Why Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones Needs To Return For An MCU Movie

Jessica Jones had the type of ending that was conclusive, but also left the door open for follow-up stories if the opportunity came around. The opportunity, in my opinion, has arrived, and while Marvel has delivered movies in theaters and television shows to Disney+, I think a Jessica Jones Disney+ movie would be the perfect middle-ground for the Marvel hero, especially given the more risqué elements to her story. Does anyone remember those steamy sex scenes with Luke Cage? I do, and while I’m not sure Marvel would allow something that sexual in its modern MCU movies made for theaters, perhaps Disney+ can allow the universe to get a little freaky.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: What The Fans Think Of The New Amazon Musical

Of course, unlike something like Hamilton, which was truly just a filmed production of the stage musical, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a full film adaptation, and as such, there are things that this version can do that were unavailable to the original. The film version, according to many, takes proper advantage of being a movie to take the musical in slightly different directions. It can do things with the musical numbers that couldn’t happen in another medium, making the film version, possibly better that the original, and at the very least, different enough that fans can appreciate each for their own merits.

That Time Quantum Of Solace Pulled An Iron Man And Started Shooting The James Bond Movie Without A Script

We knew it was coming, and we hadn’t quite gotten the script right. We didn’t have a director yet. And on the other end was the, there was supposed to be an actor’s strike, the SAG strike. So we were like, ‘If we don’t go now, it’s gonna be never-never land.’ So we basically started shooting without a script, which is never a good idea. But the script was turned in, and I remember the writer who turned the script in and then picked up his check, and then picked up his placard, and stood outside the studio striking. Anyway, so we were kind of screwed, and we had to all kind of muddle in and try and make the story work, and it wasn’t really working that great. But you know, I look back at the movie, and you know, it’s still a good movie.

Jordana Brewster Describes How Vin Diesel Is ‘A Big Brother’ For Her, Proving Fast And Furious Really Is About Family

As far as the fictional Fast & Furious world goes, F9 revealed that Dominic and Mia had an estranger brother named Jakob, played by John Cena. I won’t share any specific spoilers for what goes down between the siblings, but with the way F9 ends, Dom and Mia could easily cross paths with Jakob again in Fast & Furious 10 and/or Fast & Furious 11. F9 also provided Jordana Brewster the opportunity to take part in more action-packed scenes, a welcome break from Mia having traditionally either been on the sidelines or serving as a damsel in distress. Dom may want to keep her safe, but she knows how to handle herself both in a fight and behind the wheel of a car.

Director Justin Chon Talks Alicia Vikander In ‘Blue Bayou’

Writer/Director/Actor Justin Chon joins the show to discuss Blue Bayou starring himself and Alicia Vikander. He talks about the day he learned the film was going to screen at the Cannes International Film Festival, getting real tattoos for his character in the film, creating a more documentary feel by shooting on film and more.

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6 DC Characters Jake Gyllenhaal Would Be Perfect To Play


A character whose whole gimmick is also related to time is Hourman. The alter ego of chemist Rex Tyler (in the superhero’s first incarnation, at least) gets his name from a special pill he developed which imbues him with amazing abilities (including super strength, night vision, and underwater survival), but only for an hour at a time.

Some fans should already recognize Hourman from the Arrowverse series Stargirl – in which Rex Tyler’s son, Rick (Cameron Gellman), takes up the mantle after the death of his father (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) – and also might have heard that the hero recently had his own solo movie greenlit. The character is currently uncast, but given Jake Gyllenhaal’s previously mentioned experiences with time management in past performances, he would likely nail the emotional strain that must cause for the character.

The Live-Action Batman Movies In Order: How To Watch By Release Date

DC Extended Universe

Director Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman movies in 2013 with Man of Steel would end up being the first installment of a new shared universe of DC movies which came to be known as the DC Extended Universe (or DCEU for short). Of course, such a franchise could not be complete without Batman, who appears in three theatrically released films (and an extended cut of one of the titles) from the series so far, as played by Academy Award winner and Marvel movies actor (2003’s Daredevil), Ben Affleck.

The following are all the movies in the DCEU so far, by order of release date:

  • Man Of Steel (2013)
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)
  • *Suicide Squad (2016) *
  • *Wonder Woman (2017) *
  • *Justice League (2017) *
  • *Aquaman (2018) *
  • *Birds Of Prey (2020) *
  • *Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) *
  • *Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) *
  • The Suicide Squad (2021)

I Know What You Did Last Summer’s Ryan Phillippe Reacts To The New TV Series

The I Know What You Did Last Summer series premieres on Amazon on October 15. The first four episodes will drop all at once, and the other four episodes will come out the subsequent Fridays. The series stars Madison Iseman, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck, Brooke Bloom, Sonya Balmores and Bill Heck.

A Beloved Sopranos Star Was Supposed To Return For The Many Saints Of Newark Prequel, But It Got Scrapped

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As it picks up the storytelling mantle of HBO’s classic TV series The Sopranos, The Many Saints of Newark takes a trip back to the days when young Anthony Soprano got his first tastes of organized crime. While no one was expecting any cameos from the cast of the hit show that creator David Chase was returning to, it appears that at least one of the beloved stars of The Sopranos can be confirmed as having taken part in the film. The only problem is, while Edie Falco did film a scene for The Many Saints of Newark as Carmela Soprano, it got scrapped before the final cut.

The Great Venom R-Rated Debate: What Happened And Why Is The Movie Actually Going To Be PG-13

The PG-13 rating gives Sony the opportunity to make more money, and it decided to say yes to the dollar signs. And hey, the proof is in the pudding. Back in 2018, when the first Venom movie (also PG-13) hit theaters, it earned over $850 million worldwide. That places it in fourth place among highest-earning Spider-Man-related movies. Widening Venom to a larger audience helped the studio turn a huge profit then, despite disappointing reviews, and therefore the studio understandably wants to repeat history with the sequel.