Paul Bettany: What To Stream If You Like The WandaVision Star

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One of the biggest shows in the world has taken over our TVs and laptop screens, coming straight from Marvel Studios, and that show, my friends, is the Disney+ series WandaVision. With its compelling storylines, fun mysteries, and aggressive action, it’s the perfect pick for any superhero fan.

Even with Elizabeth Olsen leading the way as Wanda Maximoff, we can’t have WandaVision without the second half, who is, of course, Vision, played by Paul Bettany. While he has been getting a lot of publicity lately due to WandaVision, Paul Bettany has been around in the business for quite some time. Here are a few of the movies you should check out streaming which has everyone’s favorite android in them – well, human who’s played an android.

Space Jam 2 Has Cut A Looney Tunes Character From The Film

Still set to feature Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Marvin The Martian, Tweety, Sylvester, Foghorn Leghorn, Lola Bunny, and more, Space Jam: A New Legacy is scheduled to arrive as one of the big movies of summer 2021. The live-action/animation hybrid blockbuster will be debuting in theaters and streaming on HBO Max on the same day, and that day is now just a little over four months away, with the premiere scheduled for July 16. To check out what else is set to be released in the rest of the calendar year, be sure to check out our full 2021 release schedule.

Amy Poehler And The Moxie Cast Reveal Their Favorite Coming Of Age Movies

As featured in the video above, I had the opportunity to speak with director Amy Poehler and the cast of Moxie – including Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, Charlie Hall, Sabrina Haskett, Sydney Park, Anjelika Washington, Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual-Peña and Nico Hiraga – during the film’s virtual junket last month, and one thing that I asked everybody was about their favorite coming-of-age movies. The responses I got represented an eclectic mix of titles, including both classics and some awesome features from the last few years, and covered a lot of ground within the genre.

Twilight Fans Are Freaking Out Over Seeing The Movie Without Its Blue Filter

Many have pointed the blue filter out as somewhat of an odd choice, but have you seen the rest of the Twilight saga? The blue filter was actually quite genius and that’s just been proven by an on set image taken in the light of day. Once Twitter got a hold of it, we were reminded how necessary the tint was to the first Twilight. Take a look at the viral photo:

Chaos Walking And Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Explains Why She’s Been So ‘Lucky’ With Roles

Even if you’re not counting her Star Wars connections or the big names in Chaos Walking (like Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, and Nick Jonas), Daisy Ridley could name drop some pretty impressive stars. She worked with Naomi Watts in 2018’s Ophelia and, of course, who could forget her work in Murder on the Orient Express, a massive ensemble that paired her with stars like Michelle Pfeiffer, Leslie Odom Jr. and Wilem Dafoe.

The Best Horror Movies Streaming On Shudder – March 2021

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links.

As a die-hard fan of horror movies, I am constantly scrolling through all the top tier streaming services in search of my next good scare. However, I can honestly say that most of the flicks streaming on Shudder come through for me more often than most.

Since it was first launched by AMC Networks in 2015, Shudder (which you can subscribe to now right here) has acquired a bit of a reputation as the premier streaming platform for the best in all things monstrous, maniacal, and macabre from both the small and big screen. The price (about $6 a month) is pretty decent, too, especially for the Golden Age classics, cult favorite essentials, and underrated gems in its catalog. In fact, some of its own exclusive content has achieved acclaim that some Netflix original horror movies have only dreamed about.

That Time Paul Bettany Punched Tom Hanks So Hard That He Farted While Filming A Scene

During the film, Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu pay a visit to Langdon’s friend, Sir Leigh Teabing, an expert on the Holy Grail. During their visit, Silas breaks into the house and punches Langdon. Paul Bettany recently recalled shooting that scene from The Da Vinci Code and remembers the set being incredibly quiet at the time. With this, everyone was all ears when Tom Hanks let out a fart due to Bettany’s punch:

The Coming 2 America Scene That Choreographer Wishes Wasn’t Cut Down In The Final Film

Spoilers for Coming 2 America lie ahead, so tread lightly.

After over 30 years of waiting, Coming 2 America finally arrived this past week, and it managed to give fans just about anything they could have asked for. Not only did the Eddie Murphy-led reunite the original cast, but director Craig Brewer was also able to give fans a burst of nostalgia while adding some fresh elemens. Amid everything fans love about the first film, viewers really enjoy the incredible dance sequences choreographed by Paula Abdul and, for the sequel, legendary choreographer Fatima Robinson carried on that proud tradition with some impressive numbers of her own. While Robinson is pleased with her work on the film, there is one scene she wishes hadn’t been cut down in the editing room.

Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon Surprisingly Underperformed At The Box Office

The trade report additionally says that Raya And The Last Dragon premiered in 24 other countries this past weekend, and that thus far the film has made $26.2 million globally. Given that Walt Disney Animation Studios releases typically have reported budgets north of $150 million, the box office numbers would suggest that the release has a long way to go before it breaks even – but, again, we don’t yet know how much money the movie made from those $30 charges on Disney+.

The Lovely Way Dwayne Johnson Paid Tribute To His Father During Awards Acceptance Speech

In a lot of ways, we wouldn’t have the same beloved Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson we know today without his father and namesake, Rocky Johnson. He was a champion wrestler before his son and trained his son to follow in his footsteps as a WWE wrestler. While this family/work relationship may indeed be a source of the “complicated” relationship the younger Johnson speaks of, he is spot on about his father’s trailblazer title. Johnson senior was the first black wrestling champion in WWE history, along with his wrestling partner Tony Atlas, and the two paved the way for more inclusivity in the wrestling community.