Sing 2: Release Date, Cast And Other Quick Things We Know About The Musical Sequel

In December 2016, Illumination Entertainment continued its momentous run at the box office with the arrival of the animated jukebox musical comedy Sing. With a star-studded cast that included the likes of Matthew McConaughy, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Taron Egerton, and dozens of other famous actors and singers, a great story, and excellent execution, the movie became a quick hit with fans of all shapes, sizes, and species. And, just like other Illumination projects, like the Despicable Me franchise for example, Sing will soon have a sequel of its own.

As it stands there’s a lot we know about the upcoming animated sequel from the Sing 2 release date, its expansive cast including new additions Bono, Bobby Cannavale, Pharrell Williams, and Latitia Wright, and much, much more. So, while we look toward the arrival of the anticipated musical comedy, let’s break down everything we know about Sing 2 before it’s released in theaters…

John Cena Shares Thoughts On Whether DC’s The Suicide Squad Is A Sequel Or A Reboot

John Cena definitely has a unique perspective on the nature of The Suicide Squad, as he says it’s neither a reboot nor a sequel. Instead, he simply believes it to be a movie from the brain of one James Gunn, making it a unique and creative entry that falls outside of the aforementioned categories. So The Suicide Squad is something else entirely, it seems, and Cena seems excited for people to check it out.

A Quiet Place Part II’s John Krasinski On Handing Off The Franchise’s Third Movie To A New Director

A Quiet Place Part II has been a major hit for director John Krasinski, who has, whether he expected to or not, spawned one of the biggest franchises in movies right now. Funny enough, Krasinski initially didn’t want to make a sequel to A Quiet Place but, now, the franchise is has proven to be so successful that a third film has been given a release date by Paramount Pictures. Emily Blunt, Krasinski’s wife and the star of the films, has implied that there are many ideas where the franchise could go, so there are a number of possibilities for the film. But Krasinski won’t be directing this particular project, and he’s now commented on handing off the movie to a new director.

James Gunn Reveals How Avatar Affected The Guardians Of The Galaxy

But for Avatar, the character is achieved through motion capture performance, making the time in the makeup chair significantly less – aside from a bunch of dots being placed on her face. It’s pretty ironic that Zoe Saldana’s biggest roles have her completely transforming her look, but their different looks definitely allows for the actress to disappear into these alien characters.

In The Heights Fans Can’t Get Enough Of That Hamilton Reference

Of course, the point of Easter Eggs is that they’re usually subtle. They offer the chance for filmmakers to get a bit tongue-in-cheek, and see how much audiences are paying attention. In the Heights‘ reference to Hamilton definitely falls under that category, as looking down at your phone or focusing on Jimmy Smits’ performance could result in missing it altogether. Another fan expressed this, revealing they had to rewind to make sure they didn’t miss the quick nod to “You’ll Be Back.” As they put it,

Scarlett Johansson Reveals How Long Ago It Really Was When She And Kevin Feige Concocted Idea For Black Widow Film

It’s easy enough to imagine a reality where Marvel Studios greenlit Black Widow in the early 2010s, resulting in it being part of the Phase Two slate. And yes, this would have been quite a different story from what we’re getting with the actual Black Widow movie, as it either would have been set post-Avengers or perhaps explored Natasha Romanoff’s pre-Iron Man 2 life more in-depth. I’ll leave it up to your imagination on how that would have changed the flow of the MCU as a whole, but evidently Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Feige’s conversation during the press tour for The Avengers wasn’t enough to properly move that creative ball forward right away.

Marvel’s Namor: Everything You Need To Know About The Sub-Mariner From The Comics

Namor Has Had An On-And-Off Affair With Invisible Woman

There was a time when Namor was shell of himself – stricken with amnesia and suffering from PTSD due to memories of his World War II service. The Atlantean prince remained a derelict for years while away from his home until he was discovered by Johnny Storm, who shaved off his beard with his flame and dumped him in a river, restoring his memories of who he is. Unfortunately, this also was what triggered Namor’s signature hate for the surface, putting him at odds with the Fantastic Four, but also triggering a certain attraction to one of the superhero team’s members.

Namor’s crush on Sue Storm has never truly faltered and, to make matters worse, the wife and crime fighting partner of Reed Richards, has expressed feeling the same way and even left Mr. Fantastic for the Sub-Mariner at one time. This display, ranging from playful flirting to undeniable romance still lasts to this day, last showing signs in Marvel Comics’ King of Black storyline in December 2020.

F9’s Justin Lin Was ‘Baffled’ And ‘Upset’ Over Han, But Knows How He’ll Get Justice For Han

Justin Lin brought Han, who’d first appeared in his film Better Luck Tomorrow, into the Fast and Furious fold in 2006 for Tokyo Drift. Although the character died in his first foray into the Fast franchise, the character has been part of each of Lin’s movies from the series including 2009’s Fast & Furious, 2011’s Fast Five and 2013’s Fast & Furious 6. For the two movies in the main Fast & Furious film series Lin has been away, fans have been campaigning for #JusticeForHan, and we’ll seemingly get it for F9.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: An Updated Cast List, Including Jim Carrey

Adam Pally

Green Hills, Montana may be a small town, but it takes more than one law enforcement officer to look after its citizens. As such, Tom Wachowski is aided by his chief deputy, Wade Whipple, played by Happy Endings and Crossing Swords actor Adam Pally. Wade was present in Sonic the Hedgehog’s final battle to try and stop Dr. Robtnik from hurting Tom, and he got to see Sonic battle the mad scientist. Aside from presumably still working with Tom as his chief deputy, it’s unclear how Wade will fit into Sonic the Hedgehog 2, though it’s reasonable to expect him to provide more comedic relief.