Zendaya Reveals Her Dune Role Might Not Be As Big As We Thought

Even without Zendaya in Dune, there will be plenty of star power on hand for Denis Villeneuve as he translates Frank Herbert’s book to the big screen. With Chalamet in the lead role of Paul, he’ll be surrounded by the likes of Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgard, Charlotte Rampling, and Jason Momoa in this all-star ensemble.

What’s Going On With Tron And Other Future Attractions At Disneyland And Disney World In The Time Of COVID

While it’s not exactly clear what “in stages” means in this case, we can certainly understand it to mean that, while both of these projects will move forward, they won’t be working at exactly the same pace they were before the shutdown of the parks. And with that, we can assume they’ll both be opening later than Walt Disney Imagineering was planning. Now, in both cases, these attractions didn’t have opening dates announced yet, so from the outside, we won’t necessarily see the delay, but it likely will be there.

What To Watch On Streaming If You Like Karen Gillan

In A Valley Of Violence (HBO Max)

When a drifter (Ethan Hawke) retaliates against the unwarranted harassment of a random bar patron (James Ransone), he unwittingly incites a war between him, the local marshal (John Travolta), and practically the entire populace of a hostile town in the Wild West.

Why It’s A Good Option for Karen Gillan Fans: Ironically, In a Valley of Violence, Karen Gillan’s second role in a Blumhouse production directed by a notable horror auteur, is far from anything in the vein of Oculus, but could be described as Ti West’s western reimagining of First Blood, in which the actress plays the hot-headed wife of the man who antagonizes Ethan Hawke’s innocent stranger.

Stream In A Valley of Violence on HBO Max here.

Mortal Kombat Vs. Street Fighter: Which Bad Video Game Movie Is Better

Mortal Kombat

Hell yeah! Mortal Kombat stuck the landing when it came to sticking to the source material. What more could you possibly want? It was basically Enter the Dragon, but with a four-armed monster and characters with super powers. And all the major characters were here. Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero, Scorpion. And hell, Scorpion was even a demon from Hell just like in the game. Seriously, they were on point when it came to being faithful to the series.

Plus, Shao Khan even made an appearance at the end of the movie, leading up to the sequel, Mortal Kombat Annih… you know what, like I said earlier, let us not speak of the second Mortal Kombat movie. But yeah, great work overall.

Trolls World Tour Doll Has Been Pulled After Complaints About Button Placement

Hasbro made the decision to pull a Poppy doll from major retailers, including Target, Walmart and Amazon, after uproar began online in response to the placement of a button on the toy. The “Giggle and Sing Poppy” doll is designed to sing when you press one button on her stomach. She also makes giggling noises when she sits down upright, but this is set off by a button located between the legs of the doll.

Birds Of Prey’s Black Canary Reveals How Casting Backlash Helped Her Performance

Birds of Prey is currently available on Digital HD, as well as 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD for rental and purchase. Though if you’re an HBO Max subscriber, you’ll be able to stream the film after its debut on HBO August 15. If you’re not a subscriber, but still want some DC Comics girl gang action, you can check out a 7-day free trial, just in time for the film’s debut. And if you’re a Jurnee Smollett-Bell fan, her role in the HBO series Lovecraft Country makes its public debut the night after Birds of Prey, on August 16.

5 Things The MCU’s X-Men Can Learn From The Original Fox Franchise

Skip Introducing Cool Characters Without Any Payoff

There’s an obscene number of X-Men characters from the comic books, and the Fox franchise struggled with focusing on everyone’s favorite characters. For the most part, just a handful of characters had the spotlight and the rest were given supporting roles, some likened to that of an extra. Another problem with the X-Men franchise is how much it would hype up the introduction of these awesome characters we love, such as Olivia Munn’s Psylocke, and then only give the character a few minutes of screen time.

How Wonder Woman’s Costume Was Changed For 1984

That makes sense from a tonal perspective. Wonder Woman was set at the tail end of World War I, so while Diana served a beacon of hope for the majority of the movie, she was still in the midst of a bleak and horrific conflict, so the muted colors were fitting. For Wonder Woman 1984, the ‘80s were a flashy decade, so it makes sense why more depth of color would be called for; though now I’m curious why she reverted back to the muted colors by the time the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rolled around.

Dirty Dancing 2 Has Been Officially Confirmed, Because No One Puts Baby In A Corner

Jonathan Levine, the talented director behind Seth Rogen films 50/50 and Long Shot, is developing the project with his frequent collaborator, Gillian Bohrer. Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis, the writers of the 2019 romance Five Feet Apart and Conjuring universe horror film The Curse of La LLorona, are penning the Dirty Dancing 2 screenplay.

How Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler Got Involved In A Movie About The Black Panthers

Shaka King, our filmmaker, was at the Sundance film festival, with me at the same time that I was there with Fruitvale. He was there for his directorial feature debut, Newlyweeds. We were a couple of the few black people with our films in the program. So we met, and became fast friends. I loved the movie. I got to know Shaka really well him, and loved him. The first time that he told me about this project … he was like, ‘I’m actually working on this really amazing project about Chairman Fred Hampton, and this guy named William O’Neal.’ Who I didn’t know. I didn’t know who William O’Neal was, or his story.

When [Shaka] pitched the project to me, I was just kinda blown away. Chairman Fred Hampton is somebody whose life work, and the story of his assassination, has been relevant since the day happened, and only continues to become more relevant with context. But I also think that Shaka’s point of view, and how he wanted to tell the story, was also something that’s extremely relevant, as well. So it was a project that [Coogler’s wife] Zinzi and I couldn’t really get out of our heads. Right around the time we finished with Black Panther, Shaka gave us a call and said he wanted to go. He offered us the opportunity to become producers on it. And the first person that I called was Charles King.