A Glass Sequel? Let’s Talk Out The Pros And Cons

Then there is M. Night Shyamalan’s general future to think about. It took him a long time to regain the credibility that he lost with films like The Lady In The Water, The Happening, The Last Airbender, and After Earth, but he had a strong thing going with both The Visit and Split. There is a lot of hope that we will ultimately look back on Glass as a hiccup on a strong road to redemption – but the way to get there may not be by having him continue with a franchise that is now on shaky ground. For both the sake of his career, and the future of interesting original movies being made in Hollywood, it might just be best for the Eastrail 177 features to stop here.

Sandra Bullock Has Found Her Next Netflix Movie Post-Bird Box

Sandra Bullock has had an accomplished acting career for several decades now, but within the last month, her latest movie, Bird Box, has garnered a unique kind of attention. The Netflix original movie set a new record for the streaming platform and is still collecting an incredible amount of views, not to mention that the #BirdBoxChallenge took the internet by storm, though not in the best way. In any case, Bullock has decided to keep her partnership with Netflix going, as she’s signed on to produce the upcoming comic book adaptation Reborn.

You’ll recall that in August 2017, it was announced that Netflix purchased Millarworld, meaning that many of writer Mark Millar’s  works will be adapted into movies and TV shows. Reborn falls into the former category, and as reported by Deadline, along with producing, Sandra Bullock could star in the feature, which is now in development. The Lego Batman Movie’s Chris McKay will direct the Reborn movie, and Roy Lee and Miri Yoon will produce for Vertigo Entertainment. Millar will also executive produce with Greg Capullo, who illustrated Reborn.

For those unfamiliar with Reborn, the original Image Comics miniseries told the story of an 80-year-old woman, Bonnie Black, who died in New York City, only to be reborn as a young woman within a medieval and magical world called Adystria. In this new realm, Bonnie reunites with familiar faces from her past life, but her husband, who passed away before her, is nowhere to be found. Now wielding a sword and partnered with her father, Bonnie sets out across this strange new land to find out where her husband is.

Although Reborn wasn’t among the first Millarworld movies to be announced last summer, it sounds like Netflix is working towards getting the project off the ground sooner rather than later. And considering how well Bird Box has performed, one would imagine Netflix would be delighted to have Sandra Bullock perform in front of the screen in addition to her duties behind the camera. After all, Bullock is a bonafide movie star, so having her play Bonnie Black would likely result in various people checking out Reborn who might not have otherwise.

Of course, Reborn is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg on what we can expect from Netflix’s Millarworld slate. Other movies in development include Empress, Huck and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter, while on the TV side of things, Jupiter’s Legacy and American Jesus are in the works. Netflix is also releasing new comic books under the Millarworld label, like The Magic Order and Prodigy. Netflix is continually increasing its output of original content, and it will be interesting to see how Millarworld projects like Reborn will fare against the platform’s other offerings.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news regarding Reborn and the rest of Netflix’s Millarworld slate. If you’re curious about what other programming Netflix has on the way, look through our handy guide, and for those of you interested movies heading to traditional theaters, check out our 2019 release schedule.

Is Lin-Manuel Miranda Working On A Moana Sequel?

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Disney seem to have formed a beautiful and successful friendship in recent years. Amidst the craze for the playwright’s Broadway smash hit Hamilton, Miranda got into the movies by co-writing the music for 2016’s Moana and recent starring as Jack the Lamplighter in Mary Poppins Returns. So, what’s next for Disney and Miranda? Here’s what his father, Luis, recently said:

Wait, let’s back up… Luis A. Miranda Jr. seems to pitching two different movies here from his immensely talented son: a sequel to Moana and a new Disney Princess story starring a Latina heroine. Which is it? Per Page Six, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s father’s words to them mean Lin could be in talks with Disney to co-write an animated musical starring a young Latina princess to follow up his work with them on Moana.

“In talks” being the key word here, folks. Disney has yet to confirmed the development of another animated project with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s name next to it.

The addition of a Latina Disney Princess wouldn’t be a surprise though, since the company has made it a priority to introduce more heroines with diverse cultural backgrounds in recent years with 2009’s The Princess Frog’s addition of Tiana and Moana’s Polynesian roots.

Since Lin-Manuel Miranda is now an established collaborator with Disney Animation and of Puerto Rican descent, he might be the right guy to work on a script for the studio’s first Latina main character. Because music writing is his specialty, this is where Disney would likely place him, but who knows. He could also be given free rein on writing credits too, considering his talent.

Lin-Manuel Miranda already has a few exciting musical projects in the works. An adaptation to his Broadway musical In the Heights is currently under production, with Crazy Rich Asians’ Jon M. Chu directing and set to be released in summer 2020. The original musical revolves around the Hispanic community in Washington Heights in New York City, where Miranda grew up himself.

Additionally, Lin-Manuel Miranda is involved in the music for Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid musical alongside original composer Alan Menken and Mary Poppins Returns director Rob Marshall at the helm. If Little Mermaid follows in the footsteps of Disney’s other remakes from its Renaissance Era, Miranda could be on board to write a couple new songs beside favorites such as “Part of Your World” and “Under the Sea.”

I’d love to see Lin-Manuel Miranda try his hand at another original Disney animated musical starring a Latina heroine and now I’m thinking about how great a Moana sequel could be too. Stay tuned with CinemaBlend as we hear more about what Disney has in store next.

Murder Victim’s Mother At Center Of Oscar Short Is Furious About Nomination

Irish director Vincent Lambe’s short film Detainment is based on the 1993 case of James Bulger, a two-year-old British boy who was tortured and killed at the hands of two 10-year-olds. Detainment has been nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the upcoming Academy Awards, and while that may be cause for celebration for the filmmakers, it has sparked outrage from the victim’s mother Denise Fergus. She released a statement about the nomination, it reads:

Denise Fergus is clearly furious that Detainment was made in the first place, but now she is even angrier that it has been nominated for an Oscar. It seems that this film’s very existence ripped open an old wound, forcing the family of James Bulger to relive their trauma all over again. The Oscar nomination seemingly pours salt into that wound by validating the film.

James Bulger’s mother is also upset by the fact that she and her family were not contacted by Vincent Lambe nor were they asked for permission to tell their son’s story prior to the making of the film. And as far as what that story is, Denise Fergus is also furious that for the purpose of the film, another child is playing her son, who positively horrific things happened to.

According to Independent, Denise previously called for Detainment to be removed from the Oscars shortlist entirely, and there was a petition with thousands of signatures for the Academy to boycott the film. But those efforts did not stop Detainment from getting nominated for Best Live Action Short Film.

In her Twitter statement addressing the nomination, Denise Fergus went on to say:

It seems that for Denise Fergus the only hope now is that Detainment does not win an Oscarm as that would perhaps give her some comfort. Detainment is facing off with Fauve, Mother, Skin and Marguerite for the Best Live Action Short Film Oscar at next month’s ceremony. Whether this controversy will sway Academy voters is anyone’s guess.

Prior to the Oscar nomination, Director Vincent Lambe released a statement that addressed the family’s criticisms of the film and the belief that Detainment makes excuses for the killers. He also apologized for not contacting James Bulger’s family about the short ahead of time.

This is not the only Oscar nominee based on a true story and real people to be the subject of controversy this season. Despite its wild popularity, Bohemian Rhapsody also received criticism for changing the facts and glossing over certain aspects of Freddie Mercury’s life. Likewise for Green Book, Dr. Don Shirley’s family wasn’t consulted for the film and they say it is “full of lies.”

The case with Detainment is especially tough because of the nature of the case itself. This isn’t a misrepresentation of someone’s life but a dramatic retelling of the kind of crime that is unfathomable. The short film is based on the actual interview transcripts and records of the case, and it apparently steers clear of explicit depictions of the crime itself. But that obviously does nothing to make James Bulger’s family feel any better about it.

The 91st Academy Awards airs on February 24 on ABC. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest movie news and check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see the biggest movies heading to theaters this year.

That Time Michael Caine Got Pooped On By Bees Filming A Movie

Since Michael Caine has almost 200 acting credits, there’s bound to be a few duds. The distinguished 85-year-old actor recently reflected on the one role he might tell his younger self to pass on if he could: it was the 1978 disaster flick The Swarm. He just couldn’t get along with his bee costars. Here’s what Caine said:

Yikes! I don’t blame him, working with live bees sounds terrifying – even though the fact that they pooped on them is a hilarious visual and a great reason why a live-action Bee Movie should never exist.

In Michael Caine’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, he expressed that he has little regret about the roles he didn’t take, because he seldom would say “no” to a role. Caine’s open-mindedness to his roles likely contributed to his over-60 year massively successful acting career that still is very much ticking today. Saying “yes” more can lead to some rather interesting experiences.

In the case of The Swarm, Michael Caine said “yes” because of the star-studded cast involving Henry Fonda, Olivia de Havilland and Jose Ferrer. He didn’t even read the script, he just went for it and in turn became part of one of the most best bad movies of all time. Just take a look at this highlight reel from the “thriller”:

The Swarm is about a swarm of killer bees who fly from South America to Houston, Texas to raise terror on the town. It was directed by Irwin Allen, who produced classic sci-fi television shows of the ‘60s including Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. It was a box office bomb and critical failure, but it was named one of the most enjoyably bad movies ever made by Razzie Award founder John J.B. Wilson.

Even so, The Swarm adds to Michael Caine’s incredible range. He’s done everything from frequenting Christopher Nolan movies to starring as Scrooge in The Muppet Christmas Carol. That’s just in recent years though; starting in the ‘60s, Caine became an unlikely British icon and movie star.

When he first found his role on screen transitioning from “movie star”, Caine contemplated retiring, but Jack Nicholson of all people convinced him otherwise, with the opportunity to become the character actor he is famous for being right now.

Michael Caine will star next as Lord Boresh in Medieval in 2019, which is about how a 14th century Czech warlord Jan Zizka (played by Ben Foster) defeated the Teutonic Order and Roman Empire.

Henry Cavill Isn’t Regrowing His Infamous Mustache Anytime Soon

What started as a simple mustache turned into a force of nature over the course of a year. Alright, that’s going too far, but Henry Cavill’s upper lip decoration for Mission: Impossible – Fallout definitely attracted a lot of attention, particularly for how it affected the Justice League reshoots. Alas, once Fallout finished filming, Cavill shaved off the mustache, and he won’t be bringing it back for the foreseeable future. In Cavill’s words:

Henry Cavill’s mustache was among the many topics discussed during the actor’s interview with GQ Germany, but  those of you who were hoping that he might regrow the mustache at some point will be disappointed. Mission: Impossible – Fallout wasn’t the first time Cavill had facial hair in a role, but it was definitely the most infamous time, to the point that months after Fallout had been released in theaters and even longer since Cavill shaved, Paramount Pictures made a charitable donation in honor of the mustache. Few mustaches in history have wielded such power, so perhaps Cavill is wise to make sure it doesn’t rise again by staying clean shaven.

The decision for Henry Cavill to grow a mustache for the role of August Walker in Mission: Impossible – Fallout wasn’t given a lot of thought, but the facial hair would have enormous ramifications for the actor on Justice League. Because Justice League’s reshoots coincided with when Fallout was still shooting, Cavill was unable to shave his mustache when he reprised Superman. As a result, the mustache had to be CGI’d out for numerous scenes in Justice League’s final cut, and the end result… did not look great, to put it lightly. Cavill acknowledged that had he known what was going to happen with Justice League, he would have made a “difference choice” with his Fallout look.

But even beyond how Henry Cavill’s mustache affected Justice League, a.k.a. Mustachgate, plenty of people had fun with the facial hair online for months, to the point that it became meme worthy. Even HBO continued the teasing long after the fact. Nevertheless, this was just a brief period of amusement, and Mustachegate 2.0 is on indefinite hiatus. However, that’s not to say that all is lost.

It was announced last week that Christopher McQuarrie is returning to write and direct two more Mission: Impossible movies, and he’s reportedly considered bringing back Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin to reprise August Walker and Alan Hunley, respectively, for flashbacks. If that ends up happening, then perhaps Cavill will be required to grow back that mustache, though it would be for a shorter amount of time. Hey, it’s better than nothing, right?

You can see Henry Cavill next in the upcoming Netflix series The Witcher, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on the actor’s career. In the meantime, look through our 2019 release schedule to learn what movies are being released in theaters later this year.

See What Common Could Look Like As DC’s Green Lantern

The DC live-action universe has had an unpredictable tenure in theaters, and is showing no signs of slowing down. While Warner Bros. struggled to get the shared universe off the ground with disappointing performances in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, things seem to be on an upswing. Aquaman is a critical and box office hit, and there are a handful of exciting projects coming down the pipeline over the next few years.

But there are also plenty of DC projects that appear to be caught in development hell, as no news has arrived. Among them is Green Lantern Corps., which is being written and produced by Geoff Johns himself. It’s unclear when we might see that movie or which Lanterns could star, but plenty of actors names’ have been thrown around to play either Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Rapper/actor Common’s is one of the popular candidates to play Stewart, so check out what he could look like as an Emerald Knight.

Well, I’ve got chills. John Stewart is one of the most popular Green Lanterns in the comics’ history, so plenty of actors would like to slip on the ring for Green Lantern Corps. From the look of this image, Common seems like he’d be able to pull off the role. But will he get it?

This new image comes to us from an Instagram user who edited together a shot of Common wearing John Stewart’s signature Green Lantern costume. He’s seen presumably on the planet Oa, as there are other Lanterns visible in the background of the image. The outfit seems to be modeled after John Stewart’s comic book appearance, and the possibly the costume used as a skin in the game in Injustice 2. Stewart doesn’t wear a mask to hide his identity, instead proudly serving as both a Green Lantern and U.S. Marine.

DC fans are hoping that John Stewart will have a major presence in Green Lantern Corps., should the developing project get off the ground over at Warner Bros. The title implies an ensemble-based movie, rather than a solo/origin flick for one Lantern. This should help Corps. distinguish itself from Ryan Reynolds’ ill-fated Green Lantern movie, while also helping to expand the overall DC universe in the process.

Of course, Common isn’t the only name that’s been surrounding the role of John Stewart. Fast and the Furious star Tyrese Gibson has been actively campaigning to take on the mantle for years, popping back up every so often to remind the powers that be that he’s interested. It doesn’t looks like Warner Bros. has been casting the project, given the early state of the blockbuster. Choosing a John Stewart and/or Hal Jordan will likely include a multi-movie contract, so the pressure is one to get the right talented involved, especially with a franchise that had such bad luck in the theaters the first time.

John Stewart is a character that is historic in the DC Universe, as he was only the second black hero introduced on the page. Stewart became more of a household name with the animated series Justice League Unlimited, which featured the character in the main cast, serving as the show’s signature Green Lantern.

Of course, there may be a few obstacles standing in the way of Common getting the role of John Stewart in Green Lantern Corps. Perhaps the most obvious is that the actor has already had a role in the DC Universe, albeit a small one. He appeared briefly in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, playing Gotham gangster Monster T in a Joker/Harley flashback sequence.

After trying to do business with Jared Leto’s Joker, Monster T crossed The Crown Prince Of Crime by looking a bit too closely at Harley’s dancing. Joker promptly killed the character, and his short tenure in the DCEU presumably came to a close.

Since Common was killed of during Suicide Squad, he may have the ability to inhabit another character in the DC Universe. Monster T wasn’t exactly a big presence in Suicide Squad, with David Ayer’s blockbuster introducing a massive cast of characters at once.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe broke new ground by revealing large Phases of movies, with concrete release dates set for films within the massive shared universe. But Warner Bros. has been keeping their plans a bit more quiet, as myriad announced projects remain in development. Green Lantern Corps. is only one of those blockbusters, although Geoff Johns’ involvement certainly gives the upcoming project street cred within the fandom.

Ultimately Geoff Johns has a ton of different Green Lanterns to utilize and feature in Green Lantern Corps. While Hal Jordan is no doubt the most iconic Lantern, John Stewart is massively popular as well. There’s also the alien Kilowog and bad boy Guy Gardner, to name a few.

Overall, it looks like the DC Universe is producing a mixture of solo movies and ensemble projects. While Aquaman and Shazam! have clear protagonists, Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) will feature a group of DC femme fatales, and Suicide Squad 2 should bring back the titular group of villains.

The DC Universe is currently riding high on the success of Aquaman, as James Wan has once again brought his vision to the screen. And with it, the shared universe’s first critical success since Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. The movie has been performing well both domestically and internationally, breaking some records in the process.

Next up is Andy F. Sandberg’s Shazam!, which will once again zero in on a specific part of the DCEU. This time it will be on the kids living in a superpowered world, as 14-year old Billy Batson gets superpowers. Wonder Woman 1984 is also on its way, alongside Birds of Prey and Todd Phillips’ Joker.

Green Lantern fans were bummed out when no Emerald Knight was brought into live-action for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Save for a quick cameo, the Lanterns haven’t been seen or heard from during the first handful of blockbusters to hit theaters. That is, except for the shot of Green Lantern that appears during the DC Universe’s opening credits.

Green Lantern Corps. is currently set to arrive on July 24th, 2020. In the meantime, be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.


The Beach Bum Red Band Trailer Has Explosives, Drugs, And Lots Of Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is basically Hollywood’s version of a beach bum already, so it’s fitting that he’s starring in Harmonie Korine’s upcoming sleezy, breezy film The Beach Bum. If you’d like to see the actor in a thong, smoking huge joints and occasionally even trying to get some work done, you should watch the trailer for The Beach Bum, below.

Please note the trailer is Red Band, and may therefore be NSFW, depending on where you work.

The trailer for Beach Bum introduces us to Moondog, a poet who’s gotten way busier living than working in recent memory. Neon Films refers to the character as “rebellious,” and he’s certainly been living hard. Or has his pal Lingerie puts it, ‘Man, you look like shit.’

Moondog, of course, retorts that he looks how he’s always looked, before embarking on a journey that involves a lot of pot, some wild adventures and even explosives on the beach. Eventually, after getting into a spot of trouble with the cops, he’ll embark on a journey to start writing again, meeting a younger man named Flicker in the process, who promises to help.

Joining Matthew McConaughey in the quirky flick are plenty of names you’ll recognize. Zac Efron is there with perhaps the wildest facial hair ever.

Snoop Dogg also pops up several times, as does Jonah Hill, Martin Lawrence and Isla Fisher. And yes, this is the movie in which Snoop Dogg traded the fake weed on set for the real deal while filming, in case you remember that story from a few months ago.

There’s a lot of Matthew McConaughey’s form pot-smoking and bongo playing antics in the trailer for The Beach Bum, Harmony Korine’s follow-up to 2012’s Spring Breakers. Once in real life McConaughey was arrested after a neighbor called on him for “disturbing the peace” when he was playing bongos and dancing naked in his home.

He now shuts his windows while playing the bongos, but it looks like The Beach Bum allowed the actor to get back into his old habits, this time on a movie set.

The Beach Bum is expected to hit theaters on March 22, although it will be in limited release. The trailer itself only mentions it is coming soon. In the meantime, you can take a look at all of the 2019 releases with our full movies schedule.

12 Movie Animals That Will Own 2019

This year is going to the dogs. And cats. And cats that are really aliens. And lions, tigers, elephants, dragons, and other awe-to-awwww-inspiring creatures. Shazam! may only give nods to Tawky Tawny, but many of the most anticipated movies of 2019 will feature animals as main characters. This list is kinda deceptive in that there are way more than 12 movie animals ready to own 2019. A few of these movies have a dozen animals to watch just on their own! But here are 12 movies headed to theaters this year with animals who will steal every scene.

Captain Marvel’s Goose

The second Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury met Goose the non-cat at the end of the Captain Marvel trailer, Goose became the true star of the movie. He got his own poster, and you can pre-order Goose shirts and other Goose merchandise ahead of Captain Marvel‘s premiere on March 8. Goose is not actually a cat, he’s a Flerken. In Marvel Comics, Flerkens are aliens that have pocket dimensions inside their mouths. Inside their mouths!

I can’t wait to see how Captain Marvel handles the reveal of Goose (called Chewie in the comics) as an alien and not just an adorable ginger kitty cat. But obviously Carol Danvers’ pet Flerken should stick around as the MCU’s latest sidekick.

John Wick 3’s Dogs

John Wick is upping the dog count for Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Keanu Reeves’ action franchise started with a beagle puppy named Daisy. Her murder was one thing to set off the chain of events giving us this third film. In Chapter 2, John Wick adopted a pitbull, and the trailer for Chapter 3 starts with John and his new dog running at night in the rain. (Nothing had better happen to that dog.)

Chapter 3 adds Halle Berry’s Sofia as someone with whom John Wick has a history. She also her own two Belgian Malinois dogs. Those two dogs are also symbolic of someone she has lost, like John Wick’s puppy had been a gift from his late wife. But Sofia’s two dogs are also her assistants, who work tell tactically. Director Chad Stahelski also said some of the most impressive takes in the movie are with Keanu Reeves, Berry, and the dogs all together in the same sequence. Berry even had to become a dog trailer herself to get the role just right. I’m looking forward to seeing the dogs, and their human companions, when John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum opens in theaters May 17.

Pet Sematary’s Church

It’s not Church’s fault he’s undead and angry. The 2019 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel follows the Creed family in rural Maine. It’s not really a spoiler to say that the family’s cat Winston “Church” Churchill dies and is resurrected. That’s not the only thing that you can expect from the movie, but it’s clear Church is back with a vengeance. He also looks more authentic in his pissed-off demeanor than the British shorthair cat of the original 1989 film. Just look at him giving you the full action villain stare from the photo above. Pity the fools who cross his path in Pet Sematary, which opens April 5.

How To Train Your Dragon 3’s Toothless

Prepare to get misty-eyed over Toothless and Hiccup in the final film of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. In this film, Toothless meets another Night Fury, as a potential new girlfriend. Early reviews for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World have been very positive, and Hiccup voice actor Jay Baruchel warned that the film will leave fans sad but satisfied. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this world, especially to Toothless. I just hope he gets the happy ending he deserves. Fans will find out when The Hidden World hits theaters on February 22.

Godzilla (And Fellow Titans)

A true clash of the titans is coming with Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The movie has many impressive human stars — including Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Ken Watanabe, Zhang Ziyi, Sally Hawkins, Bradley Whitford, Charles Dance, and Millie Bobby Brown — but I’m here for the creature feature. In the movie, Godzilla collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. It should be an epic showdown. The titans have all gotten their own stunning individual character posters (complete with biblical quotes). I don’t really care what the people do in the movie, but they will also be part of the Godzilla sequel, which hits theaters May 31 and will be followed by Godzilla vs. Kong in 2020.

Detective Pikachu (And Fellow Pokémon)

Ryan Reynolds is voicing Detective Pikachu, who looks adorable but comes with Reynolds’ trademark sass (and some gas issues). What is a Pikachu? They’re described as yellow rodent-like creatures, so they should qualify on the animal front. But Pikachu won’t be the only Pokemon character in the movie. The most recent TV spot gave us a first look at a live-action Snubbull. More animals from the video game are also featured in the trailer. It should be fun to see them brought to life in this live-action adaptation, which arrives in theaters May 10.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2 Cast

The Secret Life of Pets was a $875.5 million hit, so it’s no surprise to see the pets are back. Illumination has been sharing mini character trailers, including one just focused on Max the terrier visiting a vet who specializes in behavioral disorders. This sequel brings back most of the original voice actors, but with a few changes. Patton Oswalt is now voicing Max instead of Louis C.K. Also, Harrison Ford — yes, Indiana Jones/Han Solo — is joining the cast in his first ever voice role. Other new characters will be voiced by Nick Kroll, Tiffany Haddish, and Pete Holmes. The Secret Life of Pets 2 will be ready to take your family’s money on June 7.

Aladdin’s Abu, Iago, And Rajah

There’s still a lot of mystery about how the 2019 live-action Aladdin will look — beyond speculation about Will Smiths’ Genie. However, it has been reported that the animal characters Abu, Iago, and Rajah from the original animated film will be appearing in some fashion. We already know how Abu will look, thanks to a photo from Entertainment Weekly. What about wise-cracking Iago? Marwan Kenzari is playing the live-action Jafar, and original Iago voice actor Gilbert Gottfried reportedly said he’d be up for voicing Iago again in the new film, but it’s not clear how Disney plans to handle it. I’m very curious to see how Aladdin portrays the live-action animal characters when the film opens in theaters on May 24.


I can’t even look at Dumbo without thinking of “Baby Mine” and then I’m just a mess. So I’m half-excited half-dreading the new live-action Dumbo. Seeing an animated elephant in distress is upsetting enough. This version does seem to be letting itself fly, so to speak, as opposed to sticking close to the original animated Disney film. Of this year’s big Disney remakesAladdin, Dumbo, The Lion KingDumbo does seem to be the most ambitious in that way. The live-action version stars Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, and Eva Green, but the real star is sweet Dumbo, who has already stared into our souls through those Dumbo posters. The movie arrives in theaters March 29.

The Lion King Cast

The ciiiiiircle of liiiiife has brought The Lion King back to us. The 2019 movie isn’t really a live-action remake since there aren’t any humans in it. Instead, it will be dominated by computer-generated animals. Either way, there’s an awesome voice cast and baby Simba already looks adorable. Sure, the first teaser suggests it could be very close to a shot-for-shot remake, but I’m willing to keep an open mind. Plus, this cast! Donald Glover as Simba, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Beyonce as Nala, James Earl Jones back as Mufasa, and Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner as Pumbaa and Timon. The kings and queens of the jungle will arrive on screen July 19.

Toy Story 4’s Animal Toys

The Toy Story movies may star human toys Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen), but there are plenty of lovable animal toys to watch as well. There’s Slinky Dog, Hamm the piggy bank, Rex the dinosaur, Bullseye the toy horse, and the new guys Ducky and Bunny, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. The first trailer focused on new character Forky freaking out over being a toy, but the next teaser featured Ducky and Bunny riffing Key & Peele style at a carnival.

Toy Story 4 is going to be a massive hit when it’s released in theaters June 21. And based on what Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have teased, it’s going to leave us sobbing. That makes me think something may happen to one of our favorite characters. Just don’t take out Slinky Dog the way they did in that fake John Wick poster!

Frozen 2’s Sven

It has been six years since we first met reindeer Sven in Disney’s 2013 massive hit Frozen. There are plenty of other characters in the Frozen universe, but I’m hoping Sven gets a showcase in Frozen 2, which is scheduled to finally arrive in theaters on November 22. Between the first film and this sequel there have been short films and video games and so much merchandise. But the official sequel should bring back Sven, his human buddy Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel), Princess Anna (Kristen Bell), their snowman friend Olaf (Josh Gad), and new characters voiced by Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown.

But Wait, There’s More

We could add Chewbacca or possibly Porgs from Star Wars: Episode IX, if you want to keep this list going. Chewie may not appreciate being called a movie animal, but what is a Pikachu, anyway? And maybe Rocket Raccoon would qualify as a movie animal to watch in 2019 if he ends up having a major role in Avengers: Endgame. He did survive the Infinity War snap, but he’s a no-show in the first trailer. Also, Disneynature’s Penguins would qualify, so you should keep it in mind for its pre-Earth Day release on April 17.

Long story short, if you’re a fan of movie animals, 2019 is going to be man’s best friend that way. Don’t forget to bookmark our entire 2019 movie schedule for many more options.

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Has Aquaman’s Blu-Ray Release Date Been Leaked?

Aquaman has been in theaters for over a month now, meaning that its time on the big screen is winding down. Since the gap between a movie finishing its theatrical run and arriving on home media is shorter than ever nowadays, some of you may be wondering when Aquaman will be available for purchase on Blu-ray and DVD. According to a new rumor, the sixth DC Extended Universe movie could drop on those formats on March 26.

This potential release date comes from The Digital Bits, which claims its sources have suggested March 26 as the “likeliest street date” for Aquaman. It goes without saying that this is by no means official, but if Aquaman does come out on Blu-ray and DVD on the last Tuesday of March, then that likely means that the digital release will precede it by two weeks (i.e. March 12), as is usually the case with home media releases nowadays. We’ll have to wait and see if these are indeed the dates Warner Bros and DC drop Aquaman or if they have a different window in mind.

As one of the most visually stunning movies in the DCEU, you can bet there are a lot of people who are eager to be able to watch Aquaman in the comfort of their own home in high resolution. Of course, the movie has already cemented itself as a force to be reckoned with on the big screen. Although it came out in the second-to-last week of 2018, the superhero blockbuster has become the fifth highest-grossing movie of that year with its $1.067 billion worldwide haul. Critical reaction has been more mixed, but it will be interesting to see how well Aquaman sells on home media. Plus, just like with most major motion pictures, you can be sure there will be a lot of special features attached to the Aquaman Blu-ray, from deleted scenes to mini-documentaries.

Set after the events of Justice League, Aquaman followed Arthur Curry as he worked with allies like Mera and Vulko to stop his half-brother Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, from uniting the seven underwater kingdoms to attack the surface world. Along the way, Arthur and Mera also clashed with arguably Aquaman’s most famous foe, the visually distinctive Black Manta. While Aquaman 2 hasn’t officially gotten the green light, the movie definitely set the stage for a sequel, and Jason Momoa has been giving some thought on where the next story could go. Considering Aquaman‘s impressive commercial performance, it’s a good bet that just like what happened with Wonder Woman, we’ll be seeing Momoa’s Arthur going on another solo adventure in the coming years.

You can still enjoy Aquaman in theaters, and be sure to read CinemaBlend’s review of the movie. If you’re curious about what else the DCEU has in development, look through our handy guide, or check out our 2019 release schedule to learn what movies will arrive later this year.