waisted flyer ruffle leggings, I was going to a Pure Barre class. And they worked out great: They had a snug fit (no sliding down my hips) while also leaving me room to breathe. Plus, the striped waist detail dresses up and goes with any black sports bra (although I paired mine with the FP Movement Flyer Ruffle Crop Top).

When I left the class, I heard someone call my name from a block away. Instead of retreating into a nearby bush, I turned around and waved to a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, suggesting we catch up over brunch nearby. And then, I couldn’t help but wonder, had I become the kind of person who wore leggings to brunch? Maybe—but only because they have ruffles.

Shop the magical pair of high-waisted leggings and 14 other similar ones below—including some very fun tie-dye options.

Tara Gonzalez is the commerce editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @tarigonzalez.

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Kim Kardashian Just Revealed the Name of Her Fourth Child—And It’s Adorable

On May 10, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West welcomed their fourth child, via surrogate. Upon his arrival Kardashian tweeted, “He’s here and he’s perfect.” Now, a week later, Kardashian West has revealed the name of her new son: Psalm West.

In true Kardashian style, the reality star shared her baby’s name on Instagram. Kardashian West posted a screenshot of a text from her husband that read, “Beautiful Mother’s Day. With the arrival of our fourth child. We are blessed beyond measure. We have everything we need.” The photo was simply captioned, “Psalm West.”

The West’s are known for their unique baby names (along with the rest of the Kardashian clan.) But the name Psalm is in keeping with the biblical theme they drew from to name their older son, Saint West, 3. Psalm also joins his older sisters. North West, 5, and Chicago West, 1, whose names both come from a more geographic origin. And while fans were here for baby West’s name, many took to Twitter to express their confusion over how to properly pronounce it.

According to People the West’s long had a name in mind for their son, “but wanted to meet the baby before they decided.” Kardashian West also told Jimmy Kimmel, “I usually go about three or four days nameless until I feel like it really connects with the baby.”

And while Psalm might have the name most similar to Saint, Kardashian West has made it very clear that he’s the most like his sister Chicago. She called Psalm, “Chicago’s twin.” “I’m sure he will change a lot but now he looks just like her,” she wrote. But from what we can tell of Kardashian West’s photos, Psalm looks like a happy and healthy newborn.

Congratulations to the Kardashian West clan. Bible, we think this is your cutest baby name yet.

We Need to Talk About the Miscarriage Scene in Fleabag

One of Fleabag‘s many charms is how deftly it nails the mortifying, yet strangely beautiful experience that is being a woman in the world. The credit goes to creator, writer, and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge: the Amazon Prime series is based on her one-woman play about a twentysomething (also named Fleabag) who deals with past trauma through sex, alcohol, and banter. Even the smallest comedic moments—feeling embarrassed about buying extra-large tampons, for example—make you think, “Damn, she gets it.”

The weightier topics, like sexual harassment to grief, are heartbreaking and raw without ever losing sight of the show’s comedic roots. Season two, now streaming, drops one of these scenes right in the middle of episode one. It made stomach drop so much I had pause and take a break before I could finish the episode. (Caution: Spoilers start here.)

It all starts with an awkward family dinner to celebrate the impending marriage of Fleabag’s father to her narcissistic stepmother. Fleabag is surprised when her sister, Claire (Sian Clifford), reveals that she and her toad of a husband have been trying for a baby. At one point in the meal, Claire quietly excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. Fleabag joins a few minutes later—where she discovers Claire has just had a miscarriage.

Claire brushes it off at first, insisting she’s fine and doesn’t need to go to a hospital. When Fleabag tries to enter the stall to help, though, she gets emotional. “No, just get your hands off my miscarriage,” she growls. Then anguish: “It’s mine. It’s mine.”

On any other show or movie, this story might have been treated as a Very Special Episode; on Fleabag, Claire cleans herself up and goes back to the dinner table like nothing happened.

While I have not experienced a miscarriage myself, I can recognize how rare it is to see it portrayed this way in pop culture. If a miscarriage is shown at all, it’s often set to sad acoustic music or otherwise overly dramatized. Not something that happens in five-star restaurant’s bathroom. But the truth is that this happens to so many women, anywhere and at any time. So why is it never shown?

“I feel like there’s so many things in the world that people don’t talk about, and a lot of them are women’s experiences. That’s the sad truth,” Waller-Bridge tells Glamour. “I think when it’s been depicted—from friends of mine who have experienced that—it hasn’t felt particularly real.”

Originally, Waller-Bridge says, she planned to write a new character who experiences a miscarriage into the show. As she went deeper into writing the season, though, she realized this was Claire’s story to tell. “It broke my heart when I was writing it,” she explains. “I think it’s the last thing you’d expect Claire to be up to, trying to get pregnant in the first place. It just showed such a deeper level to that character.”

After she finished writing the scene she wondered why it felt so familiar—and then realized a similar experience had happened to a friend and she had subconsciously put it into the show. “I called her and said, ‘Oh my God, I think I’ve taken a part of your life.’ But she was so thrilled that it would be depicted like that,” Waller-Bridge says. “Because the truth of it happening in the middle of a dinner…it’s a very female instinct to just pull yourself back up. Just get on with it. I thought that said so much about how women operate in the world.”

Anthropologie Spring Sale May 2019: Bestselling Dresses To Buy Now

When you’re envisioning the perfect summer wardrobe, the image probably resembles something in an Anthropologie lookbook. The retailer manages to capture the most idealized, ethereal version of whatever season it is—impeccably-decorated, cozy interiors for winter and far-flung sunny locations for summer. No matter the time of year, its dresses are always on-point—but they’re especially good when it’s warm out. Anthropologie knows that. And it knows you’ve added a few of its best-sellers to your wish list. So it’s doing you a solid for a limited time only: putting its customer-favorite dresses on mega-sale for a few days.

Right now, you can get one of Anthropologie’s most popular dresses for 50 percent off (!!!). The offer ends on Sunday, May 19, and some styles are already selling out—so you better act fast. From a great button-down silhouette under $100 to a statement-making tiered maxi, here are the 15 dreamiest dresses we’d recommend adding to your cart ASAP. Your summer wardrobe can thank us later.