Two Jumanji Stars Are Re-Teaming For Another Action-Comedy

The upcoming movie was penned by The Escort writer Michael Doneger and newcomer Liz Storm, and will be helmed by Jude Weng, who recently wrapped her first feature-length film Finding Ohana and has directed episodes of the hit comedies The Good Place, Young Sheldon, Fresh off the Boat and Black-ish. Shelly will be produced by 6 Underground’s Ian Bryce and Kate Malott, per Deadline.

Where Henry Cavill’s Superman Could Reportedly Appear Next In The DCEU

Whichever one of these movies Henry Cavill’s Superman appears in, it sounds like we shouldn’t expect him to have a major role in the story. In other words, rather than his involvement being similar to how Hulk factored into Thor: Ragnarok, his future appearance being described as a “cameo” suggests something more like when Nick Fury popped up in the Phase 1 MCU movies.

The Wild Way John Wick’s Keanu Reeves Changed The Movie’s Title

Alternate movie titles are always a welcomed form of trivia, especially when you learn that a movie like Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw was renamed Wild Speed: Super Combo in certain territories. It’s funny, but also interesting, because the title is that big first step to selling your film, which is something that Keanu Reeves taught the folks behind the successful John Wick franchise. You see, if it wasn’t for his insistence on calling the film by that name on set, we might have seen it released under its original title: Scorn.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Is Officially Happening

Film adaptations of video games haven’t had the greatest luck over the years, but one of the exceptions has been Sonic the Hedgehog. Racing into theaters earlier this year, not only was the Sonic movie met with a solid amount of positive reception, it also did quite well at the box office. Now it’s been confirmed that the Sega character will be returning to the big screen for a sequel.

Wait, Jurassic Park Has Less CGI Than Just One Scene In Casper?

That’s probably why this particular fact hits so surprisingly. While both films had their share of practical and digital effects, Casper worked more consistently with CGI characters, and had a handful of ghosts to thank for it. Still, at the end of the day, the job was done by those beautiful magicians at ILM, and they even got an IHOP breakfast out of the deal. Thankfully, there was probably less of a cleanup effort involved after that particular feast, as they were all still humans who could process food.

Tom Hanks Is Going Hard And Donating More Plasma To Help In The COVID-19 Fight

To adjust the parlance you use on your social media posts, thanx, Mr… Hanks! The actor previously said that donating plasma was “as easy as taking a nap,” so presumably the process was just as easy this time around. And needless to say it’s quite beneficial, because by studying the plasma from someone who had been infected with the coronavirus, that can help researchers tremendously with concocting a treatment for the disease.

The Lovebirds’ Kumail Nanjiani And Issa Rae Explain Why Addressing Race Is Important In Netflix Rom-Com

In the instance of The Lovebirds, Issa Rae’s Leilani and Kumail Nanjiani’s Jibran witness a murder and are later framed for the crime. The couple flee the scene scared the police will not believe their story, in part due to their race. When the couple was initially given the script, it wasn’t catered to their specific identities and the leads felt it needed to be addressed in the film in order for it to feel authentic to their characters. Nanjiani elaborated with this:

5 Attractions Walt Disney World Won’t Be Bringing Back Yet When The Parks Reopen


If you’ve ever been a parent on a Disney vacation, or ever been a parent ever, you know that sometimes the best thing for kids, and their parents, is just to let them run around like mad until they collapse. Doing that inside a theme park is rarely a good idea, but that’s why many Walt Disney World Resort hotels have playgrounds. However, they will all be closed for the duration as well. While recent evidence appears to show that picking up COVID-19 from surfaces is difficult, you’d still have a bunch of kids running around near each other, and even though the virus seems to not impact them as much, nobody wants them acting as carriers either.

The Borderlands Movie Just Cast Its First Star

No official Borderlands plot details have been revealed yet, so it’s hard to say if the movie will faithfully adapt one of the video games’ stories or if it will be a brand-new narrative. That said, there’s no shortage of colorful characters who could join Cate Blanchett’s Lilith, with other notable figures from the games including Claptrap (the franchise’s mascot), Handsome Jack and the mysterious “Angel,” to name a few.