Not Even Star Wars’ Kathleen Kennedy Knows What’s Next After The Rise Of Skywalker

Rey, glowing under the light of her lightsaber

What will be the next Star Wars movie to hit the big screen after this December’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? It’s a question many have asked, and while there are a number of logical possibilities, the truth is that neither I, nor the wider movie-going public, actually knows. You know who else apparently doesn’t know? The president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy!

That’s right, not even Kathleen Kennedy is sure what’s next after The Rise of Skywalker. When asked if she has decided what movie is next, she said:

No. We’ve got various things we’re looking at and various ways in which we can begin or not. As you can imagine. You know, do you go back? Do you go forward? All those questions are being asked. Do we stay in this galaxy? Do we go to another? The universe is never-ending. The good news and the bad news. They have endless possibilities. It’s liberating, it’s exciting, and it creates a lot of pressure and anxiety as well.

If we take Kathleen Kennedy’s comments at face value – realistically, she could just be playing her cards close to the vest – it would seem that the Lucasfilm president and her team are still in the process of deciding what’s next for Star Wars. There are many direction in which this franchise can move forward in the post-Skywalker Saga era. At the moment, though, not even Kathleen Kennedy knows what will come next after The Rise of Skywalker, but she has some ideas.

As Kathleen Kennedy told Rolling Stone, Lucasfilm is looking at various possibilities for the next Star Wars film but there’s a lot that goes into making that decision and it is not one that they are taking lightly. Rather than just greenlighting multiple trilogies and tons of anthology films, which seemed to be happening earlier in the Disney-owned Lucasfilm era, Kathleen Kennedy and Co. are now employing a more measured approach moving forward, taking all considerations into account.

How Star Wars moves forward after the 40+ year Skywalker Saga is hugely important to its continued viability, so what comes next after The Rise of Skywalker is a critical decision. While I would say the next movie doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that dictates the next four decades of storytelling, Star Wars does need to start figuring out what it wants to be after the Skywalkers are no longer its main narrative source..

So it’s a big decision, and that’s part of why Lucasfilm is taking its time to settle on what comes next just yet. As Kathleen Kennedy says here, it’s a decision that carries with it unimaginable pressure and anxiety, but is also one of boundless opportunity.

It sounds like there are probably some options on the table for what the next movie will be post-Rise of Skywalker, but just as we fans speculate about the possibilities, Lucasfilm is doing the same thing, trying to decide what direction to go in. The questions that Kathleen Kennedy cited as the ones Lucasfilm is asking are actually quite interesting and give us some insight into that decision-making process.

When Will Future Star Wars Projects Be Set?

In particular, Lucasfilm is deciding what time period the next Star Wars movie should take place in, which makes sense. I think the prevailing wisdom has been that we would probably get films mostly set before the Skywalker Saga like Knights of the Old Republic, or during it.

What’s interesting is the idea of going forward, because you would think that taking the narrative into the future would just be Episode X, XI, and XII, but that trilogy isn’t happening (yet), so the idea is a curious one.

Where Will Future Star Wars Projects Take Place?

Kathleen Kennedy also mentioned possibly going outside the galaxy far, far away we’ve spent so much time in to visit a different galaxy. (A long time ago, in a different galaxy, far, far away). This is somewhat strange, because even including Outer Rim territories and the Unknown Regions, the Skywalker Saga has stayed in one galaxy, Expanded Universe notwithstanding.

So it’s worth considering how far the hallmarks of the franchise extend beyond that galaxy. Are the Jedi and Sith out that far? Because if you go to the other side of the universe to a different galaxy, removed from all that is familiar, that would kind of just be another space opera movie and wouldn’t necessarily have to even be a Star Wars movie.

Whatever they decide, it’s good to know that Lucasfilm is considering all possibilities and taking this decision seriously. Nevertheless, the December 2022 date previously reserved for the David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Star Wars film remains on the calendar, so the cinematic hiatus isn’t that long, and whatever Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm decide is after The Rise of Skywalker, they will hopefully decide fairly soon.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters on December 20. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all the big movies still to come this year.

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Harriet Writer Says Studio Exec Suggested Julia Roberts To Play Tubman

I’m sure there are plenty of cases in which a studio executive offered a filmmaker good advice, but in general, the term “studio notes” is often a shorthand way of saying “terrible advice from higher ups.” For another example of that, I present the following story. Apparently, more than twenty years ago, writer Gregory Allen Howard tried to get Harriet made. He got some positive response about the script and the basic concept of turning the story into an action-adventure… and then someone suggested Julie Roberts be considered to play the lead role.

Gregory Allen Howard told the whole story during an interview with Focus Features, and the whole thing is like one extended doubletake. Apparently, after the Julia Roberts suggestion, another executive pointed out that she couldn’t play the abolitionist and activist who was born into slavery, and the original executive fired back with this gem…

I’ve honestly written, deleted and re-written this paragraph like three times because I’m not entirely sure what to focus on. Should the angle be that it’s outrageous and offensive to pitch Julia Roberts to play a beloved and historically important person of color? Or should we focus on the fact that this executive thought no one knew who Harriet Tubman was and/ or would notice if she was played by a white lady because we all suck at history and are uneducated rubes? I don’t know. Let’s just agree there’s a whole lot of failure going on and move on.

Fortunately, there has been much progress on the studio front the past two decades. That doesn’t mean the studio notes aren’t still bad. They’re just a different kind of bad and we’re not longer living in a world where people think Julia Roberts would need to be involved in a movie like Harriet for it to sell tickets. In fact, Harriet has pulled in more than $30M dollars at the box office (and also proven to be a pretty effective vehicle for rising star Cynthia Erivo).

As for what happened to the unnamed executive in the story, we have no idea. I, however, like to think he’s quietly been responsible for every single stupid decision made in Hollywood across all studios over the past 25 years. So, if you see a movie and it has a dumb ending, it was probably this dude’s suggestion. If you hear about an offensive casting choice, this guy’s hands were definitely all over it, and if you’re still pissed about some of the choices Game Of Thrones made its last two years, just remember they all originated in emails from this guy.

What Other DC Property Does Todd Phillips Now Have The Rights To?

Joker Arthur Fleck smiling in the rain

In the beginning, co-writer/director Todd Phillips’ Joker felt like a one-and-done enterprise. A gritty reboot of a legendary villain, it was something so outside of any sort of movie box, it almost felt destined to be something singular,  never to be repeated. But then, $1 billion changed everything, and Joker looks like it has a sequel in its future, and Phillips even reportedly has another DC property’s rights in his hands.

We don’t know specifically which new project Todd Phillips will potentially have the chance to play around with, besides his continued work on Joker’s future developments. But, we can begin to speculate on which projects would be a good fit for the director’s skill set, and what this could mean for the DC canon outside of the typical superhero outings the company and Warner Bros. will continue to engage in.

Let’s start with what we now so far, and work from there; like a smile, slowly spreading across a maniac’s face.

Joker Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips talking on set

What Do We Know About Todd Phillips’ DC Future?

The big sticking point in terms of where Todd Phillips’ future at DC is going stems from a meeting between Phillips and Toby Emmerich, the chairman of Warner Bros. Picture Group. This meeting allegedly did two things: first, and more importantly, it apparently opened the door for Joker 2 talks that are going on at this moment, despite the writer/director insisting that film was a one-off endeavor.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the original intent of this negotiation, as Todd Phillips actually wanted to create a cinematic universe of origin stories. Stories that, undoubtedly, will be more realistic and grounded like his take on Joker’s Arthur Fleck becoming the would-be clown prince of crime in Gotham City. As a result, Phillips was reported to have his hands on one more property, the identity of which is still a secret. And that’s where our speculation will begin.

Joker smiling in the green room, after his makeup is finished

Should Todd Phillips Stick To DC’s Villains Canon?

Since this other property doesn’t feel like something that’s limited to either a purely heroic or villainous canon, the options that Todd Phillips has at his disposal are endless. Though considering all of this success came from the gritty reality that Joker brought to audiences this past October, it has to be asked: Would Todd Phillips be better off sticking to the bad guys and gals in the DC Comics universe?

For the sake of variety, it’d probably be better to let Todd Phillips play around with both heroes and villains in the DC Universe; as no one wants to be pigeonholed into one realm or the other. There’s certainly enough characters on both sides of the moral aisle that could be interesting enough for the man who brought us Joker to bring to life. So, while it’s tempting to have Todd Phillips stick with DC villains, it’s not a necessity moving forward.

Lex Luthor in bionic Superman armor

Which DC Characters Should Todd Phillips Tackle?

In the report from THR that covered Todd Phillips’ meeting at Warner Bros, and the developments with this new property, as well as Joker 2, there were a couple of valid suggestions made as to who he could next tackle in his new origin project. Cosmic god Darkseid was one of the two prospects mentioned, which would be an interesting setup that could somehow fulfill the promises that Zack Snyder’s original vision of Justice League left unfulfilled.

However, another villain mentioned leads to an interesting pair of films that Todd Phillips could make into his next pet project at DC. That same story mentioned Lex Luthor as a potential character that Phillips could put his stamp on. This choice, while still sticking in the world of villains, would be an interesting exploration into the mind of a villain that might have some interesting potential for being humanized. Not to mention, if he really wanted to be experimental, he could use a more sympathetic Lex Luthor to combat a Communist Superman, courtesy of a theatrical adaptation of the legendary Red Son story.

Joker Arthur pushing Bruce Wayne's face into a smile

The Subject Todd Phillips Probably Won’t Be Tackling In A New Origin Film

For those of you who may be wondering if Todd Phillips would be following up Joker with a potential retelling of the Batman origin story, you’re probably going to want to sit down for this next bit. While the Wayne family is present in his dramatic tragedy, it’s certainly not the focal point of where the man’s attention is. We could see Batman in a future Joker movie, but with The Batman creating its own new Caped Crusader in Robert Pattinson, we probably shouldn’t expect that card to be played any time soon.

In fact, for the WB/DC brand to truly be effective, it will probably steer far away from any established cinematic heroes that are still going concerns for the main franchise line at large. Which means, it’s probably more likely that Cyborg could become a Todd Phillips movie than Wonder Woman or even The Flash. Though, if there was a special variant of either of those characters, or a particularly interesting villain that could be developed independent of those potential blockbusters, they might be considered as options down the line.

Joker dancing on the stairs

What This Could Mean For Future DC Origin Films Made By Todd Phillips?

If you’re expecting Todd Phillips to cross over into the mainstream of PG-13 superhero/villain movies, I do believe you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s not what made Joker a billion-dollar hit, and it’s not generally within his style of moviemaking. As such, it shouldn’t be expected for the man who brought Arthur Fleck to life to be content with tackling a garden-variety DC figure. Rather, whomever Todd Phillips decides to bring to the screen next will more than likely be something that we’ve never seen before and something the director is passionate about.

That could mean we finally get a Plastic Man movie, with Phillips returning to his Road Trip and Hangover comedy roots. Or, we could get that Lex Luthor movie, and see yet another side of a heroic coin we’ve flipped before. Maybe another obscure Batman villain could be in play, and we’ll see Todd Phillips give us a Calendar Man movie. The point is, whatever origin film is in Phillips’ future, it should be as interesting as it is unique.

Thanks to the box office success of Joker, it should be a wide open road for Todd Phillips to wander down, as he takes his next steps in the DC Comics’ cinematic canon. Along with the excitement of Joker 2’s progression, we’ll have this new mystery project to watch out for in the near future as well. And as soon as we figure out what this new film is, we’ll be reporting back here at CinemaBlend with those developments as they occur.

Joker is still in theaters, should this news inspire you to see the film for the first or fifth time at the movies. But there’s plenty of excitement waiting for you at the box office if you’re looking for a change of pace. Just consult our 2019 and 2020 release schedules, and you can’t go wrong!

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Why Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Is Returning To The Death Star, According To J.J. Abrams

The end of Star Wars‘ Skywalker Saga is going back to the beginning. The original Death Star and second Death Star have featured across the Star Wars films since the first movie came out in 1977. Star Wars Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker is making the ultimate big bad a major character at the end of the saga.

Trailers for The Rise of Skywalker have shown Finn, Poe, and Rey approaching the remnants of the second Death Star; we also see Rey and Kylo fighting on the wreckage, which is on the ocean moon of Kef Bir.

Why bring back the Death Star? Rise of Skywalker director/co-writer J.J. Abrams explained his reasoning to EW:

It’s like Doctor Sleep going back to the Overlook Hotel. In the Star Wars galaxy, we know Kylo Ren is a descendant of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader through his mother General Leia Organa. Rey? The jury is still out on Rey’s heritage. Kylo and Rey had a little chat about that in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and decided her parents were nobodies. But even if they weren’t prominent names, they still had names and backstories. We’ll hear more about that in The Rise of Skywalker, Daisy Ridley confirmed.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker picks up more than a year since The Last Jedi. Finn, Poe, and Rey actually get to have an adventure together for the first time in the new trilogy. It looks like they end up on this ocean moon called Kef Bir, and that’s also reportedly the home planet of new character Jannah (Naomi Ackie).

Things aren’t looking good for the Resistance at the start of The Rise of Skywalker, and glimpses of “Dark Rey” suggest things get a little heavy for Rey before the end. However, J.J. Abrams warned that the trailers that’ve come out are just “scratching the surface of what the movie is.”

The movie is keeping plenty of secrets, and we know the final shot of the whole saga is meant to be mind-blowing. It will not, however, lead into another movie. This is the end of the Skywalker Saga, although just the beginning of more Star Wars stories.

The Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters one month from today on December 20.

Kirsten Dunst Reveals The Spider-Man Requests She Refused

As much as sets are always working to be safe and productive environments for the actors, we do occasionally hear stories about experiences that may not have panned out exactly as the actor hoped. Sometimes being assertive is the best answer, and Kirsten Dunst recently revealed she had to refuse some requests when she was working on Sony’s Spider-Man movies.

In a recent interview, Kirsten Dunst spoke out about stuntwork she refused, also revealing she said ‘no” to changing her teeth for the production. She noted that she’s never really had trouble standing up for herself on set, using Spider-Man as an example.

Kirsten Dunst spoke out about standing her ground when it came to stunt work she was uncomfortable with. This apparently occurred more than once during her time playing opposite Tobey Maguire in the Spider-Man universe, in which she played Mary Jane Watson across three films, Spider-Man 1-3.

Stuntwork can be dangerous. I remember a while back Chris Pratt told a story about being similarly strung up on the ceiling for a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 stunt. He actually fell and knocked himself unconscious when a stunt went wrong, although when telling the story he said he was attempting to land on his shoulder to sustain the least amount of damage possible. Stunts are no joke, and while Pratt wasn’t flummoxed this accident occurred, not every actor or actress has the same personality. If an actor or actress is going to do a stunt he or she definitely needs to be comfortable with it, and it seems as if Kirsten Dunst wasn’t.

It wasn’t just stunts Kirsten Dunst had to refuse as part of these Sony Marvel movies, either. Apparently the production wasn’t super happy with her overall look and wanted her to change her teeth in what she described to as “Barbie doll”-esque. She also revealed:

Ultimately, people remember Kirsten Dunst for bringing Mary Jane Watson to life on the big screen, and the movies didn’t suffer from her lack of perfect teeth or her personal opinions on stunt work. Just don’t ask her what she thinks about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies

The Russo Brothers Explain Why They Cut The Tony Stark Endgame Scene That’s On Disney+

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As the longest Marvel Studios film, and a fitting end to the Infinity Saga arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Endgame pretty much had it all. Except, of course, that infamous deleted scene where Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark got to meet the adult version of his daughter, Morgan, played by Katherine Langford. It’s a scene that audiences have only recently gotten to see thanks to its inclusion on Disney+ and that would have allowed some closer between the two Starks.

Given the description alone, it feels like that scene should have stayed in the film, but writer/director team Joe and Anthony Russo had a very specific explanation as to why they cut the scene from the final draft of Avengers: Endgame. The reason had to do with the scene not earning its place in the film, with Joe Russo explaining:

Look, having Katherine Langford’s grown-up Morgan in Avengers: Endgame might feel like a good idea, as it’s the end of Tony’s story, and that little comfort does seem like a fitting note to include that final movement. But the Russo brothers felt it actually detracted from the audience’s understanding of the relationship between Tony Stark and his daughter, who is young during the events in Endgame. Luckily, it’s now included in the extra features of the Disney+ version of the film, so you can see if you are of the same mind as the directors of the movie or not.

The explanation given to Inverse by Joe and Anthony Russo does make sense though, as the audience was endeared with Morgan as a child, so that’s where the real emotional meat of Tony Stark’s Avengers: Endgame death really stuck. Your mileage may vary when it comes to Katherine Langford’s Morgan informing Tony Stark that what he did saved the universe, but when young Alexandra Rabe’s Morgan tells Happy Hogan she wants a cheeseburger, it’s harder to dodge that emotional bullet because she’s primarily who we know that character to be.

Deleted scenes exist specifically because of moments like this attempted closer to Tony and Morgan Stark’s story in Avengers: Endgame. These are the types of moments that, in previous eras, would fall to the sands of time; but now, merely need to wait for the home video release to bring them to the public’s attention. So audiences can enjoy Tony and Morgan saying goodbye, while also enjoying the version of Avengers: Endgame they fell in love with in theaters.

Do You Think The Tony/Morgan Finale Belongs In Avengers: Endgame?

Joker Sequel Officially Happening, Joaquin Phoenix Likely To Return

The moment Todd Phillips’ Joker crossed $1 billion, you have to know that the business folks behind the scenes would be pushing for a sequel. Well, this morning, it’s sounding like they got their way.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, Todd Phillips is negotiating with the studio to return for a Joker sequel, and he is “likely” to reteam with star Joaquin Phoenix to continue exploring the creation of DC’s most famous villain.

The way that the report has it, Phillips approached Warner Bros. after Joker opened huge in October with an even bigger idea than just Joker 2 (or whatever it end up being called). Phillips wanted the rights to do a full series of DC villain origin stories. And while the studio initially balked at that large-concept idea, Phillips walked away from the meeting with Joker 2 in hand, and now it’s moving forward.

Jumanji: The Next Level Has Screened, See What People Are Saying

With the stars of Jumanji: The Next Level preparing to do press interviews this week, the first screenings of the movie were held tonight, and one member in the exclusive audience was CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell. Without giving a broad sense of his opinion on the matter, he noted that the sequel goes far in terms of expanding the universe of the series, and had particular praise for the performance by Kevin Hart – who in the movie plays a video game avatar representing a human character played by Danny Glover:

Also taking part in the big screen action tonight was Collider’s Perri Nemiroff, who also very much approved of Jumanji: The Next Level’s body swap comedy. While she didn’t highlight any performance in particular, one addition to the ensemble that she apparently appreciated is Awkwafina, who is having a pretty fantastic year in 2019 thanks to all of the acclaimed earned by the drama The Farewell this past summer.

Host Maude Garrett also had some extremely positive opinions to share about the movie, suggesting that with some more consideration she may consider it an even better adventure than its 2017 predecessor. She not only laughed a lot, but appreciates how Jumanji: The Next Level builds upon what was previously established in the last chapter:

Finally we have’s Brandon Davis, and he too had a bit of trouble trying to identify just which performance he appreciated most in the film. Also, in addition to making him laugh out loud, it also apparently showcases some real emotion:

Directed by Jake Kasdan, Jumanji: The Next Level reunites audiences with the high schoolers from the last movie – Spencer (Alex Wolff), Fridge (Ser’Darius Blain), Bethany (Madison Iseman) and Martha (Morgan Turner) – and has them once again playing the special video game that sucks them inside its world and creates insanely real stakes. The hitch this time is that they are not playing alone, as Spencer’s grandfather (Danny DeVito) and his best friend (Danny DeVito) are also in on the action. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Nick Jonas all return as the aforementioned avatars.

Does Anyone Else Want Another Charlie’s Angels Movie?

Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott in Charlie's Angels

The debut numbers say it all. The hype for the new Charlie’s Angels just wasn’t there over the weekend. Yes, Elizabeth Banks’ action-packed reboot starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska is looking a lot like a flop (the director-writer-producer-actor even called it). Not many fans have run to catch the new badass lady spies so far, and as the holiday season goes into high gear with upcoming releases such as Frozen II and Knives Out, the competition will only get uphill from here. But let’s just push aside the figures for a moment and talk out the movie itself.

I know I’m not the only one who dug the new Charlie’s Angels. It was a fun time and it’s an action comedy that delivers! Overall, it just has a lot more going for it then its domestic $8.3 million opening weekend haul says about it. Who cares about the looming disappointment Hollywood executives are taking in thus far? Movies are for the fans, and given the chance, I think this Charlie’s Angels has some franchise potential! Here’s why:

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska in Charlie's Angels

The Trio Has Some Major Chemistry

It was certainly a risky choice for the new Charlie’s Angels movie to enlist a couple mostly-unknowns and Kristen Stewart as its central stars. Sure Stewart has star power, but in recent years, she’s rebranded herself as an indie darling. And Naomi is no stranger to studio films with her roles in Power Rangers and the live-action Aladdin, but she doesn’t quite have a following of her own just yet. It would have been easy if a Charlie’s Angels reboot enlisted the likes of always trendy stars such as Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone, but it should be celebrated for not relying on big names for its success.

And when this new trio is given a shot on the big screen, they take audiences on a journey with them as their friendship is cultivated. One of the best strengths of Charlie’s Angels is watching Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska spy characters bond, play off one another and build an infectious chemistry during their missions. You can just tell they are having a blast on set and nothing feels too forced or insincere between them. Now that we’ve scratched the surface of their talents together, it’d be even better the second time around!

Kristen Stewart as Sabina in Charlie's Angels

It Looks Good On Kristen Stewart

While the trio definitely brought it as a unit, Kristen Stewart is undoubtedly the standout of the three. The actress is seasoned on movie sets and has worked since she was a kid, but we’ve come to know her as a ‘serious’ talent who often frequents dramas. Charlie’s Angels allowed her to let loose, ad lib some of the best jokes in the movie and just have fun. She also made the case for carving out her own space in the action-comedy realm we haven’t on screen before. Stewart’s Sabina was hilarious, memorable and genuine.

Don’t let her die, because I’m hooked. I imagine the sequel opening on Sabina’s infamous wedding where she was the “better shot.” Was it a drawn-out job on behalf of the angels (because she totally would) or the beginning of an interesting origin story we’ve yet to see be completely explored. Her chemistry with Ella Balinska’s introverted demeanor was a fun dynamic. Heck, she even had something interesting going with Chris Pang’s character. Tying Stewart down to a franchise is tough to come by these days, and it’d be a shame for such a good performance in a potential one to go to waste! I like this new side of her.

Ella Balinska in action as Jane in Charlie's Angels

More Of That Sleek Action

These days, there are so many action movies that the genre can easily become mindless entertainment. While I’ll admit the plot of Charlie’s Angels could have used some more TLC and its tactics sometimes fell into a more obvious than covert approach, the angels nonetheless pulled off some awesome action sequences! It was often exciting and creative to witness. It’s part of the what a unique franchise like Charlie’s Angels frees up. When there are different types of characters part of the action, we get to see new approaches to the genre.

A second Charlie’s Angels could heighten the fun action style that was just introduced and be even better the next time around. I imagine the Angels going a step further with their training for more gritty fighting styles now that they’ve had their first rodeo. Because it’s Charlie’s Angels, leaning more into the cheesiness and “smart” action could be done even better, and all to an awesome soundtrack, such as being delivered by Ariana Grande and company for the next outing.

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska in wigs Charlie's Angels

Moving Past The Charlie’s Angels ‘Origin Story’

Rebooting a well-known franchise can often be weighed down by retelling a story to a new audience. The new Charlie’s Angels focused a lot of its energy on introducing the new spies and a fresh aesthetic for it, resulting in portions of the story or the fun stuff not being explored to their full potential. The movie is all about the three Angels growing into their dynamics that by the time the credits roll, so it doesn’t feel like we got to see the full scope of their talents as a trio.

A big chunk of the movie is about Naomi Scott finding a place within the Angels, and she’s barely been recruited into the team as things close out. If the story could continue, we can meet Naomi Scott’s Elena as a fully-realized badass with skills of her own beyond what’s been established. Additionally, quite a bit of the runtime of the first movie was about establishing the world to audiences, such as who the Bosleys are, the safehouse they go to and their love of wig and outfits changes. This time, fans would be up to speed on all of this and we can skip the formalities. Not to mention that seeing the girls again as spies who spend way too much time together and know all the ins and outs of one another would be a blast to see on screen.

Charlie’s Angels may not have generated enough buzz to qualify for a sequel, but the early negative reactions to the franchise are just overblown in my opinion. There are plenty of lukewarm action movies that received sequels. This would give a chance for the Angels to really strut their stuff following this first attempt. What do you think? Does anyone else want to see another Angels movie? Sound off in the poll and comments below!

Would you watch another Charlie’s Angels movie?

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Frozen II: All The Confirmed Characters And Cast

Frozen 2 Still

This weekend, six years after the original came out, Disney is finally releasing Frozen II. Millions will flock to the theater to see the return of their favorite Frozen characters. Young and old fans will finally get to see folks like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven again in Frozen II.

Frozen, the spin on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, received rave reviews and became a major global success. It earned over $1.2 billion worldwide and became the highest-grossing animated film of all time, and the 15th highest grossing movie of all time. The film inspired merchandise frenzy and a couple of short sequels, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and Frozen Forever.

Frozen ended with Elsa taking her rightful place as ruler and Queen of Arendelle, with Anna and new boyfriend Kristoff right beside her. By the time Frozen II premieres, Queen Elsa has already been running the kingdom for a couple of years. Disney has remained quiet about the plot of Frozen II, but Disney’s press releases and trailers have given fans a lot more insight into what to expect from the sequel.

The film is expected to break even more box office records this weekend. But before not letting the cold bother you anyway, it’s time to get to know some of the new characters inhabiting the Frozen world, and to see which of your favorite Frozen characters are returning for Frozen II.

Elsa in Frozen

Elsa (Idina Menzel/Mattea Conforti/Eva Bella)

Idina Menzel returns to voice Elsa, the Arendelle queen with a cold touch. In Frozen, Elsa felt like an outsider because she had the power to turn things into ice with her touch. In Frozen II, Elsa explores more of Arendelle’s history and the origins of her powers. Frozen II also features more flashbacks to Elsa and Anna’s childhood, with Mattea Conforti voicing young Elsa this time. Eva Bella also returns to voice another version of young Elsa.

Anna in Frozen

Anna (Kristen Bell/Hadley Gannaway/Libby Stubenrauch)

Kristen Bell returns to voice Anna, Elsa’s younger and more animated sister. The sister bonding and support continues in Frozen II, with Anna once again trying to help Elsa. This time, Anna plans to help Elsa find the origin of her powers. We’ll also see more of young Anna with Hadley Gannaway and Libby Stubenrauch lending their voices to the character.

Kristoff in Frozen

Kristoff (Jonathan Groff)

Kristoff along with his trusty reindeer Sven, makes a return in Frozen II. Despite being a fixer upper, Kristoff and Anna fell in love in Frozen, and they continue that relationship in the sequel. Jonathan Groff brings the character to life with his voice. The sequel continues to explore Kristoff and Anna’s relationship, with Kristoff planning to propose. His plan gets derailed when Anna and him must drop everything to help Elsa.

Olaf (Josh Gad)

Josh Gad voices everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. Olaf returns to join Anna, Elsa, Sven and Kristoff on their adventure. Frozen II occurs three years after the original film, so there is a bit more maturity and curiosity to this version of Olaf. He wants to know a lot more about humans and living.

Duke Weselton

Duke Of Weselton (Alan Tudyk)

The Duke of Weselton returns in Frozen II, with Alan Tudyk once again voicing the dubious duke. In Frozen, he leads the charge to kill Elsa because of her magic powers, and he tried to exploit Arendelle’s riches. By the end of the film, Elsa and Arendelle cut ties with the Duke, so we’ll have to see why he makes a return in Frozen II.

Hans from Frozen

Hans (Santino Fontana)

The Santino Fontana-voiced Hans has been brought back to Anna and Elsa’s world. In the original film, Hans was a prince from the Southern Isles. He manipulated Anna, pretending to be in love with her, so that he could marry her and take over Arendelle. Frozen Fever last showed Hans cleaning up after the horses as part of his punishment. We’ll see if Hans is still doing manual labor in Frozen II.

Marshmallow from Frozen

Marshmallow (Paul Briggs)

The snow marshmallow giant monster that Elsa created in Frozen is back for Frozen II. Marshmallow caused a bit of havoc in the first film, but by Frozen Forever, he showed more of a tame side. He now resides in the ice palace.

Grand Pabbie from Frozen

Grand Pabbie (Ciarán Hinds)

The trolls have returned in Frozen II, probably to throw some shade at Kristoff again. Grand Pabbie, voiced by Ciarán Hinds, once again leads the trolls on whatever adventures they experience this time around.

Honeymaren in Frozen 2

Honeymaren (Rachel Matthews)

Rachel Matthews voices Honeymaren, a member of the Northuldra community and the sister of Ryder. She’s a free spirit who dreams of bringing peace to the enchanted forest. Honeymaren has a strong connection to nature, and a bold and brave personality. Her love and connection of nature reflects in her costume design.

Queen Iduna with young Elsa and Anna in Frozen 2

Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood/Delaney Rose Stein)

Evan Rachel Wood voices Queen Iduna, Elsa and Anna’s mother. Queen Iduna and King Agnarr made brief appearances in Frozen, but have bigger roles in Frozen II. The sequel explores more of Queen Iduna’s past, which includes flashbacks involving young Queen Iduna, voiced by Delaney Rose Stein. We’ll learn how Queen Iduna and Elsa are more alike than Elsa and Anna realize.

King Agnarr From Fozen 2

King Agnarr (Alfred Molina)

Alfred Molina voices King Agnarr, the husband of Queen Iduna, and Elsa and Anna’s father. As Frozen II dives deeper into Queen Iduna’s past, we also learn how that involves King Agnarr. He made it his mission to protect his family, and we’ll see more ways he did so in Frozen II.

Lieutenant Destin Mattias in Frozen 2

Lieutenant Destin Mattias (Sterling K. Brown)

Sterling K. Brown voices Lieutenant Destin Mattias, a soldier who protected Arendelle from their major enemy, the Northuldra. This quest led to the Northulda enchanted forest trapping Lieutenant Mattias with its magical mist. and he’s been there for 30 years. Meeting Elsa and discovering her powers makes him question his belief about protecting Arendelle, and about the Northuldra people and their magic.

Yelana in Frozen 2

Yelana (Martha Pimpton)

Martha Pimpton voices Yelana, an elder of the Northuldra community who fights fiercely to protect the community against any presumed dangers. However, she’s more open to outsiders when they show an understanding for the Northuldra people and culture.

Ryder in Frozen 2

Ryder (Jason Ritter)

Jason Ritter voices Ryder, Honeymaren’s brother. He’s optimistic and loves reindeers, just like Kristoff. Ryder has only seen the Northuldra community, but longs to go beyond the forest. His love of reindeers could mean that he becomes either Kristoff’s best friend or a new rival. We wonder if their love of reindeers isn’t the only thing that they share a love of in Frozen II.

Frozen 2 Still

King Runeard (Jeremy Sisto)

Jeremy Sisto voices King Runeard, the father of King Agnarr, which makes him Elsa and Anna’s grandfather. Since Frozen II deals a lot more with King Agnarr and Queen Iduna’s past, we’re sure to learn a lot more about how King Runeard reacted to his daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Bruni in Frozen 2

Bruni (Non-Speaking Role)

Bruni is the newest cuddly creature to enter the Frozen world. He’s a curious salamander that ends up in the Northuldra enchanted forest. He’s a little hesitant to interact with new people at first, but he feels an immediate connection to Elsa, as Bruni enjoys her magic and her snowflake creations. Bruni and Elsa also share a bond because of their feelings of being misunderstood.

Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa

The Voice/Siren (Aurora)

Not much is known about this character, but that it is a voice who calls to Elsa. Singer Aurora plays this siren voice, and she sings one of Frozen II’s seven new songs. “Into the Unknown” features Aurora giving a sort of whispering call, while Idina Menzel sings a response to the calls. “Into the Unknown” reflects Elsa’s doubt about staying in Arendelle. She doesn’t want the siren to tempt her away from her home, but the call of adventure and the unknown seems too great to ignore. Elsa also seems to still not quite feel like she’s found her place in Arendelle, and wonders if she might find someone else like her beyond the palace.

Fans of Frozen have been anxiously awaiting the sequel. Disney did not leave them without Frozen material for the last six years—they’ve had books to go along with the animated shorts. These additional stories have let fans continue to revisit Arendelle repeatedly. Nevertheless, Frozen II gives fans an official new chapter into Elsa and Anna’s story. These new and returning characters will help the sisters continue to grow and bond. Along with the new characters to love, Frozen II makes sure that the fans have plenty to sing about with the new songs featuring music from the main cast: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, and Evan Rachel Wood.

Songs on the album include new music from Panic! At the Disco, Kacey Musgraves and Weezer. Frozen II also dives a lot deeper not only into Elsa and Anna’s past and history, but the mythology surrounding the Frozen universe, which leans on Norse mythology and folk tales. Frozen II will definitely be one of the most talked about things this movie season.

Which Frozen II characters are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

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