The Grinch Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Think

Whether you’re a fan of original book, the 1966 animated TV special or the 2000 live action movie, the How The Grinch Stole Christmas! story has been a Christmas staple for decades. The latest adaptation, titled Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, puts Dr. Seuss’ creation through a computer animated lens from the folks at Illumination Entertainment. With The Grinch finally arriving in theaters this weekend (it was originally supposed to come last year), reviews for the movie are now pouring in, and while it doesn’t sound like it will become the most cherished of Christmas movies, there’s still a fair amount from it to enjoy.

Starting off, CinemaBlend’s own Dirk Libbey awarded The Grinch 3.5 out of 5 stars in his review, noting that while it won’t become the definitive version of the story,” it’s a much better cinematic out than the Jim Carrey-led Grinch movie from nearly two decades ago. Dirk also mentioned that although seeing the familiar Grinch elements in this movie will just remind you that they’ve been handled better before in a much shorter run time, the new material, such as the side plot of Cindy Lou Who trying to capture Santa Claus for her mother and the Grinch’s (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) new backstory, actually elevates The Grinch.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch may not be the best version of this story ever told, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a warm and fun story that has enough warmth and charm to be exactly what many families will be looking for during the holiday season.

Empire Magazine‘s Amy West had similar feelings about The Grinch in her review, giving it 3 out of 5 stars. In Amy’s opinion, in its efforts to be a child-friendly movie, The Grinch ends up being a “a safe and often sickeningly sweet film” that’s more concerned with the ‘Christmas is about being with loved ones, not presents’ message than adding anything new to the story. That said, it does help that The Grinch boasts some clever visual gags.

Despite its story-telling ambition being two sizes too small (much like its hairy protagonist’s heart), The Grinch is impossibly cute, visually rich and boasts enough festive fun to satisfy young viewers.

Collider‘s Matt Goldberg wasn’t quite as kind to The Grinch in his review. Giving it a C grade, Goldberg states that the movie, like Illumination’s previous movies, doesn’t rise above mediocrity, preferring to highlight antics and gags over an emotional story, resulting in something that’s “safe and disposable.”

It’s not that The Grinch is an awful movie as much as it’s simply straining to fill time, and while there’s some creativity in the production design and Benedict Cumberbatch does some really good voice work, ultimately you can’t help but feel like this is a bauble designed to distract children for an hour and a half.

Michael Rechtshaffen from The Hollywood Reporter felt that The Grinch did a good job of resembling the original book and TV special than the live action movie did, and with the new elements (like making the eponymous character more complex and adding the reindeer Fred to accompany Grinch and his dog Max) and “visual energy,” particularly with the design of Whoville, there’s plenty to appreciate from this latest adaptation.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch is a vibrant, amusing CG animated feature that gives the big mean, green guy a kinder, gentler makeover.

Jesse Hassenger from The AV Club, on the other hand, gave The Grinch a C grade, calling it a “a more meager, timid iteration of Seuss’ story.” In Jesse’s opinion, the movie doesn’t do a good enough job registering Grinch as an outcast, instead coming across as “a sitcom’s cranky upstairs neighbor,” despite his new backstory.

Illumination’s focus on cartoon villainy should set it apart. But by this point, the filmmakers have softened the very concept of ‘bad’ into just another bowl of brightly colored sugary mush.

Birth.Movies.Death.‘s Michael Gingold also felt that The Grinch was an improvement over the live action movie, but ultimately the new attempt to rationalize the green-furred grump’s meanness still falls short. The visuals of The Grinch are top-notch, but the rest doesn’t compare to what we saw in the Boris Karloff-led animated special over 50 years ago.

The Grinch will no doubt provide a satisfying holiday diversion for family audiences, and little kids will probably dig it, but we older grinches who grew up on that TV version can only hope that someone doesn’t try yet another unnecessary movie 18 years from now.

Finally, The Wrap‘s Alonso Duralde stated in his review that The Grinch is “bright, both in its color palette and in the wit and liveliness of the storytelling.” There are some missteps, to be sure, but it manages to expand the tale without taking away the charm of the original, and it shines best when its focus is on Whoville.

Purists may balk about revisiting this tale, but The Grinch earns its laughter and its sentiment, both of which are plentiful. It’s a full-throated Fah-Who-Foraze.

Christmas movies are often be hit or miss, and judging by these reviews for The Grinch (just some of many), it falls right in the middle. It won’t exceed the popularity of the original book or the TV program, and the efforts to stretch out the story to an 86-minute runtime may not necessarily be to your liking. But The Grinch also doesn’t sound remotely like a train wreck, and if you’re looking for a little holiday cheer on the big screen, this could be worth checking out. At the very least, The Grinch should entertain the young moviegoers like most of Illumination’s previous movies have.

You can judge The Grinch for yourself when it arrives this Friday, November 9, and be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for continuing coverage. If you’re interested in learning what other movies are coming out before the year is over, head to our 2018 release schedule. Or you can get a head start on next year’s theatrical offerings with our 2019 release schedule.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC Lineup Is Locked

Even though Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t out yet, it’s already on the receiving end of requests for DLC characters and guest spots for certain fan-favorites. The requests managed to reach creative director Sora Sakurai, who decided to respond to the fan feedback by explaining that requests don’t matter at this point because the DLC line-up is already locked into place.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet that Sakurai sent out on his official Twitter account on November 6th, 2018. He stated…

So, just to break this down and give gamers some context as to what he’s talking about, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s DLC line-up is already ironed out and complete. This doesn’t mean that the characters and content is complete, simply that Nintendo outlined specifically what it wanted in the upcoming fighting game for the Nintendo Switch.

Sakurai had no say-so in the selection process of DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The higher-ups at Nintendo were the ones making the decisions, and if the decisions fit with his design philosophy, then he would work with the Nintendo execs in coming up with a plan to get the content out in a timely manner.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out because the most likely result is that Nintendo has struck some deals with other companies in order to include DLC characters based on marketing appeal, much like how the company had Cloud from Final Fantasy VII included in the last Smash Bros. outing for the Wii U, or Ryu making an appearance from Street Fighter.

Some gamers are already making some pretty wild suggestions in Sakurai’s Twitter feed, even though he’s not the one in charge of putting together the DLC list of characters.

At the top of the tweet chain is one of the most highly requested characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate…. Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Goku has been a highly requested character ever since Arc System Works and Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ came out at the beginning of the year.

Others were adamant about getting Sakurai’s attention by posting images of Banjo Kazooie, but since it’s owned by Rare and Rare is owned by Microsoft, Nintendo would have to go to Microsoft’s doorstep to get permission, and I doubt that would happen.

A few people were hoping for characters like Rayman to make an appearance, while several others began asking for more Nintendo-centric characters, such as the crew from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which came out just last year for the Nintendo Switch.

Right now, Nintendo is being tight-lipped about who is going to appear as DLC, but the starting line-up of characters is already super massive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s a wild guess as to who will make the cut next, and from which franchise.

Why A Shrek Reboot Is A Great Idea

‘Reboot’ has become such a divisive word in Hollywood, especially when it comes to classic franchises. Given this, it was probably of little surprise to anyone that when news broke about Shrek getting rebooted, many were quick to judge and may have “ogre”-reacted to the news. However, some may have missed the onion that this situation is, and when one pulls back the many layers that led to this decision, it becomes clear that this reboot is actually a good idea since it sounds like it wouldn’t fully wipe the slate clean.

It’s important to note that the current plan for Shrek doesn’t seem to be a full-scale reboot. Chris Meledandri has stated he’d like to keep Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and other members of the original cast all on board. That’s a big plus for those unwilling to accept another Shrek than Myers, even though he wasn’t the first option for the role to begin with.

The overall goal of this reboot, according to Meledandri, is to find a way to introduce this franchise to a new audience. That audience, of course, is not the folks who saw the first film in theaters back in 2001, but a new generation of children. To do this effectively, Chris Meledandri believes he needs to find a meaningful story to bring these characters into children’s lives and not just something that feels like, as he put it, “another sequel.”

Of course, some may think another sequel would be fine, especially considering Meledandri appears to want to retain the movies’s original cast. That makes sense until one takes into account 2010’s Shrek Forever After, and it’s possible the children of today (and even some Shrek fans) may not have seen the team go toe to toe with Rumpelstiltskin. It would probably even confuse adults who have seen it, as it’s not like it was the crown jewel of the franchise.

While this certainly isn’t the case for everybody, Rotten Tomatoes approval rating shows audiences, by and large, enjoy the Shrek franchise less and less as the franchise went on. Shrek and even Shrek 2 received solid praise from critics, but things took a sharp turn downward with Shrek The Third. Reception for Shrek Forever After was slightly better, but still nowhere close to the acclaim the first two films received.

Dreamworks seemed to know the franchise was done and promoted Shrek Forever After asThe Final Chapter.” Given that tagline, it doesn’t seem like the best decision to try and build off of a film series that was meant to end. Are audiences really that invested in what comes next in Shrek’s time as a father? Universal doesn’t seem to think so, which is probably why we heard last year Shrek 5 was going to be “way different.”

It may sound crazy, but Shrek could probably get its groove back using the same method Danny McBride and David Gordon Green used for Halloween. Start things back up after Shrek or Shrek 2, and pretend the rest didn’t happen. It would allow for a story that’s more an introduction to the main cast, without having to service the wilder characters the franchise brought in down the stretch.

Hell, even a straight-up retelling of the original story wouldn’t be so bad, and might even look better with modern CGI. Imagine the castle sequence with the dragon using today’s technology, or even that wrestling scene. Shrek still looks great for the time it was created, but with it having been so long since a new movie was made, it would be neat to see how the character could change with new tech.

Of course, none of these arguments do much of anything for those who don’t think Shrek should be rebooted, period. Some on Twitter have feared Chris Meledandri’s revision will turn the franchise into a twisted version similar to Despicable Me, or even Minions. Both of those films have their fans of course, but there’s a community who would rather not see a classic film from their childhood redone by the same people who created the irritating Minions.

It’s understandable, although on the same token, it’s possibly these internet fans and their bizarre love that may be what convinced Hollywood rebooting the character was the best option. Shrek has transformed into this weird thing on the internet over the years, with fans making memes with the character that have spread like wildfire. Those unaware of this trend may want to read up on “Shrek is love, Shrek is life”… or not if they don’t want to be scarred.

Beyond possibly erasing erotic fan-fiction, a Shrek reboot could finally give the band Smash Mouth peace. The rock group has also fallen victim to the Shrek fandom, and have been taunted on social media by those who believe their only fame came from their songs contributed to the film. Of course, the evidence against that is pretty easy to disprove, but that hasn’t stopped folks from hounding the group with jeers about how they peaked with Shrek.

Put simply, there’s a lot about the current state of Shrek that the internet may move on from once a reboot gets rolling. It could also have the reverse effect and create memes that are weirder than ever, which would be a win for those who enjoy internet drama. We’re hoping not, and that as plans continue to move forward, folks may see the light and realize that reboots, especially in this case, may not always be a bad thing.

Really, the most logical thing to do in this situation, as with most situations, is to wait and see what happens. The Shrek reboot may end up better than some may expect, or just as bad or worse than anyone could’ve imagined. We’re, of course, choosing to remain optimistic, and think there’s a lot of potential in a fresh set of eyes taking on the character, but we can only wait to see if that will be the case.

The Shrek reboot is currently in the works, and Puss In Boots is looking to get a reboot as well. Those bummed out about the news can, of course, still find physical copies of the film wherever they may be sold.

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Outlander’s Sam Heughan Missed Wearing A Kilt For Season 4

Outlander was once practically overflowing with Scottish Highlanders running around in kilts, but that hasn’t been the case since the Battle of Culloden saw the Highlanders massacred. Jamie hasn’t had the chance to wear his kilt much since the aftermath of Culloden, and the Season 4 premiere saw him spend the entire episode in pants. Pants rather than a kilt is going to be a theme for Jamie in Season 4.

While Sam Heughan admits that there’s a positive to wearing pants, he recently revealed to CinemaBlend and other outlets at an Outlander press junket that he missed the kilt. Here’s what Heughan had to say when asked if he missed the garment:

The upside of wearing pants for filming Outlander Season 4 is that Sam Heughan was able to stay warm with woolen undergarments, which likely wasn’t always possible with a kilt and bare legs. That’s not to say Jamie never strips down while out in the wilderness, as both he and Claire shed clothes to hook up in the woods of North Carolina. As one does. Still, the kilt is an important part of Jamie’s identity, and Heughan missed it for Jamie’s sake.

It’s not difficult to see where he’s coming from. Jamie was a proud Scotsman at the beginning of the series, and he was bound and determined to wear just the right kilt for his wedding to Claire. He didn’t hesitate to race into battle at Culloden despite knowing he’d likely die and his cause was doomed. The British did everything they could to strip the surviving Scots of their proud Scottish identities, and that included removing their right to wear their plaids.

Going to by Sam Heughan’s comments, we shouldn’t count on Jamie using his greater freedom in the American colonies to fold himself back into the kilt. He’ll be wearing pants for the foreseeable future. They may be more practical for the tasks ahead of him (and for any dealings with the Brits), but Jamie may not be the same without the kilt. Interestingly, Sam Heughan once shared the worst thing about wearing a kilt, although Caitriona Balfe made a good point about why the kilts are actually great for Outlander.

All of this said, viewers don’t have to expect kilts to be entirely absent from Outlander in Season 4. Sam Heughan went on to tease the presence of kilts and what Jamie someday wearing a kilt again could mean:

Fans who have kept up with the trailers released for Season 4 have known for a while that kilts will actually be very present in the 1960s storyline, as Roger can be seen dancing in one. Do Sam Heughan’s comments point toward other Scotsman in the American colonies wearing their kilts on a regular basis? We’ll have to wait and see.

Sam Heughan’s mention of saving the kilt for “a big occasion” is certainly interesting, although it sounds like that occasion may not come in Season 4. Book readers who are familiar with the plots of Drums of Autumn may be able to guess what Heughan is referring to, but only time will tell. The good news is that Outlander isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

For new episodes of Outlander Season 4, tune in to Starz on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. The stakes are as high as they’ve ever been thanks to the introduction of Stephen Bonnet, and the action is only going to get more complicated as the season progresses.

Ranking The Hollywood Chrises Based On 2018

Unlike Ryan Reynolds, some of us are perfectly comfortable ranking the four main Hollywood Chrises. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Chris Pratt are all beloved superhero stars, but they have not had equally strong years. We all have our personal favorites — and for me it’s Pine all day, every day. But this particular ranking looks at which Chris is having the best 2018.

When it comes to film and TV projects, after Chris Pine’s Outlaw King hits Netflix this Friday, it looks like the Chrises are done giving us major content for the year. (Except for the Avengers 4 trailer, of course.) So it’s a fair time to rank the lads based on box office, critic/audience reactions, and also less concrete factors like social media use (or lack thereof).

1. Chris Hemsworth

Pluses: So many movies, great Super Bowl ad, biggest payday
Minuses: Not all films successful, Star Trek pay dispute

Yes, sweet rabbit, your new BFF is No. 1! Arguably the most naturally charming Chris, Australian Chris Hemsworth has been everywhere this year. Not all of his projects have been successful, but he gets points for stretching in so many directions.

Chris Hemsworth got on the big screen bright and early in January as lead Captain Mitch Nelson in 12 Strong. The war drama got mediocre reviews and didn’t exactly light the box office on fire, but at least it performed better commercially than Bad Times at the El Royale, which just came out in October. That one pretty much flopped, but got a better critical reception. But, of course, between those two films, Hemsworth had a huge role in the biggest movie of the year — Avengers: Infinity War. His role was larger than Chris Evans’ Captain America and more appreciated than Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord. Thor was both funny with his new pals “Rabbit” and “Tree,” and moving in his heartfelt speeches. Out of everyone, he might’ve had the best overall showcase.

Speaking of Thor, Thor: Ragnarok came out on DVD/Blu-ray in March, and Chris Hemsworth had some fun promoting that on social media, showing his kids watching the film. He always seems to be filming, so it’s not clear how he even makes time for his wife actress Elsa Pataky and their three children. But Hemsworth tends to show off everything on social media, and also keeps fans up-to-date when he’s filming other projects. Hemsworth and his Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson filmed the Men in Black spinoff MIB together, showing off photos along the way. Depending on your position, you might see MIB as a minus, but I’m going with a plus. Now he’s filming Dhaka from a screenplay by Avengers co-director Joe Russo, sharing more behind-the-scenes goodies.

Chris Hemsworth somehow even made time to film a mock movie trailer with Danny McBride, leaving us wishing Dundee: The Son of A Legend Returns Home wasn’t just an Australian tourism ad that played during the 2018 Super Bowl. Hemsworth also made the most money of the Chrises in the past year. Despite Chris Pratt being in the top movies of 2018 (see below), Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are the only two to make Forbes’ list of the top 10 highest paid actors in the world for June 2017 to June 2018. Hemsworth landed at No. 4 with $64.5 million, with Chris Evans just making the list at $34 million.

On the downside, Chris Hemsworth appears to be in a contract dispute alongside another Chris — Chris Pine. That’s reportedly keeping Star Trek 4 from moving forward, with both Chrises meant to reprise their roles as father and son. Neither Chris wants to take a pay cut, which is understandable. If one of the Chrises has to go, I’m thinking it should be Hemsworth. Still, his popularity has exploded since first playing George Kirk, so you can’t blame him too much for playing hardball.

2. Chris Pratt

Pluses: Best box office, Star-Lord reaction, James Gunn reaction, Chris quiz
Minuses: Star-Lord blame, Fallen Kingdom reaction, loss of two big movies

Li’l Sebastian would be so proud of the superhero Chris Pratt has become. When it comes to 2018 box office, he leaves the other Hollywood Chrises in the dust. Three of the four Chrises starred in Avengers: Infinity War, which has earned more than $2 billion at the worldwide box office. But Pratt also had Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which earned more than $1.3 billion. Infinity War and Fallen Kingdom are currently the No. 1 and No. 3 top-grossing movies of the year, respectively. No one — Chris or Other Name — can top that so far this year.

On the downside, many fans left Avengers: Infinity War ticked off at Star-Lord, blaming him for what happened. That’s not Chris Pratt’s fault, he has to play the cards he’s dealt as an actor. But he gets bonus points for handling that hate [chef’s kiss] perfectly. He acknowledged the fan anger on Instagram, showing a Star-Lord figurine getting, um, intimate with another Star-Lord figurine to reveal Pratt planned to go fuck himself. Classic. Pratt gets more social media points for taking Disney’s “Which Chris Are You?” quiz, getting Chris Evans instead of himself, and tweeting the results with a self-deprecating note.

However, in another downside, despite its financial success, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom wasn’t exactly universally loved. It got some pretty meh reactions and only a 51% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Again, that’s not entirely Pratt’s fault, but it takes away some of the shine. Right now, Pratt should be getting ready to start filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in early 2019, but that film famously lost director James Gunn when he was fired for past tweets. Pratt joined the other cast members in a statement of support for Gunn, and struck a very careful tone in interviews to show his support, while not condoning the content of Gunn’s old tweets. He handled it pretty well, as well as anyone could.

Unfortunately, in addition to losing Guardians 3 filming — at least for now — Chris Pratt also saw his Cowboy Ninja Viking movie pulled from the release schedule right before production was supposed to begin. That’s a bummer. But he seemed to fill that slot with an upcoming project with writer-director Taylor Sheridan. That partnership sounds like a perfect fit for Pratt.

On a personal note, after finalizing his divorce from Anna Faris, Chris Pratt now seems to be happy in a new relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. So he’s this close to be a Kennedy and Ahhhhnold’s son-in-law. All told, things seem to be going pretty well for Chris Pratt.

3. Chris Evans

Pluses: Bearded Captain America, final Cap filming, Robert Downey Jr. bromance, social media, his dog
Minuses: Only one movie this year, potentially polarizing political posts

If there’s a 2019 version of this list, I fully expect Chris Evans to be on top. But Evans was only in one movie this year, a little indie called Avengers: Infinity War. So, yeah, if you’re only going to be in one film, it may as well be the No. 1 movie of the year, playing one of its most popular characters. Evans had audiences cheering for his entrance as Steve Rogers/Captain America, looking particularly fine with that new facial hair. Unlike Chris Pratt, no one walked away mad at bearded Cap. Plus, Cap survived the snap, so that’s a bonus.

We know Chris Evans will have a huge role in Avengers 4, which is very possibly his last time suiting up as Captain America. He tweeted a nostalgic note after filming what might’ve been his last scene, then had to clarify that he wasn’t trying to spoil anything in terms of Cap’s fate. But it’s too late, and some fans were left in tears, anticipating The End for Evans as Captain America. It looks like next year Evans should be releasing The Red Sea Diving Resort, Avengers 4, and Knives Out, his crime mystery with Daniel Craig, directed by Rian Johnson. We’re expecting to see Evans everywhere next year. But since he wasn’t everywhere this year, we can’t put him in the top two.

Even missing from the big screen for most of the year, Chris Evans had a strong presence online and on the small screen. He was on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage over the summer, showing off the custom 1967 Camaro RS that Robert Downey Jr. had made for him. Yes, Iron Man made him a Camaro. He gets huge points for that. The Cap/Iron Man bromance is a beautiful thing to behold, and the actors kept it going several times throughout the year on social media.

Chris Evans often uses his Twitter for political posts, which would mark a downside for everyone not sharing his views. But when he’s not posting political stuff, he often posts fun things with his fellow Avengers, or posts photos of his adorable dog Dodger, which gets him extra points.

On a personal level, he dated actress Jenny Slate for a while, but they broke up again earlier this year. But Chris Evans being single may be an upside to anyone hoping the Boston boy will look their way next. If he’s not attached, fans can still dream.

4. Chris Pine

Pluses: The most unique Chris, dares to question Marvel, bold Outlaw King full frontal
Minuse: Box office and critical disappointments, Star Trek dispute stalls next movie

This is painful. On any other year, I’d never put Chris Pine last. He is, in my humble opinion, the most fascinating Chris. He has a bold fashion sense, refuses to use social media and still rocks a flip phone. The only non-MCU Chris has a refreshing IDAF attitude about modern mores and celebrity self-promotion. His personal life is also largely a mystery, which adds to the intrigue factor. This Chris was even bold enough to take a little shot at Marvel last year, nonchalantly questioning Infinity War as a title with “We need more war for all time?”

Chris Pine has shown some solid range in the past, from an Oscar-worthy (but not nominated) role in Hell or High Water to his scene-stealing role as Eric in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer. He also gets bonus points for singing in various films, including in Into the Woods, as well as major props for singing about the Hollywood Chrises while hosting Saturday Night Live last year. Yes, that was last year, so it doesn’t technically count here, but the man actually sang about the Chrises. It was glorious.

But there’s no question this particular year hasn’t been his best — not at the box office, and not creatively. Chris Pine has only been in two movies this year — A Wrinkle in Time and Outlaw King. The former was not a big success with critics or audiences, and only picked up $132 million worldwide off a budget reported to be over $100 million. Pine didn’t have the lead role in Wrinkle, but he is Robert the Bruce in Outlaw King, which is heading straight to Netflix this Friday, November 9. Outlaw King is giving Chris Pine some pluses and minuses. It debuted to less-than-stellar reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival, except for the scene where Pine shows full-frontal nudity. Not every major franchise actor is willing to be so exposed on screen, so Chris Pine gets points for boldly going where the other Chrises have not gone before. (Chris Hemsworth used a fake penis for Vacation.)

Another minus for Chris Pine this year is the news that he may not return as James T. Kirk for Star Trek 4. Both he and Chris Hemsworth don’t want to take pay cuts. Some fans think the new film doesn’t need Pine’s Kirk at all, others think they shouldn’t make the film without him. Either way, he is the face of the rebooted franchise, and the most recent film in that franchise, Star Trek Beyond, wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. Hence, the pay cuts.

Chris Pine is currently filming Wonder Woman 1984 for its release in 2020. It was certainly a plus to learn we’d see more of Steve Trevor, although director Patty Jenkins still has some ‘splainin’ to do on how that will work.

Now it’s your turn to rank the Chrises for 2018!

Which Of These Four Chrises Has Had The Best 2018, In Your Opinion?

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Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Review

The 1966 TV special of How the Grinch Stole Christmas has become a timeless holiday classic enjoyed by generations as much as the children’s book that inspired it. The 2000 movie version of the same title which stars Jim Carrey in the title role… has not. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, the new animated feature film from the studio behind the Despicable Me films won’t become the definitive version of the story, but it certainly comes closer than the previous big screen outing.

With the Dr. Seuss book dating back to 1957, it seems unlikely you’re not familiar with the basic plot, but in short, the Grinch (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) lives outside of the fantastical town of Whoville. In every way that the Whos are happy, smiling and pleasant people, the Grinch is angry, vicious and just plain mean. His disposition means he hates Christmas more than any other time of year, especially because the Whos love it so much. When Whoville tries to outdo themselves in Christmas spectacle, the Grinch decides he has to become the anti-Santa Claus and steal everything the represents Christmas in order to ruin it for the town.

That’s the main plot and story of the book, which can be read to a child in barely more than a few minutes. To pad out the runtime of a feature film, Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch contains a B-plot that sees Cindy Lou Who (the only other named character in the book, voiced by Cameron Seely) work out a plot to trap Santa Claus on Christmas Eve night. Her motives are entirely pure. Cindy Lou’s mother Donna Lou (Rashida Jones) is an overworked, but unfaltering single mother, and Cindy Lou wants to be sure she has a Merry Christmas, which will require a face-to-face with Santa himself.

Beyond the additional material, the movie basically plays fairly close to both the book and the TV special that everybody loves. Pharrell Williams acts as the narrator. The voiceover is a combination of Seuss’ poetry and original material created for the film. The new stuff fits well with the classic lines, though if you have the book essentially memorized, then the lines that get changed to fit the new plot will likely hit your ear slightly off. (Reindeer, as it turns out, aren’t that scarce in Whoville after all. Capturing one becomes a key element of this version.) Williams’ performance is much more laid back and he’s no Boris Karloff, but then again, who is?

In addition to the narration, The Grinch takes its musical cues from the TV special. “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” makes an early appearance, and while I wasn’t a particular fan of this cover, your mileage may vary. Danny Elfman handles the score, which also contains some melodies you’ll remember if you grew up with the Grinch on TV.

So much of The Grinch wants to remind you of the most popular version of the story and it succeeds. Unfortunately, in doing so it only ends up reminding you that what you’re seeing has been done better before in a much shorter runtime. The closer the movie stays to the book, the more you just sort of wish you were reading it.

What ends up elevating Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch then is, somewhat surprisingly, the new material. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Grinch isn’t quite the same character as the one from the book. He’s got a backstory that gives some indication of how he became the curmudgeon that he is, which changes the character significantly. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance makes you truly empathize with the Grinch, which makes the payoff at the end hit you square in the feels, regardless of the fact that we all saw it coming. Cindy Lou’s quest to make her mom happy is so ridiculously sweet, you might want to check for cavities after the film, but this is a Christmas movie and they get to get away with such emotional manipulation.

The other major highlight of The Grinch is the visuals. The animation is bright, colorful and full of life. Whoville is a wonder to behold. The various gadgets the Grinch uses to clean out the houses of all things Christmas are creative and fun, with a somewhat modern twist being put on the sort of wild inventions we might expect Dr. Seuss himself to draw.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch may not be the best version of this story ever told, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a warm and fun story that has enough warmth and charm to be exactly what many families will be looking for during the holiday season.

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Viktor Drago Is Terrifying In New Creed II Video

Creed II will find Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed seeking to avenge his father by defeating the son of the man who killed him in the ring. In Viktor Drago, Adonis faces an opponent who may be even more deadly than the man who killed his father, the Siberian Express, Ivan Drago. A new video for Creed II hammers this point home, showing Florian Munteanu‘s positively terrifying boxer who, like his father before him, looks unbeatable. Take a look.

Yeah, Adonis has his work cut out for him, although just getting in the ring with that dude is a moral victory if you believe in those. Like the actor playing him, Viktor Drago is a tall 6’4″ and a massive 245 lbs and he completely dwarfs Michael B. Jordan‘s character, similar to how Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa looked like he wasn’t even close to being in the same weight class as Dolph Lundgren’s Russian.

That size alone is a lot for Adonis to overcome, not to mention Drago’s lengthy 79″ reach. More than just being a shredded giant, this video from MGM shows Viktor Drago to have an insane level of athleticism and some seriously scary power. He looks like he could starch a rhinoceros with one punch.

At the end of the video, we can see the look of pure bewilderment on Adonis’ face after taking a mean left hook from the Russian. He has clearly never taken a shot like that and he will have to dig deep and absorb punishment like he’s never experienced if he hopes to stand a chance against such a terrifying force.

The other thing that comes across in this video and in the trailers for Creed II is that while Viktor Drago possesses the same intimidating size and skill that gave Rocky such problems, he did not inherit his father’s stoicism. Ivan was like a cold, unfeeling machine, designed for victory and to break people as a matter of routine, with no emotion attached to the act.

Viktor is something else entirely. In the trailer, Rocky tells Adonis that Viktor was raised in hate. We know that life was very hard for Ivan Drago after his loss to Rocky. Those struggles lead to anger, and as a wise master once said, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. We see what that hate has created and it looks as if it will bef Adonis who will be suffering.

Viktor seems full of rage with a ferocity and intensity that would probably defeat most opponents mentally before they ever set foot in the ring with him. I’m not sure that this grudge match will end with the same unifying message about change that Rocky once espoused, thus ending the Cold War.

Round 1 begins when Creed II hits theaters on November 21st. Check out our holiday movie guide to get the rundown on all of the sequels, blockbusters and awards contenders headed to theaters and for all the latest in reminders to get back to the gym, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Black Panther’s Letitia Wright Knew She’d Get The Role Of Shuri

For Letitia Wright, nothing will be quite the same after Black Panther. Since the towering success of the Marvel film earlier this year, the 25-year-old actress is the distinct face of comic book character Shuri. After auditioning to be the badass, super-smart teenager, Wright embodies well in the MCU, she already had a good feeling about her chances of scoring the role. In her words:

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Letitia Wright talked about the life-changing moment. She spoke of her confidence in nabbing the part to her agent Femi Oguns, who founded her college, the London Identity School of Acting, which aims to foster diverse talent. Oguns also represents other breakout stars, including Star Wars‘ John Boyega and Bad Times at the El Royale lead Cynthia Erivo. The actress likely auditioned beside a lot of other young hopefuls hoping to be a part of the MCU or just catch a big break.

The young actress has spoken out before about the important of faith to her career. Letitia Wright struggled with depression just as she was starting to get calls for more high-profile roles. To focus on finding her balance again, Wright even turned down a movie opposite Nicole Kidman prior to saying yes to Black Panther. While many actors are taught under the mindset of taking anything you can get, Wright has been autonomous in her short career, picking up roles that speak to her personally. Wright also told THR:

With Black Panther, Letitia Wright felt the power of the film before reading the story. She has said that she knew it was going to be a special project that would represent women well early in the process. Wright is frequently getting approached by Black Panther fans who discuss the importance of her character in the film. Shuri is an equal to that of her superhero brother T’Challa, with incredible abilities of her own to bring to the table.

When Letitia Wright signed on to be Shuri for the Black Panther, it was just the beginning of the character’s story on the big screen. She reprised her role in this summer’s Avengers: Infinity War and will likely find a place in Avengers 4 and the upcoming Black Panther 2, with director Ryan Coogler returning to direct the latter.

The actress continues to be picky about her roles, as she is only set to star in Black Panther co-star Danai Gurira’s play The Convert on a London stage starting in December. The grounded actress can definitely afford to so early in her career since she dazzled on screen as Shuri.

Tristan Thompson Refused To Watch His Cheating Scandal On KUWTK With Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson’s alleged cheating on Khloe Kardashian with multiple women was a big story in the early half of 2018, and while talk about it had died down, Keeping Up With The Kardashians recently brought it back into the limelight. While viewers were undoubtedly thrilled to see the then-pregnant Khloe and her sister’s reactions to it, Thompson reportedly was not. It’s being said the NBA player refused to watch the episode highlighting his cheating scandal with Khloe, despite her asking if he wanted to.

As for Khloe Kardashian, she may have watched the episode a couple of times. Kardashian had seen the episode ahead of time but apparently wanted to see if Tristan Thompson would be up to watch the Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode as a couple. Us Weekly reported Thompson gave a firm “no” in response, with the reason being he wished to focus on basketball. Thompson plays for Cleveland Cavaliers, who currently have the worst record in the Eastern Conference.

Tristan Thompson’s alleged excuse makes sense, at least from a basketball perspective. When news broke of the cheating scandal, the basketball star struggled in successive games. His performance seemed to have led to his temporary status as a bench player, which was a big deal considering his star status and it being NBA playoff season. If there’s a chance re-living the cheating scandal on Keeping Up With The Kardashians would’ve affected Thompson’s basketball game, it’s understandable why he’d stay away.

Whether Khloe Kardashian actually wanted the father of their now 6-month old child to watch with them or not is up in the air. One thing that could be the case is that Kardashian’s inspiration to ask Tristan Thompson to tune in may have come from the outside. Kardashian responded to a fan on social media the night of the airing who was curious to see if Thompson was watching how his scandal affected the family.

Khloe Kardashian tweeted a lot of her thoughts and feelings throughout the episode and gave interested followers a better idea of her headspace during the incident. The incident, for those unaware, involved a video that showed Tristan Thompson kissing a woman at a club just days before Khloe would give birth to their daughter. Soon after, other videos surfaced showing more possible infidelity by Thompson, which obviously upset Khloe.

Khloe was upset, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed the rest of the clan’s general astonishment at the situation. Of the more off-beat takes, Scott Disick made sure to mention the situation made him appear to be more of a gentleman in comparison, and Mary Jo thought Khloe should maybe swear off basketball players and switch to dating an accountant.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs on E! Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is happening in television over the next couple of months, visit our fall premiere guide.

Hugh Jackman’s Kid Uses His Dad’s Status As Wolverine To Pick Up Girls

As Hugh Jackman recounted to Entertainment Tonight at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, his 18-year-old son Oscar Maximilian Jackman isn’t the least bit embarrassed by his dad and his worldwide fame. In fact, the young man uses his father’s well-known portrayal of Wolverine for his own personal benefit, particularly when it comes to picking up ladies. Oscar has been doing it since he was 13, according to Hugh Jackman, and the actor is apparently a good wingman when it comes to helping his son get attention with the ladies. Consider that yet another perk of being Hugh Jackman.

Everyone needs a wing-person or two, and Oscar Maximilian Jackman is lucky enough to have a father that attracts more-than-a-little bit of attention. As for Hugh Jackman, he hasn’t used his fame to bring in any ladies. He’s been happily married to his wife, Deborra Lee Furness since 1996 — before he dawned the claws and became the famous X-Men character. And it doesn’t sound like Hugh Jackman would know the first thing about attracting attention to himself when it comes to the ladies. At least, that’s what Hugh Jackman claims by his own admission. He doesn’t think he has any “game.”

Is Hugh Jackman perhaps being modest, or does he not know the first thing about being a ladies man? It’s hard to know, but it sounds like Oscar Maximilian Jackman isn’t afraid to use the Academy Award-nominated actor’s fame and notoriety to his own benefit when it comes to picking up girls. When it comes to the latest news about Hugh Jackman and other celebrities, you’ll be sure to learn about the news here at CinemaBlend.