After Anne Hathaway Shares Feelings About Her First Name, Her Wax Figure Is Getting An Update

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Ever since Anne Hathaway broke out as Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries 20 years ago, we’ve been calling her “Anne” but, apparently, that’s not what the actress prefers. It is her real and actual name, but it’s a little too formal for the 38-year-old actress, who recently admitted that she dislikes the name everyone calls her by.

After Grindelwald Firing, Could Johnny Depp Be Returning To The Big Screen For A Major Tim Burton Role?

Still, there may be options for the actor to continue his career. SCMP cited multiple producers who insinuated he could still find roles outside of the United States. Also, not everyone appears to have given up on him. The publication revived speculation about his longtime collaborator, Tim Burton, finally making a Beetlejuice sequel — and giving Johnny Depp a prominent role in the film. Though he didn’t appear in the original 1988 movie, Depp has had career-defining turns in several other Burton films, including Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow.

Paw Patrol: The Movie: 7 Quick Things We Know About The Movie And Cast

Ever since its debut in 2013, the Nickelodeon children’s animated series Paw Patrol has been a consistent favorite with millions of young kids around the world as well as their parents who have spent hundreds of millions on branded toys, clothes, and other merchandising, not to mention the live performances that crossed the globe the past eight years. And while the live shows haven’t been happening lately, the upcoming release of Paw Patrol: The Movie looks to take things to the next level with a cast that includes names like Kim Kardashian West, Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler Perry and Dax Shepard, in addition to the cast of the long-running animated series.

In addition to the star-studded cast, there is a lot we already know about Paw Patrol: The Movie, including what the film is about, how it came together, and just what the target audience (and their parents) should expect when they head to the theaters later this year. Here are seven quick things we know about Paw Patrol: The Movie.

Ben Affleck Talks Having To Make It In Hollywood Twice When People Thought He Sucked

Ben Affleck has been a mainstay in Hollywood for more than two decades. While his career has seen plenty of highs, he’s also endured his fair share of professional lows. At one point, he knows, a lot of people thought he really sucked at his job — and while he’s on more stable footing these days, Ben Affleck admits that having to build his career up twice was no easy feat.

Why Chris Evans Commenting On That Captain America Rumor Is A Bigger Deal Than It May Seem

Oftentimes when a casting rumor comes to light, the actor in question is asked by the press about if they are indeed starring in the project. Sometimes the actor is able to confirm they’re in said project right away, other times they can simply debunk the rumor, and fairly frequently you’ll see instances where they won’t confirm or deny the rumor. Chris Evans, however, was not asked about Captain America’s potential MCU return in an interview. Instead, he tweeted the followed:

Promising Young Woman Ending Explained: What Really Happened And How Cassie Pulled It Off

What Happened And How Promising Young Woman Ended

Promising Young Woman follows Cassie, played by Carey Mulligan, as she baits predatory men into taking advantage of her in a seemingly intoxicated condition at local bars and nightclubs. Cassie then turns the tables at the last minute and confronts those men about their actions, before they attempt to sleep with her. Each confrontation marks a name and a tally for her notebook, which contains what appears to be hundreds of entries.

Later, viewers find out Cassie’s best friend Nina, was raped and presumably committed suicide. Nina’s trauma and death are the motivation behind Cassie’s weekend activities. When she finds out that Nina’s rapist, Al Monroe (Chris Lowell), is back in town to get married, she orchestrates a plan to get back at Al and those involved with Nina’s rape.

In her final act of vengeance, Cassie poses as a stripper for the bachelor party, lures Al to a bedroom and handcuffs him to the bed. Cassie then reveals herself to the unwitting Al and attempts to carve Nina’s name into his skin. Al breaks free and proceeds to suffocate Cassie to death.

One Milestone Leslie Odom Jr. Hit While Working On Hamilton

Obviously a special moment is like at the public theatre, when then First Lady Michelle Obama comes to the show at the public theatre. She came to our off-Broadway show and she took a picture with us and met with us after the show and said such kind things. That’s weird, you know, that’s different. But then other than that, history is littered with great artists, and great artists that were not celebrated in their time, so I didn’t know if Hamilton might fall into that category. Only after we opened on Broadway and we had the confirmation of those box office receipts, then we could go, ‘okay, I think I’m going to have a job for a little while.’ Longest job I’ve ever had, by the way, I worked there for one year. I’ve never had a job for a year in my life.

The Tom Cruise Obstacle Currently In The Way Of Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Filming, Per Its Director

Doug Liman explained that it comes down to the actors really clearing their schedule a bit for Edge of Tomorrow 2 and expressing enthusiasm for it. Both of the actors have shared their interest in moving forward before, but Blunt has also confessed some reservations she has with sequels, saying she would only return if it was on par with the original film.