Upcoming Horror Movies: All The Scary Movies Coming Out, From Late 2020 Through 2021

Last Night In Soho – April 23, 2021

Edgar Wright has been playing with genre throughout his career, between making Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Hot Fuzz. The filmmaker has made his first true horror movie with Last Night in Soho, a time-bending thriller that goes between in the ‘60s London and present day. The movie stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Jojo Rabbit’s Thomasin McKenzie, Matt Smith, Terence Stamp and the late Diana Rigg. We’re very much excited for this filmmaker driven horror title which will mark Wright’s first movie in four years.

One Disagreement J.K. Simmons Had With Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Filmmakers About His Cameo

So while a few steps were taken to modernize J. Jonah Jameson for the MCU and distinguish him from his cinematic predecessor, overall, it sounds like these changes didn’t bother J.K. Simmons too much. For what my two cents are worth, the little we saw of Jameson in Spider-Man: Far From Home was still very much in the spirit of the character, but I can understand why Simmons expressed concern given how important the role has been to him all these years.

Why Joel Kinnaman Couldn’t Recognize Himself While Shooting The Secrets We Keep

You can tell, even just by talking to Joel Kinnaman, that he’s a guy who loves to make friends. During our interview, Kinnaman was all smiles and laughs, wearing a floppy cheetah print hat and discussing how being tied up was quite the mood ruiner for his days on The Secrets We Keep’s set. What’s even more surprising is the fact that while you might think that he’s just doing a good job of acting like he’s tightly bound and gagged to a chair, Joel Kinnaman was actually pretty tightly packaged at all times. This was thanks to Yuval Adler, the co-writer/director of The Secrets We Keep, who made sure he did all he could to keep his actors in the right mindset. Something that, as Kinnaman continued to explain, really put him in a foul mood:

What To Stream If You Love Oprah Winfrey

Charlotte’s Web (Netflix, Tubi)

After a runty pig named Wilbur (Dominic Scott Kay) is devastated to learn that he will be slaughtered for bacon by the end of the season, a kind spider (Julia Roberts) who resides in his pen hatches a plan to save his life.

Why It Is A Great Option For Oprah Fans: Directed by the late Gary Winick, this charming, live-action adaptation of the E.B. White novel Charlotte’s Web from 2006 features a slew of big names as Wilbur’s barn animal friends, including Oprah Winfrey as the voice of Gussy – a wise, stern, and often funny goose.

Stream Charlotte’s Web on Netflix here or on Tubi here.

James Bond Fan Art Imagines Tom Hardy As 007

Meaning, if Tom Hardy talks about the possibility of being James Bond, he’ll automatically be out of the running. Which is probably a good thing, as until an official announcement comes from EON Productions themselves, even those betting on the supposedly sure thing can’t know for sure. As it currently stands, Tom Hardy is a prime candidate for the next era of Bond, but you may want to hold off on printing celebratory banners for a little longer.

Gary Oldman Has Been Hit With A Lawsuit Over Darkest Hour

Due to Gary Oldman’s prior involvement with Ben Kaplan’s Winston Churchill project, as well as the actor and his team supposedly having access to three versions of Caplan’s script, the lawsuit alleges that there’s been “false designation of origin” under federal trademark law, as well as “breach of implied contract, unfair business practices and interference with contract.” Along with Oldman, the lawsuit names Oldman’s agent and manager, along with NBCUniversal, Working Title and Focus Features, as defendants. Oddly enough, Darkest Hour writer Anthony McCarten is not named.

Turns Out A Key Godzilla Vs. Kong Contributor Is Actually A Hardcore Fan

Of course, Tom Holkenborg is no stranger to scoring major motion pictures. In the last half decade alone, his music credits have included Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Tomb Raider, Terminator: Dark Fate, Alita: Battle Angel and Sonic the Hedgehog. Still, the fact that he now gets to leave his stamp on a franchise he’s been passionate about for a long time surely makes Godzilla vs. Kong a standout entry on his resume.

Dwayne Johnson Shares First Look On Set Back At Work On Netflix’s Red Notice

From this photo, it looks like Dwayne Johnson is ready to rough up some thieves, but I’m guessing during filming he won’t be dawning the face shield and mask. Back in March, Dwayne Johnson gave us a true first look at Red Notice by sharing a photo of himself during production. This time, however, he’s looking more formal, wearing a tuxedo and holding what might be a shield.

Why Fantastic Beasts 3’s Eddie Redmayne Says The COVID-19 Shutdown Has Actually ‘Been Helpful’ For The Film

The pandemic put countless productions in a tight spot this year, forcing many to roll with the punches and look for a bright side. Fantastic Beasts 3 looks to be no exception to that, as it sounds like director David Yates, Eddie Redmayne, and the rest of the crew tried to adapt the best they could under the circumstances.

Disneyland Animatronics Can Dance Now And My Mind Is Blown

Fans are already hoping to see this attraction or something like it make its way stateside. And the good news is that there’s a good chance we will. While it’s anybody’s guess if we could see this exact attraction appear at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, the work on designing the technology has now been done, making it that much cheaper to recreate it. There’s a benefit to having a contract with a company with a nearly infinite pocketbook. It’s fitting considering the first human animatronics were designed by Imagineering as part of the 1964 World’s Fair. Disney got to design the technology but other people paid for it.