How MonsterVerse Studio Legendary Feels About Godzilla Vs. Kong Making Its Box Office Run Now

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The theatrical box office has been so empty for more than a year there are basically tumbleweeds rolling through it. Most of the movies that have hit theaters have been smaller productions that were never expected to set records, as all the movies that need strong box office to succeed have been continually delayed waiting for that time that people are both willing and able to return to theaters. But with the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, it appears that time may have finally come, and the studio has reacted to its risky arrival.

Is Jennifer Lopez Not Wearing Her Engagement Ring Really A Big Deal?

Jennifer Lopez has had a few very famous partners, including Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and now A-Rod. While it appears that the rumors about her engagement ending were false, it’s led to more dissection of everything the pair post to social media. Lopez recently posted a gorgeous photo of herself, where her engagement ring was noticeably absent. But there’s more to the story, as the hashtags indicated the image was from the set of her movie Shotgun Wedding. Check it out below,

Kong: Skull Island’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts Is Jumping To Netflix For A Major Blockbuster

Announced by Netflix in a tweet from their social media presence, Vogt-Roberts hiring was made public with a very enthusiastic welcome. What’s better is the fact that Gundam will be made under the auspices of Legendary, who also paired with Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Kong: Skull Island. So this new project isn’t only a perfect match between filmmaker and material, but it’s also a fantastic re-teaming of two parties who know how to work together in the name of the fans.

Lucy Liu Is Getting Back Into The Action Game With Cool Shazam 2 Casting

It’s been officially announced that Lucy Liu will take part in Shazam! Fury of the Gods as Kalypso, one of the eponymous deities. Kalypso is the sister of Helen Mirren’s Hespera, and they both share the same father, Atlas, one of the legendary figures who Billy Batson draws his incredible power from, specifically stamina. Like Hespera, Kalypso doesn’t have a specific counterpart in the DC Comics canon.

After Zack Snyder’s Justice League Success, Fans Are Really Pumped For More From Ben Affleck’s Batman

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links.

The DC Extended Universe is a unique place, which is constantly keeping the moviegoing public on their collective toes. The streaming release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League essentially broke the internet, as the titular director’s original vision was finally revealed to the general public. But since the movie was part of a five-film story, fans are holding out hope that Warner Bros. will move forward with previously cancelled projects like Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. And those fans are making their excitement about Batfleck known on social media.

Sounds Like Mission: Impossible’s Tom Cruise Loves Stunts So Much It Ruins Takes

Tom Cruise might enjoy climbing up the sides of buildings as part of making a movie, but his characters aren’t really supposed to be having a good time when involved in life and death struggles to save the world. This makes it a problem when Cruise, according to the actor himself, can’t stop smiling while filming these stunts. In a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show Cruise said,

How Anthony Mackie Amused Himself Between Takes On The Set Of Avengers: Infinity War And Endgame

It doesn’t sound like this is a new practice for Anthony Mackie, either. In the same appearance, he tells another story of being on set of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter where he caught a giant 5 foot 5 inch gar fish by tying the line to his truck and driving it out of the water. Apparently, Mackie tries to find time to fish whenever he sees water, it doesn’t matter what set he’s on.

Will Smith And Antoine Fuqua Explain Why They’re Pulling Emancipation Movie Out Of Georgia In New Statement

Will Smith has had a successful career as an actor and producer, and is showing no signs of slowing down. After Aladdin became his highest grossing movie, Smith turned his focus on a variety of other projects. This includes Antoine Fuqua’s slavery drama Emancipation, where he’ll also serve as both actor and producer. And in the latest turn of events, the movie is officially pulling production out of the state of Georgia. What’s more, Smith and Fuqua made a statement about this decision.

The Suicide Squad’s Pete Davidson Reveals Funny Way James Gunn Convinced Him To Join

Aside from his tenure in Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson has been proving himself as a capable film actor over the past few years. He’s starred in projects like The King of Staten Island, although The Suicide Squad is his biggest movie in regards to sheer scale and budget. His character Blackguard isn’t exactly a household name, and Davidson explained how he got involved, saying:

The 6 Best Batman Moments In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Batman’s Fist Fight With Parademons

Another reason I admire Batfleck is his dirty, relentlessly brutal, all-out-brawl-style of fighting with which he made mincemeat out of Lex Luthor’s goons in Batman v Superman’s warehouse scene – worth the price of admission alone. Even with that glorious sequence in mind, I was genuinely surprised to see Batman engage in hand-to-hand combat with Parademons in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – worth the price of an HBO Max subscription alone.

Once Justice League finds Steppenwolf under Gotham Harbor interrogating Cyborg’s father, Silas Stone (Joe Morton), they quickly intervene, with Cyborg and Flash helping hostages’ escape while Wonder Woman (a goddess) takes on Steppenwolf with her shield, sword, and, lasso as Batman (technically human) fights off a few Parademons mainly with his fists. Before calling on Alfred (Jeremy Irons) to send the Knightcrawler after taking some damage, he holds his own pretty damn well against the winged, otherworldly beasts, and without much reliance on his utility belt.